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    Saul Leiter Phone call c1957   • Moscow Reveals Capabilities Of Forthcoming ICBM Mobile Launcher (RT) • US Considers Providing Ukraine With More
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    France camp in chaos as virus hits more players ahead of World Cup final


    I cannot recall ever hearing about multiple players on a team being too sick to play in an important match… I can’t even recall a single player missing a key game..

    These athletes are fitness machines — and they are young … they would have fine tuned immune systems — they would be able to fight off infections better than most people…

    But when your immune system is damaged… that’s a different ball game




    Tom Daley’s diving coach died of sudden adult death syndrome in Turkish pool

    “sudden adult death syndrome” – what a hoot!



    Try to hold your sick down.

    Covid vaccine concerns were overblown, says AstraZeneca boss as he is knighted




    They’re totally clueless and just grasping at straws now.

    Flu nasal spray vaccine for children may reduce strep A risk



    V. Arnold

    Saul Leiter Phone call c1957

    I’ve really taken a shine to Leiter’s photos; they’re really quite remarkable…
    Thanks Ilatgi…

    V. Arnold

    Oh shit! Missed the typo above…sorry…


    Former UCF football player Jake Hescock dies suddenly: ‘We’re heartbroken’

    25yo- Totally Fuckin’ Normal !



    Russia Is Developing Mobile System That Can Detect, Locate Starlink Internet Terminals

    Interesting, as the Ukronazi electric grid approaches collapse, the internet is the next big bullseyes.

    Will Elon notice, or is he preoccupied with Twitler operating as a Stasi wannabe?

    Russia’s Sestroretsk Arms Plant is developing a mobile system that can detect and locate Starlink internet terminals…

    The new system, dubbed “Borshchevik,” can reportedly detect Starlink terminals with a range of 10 kilometers and located them with an accuracy down to 60 meters only. The system can be mounted on several types of vehicles, which makes it suitable for operations near hot frontlines.

    D Benton Smith

    I scoff derisively whenever I hear of a thing, or a system, or a “solution” of some brilliant new product or weapon or strategy envisioned for the future that “WILL have” fantasmagorically wonderful properties , or benefits that “WILL be” far far far more effective than anything currently achievable with the OLD stuff being used in the tacitly inferior PRESENT (dismissively ignored as mere REALITY.)

    You see the point, right? You do see the difference between the not yet existent future and the reality of the present, correct?

    In all things, but especially on the battlefield, what matters is what IS brought to bear NOW. Tomorrow is too late because it’s always a day away.

    The future is a murky messy iffy mess of probabilities. MAYBE one can bluff the competition into believing that a wonder weapon or vast reinforcement are on the way and will turn the tide overwhelming in one’s favor. And MAYBE the bluff is even based on actual things that PROBABLY will become reality in time to win the day. But that’s a gamble, and the stakes are your life, so bet carefully.

    The questions I pose to myself when trying to sort the mendacity from the veracity are:

    Who’s lying? Who’s lying more?, And, who’s lying the most?


    FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried triggered downfall by badmouthing crypto rival: sources

    Bankman-Fried, known as “SBF” in crypto circles, raised eyebrows as he “trashed” ChangPeng Zhao — the China-born CEO of Binance who, in addition to being one of Bankman-Fried’s early backers, is a highly respected tech founder in the region.

    ChangPeng Zhao and Sam Bankman-Fried had gotten in spats on Twitter.

    “He pulled the pin out of the grenade on this trip,” a source said of Bankman-Fried’s trash-talking of Zhao.

    Zhao had bought 20% of the exchange for $100 million in 2019 with the plan “to grow the crypto economy together.”

    But Binance quickly came to see FTX as a competitor and Bankman-Fried decided to buy back his stake from Zhao for $2 billion in 2021.

    Bankman-Fried paid Zhao partly in FTT, which gave Zhao a roughly $580 million stake in FTX.

    Zhao tweeted on Nov. 6 that he had decided to liquidate his position, “due to recent revelations.” The price of FTT crashed, creating a run on FTX’s holdings that quickly forced it into bankruptcy.

    Sam Bankman-Epstein

    What a little bitch

    Zhao nuked him some mega-butthurt.


    D Benton Smith

    To individuals with NO immune system ALL pathogens are deadly. Think AIDS, “The Boy In A Bubble” , Democrats.


    D Benton Smith

    Teaching is impossible. All that can be done in that regard is to place truths in front of folks in hopes that they might trip over them and learn something for themselves.


    @ D Benton S – re. “teaching is impossible”

    “It’s easier to fool people, than to convince them that they have been fooled.”
    M Twain (perhaps)


    I believe I made this point here before: that Germany is the New Carthage. This is the 3rd Punic War and Germany is being destroyed for good. Just because they are so much weaker than Carthage was and can’t even put up a fight doesn’t matter. They’re still being destroyed for keeps.

