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    Mattia Preti The Adoration of the Shepherds 1660-99   • The Pandemic Will Probably Be Over In March (K.) • UK ‘Closest of Any Country’ to Exiting
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle January 13 2022]

    V. Arnold

    Do you know why Third World countries don’t have vaccine mandates? Here’s the answer in this 60 second video sent to me by Jessica Rose.

    Brilliant and spot on…
    I know because I live in one (3rd world country)…
    Better to be poor and free; than rich and a prisoner…

    Dr. D

    Some maths here but the crux is this:

    “In a nutshell, the 10-year rate cannot break 2.5%.
    At 2.5% our adjusted debt service to GDP moves to 2.74%, matching the all time high in 1985.”

    Powell said four hikes. Yeah, four 0.10% hikes. And the market knows it. With continuing $400B/mo back-door. however, without BBB and $3Trillion hitting the streets in payoffs, there won’t be enough cash on the ground to keep the system from locking up. Which it is, look at the empty shelves nationwide.

    Part of that is real but part is a show, look at the backlogged containers worldwide, never seen before. In 300 years. So…everyone dismantled their cranes? Uh, no. It’s a scam, or a sabotage, but they’re up to something.

    “We Failed”: Danish Newspaper Apologizes for Publishing Official COVID Narratives Without Questioning Them” Too late.

    Which is all we were asking for. DOING YOUR D—N JOB. Now hopefully I can go into retirement.

    “The Age Of Intolerance: Cancel Culture’s War On Free Speech: “Political correctness is fascism pretending to be manners…”

    That’s for sure. Telling someone they’re stupid and their ideas suck may not be manners, but it saves lives. “Hey Jim, you know you’re really NOT going to fly away on comet Hale-Bopp, right?”

    Speaking of being rude for good reason, I don’t appreciate the partisan tone, but this is ridiculous:

    Just one case, with one speaker, the FBI doesn’t know anything. Can’t answer a single question about any matter of relevance, they’ve been Congressionally asked about, on paper, for over a year.
    Is this man on your payroll?” “I don’t know.”

    How the F can you not know? You go down to HR and Accounting and ask if they wrote him a check. You had six months. Other questions:

    Who was charged?” “I don’t know.”
    “How many?” “I don’t know.”
    “When?” “I don’t know.”
    “With what?” “I don’t know.”
    “Violent or non-violent crimes? “I don’t know.”
    “Are any in solitary?” “I don’t know.”

    And so on, for hours.

    We’re not talking the fine details of how quickly Defense evidence was provided or how thorough (answer, none: D.C. has provided no standard public evidence to the Defense attorneys) It’s just:
    “Can you go down to the jailhouse and count to ten prisoners?” “Duuuuuuh, no, I don’t know.”

    Because, of course, they DO know. These specific questions are impossible NOT to know, at least in general, so as to not look like you’re F—-g the American people, then p—-g in they eye.

    So now that Mr. Epps is a household name, on camera doing suspicious things and hasn’t been charged — just as the headliner for BBee’s “Jan 6 FBI Anniversary” meme — much less Mr. Epps has not probably even questioned, “I don’t know”, they can’t even come up with a lame counter-story about how Julian Assange and the Russians put him up to it? You’re embarrassing me. As an American, surely you have better, more off-the-cuff bald-faced lies ready at all time for such things. You lie with every waking breath. You lie to us when you don’t even NEED to lie. That you won’t bother to lie just shows how much disrespect they have for us.

    So they’re not Americans, they are a bureaucratic island alien to us, and should be pushed into the sea. Since they don’t understand us, have any processes, no accountability, nor do anything anyway, but DO cost money, no one will miss them.

    What am I thinking of? The sweetheart deal of investigation, then letting Epstein leave prison 12h every day, get on his private jet, fly to St. James with his famous pals and young new groupies from his paid cabin at Minnesota’s Girls’ Band Camp, and not inform his victims about any of it. This is the kind of FBI investigations and justice. Oh it’s DoJ? Yeah, what are the odds no further crimes were committed ever that new FBI agents could re-arrest for, if they didn’t slavishly approve of it all? Zero. They commonly arrest us for having a parking ticket, or speaking too loudly to “Your Precious Grace”, head of the School Board Committee. Just for amusement. Just some bad agents? So you work for an agency you know is protecting these people, lets judges, Congressmen, get off without even a charge while sending up Leon for pot under Biden’s Crime Bill? Suck an egg. “You don’t know” And you think that will protect you from us?

