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    “technically it is just a REASON , and not all that great as a JUSTIFICATION.”

    True. I just prefer to focus on its seemingly inescapable cause for being than on its rarely if ever attained fruition of its justifying ideal.

    Big Wheels for Little Big Men: Populist Derails Incumbent’s Election Platform


    Be specific …. the old and the sick have been killed/eliminated.
    The snobs still think that they won the battle against omicron

    D Benton Smith

    By the way, I hear that Joni Mitchell is challenging Neil Young in a race to the bottom of artistic obilvion by nuking the last conduit of their own shrinking market access. Gotta wonder if there are any other washed up old hippie has-beens out there, eager to flush fading legacies down the suicide toilet of public humiliation and anonymity? Spotify awaits their applications. Line forms by the dumpsters out in the alley.

    Too bad. I sorta liked more than a few of the songs they did half a century ago, before the vax put the finishing touches on their cognitive decline. No problem. I still have their tapes. Just gotta find that old 8-track player and we’re good to go.


    Regarding Young vs Rogan: This part of Gandhi’s mantra: “Then they take you seriously. Then they fight you, then you win.”

    They took Rogan seriously, fought, and lost, just as Team Biden has lost when it came down to fed mandates. Meanwhile, Rogan gets enormous publicity and new listeners including pro-vaxxers who listen to debunk and sneer but come away converted.

    Bandwidth Issues


    A peaceful demonstration.
    Trouble maker know that they will be filmed if they break the law
    TV people know what to do to avoid stimulating trouble makers


    Both Neil Young and Joni Mitchell are Canadian (or at least born there). Wonder how they feel about the truckers.

    those darned kids

    i thought this would catch on:

    “convoy to dc2022”

    those darned kids
    those darned kids

    this beyond ironic. this is neil young’s “they might be lost”, released december 10th, 2021

    “They Might Be Lost”

    I’m waiting for the boys to bring the truck in
    They should’ve been here by now
    It’s way past 4:20 and I’m sitting waiting
    For the boys to come get the goods

    It’s loaded on the porch all ready to go
    She wants to know where they are
    Looking for the headlights coming through the trees
    I’m standing here waiting on the porch

    They’re coming down the highway, just made the turn
    They called to let me know
    She’s asking me again and the smoke that I burn
    Keeps taking me to the old days

    Well, the jury is out on the old days, you know
    The judgement is soon coming down
    I can’t quite remember what it was that I knew

    I’m waiting on the headlights to come through the snow
    The weather’s changing, you know
    They should’ve been here about an hour ago
    She says that’s what she thought
    But I can’t see ’em and that’s all I know
    I wonder if they might be lost


    Anyone else thinking Biden’s diversity hire for the Supreme Court should be Anita Hill?



    tdk: that is ridiculously ironic bordering on synchronicity and quantum woo.


    10-4 Rubber Duckie


    @sumac.carol I’ve been following your concerns about the ideologies that are being publicly attached to the trucker convoy, and wanted to chime in with my own perspective on this.

    My roots are revolutionary leftist – I.W.W. (Wobbly), with decades of united front, solidarity, and antiwar work in collaboration with other reds, as well as those of many other hues.

    During that time I ran into pretty well every strategic and tactical failure that a mass and/or vanguard movement could have inflicted on them… or self-inflict, as was often the case. An insistence on an absurd level of ‘ideological purity’ was a common way for us to fail, as was the opposite extreme of over-embracing ‘diversity of tactics’ to the point where it became child’s play for provocateurs to grab the narrative at a demonstration by donning a bit of black cloth.

    So, I have empathy with the truckers, and mandate protesters of other stripes, as they stumble into a myriad of traps, both external and self-set. I also have no ‘truck’ with fascists – either the ones I may oppose, or the one I may become, without ever noticing the transition. So I think I understand some of your concerns.

    I derive great value from my experience in those revolutionary decades – there is no learning experience deeper than complete and utter defeat on all fronts, from the global to the local! It gives perspective.

    Now, objective conditions have changed. The left-right spectrum has gone full kaleidoscope. Am I to remain in the shadow of past struggles that have no remaining energy or path forward? Or do I assess what I believe and have learned and move forward?

