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    /re prev thread/ Russia–USA talks, focussed on Urkaine, NATO expansion, + the two treaty proposals put forth by Russia.

    A neutral, roughly factually correct overview from Consortium News:


    Possible outcomes, imho:

    1. War in Europe. (The US – NATO, Europe, will lose.) Hope: it might be over very quickly, flash stuff, theatrical, symbolic pyrotechnics, with quick capitulation covered up with jargon, back to the Negot. table.

    …..Recall before WW1, everyone chanted, it will all be over by Chrismas!…. 🙁

    2. The US accedes to Russia’s demands. Making Ukr. neutral territory (see Austria after WW2 and still today), under International Control — forcing the Minsk agreement on the Ukraine Oligarchs — closing various military installations in Europe, Poland, Baltics, other, maybe far reaching. (Germany is so far not mentioned ..?)

    3. A new vicious Cold War, a very unstable situation, primed to explode. The previous cold war between the USSR – Atlanticists (5 eyes, large part of W Europe), with Asia (.. China) on the sidelines, was in the interests of both sides, as they could subjugate territories and expand, brandishing threats from the other side. Both benefited, as did the many outsiders, via relative peace => economic expansion, possible.

    The new cold war will be radically different, rife with tensions, provocations, hatred, hysteria, breakdowns of energy supply lines, trade, as is already going on.

    Does some compromise, wiggle room, between these three alternatives exist, or is there some other possible outcome? Idk but doubt it. In all cases, it depends on the Russians and what, if any, concessions they are willing to make. Not any consequent ones for sure, perhaps a few minor face-facing ones that can be sold to various parties.


    Doubt is good.
    Doubt is the motivator to look deeper, to find understanding.
    Doubt does not exist for the true believer of the words of the prophets.
    Doubt does not exist for he who has found peace.


    You are like the child in elementary school who sits behind you and flicks your ear and when you turn around and ask them to stop they pretend they have no idea what you’re talking about. Time is not on your side, you’ve had two years for all of us to die and prove your beliefs right and we’re still here. The window has closed on your narrative, time to start rethinking your position.

    Your take on me is about as reliable as your take on reality.


    Still… your latest missive is behind the times.


    Speaking to the jury, Socrates said he would rather possess the wisdom to know what he didn’t know than have some knowledge but be unaware of his own ignorance.

    D Benton Smith


    Verily !!

    And when Doubt doesn’t get the job fully done we can fall back on the rule of thumb that the veracity of everything should be checked one more time, just to be sure.

    D Benton Smith

    It’s time to ignore @deflationista again. Mr ( Ms ?) distraction seeks to deflect.

    Doc Robinson

    Susmarie108: “How to reverse the death of the cells responsible for immune control? Is it even possible to combat the damage?”

    That question (following the article above which says that “lymph node cells are also being invaded by the gene-based agents and marking THEM for auto destruction”) inspired some online research to educate myself.

    Damage to lymphatic vessels can cause “lymphedema, usually a progressive and lifelong condition for which curative treatments are not available at present [as of 2010].” A type of gene therapy using adenoviruses is mentioned as a potential new treatment to “stimulate the formation of new lymphatic capillaries.” (More gene therapy to try to undo the damage of previous gene therapy?)

    Lymphatic Insufficiency

    Impairment of lymphatic transport capacity due to abnormal vessel development or obstruction or obliteration of the lymphatic vessels causes stagnation of proteins and associated water in the interstitium, resulting in lymphedema, usually a progressive and lifelong condition for which curative treatments are not available at present. The protein-rich interstitial fluid initiates a persistent inflammatory response, leading to fibrosis, impaired immune responses, and accumulation of subcutaneous fat. Lymphedema is classified into primary (congenital) lymphedema and secondary (acquired) lymphedema, based on the mechanism of pathogenesis…

