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    Jean-Léon Gérôme Truth Coming Out of Her Well to Shame Mankind, 1896   • Can We Stop a Super Coronavirus? (Spiegel) • New COVID Strain Reportedly
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle January 20 2021]

    V. Arnold

    Jean-Léon Gérôme Truth Coming Out of Her Well to Shame Mankind, 1896

    Yes, this has been posted before; I love the art as much as the theme; our shameful behavior despite the redemtion of the cross…
    …mankind living its nature…


    A fitting work of art for January 20, 2021. Not the least because Trump failed to pardon Assange or Snowden.


    It’s as fitting as the Calvin, I think.

    Mr. House

    Creepy Sea of Flags, American Will to Power

    Creepy Sea of Flags American Will to Power


    Old White Joe über alles

    Old White Joe


    Got that Nuremberg thang going with the spot lights!

    Nuremberg Thang


    So Joe Biden isn’t going to pardon Julian as one of his first 17 executive orders?


    So now that Joe is here, all of America’s problems will disappear!


    Lone Stranger


    The Lone Stranger and Kameo-sahbee shall lead us out of the Wilderness

    Train of Thought

    Dr. D


    This irony in this comic that that the artist was so ultra-far womyn-only super-woke that people actually feared for his sanity. No joke. Yet when you have art, and humor, it can still finally break through. This is why you redeem and not denounce. You heal and not hurt. You extend and not withdraw. As only the good guys can. Despite the new chilling levels recorded by Johnstone.

    Dr. D

    SAT drops subject tests, essay section to ‘reduce demands on students’” –NBC

    Translation: Americans are illiterate and test scores keep dropping so they have once again lowered the test standards. …But not to fear! One day these students will be your doctor. Then they won’t know what 99.97% is. #The Wonderful Power of Lies.

    “UK Authorities Could Force People to Take Selfie Every Day to “Prove” They’re Self-Isolating
    Failure to comply would result in police visit…”

    Brings new meaning to the phrase, “We’re all Assange now.” Yes, we’re all under infinite house arrest and solitary confinement without a crime or any due process of law. Until we are killed by a lawless, overreaching state. And yes, we arrest your kids if we don’t starve them, murder them or give them mental health problems first.


    Truth, coming out of darkness, does not look as good/attractive//sexy/ as in my dreams/or as I’ve been conditioned/and expecting.
    Rule of law
    In the USA, the enablers found a way to lock up people and not have due process, (fair treatment through the normal judicial system, especially as a citizen’s entitlement.)

    Julian Assange will not get a pardon.
    Back to the past.
    Biden and the boys are back and taking over again.

    Making changes is hard
    Trump couldn’t do it in 2020 with +74M votes
    Ross Perot couldn’t do it, (18.9%)
    The future – culling
    • New COVID Strain Reportedly Emerging Within Brazilian Amazon (ZH)
    While researchers are still working to confirm exactly what is causing the surge in deaths and severity in Manaus, the biggest fears remain: that new mutations of COVID-19 might be able to pierce through immunity from past infections, and the vaccine.
    With just hours to go before his swearing-in, Joe Biden and his team have already started Wednesday with a blitz of announcements for Executive Orders that will be issued immediately.
    Of these 17 actions, 9 will involve reversals of Trump-era policies.
    Biden will sign the EOs and other memoranda in the Oval Office on Wednesday afternoon, his incoming press secretary Jen Psaki told reporters.
    As we know, roughly half of the country feels differently, but their voices are not as well-represented on the news and the Internet. Most media outlets cannot seem to bear to publish anything that is not one-sided and negative about Trump and his term. This begs for a bit of balance, even if it’s dwarfed by the counter-narrative.

    Built after consulting a variety of experts on the economy, national security, foreign policy and domestic issues, here is a short list that reflects “the other side” of the Trump presidency; one that is not so easy to find within today’s managed information landscape.

    Trump granted pardons to 73 people, and commutations to another 70, according to the White House, which released the full list here.

