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    Salvador Dalí The persistence of memory 1931   • The US, Israel Have Lost Battlefield Control (Helmer) • The West Bank is a Ticking Time Bomb (Cr
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    Dr. D

    “Collusion!? Jan. 6 Committee Inserted Itself Into Fani Willis’ Georgia Case Against Trump
    Someone needs to get to the bottom of this…

    Anyone but the Republicans… That would be mean and Mommy Democrat wouldn’t like it.

    “When Congress voted to spend hundreds of billions to switch electricity production to solar and wind, it forgot something: transmission lines”

    They didn’t forget: we told them 10,000 times… But they also didn’t want to print and spend money on their pals? Huh, that’s odd. The only reason all that would work is if half the population died for some reason. Reason “X”. Luckily no geopolitical-military websites associated with the CIA never reported such a thing. And certainly not by 2024.

    “Train Crash Leaves South Africa’s Coal Exports Throttled “

    Unlucky things happen when you bring court cases.

    “Judge Blocks JetBlue-Spirit Merger”

    Omg, a judge did NOT approve of a monopoly? That’s the first time in my lifetime. Did they not bribe him properly or something?

    “Iowa Caucus: Trump’s Landslide Victory Cements Position
    …it would seem to be very difficult to stop him unless some extraneous event shakes up the race…

    Time for a small plane crash… NBC already said to save Democracy we need a one-candidate, one-party election.

    “Over 100 Ships Transit Red Sea Route Despite Calls To Stay Away”

    Nobody told them to stay away. All the ships are fine. …Except the British, American, and Israeli ones. Because they’ve been bombing the s—t out of Yemen since 2014 and Israel is now bombing the s—t out of every child in Gaza.

    BBC is literally reporting, “We have no idea why that ship we pirated and stole from Iran they stole back. Doesn’t make any sense to us.”

    Stop lying your -sses off and maybe things will get better around here. Every Chinese, every Russian ship: perfectly safe. Ireland, BBC, EU’s plan: outlaw saying anything else. On X, or even in a Dublin Pub in person. Outlaw humor, theatre, and Christmas, worse than any Cromwell. These lemon-sucking uber-religious nags and shills.

    “On January 13, Poland passed a completely radical new form of conscription card intended in the event of mobilization and during a war. The changes in this formula are significant, with the 6-hour notice and the drastic penalties for failing to report to the army” – Armstrong

    What a coinkiny-dinky, the day after London said so? Gosh, I said that only Friday 12Jan or something?


    Macron is backing up London, and their goal to sacrifice and erase Poland and all the other Slavs on the West side of the line, but also signing up with Ze? #Winning.

    “The US appears to have entered the middle stages of such a collapse with many sociopaths and psychopaths beginning to feel that they might be able to act out their worst impulses without consequences.  They are beginning to test the waters to see what they can get away with.”

    Yes, all as long tested and practiced over many revolutions before. Raz Al-Gaul, League of Shadows. As Honkey forwarded: Which links to the original, some people study history, while others, who are violent, demented psychopaths, study history to see how best to control, upset, and kill people. We’ve probably already put up with more than usually takes a country down, but it’s slowly and eventually working. Inject racism where there was none (it was about malaria) then puff it up when its slowly fading out, then pay to own the media and lie (“Remember the Maine!”) and then make up divisions that aren’t there. Pay rebels to shoot presidents (Booth, “Anarchists” who shot McKinley, now transferred to “crazy people”, Hinkley, Sirhan) or do it directly (Aaron Burr, Andrew Jackson).

    In this case, after running the race war which didn’t work for 40 years (Helter Skelter) then the Communist Revolution which isn’t working any better, they are now openly installing and running the D.A.s of most major cities, to openly and feloniously operate in opposition of the law and dereliction of duty, do no work, pay their lovers a million dollars, scuba in St. James, who are then NOT removed for other payouts and legal/media protection.

    <— You are Here.

    All paid, so the main way to stop it is to cut off their money system, which is now more difficult, as it’s no long JUST the money system, but the drug and human trafficking system, which is also the gang and gun-trafficking system, and has taken over most of the legal system. Where Pappa Bush can direct 20 cartels, all the guns and gangs under them, through every city and county in America.

    The good part – and as seems impossible, people call me an optimist – is that by having to go this far everyone knows it’s all voluntary, run from the top, and a scam. It’s not “Us” misbehaving, and it would all go back to normal if someone would uphold the law and do their jobs, as in public schools. Big things like not having sex with the students or running drugs there, not talking about learning differential equations and mandarin.

    “Imagine a spoiled toddler is kept in check by his parents in the pristine halls of a delicate museum.  The toddler might throw fits, screaming and shouting because he wants to touch the many fragile items around him, but at least his parents are there to hold him back.  He has not yet learned the responsibility and maturity necessary to have access to these treasures.  Now imagine removing the parents entirely and telling the toddler there are no rules anymore?

    The rush of joy he experiences is exhilarating; it is the feeling of sudden and unearned power.  No one is around to stop him, therefore, he is going to test his own limits.  He sees the ordered environment around him and he becomes frustrated.  How dare this place restrict him with boundaries and structure.  His first inclination is to destroy anything that he can get his hands on.”

