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    Arnold Genthe “Unidentified buildings, possibly movie set” 1920 As events continue and broaden in markets connected in any which way to emerging marke
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle Jan 30 2014: No More Humming Along]


    My nomination for most telling quote in this string is:

    “The market continues to underestimate the degree of the ongoing slowdown and further negative surprises are in stock as the year progresses.”

    Though I am not sure that it is mere underestimate as opposed to refusal to deal with the situation.

    Thank you for gathering in one place so much information / data. It does help to know what is going on, and our media are AWOL on almost everything.



    Good to see you Craig! You haven’t found any new haunts with the kind of high-level discussions we used to have on TOD have you? Guess we’ll have to hijack TAE, but the troll count seems a bit higher here, and the overall b/w a bit lower 😉 I admit, after most articles, I’m like, “yeah, what Raul said” – I’m having a hard time finding anything more useful to add at this point…things are no very good in fantasyland. Back to tending the garden, I guess.



    “I’m having a hard time finding anything more useful to add at this point”

    Feeling the same way.

    I think I’ve read about as much as I can on TAE – the message generally has not changed (since the situation has not changed), so now it’s just a matter of sit & wait until the system finally collapses.

    At the same time, as my desire to read (and re-read) ideas I’ve been presented over and over wanes, my desire to get out and start doing something about it grows. If it wasn’t for this darn 9-5 office job in the heart of Toronto, perhaps I’d be a sustainable-living northern Ontario bushman by now!



    I’m delighted to see the posting rate increased here at TAE, and these Debt Rattles synopses. Thanks!


    Viscount St. Albans

    2 am. You’re sound asleep after a long day of protest.
    Knock knock on the door.
    Who’s there?
    What do you get when you combine Drones, Hi-definition digital cameras, and facial recognition databases?


    “What do you get when you combine Drones, Hi-definition digital cameras, and facial recognition databases?”

    There is always risk in standing on Principal. Most likely, the pain threshold is not yet great enough in this hemisphere to push folks into accepting it.

    Another consideration is what the devil we don’t know might resemble, in comparison to the one we do.

    Still, I sense progression in all this. The status quo isn’t likely to reestablish anytime soon. The wheels are in motion. Interesting times ahead.


    “I’d be a sustainable-living northern Ontario bushman by now!”

    my view is there will be sustainable living in small to moderate sized cities as well. Hard for bushmen to rely on community, and resources will be brought in from ‘out there’ back to the ‘core.’ Including the “bushman’s.”

    I’ve prepared along those lines.

    Viscount St. Albans

    Combine this (see link below and have fun with the zoom), a database of facebook photos, and smartphone GPS location. Gotcha.


    Can the U.S ever let interest rates rise. It seems like if they do then it is game over for all world economies.

    Viscount St. Albans

    This is a spectacularly frightening and entertaining whodunit from golem xiv. Death and derivatives. Check it out!


    Thanks, Ilargi

    These rattles are great for me as I don’t currently have time to sort through various news sources. Looks like all TAE has said about deflation is happening. You allow me to keep watch. I’m hunkering down in Oakland/Berkeley CA, hoping for rain, planning raised beds and not planting as much as in the past. My chickens should start laying again soon.

    Most people are still living in denial about the economy not lasting well.

    Seems like alternate energy is going to be human muscle power. So I walk more and drive less, and try to get more fit.

    I’d like to help my daughter pay off more of her mortgage that she felt she need to have, renting hasn’t been part of her dream. But if/when the banks tank, what will happen? Is it worth it to continue to whittle away on a 30 year mortgage to get it down to 15 yrs, but where will we be in 15 years? Since I”m still working after “retirement” at businesses that are doing well financially, I wonder what to do with this money. I don’t really need it, but where to put it? I guess into her mortgage.

    Thanks TAE for being a sane brain I can tune into.

    Viscount St. Albans

    Robert Schiller promoting Negative Interest Rates and Electronic-Money (because you can’t have one without the other). And he does it in his typical veiled way, but its in there.

    Negative Interest (see 2min 45sec — 4 min):

    Electronic Money (see 7min — 8min)

    Viscount St. Albans

    Schiller is very clearly laying out the foundation of what will emerge post impending crash. Very well connected guys like him are already looking past the smoke and the rubble what’s about to hit us. It will be mandatory government-backed savings, periodic negative interest rates, and electronic money. Cash won’t survive long after the tsunami wave hits the beach. Be ready to spend it.

    Viscount St. Albans

    What will be the leverage for such a dramatic shift? Is it really that much of a shift? The only source of wealth for 90% of the US population (its home) is already a government backed savings vehicle. The fervent discussions regarding debt forgiveness to eliminate negative equity will be revived. Banks holding the mortgage paper and its related derivatives will vaporize and those that survive will effectively be post-offices. In the wake of 1000 Berni Madoffs soon to be unmasked, the public will demand it. The folks in power may use simplistic language, but the upper echelons know that private institutions leveraged 8x beyond the size of the national economy are long past the point of no return. When those gambling dens vaporize, so will a significant fraction of the global leverage trouble. The sovereign state that remains is the backbone of civilization, and negative interest rates are going to deleverage it. The critical infrastructure will still exist. And there will be plenty of people looking for work to maintain it.



    Wonder if the posts are increasing because of the Debt Rattle series, or because people’s “spidey senses” are starting to go off. For a good couple of months I felt like there was a lull leading up to Christmas, but since the second week of January my paranoia has started building up again.

    Increased paranoia = more jibber-jabber out of me here on the forums? Probably…


    If you’re building sustainability within a city/town/community in the ‘core’ that relies on resources being pulled in from the ‘bushmen’, it’s really not all that sustainable. And there’s a good chance you’d be surrounded by people who aren’t prepared – you’d look like a pretty tasty morsel should they realize your larder is stocked while theirs is bare.

    That being said, if you’re suggesting no man is an island and community is a necessity of survival, I’m certainly in agreement with you on that one.



    Spidey Senses – Hmmm. I’m feeling really nervous. Have been waiting for a long time to feel justified in putting in a big Nickel Iron battery bank and some inverters to go with our 3kW solar / 1 kW wind – on the grid setup. I bought the inverters and ordered the batteries this week. Have been busy wiring / rewiring the house and workshop for the changeover.

    All the best.

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