    Here’s a list of a few other notable names curated by Bloomberg:

    Anomalies in the Capitol Melee

    Somebody needs to get a memo to the FBI and the U.S. Attorneys in charge of arresting and prosecuting the people involved in the January 6 melee at the Capitol. At this point, all I see is that these people are being charged with offenses like trespass, disorderly conduct, and theft. Judging by what leftists are saying and what the mainstream press is reporting, these people should be charged with treason, insurrection, revolution, rebellion, invasion, terrorism, and an attempt to violently overthrow the government of the United States. How come the Justice Department doesn’t realize that, at least not yet?

    In fact, I’m surprised that leftists and the mainstream press aren’t insisting that all the protestors, including those on both the inside and outside of the Capitol, be charged with a gigantic conspiracy to violently overthrow the U.S. government. Maybe they’re concerned about being labeled “conspiracy theorists.”

    One of the fascinating aspects of this supposed attempt to conquer the U.S. government is the small amount of bloodshed. In fact, only one person was shot during the melee. That’s incredible. Wouldn’t you think that revolutionaries would enter the Capitol with all guns blaring, including M-16s, AK-47s, and Glock semiautomatic handguns?

    Well, the left has an explanation for this phenomenon: Washington, D.C.’s, strict gun control laws. You see, the idea is that the reason that the revolutionaries didn’t commit a mass killing in the Capitol, like at Columbine, was because D.C.’s gun-control laws prohibit people from openly carrying guns.

    What about the one person who was shot? That was a woman named Ashli Babbitt, a 14-year Air Force veteran from California. She was shot by a Capitol police officer as she was being hoisted up to the rim of a broken window inside the Capitol.

    Babbit wasn’t armed, and she wasn’t assaulting anyone at the time she was shot dead. She wasn’t threatening anyone, including the person who shot her.

    It’s standard law that law-enforcement officers are permitted to use deadly force only in very limited circumstances, primarily when they are in reasonable fear that their lives are being threatened. Offenses such as disorderly conduct, theft, and trespass don’t justify the use of deadly force (except trespass into one’s home).

    Why did that Capitol policeman shoot Ashli Babbitt? We don’t know. And unfortunately, the left and the mainstream press are not demanding an explanation, much as they do, correctly, when an unarmed black person is shot and killed by the cops. That hypocritical indifference to Babbitt’s life could conceivably give rise to a wider use of the phrase among white nationalists, “White lives matter too.”

    Two other people died in the melee from heart attacks. That’s amazing. Wouldn’t you think that people who were set on a course of conquering the U.S. government would go and get a physical before attempting this monumental feat?

    There was one police officer killed during the melee. He was killed when someone hit him in the head with a fire extinguisher. No doubt that person will be charged with murder. Time will tell whether he actually intended to kill the officer or whether he is guilty instead of manslaughter or negligent homicide.


    What’s with Trump’s swastika marked drum? In all his clumsiness Trump was the president who revealed utter rot of the
    city and those who we hold as as our lawmakers. Career climb to some jobs with lofty names but far cry from real public service. Interwoven fabric where anybody’s nod can elevate or sink somebody’s career is lunacy pot of living in fear, from which we are expecting that decisions made are to benefit us.

    Bombing in Somalia (and elsewhere). Compare that to the map of Europe with Roman built roads posted couple days ago. Austro-Hungarian empire had too, penchant to build roads and rails. Good number of buildings in distant reaches of an empire were of such a quality as if designed for the city of Vienna’s center.

    Covid, of course new, even deadlier strains measured buy the unreliable test. Proles are using a calculator too much and discovering that numbers does not make sense.

    Left leg of a beautiful young woman was deliberately painted not to be as graceful but rather of somebody who is about to a wreck havoc.


    I am struggling today.
    I pinned hopes on Assange being pardoned. I didn’t realize I had invested that much into it. And I knew odds were against it. Nobody in my circle (my meatspace circle) understands it. Nobody has time to think about the implications of it. What his purposely brutal incarceration means for truthtelling, for *actual* journalism (RIP), for the Machiavellian full-press, carte-blanche it implies for bureaucrats and elected officials and the Grima Wormtongues that inform them. The name barely registers with any of my circle. That’s just one topic – I’ve had discussions with two people in the last 24 hours about the mRNA “vaccines.” People read the marketing materials as amplified through the mainstream media. Proven safe and effective. 95%. Full stop, that’s all they needed to hear. wow, new tech! sign me up! then moar teevee and FB and OOOOH LOOK WHAT’S ON AMAZON I NEED ONE. Can’t be bothered to wedge the Overton window wider, just for a moment, and maybe just glimpse the motives behind the marketing. It’s terrifying yes but it’s part of being a good citizen/father/mother/sibling/friend.