    This is the same about binge drinking with Christians and Whites, as opposed to say, Italians. Drinking was forbidden at home as they are “following the law” which is “Helping” them…helping them right into acting out irresponsibly, blowing 1-2 critical college years and/or possibly killing them, causing pregnancy/abortion/marriage with someone unsuitable, etc. Helping! Thanks! …Instead of just behaving normally and introducing drugs – and sex actually – as just a thing that’s common that has effects, responsibilities, order that we all balance as adults, and is actually not too hard.

    This is the POINT of crushing children, making them feel worthless, powerless, have no life-experience with anything and especially not with limits, to say nothing of self-control: it ensures the maximum violence and acting out at ages where we learn very slowly if at all. So instead of a month to learn this is stupid and counterproductive it takes 5 years or never if you’re over 30 like Millennials are. THEY gave the participation trophies to make sure this would happen, the Millennials didn’t give it to themselves. Not everyone is born smart and self-aware with mountains of self-control, you know. Many aren’t and you have to help and channel them into their best situation, even if you don’t want to. Or they’ll rob your house. If Billy-Jack is dirt poor and idle all day he’ll come up with something. If you help him get a job where they try to have him show up, a wife who wants a better car, he’ll just do that instead as the trajectory he’s focused on.

    Breaking this is critical to foment revolutions, and they’ve done everything, EVERYTHING to destroy all limits, helps, families, attachments, employments. reason, communication, religion, sexuality, everything. It’s going okay, but taking Waaaaaaaay longer than they have to work with. Like I said, they were trying to get Billy Jack to come shoot them out of a 13-of-15-are-FBI-informants Militia in the 90s. Still not happening 30 years later.

    It’s so bad, they had to get suburban white college kids who will believe anything! Then find the most impressionable of them, who are Trans, and subset them. Great! You win! Now you have like 1% of 1% of 1% as your Trans army, who are too screwy in the head to take orders. #Winning.

    And again, this is right out of history, as they can’t invent nothin’. Mao did this when they squeezed him out and he needed a 3rd side so he started the Cultural Revolution to purge his enemies. …Unfortunately his “enemies” were most “normal” people, and communist party members. But he ran the Trans army then. It didn’t come out of nowhere for us, it’s just boring, mindless textbook creation, they print money, pay social engineers (and probably chemical engineers too) to fabricate this. “I Kissed a Girl and I Liked It” what like 10 years ago that was saucy? What happened? I PAID A F’ING GUY TO DO IT, that’s what happened, you credulous morons. The editors and record execs who didn’t HARD ENOUGH, I fired and destroyed their careers to send a message. Actually Tim Pool is doing this, just as a lark: he releases records, and the industry REFUSES TO TRACK THEM. Oops! They keep having “Accidents” that mean he can’t chart! 100% of the time! Because everyone hates MSM so much there is zero competition and anything real jumps to the top automatically, out in Richmond. These levels of pressure defeat themselves, you dummies. Bernays told you so and wrote it in his book so you wouldn’t forget.

    “Now understand that there is a portion of any given adult population that has these same tendencies.  They never grew up.  They want to take or destroy what they cannot have”

    Envy, that deadly sin, and what “Socialism” is entirely based on. Now why it go bad? He then says “the Police fold”. No they don’t. The Police would do what they did yesterday, it would take decades to roll the institutional memory. And they have, and still hasn’t worked: they militarized them under Bush with more money than God. And THIS is all you have to show for it? Now they’re saying the reverse, we militarized you against a Redneck Army that doesn’t exist, so please DO NOT do anything or arrest anybody – that’s what we pay you for. Huh? That makes even less sense and has less traction.

    So all of this clearly can only come FROM THE TOP, and ON PURPOSE as it makes no logical or historical or practical sense. Not even as a “I’m lazy, I want to self-interest”. The police would about do the #Opposite if that were the case. They’d get out of hand, but in a totally different expression. So again, as it’s THIS obvious, remove the top and it more or less vanishes. They’re exposed.

    Sure a generation has been left feral and infantile, but if controlled by…teacher, let’s say, and applied to good use, they would come up to adulthood and best potential in no time. Like, say, re-importing all those manufacturing jobs? Raising interest rates? Cutting all the regulation and overhead collapsing small business, the only job creators?

    “”fiery but mostly peaceful.”

    The double standard is absurd, but then again, it’s meant to be.  Why?  Because the psychopaths among the political left were being rewarded and encouraged.  Conservatives and moderates are supposed to feel defeated, making them unwilling to fight…total upheaval quickly follows.”

    He regularly says this and is always wrong. Or for 20 years by now. Instead everyone is pivoting toward some new approach. They went for Trump (mixed bag, but exists), they went for exposure. They decided to bear it and the madness is exhausting and revealing itself. At the same time, Millennials are trying to homestead and grow chickens, becoming de facto Conservatives as they attempt “work”. Zoomers follow. They are hustlers who grew up in a crazed, mixed street environment who are aware of these things and how to navigate them. And Millennials try to absorb and collectivize their troubled members which is confusing and fails but also disarms a lot of the explosives, like turning TNT into neighborhood toxic waste. Okay toxic waste everywhere as it was misunderstood and mishandled, but far less actual TNT at the same time.