    I don’t see how the analogy applies to Russia. It was our ally thru the first two wars. It’s now stronger militarily than it’s ever been. This was not the case of Carthage by the time of the 3rd Punic War.


    In the youtube above with ChangPeng Zhao, he says an interesting thing towards the end.

    Confronted about the stability of his crypto exchange’s health, he says that Binance holds customer assets 1:1

    He says tradition banking only holds customer assets at 10:1 fractional reserve banking standards because they have a central bank to bail them out all the time if they over speculate.

    Crypto does not have a ‘central bank’

    One of it’s strong points.

    Hence, Crypto should always run at 1:1 says ChangPeng Zhao

    And never co-mingle customer assets with company speculative assets.

    Isn’t this why the Banking Mafias are so phucked up and crooked???

    The line between commercial and speculative banking having been dissolved by Slick Willy deregulating Depression Era safeguards???

    ChangPeng Zhao makes the claim, on record, that even if 100% of his customers withdraw 100% of their assets that Binance is good and could handle that because they run the place 1:1

    The entire Banking Mafia Edifice would crumble instantly, like FTX, if it had to run like Binance and ChangPeng Zhao.

    Dr. D

    “Desperate migrants are met with cold, no room at shelters after crossing the border” –MSNBC

    Um, wow? Maybe there was more food, more shelter, and more warm back in Central America?

    Kevin O’Leary: note how every accounting fraud and corporate failure is met with HUGE paychecks and industry accolades. As in Mattel, which nearly ceased to exist thanks to Leary due to straight-up fraud.

    And then, with all this front page news, the MEDIA (of course) also did no research and LIED (or even knew) about this newly fabricated fantasy backstory for him. Well, I guess never doing diligence or research, looking in any books, is just a day at work for O’Leary. Too bad it was only a couple million for him.

    This is extremely common. So my question is: why? Do shareholders not like money? Do Board of Directors love being embarrassed and ruined in the news? Easy money, yes, but this goes so far beyond that it’s inexplicable.

    Sounds like Trump is campaigning. For what? The election is two years away, isn’t it? He also looks like a Donald body double. I wonder why.

    “unvaxxed drivers get into more accidents.”

    I haven’t commented since I write too much anyway, and it’s clearly a data artifact. In the age of computers, they just take the stats from any drug, event, etc, and can ask the computer what is the closest correlations in the data set. Then you discover that in fact the largest reason you eat tacos is because you’re left handed, or that having a history of scoliosis makes you more likely to celebrate Christmas: easily visible, garbage coincidences. Or…not? Many of these are more correlated, and more repeatable than the actual effects of actual drugs – the placebo effect is one, which works better than hundreds of drugs out there, works decade after decade, and for real could change lives…but embarrassingly, so we can’t have that.

    Because of this, the Scientist just takes a big marker and says “Real”, “Not Real” beforehand, on “Common Sense”, i.e. with no science, data, or evidence, just feelz. Then on stats that are halfway down, weak and barely correlated, he says “Real!” “Bigly!” “Huuuuge!” on the 3% shift from his Pfizer, and not the 18% shift from daily exercise.

    In other words: it’s often as close to “Just made it up” as it’s possible to be. Not looking into it (Exactly as I tell others not to do) certainly this is one of those examples of coincidental correlation. How it got into the news is what’s interesting to me, as all studies have dozens of these connections no one cares about. Is it merely to divide us and make us fight? Or more than that?

    I was thinking: when your only goal like “Utopia” is to kill everyone, your job as the 3rd party is far easier. It’s not the Chinese have to win in SE Asia, or Mexico has to win in their Central American policy. It’s “Can I make ANYONE fight today?” We have the three-way nuke-fest with Russia, China, and U.S. each trying to trick the other two into nuking each other, but this 3rd party group doesn’t care if they can make Chile fight Uruguay too so long as humans die. Doesn’t that seem easier?

    Worst part is, if you don’t know they’re out there, this weird religious death cult, the world, history, politics, geopolitics, doesn’t make any sense. Why is everyone fighting? It’s illogical. Are they each and all crazy? Humans “R” bad m’kay. Although for some reason behave fine in any culture where this 3rd party hasn’t bothered. Like !Kung, or Amazonians.

    “[Sarmat] was capable of evading any anti-ballistic missile system that could be fielded in the foreseeable future.”

    This is fine if you wish countries to nuke each other while we stay in bunkers in Switzerland and Zealand until the population is low enough for us to safely control again. Exactly as written. I don’t need the missiles: they’re expensive. I make YOU make them, then I make YOU shoot them. Then it’s all YOUR fault. Right? I did nothing but whisper in your ear and whaddya listening to me for? You knew I was a liar. So easy. Stop being a golden retriever and believing everyone.