    Over 99% of lymphedema cases worldwide are secondary to acquired damage to the lymphatic vessels… Filariasis is the principal cause of lymphedema worldwide, affecting approximately 100 million people… Breast cancer surgery is the leading cause for secondary lymphedema in industrialized countries. The metastatic tumor cells that frequently spread to the lymph nodes necessitate radical surgery and radiotherapy, which destroy the lymphatic vessel network and lead to impairment of afferent lymphatic flow. For example, approximately 20%–30% of patients that have undergone radical axillary lymph node dissection develop lymphedema of the upper limb later on…

    Unlike primary lymphedema, secondary lymphedema is typically due to damage to the collecting lymphatic vessels. Spontaneous recanalization of collecting vessels may occur in minimal lesions, but formation of new lymphatic vessels is typically not observed in lymphedema patients, although pre-existing vessels dilate to accommodate the increased fluid…

    The treatment of lymphedema is currently based on physiotherapy, compression garments, liposuction, and occasionally surgery, but means to reconstitute the collecting lymphatic vessels and cure the condition are rarely successful. VEGF-C gene transfer via adenoviruses, adeno-associated viruses, or naked plasmids, as well as the application of recombinant VEGF-C protein stimulate the formation of new lymphatic capillaries and alleviate edema in preclinical animal models of lymphedema, pointing to possibilities to restore lymphatic vessels in lymphedema patients…

    Lymphangiogenesis: Molecular Mechanisms and Future Promise

    For patients with lymphedema, another study concluded that “weight reduction and synbiotic product consumption in the daily diet of lymphedema patients may be suggested as effective and safe interventions in lymphedema management.”

    What are synbiotic products?

    Probiotics are living and non-pathogenic bacteria with helpful effects for improving or maintaining the microbiome which can modify the microflora (Alard et al., 2016[1]; Wischmeyer et al., 2016[56]). Synbiotics refer to food ingredients or dietary supplements combining probiotics and prebiotics, non-digestible fiber compounds that stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria, in the form of synergism (Pandey et al., 2015[34]). Further, probiotics may contribute to improved homeostasis and decreased side effects related to anti-cancer therapies (Mego et al., 2013[27]). Moreover, it has been shown that decreased inflammation may occur by reducing the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines, including interleukin‐1 (IL-1) and TNF-α (McLoughlin et al., 2017[26]). On the other hand, the intestinal microbiome dysbiosis has been shown to affect the development of lymphedema through complicated biological mechanisms including downregulation of pro-inflammatory cytokines such as TNF-α (Amdekar et al., 2012[2]; Archer et al., 2015[4]; Solanki et al., 2015[46]).

    The effects of synbiotic supplementation on serum inflammatory markers and edema volume in breast cancer survivors with lymphedema


    “when the shackles confining me have been smashed!’

    And those who did the shackling are dealt with. Least for me anyway.



    Yes, the Michael Hudson post over at NC is a good read. He’s always on-point about debt and the tbtf banks.

    Here’s another good read from 2009 about the TBTF bank bailouts by Simon Johnson in the Atlantic magazine. On-point then, seems prescient now.

    The Quiet Coup


    Any of you that use Firefox have probably seen “pocket” — by default, on the New Tab Page in Firefox, the top row of links with images contain articles across the web curated by “Pocket.”

    Just now, I opened up Firefox and saw the following as the second such headline: “Feed a family for a week with a single bag of beans”

    Feed a family for a week with a single bag of beans

    Um. This reminds me of a topic that I would find for an activity for Mormondom’s Relief Society Sisters — under the topic of “What to do with all of those beans that you have stored away?” and “How to prepare those beans for your family if you ever need to actually use them.” I remember once such activity where we learned to make brownies that had pinto beans as the main ingredient. (Oddly enough, they were pretty good.)

    This is not a normal topic for the mainstream world.

    those darned kids

    hahaha, phoenix! we’ve been (pun intended?) like that for years!


    It’s time to ignore @deflationista again. Mr ( Ms ?) distraction seeks to deflect.

    Distracting from what? Your unreliable narrative? People post shit about Yeadon or Bhakdi, as if what they say is beyond reproach- most just assuming what they say is truth. I come along, see the glorious praise being heaped upon these less than reputable names, my baloney radar kicks into gear, and I do a simple google search. I find that I am not the only person on the planet who also senses the BS steaming from these men.