    These beta-tests probably work at certain scales they were tested for: Nicaragua, Argentina, France. But not mega-massive organisms like Russia, U.S. You see how they can run the cities, but they expect the cities to just automatically flip the region like they would in Austria, Germany, Sweden. Like in their stupid models and board games like “Risk”. They don’t. We’re too large and even now, socio-cultural influence travels too slow. By the time THAT you should behave like a Woke “Summer of Love” message hits the School District, they turn around and check and that behavior is already crossed and being discredited ’cause it’s 2 years old. So they were gonna, but now aren’t sure, and never get off the ground, getting sniped as they can’t even implement dumb policies. You won’t find that in Denmark. If Copenhagen does something, the “country” ends up doing it too. But if even Pittsburgh, to say nothing of Philly, does something, central PA won’t even hear about it. And the Amish won’t participate.

    Same thing happened in Russia. Too many people, too many cultures, interests, areas. They could kinda control Moscow and St. Pete but there were too many moving parts and nobody cared. They couldn’t get anything to stick and instead of controlling, Russia self-organized their own self-interest and slowly squeezed them out. Even today as just two years ago it seemed the central bank was under control, but it wasn’t. The West still has the Russian media still mostly controlled, but it doesn’t seem to matter or help.

    Too vast, too diverse. “Diversity is our strength”.

    “Fire Federal Employees Who Walk Out Over Gaza Policies: Speaker Johnson

    Johnson says employees who don’t do their job should be fired. Novel approach! they should expand it.

    J6: The “Bombshell” would be if the FBI didn’t perjure themselves, openly, and not even hiding it as he knows there are cameras. I don’t remember the last time the FBI didn’t fabricate, entrap, railroad, and lie. Generally to protect insiders and oligarchs, as we see with Hunter daily. His Federal Gun Charges?

    What does he need a gun for? I’m paying two guys $80k/year to watch him although I shouldn’t and I can’t afford it. Darn Rich Men of Richmond.

    “ Congress Asleep as Biden Makes War on Yemen (Ron Paul)

    Shouldn’t President Biden arrest President Biden? President Biden said if President Biden were to start a war without Congress or open the border, President Biden would be in treasonous dereliction of duty in the service of corporate oligarchs.

    “All this in pursuit of a policy that makes no sense and is leading us closer to a major war in the Middle East that will only harm the US national interest.”

    And he said the same thing 25 years ago, in 912, and the same thing for the 25 years before that as the pieces were assembled and put in place.

    “• Biden Admin Wants Ukraine to Switch Proxy War Strategy ‘to Defense’ (Sp.)

    As they’re not just retards, but glue-sniffing retards, that ship sailed 2 years ago. About after the Kiev break for talks, possibly when Russia first asked to activate their reserves but absolutely the minute that was successful and in motion. Now not only is that true, not only fully, luxuriously trained, not only fully arranged and armed, not only were all the arms factories given years to develop and succeed, but there are whole new divisions being formed monthly. That’s effectively 2-3x the army they were originally fighting.
    On the Ukr side, they blew up NATO’s army in the first 60 days, then their second army within a year. They’re now leveled the third army, plus all the arms anywhere in NATO that we are officially aware of. You can no longer “Defend”, because “Time Exists”. And War runs on it. It doesn’t matter if you can get more soldiers to Waterloo EVENTUALLY; it only matters if they’re there TODAY.

    ““…Putin will not “rest in peace, both in this world and in the next,” said Zelensky.”

    Not satisfied with being unable to control THIS reality and dimension, he is now chasing Putin through all the hypothetical realities and dimensions and having about the same success. Look: injure Putin or Russia ONCE. Then build on that. The recent bombing of Russian mainland with NATO weapons was entirely pointless and has only succeeded in pissing them off. He’s now going to get a time machine and chase Putin’s grandkids through time like in “Loopers”.

    Alrightie then! You can be sure We’re insane because we don’t treat him as if he’s insane.

    “Scholz said that “rage is being stoked deliberately” by “extremists”.

    He’s right! The Extremism of Scholz and Davos. Or is eating bugs and making cows extinct not extreme enough for you? They proudly proclaim they are “Extreme”: Ask Greta. Extreme is necessary and good. If you’re not extreme you’re not paying attention, they say. But that’s the GOOD extreme, where we install global communism and I get jam. If it’s YOUR global extremism, that’s the the BAD one, because I only get jam with WORK.

    “MSNBC host Joy Reid led this effort by declaring that “White Christians”

    Ah, if only you could find a white Christian in America. They think it’s 1979. Or 1989 for that matter. If there were any Christians in America would we have transgender bathrooms and gay marriage? To say nothing of, you know, poverty and homelessness and war.

    Schrodinger’s Christians: Both! Neither! Aiii!!! Like Russaphrenia, American Christians both exist and are everywhere, and don’t exist, and are nowhere, so last century. Depends on which argument I’m trying to win this sentence, which reverses a minute from now.

    P.S. she also has never met a Black Christian Churchgoer. They’re way more serious and make the white Methodists look pretty lightweight.