    “ additional 300 tanks, up to 700 infantry fighting vehicles, and 500 Howitzers would be needed to repel the Russian forces..”

    Hahahahahaha! That’s a joke. And 10,000 miles away with no support? Did they choose those numbers because those are the exact numbers of weapons we don’t have? Or because it will leave us defenseless in the Pacific theatre to face China?

    “The number of troops attending there each month is reportedly expected to rise to around 500.”

    Isn’t that the same number Russia kills each day? So 30:1 outmatch?

    Speaking of, isn’t Russia supposed to be out of equipment, reported, oh, 9 ½ months ago?

    Urgently negotiating an end to hostilities in Ukraine would prevent another world war, former US secretary of state Henry Kissinger argued in an essay published on Friday.”

    Except for like 5 people, nobody wants this. No one in Congress WANTS to prevent a world war. Note Kissinger when someone who has a lick of common sense and experience appears: “the other territories Ukraine claims – Donetsk, Lugansk and Crimea – “could be the subject of a negotiation after a ceasefire.”

    Much as he’s the villain of the century, everything Henry says here is true and possible and credible and relevant. That is: Gravitas. Not like crayon-muncher Blinken. Are they merely “claims”? At this point, yes. Are they “Territories” not nations or Oblasts? Yes. Would they or their borders be “negotiated”? Yes, of course. Would the final position of Crimea be made official at that time? Probably yes. Would the borders be subject to adjustment? Yes. Do any of those points waste your time? No.

    RealPolitik. Not FakePolitik. You can be sure as the last few go-rounds with the new guard vs the old guard, the new guard hasn’t the brains of a sea sponge and will discard it all – anything that might work – and blow it all up like Wily E. Coyote x Elmer Fudd. Thank God we don’t have 20 Kissingers running around anymore or the U.S. and West might have successful villainy instead of only embarrassing failures.

    Pointing it out for the stunning contrast between teams, between now and then, and between say Lavrov and Harris.

    “Time for Ukraine Talks ‘Not Right Now’ – White House (RT)”

    Sad as this is, I’m happy about it. When our claim to Ukraine collapses, the loss of hypothecation should collapse our system and clear the mechanism of much fraud. This is the greater priority and long overdue. Like back when Greenspan printed money to get Clinton re-elected instead of allowing the minor recession back then that would have stabilized the books of Wall Street. We all know what happened next: double-fraud for Nasdaq. Triple fraud for ‘01 housing. Quadruple fraud for ‘08 Crash. Quintiple fraud in everything after. Now $30 Trillion in fraud spread widely and $2 Quadrillion in fraud minimum for unpayable derivatives, encompassing the entire Western world. …All because they didn’t want to get off the coke and sober up for a few months in 1996. (And earlier too)

    “The dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991 was not the result of losing a war. It was caused by the failed policies of a centralized economy, exacerbated by American manipulation of the oil markets, and a costly American-backed guerrilla war in Afghanistan.”

    The Reagan team was installed to END the Cold War, not to win it. The Deep State would never forgive them for that, starting with H Bush and Cheney. The weird, inexplicable actions of Reagan – Grenada, the debt, all that – are artifacts of the REAL war they were fighting, one without bombs. Naturally, they expected with Detente, the whole thing with military, Derp State, CIA, would have to shrink and calm down after, but with H Bush the Derpsters came out with a counterattack that “worked”. As they are always “The Plan”, they finally got the Plan in motion after much Planning with W. and a small office fire. Three actually. That just happened to take out all SEC records, all Wall St fraud records, all the bonds, diamonds, and gold in the vault. The real meaning of Christmas with “Die Hard.”

    But they suck at this, so here we are today, with their winning Plan losing, worldwide. Did you THINK W., Klaus, Turdeau, would be the force the people would rally behind? Wow. And you think you can run all these nations in direct opposition to all the people in them? Wowwow.

    “THE TWITTER FILES: Twitter… The FBI Subsidiary (ZH)”

    20 years, but we’re finally discussing this in a real way. Thank God. Maybe I can go do real work now, like Cincinnatus.

    “FTIF, created in the wake of the 2016 election, swelled to 80 agents”

    Gee, I wonder what happened in 2016 that spooked them so much? Mueller said officially it was not election tampering nor election interference, just as Obama had said before. Can’t be that. Huh.

    Since every act of every agent was a #HumanRightsViolation, are we going to arrest them publicly and sue them privately, just as we would the segregation of buses and dog-attacks on black protestors? No, because the Left loves Civil Rights Violations: It’s their purpose in life and in government. The GOP’s purpose is to roll over and let them, to make sure it doesn’t happen so fast that the people shoot back. Both sides are playing their parts wonderfully.

    “In a period of less than three years, the site’s former Trust and Safety chief Yoel Roth alone exchanged more than 150 emails with the FBI.”

