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    those darned kids

    doc day: wowsers! “Deer are psychic, in my experience.”

    so, one night my wife are walking in the woods. really dark. i say to her, “don’t let the deer frighten you”, in kind of a creepy voice like that lion from narnia. i have no idea why.

    one instant later, we hear “snort!” and a big buck followed by two does jump right in front of us from a dark recess and go bounding off into the woods.

    scared the moohoos out of my wife; i was just kinda left sayin’, “whoa..”.

    Veracious Poet

    So, really, we can’t do it the way it always got done before, and the sociopaths are working this out in sociopathic ways, with sociopathic rules-of-engagement.
    I suggest we do the parallel solution work, which has the capacity to be much better if we pull it off, and probably no worse if we don’t.
    I don’t want to fail to try. This is a big deal.

    John, at this point my goal is to be the old grey man & to help/save what remnant remains, focused on the innocent…

    I wish you were correct, but I intuit you’re a couple of decades early for your goal, unfortunately ~ The sociopaths have the herds completely enthralled, it’s a self-fulfilling circle jerk at this point. The wall is just too big for normal, loving healing processes for those lost in self-induced trances that don’t want to wake up…

    At this point I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop (MERS2), which is where I forcefully arrived after the 2020 election debacle & the mRNA poison being released like manna from heaven. Or something even worse, as western civ has been building this reckoning since WWII, TBTB since the hundred years war.

    The latest generations are nothing but spoiled sick children that refuse to be who the Infinite designed them to be, all manners of emotional/mental illness spreads from #AntiSpiritual societies, especially ones that move in CULT formations…

    Before Joni Mitchell totally lost her mind due to spiritual starvation she said this about Hippy Boomers:

    out of it (previous generation’s despair) came this liberated, spoiled, selfish generation into the costume ball of free love, free sex, free music, free, free, free, free we’re so free. And Woodstock was the culmination of it.

    You can’t restore something (our created rights under Natural Law) that is taken for granted to the point that it’s taken for granted, because it has no value…

    Maybe a future generation will awaken from this insanely ruthless culture, but from my experiences it would require Divine intervention & God’s is above all things honorable in my experience, not intruding where there is no invitation born of sincere need.

    All the best on the Journey,


Viewing 2 posts - 81 through 82 (of 82 total)
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