    People here post links that feature these men and go on to develop whole narratives based on easily debunked premises and claims. Fear induced perspectives are assumed to be true, only, as far as I can tell, because these people say exactly what you want to hear.

    The article and video I posted are provided, not because I am distracting you, but because you seem to be willing to ignore more than half the reality. You all claim to be truth seekers, but I guess that only applies to things that don’t tickle your bias. If you applied even one ounce of effort to verify claims made by these men, I am guessing that you might not blindly believe everything, or maybe anything they say.

    That’s your choice.



    If you applied even one ounce of effort to verify claims made by these men,
    Yeah we apply no effort here. Just turn on the tv and leave it at that. No one here reads a science article or checks a government website.
    Thank God we have you to keep us on our toes. The amazing research team behind the Gurgle videos you post are stellar academics.

    Joe Rogan should always have deferred his health decisions to the authorities. Why should he have anything to do with his own body?

    Your experts sure did stop Covid in its tracks. Pfizer always has our health as its best interest and all of their employees work for gold stars and smiley face paintings. Money is for losers. Why would the head of Pfizer care about money when he is heading the global effort to achieve Covid Zero?

    There is obviously no reason to listen to the CHEIF SCIENCE OFFICER of Pfizer. Especially now he can speak freely and can’t lose his job. Why would we trust him?
    And the German government only gives science awards to morons like Bhakdi so could trust him either.

    Lost as we are, so glad you are helping us with your high caliber data and scienze


    I really appreciate TAE’s daily links to important Covid vax science stories that are not paid for by big Pharma. I come here to get my bearings again after reading endless “official narrative” stories, mostly fear porn, on so many other sites. TAE is keeping me sane in this winter of dueling narratives.

    John Day

    @Kassandra: Hang in there sister. Pray for your oppressors. “They know not what they do.”
    You are fated to be always right, but never believed.


    those darned kids

    “and I do a simple google search.”

    safe and effective!


    @D Benton Smith: Great link. Thank you! This path (fasting) could benefit many of us.

    @Doc Robinson: for taking me on a deep dive….thank you! Synbiotic product consumption in the daily diet could be easily implemented.

    Nutrition is at the center of everything. This makes fasting even more significant as the “pause” in consumption enables digestive energy to be re-directed to repair and regeneration.


    Death is an inevitable, universal process that eventually occurs in all living organisms. –
    mercy killings – the killing of someone who is very sick or injured in order to prevent any further suffering
    selective elimination – Selective_breeding – ://
    eugenics – ://
    sterilization – ://
    euthanasia – ://
    genocide – Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction
    (needs updating to include elimination of seniors)
    A pandemic is an epidemic occurring on a scale that crosses international boundaries, usually affecting people on a worldwide scale.[11] A disease or condition is not a pandemic merely because it is widespread or kills many people; it must also be infectious. For instance, cancer is responsible for many deaths but is not considered a pandemic because the disease is not contagious (i.e. easily transmittable) and not even simply infectious.[12]
    // (info not current. Needs updating)
    Five SARS-CoV-2 variants have been designated as variants of concern by the World Health Organization: the Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, and Omicron variants.

    by APM RESEARCH LAB STAFF | March 5, 2021
    (needs updating: for Omicron )


    Daily message from Deflatulence:


    A decent piece with bit of substance:

    ‘What they REALLY mean by “living with Covid” Why are media dialling back on the Covid hysteria? Is it because the “pandemic” is really over? Or is it an important part of the gaslighting process?’
    The comments section at that site
    is no longer useful, I think.

    What they REALLY mean by “living with Covid”

    As someone mentioned here recently, the temporary easing up (or media impression of it) is likely part of a further-destabilizing process.
    My guess is they’ll swerve the other way well before St. Patrick’s day.


    Good graphic, ctbarnum. Cower to the Machine..



    Look who said it …. It must be true

    Ivermectin ‘Works Throughout All Phases’ Of COVID According To Leaked Military Documents
    “Ivermectin (identified as curative in April 2020) works throughout all phases of illness because it both inhibits viral replication and modulates the immune response.”