    Seems like a small number but let’s break it down. 3 years, 50 a year, the FBI ordered the Director at least once a week. That is, almost like being in his office. ONE guy. They had thousands more emails with the minions.

    Back up: WHO is the FBI working for? Most of this was during the Trump administration, they were censoring, banning, and trampling Human Rights for the personal gain of Trump, right? No? Huh. Then WHO WERE THEY WORKING FOR?

    So we have a major department, tirelessly active in breaking every law, even and especially Laws #1 and #2, and they’re breaking these laws IN OPPOSITION TO THE GOVERNMENT? In Opposition to the Executive? OUTSIDE ANY CHAIN OF COMMAND?

    WHO are they reporting to? China? Like Apple does? To Klaus? WHO? Are they PAID? Blackmailed? Part of the local Sedition Club? Because I don’t think 500 agents all made it up on their own, were all placed on their own, despite the raging opposition of their boss on their own, while a different half of their own organization – local field agents – protested.

    WTF are these people?

    We need to ask the right questions. And you see why Musk has to trickle it all about to give us time to take in the crime scene. Next question: if it’s under so much control, why was Musk able/allowed to buy it? Able/allowed to “leak” it? As Antifa tries to murder his kids, who has his security? Why is he even willing to sit there? Clearly exposed and against the entire FBI and Congress combined. That’s power. And somebody has enough to protect him.

    Speaking of, we found out that the lying liars of lying — the media — lied again about their lies. Obviously not banned about the flight tracker. Elon kept the guy up for months DESPITE his personal safety, only now taking action. The journalists say “they’ve been banned for free speech” while on second thought, “maybe sorta mighta been” because they posted direct links to the jet tracker. …But they didn’t call anybody to find out. They have phoneaphobia. Same Doxxing story as “Libs of Tiktok”? – I – didn”t doxx them, poor little me, Editor of the NY Times, and poor little unpriviledged victim from Swiss boarding school. No: I just gave direct links to the people who WERE doxxing. – I – didn’t commit the crime, I just paid someone to do it for me, covered for them, then shared the loot. You can’t touch me, copper! What are we, 5 years old? GTFO.

    No, worse than that, JetTracker account said, “Hey, it’s all public information.” Yeah, well so is the phone book but putting Justice Alito’s home address on the front page is still “Doxxing”. It’s the definition of doxxing.

    But this is worse. “Public Information” to this guy was: Elon has already had to buy a layer of security for his jet that makes the numbers/transponders private. Dafuq? Yes, and every 30 days he gets a new one because the FAA still needs SOMETHING for planes in the air. So “jet tracker” laboriously sleuths out Musk’s, Kardashian’s, other famous at-risk minority people’s planes, then cross-references their model to the flight locations, then matches back to the private transponder, and figures out which plane it is…then posts his real-time assassination location…for Antifa to jump on his car hood and use.

    But this is “Public” information, mind you. Same as if I hired a Private Eye to follow you around, track you back to your house, publish locations and schedules of all your children n’ stuff. “Public,” you see.

    NO THIS IS NOT PUBLIC under any normal definition of “Public.” Any nearness to the line of this “Public” is stalking and harassment.

    So after tolerating this for a month, Musk finally pulls it and the reporters who publicly link to it. Because yes, reporters, private eyes, police, private security do probably know, probably have on tap paid services to find out where someone is. But that’s not called “public”. And are now all decrying “Free Speech” after approving of this behavior or 10+ years.

    And only YESTERDAY, as they decried THEIR doxxing, of Yoel Roth, who had to move. I still see no police report on any specific threat to him.

    So as usual: doxxing for thee and not for me! I am a good person, therefore ANY action I do, even murder, is by definition ‘good’. You are a bad person, therefore by definition, your eating tacos is ‘bad’ and must be stopped. With murder if necessary.” “Give them no rest anywhere, harass them constantly” as Maxine Waters advised…and other officials in front of Congress only yesterday. And Supreme Court justices. Who now have court cases in front of them that can b—h slap all this.

    “EU Threatens Elon Musk with Sanctions (RT)”

    …Leading to this. The EU says, “Sorry Elon, you have to allow your kids to be killed. That’s the law!”

    Clown World is now over the horizon BEHIND US. To Infinity and Beyond.

    ““Take a beat and lay off the proto-fascism.”

    Because it was said: it’s a lie. Because it was the Left: it’s a lie.

    Which of these two is fascism: #1) Merging the Secret Police and private communications corporations. #2) REMOVING the merger of the Secret Police and Communication Corporations?

    Yes. AOC is firmly, lavishly on the side of #Fascism. It’s not “Proto” anything, it’s just plain fascism. Even more because not like Comcast, not like bank bailouts but like literal Control, propaganda, and secret police.

    he’s in a very privileged position that allows him to restore free speech, allow for free discussion of ideas.”

