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    The camel always gets poked eventually. Dr. D brought up John Titor in regard to the 2020 election (he/she presidency), but my mind returned to another quote from that 2000s site.

    Who can you trust the least? Those who have the most to lose if the world changes. We’re seeing that now. So we have the PMC false prophets.

    Btw, hard of hearing also from Meniere’s Disease as a child. Never learned to lip read of sign, but used the reading ability acquired before it began going down precipitously to guess what word would fit in a sentence if I missed a word or two. I’d say it worked about 75% of the time. I do realize others were not so lucky, and actually learned something new just in case complete deafness is in my future. I thank Raul for posting it.


    Our overlords are not supermen and superwomen. They are us. They eat, they sleep, they breed, they bleed. Just noone sees how afraid of us they really are, check out some pics of congresscritters on 1/6 and you’ll see. They know they’re pushing us too far. King Biden III has already cast the die.

    V. Arnold

    Our overlords are not supermen and superwomen. They are us.

    No! They are not “us”: human? Yes. But us? Emphatically no, they are not.
    They have the power, which is backed by the military…
    If you think the National Guard won’t shoot us then you have forgotten Kent State…

    Dr. D

    The Insane Clown Posse

    It’s like an ultimate horror movie where someone’s loved one trusts the serial killer who works as a cop assigned to the case.”

    That’s a great metaphor. All of them.

    Vietnam has a similarly excellent and direct, calm comment. Yes, that’s exactly what we’re describing.

    Deflation, you’re like a watch wound too tight. Brittle and prone to breaking. No surprise holding emotion tightly for so long, but former necessities may not suit you now. The world has opened; what will make you happy now? This day?

    And of course attacking the man, not the Science. We say “Edison invented the light bulb” in the same way. Light bulbs existed, other things existed. HE didn’t stand in front of all 100,000 attempts with different materials, he had a shop for that (that for a short time included Tesla). The man who invested what we know as the modern light bulb was a worker in his shop, and black, by the way. But he wasn’t home in his own garage, with his own ideas, he was being directed by Edison. Yet Edison is the “inventor”, as we commonly understand and use the word for like 500 years. But if you have a fact you don’t like, we just redefine common words so the facts don’t exist anymore. Like Miriam-Webster. Or the CDC. Or the definition of “Article of War” or what “Is” is.

    The rest of us normal people just say, “don’t yank my crank.” You’re a duck. Quack. And tasty.

Viewing 5 posts - 81 through 85 (of 85 total)
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