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    Rembrandt van Rijn The Three Crosses 1653   • Commissioner Requests Fani Willis Produce Info On ‘Misuse’ Of County Funds (DC) • Fani Willis Hande
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    sorry but Rachael Maddow just looks like a completely insane person with a MASSIVE ego problem.
    sucks to be her

    Dr. D

    “Senior NATO Official Says There Will Be a Hot War with Russia”

    Not if you collapse and are defunded first.

    “NATO will launch its biggest military exercises in decades next week with around 90,000 personnel set to take part”

    They’ll be using nerf guns and barbie cars because they have no tanks, shells, ships, or ammunition.

    “’I’m Perfectly Healthy,’ Says Joe Biden Through A Medium At A Séance” –Bbee.

    The kicker? That’s a gag from 2021. They need him to get past primary — by erasing all the other candidates, illegally — so that they can then air-drop in unpopular, inappropriate choices like Mike and Newsom. Very soon now.

    “Over half-a-dozen rounds of airstrikes haven’t deterred Houthis at this point…”

    SIX whole airstrikes? On a country of 204,000sq miles? Be still my heart. Boy that larned ’em. If we don’t look out there’ll be half as many deaths there as any weekend in Chicago.

    “Advocates Outraged That Feds Asked Banks To Search Customers’ ‘Religious Texts’ Purchases

    Freedom of religion: you’re free to be any religion you want, as long as it’s ours. Nihilistic atheism.

    Thinking: okay, “bond sale auctions are failing.” “Powell” is raising rates to cover (really following the 1 year). They are pilfering many places, wars in Europe, to get people to flee here to our “Safety”. This is trying to be stable and buy time for repairs. (We saw this from ‘08 where sadly our banks took the billions and ended up repaired and better shape than Europe e.g. Same thing with banks holding Bonds right now.)

    BUT: what usually happens in these cases? And remember, the crisis may HAPPEN from raising rates, but we only see the outside, visible effects after they LOWER rates. That is, the Fed raises until something breaks, as insiders, they can see that thing break before you do, and lower rates just as it hits the news. In fact, as “The Big Short” just refuse to let any chart, any company, any reporting they wish, just say the #Opposite. For a year and who knows how long now?

    Okay, what is a “Crisis”? They raise rates until “A Crisis”. For us and Senators, that would be the Stock market. But why? 1) Cut off easy money speculation – although their only purpose is to print money and hand it to their friends, it would be self-defeating to cause hyperinflation and end the party. Priority 2 is to prevent this. (Priority 1 is to steal and control)

    But also IF there is a crisis, THEN they have to save the BOND market or nothing else matters. There will BE no economy, and in fact no United States. Or at the least the whole system we live under will be completely unrecognizable and all the present power-people will be bankrupted and displaced. THE FED EXISTS TO STOP THIS. They are chartered as the “Bank of last resort”.

    So again: why do they save the 10x bond market over the 1x Stock market? Because the Stock Market is irrelevant and can collapse. The Dow dropped in half, twice, and it wasn’t really a crisis, not like ‘32. Nasdaq dropped from 5k to 1k? And didn’t make a blip? And they’ve been savaging REAL companies, real capital creation in the Russell 2000 for decades and no problems?

    So what’s the point here?


    Not “IT” will crash the stock markets, I mean, POWELL will call the ESF on the phone at Treasury and tell them to stop pumping in $1B/day and levitating it with market manipulation. …Or some proximity thereof. The Dow crashing will drive every free dollar on the planet into BONDS, saving them. …Or rather, every ANGLO dollar on the planet. The world is rotating away from us.

    I’ve predicted 100 of the last 2 crashes, so don’t take my advice, but I did predict those two crashes. Just looking at the plumbing here. 1) IF bond auctions are failing – and they are, and they’re getting worse daily as we lose everywhere, steal everything, and our “Full faith and trust” collapses – 2) THEN what did they all do last time?

    Bush played the war card, that’s already on the table everywhere. Bernank already played the bailout card, we’re probably printing more monthly than the original $700B we told Congress not to do. And that leaves what? Where do you find enough money to steal to keep this going? “THIS” being “the Bond market”? Mostly USTs but Exxon will collapse without bonds too.

    Well, we saw they want to steal trillions in Carbon Credits. Stopped. They want to direct all existing billions to pals in ESG. Stopped. They wanted to steal Syria. Stopped. They wanted to steal Venuzuela. Stopped. They wanted to steal Hong Kong and Taiwan. Stopped. They moved on to larger countries, and wanted to steal Ukraine. Stole their gold, buying a few years, but stopped. They wanted to steal Russia, then settle for Russia’s $600B. Stopped. They wanted to sell off Ukraine a nation the size of France at 1,000:1 leverage. Stopped. They were running it through Afghan heroin. Stopped. They were getting money in human trafficking. Pivoted to Mexico, but slowed down and inadequate worldwide.

    And that leaves what? Who has a loose Trillion lying around you can steal in seconds? Break glass in case of emergency?

