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    Maxwell Quest

    The Davos crowd now realizes that one of their Manchurian Candidates has become a liability due to his inability to stay on script. This will never due at a time of high tension and geopolitical brinkmanship. Look for the media to turn on Old Joe in 3…2…1…

    This Side Forward


    Benton Smith, v. good post, wrote:

    Furthermore, the individuals directly responsible (in every single one of those four instances) for the planning, execution and profiteering of those genocidal acts are the SAME small and easily identifiable group of dynastically wealthy and powerful families and individuals. Identifying this relatively small cohort by name and affiliation is NOT rocket science. It could not come to more than a few hundreds (or a couple of thousand) and they are none other than the SAME small circle of people who run our hierarchical “civilization” by means of various institutions which ALL come together at the top . Those lofty positions at the top are occupied (surprise!) by those self-same individuals.

    Debt Rattle January 20 2022

    A different slant on this part.

    What I see is a relatively restricted coterie of ‘science types’ who are at the top of a vast, solidly international circuit which is involved with bioweapons, research in transmissible diseases and immunology, and the preventatives or ‘cures’ … Some just for ‘profit’, others for ‘power and profits’, etc. in an intoxicating mix.

    Due to the the very nature of the field (“experts” needed) a revolving door between Gvmts, political power, aka ultimate authority as having the ‘militias’ under order, and private companies, with public-private initiatives in between, arose, became established.

    — … The director in Big Pharma joins a Gvmt. regulatory board; the bright researcher is funded by the State to work on a project co-funded by a whole host of bodies, NGOs + Corps; the politician pledges funding to share in the results/spoils; the Lab accepts money to do some ‘dodgy’ projects, and on and on. … —

    All the top ppl know each other, are in cahoots, and pretend to compete on the world stage (and back-stab behind doors with viciousness that is not made public as they would all lose.) Information, strategies, planning, circulate amongst them and are endorsed, made public under various supposedly official banners such as WHO, CDC, NIH, UK Govmt, Swiss Med. Advisory Board, etc.

    Scaring the populace and politicians into bowing down to a terrifying deathly invisible threat (not saying cov19 isn’t real etc.) and making them ‘obey’ and accept ‘measures’ which as many (see Yeadon) have noted are uniquely pointed to ‘forcing the vax on ppl’, i.e. making profits for BigPharma, their shareholders, obviously wasn’t hard to do.

    (The scenario was attempted in 2009 for swine flu but it didn’t get off the ground. They studied up and did better.)

    Which is frightening but not surprising. Gvmts in the *W* have been corrupted to align with Corporate Interests (private money-making, skimming, dodgy covert monopolies, pay-backs, etc.) in a sort of round-about-of funding for pol. parties, influence peddling, cronyism, etc.

    Others exploit the opportunities – “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” These -??- include, the MSM (sell, earn, cozy up to power, but mostly avoid being shut down, or MSM is owned by Corp. power in the first place), Tech in the form of vax-passes, test and trace, taking over digital control, pre-crime for ex. (Gvmt. types are, once again, not competent), the Med. circuit (for profit insurance, hospitals, etc.) latching onto a bonanza, Gvmt. payments for cov19 cases. Including ‘population reduction’ interests, jumping on the bandwagon.

    oxy, good wishes hopes all the best

    Mr. House

    Nah, you just fell for the same fraud most fell for in 08. Same thing, short memories. All i see is smoke coming out of your ears.

    Mr. House

    an example of a good BS detector from 2020, NEVER FORGET.


    Four questions I would like answered
    1) Why did the CDC not provide any early treatment guidance for Covid. Did they research this and just find that nothing worked?
    2) Pfizer et. al. have made billions from vaccines. Is this not motivation to push vaccines at all costs? Are they just good guys getting the riches they deserve for having saved mankind?
    3) Are vaccine side effects real and how often do they actually happen? If this can’t be answered, why don’t we know this basic, important info?
    4) What are the long term consequences (say 5 years out) of the vaccines? Can they guarantee there won’t be any increases in health risks for vaccinees that are worse than Covid?
    Answer these and you might change my mind.