    Some things I carry with me from my past: Justice. Equality. Solidarity. “an injury to one is an injury to all”. “we are all leaders”. “never defend a fixed position against a superior force”. Other things I have learned recently from those who were once my opponents. One of these is the value of abstract ‘Freedom’. Freedom for me was always conditional: Freedom to… what? Freedom from… what? Now I actually get it: It is a thing itself, irrespective of conditional considerations.

    So how do I proceed in this new world, where my former comrades have almost all taken the New Sacrament and look on me with confusion and condemnation, and I find myself among strangers again?

    To some extent I do what I have always done – watch, listen, learn, and reflect to understand the new situation. Noticing that there are very few allies that share ‘my position’, I realize that I must speak clearly for myself. What I believe. How I make my choices. What I embrace and what I reject, and most importantly, why. And I need to do this not to convince, to justify, to manipulate others. I must do it simply to live in clarity.

    If I find I do not support any of the new alignments, then so be it! I can stand alone. (In fact there are some who share overlapping perspectives with mine: David Holmgren comes to mind. And many more I learn from despite, or due to, their differing perspectives.)

    I also am mindful that many overarching truths appear in different guises in different belief systems. If ‘Defend our Canadian Freedoms’ does not resonate with me – and it does not – then something else does. In my case, is it a quote from Marge Piercy in an old revolutionary novel from the 1970’s:

    “Person must not do what person cannot do.”

    Maxwell Quest

    From DB Smith:

    “If there is anything more serious than purposeful mass murder on a global scale it is the following observed fact: The intelligence, military, judicial , financial, academic, communications , medical and scientific institutions across the entire planet are doing NOTHING to stop or even slow the crime.”

    This same thought has been resting on me for past couple of weeks: the sheer magnitude of the global pandemic operation, making the D-Day invasion look like a church bake sale in comparison. How many bribes and other financial incentives were needed to grease the wheels, how many years needed to put all those Manchurian Candidates in positions of authority, how much legislation and consolidation needed to get all the media and medical empires under the one roof, thereby enabling globalist authorities to dictate policies at the grassroots level throughout the West?

    A few years ago, I got a sense that something big was up when Trump’s fluke election elicited a panic attack in the Deep State. This initiated a series of rolling coup attempts climaxing in a stolen election, and a capitol surrounded by militarized walls, trenches, and parapets – a classic sign of an electoral mandate if I ever saw one. What really opened my eyes was when everyone got in line behind the fraud, and all oppositional voices were silenced. Wow!! Again, somebody had this all planned out, and demonstrated that all institutions were on a tight leash.

    So, I started watching this old documentary a couple days ago from 2011 called “THRIVE: What on Earth Will It Take?”. The first part was a little disjointed as the author jumped around with his toroidal energy theory, UFO’s, crop circles and such; but from there he segues into private banking cartels, the upward flow of wealth, and the decades old plan of global domination by a few elite families. What really blew my socks off was his claim (from back in 2011, mind you) that those at the top of this pyramid have a goal to reduce the global population by 90%! This would take some serious planning and logistics to pull off, don’t you think? Maybe something similar to what we are currently experiencing?

    It’s difficult to get one’s mind around such a scheme, to even entertain such and idea without feeling a bit looneytunes. I’m sure that the people felt the same when they first got wind of Hitler’s Final Solution: “No, that’s just crazy talk. Why would he kill all the workers?”.


    I knew men from WWII who had actually liberated some of the concentration camps and all of them said that nobody believed them when they got stateside and tried to rely the sheer horror of it.

    Nobody, not even their family members, so they all just stopped talking about it.

    The Mengele quote, “…the more we do to you the less you believe it.”, that encompasses the mind trick that if it’s so Evil, nobody can grasp it or believe it possible.

    “..the intelligence, military, judicial , financial, academic, communications , medical and scientific institutions across the entire planet are doing NOTHING to stop or even slow the crime…”

    What’s happening now took at least decades to gain form. The Eugenics Movement was wide spread in many countries, and rebranding itself as ‘Planned Parenthood’ has such a pleasant ring to it, genius marketing.

    ‘My body my choice’ is buried in there somewhere.