    Project Veritas Obtains Hidden Military Documents Showing NIH Intent to Create SARS-CoV-2, Using Gain of Function Research

    Project Veritas Obtains Hidden Military Documents Showing NIH Intent to Create SARS-CoV-2, Using Gain of Function Research
    January 10, 2022 | Sundance | 536 Comments
    Project Veritas has obtained military documents hidden on a classified system [HERE – and HERE – and HERE] showing how EcoHealth Alliance approached DARPA in March 2018, seeking funding to conduct gain of function research of bat borne coronaviruses.

    The proposal, named Project Defuse, was rejected by DARPA over safety concerns and the notion that it violated the gain of function research moratorium. However, according to the documents, NIAID, under the direction of Dr. Fauci, went ahead with the research in Wuhan, China and at several sites across the U.S.

    (I wonder if Dr. R. Paul’s helpers showed him this info. Senate Website,, or official Facebook and Twitter pages. )

    Veracious Poet

    One of the hallmarks of mass psychosis is attacking anyone that questions “The Narrative”, as has been documented since antiquity…

    The opposition becomes more fierce, as “The Narrative” falls apart, as the incredulous are cornered & refuse to consider “Real Reality” emerging beyond their control.

    We don’t know what we don’t know, and both sides of the debate has moments where the prideful & arrogant jump to normalcy bias conclusions to put current crises in a nice tidy box, where the finite mind (EGO) can grasp issues beyond it’s ability…

    There are many on TAE that seek info to develop an working model of “Real Reality”, but there are also those that are corrupted by preexisting world views, many cultish, that pollute efforts to evolve out of current mass formation psychoses that war with our true nature, as Children of the Infinite.

    Then are those that worship power & wealth, in self-centered trances that create hearts of darkness, hatred for their Brothers & Sisters that they fear & do not understand ~ A major malady affecting a large portion of humanity at the present time, led by the true sociopaths that are in positions of power to influence the lazy, weak souls:

    LA Times Columnist Says Mocking Anti-Vaxxers Deaths is “Necessary”

    The first incarnation was called ‘Why Shouldn’t We Dance On The Graves of Anti-Vaxxers?’

    The headline was changed to ‘Mocking anti-vaxxers’ deaths is ghoulish, yes — but necessary’.

    Its final incarnation is now published as ‘Mocking anti-vaxxers’ COVID deaths is ghoulish, yes — but may be necessary’

    The bulk of the piece focuses on mocking the death of conservative activist Kelly Ernby, who campaigned against mandatory COVID vaccines for children as a condition of going to school, but subsequently died from “COVID complications.”

    “Kelly Ernby’s friends and family ask us to remember her for her career as a public servant and as a devoted spouse and mother. But let’s not mince words: Her campaigns against public health measures negated whatever good she may have done in her other endeavors”

    Then there is true evil, flailing to & fro in attempt to keep the truth of their perverted nature out of public view:

    Dr. Tony Fauci testified before the Senate Health Committee just one day after Project Veritas released EXPLOSIVE never before seen military documents regarding the origins of Covid-19, gain-of-function research, vaccines, potential treatments and the government’s effort to conceal everything

    LA Times Columnist Says Mocking Anti-Vaxxers Deaths is “Necessary”

    Fauci dodged the accusations. Then Dr. Paul then points out that this was not the only time that Fauci conspired with associates to take down opposing voices in the scientific community. Rand Paul pointed out his scheming with Dr. Peter Daszak to refute claims of the origins of the deadly COVID virus. That involved Nature Magazine.

    Fauci dodged and obfuscated from the questioning. Fauci accused Senator Paul of lying when there is direct evidence of Dr. Paul’s claims.

    Fauci then accused Rand Paul of attacking him because he wanted to raise money!

    BOOM! Senator Rand Paul RIPS into Serial Liar Dr. Tony Fauci and HE HATES EVERY MINUTE OF IT (VIDEO)

    Over the last 2 years we have reviewed & peer evaluated, to the best our our abilities, info + data to ferret out “Real Reality” in the face of fascist coercion, when it became clear that some sort of attack was happening upon western civ, that our “leaders” had become an actively malevolent, treacherous foe to a LARGE segment of humanity.

