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    Rembrandt van Rijn An Old Scholar Near a Window in a Vaulted Room 1631   • In a World Fraught With War and Danger… Signs of Hope (SCF Op-ed) • Is
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    Dr D Rich said

    “One”. “Nazi”. “Jews”. “Israelis”. “Palestinians”

    The real list reads as follows:

    “One” : “One”
    “Nazi” : “Ukrainian, German and Prussian (redundant) Nazi”
    “Jews” : “Ukrainian/Kazarian, same place”
    “Israelis” : “Ukrainian/Kazarian, same place but not transposed to Palestine”
    “Palestinians” : “Descendants of the Israelites, God’s chosen people”

    Funny how the world changes and the corrupt power mongers change the meanings of words, but just can’t let the original meaning die as it gives them POWER over the sheep. That power is currently murdering the descendents of the Israelites, God’s chosen people, and the modern Jews and modern Chritsians (has there ever been a dumber group) support it.


    Obama warns Biden? Isn’t that like Edgar Bergen scolding Charlie McCarthy?

    Dr. D

    Debt roll for 2024 isn’t $6 Trillion, my mistake. It’s $7 Trillion.

    This is from a bunch of trash Powell took from the banks at $1/par for 1 year only, and comes due in March. So…we can’t finance what we have, the Fed can’t cover it, and you’re going to add a TRILLION of trash paper from the banks on that. Which if they take back as agreed every one will be insolvent? Huh.

    Okay, how about this: Powell as Federal Reserve HAS to float the debt. He also HAS TO save the banking system, those are his mandates. He also can’t be blamed by the general public because they’ll hang him AND the Fed, but it’s okay to be blamed by insiders who know. So…he set this all up last YEAR, which certainly had no solution. AND they’re an election coming on and he’ll be seen as partisan, or needs to give Biden everything he wants.

    See it yet? All these things converge shortly, the dollar continues repudiated, the rates rise, Biden calls, says “I NEED TO WIN AN ELECTION: NOW LOWER RATES!!!” and he just prints all the money. Why? Okay, Boss, Because they said so! It’s right there in the mandate. He WARNED Biden, he WARNED Congress in every possible way. But it’s in the mandate. If they say print $200 Billion a year before the election and hand it to Ukraine, he does it. If push comes to shove, he has to re-inflate.

    And boy howdy, will he. The American people still think there’s inflation while the Fed Pinatas think it’s “contained”. Expectations are contained. Subprime is contained, Nasdaq is contained. Can he get the hyperinflation to top out the week of the election? I mean, he’s good, but is it all THAT good? Well, every condition is there, and he’s got plenty of time.

    It took 200 years to get the first $700B and we just printed that in ONE DAY. $1B an HOUR. $36 Trillion with $1T interest payments, nobody has the slightest concern. Uh-huh. Well we the PEOPLE do. They’re not fools. And unlike Inflation, HYPER Inflation is a social event, not a “monetary” one. It’s a repudiation of the currency and a collapse of faith in government. Anything like that been going around lately? Like, reasons to not have “Full faith” in our governing class?

    Epstein’s brother, new angle to keep it in the news. Armstrong has the case though, because he was there and knows those particular cells well: those are the cells they put you in if they plan to kill you. That is, THEY’VE DONE THIS BEFORE. Many, many, many times. In Armstrong’s case they “Left the door to his cell open.” Uh-huh. I’m sure that happens all the time! Gosh, you left that gates open to Alcatraz again???? Now the cat got out!

    Maybe someone should look into how many “Accidents” have happened in those six cells over the years.

    Speaking of planning, I’m quite sure you’re right Haley is a candidate because of Plan B: the House picks the President, but the Senate picks the Vice President. OR they – Republican billionaires, say the Hampton Boyz, think they can get Haley in as straight VP like they did Pence. Ugh. But Luongo was saying with Dimon promoting her, there’s a rally ‘round choice to “select” her as the forced thing. That seems like a no, but that was how it WAS done until recently. That’s how Pappa Bush got in, and Ronnie had an “Accident”…from one of Bush’s family friends. For example. I think they’re all dreadful and it makes me sick to look at them. Well…Republicans, I guess.

