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    Paul Gauguin Osny, rue de Pontoise, Winter 1883   • Old Man, Look at Your Life…. (Kunstler) • WHO Director Thanks Neil Young For Pulling His Song
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    Dr D Rich

    ““It isn’t known why Horowitz would have taken a personal meeting from Hillary Clinton’s campaign lawyer.””

    Yes, it is.

    Dr. D

    Whoops, forgot that the Cyberattack 201: (Motto: “Right on Schedule”) will be done for Bitcoin, so the SEC “Has to” regulate it and erase it’s evilly-evil from planet earth and “make the world safe for insider-trading Fed-heads”.

    Because no drug deals were ever done in US $100 bills, nor were jumbo-jets bought for the Zetas by HSBC, but all crack and prostitution is done using a Bitcoin cryptowallet on Coinbase. …Or that’s what Hunter told me. No crypto = no crime. Just like all centuries before 2008. Al Capone was framed.

    Biden Admin To Regulate Bitcoin ‘As A Matter Of National Security’; Report”

    What a gosh-darned coincidence.

    IRS Seeing ‘Mountains of Fraud’ in Cryptocurrencies, NFTs: Special Agent”

    Well yeah, but they only just noticed? Still have no rules, advice, or regulation 10 years later? And how do I pay my taxes when they don’t even know what crypto is? Or what the rules are? (A: As if we care! We’re going to arrest the people we don’t like! Hahahaha!)

    P.S. there’s NO mountain of fraud in HFT, or in ESG Green funds, (By Google, largest electric consumer, AND Amazon, worldwide shipper AND notorious for shipping one item per 4×4’ box). No fraud in Congressmen trading 25x better than the best Fund Managers, no fraud in banks, where MERS remains unsettled and NINJA loans were issued with no backing, AND…

    “Russia-Ukraine War Would Be “Horrific”, Civilians “Will Suffer Immensely”: Pentagon

    Gen. Milley: “And you can imagine what that might look like in dense urban areas, along roads and so on and so forth. It would be horrific, it will be terrible.”

    Yes, it might look like Cleveland, Detroit, Youngstown, Newark, Alexandria, Baton Rouge, Brownsville…You know, the 330 million people you failed to protect, you traitor.

    Another day, another day Neil Young refuses to go on Joe Rogan and do some good by spreading his own message in the marketplace of ideas. What a failure… Well, radio and communication were never his strong suits I guess.

    “EU Watchdog Orders Ursula Von Der Leyen to Reveal Texts with Pfizer CEO (DM)”

    So when are they throwing her in prison for blatant avoidance of FOIA requests? Right after HRC and her servers. Give your balls a tug.

    “Horowitz would have taken a personal meeting from Hillary Clinton’s campaign lawyer.”

    Yeah, that. Plus about 10,000 other felonies. EVERY EMAIL is a separate felony. But you knew this was theater, right?

    “a government empowered to restrict movements, limit individual liberty, and isolate “undesirables”

    Speaking of, these match WHICH important Amendments that represent the Rights of Man given to them “By their Creator” and which restrain the government from breaking contract and having the people shoot them to death and replace it with something NOT oppressing said rights?

    That’s their view of Science.”

    Actually, that’s their view of REALITY. REALITY is what authorities wrote on paper or said on TV. The Actual weather which is different, the actual prosperity which is different, actual experience which is different, is the fake thing. Your own experience of your eyes is The suspect, the questioned, the untrue. Like say if a pandemic is completely unaffected by vaccinating 70-90% of your people. And yes, they will die of stupidity, cupidity, but most of all, complicity. That is, “Reality” is what’s in your mind, and the universe out there is an annoying distraction that’s disproving the ego all the time and MUST BE STOPPED.

    I can’t help them. I already did. I used free speech to tell everyone I could, but as I’m not an authority, no one cared what I said about N95 masks, regardless of how blindingly obvious – or even peer-reviewed – it was. No one cared about the death rates and fought me on it tooth and nail although it was published by the CDC. No one would listen or could apply logic to deferred medicine in heart disease and cancer. I wasn’t an authority, I WAS QUOTING THE AUTHORITIES, and that counted for nothing, and still is nothing today as they come around and agree with me – or rather themselves – again.

