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    Dr D Rich

    @Alexander Carpenter.

    An epistemology of Seymour Hersh, no doubt.

    There’s now way for Hersh to prove what he knows and yet ZH posts an article today about secondary information that supposedly “proves” Hersh’s account. Hersh IS like Ritter a liar, albeit more sophisticated (depends on the viewpoint) and they both are being handled as we both suggested.


    Finally heard on the news why there’s an egg shortage.
    Apparently the hens are identifying as roosters.


    I agree with you for once.
    I mean, RIM is in charge of commenting format so there is that. Yet, an idea that some come with the pickup truck, lower the tail gate, unload and speed up – sometimes 5-6 times in a row baffles me. Re-posting of TAE topics that are in that very day’s batch and comment-links by others from day or two before is a sign that very few actually read what’s offered.
    Personally, I am not voting for “any change” and I do not run the site. It is what it is, but comparison to any other that is open for comments is glaring and not in a good way for TAE.


    “If only I had taken a degree in navel-gazing at university.”


    “Anyone who fights with undergraduates should make sure that he does not in the process become a professor himself. And when you gaze for a long time into a navel, the navel also gazes into you.”



    @Polemos You already know that I consider your comments are always good value.


    I didn’t take offense, and it’s a Dad pun within context of my own comment. Get it? The navel gazes back? 🐻 wakka wakka wakka

    I appreciate your pushback, as always.

Viewing 6 posts - 81 through 86 (of 86 total)
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