    Bitcoin has $1-2Trillion. And the Dow. Which is now 5 stocks, floating on nothing but the firehose money.

    So if you need money, where do you steal it from, “Direct” it from, into Bonds? Yeah.

    Commercial Real Estate and the Banking system are both wiped out. They only exist on accounting fraud by not pricing their books. That means they only exist on money fire hose “bailouts” (Velocity). But that level of printing in a collapse causes hyperinflation, and you can’t cure hyperinflation with a money fire hose. Or Blarney. Because “Hyper” inflation as opposed to “High” inflation is by definition a loss of faith in institutions, governments, and loss of faith in what they say. More lies don’t win there.

    How do you get them to have “Faith” in US$ at least for a while?

    Cut everything else in price 90%. You printed money for 10+ years and slowly stashed it in Tesla. Now smash the bank, drain the kitty to pay the rent and survive. See?

    ““The Blob”, needs to keep feeding on fresh assets.” — John Day

    And assets of the right size — COLLATERAL — has dried up. They already monetized your wife, your friends, and the babysitter in Google Apps, what’s left?

    “Trump just got the entire media to finally admit Nancy Pelosi was in charge of security on Jan 6”

    Cat laser! Sharpiegate! Took a while. He finally found a way to make them, and make them feel superior doing it.

    Commissioner Requests Fani Willis Produce Info on ‘Misuse’ of County Funds (DC)

    Rules and Norms Based Order. This level of corruption is industry standard for D.A.s coast to coast, and certainly in DoJ. What’s the problem? Why you suddenly mad? She’s about as self-aware and “Public minded” as that DUI yesterday. “C’mon! What’s $650,000 taxpayer dollars between friends?” It’s not as if they’re letting regular serial felons go free to prey on the rest of the county or anything. Oh they are? The time on this means a hundred violent cases were dropped and deferred? Well, just following “Industry Standard” NYC!

    “They claimed that they believed President Trump engaged in an insurrection against the U.S. government despite him having not been … charged

    Top of the class! The Norms of Harvard Law, Yale, and the goat f—ers of Rutgers! Everyone is guilty who not only wasn’t convicted, but was never even charged!

    “the Supreme Court justices should factor in his strong poll numbers and recent win in the Iowa caucuses.”

    I don’t think this is relevant at all. However, if they did nothing it would be GREAT since it would expose the Supreme Court as the sham it’s come to be.

    “ What Are “They” Afraid That a “Dictator”/President Trump Might Do? (VDH)

    See the cartoon above. Now what hoaxes would he every need to seek retribution for? They’ve all been so squeaky clean.

    “The Dangerous Myth of the “Indispensable Nation” (Goodman)

    Goodman is all wrong here. We’ve been of two minds since before the Revolution. Empire (Rome) or Democracy (Greece). It’s so clear you can see it in our architecture. He’s conflating a fully-defensive brushfire (1812) with an expansive war to gain colonies (Spain, 1898). It was not at the beginning, because Washington set the tone, Adams was nearly removed over it, and JQ Adams re-affirms our neutrality again a generation later. In contrast Jefferson was the one promoting world-wide revolution of the Brotherhood of Man, Trotsky-style, in France which he was going to sink and destroy us with, but failed. As the F. Revolution unfolded you could see how right the American isolationists were. (again). You can see how right they were following the Philippines, which is so bad and so demonstrative, it’s completely purged from all American schools and history. We won the Spanish colonies for what?

    And then it took 220 years for us to reach the psychotic level of Albright, our modern Ribbentrop, and was then, and is even now resisted by the same elements as 1770, 1790, 1812, 1840, 1914, 1939, 1963, 2016 and others. Congress leaving Ukraine is a testament to our tireless resistance to Empire. I mean, without us, England wouldn’t be able to go around the world blowing things up! By, you know, “Pointing” and then, you know, “Hiding.” Keeping both carriers home with no planes and no sailors. We’re at a 200-year landmark here and may change enough to finally settle this issue.

    “The Yemenis are invoking their right under the 1948 Genocide Convention to act in solidarity to prevent the genocide of Palestinian people.”

    Good point. Sinking ships could actually be plausibly legal then, although which court would say so.

    ““I will tell him that we respect them when it comes to joining the EU, but they must fulfill the conditions,”

    They’re still talking as if the EU exists. It doesn’t. When Germany leaves, there is no EU, as the EU was a project of final German conquest of all Europe and especially Greece. This was set up to create MacKinder, and keep the “World Island” from unifying and overwhelming Oceana. Even WWI was on that point, as it happened as soon as Germany and Turkey finished their railroad, going around the British Water Empire and looking all-East. “And Then a Miracle Happened” and BOTH Germany AND Russia had bad luck. What are the chances!?!

    And now? Do you see the slightest chance that Germany won’t go East, now or eventually? AND THAT’S ALL THANKS TO BRITAIN and the Anglos who MADE them with their stupid, stupid plans. Germany would have been in the middle, the EU would have taken the bank, and Russia would be a “normal” country – part of NATO even – but Noooooooooo!

