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    Rembrandt van Rijn The Adoration of the Magi 16xx   • USCF Covid Doctor: The Hospital Surge Isn’t What You May Think (SFGate) • Gloomsters Admit
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    V. Arnold

    When can we stop talking about Covid?
    So much bullshit…so little time…

    Mister Roboto

    @V Arnold: My guess is, when the next crisis comes barreling down the road at us. Meanwhile:

    Dr. D

    “Certain scientists and experts so quick to spread gloom and panic at the arrival of Omicron are having to come to terms with a reality that is far from the catastrophe”

    …And nothing will ever happen to them. Not only will they not be fired for destroying the lives of millions, but not even be embarrassed or career reprimanded. Being totally wrong in your field of study…meh. You’re an expert!

    …Unlike the other side, which if wrong, or even seeming to be wrong, or even RIGHT, gets fired anyway. That being true, where is the memo coming from? How is the power of anti-logic and anti-success doing this and by what method?

    “Huge Number of Vax Deaths & It’s Getting Worse – Dr. Pierre Kory (USAW)”

    Correct. Anecdotally, I see this: “Businesses Now Requiring Positive COVID Test As Proof Of Vaccination” – BBee 100% of the Covid sick I know are the vaccinated. And not “milder cases” but regular Omicron cases – or in this case MORE severe than the unvaccinated. …Setting the baseline case in the news, where O is indistinguishable from a bad cold. Also overhearing others as it-who-shall-not-be-named is being named and questioned. For example, Dr. Vaccine, elated and thrilled to get both doses, now telling patients avoid at all costs after it made him immune-disorder ill and is daily caused or accelerated arthritis in his hands by 20 years. …Sorry can’t get more details, that’s what “overhearing” is.

    “The double-vaccinated are almost twice as likely to be infected as unvaccinated”

    Just what I’m seeing. But “Iceland”, socialized, Scandinavian medicine. Now not Doctors, and Scandinavian medicine is a poopy-pants chanting turtle rattles over a smudge fire. Cue the resident ad hominem, data-free attacks. Because doctors are anyone who agrees with Chad on Twitter, and “not doctors” are anyone taking tables of data and offering to discuss them in a public forum. Like to 11 Million viewers, 3x more than the next 4 media ratings combined.

    Dr. D

    Tm Pool yesterday, not only pointing out CNN photo-shopping Rogan, not only Rogan, MMA fighter, being lectured on health by the obese, not only vaccinated AOC getting Covid with no comment, no reflection from the media (“Safe and Effective”) but the “Mass Formation Psychosis” that doesn’t exist now is simply Malone repeating the Media themselves, saying Trump causes Mass Formation Psychosis EARLIER THIS MONTH.

    So how fast can they reverse themselves?
    Media: Mass Psychosis exists and is endemic in Trump supporters, who are Nazis.

    Malone: Mass Psychosis exists.

    Media: NO IT DOESN’T! It doesn’t! It doesn’t! It doesn’t! Those articles we published earlier this month ALSO doesn’t. And our saying Mass Psychosis both exists and does not exist at the same time is NOT an example of it!

    So…any residents want to bring up some papers on this?

    absolute galore

    V Arnold wrote: When can we stop talking about Covid?
    So much bullshit…so little time…

    Yes, when? A good portion of what we discuss here consists of constantly regurgitated information, or disinformation, or whatever. Yes, the situation changes, and there are bold new lies to be fretted and amazed by, but in the end, where does it really get us? Arguing with online personas non gratas?

    You might say, Yes, but there is some feeling that we are entering a period of reckoning, and heads are gonna roll.

    Maybe, but I’ve heard that tune before.

    My bet is that the next crisis is upon us before the general public even realizes what happened. And it has been too emasculated by the technostate to do anything about it even if they did know the whole thing was,at the very least, a giant fuckup.

    The revolution will not be televised.The revolution has been cancelled. The job of muddling through will not happen online. It will happen in a community near you. Order your seed catalog today! Best of luck to us all.

    Mister Roboto

    I do think that the Q Anon phenomenon was and probably still is an example of a mass formation psychosis that didn’t really catch on because it was largely confined to a very limited demographic.


    Boston going Australia.

    B Together is Boston’s vaccine requirement for certain indoor spaces. Let’s stay healthy and connected — together.

    Starting on January 15, 2022, to address rising COVID-19 cases and encourage vaccination, individuals will be required to show proof of vaccination against COVID-19 in order to enter certain indoor spaces in Boston. People working in those locations will also be required to have received their vaccines.