    Luckily we only have one bothersome malcontent, indeed a bomb-throwing provocateur, but their position is pathetic, even laughable, given the “Real Reality” that ANY open mind/spirit can now see in the blinding light of Truth…

    TAE has been an priceless aid in time of torment, I for one am VERY thankful We haven’t been invaded by the ignorant, childish troubles so prevalent on other blogs + social media hives 🙂

    those darned kids

    i think i’m gonna watch rand one more time..

    Veracious Poet

    The intentions of people wishing to change a communities focus during a time of turmoil & war should be suspect, at the very least…

    There’s plenty of other communities that avoid what TAE & it’s host have chosen as Our focus, I choose to ignore the malcontents/disruptors, when all things COVID are the pressing issue upon Us.


    I know the new term is mass formation psychosis, but have to say I did like the video Germ posted pertaining to Milgram. The hard part for most is getting those who need to escape the narrative to employ the three solutions presented. One: Turn away from the authority, i.e., turn off the TV. That seems to be the toughest one because while I’ve been successful at getting them to turn off TV news, they still seek other propaganda media outlets. The smart phone being the most powerful hypnotic. Two: The unvaccinated and vaccinated talking face to face and exchanging information. Somewhat, but fear is still a problem and texting serves as the defacto form of communication for too many. Three: Invoke a higher power. Easy to do with those who follow a deity, not so easy to do for those who don’t.

    Bringing up the raw data and explaining what it means? Forget it.

    Anecdotally, four people I know are have known have come down with COVID in the past week. 50/50 vaxxed to not vaxxed. About like a bad cold in all. None of the vaxxed have shaken the narrative, both non-vaxxed have dug in saying they still won’t get the shot due to risk. Small sample size, and I’ll probably know more as this winter goes along, but I don’t see the vaxxed changing anytime soon no matter how much bullshit the authorities spew. Sadly.I think it will take many getting direct harm from the vaccine to turn the tide. The narrative managers might be seeing this in the data and panicking, hence, the backtracking and treating it as new information through statistical skullduggery.


    A Tail of a Tale.

    Coyotes were attacking people in Stanely Park in downtown Vancouver.
    Trapping the coyotes didn’t work.
    People were feeding the coyotes.
    Now people feeding coyotes are being fined.
    Now the coyotes aren’t attacking people.

    Don’t feed our coyote!


    Just in case you didn’t know, if you are tired of covid, you are now suppose to be worrying about J6.
    J6 is the new life and death narrative!


    Following up on Trudeau’s punishing the racist unvaxxed program.
    Quebec is now going to implement a big tax on the unvaxxed.
    The Leftist Toronto Star headline reads time to tax unvaxxed in Ontario.


    “Don’t feed our coyote!”
    Too later. They were eventually put down.
    ” 50/50 vaxxed to not vaxxed.”
    Now both are equal. Both have acquired immunity.



    Did they put “our” Coyote down too? If not, then could you please arrange a false flag operation to have “our” coyote put down!


    “Now both are equal. Both have acquired immunity.”

    If they don’t get the next vax/booster. If so, then it’s gone gone gone.

    I continue to be surprised by those close to me. We unvaxxed should be an inspiration, not an other.



    Simon Johnson was doing great work back in 2009, and then he seems to have disappeared. For awhile he was doing a blog with James Kwak, but then Kwak basically took over. When that happened the blog lost focus and I stopped reading.

    Barry Ritzholz also had a great blog back then, but he eventually threw in the towel and went back to making money in the corrupt system, toning down all of the criticism, even though the system remains rotten to the core.


    It is weird that even Raul is spreading this schlock. I thought this place wasn’t political? I thought this place liked the truth?


    Gravity is a resurgent algorithm.

    those darned kids
    those darned kids

    just two more weeks, i know it..


    “just two more weeks, i know it..”
    OHHHH You must have hear me saying,”Its over”

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