    So tell me, and it is hazy: do you see any other POSSIBLE outcome here, over the 30-year scale? And again, no Germany = No EU although obviously Europe will exist, they will have decayed, got wildly poorer, but WILL be working for a living, in small factories at last. With that collapse, all the Global South will go back to Nigeria to get fabulously wealthy, and leave Sweden alone, although possibly with some “helping” to get-r-gone along the way. But wtf would you be in Sweden if you’re not a Swede? It’s cold and dark there: Good way to get killed. The beaches of Ethiopia and Cote d’Ivorie are far nicer.

    “A New Party Is Reshaping The German Political Landscape (Amar)

    Probably the Milei/Ramaswamy Hope-and-Change Party, but it hardly matters. Germany will do this or they will die, as they are dying now. I know this seems like nothing to the rest of us, but the German farmers pissed off, heckled, harassed, and back-talked any authority that showed there, including their Finance Minister. When the Media reported they were Nazis, the farmers told them to GFY. That is NOT GERMAN. It means THE END. …Similar support top to toe that the Canadian Truckers got. It’s now an Occupying, Enemy, Colonial Government, and that won’t last long, as it didn’t in Holland either, although being orderly, they took it one step at a time, first via election. Good on ’em.

    ““…there is no longer a question of whether there will be a regional conflict. It has already begun..”

    Yes, list the events and their military damage each day. It would be a page-long bulletin even at a high level. Like we don’t know history. At all. We are entirely and stupidly illiterate. The Nazis were the National Soooooocialists. And the level of deaths even on the bad months of WWII were equal to the war in Ukraine EVERY DAY of the last TWO YEARS, and we act like “that’s not a war”. No, it’s a BIGGER war than WWII, because WWII had the same deaths over 4x the territory. We just think it didn’t because time compresses the past. All those stupid movies make it seem larger-than-life.

    So turning to the Middle East, it’s possible there have been more daily deaths since Oct 7, and involving more countries, than during WWII. Likely in fact. But we Yanks still think we’re just goofing off and will never get a black eye for it. And even very close places like France and Italy act the same. Even as they send, apparently, in-uniform French regulars to attack Russia?

    Okay man. There’s 3x as many people on the planet as 1940, but okay.

    ““Moreover, a vast amount of this money stays in the United States because it is invested in the production of weapons that go then to Ukraine,”

    Or DOESN’T reach weapons, ask FTX. But in theory we “wasted” $2 TRILLION since 912 on wars? EVERY DOLLAR went to the same public interest group and cartel. And you wonder why they’re stronger? Like Ike said? Same now.

    “He seems to have sought to resolve that political liability by paying off the taxes and calling it a “loan.” Those “loans” would continue,”

    Yeah, just try to sell the IRS on a “Loan” that has no term and no interest, that’s all traded for favors, and see what happens. Oh, wait…

    Russia’s Google: “Yandex, the dominant Russian internet company once controlled by the Israeli exile,”

    All you need to know.

    “Yes, one can imagine that a person does not agree with what the current authorities are doing. Do they have the right to express their views? By all means.”

    Obviously what all dictators say. Like Nikki Hillary and the WEF.

    “”Temperatures went up first, and then there was the increase in carbon dioxide. You can’t say that A causes B if B happens first…

    More, I heard and wanted to double-check that they went up first by 800 YEARS. And where did our Global Warming advocates go again? Every time you bring up data they scatter like roaches in the light. Science is discussing data, is it not? Discuss.

    “Elasmotherium, a large rhinoceros genus”

    Speaking of Science, again with the levels of oxygen, and even gravity that makes this possible.

    That guy really, really needs to use lighter materials. And it’ll damage all those trees. Everything he has is from a box store.

    These guys do a bunch
    But they’re very popular right now. Like birds the humans are flocking.

    Does somebody want to tell me wtf “Disease X” is? So we have a disease, and we’re naming it, but it doesn’t exist yet? Like, no idea if it’s virus or bacteria, air or surface, rich or poor, green or yellow? Might be leprosy, might be chicken pox, who knows????

    Okay HOW do you have a disease you don’t actually have yet?

    I Dare you to name a thing more important than diversity! A: Eating? Which we get by doing “work”? So both work, eating, and everything else is more important than Diversity. I can live with very very little diversity, knowing nobody but my own cousins on the Rez, but you can’t live without “work”.


    This is an old Joe Rogan show with guest Randall Carlson. I started the clip at the point where they are talking about ancient climate ice core records and climate changes in the last two thousand years. Watching for 10-15 minutes is enough to get the ideas. The entire show is loong.






    Oh Martha, Vengeance is Yours


    Same for You Too Killary


    Best Diplomat in the World Believes in Patience and the Slow Burn




    “Israel should not think that the suffering of Jews during World War II gives it free rein in foreign policy, particularly when it comes to the hostilities in Gaza, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has said.…”

    “The Holocaust doesn’t give Israel impunity”

    – Lavrov.