    And yes, Republicans rocketed Ramaswamy out of nowhere 2x ahead of Desantis because they’re all racists.

    Speaking of, Ramaswamy saw the numbers, came in fourth and apparently was shocked. I didn’t see that either. But within 6 hours had come together, made decisions, repositioned, and dropped out to support Trump. I don’t know what more you can ask: that’s immediate, real, professional, and decisive. He didn’t equivocate or blame like Desantis calling…election rigging???? Da fuq? Because all the legacy institutions and especially the media are notoriously pro-Trump? This was literally their argument. Or Nikki Hillary who was so psychotically detached from reality she said she won, (she didn’t) and that it was now actually a “Race”. She’s a-gonna catch up to Cheeto! Any time now!!! With a straight face, no one correcting her, AFTER only getting that bad as Hillary and the DNC got out the DEMOCRATS vote to even get her to the abysmal level of only beating unknown Ramaswamy. Go girl. No, really: go away.

    They are each BIZARRE and should not be allowed anywhere near a hardware store much less levers of power. Ramaswamy may or may not be real and trustworthy, I can’t decide, but he behaved like an intelligent human being. That’s where the bar is these days: too high for two governors to get over.


    “Armed forces of the Third Reich, was within fifty kms of Leningrad in a fantastic blitzkrieg and had advanced 650 kms deep into Soviet territory.

    …Apparently Germany never read history? 650Kms means THEY HAVE YOU SURROUNDED. And cut off your supply lines. The lesson here is, why did it take so long?

    Something’s gone very wrong with Quetzalcoatlus. Just logic the proportions: it’s too big to float on those wings unless something is very, very different.

    No one will want to hear this, but it’s obvious: there were 6 foot dragonflies then and not today. If there could be, there would be because insects are like that. That means oxygen and/or gravity itself must have been substantially different. Which would make those Brontosaurs possible too.

    Just Some Randomer

    @ Dr. D “No one will want to hear this, but it’s obvious: there were 6 foot dragonflies then and not today. If there could be, there would be because insects are like that. That means oxygen and/or gravity itself must have been substantially different. Which would make those Brontosaurs possible too.”

    There was a lot more oxygen in the atmosphere in the carboniferous and permian periods than now (31% of the atmosphere vs 21% now). Insects don’t have lungs, they breath through tubes in their bodies called spiracles – this ‘Passive’ intake of oxygen, as opposed to actively breathing using lungs with associated muscles, makes them very sensitive to oxygen levels.

    Higher atmospheric oxygen levels make it possible to absorb more, even passively, and thus built larger bodies. If oxygen levels fall, mammals can just breathe harder and add red blood cells, insects can’t do that. Their only response is to get smaller and lower their oxygen requirements.

    Long story short – the makeup of our atmosphere can change very significantly over time. With or without human involvement.


    ” The “Bombshell” would be if the FBI didn’t perjure themselves, openly, and not even hiding it as he knows there are cameras. I don’t remember the last time the FBI didn’t fabricate, entrap, railroad, and lie. Generally to protect insiders and oligarchs, as we see with Hunter daily. His Federal Gun Charges?”


    Why the U.S. National Security State Assassinated MLK, Jr.


    #1 – The first and most successful press psyop within the United States is the Federalist Papers
    #2 – The War Between the States, The United States Civil War, NEVER ended.
    #3 – The majority of information contained within the elementary school history
    during my youth is a half truth, the most damnable of lies.
    #4 – There is NO such thing as Neo-Nazism, there is Nazism. The scourge of Nazism
    has it’s roots in and has been fueled and nurtured by Western “Capitalism”
    to this very moment.
    The “Space Race” was the extremely thin veneer used to obfuscate the race for accurate intercontinental ballistic missiles. As the director of the Marshall Space Flight Center Mr. V2’s history is not a mystery. One might have thought Ole Blighty might have raised some objections to the elevation of Mr. V2 to the pinnacle of United States rocketry. Crickets. The common man is under the impression that Mohammed Ali invented “Rope a Dope”. The common man may have been knocked down as Western “Capitalism” leaned against the ropes, covered up and sporadically lashed out. The outcome will be, just as in the case of Mohammed Ali, nazism and it’s promoter headed for a death from septic shock.

    I am asking as a states rights populist. When will the preaching against bureaucratically managed Federalism appear in the daily discourse? That “ism”. (surely a rhetorical question) Although many confuse The Jungle Book with The Jungle, some have actually read The Jungle and are familiar with the Muckrackers and the history of the Noble “ism”.

    and for the Trump aficionados, The Murder of Qasem Soleimani, should history be written, will be noted as the Supreme Blunder, and the harbinger of the complete demise of western colonialism.