    The mandate applies only to indoor portions of certain commercial food services, gym and fitness settings, and entertainment/recreation facilities in Boston

    The mandate will apply on a rolling basis to different categories of people based on age

    Businesses may accept proof of vaccination in a variety of ways

    Businesses may permit a customer to enter for a quick and limited purpose without showing proof of vaccination

    Businesses are required to provide reasonable accommodations to individuals who request an exemption because of a medical reason, disability, or other civil-rights related reason


    absolute galore – seeds = yes. I have pulled back my reading and digestion a tad of late and turned myself into an 11 – 12 hour a day building machine. Making a light earth building for future self or future Melbourne refugees. It is good to work that hard and consistently – (a few weeks straight). I feel really fit and well. The Covid thing is ultimately fear and control – it’s mostly just another cold but to watch society fall over themselves about sniffles hints at larger breakdown and shrinking trust horizons.
    Media and government can’t see how much they are undermining their own future. But they are. I think the ADE thing is really something to watch as Omicron is so mild but double jabbed are getting sick but I guess we will see won’t we.


    One other thing…
    Desmet has mentioned the huge sway the 30% or so under the Mass Psychosis has on the other 40 ish percent. They are the fearful, the virtue signallers and the tyrants. The thing is they never lost anything but just suffered from a sense of loss. We – the mostly un-jabbed or un-coerced had our arses to the wall for a while as we watched with eyes wide open the bullshit on offer and over time became hardened in our resolve and our informed understanding of the facts on the ground (looking at you Deflationister).

    We have now become that opposing force to be reckoned with.

    We aint takin’ much more shit and I for one ask someone (mentally not verbally) to go ahead and try me if they even so much as give me a sideways glance for not scanning in and not masking and not presenting my proof of vaccination card and not hand sanitising – ALL of which is required almost everywhere still here.

    In Victoria we had a few days ago 45,000 pos cases and 4 deaths which is some ridiculously low fatality rate and includes obese, co-morbid etc.

    Compliance at this stage is a game for children to play with. Grown ups show up, they don’t hide from the bogey man.


    Sorry, one more thing. On the confrontation of members of society – I have found that the social norms around the mask and other talismans are important to people here in Oz. BUT people feel MUCH more social responsibility to respond positively to direct eye contact and a happy smile that they wont dare break that bond over a mask issue. It has never happened to me.
    I admit I wanna get along with people so I often speak first, before any complaint can be made because then it on on them to be the downer and people deep down want to like and be liked – it’s just the Milgram experiment got em all crazy in the coconut.

    They didn’t really want to be medical experiments either but well here we are in the dream we call The World
    Peace out homies

    those darned kids

    south africa gloogle gnus:

    cloovid doesn’t appear until the very bottom of the page. twice.

    canadada gloogle noose:

    cloovid is the focus of at least 29 stories.

    what a scam.


    “When can we stop talking about Covid? So much bullshit…so little time…”

    I would love to resume the uplifting conversation about Bitcoin and the broken financial system. Did you see the recent Michael Hudson transcript over on NC talking about the Marten’s article about the Fed’s illegal loans, which have been unreported in the mainsteam press? Great stuff. An excerpt from Hudson:

    Well, what happened, apparently, was that while the Dodd-Frank Act was being rewritten by the Congress, Janet Yellen changed the wording around and she said, “Well, how do we define a general liquidity crisis?” Well, it doesn’t mean what you and I mean by a liquidity crisis, meaning the whole economy is illiquid.

    She said, “If five banks need to borrow, then it’s a general liquidity crisis.” Well, the problem, as she points out, is it’s the same three big banks, again and again, and again and again.

    And these are not short-term loans. She points out that they were 14-day loans; there were longer loans. And they were rolled over, not overnight loans, not day-to-day loans, not even week-to-week loans. But month after month, the Fed was pumping money into JP Morgan and Citibank and Goldman.

    But then she points out that, or at least she told me, that these really weren’t Citibank and Morgan Chase; it was to their trading affiliates. Now this is exactly what Dodd-Frank was supposed to prevent.

    Dodd-Frank was supposed to protect the depository institutions by trying to go a little bit to restore the Glass-Steagall Act that Clinton and the Obama thugs that came in to the Obama administration all got rid of.

    It was supposed to say, “OK, we’re not going to let banks having their trading facilities, the gambling facilities, on derivatives and just placing bets on the financial markets – we’re not supposed to help the banks out of these problems at all.”

