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    Some good news regarding yet another distortion of the energy market that uses tax payer cash to throw at billionaire thieves … … how stupid a scheme is this, it just shows that the massive green subsidies are wasting a shit load of the productive effort of the world and handing massive cheques to the billionaires. Green is now the worst waster of energy on our planet: for example electrics bikes, now people are riding electric bikes powered by coal instead of pedalling – assuming that human power is still considered a clean form of energy, or are we considered as bad as the cows, destined for the bin for farting too much.


    Random thoughts.

    1. Since 2014, both US/NATO and Russia bought time to get better prepared, before restarting the war in the Ukraine. Actually US/NATO never stopped the war but Russia refused to be baited until February 2022. Russia lost well over 10,000 people during those 7 years it needed to get better prepared. Russia paid the price first. Now the Ukraine is paying the price for US/NATO not being properly prepared. So far we are seeing who used the 7 years of bought time best.

    2. The Ukrainian War is but a mugging in a back alley compared to the Covid/Vaccine War being waged against western people. One counts in the thousands while the other counts in the millions. I will leave it to you to decide which is which.

    3. Was covid released first, then the vaccines second? Maybe the vaccine wasn’t killing enough people by itself, so they then introduced the vaccine to continue killing more people?

    4. In a house with 2 women, I constantly catch shit from both for trying to reuse items or save items from things that fail. My 2 women are definately not part of the environmental movement! If it breaks down, out into the garbage it immediately goes and a new bought! They will actively refuse to let me salvage anything useful before throwing it out. They will even do this without telling me behind my back. That I am pretty deaf and blind just makes it even easier for them to do this.

    Two very recent examples; a washing machine, and a microwave. The washing machine got shoved outside over my protests so I had to take it apart outside in the winter cold. Around here if you want to throw anything big out you have to make it fit into the wheeled bin they give you. The garbage man won’t take it unless it is in the bin for his robot arm to pick up. He most certainly will not get out of his driver seat no matter what happens. If the bin falls over or spills it contents, he will just drive on.

    So the washing machine panels got cut in half with a grinder as I couldn’t find my metal saw-saw. I saved some screws, the motor, some switches, some wire, the 3 prong electrical cord, and the drain hose as the drain hose for the cottage washing machine broke. The stainless washing tub, I am still fighting to loosen 4 corroded bolts, as I would like to save it to use at the cottage to put the water pump’s intake hose’s foot valve in, as it would make a nice screen.

    The microwave, I had to fish out of the bottom of the wheeled bin. I salvaged some screws, 3 contact switches, a 1.2 RPM turntable motor, a nice cooling fan/motor, the 3 prong electrical cord, and two powerful 2 inch donut ceramic magnets now usefully stuck on the fridge.

    Now I will be the first to say it takes me usually 5 years before I find a use for these things. As such, I am in the meantime unfairly condemmed as a rat-pack. I will fight this war until my last dying breath or more likely blindness, which ever comes first.


    So much for the edit function. Sigh!

    John Day

    Good-on-Ya, WES!

    John Day

    Now somebody else from the Consumer Products Safety Division vehemently denies that they were considering banning gas stoves…

    A commissioner from the same agency, Richard Trumka Jr., earlier this week said that the CPSC had been considering a ban on gas stoves for months, with Trumka recommending in October that the agency seek public comment on the hazards of gas stoves.
    But the head of the CPSC, Alexander Hoehn-Saric, said on Wednesday that the agency had no such plans.


    Further correction and augmentation:

    What do the Big Brother managers of Oceania businesses [that many uninformed [people believe are countries] always do?

    1. Protect and promote Ponzi schemes.

    2. Reward senior Party Members.

    3. Trick Proles into fighting wars to acquire control of resources and to reduce the of capacity competing businesses or actual nations to compete; declare the leader of the selected enemy to be a ruthless, anti-democratic dictator who ‘eats babies and rapes women for entertainment’.

    4. Orchestrate and promote the looting and polluting of The Commons.

    5. Promote short-term money-making [for individuals and corporations] scams that make matters worse as ‘solutions’ to real-world problems and predicaments

    6. Lie to the Proles on a continuous basis about everything.

    7. Keep Proles from thinking about anything of significance by providing them non-stop with pabulum and distraction.

    8. Persuade Proles to fight amongst themselves by setting up fake camps and fake teams.

    9. Con Proles into adopting self-destructive strategies, activities and habits by declaring that such strategies, activities and habits are “for the greater good.”

    10. Attempt to impose increased levels of censorship and reduced levels of freedom.

    11. If Proles become too active in opposing Big Brother’s [evil] agendas, vilify them, organise goons to physically assault them and lock them up. If deemed necessary by high-level Party Members, pay goons to murder them.

    Michael Reid

    People will do whatever.

    What shall we do?

    I think of many things.

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