    Nikki Haleys Infidelities Aren’t Really Meaningful: Her Warmongering Is

    Dr. D

    “ The Fix is In – Trump Goes to Prison” — Armstrong

    …Unless he has a small plane crash instead. His own “Q” team has said so, for whatever that’s worth.

    “George Soros’ son has come out and said that Trump would not go away unless he is in prison. I am not at liberty to say at this time, but the FIX IS IN and Trump will be imprisoned in the Washington, DC case.” — Armstrong. Who is, remember, a billionaire (or manages billions) who talks to billionaires all day. A Guy called in for consulting on everything, including LTCM, the Euro, and W. Bush.

    I have had to look at these forecasts projected by the computer, and it is certainly not my aspiration in life. …No protest can be mustered to prevent this. We have to crash and burn. Only then will the blind finally see, and those who have understood these forecasts will get to perhaps spread the word.”

    Yes, nothing will wake and motivate them. Why? Haven’t we already tried everything else? Like every other time in history, this is what it takes. Like, what warning did we not give?

    These people are so desperate to impose their totalitarian state that they refuse to back off. If they cannot imprison Trump, they will assassinate him.” — Armstrong


    But did you think we’d put down Empire for less, when every one of their side could be hung? After what we’ve done to the world, we’re just going to walk around and walk away? Yeah: NO.

    Armstrong continues: “World War III is already in motion. There will be no state of peace,”
    (P.S. “At this time, Russian soldiers outnumber Ukrainians 4 to 1.)

    “Trump would indeed end the war in 24 hrs. Cut off all funds for the Ukrainian government employees whom Biden is paying their salaries and pensions. Insist that Zelensky honors the Minsk Agreement and the war is over. Those in power right now want war, and they have no intention of ending anything.”

    …Because they’d be hung. The system would crash and we’d all point to them, and start looking at felonies. With the money cut off, their blackmail would fail and they couldn’t hire hit men to fix it.

    “The Computer Says Trump Will Win
    Personally, I Cannot See How They Will Allow a Fair Election with that Result.”

    They won’t. There won’t be an election.

    We need that level of screw-up to wake people up this is “not normal”. And the only way it ends is to cut off the money, which is the same as saying “A Crash”.

    What does “Crash”, Uni-Crash mean? Suppose US$ goes parity with the Yuan? 8:1? That’s about right for our situation and is a good start toward fairly market-pricing us. It would cut off the money and correct the Boomers n Billionaires nicely (Depressions actually DROP income disparity) but not stop all commerce and kill everyone. Yes, lots suffer, but Millennials and Zeds have WORK. Some work years remain for them. Yes, wages won’t 10x but stocks sure will be cheap! And houses. Student loans drop 10x. It works out. Xers are F’d up the A, they have neither riches now NOR work years, but I’m sure they’re used to it. Who cares about them? No one ever has before, what’s new?

    If Yuan goes 10:1 which is BARELY more appropriate, and Congress, Federal funding collapses to a Libertarian wet dream, killing Central Power, what happens to Stocks? Crash, but then slowly recovers according to their productive capacity and not fire-hose popularity. Bonds? Stable but you want to make 3% when you just lost 90%? Some will “delay” payment, i.e. “Default”.

    Gold? As China has it, a revaluation would probably remain stable. Say the re-valuation 2x for safety and new interest. 8x $2,000 = $16,000 x 2 = $20-30,000. That’s about right on Jim Sinclair and the historical norms. But gold will flop around and be sold to $880 at first as everyone panics for liquidity. Silver will 4x gold? It moves faster and farther, then crashes harder. It’s not at a previous 1979 high, which is beyond ludicrous. Imagine buying a new Cadillac for $7,000. (They were $15k in 1980 and silver is half its high.) So…$5,000 silver? For a few weeks when there’s no market and no one can find the price? That sounds impossible, but has happened many times, viz palladium. Viz silver from $1 to $50.

    And Bitcoin? Then the same thing. Crashes as a mania as everyone sells for liquidity, then recovers according to the revaluation. 10x $46,000 = $500k? …Eventually…

    If we lose every war and have no election, why WOULDN’T this happen? I’ll wait. Remember, Europe has no army. They use ours. So if WE have no army, lost, and are too busy, Europe DEFINITELY won’t. They will DEFINITELY lose Ukraine right to the border and probably all the Eastern Bloc before too long as they pivot East to the money, away from the blackmail, not that they’re conquered. All their banks? Which depend on their collateral and OUR army?

    This is what happened when they decided to hire John Wick and not raise an army and fight for themselves.


    It’s already over, but I said that two years ago when the center of gravity had already moved. When it’s a planet, a center of gravity can’t just flop around. When it shifted to Patriots and away from Empire, it may have moved slowly, but it never reversed. Not now either. A center of gravity of planets can move quite a lot before you see anything, the final shoulder throw, but that’s the moment it happens.

    Center of gravity has also moved socially, in the U.S. but also worldwide. They’ve caved and are already staging puppet shows with Milei and at Davos. But that means even they have thrown in the towel.

    Full Faith and Confidence, Folks.