    So I think the reason that the newspapers are going quiet on this is the Fed broke the law. And it wants to continue breaking the law.

    Formerly T-Bear

    V. A. at # 97684

    Where are your seatbelts? Why aren’t they fastened for the events unfolding? The President of the European Parliament has just died from “immune system failure” at 65 orbits. Mighty young for a member of the economically privileged and ruling class that. One securely fastened will notice that no version of SARS Corona Virus II was mentioned as cause which opens the door to what vaccinated state they had, obviously fully and completely to the highest level. And that, opens the door to the question of the vaccine used being the direct cause, something that will be avoided at ALL COST.

    With seatbelts fastened, one can become witness to what the Buddhists refer to as the ‘maya’, the illusion of ‘reality’; in this case the delusion of ‘reality’, but seatbelts are required, the path is rough going. Hang in there V. A., you are privileged to live in interesting times, indeed. Bear witness well.

    D Benton Smith

    The irony about people who sell their honor and loyalty to the highest bidder is that they don’t actually HAVE either of those things to sell (loyalty or honor), and that not only are they selling themselves into slavery for nothing, but the slave buyer is being cheated at the same time! Now THAT’s funny, in a really dark and cosmological sort of way.

    Michael Reid

    Presently I conclude the mRNA injections are destroying the immune system.

    Here is some related information:

    progressive deterioration in the ability to respond to infections and to develop immunity after vaccination

    Dr D Rich

    @Dr. D
    Look at my posts from nearly two years regarding Shared Psychosis, kinda like the embryo of Mass psychosis.
    Other posts reference that only 5% buy-in is required to inoculate/indoctrinate the crowd to a cult, shared craziness and a whole church-ful or nation of True Believers.

    Folie a deux, folie a trois… gotta start with small numbers. It seems odd though that so many people fall prey to the obviously Histrionic personality disordered Rochelle Walensky (so emotive and made up with make-up) and the transparently Narcissistic personality disordered Anth. Fauci (throw in quite a few child-like gnome/waif Borderline traits)

    those darned kids

    v. arnold: “When can we stop talking about Covid?”

    when the shackles confining me have been smashed!

    Dr D Rich

    From a while ago x2

    Dr D Rich


    Behavioral studies repeatedly show Buy-in of only 5% of the population is required to psychologically inoculate a group/population to a movement or cult

    Shared psychotic or Shared delusional disorder

    No one knows what causes SDD exactly but stress and social isolation are the main contributors.[15] When we are socially isolated the few people we do talk to become very important to us, and therefore they are seen as more trustworthy, so when an inducer is sharing their delusions, the second person is more likely to believe them. Additionally, since they are socially isolated, people developing shared delusional disorder do not have others reminding them that their delusions are either impossible or not likely, and are therefore more likely to develop SDD. In fact, the treatment for shared delusional disorder is for the person to be removed from the inducer and seek additional treatment, if necessary.[16]

    Stress is also a factor because it triggers mental illness. The majority of people that develop shared delusional disorder are genetically predisposed to mental illness; however this predisposition ( i.e. genes for schizophrenia that need to be activated) is not enough to develop a mental disorder

    The Golden Rule of Psychopathy:
    1. One psychopath lies better than 99.97% of you explain or rationalize because hey are never as encumbered by anxiety, nervousness or guilt/regret as they crush their target. They wear a mask, according Hervey Cleckley, The Mask of Sanity.

    Dr D Rich

    In other news, sick man receives porcine heart.

    Anglin opines on the subject:
    “How about we die as men instead of half-men, half-pigs?
    Is that too much to ask?”


    absolute galore,

    I talk about it and read about it to remain strong in the face of it all. The looming mandates, the bragging of co-workers about their vaccines and boosters, the masking of children riding their bikes down the street. I (as I know others on here have) have faced possible ruin, of my career, draining my savings, losing everything. I quit a job and sold a home 1000 miles away (my home of 25 years), left friends and family, took a nearly 50% paycut (as did my husband) to move to a to a small town in a “freer” state, all to escape this madness. Like so many others, I experience anxiety and depression in my daily life now, have gained 20 pounds (more than 10% of my body weight), and just feel like shit all the time.

    I need to remind myself every day of why I did what I did, and to keep going. TAE has helped me do that. Thank you.