    A point of View/A Slice of Your Time

    Timeline, (Complexity)

    Action,-> Reaction, -> ,Result, -> Judgement, Right/Wrong, Expected/Unexpected -> Entanglement -> Interpretation, subjective self-perception overrides reality,

    South Africa to Sue US and UK as Complicit in Gaza Genocide

    Accountablility/be held accountable/responsible

    Action at a distance ( entanglement)
    Proxy forces
    Escalation would “de-escalate”

    Congress Asleep as Biden Makes War on Yemen
    by Ron Paul | Jan 15, 2024

    Taking the US to war without a Congressional declaration of war is a grave crime against the Constitution.
    Not only did Biden show no interest in coming to Congress for a war declaration, he didn’t even ask for authorization.
    Together with Washington’s reliable junior partner in war, the UK, Biden attacked Yemen.
    It seems the US Administration consulted more with the UK government than with the US Congress on the attacks.

    But that’s not really the worst part.
    Far from taking action against this illegal move by an out-of-control president, Congress as a body couldn’t even see fit to criticize the Administration.
    On the contrary, Congressional leadership in both bodies actually applauded President Biden for brazenly violating US law!

    “The President’s strikes in Yemen are unconstitutional. For over a month, he consulted an international coalition to plan them, but never came to Congress to seek authorization as required by Article I of the Constitution.”

    The Houthis in Yemen withstood years of attacks from the Saudis using the latest US weaponry and came out on top.
    To this point they have not been targeting US vessels in the Red Sea, but only ships heading to or from Israeli ports.
    They are doing so in opposition to Israel’s destruction of Gaza.
    In short, it was never our war.
    But now, with this attack, Biden has made it our war.

    subjective self-perception overrides reality,

    West’s Lunatic Woke Agenda Spills Over Into Bystander Serbia

    West’s Lunatic Woke Agenda Spills Over Into Bystander Serbia

    Stephen Karganovic
    Compulsory denial of the evidence of one’s senses and obligatory surrender to repugnant nonsense constitutes the initial step in that direction. That most certainly is not a scheme for the betterment of society. It is a blueprint for the crushing of the human spirit, leading ultimately to its total subjugation.


    All tax deductible. Including the escorts.
    • How Davos Locals Gouge The Global Elite (RT)


    Matt Taibbi on the campaign trail reporting from a Cornel West event.
    Excerpt from the longer article:

    Back to the stage. West is still talking about Gaza.

    “What kind of world are we living in, America? What kind of country? What kind of empire? All of that barbarity, all of that bestiality?” (He pronounces barbarity with the last syllables stretched out, like King’s “long night of captivity.”) “When I think of Biden and Harris and Austin and Blinken, and Sullivan and Kirby” — booo! comes the rising sentiment from the crowd — “I say personally to Biden and company… You oughtta be shamed!”

    The crowd roars again. Standing to the side of the stage, I can’t see its end. It was hard also to avoid seeing the awesome quantity of anti-Biden signage in the crowd. A Code Pink group was toting a BIDEN BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS canvas, while GENOCIDE JOE was heavily represented in chants and in at least one fat red sign periodically seen in the crowd’s dead center. A campaign reportedly begun by the National Conference of Swing State Muslim Leaders last month created an impressively ubiquitous call to ABANDON BIDEN, with holders of such signs scattered all over, departing from the modern American-left strategy of toothless protest, i.e. making noise without electoral punishment. This crowd isn’t trying to send a message. It wants Biden ridden from office.

    There are so many demographics recoiling from traditional politics now that in a fair electoral fight, Washington consensus would surely lose. This is why, after decades in which third parties were mostly irrelevant at the presidential level (with the exception of Ross Perot’s brief surge in the 1992 cycle), ballot access is suddenly a commodity more prized than gold. Anyone with a pulse who can order a cheeseburger without help will be a serious option for millions, once voters disappear into booths in November. The problem is getting names on ballots.


    “Take7” over at ZH directed me to this video on nanoparticles and the “vaccines”- how nanoparticles work and what could have been done with them with regards to the injections.
    47 minutes- some stomach-turning images.

    Dr D Rich
      ..Putin will not “rest in peace, both in this world and in the next,” said Zelensky. “Neither his children, nor his grandchildren.”

    Nah, Dr. D those Zelensky words don’t deserve your cute deconstruction. Loopers analogy? Zelensky didn’t mean that at all.

    Zelensky, in his all too predictable pants-shitting panic, threw off His Mask of Sanity and revealed the Antisocial Personality beneath.
    Those words should be carved on his forehead before his deserved annihilation.

    What’s strange to me is UW appears to be choosing that same path with one of my kids as, I suppose, a maximalist diversion from my pursuit of justice.

    As for Volodymyr Zelensky, the best he can hope for is to never see it coming. He clearly asked for it. Perhaps, Helmers, Ritter or Franchetti can opine “what it be”.


    Notice nobody at Davos is offering Ukraine any of their own money, only other (taxpayer’s) people’s money. Like $300 billion in Ukrainian Rebuilding bonds (Russia’s money). A rather nice way of seizing Russian money (putting lip stick on a pig). So the US is indeed going to do this.

    I am becoming more and more convinced that Russia is simply going to sit tight right where it is, and wait until the Ukraine collapses. In severe delusional cases, people in the crowd only come to their senses, one by one. Meanwhile, until then, western taxpayers will be bled dry.


    Words/Insults hurt/cost more that missiles/guns.
    USA Designated the houthis in yemen to be a Terrorist Organization.