    Four questions I would like answered
    1) Why did the CDC not provide any early treatment guidance for Covid. Did they research this and just find that nothing worked?
    2) Pfizer et. al. have made billions from vaccines. Is this not motivation to push vaccines at all costs? Are they just good guys getting the riches they deserve for having saved mankind?
    3) Are vaccine side effects real and how often do they actually happen? If this can’t be answered, why don’t we know this basic, important info?
    4) What are the long term consequences (say 5 years out) of the vaccines? Can they guarantee there won’t be any increases in health risks for vaccinees that are worse than Covid?
    Answer these and you might change my mind.

    those darned kids

    Look at the pure idiocy of the TAE peanut gallery.
    •• you’re trying to butter us up..

    First you say this virus will present a real crisis.
    •• i said the human reaction will present a real crisis

    That it is deadly.
    •• it is. r.i.p., dani..

    That it is serious.
    •• it is.

    When you realize everyone else is saying the same thing,
    •• beep. bop. bip.

    you begin to say it is a PLANDEMIC.
    •• it’s an OOPSDEMIC combined with GREEDDEMIC.

    That hydroxychloroquine is the best cure.
    •• a multi-drug protocol is needed. sure better than waiting to die.

    That masks don’t work.
    •• they don’t.

    That ivermectin will prevent infection.
    •• it may. iodine rinse works well, too.

    That Fauci is pure evil.
    •• oh, yeah..

    That American Frontline Doctors are true patriots just trying to save lives.
    •• what jerks!

    That Trump’s ability to bring a vaccine to market so quickly is a miracle.
    •• mr. trump is a bigger fool than you.

    That Biden is using the vaccine mandates to install socialism.
    •• actually, it’s called “fascism”.

    That the covid pandemic isn’t really real and isnt really killing anyone.
    •• nonsense.

    That the vaccines kill more than the virus.
    •• i sure hope not. let’s review this in 5 years.

    That they will never let us out of lockdown.
    •• just two more weeks..

    That vaccine mandates will be with us forever.
    •• just two more months..

    That we will just be forced to get 4,5,6,7,8 clots shots.
    •• i bet you have an austrian passport, too.

    That natural immunity is more effective than vaccine immunity.
    •• well, duh..

    That long covid isn’t really a big deal, even though several people on this board have long covid.
    •• if only they could have gotten early treatment.

    That once you get infected, you can’t get reinfected.
    •• that depends on how fast ralph baric can crank ’em out.

    That ivermectin is 100% effective only to see Dr. Kory get infected WHILE taking ivermectin.
    •• ivermectin is more effective than your nonsense.

    That science is not real unless it agrees with your contrariness.
    •• what utter claptrap.

    And then……. Omicron arrives.
    •• gift wrapped!

    It mutates to a less deadly form of infection.
    •• that’s normal. omicron isn’t, however.

    The wave is steeper, faster.
    •• woohoo, just like space mountain!

    Governments who go through the Omicron wave lessen restrictions.
    •• governments who have upcoming elections lessen restrictions.

    Life will slowly get back to some normalcy.
    •• some?!

    Nothing that the TAE peanut gallery claimed will happen, ever happens.
    •• we said you’d come back ruder than ever.

    Then they will just claim, like they already are, that the ‘narrative” is “unravelling”.
    •• i love ravel. debussy, too.

    You people are fucking nuts.
    •• that would be scratchy.

    Being contrarian for contrarian’s sake is a fool’s game.
    •• like soccer after a booster!

    Leave that up to Glenn Greenwald and Michael Tracey.
    •• no thinking aloud!

    Don’t get me wrong
    •• i don’t get you, period.

    . Its great to be contrary, but when your being that way because that’s your business model, or your own personal identity, you probably shouldn’t wonder why people, like your own families, or society in general, think you’re fucking crazy.
    •• they think i’m crazy because i waste my time with agents provocateurs.

    Maybe at some point, covid will again mutate.
    •• calling, dr. baric, dr. fauic.. calling dr. baric, dr. fauci..