    Tale of two narratives.
    Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated

    Huge Number of Vax Deaths & It’s Getting Worse – Dr. Pierre Kory

    Huge Number of Vax Deaths & It’s Getting Worse – Dr. Pierre Kory
    By Greg Hunter On January 8, 2022 In Political Analysis 259 Comments

    ” …. the all-cause mortality of the vaccinated were increased over the unvaccinated

    Former Pfizer VP Dr. Michael Yeadon said this week, “Max vaccination is leading to mass death.” Dr. Kory agrees” If the mortality of the vaccinated is higher than the unvaccinated, you have the data that you can safely and confidently conclude the vaccines are associated with and causing death.”

    “The Numbers Killed by these Vaccines is Much Worse than What We Thought”. Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, Dr. Mike Yeadon

    “The Numbers Killed by these Vaccines is Much Worse than What We Thought”. Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, Dr. Mike Yeadon

    Double Vaccinated Have Double the Infection Rate, Data From Iceland Shows

    “After December 20th, the 14-day incidence of COVID-19 infection by vaccination status took a very unexpected turn in Iceland. The infection rate per 100,000 of fully vaccinated adults with booster is now eleven times higher than on December 20th, and the infection rate of double-vaccinated adults seven times higher. At the same time, infections among unvaccinated people have grown by a factor of 2.6 only.

    • Omicron 105% More Transmissible Than Delta, Says Study (BS)
    The study, published on the medRxiv site and yet to be peer-reviewed, analysed 131,478 tests in France from October 25 to December 18, 2021.
    Join the resistance/freedom fighters.
    Collect your sick pay

    The more you vaccinate, the sicker people get. Most pilots have figured this out.
    v. arnold:
    “When can we stop talking about Covid?”

    We are in a war of repeating, repeating.
    We are being over repeated every day by the prophets and their mouth pieces.

    those darned kids

    a tale of two conspiracies:

    “uh, ralph, we need to talk.”

    “sure, tony. what’s up?”

    “well, the fan seems to be blowing the crap more and more in my direction, and my pension could be on the line. we need an out.”

    “no problemo. i’ll get ahold of zhengli through the usual channels, and we’ll cook something up.”

    “great. i’ve already thought botswana is the perfect venue – nobody’s heard of it, our friends have easy access, and it’s next to a place with lots of flights in and out.”

    “don’t worry, buddy. we’ve got each other’s back. i got a pension, too. give me a few weeks.”

    D Benton Smith

    Psychopathy is what happens when a more or less logical AI System has a bad algo.

    Bureaucracy, for example, is simply an organic AI rather than an electronic one, but they both run on the same basic principle: The principle is that decisions ( for examples, yes or no, zero or one, whether to go one way or another way, etc.) be made strictly according to a predefined process (a policy or algorithm) rather than be decided on the whims or desires of an individual human person. In other words : Rule by the Bureau .
    This turns out to be a very bad idea because in an ideal bureaucratic process (all decisions made made by policy enforcement, not by personal awareness or desires) there is no point in the process where the goodness or badness of the decision is consciously decided by a living entity capable of understanding what good or bad even mean. The goodness or badness is thereby made invisible to the bureaucracy itself, and any individuals who are wholely devoted to it. They are literally “officially” blind. Blinded by the algorithm that bureaucracy is.
    And a wicked person could, conceivably, figure out how this all works and choose to turn that bureaucracy into a weapon made up of people who more or less understand the game and are quite happy to be such a weapon.
    Such an arrangement leads to mischief too lengthy to list.


    Our prophet, Bonnie Henry, is not 100%, on the narrative. Questioning the transmission by children and in school

    Expert pushes back on Bonnie Henry’s claims schools are not a major source of transmission

    January 7, 2022
    Nicholas Pescod

    Despite the lack of data, Tupper said it appears that transmission was still low in schools when Delta was the dominant strain
    “Most cases of COVID-19 among students and staff were acquired outside of school, in their community or household. COVID-19 exposures at schools did not typically result in transmission,” the report reads without providing any data on in-school transmission rates.
    Dr. Colin Furness, an infection control epidemiologist at the University of Toronto, said when the original strain of COVID-19 was spreading throughout the community, the transmission rates among children was half of what it was for adults.
    “It is very possible, but far from certain that schools will continue to not be an important part of transmission in B.C. But even without schools, we’re heading towards huge, very high case numbers,” he said. “We have three different models that we run, and all of them agree that we’re going to see many more cases in mid-to-late January. So, can schools run if too much of the staff is infected with COVID?”
    Henry, however, has said N95 masks provide “minimal benefit” in a “low-risk setting” such as a school and that best mask is the “one that you wear” properly. She also has stressed that schools are safe spaces and should be kept open.