    “antibodies made for the original version of the virus struggle to recognize the latest version”

    Safe and Effective.” Now where’s our resident troll (that isn’t me)?

    So: WHO says no vaccines. NYT says vaccines won’t work against Coronas. Walensky says vaccines don’t stop transmission, we should not shut down the economy, and we should focus on the medically fragile in a verbatim reading of Great Barrington. Pharma says vaccines work so good we’re now up to four, and they won’t promise they’ll work at all. Adding that the PCR tests were so awful and totally false they were pulled from market.

    Cali says Covid is so dangerous we want nurses infected with it to work with the deathly ill. Using one-way N95 masks.

    Hey, all the things – As Danish News says – we knew by asking and being barely literate in June 2020. A lick of common sense made all that obvious. Heck, half of it was the CDC’s own standing research as of 2019. I mean, I didn’t make this stuff up: I read THEIR papers. Like Malone, the rest. They just kept pluggin’ with what they always did, trying medicine that might work, off-label, as Doctors always do, and writing it down to tell others.

    What’s strange is that it’s what’s NORMAL that’s considered fringe right now. If I had a patient with bronchial, and he thought his, dunno, ADHD medicine seemed to help it, I’d prescribe the ADHD medicine if it didn’t have further harms, and see if there was anything to the theory. Then using logic, you deduce that stimulants, or some other chemical factor, is the cause, and prescribe something more accurate, or understand the disease process better for a longer cure.

    THAT’S HOW MOST THERAPIES ARE CREATED, including famously, antibiotics for chronic ulcers. They say, “Everybody gets this but patients with scabies” what’s the root cause? (The world will never know. Since the drug begins with the letter “I”, we refuse to look and ask questions about it. Better hope you get scabies fast.)

    This is the first time in 50 or 100 years we HAVEN’T done this. So THIS is the weirdo-cult anomaly, and THAT was normal medicine. By definition of “normal”, i.e. “what usually happens over time.”

    I’m glad to see it go, but I want and need a serious, b—h-slapping accounting for all those participating in it. Let’s start with the legal side, that should be the easiest.


    Reading through this :
    I came upon this little nugget which is sounding like one world government would be best and of course it looks like climate change is set to be the new boogie man, not to diminish the problem but the way it will be played remains to be seen. Best guesses anyone?
    Overreaching or underdelivering: Consequences for governments
    Government at all levels faces mounting responsibilities and many are struggling to uphold their end of the digital social contract: securing critical infrastructure; addressing threats to “epistemic security” from disinformation; protecting the integrity of civic processes and public services; legislating against cybercrime; training and educating populaces around cyber literacy; regulating digital service providers;
    and ensuring the availability of resources, such as rare-earth minerals, for the digital economy. The necessary oversight could lead to overreach as governments move to shut down systems, erect higher digital barriers or embark on digital colonization (by monopolizing digital systems) for geopolitical ends.49 While such actions might carry the ostensible goal of reducing attacks and disruption, these policies
    could quickly become a vehicle for oppression. Already suffering from a loss in public trust as a result of the COVID-19 crisis, governments may face further societal anger if they are unable to both keep up with the shifting threat landscape and responsibly manage these challenges.

    V. Arnold

    Mattia Preti The Adoration of the Shepherds 1660-99

    Ah, another of the beautiful paintings dramatically representing the birth of the Christ child and his mother…
    It reminds me of the birth of the other prophets; the orphan and the prince…
    Of course in the western world, the carpenter reigns for the most part…

    Dr D Rich

    1. There is nothing new under the Sun. Randolph
    Bourne from Pandemic 1918.

    Randolph Bourne left an unfinished, unpaginated draft of The State when he died during the flu pandemic of 1918. The draft was published posthumously, with some material incorrectly ordered, in Untimely Papers (1919). This edition follows the corrected ordering used in most printed editions of Bourne’s work.