    Musk understands that MONEY MEANS NOTHING. If this is allowed to exist NO ONE IS SAFE. Not even Billionaires. I don’t know how all the others are so O’Leary-stupid they can’t understand this, but maybe because Elon is African-American and saw how little money buys in a continent of violent corruption. Hitler “hosts” the children of Mr. Bosch so he keeps making jeeps. Stalin “vanishes” court favorites, formerly “billionaires” in charge of whole industries. Jack Ma “gets a vacation” courtesy of Chairman Xi. YOUR MONEY MEANS NOTHING TO ME.

    Musk can’t spend it, use it, safely, it doesn’t protect his kids, UNLESS FASCISM IS DESTROYED.

    Which is why I want it gone too. And the rest of it, and its Siamese Twin, Socialism.

    “He was very clear that he was aware of the harms of lockdowns.”

    Would printing $3 Trillion dollars and having raging inflation destroy the working class be one of those harms? Instead I hear: “Kill all landlords” and “Kill all police” (who are enforcing like, shoplifting, rioting laws) ACAB when it comes to stopping violence and my stealing spree!

    “…such policies are “leveled against” ordinary consumers across the bloc.”

    Just like the Carbon Credits. Literally they were meant to cause UNNATURALLY HIGH PRICES on the poorest people. Where did these credits flow? To Goldman Sach’s trading floor. That’s it. The whole enchilada: FROM the poor, TO the rich. Benefits? None. If you protest it in France we’ll shoot your eyes out.

    The tree carving points out that it’s not the raw material, it’s the human time.


    Dr. D

    The Binance 1:1 is not true (I believe) and their auditors wouldn’t sign off. If you’re 1:1 what’s the business model? You give very expensive storage away for free for no reason?

    This is making me feel they may be mad they couldn’t get CZ to bite and crash it, so they’re after him by other means right now. Watching…


    Kissinger is a dinosaur war criminal and he does not Grok that Russia is finished ‘negotiating’ with the Collective West, they are NOT agreement capable.

    Dickheads like Kissinger live in the past with their heads up their ass and think that Putin doesn’t actually mean what he said about the core treachery of the Collective West.

    He thinks that is just a ‘gambit’ on Putin’s part.

    No Henry you old Satanist, he means it, you are incapable of honesty as is your ilk.

    The only language the Empire of Lies, the Murder of Mafias, understands, comes from the barrel of a gun.

    Peace will be dictated by the unconditional surrender of Ukronaziland on Russia’s terms.



    I believe ChangPeng Zhao mentioned they charge storage fees earlier in the interview

    D Benton Smith

    Henry Kissinger’s remarkably delusional peace proposal, aside from being ludicrous, actually provides us with something unexpectedly useful. It serves as pretty good proof that the West does (or attempts) whatever he tells it to. That’s a lot of clout for a 99 year old “Dark Triad” psychopath.

    The key missing ingredient from his wish list is the complete absence of suggestions about WHY Russia would choose to do ANY of the things that Old Henry wants them to do. In other words, “What’s in it for them?” Is there ANYTHING?

    Well, no, actually, there isn’t. There is simply no reason given for why Russia would volitionally choose to do any of the things that Henry’s “peace” proposal would have them do before they even sits down to the table, such as : withdraw it’s army, give up it’s reclaimed territory, allow Ukraine to resume genociding ethnic Russian civilians, invite a nuclear armed NATO to camp on his doorstep, forgive the 300 billion dollars previously stolen from Russia’s coffers to remain stolen without compensation, and allow his defeated enemy to rearm and resume its incessant assault on all things Russian throughout the world by restoring the hegemony of the now fallen US Dollar as world reserve currency.

    Nor is there any explanation whatever for those absolutely astounding omissions.

    One more thing that gets left out of the narrative is why anybody anywhere would or should give a flying fuck about what Henry Kissinger thinks is a good plan. Not only does the old bastard’s track record look worse than Caligula, but he himself is literally NOTHING, officially, but a professional adviser jillions of bogus trophies and a long long trail of blood.

    And yet the West continues to do exactly what the decrepit degenerate reprobate “suggests” that they do, regardless of how obviously suicidal that taking that advice would be.

    Why would they DO that?

    Well, duh!, because Henry’s boss is also THEIR boss.

    I would give a nickel to know who that is. Who (name and address , please) gives Henry Kissinger his marching orders?


    ChangPeng Zhao really put his head on the chopping block in that interview.

    Virtually daring anyone to pull a run on Binance like he pulled on FTX

    Time will tell

    But ChangPeng Zhao just laid it out there.

    If the crooks in Congress who can ‘legally’ insider trade want to, they can call him to testify.

    Congress is Chickenshit to the core

    Anyone nervous about their assets in Binance can yank them.