    Mind judo.

    Edward Bernays’ first major account and ad victory was convincing an entire generation of young women to start smoking cigarettes after WWI by marketing them as “Freedom Sticks”.

    Society and the Patriarchy were not going to tell Them what to do with their bodies!

    We’ll show them by lighting up!

    Well played ladies!


    She related that her 44 year old son and his kids had recently recovered from covid (all pricked). And that she had gone to a new restaurant the other night, and I said it sounds lovely: where was it? She said it was “vaccine passport” only. I asked how she felt about that and she said: “I like it. It makes me feel safe.”

    Veracious Poet


    Really? All truckers are fascists now? Wow.

    I have contempt for such disdain: this just plays into the WEF agenda at high eventual cost to all of us. Why are people so happy to hate their neighbours? That is not where people came from – village life – and is not where happiness is to be found.


    These days, the charge of misinformation is deliberate misinformation.

    Especially given that Mr Young is not qualified to comment on what is true or false from a medical perspective. He is expressing his view regarding the political aspects of Covid – as a voter – and his political stance is pro-pharma censorship despite him trying to hide behind the “misinformation” trope which has simply become a “scientific” way for cowards to express disagreement.


    Western ‘liberated women’ are having children universally below replacement rate (about 2.1 children per woman)

    The US average rate is currently around 1.76 live births per women.

    Covid Killshot side effects of spontaneous miscarriages at rates up to 80%+ in the first and early second trimester will lower that rate quite a bit.

    It will be interesting to see the drop in live births a year from now looking back at the vaccine rollout date.

    The MSMediawhores will spin the drastic decline in live births as a statement of Woke Solidarity against the Partriarchy!

    Right on sisters!

    Light up a cigarette while you’re at it.


    See any patterns?

    The only states above replacement rate are way White and way Red.


    The states bound for Extinction Glory are Blue Left and Right coasts.

    These patterns are echoed in who is exiting Blue states to going to Red states.

    Bluetards, last ones out, don’t forget to turn out the lights.


    The Ethical Skeptic is finding;

    We are in a pandemic of Non-Covid Natural Deaths which began to arrive independent of Covid around Feb-Apr 2021
    We said it, and said it, and said it…
    Yet, here we are…. 4,000 extra Non-Covid natural deaths per week.

    At about 200K a year in the US, mass murder for sure, but I’m guessing only a hook to injecting more effective death therapies down the line, once everyone is on a recurring injection, perhaps customized on a group or regional basis.


    I’m beginning to think of the vaxed vs unvax as:

    The Pricks vs the Not Pricks

    D Benton Smith

    @Maxwell Quest

    Plain old day-to-day reality is so weird that personally observed material facts can make us FEEL like we’re being gaslighted. (example: Fauci publicly states that his Powers That Be fully intend to inject spike protein generating mRNA into infants and children.) When that happens then you KNOW that someone is either lying to you now ( big time ! ) or has lied to you big time in the past. Or both. Like the homicide detective said just before interviewing witnesses, “Let’s see who’s lying, who’s lying more, and who’s lying the most.”

    Count the truths, count the lies, and tally it up. Then do so again just to be sure, only much more thoroughly this time. If any doubt remains then do it all yet again, but it 10 times more thoroughly yet.

    Eventually you amass a model of who is lying to you the most, what are they lying about, and why they are using those particular lies. Ultimately , only you can decide for you what is really true and what is purposefully false, and why.

    My own conclusion (I’m always ready to assess late breaking new “facts”) is that the top of our “civilizational” pyramid of power decided a LONG time ago that sooner or later they were going to have to kill off the bottom in order to maintain top position, and that they would need to be in charge of that hierarchical structure to be able to pull it off when the time came. I am completely certain that is what is going on now. The top of our complex hierarchy has pulled the trigger, on plans that have been developing incrementally for at least many decades, and perhaps much longer . The span of time doesn’t matter very much.

    What does matter much is that the longer we err on the side of doubt, caution and the deliberate ignorance born of incredulity, then the greater is the probaability that the self proclaimed owners will largely succeed in that murderous, insane and ultimately doomed plan. We hesitate due to doubt, fear and simple cowardice, not from mercy or wisdom, because there is nothing merciful or wise in letting a billion children be slaughtered like spring lambs.