    “To most Americans of the classes which consider themselves significant the war brought a sense of the sanctity of the State which, if they had had time to think about it, would have seemed a sudden and surprising alteration in their habits of thought. In times of peace, we usually ignore the State in favour of partisan political controversies, or personal struggles for office, or the pursuit of party policies”

    2. Evil is the Ronald McDonald House. (RMH)

    For 31 years I publicly and privately advocated for financial support to the Ronald McDonald House.
    RMH saved my family’s life while saving my newborn son’s life by providing a home at Duke University Hospital far away from our home in Camp Lejeune Notth Carolina. This RMH home was open to me, my wife and both sets of newly minted grandparents. The RMH was a true respite from months-long dread and drudgery over my son’s 90% lethal pulmonary anomaly.
    I no longer pledge support to RMH and its inexplicably evil policy.
    Covid is not a license to behave viciously.

    3. Bad flu year. I’ll stick with it as stated here on this blog nearly two years ago.

    Mr. House

    We made the problem, poured gasoline on it, and NOW we’re very worried about it……. uh huh

    those darned kids

    seeing the man in méxico is so frustrating. we left méxico to come help my ailing mother. my wife returned to her interrupted studies here (canadada). despite being a med student in méxico, she was required to return to high school! brown credits don’t count ¿you see?

    well, when this nonsense began, she was about to finish a phd in microbiology. who knows if she’ll ever finish.

    in méxico, people constantly told me, “we are very free here”. it took me a while to figure out what they meant, as i had always been told that such places were run by strongmen, et cetera. nonetheless, i soon learnt that i had been taught many lies.

    now, we are prisoners. we can’t get on a plane to go back. we can’t drive there. we can’t even walk there, for christmas sake!

    i suppose we could buy a canoe..

    we live a simple, poor life in a potemkin prison. plastic only covers up so much debt.

    Mr. House

    Let me get this straight, kick out those who disagree with you morally or philosophically, then give new people who agree with you a 50k bonus when they sign up? Nah its not a purge, wonder what they plan on doing with the military in the near future that they feel they must have total obedience? Or even the general population, what scares them so much that they feel everyone must do what they say?

    Mr. House

    People don’t care when you bail yourself out after you trashed the economy, or pay yourself extravagant bonuses while also crashing the economy. They don’t care when you give yourself a better tax bill or that when uber rich people kill others in car accidents they don’t go to jail. They don’t care about that at all, they just care that we’re all on the same page when it comes to the jab!

    ““The vast majority of Australians … didn’t like the idea that another individual, whether they’re a tennis player or … the king of Spain or the Queen of England, can come up here and have a different set of rules to what everybody else has to deal with,” Joyce added.”

    Mr. House

    I’ll just leave this here:


    This is the only mask that might actually work (besides full gas masks etc.), the 3M 7502 half-face mask. Good luck in the supermarket.


    D Benton Smith

    Not to be a complete Luddite (although maybe I am) it is transparently obvious that the current existentially threatening debacles in Finance, Health, Artifical Intelligence, Elections, Mass Communications, Institutionalized Science, Education, Law, etc. etc. etc. are revealing more than the simple human proclivity to err. For so many systems and institutions to melt down into self-immolating piles of excrement in a dumpster , all at once and fanning each others’ flames, is indicative of seriously fucked up SYSTEMIC problems with human civilization itself.

    I have even heard a few earnest and ostensibly sane people suggest that off-world aliens and multi-dimensional beings of other sorts have had a hand in the ongoing shit-show. Even if that were the case, however, it would still be as Pogo decalimed so many years ago , “We have met the enemy, and he is us.” (in other words, aliens and spooks . . . if they exist. . . would just be people and souls, only from more distant places) . Can we survive or is self-inflicted extinction baked into our spiritual/genetic cake?

    Time for a little soul searching methinks. Either get right with your God or tighten up that malfunctioning algorithm , becasue in EITHER case we seem to be doing a fairly bad job of this “staying alive” thing.

    those darned kids

    the two weeks are almost over, methinks..

    those darned kids

    It’s over
    during a White House COVID Response Team briefing, said she believes these deaths are just “left over” fatalities from the delta wave – nothing to worry about.
    “..91% less risk of death, with zero patients requiring ventilators..”
    REPEAT…. We told you so …. – TAE

    Professor Ehud Qimron: “Ministry of Health, it’s time to admit failure”

    Professor Ehud Qimron: “Ministry of Health, it’s time to admit failure”
    Published: January 10, 2022
    Professor Ehud Qimron, head of the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at Tel Aviv University and one of the leading Israeli immunologists, has written an open letter sharply criticizing the Israeli – and indeed global – management of the coronavirus pandemic.