    Not sure why it took so long to catch up to Blinken and his connections – or worse, his father said they were Globalists, and proud, and planned specifically to merge Corporation and State into a supranational where Corporations were senior. Directly TO CONGRESS. Then did it. Let’s not let a day go by without mentioning this.

    “Blinken is not going to do that. He is a diehard Zionist.”

    I don’t know if he cares at all about Zion. They’re not actually religious. He’s just K-Pop mafia, which wants to take over the other mafias called “Nations”, just as all living organisms unfold their inner nature. All “living” things grow and expand until stopped. And Mafias too, just turned out it wasn’t the Yakuza, wasn’t the Chechens this time. So don’t kid yourself has anything to do with prophets, religions, books, colors or anything. It about POWER. When you discard the religion thing and follow that, the world comes into a final focus and stays there.

    “The empire is going down screaming and kicking.
    This would account for the mainspring of tensions and conflict in today’s world.”

    We can of course, just withdraw to our present power and heal. Why don’t we? Well, you tell me. The present Generals who set up “America First” had only and exactly this plan. They’re not handing the world away and wanted probably more weapons and more men, more conflicts … but those conflicts would be to defend the US and not be overextended. And what happened to them, to say “Boss, we’ve gone too far, we need to pull back and regroup, and that might be a 5-10 year task, in addition, we are losing our base of support with the people, the law, the manufacturing, and conscription.”

    Well, as an opener, they downed a plane full of generals. Then they purged the ranks. Then they demanded we fight a war 10,000 miles away with no additional support, no additional battalions, and no State Department. They then got support by activating the National Guard non-stop for 10 years, and setting up Gitmo and Abu Garib. Yay! Say the people: I wanna be a soldier now fer sure.

    …So the ARMY can know. Even some of the GENERALS aren’t complete butt-sucking pinheads and can both know and do something serious about it. BUT: But this is what happens with the Civilian Side, the “Senate” when Rome is told to reduce and regroup. And it’s not crazy: ALL military actions take ground and ALWAYS regroup. They wax and wane slightly of course and if you are set upon, you fall back to the next line, dig in, then plan and throw forces back later. That is, this is a daily thing. At some point the Binkens of the world say no, “I want ALL the Oompa-Loompas and MOAR”? Like Ze, they say we fight every inch if it take every man, even if there is no military or tactical reason at all? Like Hitler in the famous movie bunker scene?

    Yes. That is how they act EMOTIONALLY.

    So why didn’t we do this? Divert Thucydides Trap? It’s not a trap. And we did. But this is what happened when the worker bees – even up to a very high level – tried to get it done. And why? Not because of “Empire” because like Rome, they were “Empire” for centuries. Not “why does it fall?” but “Why did it fall THEN?” It doesn’t have to fall because for the whole 100 years for us we could have pulled back, we could have acted like this, overreached and refused to withdraw. Why NOW? At some point, there is a condition where people of no competency get into power over the people with competency. That’s called “Corruption.” And they are not JUST corrupt, like Clinton, but SO corrupt, so incompetent that they no longer can even tell what competency is and that they lack it. That the worker bees around them have it. That’s called “Insanity”.

    THEN when America First Generals tell them – as they are no friends of mine – “Sure we’re happy to fight Iraq, kill all the brown people, steal all the money and bring it home – that’s our day job — but we need to do 1, 2, and 3 first.” And the insane incompetents say “No”. And even kill them, fire them, round them up and jail them instead. Instead of just demonstrating “Competency” and “Rationality” and doing the required 1, 2, and 3 because that would mean they get an Oompa Loompa, but they don’t get him NOWWWWWW.

    And so here we are. They’re still rounding up, jailing, and firing every “Competent” worker bee they can find. It’s going about as well as you’d expect.

    “War cabinet minister Benny Gantz says he supports the Israeli Army Chief of Staff’s call for an investigation”

    Of course, that’s who Benny Gantz is, as we saw when this started, and that’s we me knowing almost nothing about it.

    “ Retired US General on Why American Army Numbers Smallest Since 1940 (Sp.)