    We saw what happened when one big player yanked their assets out of FTX

    House of Cards, Game of Thrones


    Ignoring the Twitter Files story
    • Truth And Consequences (Jim Kunstler)

    Truth And Consequences

    We cannot rely on the guilty to investigate themselves.
    Majority rules, therefore, NO CONSEQUENCES
    Some words that rang my bell.
    Have peace,
    end the war.
    coincidental correlation.
    Available energy, Energy needs, energy waste, discomfort, change of environment
    the media — lied again about their lies.
    who’s lying the most?


    Strep A: new UK protocols issued as pharmacists cope with penicillin supply

    “Five new serious shortage protocols (SSPs) have been issued to pharmacists in an attempt to offset penicillin supply issues ,,,”

    “The number of scarlet fever cases are three times the usual ,,, ”

    “The latest with scarlet fever and strep A infections are that we’ve seen just over 7,500 notifications of scarlet fever, and that’s probably an underestimate. … We have a lot of reports in the past few days so we expect it to be even higher. That’s about three times higher than the same time in a normal season.”

    This is what a society with a wrecked immune system looks like after lockdowns and death vaxxs

    Winter has only just begun,
    What a hoot!.


    On 12 December, the AFD hosted a press conference to unveil the data on 72 million patients (the 90% of Germans with statutory health insurance) they had obtained from KBV, the association which represents all physicians who receive insurance in Germany. This data summarises the number of times all ICD-10 (an international standard) diagnostic codes were used by German healthcare providers for these patients (outside of hospitals) from the first quarter of 2016 to the first quarter of 2022.

    Tom Lausen is a data activist who had previously revealed the PEI and the RKI (the German equivalent of the CDC) were concealing concerning vaccine safety data and was allowed to analyse both BKK and AOK’s data. For this presentation, Lausen was able to provide a preliminary summary of the KBV data a few days after it was released:

    In the coming days, I know many will use this data to verify our work identifying which codes in 2021-2022 had the greatest increase (you can also do that piece by piece with the already available tool), and then cross reference those to the increases reported in VAERS or other datasets. There is an immense amount to be ascertained here, and I believe it represents the credible evidence we have been looking for since the start of the pandemic to have an objective metric for quantifying the impact of vaccine injury.

    Germany: Response to FOI provides data to quantify the cost to human lives due to the experimental Covid injection program


    Russian Missile/Drone Strikes Ukraine’s Power Grid – Ukraine’s Top Brass Admits Resource Shortage

    Brian flays the Empire of Liess and their deflating Ukronazi Blowup Pleasure Doll


    Q. How can a federation with a total population of around 140 million take on a federation with a total population of around 800 million and win quite decisively in a fairly short time?

    A. By having people in charge who know what they are talking about and who know how to organise things.

    Having equipment that works and an energy supply to operate that equipment are also key components for success.

    All NATOstan has going for it these days is a well-established propaganda system that is still able to fool a significant, but rapidly declining, portion of the homeland population, along with a massive censorship system geared to preventing the proles discovering how much they have been lied to.

    My guess is that the Russians will let their equipment-that-works give the fascists of Kiev and NATO a bit more of a hiding before proceeding with the next phase of denazification.

    The Russians are wise to not be in a hurry because each day that passes see the ‘leadership’ of NATOstan do a bit more damage to the energetic, economic, financial, social and military potential of the NATOstan collective.

    Only another 3 days till the solstice. And only another week till the fake festival imposed on the minds of NATOstanis is over.

    Only a couple of weeks till the fake New Year extravaganza is over and done with.

    I cannot say I am exactly looking forward to the biggest collapse of the fake ‘markets’ in all of history and the social carnage that will follow that financial collapse, but fraud and fakery have been so endemic for such a long time in ‘advanced nations’ that there is no other way out of the monstrous predicament the fake leaders of ‘the West’ and all their fake institutions have created.

    Professor Albert Bartlett put it succinctly decades ago: “That which is unsustainable cannot be sustained.”

    The fake ‘leaders of the West’ have poured so much treasure into futile attempts to sustain the unsustainable there is very little treasure left -just an awful lot of toxic shit, everywhere.

    Just think, if anyone is still alive in this district a few years from now, the Earth will have begun to repair itself and those survivors will probably be able to swim in the local rivers, as people did before the great toxicity machine run by the fake money-lender government messed everything up.


    Today I listened to a talk by Sasha Latypova. (New to me.)


    She outlines the structures and functioning of the covid vax response, via an analysis of open source Gvmt. docs and data, in the US. Bitchute, 1h 18 mins.

    She also has a substack.

    Here she is in an interview at Rounding the Earth. Rumble

    This cleared up some questions I have been vaguely wondering about for some time, re. Emergency Use of X, Y, in the US.