    I’m struggling. What do I do next, how do I even process, how do I absorb all this so I can cling to my raft of semi-sanity. So I explained it all to my dog. I don’t think he understands either TBTH, he’s smart but doesn’t speak English, doesn’t keep up on current events. But he’s empathic and he can tell when I’m low. He’s a good listener and that’s what I really needed. It helped.

    I don’t know where this leads. I feel like like I am a minority of one, and not for the first time.

    Dr. D

    Seems like, but that’s the point of incredible, overwhelming, expensive engineering. It cost this much to create the illusion that you’re alone and there aren’t, at least in one country, 75 million people right there on your side, asking questions, fighting censorship.

    One thing you realize most is that all these Ego master plans, all things that work against the Tao, the Way, the Logos, take parbolically increasing energy, and man’s energy is finite. God’s is not. In the end, Nature wins.

    In the meantime, however, we live in the mean-time.

    John Day

    @HerrWerner: Put one foot in front of the other in some useful task when you feel this way. I do. It eventually helps a bit. I will look back and feel that I did get something done despite the oppressive gloom.
    @Dr.D: Nice side you just showed there, Brother!

    Maxwell Quest

    Two posts inspired me to comment today. The first was Dr. D’s Tatsuya Ishida cartoon of a future fascist dystopia, because that seems to be the direction in which we are heading. I see nothing that has hindered the consolidation of both power and wealth into fewer and fewer hands. Note how Trumpism, a poorly run attempt to reinvigorate American nationalism, was immediately under attack from day one and then crushed in a most brazen manner.

    The second, was the post by Mr. House of the article: THE USA AND THE CRISIS: HOW AND WHY THE OLIGARCHS FIGHT TRUMPISM. This, from where I sit, appeared to give the best picture of where we are historically, and what forces are at play. Specifically, a cartel of transnational oligarchs representing international finance who are busy looting the globe.

    I believe that the US has been under their control since WWII, and that Trump was merely a bump in the road which needed to be eliminated. He represented a reactionary movement to their neoliberal, globalist policies. That is why so much energy is currently being poured into destroying and discrediting his movement. That is why Silicon Valley oligarchs are busy purging the information landscape of Trumpism (aka nationalism), under the palatable guise of fighting hate speech.


    I feel your pain. I too feel like a foreigner in my own country, and in my own circle. I don’t think the time is far off where Tatsuya Ishida’s cartoon will come to pass. But instead of flying robots, it will be like East Germany, where a propagandized populace will turn in their neighbor or family member for speaking against establishment policy. Then, it’ll be off to the reeducation camp or Gulag. But who needs a neighborhood snitch when there are millions terabytes of social media postings to sift through to identify anyone that has escaped their matrix of lies.

    In the meantime, have a nice day!

    John Day

    You have already seen a lot of this:

    55 Americans Have Died Following COVID Vaccination, Norway Deaths Rise To 29​ , “Deaths of coincidence”​ keep mounting.

    Chinese health experts call to suspend Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine for elderly after Norwegian deaths

    Vaccine Injury Reporting Systems ‘Utterly Inadequate,’ Independent Researchers Say
    New peer-reviewed study of adverse events following MMRV vaccines highlights the urgent need for independent research on vaccine safety and the importance of informed consent and vaccine choice.
    (Notably, the healthy 56-year-old Florida doctor who recently died after getting Pfizer’s mRNA COVID-19 vaccine developed an ultimately fatal form of thrombocytopenia three days after vaccination.)