    Again, Time moves ever on. The Population of the U.S. was 134 Million in 1940. So we would need a military twice the 1940 number? That is, our military is roughly half what it was. There are other factors – we need less men, we were in a world war — but that sets the tone.

    It’s very easy to see that the military issue right now is straight sabotage. You sit in the chair and have some requirements for many, many tasks. Maybe transgender is one of them. But recruitment is another. And you picked Transgender, priority #36,749 over recruitment, priority #12. When it was brought to your attention by the competent, you doubled down on it publicly, so it can’t be an oversight or accident. They tell you, “If you do this, sir, we won’t have a military at all” and they answered, “Fine.” I can’t tell you WHY they sabotaged, but it’s pretty clear I could prove in a court there IS sabotage.

    So adding, if I’m on the outside and annoyed about your trans, vax behavior, I want to jump in under an officer corps who is openly and directly sabotaging? Both the Army AND my country? No, and not for that, but because I’ll be in constant conflict with them, and apparently they’ll have me arrested because – treasonous sabotage, duh. Pass. This goes up the chain to the political side, the demographics, the will, to either approve of this or take action to stop it. Until that happens, I have no support from my higher-ups, which is a situation every one of us finds ourselves in when we go to work at an average corporation, except we won’t be shot or arrested.

    “Zelensky Punishes Men and Women Who Refuse Draft (Kominyenko)

    I guess we all get to see the weird things that happen during a collapse in real time right now. This is tragic. Don’t be the last guy to take a bullet in the war. But that’s actually the most dangerous time. The most U.S. troops were lost after the war was over and we were near Berlin. Why?

    Because if you’re the average guy, if you’re anybody, everybody ELSE is so antsy, they figure THEY will get shot if they don’t shoot YOU, and you’re getting shot because “they suspected you were a spy because you didn’t fight hard enough”. That’s how things get. So then 50-50, YOU go out and do reckless stuff so you don’t get shot…and get shot for it. It’s all emotional, it’s all pointless, and it’s all insanity.

    Again, if Ukraine wasn’t made of morons they tell jokes about THERE ARE PATHS to make and keep yourself a country. Still are, always will be. But you have to not act like this, shoot all your own guys and march them into minefields while buying palatial homes in Miami and Paris. Duh. That’s not a high bar. They can’t do that, so they lost and won’t have a country. What do you want from me about it?

    “during a previously unreported private lunch at the White House in recent months, the Washington Post reported”

    Why am I reading this now, or at all? WaPo is reporting Biden will definitely lose? Does that seem plausible? No, so why are they admitting it?

    “Back in November, Axelrod suggested that Biden should consider dropping out of the 2024 race”

    Which leaves Kamala…who is apparently so bad and so insane, they don’t trust to have her be actual President for ONE DAY. …Which I agree with actually, she’s capable of anything, for any reason. For the lols. She’s a true psychopath like that. Rounding up Black Kids to sell to prison corporations like a African slavemaster? That’s not a joke, she did that and laughed, went to court to stop them from being freed.

    “In 2008, Epstein pleaded guilty to procuring a person under 18 for prostitution and felony solicitation of prostitution.”

    As everything written is a lie, here’s another lie: charged only with that?? Just like the Clinton foundation only “failed to file some paperwork” while working in complete integration with the Russians? Each level lets Hunter go with “the Minimum”. That becomes “the normal” and they go ape if you do anything remotely accurate, much less average for any other human. Then that gets in the news as “normal” and if you report more, you’re “Attacking” them. This is the pyramid of Diabolic Narcissists. Each person doesn’t want, doesn’t bother, to incur their pointless wrath, and “lets it slide” instead of doing their duty – anywhere near their duty – like they should. So as a whole culture, a whole country, this can happen, and so it does with ever-increasing frequency.

    Then “These incompetents” get into power over the Empire and Overrule the “Competents” when they advise them. As above. The End.