    Taking up on my electricity collection from yesterday, for any who may be interested. Today started out mostly cloudy with sunrise at 7:48 am. The bank started out at 48 vdc and with the cloud cover giving way to mostly cloudy by noon. Checking on it just now 2:47 pm I am running at absorption 58.8 vdc. I have achieved 87 amp hrs so far and still running at 58.8. This voltage is set to run for 30 minutes and then will drop back to float voltage of 54.4 vdc for the remainder of the day, sunset is 5:03 pm. Incoming voltage is approx. 110 vdc with the amperage approx. 18.1 amps. Due to the size of my panel array, it’s split between two charge controllers to maximize the amount of incoming power. Both producing the same voltage and amperage at the time of reading, so a total of 36 amps flowing to the bank. With an hour or so of good sun time left in the day I should have no problem making my desired amounts. The controllers won’t recognize wattage above 3500 so as to maximize collection for this time of year it made sense to split it. In a sense I have two arrays one of 12 panels and one of 9. Just checking for today I have had a high of 5470 watts coming in, not bad for a 5400w rated system at the wrong angle for this time of year.


    Dedicated to Pedo Joe, the Empire of Lies malevolent Mr Magoo

    Blind Faith – “Can’t Find My Way Home”

    Come down off your throne and leave your body alone
    Somebody must change
    You are the reason I’ve been waiting so long
    Somebody holds the key

    But I’m near the end and I just ain’t got the time
    And I’m wasted and I can’t find my way home

    Come down on your own and leave your body alone
    Somebody must change
    You are the reason I’ve been waiting all these years
    Somebody holds the key

    But I’m near the end and I just ain’t got the time
    And I’m wasted and I can’t find my way home


    I remember a hardcore biker gang guy I knew in my wasted young who was one tough character but he loved his cat and took no guff about doing so.

    This wanted poster reminded me of him.

    He’d do anything for his cat and took no grief about it from anyone. He could be tough as nails and soft as smoke……





    Water Pump Windmills:

    My Grandfather had one of these big water pump windmills on his farm to pump water from a well to keep a cattle water trough full of water. The well wasn’t a particu deep well as the water table was pretty close to the surface. The windmill was installed because the farm had no electrical power until into the 1950s.

    The thing about these stately looking windmills ìs they had big wide curved blades to produce the necessary torque required to operate the water pump, which was just a version of the well hand water pumps everybody used at the time.

    The water pump was a long steel rod with multiple plates spaced to lift water out of the well. These water pumps where not particularly efficient but were simple and they worked.

    When using the hand pump version, one had to vigerously pump the water pump’s lever handle, up and down, a number of times before any water started to flow. The deeper the well, the more you had to pump the handle before water flowed. After a few minutes sitting idle the water pump had to be reprimed again to get the water flowing again.

    The main thing about the design of these water pump windmills was the big blades could not rotate faster than the speed of the blowing wind. They were designed not for speed but to provide the necessary torque required to lift the water out of the well to about 2 to 3 feet above ground level. As such these windmills produced very little power despite their impressive visual impressions of power.

    The new wind turbine’s blades are however designed for speed not torque. Wind turbine blades can go faster than the speed of the blowing wind! They are shaped to “cut” into the wind.

    Wind turbine blades are similar in design to propeller aircraft blades, in that they are designed to provide “ĺift” while rotating, similar to the “lift” provided by an airplane’s wings. It is this “lift” which allows the wind turbine’s blades to rotate faster than the speed of the wind, thus more efficiently generating power than a windmill ever could.

    “Lift” is the reason you sometimes see wind turbine blades turning even in relatively low wind conditions. Wind turbine blades will start turning as soon as there is enough “lift” generated to move the blades. In contrast, in such low wind conditions the windmill would not rotate because it can’t generate enough torque to start moving it’s always attached water pump load.


    On the evening of 16 January 2024, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation delivered a precise strike at a temporary deployment area of foreign mercenaries, most of whom were citizens of France, near Kharkov.

    As a result of the strike, the building, where the mercenaries were deployed, was completely destroyed. More than 60 militants were eliminated, more than 20 were transported to medical facilities.


    Visualizing the difference between windmills and wind turbines:

    Another way of comparing the power output differences, between a windmill and a wind turbine is to compare their respective power output curves verses wind speed.

    A windmill’s power output is pretty much linear to the speed of the wind. As the wind blows faster the windmill’s power output will increase too.

    However, for a wind turbine, it’s power output increases more exponentially as the wind speed increases, compared to a windmill.

    So visualize a windmill’s power output as a linear graph.
    For a wind turbine’s power output graph, visualize an exponential graph.

    So a wind turbine’s power output, at a given wind speed. will be exponentially greater than a windmill’s power output, at the same wind speed.


    Was money involved?
    Ukraine’s Zelenskyy meets with JPMorgan’s Dimon in Davos in another pitch for economic aid
    Tuesday’s sit down in Davos is the first time Dimon met face-to-face with Zelenskyy
    By Charlie Gasparino , Eleanor Terrett


    Windmills Verses Wind Trubines Leverage:

    Yet another way to visualize windmills, is they provide “no power leverage” to the wind speed.

    A wind turbine provides “power leverage” to the wind speed.