    Vaccine Injury Reporting Systems ‘Utterly Inadequate,’ Independent Researchers Say

    ​NewSARS-CoV-2 Brazilian variant from Manus​ spreads rapidly and infects lots of people in the area who already had COVID last March.
    ​ ​We have detected a new variant circulating in December in Manaus, Amazonas state, north Brazil, where very high attack rates have been estimated previously. The new lineage, named P.1 (descendent of B.1.1.28), contains a unique constellation of lineage defining mutations, including several mutations of known biological importance such as E484K, K417T, and N501Y. Importantly, the P.1 lineage was identified in 42% (13 out of 31) RT-PCR positive samples collected between 15 to 23 December, but it was absent in 26 publicly available genome surveillance samples collected in Manaus between March to November 2020. These findings indicate local transmission and possibly recent increase in the frequency of a new lineage from the Amazon region. The higher diversity and the earlier sampling dates of P.1. in Manaus corroborates the travel info of recently detected cases in Japan, suggesting the direction of travel was Manaus to Japan. The recent emergence of variants with multiple shared mutations in spike raises concern about convergent evolution to a new phenotype, potentially associated with an increase in transmissibility or propensity for re-infection of individuals


    And now they’re going to clean the US from everyone who rejected them and supported Trump. For clickbait, power and revenge. And I’m a bit tired of reading it all. – Ilargi

    Yes. Reverse, say, McCarthy-ism. The Right as Red Traitors in cahoots with Russkies..fascinating.. While the ‘Deplorables’ or more correctly those who hope to sway, lead them, bleat on about Socialism or cultural Marxism, not USA values, no no.

    As if China-Joe was a ‘communist’ devil and not merely a senile corporate hack with very strong authoritarian impulses (one could say more but I refrain.) Just goes to show that these vague ideological slogans are but cover for underground power struggles.

    It looks like the Duopoly has broken down.

    The oligarchs, that is the their minions the Pols., collectively pretending to adhere to one of two vaguely different “outlooks” or “principled stances” in a narrow band, marginally affecting socio-economic organisation, all grossly resting on prejudice, competition, and tribalism (id.pol. etc.) is now crispy toast as the USA enters…:

    The AGE of the acknowledged UNI-Party. One ‘tribe’ has won and dictates the Agenda.

    After all, Gore (who won imho) conceded, no problem, and I’m not sure now that Kerry won (don’t recall exactly) but that went smoothly. See many of the Repub. pols who now shun Trump, chasing their share of the crumbling cake. Trump quit while not really conceding within the system as was, plainly signalling the election was fraudulent, etc.

    However, the clickbait thing – aka influence and income and deals for the MSM, tv, print and internet and more generally GAFAM as the French call it 1 is not going to work well for them. Trump was and is immensely popular and followers will check out / seek alternative venues, maybe radicalising while doing so.

    As we know, when the UniParty controls the Media and it becomes a subservient organ of the State (to put it in old-fash terms) ppl check out, don’t listen, and make fun. All lies, they sneer. Some spiffed-up gal actress mouthing made-up news on a blue screeeeen with a fake backdrop of fireworks or rainbow asteroids, nope, No. That was pretty much the picture in the ex-USSR peripherals before the Fall of the Wall (.. 1990)

    The ‘power and revenge’ part is fuelled by desperate fear. They – Dem part of the PTB – know the election was ‘stolen’ (effected by computer algos) so they have to anticipate and then deny, drown, kill off, all challenges, objections, which will perforce come from Trump supporters.

    1 Google Apple Facebook Amazon sometimes plus Microsoft

    Dr. D

    Hate to keep piping up today, but in the incredible confusion, several things still stand out here.

    1) The markets. Including Armstrong’s uncharacteristic failure to predict an even on Jan 8. Markets SHOULD (even though completely rigged) be indicating something. Something. Instead they’re the dog that didn’t bark. Bitcoin, a probable Biden hedge? Nothing, up but gyrating around 5%. Dow? Nothing. Continuing rigged range of 31,000. US$? A little but not really. You’d look for a real noteworthy plunge on (another) $2T stimulus OR an executive turmoil OR continuing the planned and executed destruction of the U.S.

    So everybody knew everything and nobody’s changing their mind yesterday, today, next week? With 30,000 expensive troops in an unoccupied zone, with no visitors, completely virtual.