    I did what I could up to and unless they required of me bodily self-defense, and for better or worse it didn’t go that far. Maybe that’s for the best, but tomorrow it will be the same thing. With some new virus or new financial robbery and murder.

    Mister Roboto

    One thing I have been wondering this week: Is the data on all-cause mortality for 2021 out yet?

    Veracious Poet


    allan savory. One of the great minds.
    long time fan

    Dr. D

    “Trudeau Claims Truckers Only Hate Him Because He’s Black” – BBee

    Or blackface, in his case.

    “”As a proud black man, this is the kind of discrimination I have faced my whole life,” said Trudeau in a nationwide address over Zoom. “These truckers are a bunch of racist white men. They’re probably not even gay.”

    “Biden Seen Looking at Paint Color Swatches to Choose Next Supreme Court Justice” –BBee

    “Home Depot Associate Jake Stone said of his encounter, “He was trying to ask what the best shade of black is for total submissiveness to his progressive executive agenda….Biden left the Home Depot with five color swatches in his possession, explaining he had to see which one matched VP Kamala Harris.”

    Clearly people are nothing but their skin color, so like Joe Biden, I’m all for it: Candice Owens for Supreme Court!


    “• WHO Director Thanks Neil Young For Pulling His Songs Off Spotify”

    Me too. He’s written some rare gems, but I know his ouvre and 90% stinks.

    those darned kids

    who needs one ¿when you can have ¡three!?

    those darned kids

    “Is the data on all-cause mortality for 2021 out yet?”

    anecdotes are not science!

    Mister Roboto

    John Day

    It’s hard to figure out what the TAE commentariat has not already seen out of this… There’s another picture of boring insulation work.

    “What a long, strange trip it’s been” ​Truckin’, Grateful Dead: ​

    “This (COVID-19 vaccination) passport has gone too far,” said Barber. “If we can’t get across the border freely, and we’re being forced to [be vaccinated] by the federal government, we can take a stand or we can’t.”

    11,000-Truck, 93-Mile-Long ‘Freedom Convoy’ Protests Canada’s Vaccine Mandate, as Government Digs in Heels

    ​ ​Freedom Convoy 2022, the group that organized the Canadian trucker protest, reported initially having 1,600 trucks. The convoy, which now has nearly 50,000 trucks, will be in Ottowa by Saturday with the goal of getting “the government of Canada to repeal its cross border Covid tracking passport / phone app and ALL Covid-19 vaccine mandates,​ …​
    ​ ​The Canadian convoy has reportedly been joined by some American truckers and in Ontario, farmers came in tractors to show support.

    Florida trucker in Canada convoy: ‘We’re here to join a movement’
    ​…​“There is a whole lot of overreach of the government, certainly in the U.S. and Canada and around the world,” said Mahadeo, who was born in Guyana. “Governments are using this as an opportunity to gain more leverage against the people.”

    Florida trucker in Canada convoy: ‘We’re here to join a movement’

    John Day

    New Harvard, Yale & Stanford Data Show 4 Out of 5 Americans Have Covid ‘Natural Immunity’​
    A ​CDC-sponsored database in partnership with Yale, Harvard, and Stanford universities shows that the overwhelming majority of Americans have natural immunity from prior infections, Wildfire can exclusively report.
    ​ ​The CDC released a study last week called “COVID-19 Cases and Hospitalizations by COVID-19 Vaccination Status and Previous COVID-19 Diagnosis — California and New York, May–November 2021.” The findings were reported by Agence France-Presse.
    ​ ​“During America’s last surge of the coronavirus driven by the Delta variant, people who were unvaccinated but survived Covid were better protected than those who were vaccinated and not previously infected,” AFP noted about the new study.
    ​ ​“The finding is the latest to weigh in on a debate on the relative strengths of natural versus vaccine-acquired immunity against SARS-CoV-2, but comes this time with the imprimatur of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC),”​ …
    ​ ​The UKHSA report also showed that nearly the entire population of Great Britain has some form of antibodies to Covid-19.