    But as with all of us in average corporations, why would like take it in the shorts if upper management is only going be mad and take out a career-spanning vendetta if a dare even ATTEMPT to do your job correctly? Ask Jb. What makes you do that? You have support, and the support is fairly widespread where the average person says, “Aw, yeah, I guess” when you explain having to hold the line on someone. “That sucks but you did the right thing.” This culture is now leaving the very concept of right and wrong.

    Norway: you can tell they’re being silly since you should walk on TOP of the snow, with skis or something, instead of digging to the ground which will just fill back in. And he wouldn’t fall in. At least get you some snowshoes, looks like you can afford them.


    if you feel like listening to the juicy ramblings of a whistleblower – I just discovered Kay Griggs. 7 hours.
    Dirt and names on arms dealers, the bush family, skull and bones, mk ultra, rape, abuse, assassinations.
    Fun for the whole family.
    Battered wives end up tough as fuck in some cases – Kay was one of em RIP


    Aspnaz until you include the Great Schism and the resulting centuries of brutality in your equations they will be falsifiable. Go inside any Roman Catholic parish today and you will find western culture among the parishoners. Look a little deeper and you will find those who Know the Good Shepherd and are Known by the Good Shepherd. I say this to you as a heretic, excommunicado. My abhorence for the Vatican has nothing at all to do with the Words Writ in Red or the human beings who live under the Easy Yoke and the Light Burden.

    Western Culture has not fully entered into adolescence and that is readily apparent to all of the societies within the ancient cultures. The Vatican is a State. The Vatican is and remains the purpose of the Great Schism. The Vatican, donning a Harry Potter’s magic cloak and proceeding under the illusion of truth, allied itself with the Monarchies of Western Europe. Among the dumb you deride are those who still believe in the Enlightenment. Take a moment and look at the dates of the Spanish Inquisition and the terror inflicited on the populace of Southern and Western Europe and then look to the dates of the Enlightenment. Explain how one of the greatest of heresies fully blossomed in the midst of the Terror of the Inquistion. The modern managerial class for the continuance of empire was being created. Look at the palace intriques and the murders and assasinations of clerics in the lead up to and during the Reformation. The enlightened got a Get Out of Jail Free Card and $200.00 as they passed Go. There has never been a free press and history has been written by those who control the press. Those who continue to believe the cockamammy history presented as the true story of Western Europe have to be among the dumbest in history.

    Those who cannot do, those who have no concept of the struggle to be humane beings, have always resorted to violence. Throughout human history violence has always failed, locally. The time has come where violence in pursuit of petty gains will fail globally. Those who cannot or will not do, will not be fully human and humane, will be swept aside. The fools, the ignorant, the dumb group are not to be found in the pews inside the Christian churches. The dumbest group are the ones who believe there will never be A Day or An Hour and that the most base of human characteristics will win the day eternally. Empires fall. That is a historically accurate statement that cannot be falsified. The dumbest group are the ones who cannont and WILL not see this current empire is falling and will destroy itself.

    Those who cannot see that symbiotic cooperation is the foundation of life on our home planet are willfully blind. Those who continue to follow the shallow thinking of those who might be represented by Machiavelli and Darwin, both products and proponents of empire, will continue on their path to destruction.

    ask not who the bell tolls for


    and now for the Jew haters

    the total world population identifying as Jewish is 15.2 million persons.
    the combined population of western Europe and the United States is 546 million persons.

    if 546 million persons are getting their ass whipped by 15.2 million persons, the 546 million deserve a Major Ass Whippin. openly receiving and accepting an ass whippin and crying about it in public is just not a good look. I have an acronymn for this type of person SDWB. (Short Dick White Boy)

    and from this vantage point it appears that 561 million persons are in line for a Major Ass Whippin. i will take my share of the ass whipping as the cost of association with my society of SDWBs.

    now back to the regularly scheduled programming

    Dr. D

    Kay Griggs: but nobody knew nothin’. There were no warnings and we only found out now.

    She may have been at the peak of this, where it had got so large under Pappa Bush that it wasn’t a hidden minority anymore, but the minority thousand were contacting thousands of average Americans who were like, “Holy #$@&, we have to figure out a response to this.” And for them, like first: “Is this real? Who’s in on it? How far does it go?” A. Jones appears, after a certain comedian disappears in a state with no death certificates.