    Wind Power:

    When it comes to using the power of the wind, our ancestors failed to fully understand the next dimension of how the “lift” power of winds could be harnessed, until just over a 100 years ago when humans learned to fly airplanes.

    Our ancestors certainly understood how to use the power of the wind. They used wind powered sail boats, windmills, and kites. They certainly knew when the wind “lifted” things, it often spelled sudden trouble! They just missed the dimension of how to harness the “lifting” power of the wind.


    Just before Christmas, in December of 2023, the Fed suddenly announced they would be cutting interest rates 3 times in 2024.

    Everyone said the Fed was just cutting interest rates to help Joe Binden’s re-election campaign.

    Then shortly afterwards, Fed governors began, one by one, quietly walking back the “talk” of interest rates cuts.

    Now, in mid January 2024, the Fed governors, one by one, are now aggressively talking back the prospects of interest rate cuts.

    You want to know what I think?

    I think the Fed was out to “burn” anybody who was shorting US bonds, big time.

    Manipulating the markets isn’t a crime, if you are the government.


    What’s behind North Korea’s shock change of policy towards the South?
    Pyongyang announces it is scrapping its long-term aim of reunification with South?

    (The USA will go home?)



    May the “power” be with you!


    Thanks for everyone’s stuff about the windmills. I am clearly NOT an expert

    I was thinking specifically about how to maintain power generation without batteries and with intermittent power source. And how a dumber, simpler system could be made to do this, one that can be maintained with local work and salvage. So doomer stuff rather than thriving oil based economy stuff.

    Yes, a DIY kluge solution only does almost 1 watt and this is not good enough but that is the point! If this hobby experiment can do that, what could a well-engineered micro turbine do in the context of a larger constant flow of water? And if you had say 20-30 of them inline? Not going for 3 hours but 24/7? And how much energy is lost charging and discharging batteries?

    Or a higher flow could be achieved by turning off everything at night – freezers with ridiculous insulation and thermal mass don’t need overnight energy nor do the lights. So you close the valve, the water level rises all night, allowing higher flow during the day.

    I definitely definitely bow to the experience and knowledge of people who have been doing this for decades – I’m curious what would you do if your batteries wore out and no new ones were available?


    Dr. John Day:

    I see you are a proud “Grandpa” again!


    “Armed forces of the Third Reich, was within fifty kms of Leningrad in a fantastic blitzkrieg and had advanced 650 kms deep into Soviet territory.”

    …Apparently Germany never read history? 650Kms means THEY HAVE YOU SURROUNDED. And cut off your supply lines. The lesson here is, why did it take so long?

    While the Germans advanced through Russia, they also travelled through time. Backwards. They started out with a partially mechanized army. A WW1 horse-drawn army arrived at Moscow and Leningrad. Their machines ground down and broke over that distance. And they sent 750,000 horses as reinforcements.

    Even without cutting their supply lines, they were in a bad spot. They simply couldn’t push enough stuff down such a narrow long pipe. They needed more men at Stalingrad, but more men would have starved and had nothing to shoot. That’s the math. (which apparently nobody did until they were in that situation) More reinforcements would have been worse than futile. Also they desperately needed reinforcements.


    @jb-hb: Yeah, it’s kinda a Fahrenheit 451 situation. All it takes is some leftover thoughts, a little idle speculation, and you’ve invented something practical…again. 🙂


    Thanks, all, for not dropping this. I can admit to being ‘armchair’ but somewhat more experienced than John Q CubicleRat. I guess my perspective is that we’ve tried all the really big things, and are walking many back. What happens if we start at the small things and walk that forward? Sure, it’s damn hard to run a Whirlpool on 1 watt. But what then if you start chipping at those problems? Out of necessity? If you have run out of blueberries, step back and walk around that bush a bit.

    What kind of food do you eat that you require it to be frozen through a winter?

    Dr D Rich

    I’m almost convinced:

      “Haaretz reports that Israel’s Education Ministry withdrew funding for an Israeli event because its host is an indigenous Palestinian woman married to an Israeli man. The ministry said: “A woman who represents mixed marriage cannot represent Jewish culture.”


      “Israel is intentionally killing the captives in Gaza As Israeli airstrikes kill more and more captives, top experts say Israel has implemented the Hannibal Directive on the whole of the Gaza Strip.”

    I for far too long apparently and mistakenly misunderstood (double negative is almost Bateson’s double bind) the Hannibal Directive was the Israeli 10th Man parlay. However, I blame Bradd Pitt and the movie World War Z for conveying this misimpression.


    Did you know?
    In my 20, I asked My grandfather, in his 80, what were conditions like in your youth.

    I remember … wood stoves, no electricity, horse power, outdoor toilet or barn stall, (off gride)

    Longjohns were washed in the spring with bedding.

    Baths in a copper tub.

    Veracious Poet

    To all my freshly minted “Independent” brother & sisters, who in “good conscience” can *no longer* stomach and/or support the Progressive Liberal DnC:

    We’ve been telling y’all for decades to turn away from The Deep Swamp (remember Ross Perot?), do you “get it” know?