    Now that IS odd. Now there are a lot of odd things and more every day, but don’t you feel it? Nobody in the DoD, nobody watching troop deployments, nobody watching which staff is hired, nobody watching capital flows, nobody knows anything? No tea leaves? Not even any ill-advised wrong-footing?

    Okay, suppose no. If no, how?

    “Dr. Burry? What’s going to happen?”

    “The bonds aren’t going down. They won’t move. It’s possible we are in a completely fraudulent system.”

    “Or you’re wrong.”

    MIKE: “That’s okay. Yes, it’s possible I’m wrong. I don’t know how. But I guess when someone’s wrong they never know how.” –The Big Short


    Pictures of an empire posted by Topcat and reality, best described by an email just received from Sears where I shopped last time that I do not even remember when:
    “Oooops! (that’s how advertisers treat grown person, a potential buyer. Why? It worked in the past.). It looks that we extended (sshhh, only for you) our shop deals. Don’t miss it!”

    a kullervo

    Do you still believe that the ones who have carried really hindering tasks to TPTB kept on living?
    If you do and you consider yourself as a well informed citizen perhaps it’s about time to make a good, hard appraisal of what you think “cognitive dissonance” means to you.

    a kullervo

    Rich clowns & poor clowns, good cops & bad cops, they all get paid anyways (as long as they behave and don’t roll too far astray from the tree.)

    Maxwell Quest

    “The bonds aren’t going down. They won’t move. It’s possible we are in a completely fraudulent system.” – Dr. Burry, The Big Short (2015)

    The hits just keep on coming on TAE!

    I remember laughing through the entire viewing of The Big Short, because already having done my homework there was nothing new, but it was a joy to see others catch up with Wall Street’s empire of fraud and present it on the big screen. My biggest laugh came during the line quoted by Dr. D above, when Burry was expressing his exasperation that the mortgage-backed bonds were increasing in price rather than decreasing, despite all the defaults that were occurring with greater frequency… just as they do in #OppositeLand.

    It was then that he realized he was dealing with a completely fraudulent system. One that is manipulated by powerful men for their benefit. “It’s a big club, and you ain’t in it!”


    Watching the cortege -er- motorcade, “live”.
    Saddest, weirdest, grimmest inauguration ever. Even the bunting was strange.


    I see China-Joe says Democracy is back!

    The US Chamber of Commerce is now back in charge of writing all the laws!
    The money pipeline to congress has been restored!
    Selling America to China is back!
    Tearing down the wall will increase the flow of drug cartel money to congress!
    Opening up the border for orphans will increase church kick backs to congress!
    The flow of cheap labor to businesses to eliminate any $15/hr jobs is being done!
    The flow of wealth from Americans to congress and the rich is being increased!
    The capital value of having a seat in congress has gone up greatly!
    The media will make corruption, poverty, homeless, virus, and any other inconvenient problems, disappear!
    Being poorer, Americans will have less to worry about so they will be happier!
    Isn’t Building Back America Better, great!


    my parents said know:

    Maybe you were watching a hologram?


    So did the most popular president ever have the smallest crowd ever?


    Because of the virtual inauguration, thousand of military people are ecstatic with their extra income and a chance to have been on the parade route.

    rose colored glasses
    I don’t know why I keep on believing you need me
    When you’ve proved so many times that it ain’t true
    And I can’t find one good reason for staying
    Maybe by leaving would be the best for you

    But these rose colored glasses
    That I’m looking through
    Show only the beauty
    ‘Cause they hide all the truth

    And they let me hold on to the good times, good lines
    The ones I used to hear when I held you
    And they keep me from feeling so cheated, defeated
    When reflections in your eyes show me a fool

    These rose colored glasses
    That I’m looking through
    Show only the beauty
    ‘Cause they hide all the truth

    So I just keep on hopin’, believin’
    That maybe by counting the many times that I’ve tried
    You’ll believe me when I say, “I love you”
    And I’ll lay these rose colored glasses aside

    These rose colored glasses
    That I’m looking through
    Show only the beauty
    ‘Cause they hide all the truth

    Songwriters: George F. Baber, John W Conlee

    madamski cafone

    Seems to me that Trump did what he always does: make a deal that settles out of court.