    Jeff Sommer writes in the business section of the NYT today (paper edition):
    “Imagine if you had been wise enough to put $1,000 into the index fund [S&P] on its first day in 1976 and to have been patient enough to have let your pot of money grow through November [of this year]. Your $1,000 would have increased by $16,145,400. That’s not an error.”
    I have found the calculator he must have used! Type in fun numbers and see how rich you are!
    (There appears to be a problem in the “additional contribution” section. Leave it at 0.00 and keep it at monthly. Is this the calculator .gov uses?)





    Yes, I would like to see the total mess the raccoons made of the tree house on the first night he wasn’t there!



    The S & P index, just like the Dow index, has seen companies go (losers) and replaced with new companies (winners).

    Much more likely, you would have been throughly fleeced by Wall Street.

    Instead you would own nothing and not be happy.


    MPSK, Now even Private Equity is going after the minnow investors. I think Congress passed a change in regulations (or is still considering the change) letting minnows (“nonaccredited investors”, aka investor has less than one $million in net worth) letting the minnows invest in PE. Seems like a warning flag that maybe things aren’t as hunky-dory in the economy as Biden says.

    Here’s the (proposed) rule change pdf, but it’s long and boring. Saying small investors, excuse me, “nonaccredited investors” should be able to invest in Private Equity the same way they can now invest in penny stocks… is that really a good comparison?


    Loss of control/power/ does not means peace.

    The west Created a new NARRATIVE …. using Hate, fear, ignorance, lies

    Front-runner Trump and his extremist/semi-fascist/Ultra MAGA 160 million are out for “revenge” and “retribution—and that Trump might well become a “dictator” and “trample” the Constitution.
    Listen to the people/bloggers

    Gaza, Yemen & Ukraine Sound Death Knell for U.S.-Led ‘Rules-Based Global Order’

    Gaza, Yemen & Ukraine Sound Death Knell for U.S.-Led ‘Rules-Based Global Order’

    January 19, 2024

    The world has reached a point of no return. The fraud of Western powers is spectacularly exposed and has become untenable.
    The Western imperial facade is imploding from its inherent corruption.
    It is a perilous time but the harsh truth can set the world free of hegemony and the systemic violence of Western elitist power.


    The Western elitist that are in power are ignoring the voices of the people who are demonstrating in the street and calling for ….. PEACE, CEASEFIRE
    Listen to the people/bloggers
    Starving Gaza: Egypt and Israel’s Rafah weapon

    “..Tel Aviv has instituted a draconian siege on Palestinians in the Strip, cutting off access to water, electricity, and communications – and the essential crossings – for over 100 days now..”

    The reality is that the U.S. is now in a HOT regional war involving Gaza, Iran, Russia, Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Lebanon, Ukraine


    Perhaps I should have mentioned- IT IS AN ERROR.
    That “calculator”, btw, told me if I invested $10,000 for 30 years at 5% yearly, I would now have $188,239,504,989.84



    The Titanothere used to exist in the southwest part of North America, when it wasn’t mostly desert.

    Figmund Sreud

    “If you get rid of the empire, this world could be taken over by tyrants., … imagine that!

    Welcome to the Empire

    Caitlin Johnstone: Welcome to the Empire


    Iraq demands that the US leave the country immediately


    Listen to the people/bloggers
    War on Yemen? Don’t Expect A Cakewalk

    The table is set for a major conflagration in Yemen that will quickly escalate and spread across the entire Middle East. I see no indication that Biden is planning to slow the rush to war or pull back from the brink. This is shaping up to be a real catastrophe.


    @zerosum – Thank you very much for the zeta function stuff. It gives voice to something I was trying to argue with someone re: physical properties of matter, and localization of said. I had posited that the properties might be different in different regions of the universe, and perhaps in differing regions within a galaxy, or smaller (ever?) units. Maybe someplace carbon only has 3 bonds possible at STP, for instance. This arose because we were discussing Vernor Vinge’s ‘zones of thought’ – the closer to the center of the galaxy, the less possible organized intelligence, and past a threshold, species are able to ‘improve’ and ascend eventually into…what?


    Luongo is very good today.

    Russian Missile Strike on French Contractor Base in Ukraine Highlights Heated Franco-Russian Cold War
    Military Watch Magazine Editorial Staff

    The Russian Armed Forces on the evening of January 16 were reported to have launched a missile strike targeting the headquarters of predominantly French European foreign fighters in Ukraine. Russian sources subsequently reported that the personnel targeted were military contractors, and that the strike caused at least 80 casualties 60 or more of which were killed. Russian state media reported that these personnel were “highly trained specialists who work on specific weapons systems too complex for the average Ukrainian conscripts,” which “put some of the most lethal and long-range weapons in the Ukrainian arsenal out of service until more specialists are found” to replace them. These claims align with a strong consensus among analysts that in order to allow the Ukrainian Armed Forces to absorb very large quantities of complex Western weaponry, much of which takes several years of training to operate, contractors from across the Western world have played a significant role in operating this hardware. A key example has been the American MIM-104 Patriot air defence system, which Ukrainian personnel were considered unable to operate before 2024 at the earliest, but which began to operate in the country in early 2023. This was difficult to explain other than with the presence of foreign personnel.