    ​(“Worse than nothing” means “helps the virus”)​
    CDC study suggests unboosted vaccines become worse than nothing against Omicron
    …Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine performed worse than Moderna’s, the researchers wrote. “The upper bound of the 95% CI was consistently greater than 1 starting at 3 months after second dose” for the former and six months for the latter.

    ​Steve Kirsch: Embalmers Find Veins & Arteries Filled with Never Before Seen Rubbery Clots
    ​ ​Funeral Director and embalmer Richard Hirschman reveals, for the first time ever, arteries and veins filled with unnatural blood clot combinations with strange fibrous materials that are completely filling the vascular system. He has gone from seeing 50% of his embalmed cases with these types of blockages rise to almost 80%. It only started happening after the vaccines were rolled out.
    ​ ​This doesn’t happen to everyone. Only those who die after vaccination. So he can tell who was vaccinated.

    John Day

    ​Omicron BA-2 is increasing cases rapidly in highly-vaccinated Denmark and France, which have already had lots of Delta, and even more Omicron BA-1.
    BA-2 and BA-1 are derived from an ancestor “we” never knew about, which diverged several years ago, before there was a pandemic, and seemed to live in mice, maybe lab mice.​..
    ​ ​BA.2 is considered a sub-lineage of original Omicron (which is now referred to as Omicron BA.1), however these two genetic variants seem to have diverged months BEFORE Omicron actually appeared.
    ​ ​BA.2 has 28 more mutations, than Omicron, with no intermediate variants seen between them​..​.This is certainly a genetic oddity, just as Omicron is a genetic oddity with the ancestor that disappeared 1.5 years before Omicron appeared. Both of these oddities raise a possibility that both Omicron BA.1 and BA.2 do not have a natural origin.​..
    ​ BA2 is especially good at REINFECTING Danes and Frenchmen. Not sure if the vaccinated people are more susceptible to reinfection, but it is possible and always seemed to be the case even before Omicron.

    ​ ​Omicron Covid strain evolved in mice – Chinese study​
    ​ ​T​​he study into Omicron, published in the Journal of Biosafety and Biosecurity, found that “coronavirus slowly accumulated mutations over time in mice” before the virus was then “transmitted back to humans by reverse zoonotic.”
    ​ ​The research, led by Dr. Xu Jianguo, who works for the National Institute for Communicable Diseases Control and Prevention of China, has identified mice as the “most likely intermediate host.” Researchers established that the “mutations profile” of the strain “shows that the virus has adapted to infect the cells of mice.”

    John Day

    The sociopathic American oligarchy that assassinated John, Bobby and Martin is still in power. It controls us, far more completely than before.
    JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass by Oliver Stone​ ​A Film Review​ , Edward Curtain
    Two of the greatest speeches ever delivered by an American president bookend this extraordinary documentary film. It opens with President John F. Kennedy giving the commencement speech at American University on June 10, 1963 and it closes with his civil rights speech to the American people the following day.​..
    ​ What kind of peace do I mean? What kind of peace do we seek? Not a Pax Americana enforced on the world by American weapons of war. Not the peace of the grave or the security of the slave. I am talking about genuine peace, the kind of peace that makes life on earth worth living, the kind that enables men and nations to grow and to hope and to build a better life for their children – not merely peace for Americans but peace for all men and women – not merely peace in our time but peace for all time.​..
    ​ ​One hundred years of delay have passed since President Lincoln freed the slaves, yet their heirs, their grandsons, are not fully free. They are not yet freed from the bonds of injustice. They are not yet freed from social and economic oppression. And this Nation, for all its hopes and all its boasts, will not be fully free until all its citizens are free.​..​​

    JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass by Oliver Stone

    Just wondering… Whу are armed Americans operating in the trenches of Eastern Ukraine?
    Forward Observations, which apparently consists mostly of former American servicemen, came into the spotlight after Russian military-related social media communities started discussing their e-bravado over being in the conflict zone.
    Men with stars and stripes shared pictures of themselves, faces blurred, as they arrived in Severodonetsk. This is where the 53rd Separate Mechanized Brigade of the Ukrainian Ground Forces is deployed. It apparently includes ex-fighters from the currently nonexistent infamous volunteer Aidar Battalion, which was staffed by right-wing individuals often described as ‘neo-Nazi’ by the media.