    It also fits in w. my pov that one subsiduary aim of the Plandemic is to eliminate medical doctors as independent agents.
    AI + tele-medecine (control from the top) will take care of diagnosis and remedies (or not, ex. remdesivir), only tech staff is needed for on-body work, such as setting bones, logging a MRI, or at a high level, e.g. a liver transplant, yes surgeons and all the support staff (intensive care…) are needed, specially in ‘private’ health care for the rich, so some training / serious qualification has to continue, but at a far lower level than at present. (OK, hospitals fulfill many functions, it gets complicated.)

    How this played out in different W countries should really be studied.



    I had several good friends who happened to be doctors before the Plandemic.

    The Quackcine was the last straw for them and they retired a bit earily for their game plans.

    One of them could not even find another doctor to take over their thriving practice. Looked for two years and finally had to sell the practice at a steep discount to two Nurse Practitioners who were ‘aligned’ with a ‘supervising physician’

    The ‘supervising physician’ was ‘aligned’ with a dozen other Nurse Practitioners in former practices owned by doctors working for themselves who also could not find buyers.

    My doctor friend showed me one day the diagnostic AI service he subscribed to over the Intertubes that beat most doctors 98% of the time in speed and accuracy of diagnosis.

    The AI had enormous data sets of every medical condition, the records, the diagnosis’s applied, and the follow up outcomes, all harvested, regardless of privacy concerns, by the Big Data Industrial Mafia®

    He put the test results in for say, a kidney problem, and minutes later out popped an answer.

    He had already decided the answer for himself, playing a private game to beat the AI to the punch, and he said the vast majority of the time, the AI and himself agreed.

    However, he was a very, very experienced doctor, with decades of practice and teaching medicine.

    The newer interns he would host at his practice (as a medical school teacher) would not be able to match the AI for a long, long time.

    Looks like they we be phased out before they have that chance to gain that skill set experience.
    The Medical Industrial Mafia® wants to pocket doctors income.

    There greed knows no bounds.



    Farm expropriation in NL.

    Agricultural statistics are very dodgy.

    Agri. / land use is highly dependent on natural geography (soil, climate, etc.), as opposed to political geo. and almost all measures use ‘countries’ as categories.

    The path from Agri. land use (production) to the foodstuffs that are sold / consumed at end point is +++ complex and involves processing — harvesting, combining foods, chem. agents, etc. using mostly heat — transport, packaging, and more, such as fin. matters, tariffs / VAT, contracts with supermarkets, Gvmt. regs, etc.

    A last caveat: energy use. The energy innput (all kinds) has to be taken into account, which it isn’t on the whole.

    So it is hyper! complex.

    Still, all over the EU, land use for agri has been sinking, in favor of cheap food imports, and some ‘intesive agri’ efforts.

    Netherlands agri land use, 2020: 53% (1961: 68%) Note the sharp downtrend, set to continue.

    Chart, some similar in % EU countries. For NL is is just one more ‘down-step.’


    Oroboros, thx for that post, info.

    Making services cheaper while charging as much as poss. is part of the pic.
    The other is aggregating data (AI) to decide and endorse, some plan of action. The main negative point (imho) is that trust is destroyed, the doc who liked you and did his best for you, and was accountable in a way amongst his patients and his peers, becomes a servant of an algo. ghetto, where he is just a front man, or woman, obeying orders from some Central powers, sent day by day via the internets. (Already visible in some areas.)



    My doctor friend already verbalized that very sentiment years ago. He could see the trend. He despised the local centralized hospital medical corporation for gobbling up all the patients into their medical plantation vortex and held out as long as he could without being vacuumed up into the Medical Matrix.

    He pitied the young medical students trying to be ‘doctors’ in this growing corporate medical ghetto.

    He said they didn’t even understand the phrase ‘Shuck n’ Jive Step’in Fetch-its’ that they were walking into.



    Today’s Yogi tea tag tells us: Compassion is the constant act of giving oneself to others.

    I Feel For You

    Goddam Xmas music never stops!




    Roman culture was a kind of Ellis Island of the Gods, immigrating the ancient gods of their neighbors into the modern ken, often corrupting the good name of a perfectly good theos into a “Theo’’. Thus Zeus became Jove, and Zrvan Akarana became Saturn, as theogony gave way to neology.

    There is more here than scholastic word games. The neologisms of divine nomenclature have served the politics of empire handily, from ancient tribal theocracy on through the divine right of kings (a right usually expressed as the power of kings to be right even or especially when they were wrong), to the modern American’s pledge of allegiance to “One nation under God”. This may help to explain how, for example, the old Grecian name, Theodore, meaning ‘gift of God’, became the Teutonic name, Theodoric, meaning ‘ruler of the people’, eventually becoming today’s Theodore as in Roosevelt.