    There is currently no medical emergency, but you have been cultivating such a condition for two years now because of lust for power, budgets and control. The only emergency now is that you still set policies and hold huge budgets for propaganda and psychological engineering instead of directing them to strengthen the health care system.

    This emergency must stop!

    Tell the truth.

    Natural immunity is not only robust and durable, but also broad and adaptive.

    vaccines don’t stop infection or transmission.
    I…TOLD…. YOU…. SO!
    BOTH THE UNITED STATES AND CHINA created the virus; it was a joint and intentional project, not rogue actors in Wuhan or Beijing who were responsible. There were people in both China and here in the US (along with presumably other nations) who were involved. They all knew damn well what happened and all of them have lied for the last 2+ years about it. That almost-certainly includes both Trump and Biden, incidentally

    This is the only mask that might actually work (besides full gas masks etc.), the 3M 7502 half-face mask. Good luck in the supermarket.
    I disagree.
    If you walk into a cloud of covid, everything, ( hair, clothes, mask), will be contaminated and you will spread the covid
    You need a full asmat suit that must be discarded, after use, in a proper contaminated disposal container.
    The snobs will not admit to being wrong.
    Somewhere ….. the two weeks are almost over, methinks..


    @ D Benton Smith

    “…s indicative of seriously fucked up SYSTEMIC problems with human civilization itself. ”

    The one systemic problem in the West that I see is govts stopped taxing global corporations and billionaires, gave them all the money in the world and told them to do whatever they want. Corruption and unaccountable wealth ,beyond the dreams of King Midas, have led to this ****show.


    Tell the truth.

    Natural immunity is not only robust and durable, but also broad and adaptive.

    those darned kids

    it’s hard to rely on natural immunity when you’re fighting against unnatural enemies.

    let the tribunals begin!

    Mr. House

    Maybe this is what they’re scared of? And perhaps a reason why they’re now building a concrete wall around the whitehouse? The knowledge that the people we’ve revered for so long are actually the worst criminals among us?

    Who’s Sweating Now? Ghislaine Maxwell Ends Fight to Keep John Doe Names Sealed

    Mr. House

    A convicted PEDO must go door to door in any community or at least most that they move into and tell people that they are a convicted PEDO. Why would we not name the names of the people who were connected to Maxwell and Epstein. Name them all, make them go door to door and tell everyone.

    Mr. House

    It would also explain why certain voices now seem to be trying to normalize pedophilia?

    those darned kids

    you’ll “want” to watch this:×270/2rwmkz5RF3mm2Ye9.mp4?tag=12

    peter daszak tells how to screw up the world.

    those darned kids


    John Day

    @Figmund Sreud, from yesterday. It’s interesting that you looked at Moon of Alabama’s “takedown” of the Alaistair Crooke article I lead with yesterday.
    That is where I found it, myself, reading Moon of Alabama. I have a high opinion of Alastair Crooke, and immediately read what he had written, and posted it.


    Tell the truth
    Proof that vaccines don’t work
    “I have already had it. Why do I need to be vaccinated again?”

    Doc Robinson

    RIM: “This is the only mask that might actually work…”

    With the correct replaceable filters, that model and other models can provide P100 protection (‘100%’ instead of the the ‘95%’ provided by N95 masks) but this protection is only for the mask wearer, because there is an exhale valve which bypasses the filtration.

    An infected person wearing one of these masks could still be transmitting viruses through the mask.


    In the tweet at the top Glenn Beck references the Washington State Board of Health meeting that took place yesterday; the agenda item list was vague, and the BOH was forced to issue a clarification of what their intent is/was.

    I can tell you first-hand that they got an earful from the public. Reportedly there were 7500 participants on the meeting, muted of course; somewhere between 25 and 30 people were allowed to speak for one minute each. Aside from one guy who had a clinker of a comment, rambling on haltingly for his minute, the participants were well-informed, laser-focused, and absolutely FED UP. One man referenced Nuremberg trials, and said that he hoped to see the board swing from gallows for their crimes in pushing the ineffective and dangerous vaccines. Another woman called them out for even considering adding the COVID vaccines to the mandatory school schedule, referencing the complete lack of long-term safety data; she said that they have awakened a slumbering beast, and the people will not stand for it. There was not a single comment in favor of vaccination or restrictions.