    In my opinion It is time for us all to learn and increase our awareness of what is real like we have never done before. And act accordingly . And the most important part of that reality is that we are NOT inanimate material in a Godless universe.


    When Joni Mitchell wore blackface for Halloween

    The imagine on the album “Don Juan’s Reckless Daughter” is from that party.


    She makes a good looking Pimp

    Comes in handy for Clotshot andorsements


    Jez, recently released human pathogenic viruses of ill repute found in Agricultural databases sourced from China, according to Cornell University.


    If the-powers-to-be asked you to design a process to maximize the damage from releasing a new virus, then what has happened and is happening, is exactly how you would do it.

    The most critical part is to spread the virus, and keep spreading it, and prevent people from reacting in ways that would reduce their exposure risks.

    Locking everyone inside of buildings is a very good start because that is the best environment in which to spread the virus. Letting people outdoors is very counter-productive. Adding masks gives people a false sense of security and the virus a nice warm and moist home. Then adding vaccines that weaken everyone’s natural immunity plus providing an easier new pathway for the virus to spread. Promoting vaccines to falsely increase people’s feelings of security. Then interducing new freedom rules for the vaxxed so they can go out and become super spreaders of the virus and create additional new waves. Add vaccine boosters to prolong the spread of the virus.

    So there you have it, a successful process to make a bad situation even worst!


    Pandemic Sneak Preview?



    Well in Utah and Idaho, you have large Mormon populations, so that helps keep the birth rates up! You know where, women are women, and men are men!

    In the Dakotas, well what else are you going to do on a cold windy dark night? A barn dance fiddle, then a roll in the hay? The men know a woman and the women know a man, when they see one! Ain’t no gender confusion going on here!

    In Alaska, it is too dam cold to go out at night, so you don’t! There is no gender confusion here! The women are women, and the men are men!


    Osboros, ‘I knew men from WWII who had actually liberated some of the concentration camps and all of them said that nobody believed them when they got stateside and tried to rely the sheer horror of it.”
    Boy this struck a deep nerve and tears are in my eyes. Years ago we had a great pastor who pulled a term in the Navy and then another with the paratroopers in WW2. He was first in to liberate Dachau. He would commemorate the date every year, say a prayer and never shared what he experienced there because it went beyond human comprehension.


    Canadian news media are doing everything to avoid covering the truckers protest. Most Canadians probably have no idea that there is even a protest going way. If it isn’t on TV or in newspapers, then it isn’t happening!

    Sure lots of blame gaming though! Saw one headline saying a Quebec City memorial was forced on line due to protests in Ottawa! Duh! Oh, yeah, the CBC says the Russians are the ones behind the protests!

    Meanwhile a certain very brave coward is in hiding.

    Maxwell Quest


    Your posts today were both amazing and timely, helping to provide greater clarity to the amorphous global Covid policy blob that has been haunting my thoughts these past weeks. Thanks you!

    TAE rocks!


    Trucker Demonstrations were held in many BC towns.

    those darned kids

    kimo: we should be searching sisal sequencing databases.

    “thanks” for the info. i wonder what other things humans are working on to make more deadly.

    ice nine, here we come..

    those darned kids

    Pfizer and Moderna are going to ask the FDA & CDC to grandfather in their reformulated coronavirus vaccines with almost no data

    Veracious Poet

    So much danger, so much talk, still nothing to see…

    Guess we’ll see how many TBTF cull before someone notices ~ Will there still be time to stop them?

    And we thought nukes were gonna be the end…

    Be careful out there kiddos, $hits getting real 😐


    Poor, poor Joni…

    John Day

    @Absolute Galore:I appreciate your conundrum. People may harden in an untenable position, and need a friendly helping hand out. You can offer to be that friend.
    We have all been sold a bill-of-goods recently. That’s common ground.
    You can be nice and reasonable, and “still trying to figure out what’s really going on in the world these days”.

    : Nice to see you back lately. I hope you are doing well. You said you were feeling more like yourself.