    Russia rejects the ruling order of that oligarchic cabal. How inconvenient. Whatever shall we do?
    The Other Side of the Story: Russia’s view on Geopolitics, War and Energy Racketeering

    The Other Side of the Story: Russia’s view on Geopolitics, War and Energy Racketeering

    ​The Russian Ruble is up after Russian FM Lavrov declares invasion of Ukraine “unthinkable” (Not stupid enough to punch that tar-baby, per analysts.)


    He’s written some rare gems, but I know his ouvre and 90% stinks.
    gotta admit i’m more disappointed joni mitchell’s followed his lead tho


    Look up the traffic


    RE: Why Are Armed Americans Operating In The Trenches Of Eastern Ukraine? (RT)

    RE: Dr D: “Yes, it might look like Cleveland, Detroit, Youngstown, Newark, Alexandria, Baton Rouge, Brownsville…You know, the 330 million people you failed to protect, you traitor.”

    Seems like the massive “privatizing” of our military via Blackwater in Iraq (with the Contra affair as a warm-up) effectively expanded our reach – and it moved special outside operations into the forefront where they are now the true insiders. With these easy to place boots on the ground, creating essential trouble/chaos without us officially being there – is the unofficial official game plan. For the US military and Miley, a “failure to protect” is the only possible outcome when you have been neutered by your own “team”.

    Guess we won’t be happy until we turn everything everywhere into “Cleveland, Detroit, Youngstown, Newark, Alexandria, Baton Rouge, Brownsville”

    In the days when my late husband flew LRRPs to into the jungles of Laos (yes we were there), you could likely guess that these were mostly the “inside operations” of the US military, CIA, and war machine/profiteers. Going ROGUE then meant identifying and then standing up against the actions of the US Government and their enablers, who were “mostly” visible. Before RUSTING out, Old Neil + pals used to sing about these things. And we built a movement around it (Kunstler recaps the story well).

    It was never easy to stand up against the US Gov. It is even harder to fight the INVISIBLE HAND. The privatization of EVERYTHING, including the military, has been a boon for TPTB. Money, profits, and LETHAL AID (WTF, does this not piss you off – not again?) are #WINNING!!!


    Do you find that muzzling scientists is a bad thing? I do. Here’s something interesting: after a public investigation it was found that the Harper government muzzled scientists:
    And another tidbit: Poilievre was a key figure in Harper’s government, living in infamy for joking about “tar babies” in parliament and criticizing providing financial compensation for indigenous people who were harmed in residential school -what a neat guy!

    Why is this interesting you ask? Well because he is in a post in Tamara Lich’s Facebook page for the trucker protest. Inquiring minds want to know: is Lich not aware that Poilievre was part of the Conservative party muzzling of scientists? Did he promise to never do it again? Makes you wonder.
    Ms. Lich (the head of the truck protest against vax mandates in spite of being neither a trucker nor an activist in the area of vaccines) has tried to distance herself from some unsavoury characters but the one she cannot distance herself from is herself, even though she has deleted her LinkedIn profile. She is on the board of the Maverick party and they do have an interesting platform. Key pieces are massively ramped up oil and gas exploration and extraction, huge increases in infrastructure to get resources to “tide water” (that’s code for export) and equal treatment of economic and environmental considerations in resource extraction decisions. Inquiring minds want to know: what’s the economic impact of decimating caribou habitat? If we permanent pollute (that’s what oil sands extraction does) all of the fresh water in the boreal areas but we can make a pile of money, do we go ahead anyway?
    Leadership, that’s really something init?

    those darned kids

    sumac: mr. trudeau has done far more to get those rightwing crazies elected (think obama to trump) than the truckers ever will. if you ain’t free, no amount of protesting will matter.

    plus, where are mr. trudeau’s trillion trees?


    RE: WHO Director Thanks Neil Young For Pulling His Songs Off Spotify (Blaze)…The ultimate compliment! The GREATEST Grammy of All. Bravo – you earned it.

    RE: Paul Gauguin Osny, rue de Pontoise, Winter 1883…how is it possible to make cold, snowy scenes so warm, inviting, and embracing?