    Perhaps the most humorous moment of the proceedings was when the moderator announced that “Lesco Brandon” was up next… “Lesco Brandon, are you there? Lesco Brandon, you’re next…” I’m sure that 7500 Washingtonians were pounding the table with tears in their eyes!

    For more context on this meeting, and the apparent desire of Gov. Inslee to hire a “strike force” to deal with the unvaccinated, here is a Global Research article.

    You can also read an excellent letter written by Margaret Anna Alice on her Through the Looking Glass substack; note the addendum at the very bottom of the page, incorporating information from Informed Choice Washington.

    The state health authorities of the western states (California, Oregon, and Washington) have a weekly Zoom confab on COVID response; I’m hoping that the other states get the message from the Washington group on the mood of the public.


    There’s pandemic preparedness, and then there’s pandemic “preparedness”. I saw a clip from this leaked talk last year on youtube. It’s since been deleted. This is the only report of Baric’s speech I can now find.

    During the 2018 conference “Imagining the Next Flu Pandemic – and Preventing it!” Baric uses the graphics to extrapolate investment assistance on how to “make money in the next pandemic” by showing which stocks and industries soared during the Ebola crisis. ”

    John Day

    Cuban Missile Crisis -II
    Russia May Deploy Troops To Venezuela, Cuba If Tensions With US Continue To Rise


    This short piece on the COVID BLOG, Oct. 2021, gives a brief history of ‘de-pop’ moves in the US, and ties Cov19 vaxxes to it. (I call it *DePopPlan.*)

    Depopulation Agenda: Planned Parenthood’s documented blueprint for destroying humanity comes to fruition over last 50 years, culminating with COVID-19.

    Depopulation Agenda: Planned Parenthood’s documented blueprint for destroying humanity comes to fruition over last 50 years, culminating with COVID-19

    Interesting. Of course, no mention is made of energy (fossil fuels, thus food, water, etc.) constraints, or anything related to the environment, ressources, human or animal welfare / suffering, etc.

    Just: DePopPlan => Baad.

    So which parties, groups, exactly are for DePop and which for UpPop and why?

    Perhaps not a good question, too generalist or tangential, a sketchy outcome of many other trends?…or what?


    A good piece (fragment) by Matt Taibbi

    What Mr. House said above rings true: the ruling class and their hacks like Mister Kimmel are
    pouring gasoline on the fire, then getting indignant that the proles are not happy with “shut up
    and do as you’re told!” coming from the former. The very *nerve* of those 90%ers!


    @John Day

    Thank you for drawing the attention of TAE readers to one of THE key stories ( the other is the impending financial collapse part 2 ) worth paying attention to, imho.

    As I include TAE in a must read category for the pandemic theme, I highly recommend the Vineyard of the Saker’s blog ( ) for the Geo – political must knows.

    For what it’s worth.


    Mixed message from the scourt: no for business (6/3); yes for health care workers (5/4).

    Mr. House

    big news folks! I’m actually very surprised by this, restores a small sliver of faith in the system.

    those darned kids

    i wonder if some health care providers will stop taking the federal check (gringo spelling) in order to be able to keep functional staff levels.

    those darned kids

    anti-vax barbie..

    i sure hope i never see “medical emergency kimmel”. best of luck, sir.

    those darned kids

    I get the feeling that the people who are responsible for all this are looking at their monitors, gazing over all the protesting masses around the world and thinking that it is just a “stirring of the yeast”. For those who have not read “The Sea Wolf” by Jack London, The captain of The Sea Wolf, Wolf Larson, would look down from the poop deck over his men, a few of whom were about to fight each other to their death, and act unconcerned as a baker looking at the stirring of the yeast. The power brokers, safe in their compounds are pulling the strings of power and encouraging the world to rise up against their leaders. The leaders are all disposable to them. As they get hung, beheaded or deposed there is always another one desperate for power that will take their place and sell their soul to get what they want until they too are discarded after their use is at an end.


    Thanks to Flora at that other site for the fine Taibbi link.

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