    Do you still think Orange Man Bad! + Russia! Russia! Russia! & *that* the UniParty GlobalCap Empire is your friend, ally, comrade?!?

    Please sort *out* your biases, addictions, proclivities, tribalism & hubris, et al., so perhaps, just perhaps you can comprehend what being “Independent” actually means in real reality

    Your carte blanche support of the Progressive Liberal DnC has resulted in the pattern-or-practice of evoking mentally/emotionally unfit “leadership” into positions of power & authority (psychopaths), whose primary purpose is to bugger the system corrupt (i.e. make terminally ill), so they can reap revenge upon those they’re hysterically obsessed with blaming for “generational” done onto harm them, mostly imagined & fantastically fabricated in their warped, self-obsessed imaginations.

    Don’t forget Progressive Liberal DnC “people”, you were the ones that voted to create The War on Class, Race, CULTure & Sanity Itself ~ Happy Now?


    Veracious Poet

    Anyone with a pulse who can order a cheeseburger without help will be a serious option for millions, once voters disappear into booths in November.

    The problem is getting names on ballots.

    No Matty, not even close.

    The problem(s) will be:

    1> An accurate count (see #3).

    2> Anyone rising above the (d)&(r) whores in The Sheeple’s consciousness.

    3> Last but *not* least…You and your “professional” journalist brethren/sistas *FAILED* completely to report that the 2020 “elections” were a complete, in-your-face fraud, *stolen* event, that in truth it was a watershed event, coup d’état that overthrew We The People you moron! 🙄

    There is no way to Find Our Way Home, there is only The Collapse

    Pray the 4th Turning won’t be an existential crisis for humanity at large, that the next generation learns a thing or two from letting not taking the trash out aka letting Inmates Run The Asylum.



    YouTube Accused Of Throttling CPU Performance For Users With AdBlock Installed

    What they are doing is worse. They are giving your CPU extra work.

    People with less expensive computers will have heat problems. Heat damages your CPU. Heat damage is PERMANENT.

    Poor people buy cheaper, lower performance computers.

    Google/Election-Fortifier hates poor people.

    They think it is a fine idea to damage the computers of poor people least likely to buy the products or services in their advertising as punishment for not watching said advertising.



    When it comes to water, air, or the ground you are standing on, the government owns it!

    As Red said, if you try to do anything in the way of generating power, you need the government permission first! If you try to do anything, the government will be down your throat and up your ass before you know what hit you! And not in a nice way.

    When it comes to water, big brother beat you to it centuries ago!

    I have a cottage on the St. Lawrence River. It is considered crown/US/international waters. If you want to install a floating dock, the only kind you are allowed, you first must get permission from your 2 adjacent neighbors, before you can apply for a dock permit! I believe the Canadian coast guard (representing US coast guard) needs to approve of it, in addition to the relevent Environment Canadian federal government.

    For a while, no new docks were allowed until some bright blub in Environment Canada noticed that whenever you put out a floating dock, in the spring you get a bass guarding it’s newborn offspring underneath the dock! We have some fishermen who’s whole bass fishing stragedy is to fish from one dock to the next!

    At home in Toronto, in the early 2000s, I at one time wanted to install solar panels on the roof and passive solar heating panels.on the sunny side of my house’s walls. Caledon was choosen as the greenest city in Canada that year.

    So I phoned the city’s building permit office. They told me yeah, sure, as long as none your neighbors don’t object (everybody who could potentially see our house, like 10 to 20!) and then we will increase the tax ascessment of your house’s property taxes by at least $400 minimum (10%-20%)! Plus the passive solar heaters more of the same!

    Well so much for my city being green! All show to make politicians look green!

    To this day there are no solar panels anywhere in the town! Only a few solar panels in the country. No wind turbines either!

    As far as water turbines generating electrical power, nobody has yet succeeded commercially! Not even in the Bay of Fundy with it’s daily 33 feet high tides! All need taxpayer’s money!

    The very best example of stored water generating hydro power, that I know of, is in Kitimat, BC. My brother worked one co-op work term there, while taking mechanical engineering. There they have a dammed lake many thousands of feet up in the mountains directly above.. The water pressure is so great that only about a 1 or 2 inch diameter water nozzle is sprayed against each of the power turbine’s blades. The perfect water storage project!

    I only know of 2 sites, both in Europe, where water is pumped uphill at night when power is cheap, and then flows downhill during the day during peak power usage. They both take advantage of the price difference at night and during peak demand to economically survive this rather inefficient water pumping process.


    Pumping Water:

    A big factor in pumping water is that water pumps are less than 50% efficient! That is a mighty big hurtle to overcome, if one is considering pumping water uphill to a storage site.

    So basically you need more than 2 units of power “now” to generate future power of less than one unit of power “later” .

    As far as I know, hydro dams are still the best “energy storage devices” we have! We rely on Mother Nature to do the heavy lifting.

    I guess you could say, with hydro, we are socializing the work and privatizing the profits!


    Take That!





    Sen Biden FLASHBACK: “can’t go to a 7-11 or Dunkin Donuts unless you have a slight India accent….



    Simulation Metaphor of Collective West’s Project Ukronaziland running into Russian Army

    Eurotardistan Tour Bus

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