    Thanks TDK for sharing the Supremely beautiful LOVE song.


    “joni mitchell’s followed his lead tho”

    She’s had a stroke so I’ll cut her a wee bit of slack. A very tiny bit.

    Van and Eric made me proud, though, and I thought this music video was very effective:

    Enough is Enough

    But then, most of the big stars in ancient Jerusalem, circa 2k years ago, were pretentious sellouts too, which is why Jesus was so disturbing to them.

    Upon officially resuming work on Santa two hours ago, I wrote this note of dialog:

    “What is evil?”

    “Best I can tell, evil is looking away and telling yourself it’s ok. Leaving the Samaritan by the side of the road. Pretending your husband isn’t fucking your son. Evil is losing by default. Not showing up for the game. Being bad isn’t being evil. Being bad and pretending it’s good is the entry point to evil. From there, unspeakable horror follows, which is perhaps why it’s so little discussed: it’s so unspeakable.”

    For example, voting for the “lesser evil” is still an act in support of evil. Sin, which is forgivable, is about making honest mistakes, yea, even under severe duress (like the mistake of shooting yet one more time). Evil is about avoiding the truth, especially the truth of one’s own actions.

    By that axiom, for example, I would deem Nicole Foss’s willful ignorance regarding Trump Derangement Syndrome and voting for the (allegedly) lesser evil, quite thoroughly evil: doing bad, pretending it’s good — AND being smugly self-righteous about it. Follow that path and soon you’re the Spanish Inquisition skinning people alive ‘for their own good’.

    Evil almost always thinks it not just right, but most right of all, I’ve concluded. Witness those infamous Nazis.


    Also, regarding movements for good, unsavory leaders, and not confusing the two: sometimes bad movements are deemed good by dint of charismatic leaders, the Obama Syndrome; sometimes good movements are deemed bad by association with unsavory members.

    Either way, good is good and bad is bad, and the two qualities forever intermingle in our realm. Constant change, constant motion. The map is not the territory especially after an earthquake.


    “Before RUSTING out, Old Neil + pals used to sing about these things. And we built a movement around it (Kunstler recaps the story well).”

    Yes, until the gov started firing live rounds into us. Had we reacted vigilantly against Kent State, Nam would’ve been completely evacuated of USA within 6 months. But we folded, and we got 1975 and Pol Pot.

    In politics, nothing changes until someone busts someone’s kneecap.

    Movements are meant to be appropriated by other entities, if history is any judge. I recall a Revolutionary War which declared as its causus belli that all men are created equal but half of them still got to be slaves of the other half. We had to fight another war to end that slavery, and half the nation still hates it because some Northern lawyer corporate figurehead was in charge.

    If one wants a true movement led by a true leader, one has to go back to Genghis Khan or wait for the Return of Jeebus. Me, I just look for times when the tide is going in the right direction for once and then row like crazy. Don’t like the leader? Grow a pair and shoot the fucker. It’s not something one can vote into successful resolution, and declining to row because you dislike the coxswain, while the boat is approaching Niagara Falls and NEEDS YOU TO ROW, makes one irrelevant background scenery.

    This is life, after all: If anything is to happen, there must be blood. So sayeth the Food Chain to which we are all inextricably linked except via death’s escape.

    those darned kids
    Figmund Sreud


    Question: “Will there be a war?”

    Sergey Lavrov:“If it depends on the Russian Federation, there will be no war. We don’t want wars, but we won’t allow anyone to trample on our interests or ignore them, either.”

    … anyway, long interview:

    Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s interview with Sputnik, Echo of Moscow, Govorit Moskva and Komsomolskaya Pravda radio stations, Moscow, January 28, 2022




    I have thought for a while that the US military would be an excellent way to track the effects of the vaccines.

    They are mostly young and fit and have no reason to keel over and die. Also they have good medical care and probably have to record every issue. It is a shame they are getting rid of the ‘control group’ of the unvaccinated.

    One important thing is trends – are problems increasing or decreasing?

    It would also be a way to test claims about the vaccines, some of which are very drastic!


    tdk: at this point I mention concepts like liberal/conservative either as genuine historical labels (‘so-and-so ran as a liberal democrat with centrist tendencies’) or illusionary self-diagnoses of mental illness: “I’m a this-or-that”, something that I humor the way one is advised to do with lunatics (which may explain why I expend so much effort trying to make myself laugh?).