    Doc Robinson

    Denninger: “There were safety signals — screaming red flags — in September of 2020, four months before the first shots went into arms on the EUAs and during the trials themselves.”

    “Vaccine trials” may get a new meaning.


    << On Saturday, in response to hospitals begging for relief from a massive staffing crisis, the California Department of Public Health announced that most hospitals and skilled nursing facilities can bring COVID-positive and exposed staff back to work without testing or quarantines. The staffers must be asymptomatic, are required to wear N95 masks and are encouraged to work with patients who are already COVID-positive as much as possible.>>

    WTF. N95 masks have exhalation valves. They *only* offer protection to the wearer, none to anyone else, as exhalation is not filtered in any way.

    Mister Roboto

    If I seemed a bit dismissive of V Arnold’s question about will we ever go back to talking about other things, I can actually relate. Maybe the fact that we’re in the heart of winter here in Wisconsin is also a factor in this, but I’ve been thinking and feeling lately that maybe I should focus on some other things besides discussing and reading about Covid and our society’s misbegotten reaction to it.

    D Benton Smith

    This video just in from Reiner Fullmich : is why the smartest people are freaking out the most. In a nutshell, it is proof (as in literally, factually, PROOF) that the vaccines are fully intentional planned genocide.

    Might want to let that sink in for a few moments. Logicians and number crunchers will be the first to get it, with philosophers in third place but closing fast.

    One might say that the velvet glove, slipping from the iron fist, is revealing the hand of God.

    Doc Robinson

    phoenixvoice: “WTF. N95 masks have exhalation valves.”

    Some of them do. Hopefully not the ones worn by infected hospital staff. In any case, they don’t seal so well on the exhale (leakage around the edges due to positive pressure) so they’ll be giving a sense of false ‘security’.


    The Bhakdi video linked above is powerful – and deeply disturbing. I believe the evidence presented will continue to manifest as described. We have a catastrophe of epic proportions emerging, soon to be an explosive force that can not be denied and or hidden. Everyone will be impacted, vaXed or not. There will be no escape.

    My SoCA based daughter-in law shared the “news” of potential cancer during my Christmas visit. The throat/throid/lumps in her neck area were evident on a follow-up MRI (after physical examination revealed lumps). She is vaXed, not boosted. Intuitively she felt that her issue is vaXcine induced. Today I have the proof that it is.

    Now what?

    First step is to CONFIRM that her lumps/potential cancer are definitely vaXcine induced. And to warn her to NOT get sucked into/on-board the traditional cancer treatment train, which is the only option she will be offered.

    Next, we need to get her on intensive immune support. How to reverse the death of the cells responsible for immune control? Is it even possible to combat the damage?

    IVM may have a role….and so will supplements. Your thoughts on which ones are greatly appreciated.

    In yesterday’s edition someone asked about IVM deliveries to the US via the postal service. I have had my recent shipments delayed (product ordered in October/November). The pharmacies in India wrap the packages so neatly, they are easy to spot. In December I received one that had been opened somewhere along the way. Just last week I received the final shipment, package not opened – and my order was complete.

    Grateful for the art Ilargi. Today’s warm (color/contrast/light) and emotional Rembrandt van Rijn The Adoration of the Magi 16xx compels me to consider the beauty, power, and relevance of the “stories” in our lives. New birth = New beginnings. A Christ-child or Human-child? Faith/Hope is a positive force and can be CULTIVATED to arrive at the next MIRACLE. You are here, why not BE your best self in thought, word, and deed?


    Dr. Michael Palmer/Catherine Austin Fitts Interview – Understanding Medical & Economic COVID Motives

    Dr Palmer sets it out very logically and concisely from soup to nuts

    D Benton Smith


    This video from Dr. Pradip Jamnadas, MD ( he’s a real doctor, not a scammer in the least) discusses the process of autophagy induced by serious fasting, which might assist your daughter-in-law.


    absolute galore

    PV wrote: WTF. N95 masks have exhalation valves. They *only* offer protection to the wearer, none to anyone else, as exhalation is not filtered in any way.

    There are N95 surgical masks without the exhalation valve. But even the ones with valves are apparently fine to use according to the CDC:,%2C%20or%20fabric%20coverings.

    WHO knew. (Or did they?)