    Maybe restrictions and mitigation efforts will again be instituted.
    •• mitigation? hahahaha

    And maybe then the TAE peanut gallery and Raul can go back to pretending that the efforts to stop the spread and prevent unnecessary death are all part of some evil plan developed by Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci to usher in world socialism.
    •• fascism.

    Just rest assured that no matter what happens, you will all be there in the ready with the counter explanation as to why reality is not real and why anyone who lives in it is a sheep.
    •• baaaaaaaaaaaaa..

    D Benton Smith

    Let’s simplify this situation.

    1700 UK deaths from covid alone can (and must) be extrapolated to the rest of the world, and in the final analysis that total number deaths must (and can only) be laid directly at the feet of the persons who designed the lethal spike protein and it’s corona virus delivery system in the first place. Neither would have existed without the explicit intentions and actions of those perpetrators of explicitly illegal biological warfare crime.

    All of the rest of the “excess mortalities” (of which there are many many millions) must (and can only) be laid at directly at the feet of the persons who designed and controlled the so-called “response” to the so-called “pandemic” named after the virus and lethal spike protein “vaccines” which they had prepared and patented many years in advance.

    Every person who assisted in these crimes of their own free will and choice, are culpable accessories to the same crimes, even if all they did was knowingly obstruct the communication of facts , data and informed opinions which would have slowed or stopped the psychotic catastrophe sooner.

    We stand now at a perilous moment in the progresssion of our species The perpetrators (whose identities are known) are not just still at large. They are still perpetarting the crime. And they are still promoting in no uncertain terms that their intention is to continue doing so until they are successful.

    The measure of their success, their publicly stated purpose, is a state of human affairs so crazy, evil and illogical that it is difficult for sane individuals to even articulate. In brief, they want upwards of 90 % of human beings deceased , the remainder absolutely controlled , and all future generations designed and manufactured to specifications of their design, by various means including genetic engineering and a host of ultra high technology interventions in the natural biologic process called life.

    Like is said in the low budget action movies, things are about to get real.



    Figmund Sreud

    Re: latest Russia – U.S. regurgitations ( … the meeting in Geneva – today – between Lavrov and Blinken), … the U.S. keeps on stalling with their written response! From

    US to respond in written to Russian security guarantee initiatives next week — Blinken

    GENEVA, January 21. /TASS/. The United States will give its written response to Russia’s security guarantee initiatives next week, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said on Friday after talks with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in Geneva. […]

    “I told him (Lavrov) that following the consultations that we’ll have in the coming days with allies and partners, we anticipate that we will be able to share with Russia our concerns and ideas in more detail and in writing next week, and we agreed to further discussions after that,” he said.

    … as the stomach turns, some deal probably be reached!


    D Benton Smith


    So, here’s the question : Are you an (as yet) unindicted-co conspirator to crimes against humanity, or are you just an angry asshole who likes to pick fights and argue?

    I dunno. The jury is still out on that one. Sure hope you’re just an ass . You’re mean enough to be a criminal, but somehow you just don’t come across as smart enough for real bad guys to keep on the payroll.

    Veracious Poet

    Amazing. The disruptor is batting 1000 today, after being thoroughly discredited over-and-over again, surely today the troll is basking in vane glory about it all being about him/her/it…

    Veracious Poet

    Another example of mass formation psychosis:

    West Hollywood father hospitalized with COVID: ‘I really regret not getting my vaccine’

    As the latest COVID-19 surge continues to send more people to hospitals, a West Hollywood family on Thursday shared the story of a loved one with COVID-19 who is fighting for his life.

    The 40-year-old father, Christian Cabrera, contracted COVID-19 shortly after the Christmas holiday and was rushed to the emergency room last week, when he began struggling to breathe.

    Cabrera is not vaccinated and his condition has only gotten worse, with pneumonia in both lungs.

    D Benton Smith

    @Veracious Poet

    I know, I know. You’re right, of course, BUT , on the other hand, Duh!Felatio is comic relief in a seriously dramatic story. It’s healthy to laugh on occasion.