    When you find out who and how deep, then you go, hey, maybe we shouldn’t rush, but we’d better be really f’n careful. Half of us are going to have to stay IN and be double agents, crime informers, watching this horror all day, participating, which ain’t great. But it’s a K-Mafia. How do you bring down mafias? Ask Guilani and Trump. They did it to NY in that same time. So Trump had to be squeaky clean, but they done it all before.

    What did you THINK they were going to do? Stand up like Kennedy, point right at them and declare you were going to kill them all and scatter their body parts to the winds? I think we were past that.

    That’s why when this happens…and it does…the only thing that matters is “What’s in your Heart?” If you’re a double-agent, informing for 12 years now, getting rich by it, watching torture, assassinations around you, grabbing your neighbor’s daughter to rape at 14 to make a POINT about POWER to that family and the rest of you. You can just say “Hey, I give up: the good guys got nothin’. I’ll just take the money and have a good time.” Stop fighting, risking. Float.

    Apparently they didn’t. Apparently our hearts collectively said we’re still fighting. Inside, up there, and outside, down here. Never not fighting.

    Now Israel is outed. Awww. Too bad so sad. Well, bad luck just happens sometimes I guess. Must be when there are no good guys, right?

    Dr. D

    tboc: Word.

    Except one thing that’s worse: it’s not “The Jews”: 99% of them are just “Sum Yung Guy”. It’s <1% of that.

    So it’s not 15M but 1Million, maybe as few as 1,000? Yeah, I dunno what to say to you guys: just say NO. Get another job. Throw your fast food wrappers at them until they are crushed by your barely-functional indifference. If you can’t even do that, what can I say?

    We name like 5-10 guys every day. They committed crimes, Go remove them. This is what I mean by the spell of “Authority”, false “Appeal to Authority”. How about just “No”? No you can do what you want but nobody will obey your stupid orders so you can sit in a corner babbling? STOP OBEYING ORDERS. STOP “Doing what you’re told.” Jesus, so easy. Be a cabbie or something if you have to, but just stop. THEY have no power. THEY have no power without you. Stop giving them their power.


    I cant wait for them to put their heads in their hands at my next minority report when I say “so incompetent that they no longer can even tell what competency is and that they lack it.”


    “Few people understand what the war in Ukraine means for big business.”

    JFK Jr

    News Flash

    Few people in the West seem to understand there will be no “Ukraine” when the dust settles.

    That’s right

    Russia is going for UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER

    No “negotiations”

    Just complete Western capitulation.

    The West gets Nothing from the Ukraine Project accept a bag of dust.

    The parts of Ukronaziland that are not reabsorbed back into Mother Russia will be tossed like table scraps to the Poles, Hungarians, Slovaks, and Romanians who will gobble them up like starving street dogs.

    The NeoConJobs get nada, just TOTAL humiliation on the World Stage.



    Blinken >>>Daddy>>>Maxwell>>>Maxwell>>>Epstein>>>Clinton>>>Clinton

    The Front and the C*nt



    D Benton Smith

    The Secretary of Defense should have no secrets from his Commander in Chief. None. The President should be kept fully informed in advance of absolutely everything concerning the Secretary of Defense that could possibly have any bearing whatsoever on the Security of the nation.

    Furthermore, the Secretary of Defense must have no intention NOR ABILITY to keep such secrets.

    Therefore, Lloyd Austin must be fired from his posts and investigated and prosecuted for each and every illegal thing that he did (and ordered others to do) in keeping secret from the Office of the President Austin’s three days absence from post. All of those subordinates and collaborators who assisted him in that crime must also be summarily suspended from all posts and investigated and if convicted then imprisoned for their roles in that crime.

    What Austin did is the most serious known crime of treasonous dereliction of duty and malfeasance in office that borders extremely closely to the crime of attempting the illegal overthrow of the Government of the United States, and betrayal of his oath to protect the Constitution and the nation.

