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    Mister Roboto

    As for Donald Trump representing some sort of last, best hope for, well, anything, David Roth at sums up what I think about that. (Trigger warning: The prose doesn’t get much more purple than this!)


    Veracious Poet

    After a good night sleep, some prayerful reflection, and reading the post here I have come to the same conclusion that I arrived at 25 years ago when I left the Patriot Movement as a doomed agency without adequate support to turn the tide…

    Trump has the power to reset the deep swamp fraud, and save himself and his family by extension, but the cultural rot is so endemic, the Republic so infiltrated, that the act itself would undoubtedly reap the whirlwind.

    This is the realization I and good many patriotic men of all stripes arrived at all those years ago: The Republic had already died, and the Empire was doomed…

    The USofA was establish by a unified culture, and no nation state in history has survived multiculturalism, not one.

    Did We the People not notice the multitude of atrocities committed in our name, and with our funding, since Lincoln suspended habeas corpus to restore the republic?

    Are We the People really powerless to reign in the .mil industrial complex, or did we surreptitiously approve of the monster all along?

    Faced with potential destruction by a biothreat that has the all but destroyed Our Way of Life, is plopping our arses down in front of glowing LEDs, communicating at the whim of Our technological masters, the best we can do? It appears so…

    An illusory existence of 1s and 0s is a pitiful pursuit in retrospect; If an account falls in the digital forest, does anyone hear it?

    Signing off…



    John Day

    @BDK (a lot of moniker) I think this is the war, already. The owners don’t want to destroy infrastructure, just thin the herd to what best serves their ongoing interests.
    Contagion, in measured waves, is ideal. They can also cut individuals off from electronic identity, and commerce. That should be a pretty good means of getting rid of troublemakers.
    However, the more the electronic everything basket drops eggs, the more people and groups will need to find work-arounds. Intermittency could actually be a very good thing. Our power and internet went out today due to snow, which Austin rarely gets.
    Systemic unreliability before societies become fully and irreversibly (maybe the case, already) dependent, is a motive to hve some back-up.


    Maxwell Quest


    “That the media monoliths are more powerful than nation-sates does not mean they are the most powerful entity in the room. But there is no doubt that the hypnosis of the masses is achieved by the near-monopoly conferred by the people onto various social media.”

    I have no argument there, and have personally beat the drum repeatedly on the media’s power to create a false reality as in the Matrix, even labeling them public enemy #1 in a recent post. The point that I was trying to make, which you may still disagree with, is that these media titans serve at the pleasure of the state. In this case a symbiotic relationship. The state still controls hard power and Zuck is allowed to exercise his soft power as long as it conforms to the needs of the state. If he steps over the line, and accidentally dies in a fiery crash or gets hauled off to prison on trumped up charges like Assange, he finds out quickly how little power he actually had.



    By Roman standards, the ‘American Empire’ is a joke, a satire of a Real Empire.

    Say what you will about Rome and it’s ultimate demise, the noise you heard with Rome approaching in it’s prime was the sound of it’s big brass balls dragging across the landscape like thunder in the distance.

    The US sounds like a yappy little dog, nipping at the heels of it’s newly minted Mandarin overlords.

    A puny clownish shell of a country, in debt up to it’s eyeballs, prancing around the globe with a carrier fleet from a bygone century that could be completely sunk in less than an hour by a couple of dozen hypersonic surface to ship missiles.

    It’s finances run like a game of Three-card Monte, a confidence trick that was already in use by the turn of the 15th century. So creative, so innovative.

    It’s judicial, healthcare and education systems run like Rico Rackets, for sale to the highest bidder.

    It’s mainstream media tarted up like $20 hookers, serving opinions rather than actual news. The MSM now collapsing into it’s own gravitational field funk of incestuous Chinese whispering games, spread with a thick layer of Ed Bernays mayonnaise and washed down with a goblet of Goebbels.

    The Chinese, and the rest of the globe, are Schadenfreuding at the Capitol Clown Show the other day.




    @ Topcat

    You got a way with word.
    We now have +70 millions who did not succeed in draining the swap and Biden and the old boys are back in the seat of power.
    In your picture, is the monk pulling the ass, symbolic of Trump trying to changes the opinions of the Democrats? Or is it Biden trying to change the opinions of the Republicans”


    Dr D Rich

    The Speech and Debate Clause, Article I, Section 6, Clause 1 of the US Constitution was violated when the US Senators were intimidated into withdrawing their objections to the Electoral Vote count for fear of being targeted as co-conspirators with the Coup plotters notwithstanding the subsequent public “tar and feathering” of Senators Cruz and Hawley for asserting their ongoing objections.


    V. Arnold

    @ Topcat
    I’ll second zerosum on your post



    When the USA became a global empire two things happened; 1) corporations purchased politicians, got “get out jail” cards and demolished democracy and 2) the old world caste system of Brahmins, Warriors, Farmers, Laborers and Outcastes was imposed upon Americans. The 2016 election was the culmination of Americans loss of income, status and declining life expectancy. Donald Trump seized the Republican nomination from the corrupt incompetent corporatists.

    The big divide in the USA today since the Storming of the Capitol is between those who blame Donald Trump solely for the pandemic, depression and unrest and those who recognize that he is just a symptom of the real cause, a failed government. The propaganda is no longer working.

    Unless democracy and the rule of law are restored, the USA will splinter apart like the USSR did with the loss of the Empire. Joe Biden will fail just as the Communist Politburo failed. Perhaps like Russia in the chaos that kills millions, a charismatic authoritarian who isn’t off their rocker will arise and save the remnants. Maybe not. Too many guns. Too much anger. Identity politics and color revolutions too successful.



    I’ve seen two posts about the Insurrection Act having been signed. At four, it’s time to take cover?

    One (and it’s gone) & Two.



    Having reflected on the spectacle that played out, I have to say this: Is there anywhere else in the world where a guy dressed like a Viking — wearing bearskins, with horns on his head, and wearing facepaint leads the charge to overrun the nation’s capital? I think that must be uniquely American.

    “Life is a comedy to those who think, a tragedy to those who feel.” Jean-Baptiste Racine

    I usually agree with you, but I wonder about your comment that the USA will splinter apart like the USSR. The difference seems to be that there is no outside threat to the USA in the sense that the USA was always a threat to the USSR, both militarily and economically. Contrary to what the warmongers in the swamp want us to believe, Russia and China are not hell-bent on invading or containing America, or conducting military drills on the edge of American airspace. Only the Imperialists behave like that. And because the State doesn’t own American companies, there is no need to be concerned about Russia and China overseeing the fire sale of US assets to Russian and Chinese companies. I think there will be a lot of talk about secession in days to come, but the US oligarchs will do all they can to prevent anyone from leaving. I think the predictions of increased repression are probably correct.


    V. Arnold

    “Life is a comedy to those who think, a tragedy to those who feel.” Jean-Baptiste Racine

    Burned into my memory banks; wonderful quote…thanks

    I think there will be a lot of talk about secession in days to come, but the US oligarchs will do all they can to prevent anyone from leaving. I think the predictions of increased repression are probably correct.

    I’d likewise agree with that observation…interesting times ahead indeed…
    The U.S. is a good place, not to be residing within…

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