    You don’t know what you don’t know. This article might help some of you with that:

    “The claims made by Cummins, Yeadon, and other supposed authorities are demonstrably nonsensical and yet they are eagerly lapped up by an army of social media disciples who have adopted the yellow smiley face as a badge of their scepticism. The smiley symbol is supposed to represent optimism in the face of adversity, but instead it makes the whole movement look decidedly cultish, creepy, and faceless, like the children in John Wyndham’s Village of the Damned. This disconcerting impression is reinforced by their tendency to say exactly the same things over and over again. Misleading graphs and blatantly doctored images are circulated with abandon, spreading far beyond the hub of hardcore believers and planting doubt in the minds of normal people.

    Doubt is at the heart of this phenomenon, and it is being unscrupulously exploited. Can we prove that every death attributed to COVID-19 was caused by COVID-19? No. Some of them almost certainly weren’t. How many deaths were caused by lockdown? No one knows. Has the government ever specified precisely what the false positive rate is? No. Can we prove beyond doubt that the decline in case numbers seen around the world shortly after lockdowns were introduced would not have taken place anyway? No. How could we?

    Some data simply don’t exist. Definite proof is only to be found in mathematics. In life, as in court, you can only exclude reasonable doubt. Those who cling to unreasonable doubts cannot be persuaded by facts or logic. The smiley crowd are persistent in asking questions about trivial issues for which there are no definitive answers, but have no answer to the most fundamental questions asked of them in return. Smileys generally won’t spell out the conclusion that their “scepticism” leads them to because they know how contemptibly stupid it would sound, but the scenario must go something like this:

    A virus that has killed millions of people, including 50,000 in Britain last spring, suddenly disappeared, and so the government approved a highly inaccurate diagnostic test to keep the panic going because Boris Johnson has always wanted the public to wear face masks or something. Very few people actually have SARS-CoV-2 and even according to the official figures only two per cent have it at the moment. As luck would have it, a hugely disproportionate number of them happen to be admitted to hospital and die from something else, thereby producing scary death counts which are corroborated by corrupt doctors.

    Another stroke of luck for the government is that last year happened to have the largest number of excess deaths since 1940. This could be due to lockdown deaths, whatever they are, or some other epidemic unrelated to the coronavirus. Have you noticed how few flu deaths there are this year? Bit suspicious, isn’t it? One possibility is that despite a drastic reduction in air travel and an unprecedented amount of social distancing, hand-washing, mask-wearing, and self-isolation, Britain is suffering from an exceptionally severe flu season, with flu deaths being wrongly classified as COVID-19 deaths by corrupt and/or incompetent doctors.

    Pretty far-fetched, isn’t it? And that’s before we get to the theories about Bill Gates and the Chinese Communist Party that are on the lunatic fringes even in the smiley universe.”



    What about this year’s news? It’s time to review the facts for the rest of 2021 beyond January 16,2021.

    Mr. House

    You are like the child in elementary school who sits behind you and flicks your ear and when you turn around and ask them to stop they pretend they have no idea what you’re talking about. Time is not on your side, you’ve had two years for all of us to die and prove your beliefs right and we’re still here. The window has closed on your narrative, time to start rethinking your position.

    Mr. House

    Ha this article is five days in the future!

    Doc Robinson

    absolute galore: “There are N95 surgical masks without the exhalation valve. But even the ones with valves are apparently fine to use according to the CDC”

    That’s surprising, but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by anything the CDC says these days. The CDC justifies this by saying that N95 masks with a valve “provide the same or better source control than surgical masks, procedure masks, cloth masks, or fabric coverings.” So they are the same or better than surgical masks and cloth masks, meaning they may be better, they could be equivalent, but they are no worse.

    Allowing N95 masks with valves seems negligent, if the purpose of requiring N95 masks is to protect others from infected nurses.

    Yes, an N95 filtering facepiece respirator will protect you and provide source control to protect others. A NIOSH-approved N95 filtering facepiece respirator with an exhalation valve offers the same protection to the wearer as one that does not have a valve. As source control, findings from NIOSH research suggest that, even without covering the valve, N95 respirators with exhalation valves provide the same or better source control than surgical masks, procedure masks, cloth masks, or fabric coverings. In general, individuals wearing NIOSH-approved N95s with an exhalation valve should not be asked to use one without an exhalation valve or to cover it with a face covering or mask. However, NIOSH-approved N95 respirators with an exhalation valve are not fluid resistant. Therefore, in situations where a fluid resistant respirator is indicated (e.g., in surgical settings), individuals should wear a surgical N95 or, if a surgical N95 is not available, cover their respirator with a surgical mask or a face shield. Be careful not to compromise the fit of the respirator when placing a facemask over the respirator.,%2C%20or%20fabric%20coverings.

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