    On the Spectrum Somewhere, Maybe Everywhere

    Me, I have my hands full enough trying to keep track of humanity’s favorite moral polarity:

    Right and Wrong

    Grinding a fave ex of mine, I’ll say that part of what I think the Garden of Eden tales are all about is that we got smart enough to symbolize and categorize things way too soon, at a time when were still focusing on our primary po9larity: we either love or hate this that and the rest. Me too. I like talking about all this stuff, but seriously, I’m still working on being happy not sad and the rest can go kiss its own ass, thanyouverramusch.

    Every (Other) Minute

    The latter, btw, is SO much better live:

    (Other) Every Minute

    Booger, our parrot, loves this song. She’s cackling up a storm right now.



    “Natural infection is a risky strategy” with Covid.


    It looks like omicron was engineered to evade the singular vaccine protection, while natural infection leads to immune response against multiple viral proteins. The propaganda is senseless.


    (random robot bait) Only non-essential material object in this world that I might still lust for is a keyboard with that awesome old school Fender Rhodes sound. Feel free to mail me one once we get our delivery infrastructure back.
    Like this:

    Ol’ Glory


    Wow, today has so much crazy in the newsisphere today you could spread it on toast.

    “Trudeau Claims Truckers Only Hate Him Because He’s Black” – BBee

    Trudeau is a step n’-fetch-it maggot burrowing through Canadistan’s brain pan in hopes of finding some actual nourishment rather than empty calories in the form of Maple syrup.

    Leaked Database Shows U.S. Military Disease Skyrocketing After Covid-19 Inoculations

    This military medical database is a real gem, a controled subset of the populace, only doctors entering data, clean sweet stats, the perfect ‘control’ group set, and the best part: it was leaked, someone still cares.

    WHO Director Thanks Neil Young For Pulling His Songs Off Spotify

    Neil ‘Crazyhorse’ Young was an ardent supporter and fanboy of Ronnie “Raygun’ Reagan. So the brain damage from the 60’s drugs &sex was already playing peek-a-boo in Neil’s reality in the 80’s. No surprise he’s revealed his inner Freddy Krueger mean old neighbor-man. “Get off my cloud, I mean yawn!!! ” No more bong for you!

    Worldwide Exclusive: Embalmers Find Veins & Arteries Filled with Never Before Seen Rubbery Clots

    Hey, what do you say to this sci-fi horror B-movie revelation?

    “They” had better get busy threatening Funeral Directors to STFU because word is ‘leaking out’ about the Clotshot side effects that’s in a different ‘vein’ than anything seen before.

    “unnatural blood clot combinations with strange fibrous materials that are completely filling the vascular system….”

    Zombie Apocalypse stuff fur sure.

    It’s all good

    Bob hasn’t sold out, yet

    absolute galore

    I just got a post in my Instagram feed from a local acquaintance (who I have not seen in some time as he and his wife have been staying home a lot) showing a screen shot of the page on his phone that you go to to cancel your premium plan on Spotify. I am so tempted to post that Neil Young: Under 30, 31-60, 61 and up meme in his comments section, but why bother. How can you reason with people that are all in on an aging, irrelevant former rock “star” determining what they can or cannot read or hear or see?

    That has been the surprise to me–assuming most of my friends and acquaintances are, if not against these “vaccines” at least anti mandate, anti squashing free speech, anti censorship anti cancel culture.

    Nope. For example my friend who owns a bar restaurant in town that I patronized all through the pandemic while 7/8 of the town was afraid to come out of their house, who decided a few weeks ago to VOLUNTARILY make his establishment vaccine passport only,just like NYC. There are a few establishments in town, plus the local movie theater,that have done this.

    Of course a week later he had to shut temporarily because Covid was spreading among his fully vaxxed staff. And yet, still insisting on mandates. This willful denial and refusal to change even in the face of incontrovertible evidence is bizarre. I know the pat answer is mass formation, but there must be other forces at work on these people, because I know most of them to possess what we refer to as intelligence.