    A few weeks back I woke up a bit panicky- I couldn’t get a deep breath. For the fun of it I used the oximeter- the reading was 93.
    I took a few hits of albuterol and an antihistamine and in a half hour it was back up to 99.
    My apologies to the hospital I screwed out of $39,000.

    Veracious Poet

    Today’s history lesson for rebels without a clue:

    Seems the financial coup d’etat of 2008 is topic du jour this week, but the bezzle was plain as day for me + a few others back in 1998-2001, when the initial “stroke of state” transferred middle class’ wealth ($1.755 trillion) without a hitch…

    First crack was the Travelers Citigroup merger, that was in clear violation of the Glass Steagall Act. When I asked one of the liars-for-hire at Shearman & Sterling how they expected the unlawful creature to survive scrutiny, he replied to my astonishment that CONgress would repeal the archaic depression-based error shortly. To my amazement Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act was passed shortly thereafter by the GOPher & demoRAT critters, by then the legal merc had already made partner 😐

    Then came the Dot-com IPO churn on Fraud Street that reaped billions for TPTB while hollowing out the suckers that played the rigged game…

    Not to be outdone by their sordid brethren in the financial division, the blacked robed quislings shuffled all of the IPO Class actions (the largest number of Class actions EVER filed) into the sewer drains of Just-US, followed thereafter by CONgress passing the Class Action Fairness Act of 2005 to prevent the deplorables from ever rising again.

    In the middle of the Class action deluge, which my newswire covered en total to the case, the Mother Court in-house press gathered as a group to surreptitiously hammer out an agreement that none would cover the issue. This absurdity was led by the financial wires, especially Bloomturd, I walked away in disbelief…

    By 2008 it was baked-in-the-cake, TPTB became TBTF with full support of the District of Criminals, & that was that.

    99.99% of We the Sheeple have no clue how far gone the former Republic has become, the rich & powerful are far, FAR too clever to be brought to account ~ All the groundwork for neo-feudalism was laid following suspension of normal legal restrictions with Emergency Powers in MARCH 1933, Natural Law suspended & supplanted with Equity/Admiralty Law slowly at first, then twisted on the elite’s behalf in totality 70 years on…

    There will be no -0- accounting of culpability for COVID fiasco ~ Why would the perps concern themselves with that when they’re having so much fun making the deplorables chase their own tails 😐

    Michael Reid

    @ WES

    Regarding the winter, the river has yet to freeze thick enough to carry snowmobile traffic and so far we have lost all of the ice in the river twice. Yesterday the river was flowing like in autumn and today ice is forming along the edges. The result is my cutting has been focused on the woods above the cottage that interfere with the sunlight approach to the solar arrays. However we have had a severe lack of sunlight this season due to rain, fog, cloud, snow and repeat cycle. I will need to increase my gasoline storage this year and implement extreme power restrictions as fuel reserves dwindle.

    Mister Roboto

    When I read people claiming that the Narrative was crumbling, I decided to withhold judgement and not regard it as truly crumbling until such point as deflationista started melting down into butthurt and incoherent ranting here on TAE. Ladies, gents, and in-betweens, it is my distinct pleasure to declare on this day that The Narrative Is Crumbling. Perhaps it is a bit premature to do any celebrating, but these recent days have certainly provided us with a light to see at the end of this long, dark tunnel.

    Mister Roboto

    I can’t help but express some surprise at how quickly this happened. I wasn’t expecting said meltdown until early February at the soonest!

    those darned kids

    40 Ontario physicians currently being investigated for COVID-19 issues

    please, please read the comments. there is still hope..

    Michael Reid

    @ John Day

    Thank you for

    The Great Reset for Dummies

    It is the first time I have read this while I also know it has been discussed and remember thinking at the time that I was not familiar with what was being discussed. The article provides big picture perspective on many issues and I spent much time reading it as I was constantly falling asleep due to exhaustion.