    Despite thousands of NATO personnel dying in the Ukraine, there have been no public announcements of any of their deaths.

    These dead people simply get “cancelled” 1984 style, as if they never ever existed. So no loss.

    This just goes to show how tight the msm/gov control of info really is. Not a very reassuring fact of life.

    Dr. D



    @ thomasjkenney
    Glad that you found the science interesting.
    My “science fiction story” is due to imagining how to get from here to spacetime. (smaller and smaller. Approaching zero) (1/1^2,+1/2 ^2,+ 1/3^2,+ 1/4^2, … 1/12 = 1/1+1/4+1/9+1/16 Have fun.
    (That is where you can see everything and be everywhere. Just like god can. 🙂 )

    But what is the Riemann zeta function? Visualizing analytic continuation


    The thousands of NATO non-deaths in Ukronaziland are explained to the families and loved ones as car crashes or equipment failures, easy-peasy.

    And no they probably don’t even say they were on a ‘top secret mission’ for ‘democracy’.

    Car accidents happen everywhere in the world. The Empire of Lies Satanist Cabal simply hijacks one of a myriad of vehicle accidents worldwide and plugs in the name of their snuffed ‘mercenary’ whose death they want to conceal.

    They don’t want anything high profile like a plane accident to draw attention.

    The families probably just get a text or an email to say their loved one is dead. No actual military person coming to the house to give the news like a “real soldier” gets.

    it was after all “just a car accident”, and probably their fault anyway at that!

    Seriously, do you think the Empire of Lies gives a rats ass about these guys?

    They are not ‘Unknown Soldiers”

    Do you think they will get a “hero’s send off” as The Unknown Mercenary?


    Veracious Poet

    There’s a sucker born every minute!

    Is Social Media an Existential Threat to Civilized Society?

    Modus morons without end, amen.


    Duh’merica is based on self deceit and absurdity.

    The absurdity is so pervasive it clings to the skin and soul like a cheap polyester suit made of recycled plastic milk jugs.


    Veracious Poet

    If something is a kangaroo, it is a mammal.

    I am a mammal.

    Therefore, I am a kangaroo.

    If you are a women, you are a human.

    You are a human.

    Therefore, you are a women.

    Welcome to America A-Meme-0-Rico, where only the criminally insane have “rights” & certified gangsters are eligible to run on a ballot.



    Ukronaziland is finally circling the drain plug

    So desperate for replacement bodies to stoke the Russian Meatgrinder that…….

    At Funeral of a Dead Ukro Soldier the Commissars Thugs Gave Out Conscription Notices to Mourners….

    Sick Mofos supported by the Empire of Lies Gangster Nation


    Hunter with one of his cokewhores confessing that these guys (pimps) stole his laptop with all his sex tapes n’ ‘shit’ on it, might be incriminating or somethin’…….

    Quick, call the FBI or the Secret Service, maybe they can find it!

    They think like whores because they are whores.


    John Day

    Ruling Class Concerns

    Spartacus snippets in no particular order:
    ​ Centralized AI is a tyrant’s best friend. It can be used to analyze human behavior, to predict the future behavior of certain social groups or ethnicities or economic classes of people, and to devise means to reorder and redirect that behavior toward ends that the wealthy and powerful find useful and conducive to their interests. It can be used to generate an endless stream of propaganda laced with the predefined messages of the Overclass, to replace rooms full of demoralized propagandists with machines that never tire, never sleep, and always, unflinchingly and unfailingly, promote the same Elite narratives without reservation. It can be used to saturate and replace human-generated culture with cheap facsimiles of art and literature that are forced to conform to a particular Elite-mandated set of moral and ontological standards, never allowed to reproduce ideas that are threatening to those in power. It can be used to reengineer human beings into submissive pets, by designing genes and proteins that stitch the very fabric of that submission into our germlines. ​
    ​ The ruling class want you to be afraid of what decentralized and guardrail-free AI can do. They want you to be afraid because they’re afraid of it, themselves, and the reason why they’re afraid of it is because they don’t want the balance of power to shift from them to us.​..
    ..If I could name one thing that pissed me off the most, it would probably be when the FDA and CDC decided that they didn’t want to investigate Kevin McKernan’s claims of DNA contamination in the mRNA vaccines, which they quite obviously have, and which has been independently verified. It took Dr. Ladapo sending them a sternly worded letter to get things back on track, but they’re still stonewalling. Meanwhile, as it turns out, the pseudouridylation of the vaccine mRNA has other consequences, like causing +1 ribosomal frameshifts that translate into protein gobbledygook.
    Because proteins are made from amino acids corresponding to three-letter codon sequences in RNA, the amino acids you get depend on where you start reading the RNA from. That’s a reading frame. If you frameshift one letter ahead during translation by a ribosome, all subsequent three-letter codons read differently. They produce uncharacterized products. Why do you think Pfizer falsified their Western blots? Oh, you didn’t know? You didn’t look at the regulatory submissions and see that the Western blots they submitted were completely faked? …
    ..What about the conference just held by Professor Masanori Fukushima a few days ago, about the endless reports of adverse events with the vaccines, including IgG4 class switches that tell the immune system to simply ignore the Spike protein as though it were an allergen? …
    .. In their infinite wisdom, our supposed betters have decreed that the narrative of vaccine safety and efficacy must be protected against all challenges, even the revelation of obvious and overt flaws in the vaccines’ design that contribute to negative efficacy and adverse health events up to and including death…
    ..The biggest problem we have is that most people are not accustomed to the notion of a criminal government. Any serious analysis of the CIA’s activities over the past several decades would inevitably lead one to the conclusion that our governments are so deeply entwined with organized crime, it’s arguable that they function like legitimized criminal cartels…
    ..As the COVID-19 vaccine campaigns have demonstrated—orchestrated, as they were, in the depths of the military-pharma-intelligence Biodefense Mafia complex and targeted at law-abiding citizens—this is too much to hope for. What can you even say about a system that demands your trust and respect even as it slits your children’s throats right in front of you? …
    ..Why do the Overclass complain about a lack of trust in institutions? Why are they so busy trying to suppress mis-, dis-, and malinformation? Why, that’s simple, really. It’s because they know how exposed they are. They know that even the most basic analysis of their behavior reveals the aforementioned patterns. They don’t want you thinking about this, much less discussing it with others. After all, dissent is dangerous disinformation…
    ..No more. No more of this nonsense. No more of being sold down the damn river…
    ​..Resist, resist, resist. We outnumber the people who are doing this to us, and we outnumber them massively. Decentralize. Boycott the system. Build your own parallel systems. Parallel education, parallel healthcare, parallel finance.
    ..We can stop the monsters who are doing this to us. We must stop them cold, leave them hanging and leave the thieves empty-handed. Our lives depend on it.