    Anyway, it is quite clear that, originally, December 25th had nothing to do with Christ’s actual birthdate, which is unknown to current history. December 25th as J.C.’s birthdate is strictly a mythopolitical borrowing. For that matter, Saturnalia was not entirely nor originally Saturn’s festival. The earlier Greeks paid tribute during solstice to Cronus, big daddy of all their earthly deities and father, in fact, of Zeus (or Jove or Jupiter or, perhaps, Theodore, Simon, and Alvin, the ancient Monks of Chip). Cross-culturally associated with Saturn, Cronus was falsely identified by mythologians as the father of time. “Falsely identified”, says my copy of the 1947 Encyclopaedia Britannica. A teste paternity suit which, we shall see, was resolved only by the removal of its two key witnesses.

    Associated with agriculture, Cronus was known for swallowing His children and, for some reason, not much worshipped. Go figure. Cronus was represented by the image of an old man carrying a sickle and still seems to hang on in our winter festivities as Father Time (apparently He wasn’t totally successful in contesting that temporal paternity suit). He has become the Grim Reaper, traditional New Year’s master of ceremonies, carrying the sickle which represents not only the hoped-for harvest and ultimate triumph of Death but also the curved sword with which He removed His father’s testicles at the request of His mother, Ge or Gaea (Earth), who was titanically tired of being kept barefoot and pregnant. (Thus resolving the paternity suit; “testicles” is a Latin word meaning “little witnesses”.) EB’47 states that “among Her offspring by Uranus”(Her now-neutered husband) “were the Cyclopes, the Hundred-Handed Ones[the Hecatoncheires] and the Titans, along with five sea-deities by Her other husband, Pontus, the sea-god”… she’d had enough.

    To clarify this trailer park mytholineage: Cronus was the avenging son who sliced the family jewels; Uranus was His daddy; Gaea was Cronus’s overbred mother. Ancient mythology degenerates into a senile genealogy, like an antebellum Mississippi plantationer’s family tree. Modern Christianity has clarified divine lineage for the most part, shuffling the whole mess into poor Mary’s lap with the Immaculate Conception (or, as the Babylonians termed it: ‘Kindasorta Didbutdidn’t’).

    Uranus was dethroned by the very same avenging son who detesticalized Him, and currently lives out of state, about 1,800,000,000 miles from Sol. Having let Himself grow soft, He is now an immense gasbag some 32,00 miles wide, a planetary couch potato whose rotational axis lounges horizontally (as opposed to all the other planets’ ‘upright’ position of a north /south rotational axis).

    Cronus’s daddy Uranus may have been an old hillbilly peckerwood but Cronus was even worse than His old man. Attempting to evade a prophecy stating that one of His offspring would dethrone Him, Cronus ate His offspring at birth. I remind you here that, to Cronus, dethronement was synonymous with visceral demasculation. Of course, if He had only applied His sickle to His own ‘little witnesses’, He could have circumvented the prophecy altogether. Apparently the gods too have difficulty seeing past the ends of their totem poles. Either way, Cronus was more than a little insecure about His masculinity. His wife, Rhea, was His sister before Their marriage. (One begins to see the difficulty of establishing paternity short of eliminating witnesses.) Rhea tricked Him at last by substituting a stone in a blanket in place of Their newborn, Zeus. A palate accustomed to the tender flesh of one’s children would not, of course, be fooled by this. Suffering indigestion, Cronus hurled and spewed mighty chunks. Gods do not merely vomit. They hurl, titanically, upchucking great volcanic cuds of primaeval nausea. In so doing, old Cronus inadvertently disgorged his previously cannibalized children. And you think you have a hard time raising your kids, or explaining why Mom’s third husband is younger than your big sister…
    <to be continued>


    If an AI must provide diagnosis, I want an inspiring presentation, like this:


    Dr D:
    In the age of computers, they just take the stats from any drug, event, etc, and can ask the computer what is the closest correlations in the data set.

    Which explains perfectly what I discovered in this NYT article yesterday:

    When the quiz is taken it is discovered that the “preferred” actions to reduce the carbon footprint are
    – no air travel
    – no car travel
    – vegan diet
    – renewable energy

    If you struggle with those, perhaps you can at least
    – be vegetarian
    – eat organic
    – install a heat pump

    And the following are not worth the effort — they’ve been deprecated:
    – carpooling (if no one has a car, this is irrelevant)
    – recycling (cities that manage waste might find this frustrating)
    – energy efficient appliances (they break so easily now that you replace them every few years anyhow)
    – lowering the temperature (sorry, Europe)
    – buying fewer things (go, capitalism! Buy more!)

    Interestingly, the article is devoid of any information about the methodology used to arrive at these “carbon footprint truths” (TM). It reads like a religious sermon, naming virtues and vices, exhorting the faithful to be virtuous.

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