    Seriously, fellow citizens. The Secretary of Defense has just openly confessed to a coups d’etat. If he is NOT immediately removed and punished then such an omission of justice would the de facto acknowledgement that Austin holds himself as senior to the Commander In Chief, and is in that case the RULER of the armed forces and nation itself, SUBORDINATE TO NO ONE OTHER THAN HIMSELF.

    I can scarcely believe that the man is still walking around freely. Looks like the Coups was 100% effective. We are now OFFICIALLY ended as a nation under the auspices of a legitimate Constitution.

    No holds barred now. We have entered the phase of dissolution in which the ONLY RULE OF LAW that exists in America comes down to simply being whatever you can get away with.


    Dmitry Orlov explains Amerikan Democracy!

    “The Democrat Party is not a Party, it’s a ‘non profit corporation…’s a private corporation, it’s not public… by jews….”


    On: RT, Trump talks like a Nazi – prev.

    Lies (“insurrection”), smears (“insults women”), call it libel / slander etc., and blatant pop ops. — e.g. pix of Trump that one sees on a Goog search, are all standard.

    Add in law-fare on all fronts (Stormy Daniels… I remember being in school train going up to N Switz., Vallorbe, snow all round, and the screen in the train showed news about that lady .. heh ..)

    re. -> financial dealings, personal dealings, alleged roles in whatever, etc. to hopefully make him withdraw / kick him off the ballot / make him so disreputable, disgusting, that ppl can’t vote for him. Say.

    The last doesn’t work, but it has to be done, as Dem. voters, enthusiasts, adherents, dependents (dollars), must be kept on board, corralled; the vilification has to continue, even expand, otherwise ppl might stop to think about policies, the future of the US, etc.

    Maybe 60 .. years ago Trump would just have been shot. Hard to compare, as much has changed since then. The divide-to-rule via propaganda schemes has reached levels so extreme that there is *risk* of devastating civil disturbance in the US.

    Plus, the myth of ‘democracy’ (votes not tallied, faked, Diebold to the rescue, more..) as an arbitrator that translates public opinion into Gvmt. policies has to be upheld, so there NEEDS to be two pol. parties, opponents, a kind of fight on the ground for the minds: Ppl have to take sides. Trump plays a role in that scenario, killing him off would be crass, risky, and destructive of the overall script, as it is presented.

    D Benton Smith


    Well put. I 100% agree with what you declared in your comment.


    South African, which has real Bona Fides in Apartheid, has put Israel in the cross-hairs with the ICJ Genocide Case.

    Israhell is trying to kill the case.

    That’s how they think

    Kill everything and the problem goes away.

    South Africa seems to be the only one in the world who grew a spine



    Lloyd “Affirmative Action” Austin needs to bromance with his homey Rep Bowman in Congress



    Not too fond of Whitey, tboc? Pointing out the source of Evil is just stating a fact, like 110 follows 109.


    Maine has gone Full Orwell Woketard


    The New Face of Fascism



    Key Words/concepts

    friendly fire.
    witness to the demise of the Western order.
    There is always a hard-bitten struggle to maintain privileges and monopoly control.
    The American empire is cornered by its own corruption and internal crisis.
    bankrupt in every way, financially, morally and politically.
    geopolitical blackmail of the U.S
    the coming structural changes in the U.S. Army
    Join the army and become a legal immigrant
    there is no ‘government’ of the people for the people
    Lies/BS/Misinformation/Disinformation or the Truth?

    Zelensky punishes men and women who refuse draft as thousands flee Ukraine every day

    Zelensky punishes men and women who refuse draft as thousands flee Ukraine every day

    Date: January 6, 2024
    Author: Editor, cairnsnews
    First, Make it legal to get rich.–cash-why-zelenska-foundation-is-vehicle-to-divert-aid-to-corrupt-ends-1116016558.html

    The release of the Epstein documents has once again cast shadow over the Clintons and their philanthropic activities — and raised questions about their joint project with Ukrainian first lady Olena Zelenskaya in September 2023.



    Dr D Rich

    Thanks for the hat tip but those words are directly attributable to The Professor Mearsheimer. Dr D spared JM his insight. So I’m waiting for that…..(burds churp)

    These following things ARE the same:

    Bethesda is now Walter Reed….you read that correctly.