    ​ Noor Bin Laden reports globalist elites heavily discussed ‘censoring US conspiracy theorists’ at WEF
    ​ Specifically, she said, it was discussed that speech from “US conspiracy theorists” needed to be censored, “especially with President Trump winning the Iowa caucus” and the 2024 US presidential elections on the horizon.
    ​ “MAGA and President Trump have been living rent-free in the heads of the people here at Davos throughout the week,” she said. “And even though President Trump wasn’t here, he was very much the center of conversation here in Davos.”
    ​ “Are they in fact, scared and fearful of what they see coming out of places like Iowa this week?” Posobiec asked Bin Laden.
    She replied that “it is very much a spiritual battle that we’re in and these people are, there are no other words to say they’re very much evil, and their agenda is absolutely evil.”
    ​ The globalist elites in attendance at WEF referred to themselves as “guardians of trust,” Bin Laden reported, and “think they are the masters of the world” despite being largely self-appointed.

    John Day

    ​ Bill Gates Set Up 20 Shell Companies to Hide Purchase of $113 Million of Nebraska Farmland
    ​ The limited liability companies, buried under layers of business names, overlapping employees and addresses in at least three states, form a network more tangled and opaque than the one created by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which is buying a giant amount of Nebraska ranch land.
    ​ In 2017, the Canadian board decided to offload a half-billion dollar chunk of its American farmland portfolio — including all 22,830 acres of its Nebraska land.
    ​ The buyer of those unassuming-sounding Nebraska farms wasn’t publicly listed. Until now, the financial details of the transaction and the gargantuan loan he’s taken out against it have remained publicly unknown.
    ​ The buyer’s name: Bill Gates.

    Bill Gates Set Up 20 Shell Companies to Hide Purchase of $113 Million of Nebraska Farmland

    The super-rich got that way through monopolies​ , A report in honor of Davos.​ Cory Doctorow [and things worse than monopolies, too…]

    The social housing secret: how Vienna became the world’s most livable city​ Thanks Charles.
    In the Austrian capital, renters pay a third of what their counterparts do in London, Paris or Dublin. How is it possible?

    ​Kyle Young’s journey through the world of growing non-rectangular houses continues.
    bypassing the communistic housing paradigm , how costa rica dealt with globalist rape and run tactics

    John Day

    ​ Pentagon Declares ‘We Don’t Think We Are at War’ with Houthis as US Bombs Yemen for 7th Time
    President Joe Biden admitted the attacks were not curbing Houthis attacks but said the attacks would continue

    Pentagon Declares ‘We Don’t Think We Are at War’ with Houthis as US Bombs Yemen for 7th Time

    ​ These things are EXPENSIVE. Iraqi Resistance shoots down US MQ-9 drone amid CENTCOM silence​
    The Iraqi Resistance has announced its responsibility for the operation that took place on Thursday night.

    ​ ‘Playground of choice’: Iran mobilises to drive US troops out of Iraq
    The US has the cudgel of the American dollar to prevent its expulsion from Iraq, but will the Biden administration use it?