    It seems clear to me that a crib sheet of essential concepts and supporting studies/articles would be useful as I can see how anyone new to the issues could have great difficulty putting it all together. I am not volunteering but it reminds me of a system that has been designed and implemented (or reverse engineered) but not documented.

    Michael Reid

    @ oxymoron

    I recognize the situation you are in. Every day we fully embrace life we are one wrong movement away from catastrophe. Unfortunately it happened to you. If I lived next to you I would be working to help as I know you would do the same. All we can do is our best and hopefully learn from our mistakes. I wish you the best

    Veracious Poet

    It seems clear to me that a crib sheet of essential concepts and supporting studies/articles would be useful as I can see how anyone new to the issues could have great difficulty putting it all together. I am not volunteering but it reminds me of a system that has been designed and implemented (or reverse engineered) but not documented.

    Oh, it’s all documented for those that look, too bad the vast majority is suffering from terminal self-obsession to such an extant they don’t have a zip code in reality…

    Anyways, why would TBTF worry about being “outed” as the vile scum they are, after buying/owning ALL of the critical apparatchiks necessary to repeal the rule-of-law, the rich & powerful went onto skewing the transcendent social/national mores to control any & all opposition ~ Ignore those conspiracy anti-vaxxers, they’re just a bunch of misogynistic, racist, paranoid haters!”

    See how that works, so easy a congress critter can do it 😉

    Time to rerun one of our wonderful hoaxes Nancy & Chuck, choices today are global warming, evil reputhuglicans, white supremacist terroristas, racism, RUSSIA! RUSSIA! RUSSIA!?

    Ever wonder why the electorate stomachs voting for an ever more corrupt, nonsensical & totally whack-a-doodle “leaders”?

    No need to fear the masses awakening anytime soon, the loud *POP!* would be equivalent to an extinction level event anyways, what with TBTF owning/controlling 90%+ of the mercs, politikos, institutions, money printing/manipulation + F15s/Nukes…

    It was a close call, but the deplorables were disarmed/impoverished/disemboweled before they even knew WWIII had started 😐


    I read some articles recently about hamsters and pumas being reservoirs for the virus. Looks like Hong Kong Health authorities sprung into action.

    The Great Hamster Rescue Sends Hong Kong Into a Furry Frenzy
    The government asked owners to turn in their pets for culling after Covid-19 cases were linked to pet shops. Volunteers are saying no, mobilizing across the city to save the rodents.


    Transparency and trust
    As well as access to the underlying data, transparent decision making is essential. Regulators and public health bodies could release details27 such as why vaccine trials were not designed to test efficacy against infection and spread of SARS-CoV-2.28 Had regulators insisted on this outcome, countries would have learnt sooner about the effect of vaccines on transmission and been able to plan accordingly.29

    Big pharma is the least trusted industry.30 At least three of the many companies making covid-19 vaccines have past criminal and civil settlements costing them billions of dollars.31 One pleaded guilty to fraud.31 Other companies have no pre-covid track record. Now the covid pandemic has minted many new pharma billionaires, and vaccine manufacturers have reported tens of billions in revenue.32

    The BMJ supports vaccination policies based on sound evidence. As the global vaccine rollout continues, it cannot be justifiable or in the best interests of patients and the public that we are left to just trust “in the system,” with the distant hope that the underlying data may become available for independent scrutiny at some point in the future. The same applies to treatments for covid-19. Transparency is the key to building trust and an important route to answering people’s legitimate questions about the efficacy and safety of vaccines and treatments and the clinical and public health policies established for their use.

    Twelve years ago we called for the immediate release of raw data from clinical trials.1 We reiterate that call now. Data must be available when trial results are announced, published, or used to justify regulatory decisions. There is no place for wholesale exemptions from good practice during a pandemic. The public has paid for covid-19 vaccines through vast public funding of research, and it is the public that takes on the balance of benefits and harms that accompany vaccination. The public, therefore, has a right and entitlement to those data, as well as to the interrogation of those data by experts.