    Murtha’s death via Bethesda-Walter Reed IS STILL a secret like SecDef Austin’s hospitalization via Walter Reed in Bethesda.

      Such in-depth reviews are standard procedure in situations such as Murtha’s surgery, Hernandez said. He added that naval medicine “is continuously monitored.” (((bullshit says retired Navy Captain, physician-surgeon, Marine flight surgeon, USNA distinguished graduate, Court martial judge, class A aviation Mishap investigator,/aeromedical analysis author, combat operations I-MEF, RM investigator for several dozen mishaps in Navy Medicine)))

      Cmdr. Danny Hernandez told The Hill the review has multiple steps including a mortality and morbidity conference; a quality assurance investigation by an uninvolved subject matter expert; a review by a multi- disciplinary patient safety committee; and a consultation with Navy medicine and outside experts as required.

    Navy to review Murtha surgery for error

    Left out of story is Murtha’s personal letter to a certain Navy doctor in which Jack declared his intent to investigate multi-billion dollar corruption in the military medicine’s disability system manifested in the commiseration of Lockheed, QTC and places like Bethesda NMC and Walter Reed. Murtha signed and dated the personal correspondence 2 days before the fateful surgery. They “palliated” Murtha’s family by naming a Walter Reed cancer ward after the deceased congressman. Their cynicism knows no bounds.

    tboc doesn’t expect The Spanish Inquisition in lieu of more white guy bashing…
    Self-gaslighting and follow the leader mentality accounts for most collective stupidity.
    Long ago it was established that 5% buy-in of required to inoculate The Entire Herd to a brainwashing, psychological scheme.

    That’s why Murtha’s murder and SecDef’s secret hospitalization ((botched surgery again??)) serve better as demonstration projects. Indeed many active duty soldiers and marines called for Murtha’s death when he was still alive and at least one Navy Surgeon General advocated for the same.

    Dr D Rich

    Won’t embed


    From Larry Johnson:

    Colonel Jacque Baud, a Swiss officer, a strategic intelligence and a former head of the United Nations peace operations doctrine, is author of a new book, The Russian Art of War: How the West Led Ukraine to Defeat, and presents a detailed breakdown of Ukraine’s hopeless task:

    “The reason the Russians are better than the West in Ukraine is that they see the conflict as a process; whereas we [The West] see it as a series of separate actions.

    The Russians see events as a film.

    The West sees them as photographs.

    They see the forest, while The West focus on the trees.

    That is why we place the start of the conflict on February 24, 2022, or the start of the Palestinian conflict on October 7, 2023.

    We ignore the contexts [that lead to the conflict] that bother us and wage conflicts we do not understand.

    That is why we lose our wars…..”


    “delusional Western analysts, insist the current state of the war is a stalemate.


    How is it a stalemate when Russia is outproducing Ukraine and all of the NATO countries in tanks, artillery shells and drones and is building up its standing Army to the tune of 42,000 men per month?

    While Putin’s war machine is on a roll, Ukraine can’t even come up with a workable plan to conscript new cannon fodder….his ain’t a stalemate…..”

    The Russian Art of War: How the West Led Ukraine to Defeat



    The only thing more pathetic than the simpletons who rattle on fantasizing about ‘negotiations’ with Russia on Ukronaziland are the simpletons who rattle on about ‘building up’ Ukronaziland’s ‘military industrial base’.


    The Russians are giving a front row performance with their massive missile strikes on Nazilensky’s ‘defense plants’ and training facilities and war material storage sites.


    The Empire of Lies is like a giant life sized replica of the Capitol building made entirely of dried bricks of cow dung.

    Like a cow dung Taj Mahal of corruption and greed.

    Smells funny when it rains but in dry times, the bullshit is extremely flammable and must be treated with caution.


    What a sad excuse for a country.

    The vast army of Duh’merican Soy Boys will soon be replaced with legions of hard core illegal immigrants who grew up in tough circumstances and know how to fight for themselves.


    Interesting the sad old US Army can’t maintain it’s numbers, by the end of 2023, there will be only 452,000 active-duty soldiers in the US Army, the smallest force since 1940.