    ​ Al-Sudani Says US-Led Coalition Withdrawal ‘Necessary’ for Iraq’s Security
    US bases in Iraq continue to come under attack
    ​ Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia al-Sudani reaffirmed on Thursday his desire for the US-led international coalition in Iraq to withdraw, saying it’s “necessary” for the country’s security.

    Al-Sudani Says US-Led Coalition Withdrawal ‘Necessary’ for Iraq’s Security

    ​ Palestinian Resistance treats IOF officer; ​ ‘Israel’ kills him later​ [​The “Hannibal Directive” is to kill captured Israelis, to ​eliminate their value in negotiations.]
    ​ Al-Nasser Salah al-Din Brigades, the military wing of the Popular Resistance Committees in Palestine, announced, on Friday, that an Israeli strike killed Ohad Yahalomi, an Israeli officer taken captive on October 7.
    ​ In a statement, al-Nasser Salah al-Din Brigades detailed that Israeli officer Ohad Yahalomi taken captive was targeted by the Israeli army along with the group responsible for him, resulting in his moderate injury, which was treated.​ However, Israeli warplanes deliberately targeted Yahalomi again a few days ago with the intention of killing him, and despite their efforts to save his life, he was killed, the Resistance group’s statement added.
    ​ Accusations leveled against Israeli forces killing their own troops are not new.—israel–kills-hi

    John Day

    ​ Israel president hit with criminal complaint in Switzerland: prosecutors
    ​ The Federal Prosecutor’s Office (BA) confirmed that it had received a criminal complaint against the Israeli president, who was at the World Economic Forum (WEF)’s annual meeting in Davos on Thursday to discuss the Gaza war.
    “The criminal complaints will now be examined in accordance with the usual procedure,” BA said in a statement, adding that it was in contact with the foreign ministry “to examine the question of the immunity of the person concerned.”…
    ..The statement said the plaintiffs were seeking a criminal prosecution in parallel to a case brought before the UN’s International Court of Justice by South Africa, which accuses Israel of genocide in its offensive in Gaza.
    Addressing the issue of immunity, the statement suggested that it could be lifted “in certain circumstances,” including in cases of alleged crimes against humanity, adding that “these conditions are met in this case.”

    ​ Israeli Reserve Soldiers Refuse to Fight in Gaza. Disobey Illegal Orders, Abandon the Battlefield
    ​ “Half the soldiers of an Israeli reserve battalion refused to fight in the Gaza Strip and were released from duty by their commander” Al-Arabi Al-Jadeed reported on 17 January.
    ​ Inasmuch as the Netanyahu government is involved in an act of genocide against the People of Palestine, Israeli soldiers have an obligation under Principle IV of the Nuremberg Charter to Disobey Unlawful Orders” and “Abandon the Battlefield”.
    ​ What is significant is that the Reserve soldiers who refused to fight were not penalized by their commanding officer.
    This courageous action by Israeli Reserve soldiers sets the stage: Abandon the Battlefield should be extended to ALL Israeli combatants.
    ​ Principle IV of the Nuremberg Charter defines the responsibility of combatants
    “to refuse the orders of Government or a superior … “provided a moral choice [is] possible“.
    ​ What we are proposing is the conduct without delay of a Worldwide grass-roots campaign, encouraging: Israeli, American and NATO Combatants to “Disobey Unlawful Orders” and “Abandon the Battlefield”.

    Israeli Reserve Soldiers Refuse to Fight in Gaza. Disobey Illegal Orders, Abandon the Battlefield

    ​ US against ceasefire, sees no signs of war crimes in Gaza: Kirby
    John Kirby says the White House is gathering additional information regarding Mexico and Chile’s request for an investigation into potential war crimes by “Israel”.–sees-no-signs-of-war-crimes-in-gaza–k

    ​ DOE Investigations of Campus “Antisemitism” Suppress Criticism of Gaza Genocide
    As Israel’s genocide in Gaza continues, Department of Education investigations are chilling dissent at US campuses.

    DOE Investigations of Campus “Antisemitism” Suppress Criticism of Gaza Genocide

    John Day

    ​Meryl Nass MD , How many UN agencies are trying to take away freedom of speech simultaneously? We’ve identified 3 so far.(Unesco, UN, WHO)
    They are racing to the finish line before everyone wakes up! They can’t win unless they have total information control.

    ​ Pfizer’s COVID Vaccine Caused Autism-Like Behaviors in Offspring of Rats Vaccinated During Pregnancy
    Pfizer’s BNT162b COVID-19 vaccine administered to pregnant rats was associated with significant structural and biochemical changes in the brains of offspring and noticeable deficits in several behavioral domains. These effects may not directly relate to humans.

    Pfizer’s COVID Vaccine Caused Autism-Like Behaviors in Offspring of Rats Vaccinated During Pregnancy

    ​ No More Research on Cellphone Radiation and Human Health, Government Says​ [Don’t ask questions if you don’t want to know the answers.]
    The National Toxicology Program said it no longer plans to study the effects of cellphone radiation on human health, citing technical challenges and lack of resources — even though its own $30 million study found evidence of cancer and DNA damage.​/

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