    Pharmaceutical companies are reaping vast profits without adequate independent scrutiny of their scientific claims.33 The purpose of regulators is not to dance to the tune of rich global corporations and enrich them further; it is to protect the health of their populations. We need complete data transparency for all studies, we need it in the public interest, and we need it now.


    De-Fauci-felatio-nista is at it again, eh?



    Regarding your future surgery my parents said know suggested you pre-donate your own blood ahead of time. Not sure if you saw this or not.


    To all on this forum, thanks for your thoughts and shared experiences and laughs. I guess it is true the unjabbed are crashing the hospital system!
    Surgery soon…


    Michael Reid:

    Since I built my solar cooker, I too have noticed how few sunny days we have had in December and January. Often a span of a week or 10 days before seeing even a partly sunny day. With the sun only about 23 degrees it doesn’t provide a lot of energy. I also have 4 spruce trees blocking the sun but since they are in my neighbor’s backyard I can’t cut them down!

    I guess being off the grid, one is always facing challenges. Last year it was a shortage of firewood. This year backup fuel. I am sure our ancestors also faced similar challenges, as every year Mother Nature seems to throw a different weather pattern for us to adapt to. It is almost like everything you learned last year, no longer applies this year!


    @chooch Travel and social distancing restrictions …

    Interesting how these figures are attributed to Travel and social distancing. Living in Hong Kong I can assure you that hardly any social distancing happens. The worst social distancing restrictions are that only four people can sit at the same table in a restaurant, but that does not stop people pulling two tables to within a few inches of each other.

    Most people here would attribute the low death counts more to masks than to social distancing.

    As for travel restrictions, the border to China has been open for a long time during the pandemic without any quarantine restrictions. I notice how China and Macau (which is also China) have a death rate of zero per 100,000 to just demonstrate again how China’s numbers are simply not believable.



    Good luck with your arm surgery! Keep us posted on your recovery!

    About 10 years ago I was taking the garbage out to the curb and slipped on some black ice breaking my right ankle. While attending my son’s hockey games on crutches, more than one father commented that is why they let their wives take the garbage out!

    I have three 3″ long stainless steel screws and a plate in my right ankle.

    I thought I would have trouble going through metal detectors but being stainless steel they don’t set off the metal detectors!


    “Most people here would attribute the low death counts more to masks than to social distancing.”

    Or could it be they’ve already dealt with other SARS type viruses and thus have better immunity than westerners? That graphic previously shown doesn’t seem to show a direct correlation between quarantine times and case rates and think it’s safe to assume the others have little correlation either.

    Michael Reid

    Regarding the narrative is crumbling, that may be the case but I foresee much death and disability from spike protein damage in the jabbed to come like a rising tide over the western populations.

    I also foresee economic destruction of the same populations as stock markets collapse and corporations shed employees.

    We seem well poised for a devastating collapse and the great reset is still on track as far as I can see.


    I should have gone back to look at the graphic before commenting. The graph that chooch gave us shows deaths/100k, not case rates. Same analysis applies though.


    Oxymoron and everyone
    Our days of facing off the police in a demonstration are over due to old brittle bones.

    Mister Roboto

    @Michael Reid: Yeah, the Narrative is crumbling, but stopping the Agenda is another matter entirely. But if the Narrative crumbles, we’ll at least have a shot at stopping the Agenda, IMHO.

    : I know what you mean. I started wearing a compression-sleeve for my shonky left knee starting in September of last year. The sleeve does what it’s supposed to do, so good on it, but it was still the turning-point that forced me to realize that I’m old now.

    Michael Reid

    It was a close call, but the deplorables were disarmed/impoverished/disemboweled before they even knew WWIII had started

    Yes I have to agree but until the devastation arrives to slap us in the face it is a surreal mental construct. It works well with the slow kill rate of the jabs as families will become consumed trying to take care of each other as they perish and the reset proceeds.


    Narrative crumbling. NFL now treating vaccinated and unvaccinated players the same.

    “In a memo sent Friday afternoon to teams, the league said it would add unvaccinated players to its existing symptom screening and testing surveillance programs. Anyone who reports symptoms will be tested.”

    those darned kids
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