    (The Ukronazis managed over 500,000 KIA in two years)

    With MILLIONS of MILITARY aged men flooding across the border per year the Duh’merica military can’t recruit to even replace it’s numbers.

    Sounds like a Plan.


    Actual soldiers, loyal to their country, their principles, their faith and their families


    Lloyd “Affirmative Action” Austin probably went into Walter Reed for transgender surgery so he could one-up Admiral Rachel Levine.



    @noirette re: tarnished, vilified

    I’m old enough to have seen Marion Barry smoking crack cocaine with a ‘prostitute’ on the evening news…and go on to win the next mayoral election. He had his warts, but he was doing something the people liked.



    Interesting perspective from a Senior Russian Commander

    “They [Nazilensky et Al] can’t be reasoned with, they are carrying out their task and exterminating the male population of Ukraine…..”

    And the other shoe drops….

    “And since Ukrainians are going along with this, we will assist them in completing this task as soon as possible…”


    Ah, an ‘Influencer’ speaks his mind…..

    Marc Andreessen

    Case study of the problem of AI centralization.


    EpsteinGPT has been officially banned. Why?




    The Deviant Pathological Artificial Intelligence

    It’s ‘getting hard to keep it up’



    Bret Weinstein, a very brave intelligent man, an his interview with Tucker Carlson


    The Great Schism:
    Catholic priests : Pedos, molesters of children.
    Orthodox priests : Married to women, fathers of children.


    Clinton crimes:

    Nobody should be surprised by Hillary Clinton’s continuing her criminal ways.
    Afterall she is the daughter of a Chicago crime boss.
    Crime is the only thing she knows how to do.
    Foundations are just a legal tool of crime.

    Rape is all Bill Clinton knows how to do.
    Being a deep state protégé, he has a license to rape to his heart’s content.
    F oundations are just cover for raping.

    Just ask Haiti about the Clinton’s helping.



    Obama’s warning to Biden about lack of current re-election efforts, really reflects his concern about Obama losing his 4th term as President.
    “Never under estimate Joe’s ability to fuck things up!” – Obama
    Let us hope so, since Biden’s re-electiin is already in (out of?) the bag.

    Weakening the US military is a key component of Obama’s long term plans for America.
    Driving competent people out of the military and then discouraging competent people from joining the military, is job one for the military.
    So yes, the military is successfully completing this task as ordered.
    All by design.


    Greg Hunter and Mark Crispin Miller on Rumble. Rolling Thunder Global Propaganda

    Figmund Sreud

    Interesting, proverbial techtonic plates are a-shifting! This is now being even acknowledged by CIA shills such as George Friedman, a former STRTFOR founder, … and currently of


    D Benton Smith

    I was fascinated by the marathon length interview of Katherine Pollard Griggs (see comment #149889, above). Did you notice the deep hurt and honest sincerity of her tears when she described her outreach for help in trying to save herself from being killed by the murderers she had been living with for decades? Those were real tears. So where was the deep hurt and honest tears for the people her husband and his perverted buddies had been slaughtering for all those years?

    Bottled up, and capped off by legitimately realistic fears of what would happen to her safe and comfortable physically protected life if she bucked the system that had been giving her all those perks. All of it would be snatched away . . . including her life. Brave lady that she did, eventually, make that choice. Very very brave in many many ways.

    There has never been a shortage of the semi-conscious dissociated “normies” who serve as cover and helpers for the deranged psychopaths/sociopaths who actually execute the antihuman actions are accepted as normal governance by the rest of us. There’s no shortage of psychopaths/sociopaths either. All kinds of crazy shit can be “normalized” for the innocent (but operationally oblivious) “Normal People” who live under the thrall of the crazies, and the crazies themselves actually like it. Between them they construct a bubble of co-dependence that is more or less impervious to outside influences because such outside influences are small and easily ignored. If they become too bothersome they are just as easily killed. I both cases the breach in the bubble is healed and it remains impervious UNLESS too many normies snap out of their trance in too short of a space of a time. Imagine what happens when that happens. That’s what’s happening.

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