    It has definitely changed my social landscape in a big way. For instance, the aforementioned bar restaurant was the main place I took my 12-year-old son to eat for the past 6years. While the mandate is in effect I have no decision to make–unless I want to let him know I recently had Covid and I presumably have natural immunity, will that do?

    But at some point one would hope, since this is a mandate that was imposed voluntarily, that it will be rolled back. Do I then once again patronize the place? Suddenly my money is okay again? I don’t think so. Yet I need to be careful, because if you cut too much off, at some point you can’t function all that well in the community.

    absolute galore

    I also admit to being puzzled as to what objective these people have at this point in the game. It’s been over a year that the vaccines have been available. Their propaganda has been going 24/7 full volume. At this point, it would appear to be a serious case of diminishing returns. Those who want to be or in many cases were forced to be vaxxed, are vaxxed. Those who are not vaxxed–is Neil Young leaving Spotify going to convince them? Is the constant cancellations and bans going to persuade them? I mean, if Bill DeBlasio offering a hamburger, fries and a coke can’t get you to see the light, you are never going to be saved.

    My thought is, at this stage, the unvaxxed are going to stay that way unless they get dragged off and held down.

    D Benton Smith

    If there is anything more serious than purposeful mass murder on a global scale it is the following observed fact : The intelligence, military, judicial , financial, academic, communications , medical and scientific institutions across the entire planet are doing NOTHING to stop or even slow the crime. Quite the contrary. In many cases (maybe in MOST cases) these “institutional authority” people are energetically supporting and proactively committing the murders themselves !

    Government has only one justification for its existance: the preservation of the lives, health and prosperity of the people it governs. Governmental monopoly over law enforcement and officially sanctioned violence has one and only one justification as well : the provision of justice and the protection of the lives and property of the population who yielded personal sovereignty in exchange for the promised and expected benefit of themselves and the group.

    That agreement was and is a contract, applicable to BOTH parties. In other words, we gave up the right to physically defend ourselves and our loved ones and our property by giving that right to group-approved institutions. It seemed like a good idea at the time. It even seemed to work fairly well for a time.

    But now we innocent , VOLUNTARILY submissive, citizens, are being killed (literally killed dead) en masses by the very persons we entrusted with the protection of our lives and property, and those killers are being protected from justice rather than subjected to it. Sure looks like breach of contract to me.

    The solution seems pretty obvious to me, too. Take the voluntarily given authority away from lying, malfeasant, traitorous criminals . . . and give that authority back to yourself. It was never anything other than yours in the first place. The miscreant traitorous murders will probably say they have the “authority” to not let you do that, but , hey, without your personal permission the simply don’t have the “authority” to make the claim.

    those darned kids
    those darned kids

    i bet they got him stashed in biden’s basement.


    Denial is a very powerful psychological protection cognition that can sacrifice the body for the mind if not balanced out. It can kill drug addicts and it can kill affinity group/ideology addicts. Killing a whole bunch of them now. If this is a deliberate depopulation scheme, they seem to want people like us to survive.


    Government has only one justification for its existence, which is our inability to manage our affairs without ruining those of others.


    Neil Yong/Spotify/petition campaigns: denialism in action running on a mixture of lazy wishful thinking/self-righteous us vs them tribalism.

    I say, fight back with raw disco power. Even disco had a genius or three.

    Everyone Dressed Awful in the mid-70s

    from a time when disco didn’t mean ‘stairstep bass and lotsa yowzahs’, but was just a highly danceable form of soul with some ska/rock steady mixed in.

    D Benton Smith

    @those darned kids regarding the Pretty Bo’ Trudeau :

    There is no rock big enough to hide him, and besides, the rocks are already full up, no-vacancy, with all of the other slithery slimey things trying to hide now that the day is upon them.

    D Benton Smith


    “Government has only one justification for its existence, which is our inability to manage our affairs without ruining those of others.”

    Not to be nitpicky or anything, and being fully on board that what you wrote (above) IS a pretty good reason , but technically it is just a REASON , and not all that great as a JUSTIFICATION.


    Oh, Canada!

    From two weeks to flatten the curve …..

    18 wheels to flatten the Turd (Turdeau)

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