    D.Benton Smith said:
    “If there is anything more serious than purposeful mass murder on a global scale it is the following observed fact : The intelligence, military, judicial , financial, academic, communications , medical and scientific institutions across the entire planet are doing NOTHING to stop or even slow the crime. Quite the contrary. In many cases (maybe in MOST cases) these “institutional authority” people are energetically supporting and proactively committing the murders themselves !”

    I have long considered the presence of sociopaths among us, and wondered how that benefits gene pool. It seems to be broadly present in civilized, urbanized populations, dense populations.
    Historically, they kill a whole lot of people every few generations.
    That’s what they do, so it must be their function.
    How does that benefit a gene pool? And, what happened on Easter Island?
    Nobody knows what happened on Easter Island, except they seemed to use up all the trees they used for fishing boats.
    Perhaps it benefits a gene pool to thin the herd before it overshoots the resource base enough to die off completely. That’s not hard to envision, and it does sort of justify a government with the authority to kill people.
    When you need some lebensraum, and coal and wheat from Ukraine, “who ya; gonna call”?
    The Mayan Collapse was preceded by a lot of killing between villages, but it did not turn things around because the weather was so bad for farming for a long time (I read).

    My personal synthesis is that we are at the end of a very long “Yang” swing, and we are in a kind of overshoot as a planetary-dominant-species, which seems completely novel on this planet (excluding the Spirulena Epoch before Eukaryotes)
    I seek to be part of a new way of surviving cooperatively together, becoming Stewards of Life.
    That may seem grandiose, but it’s really idealistic, and it is founded in a mechanism of deployment.
    The mechanism is ESP, of a sort. Spiritual connection, and the desire to be part of the fulfillment of the will of Loving Universal Consciousness. Deer seem to be good at this, as do horses.
    Deer are psychic, in my experience. There are a lot in our neighborhood, because they didn’t leave when it got built in the 1970s. I whistle to them as I approach on foot or bike. The send a tingle to me, a psychic tingle that I can feel, often as they look up at me from down the block. It feels like a sensor from them. I kind of like it. I bet they really engage with each other.
    Horses are the embodiment of “the eyes are the windows to the soul”. I ride a bike. I like to engage with horses as friends. It’s just sort of something I discovered at times when there were horses on my walks. They like me, too. Once a horse knows you, he or she will recognize you from afar, and in a different place, and you can feel the recognition from the horse’s eyes, even several houses away, if you can feel that kind of thing.. (I mean I have experienced this. YMMV I have not eaten critters for 20 year, not eaten mammals for way longer. I’m “peaceful”)
    So what is the mechanism of population control, which controls terminal overgrazing and extinction, which I have to propose, to replace what we have been using since before there were written records?
    Not quite the right question, because it comes from where we see ourselves, which is informed by the narratives of our sociopathic overlords, since they have generally supported writers who write good justifications for their status-quo.
    I don’t know, not exactly. It’s a broadly distributed problem which has not been worked yet. We can all think of mechanistic ways things could be forced to work (“You’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy”), but we need at least a hive-mind level to work this.
    I experience beneficent spirit. I seek guidance. This seems to work on a personal scale, in the most wealthy (in a way) times in history. It’s a leap of faith to give up on mass extermination of our population (or at least those “others”) , but I think now is the time to give it our best efforts.
    It really does look like the elites of the world are mostly seeking to cull all of the herds at the same time, rather than stampeding herds at each other in the vicinity of cliffs and waterfalls.
    That makes this uncharted territory any way you look at it…
    We can never just go back to the bloody trenches, artillery and mustard gas of bygone days, because total annihilation has become a push-button feature for sociopathic elites across the planet, and it serves nobody to use it, but it serves a lot of them to be instantly PREPARED to use it. It’s common knowledge that there have been a slew of close calls in my lifetime, though we mostly found out much later.
    So, really, we can’t do it the way it always got done before, and the sociopaths are working this out in sociopathic ways, with sociopathic rules-of-engagement.
    I suggest we do the parallel solution work, which has the capacity to be much better if we pull it off, and probably no worse if we don’t.
    I don’t want to fail to try. This is a big deal.

    John Day

    Putin might be behind the Freedom Convoy says Canadian Broadcasting Company:

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