    Looks to me like he delivered his mostly right-wing fans to the media jackals and the plutocracy that works with them.

    As for the right wing: they were foolish enough to trust in him.

    As for the GOP, it will probably breed a real populist dictator who wins the election in 2024. It’s what it’s been trying to do since Reagan.

    As for the left, it will suffer the burden of victory.

    As for the DNC, it is even more toast than the GOP. The GOP can now “purge” itself of its Trumpian sins, and run an Obama of its own, some cross-partisan charismatic who takes on the burden of presiding over the final destruction of what’s left of our constitution and the federation built on it.

    For now, let’s see how Uncle Joe does in getting money to the people. It’s all he has to offer, really. Sans that, we’ll see real insurrectional riots.

    As for that deal that I assume Trump made: keeping deals is not his trademark. I assume that some embarrassment will be dished out as revenge when Trump finds the opportunity.


    The irony of Obiden staging a real coup while pointing everyone’s attention to a fake coup!



    I think before running, Trump looked at what happened to previous outsiders who ran for president and the mistakes they made.

    JFK, Bobby, Wallace, Ross Perot.

    The first 3 failed to have their own private security details and got shot for their trouble.

    Ross Perot had private security but ran as a third party in a duoply (unipartyRep/Dem) party system.

    Trump, a life long Democrat (Bill & Hillary attended his 2nd wedding!), realized that Hillary owned the DNC, so he had no choice but try and take over the Republican party.

    We know know Trump was never accepted by the Republican party who opposed him ever step of the way!

    Despite everything being stacked against him, he still managed to make some changes in Washington. Most of these changes will be rapidly undone. Exposing the level of corruption isn’t one of them however!

    But as you have pointed out, Obama (and prior presidents) help set up the conditions that made it possible for the American people to elect an outsider as president.

    Trump found a crack in the uniparty system and successfully exploited it. Using the media! We now know the uniparty has permamentally closed that crack by increasing their control over the media.

    There will never be another outsider elected president again! Trump was the last hope for the American people had to restore democracy to their republic. They failed. Clearly history says things must get worse, much worse, before real change comes.

    Hopefully going forward Obiden and “heels up” Harris will be greeted with “snide comments of disrespect” the way ilegitimate communist leaders were in the past.

    When I worked in Russia in 1983, I frequently heard the following: “They pretend to pay us! And we pretend to work!” It only took 70 years for the communist to crash and burn!


    Joe has made it official now! The virus crisis is over!

    We only need to wear masks for 100 days to make the virus disappear! Until spring arrives!

    Democratic governors are all recinding their state lockdowns and opening up their economies!

    TAE needs to find other new topics to discuss!

    This is going to be especially hard because so many of today’s problems will shortly disappear!

    John Day

    @WES: You had a good day in comments, Man!

    D Benton Smith

    Good Conspiracy Theory Wanted

    I could really use one right now. Hell, I’d settle for a half-baked hypothesis or lame explanation. Whatever it takes to make any kind of sense out of the events of the past few years , and especially the past couple of months.
    I’m not going to itemize some fucking list . You know ’em by heart. But I will mention that the whole damned thing is made up of events that no one from around these parts had ever seen happen before, and so did not really believe would ever happen. And then they happened. One after another, sometimes stacking up two or three deep. A lot of folks are stunned. I sure am.
    Unbelievable ! But when something happens, and becomes part of reality, then you sort of have to believe it, right ?
    Makes ya want to reach out for your nearest copy of “The 5 Stages of Grief” to see if maybe there was another stage tucked in there somewhere . Something between Denial and Anger , maybe , called “Totally Fucking Bewildered.”
    Are all of us just getting ourselves too worked up by scaring each other with tough talk, scary clothes and drama? Or is this joint actually going to tear itself in two?
    Are things going to get way better, way worse, or fumblefuck down the wobbly middle like they usually did? Damned if I know. It feels like I have flipped three coins into the air as a last resort to resolve the dilemmas , and all three coins came down balanced on their edges.
    See ya later. I think. At least, I’m fairly sure, hopefully.

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