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    For TAE fans in need of a bit of comedic relief – recommend the movie “Don’t Look Up” (Netflix.) It was almost made for this audience. I found it humorous, enjoyable, irreverent and full of mordant humour about our current crisis. The cast is well-chosen. The media, social media, the “science,” and political leadership and citizens (that’s us) get skewered un-mercifully. Some of the players are thinly-disguised composites of bathetic real-life characters (Hunter Biden, Bill Gates)

    It is the most un-woke, caustically funny film I have seen in years. I can’t believe Netflix made it. Or that so many Hollywood a-listers and stars went along with it. Fair warning there is quite a bit of blue humor and swearing. The lead (DiCaprio) plays an astronomer at the focus of the story. His path is touching and runs from obscurity to fame to equanimity.

    Apologies if someone here has mentioned it already.

    agree about meta-studies. They can be misguided (unintentionally) or cherry-picked as much as individual studies can be. There I go assuming the “rational actor” model for humans again, I should know better. 😀 Meta-studies work well in non-politicized topics of science. Much like Wikipedia – is still (surprise) a good resource for non-politicized topics, like the Rankine cycle or plate tectonics (wacky-doodle science nonsense theory :-D) Anything on Wiki remotely related to current events is toxic-ally bent by bad actors (probably state actors) and not even worth visiting the page.

    Figmund Sreud

    @ Mr. House: … even the sober minded no longer believe the FED

    Well, … true that. I have been trying to hear out few sober minds on FED. The best analysis – so far – I think is from Michael Pento. Following is two-parts-long interview of him. It’s well worth to consider his thinking.

    Part 1:
    Part 2:

    … and here is his latest commentary to his clients:



    Doc Robinson

    “Notes from a call with Edward Ryan MD, Director of International Infectious Disease at Massachusetts General Hospital”

    By coincidence, Rochelle Walensky was the “chief” of Infectious Diseases at that same hospital before her political appointment by Biden to the top position at the CDC. Her expertise is HIV/AIDS, not respiratory infections.


    Robert Malone MD , originator of mRNA therapeutics,

    John Day

    Robert Malone MD is “an” originator/developer of mRNA therapeutics, not “the” developer.
    I stand corrected on that statement

    He is “the developer without a conflict of interest” as he explains.
    He’s not getting paid from profits from the products.

    those darned kids

    chooch: that’s great news (re: dr. ryan). this has me very worried.

    what happens when the money train stops for darth pfizer?

    then again, so many people have been injured from the injectable products that they’ll have clients for some time.

    later, they can market fertility treatments.


    “”Wow, I had no idea it was this bad. They’re all complete idiots,” said local HVAC repairman Joe Bob Smith who was standing outside the Supreme Court. “How could that many people in a high position of authority be that uninformed and dumb? It boggles the mind.”

    “I hope he can hold out, but it’s not looking good,” said Smith. “I mean, how did any of these judges pass middle school? Do they spend every waking hour watching CNN? Do they need to see a doctor? I just don’t understand.

    Smith was interrupted as a short yellow bus arrived to take Justice Sotomayor home.”


    “So, why is this one not working?”
    “It’s working, the infectivity is presenting exactly like the lab trials.”
    “But nobody’s dying!”
    “That’s the part we can’t predict. All the models showed that we should have gotten 5 to 9 million deaths by now..”
    “So, what went wrong.”
    “Sometimes these things happen. Our extrapolations of in-vitro experiments don’t always pan out into in-vivo field trials.”
    “So omicron is a flop, do you have anything else to deploy?”
    “You of little faith. We are just getting started on the alphabet. Some of these are sure to land on the mark. Just be patient, just don’t be a patient.”
    “Heh, good one.”

    Figmund Sreud

    Globe & Mail today – behind the paywall, so I’m just pasting it all:

    PUBLISHED JANUARY 8 2022, 8:00AM

    UPDATED JANUARY 8 2022, 9:30AM

    COVID-19 hospitalizations look different in the Omicron wave, and vaccination status is playing a part

    In early December, emergency room staff at Bluewater Health in Sarnia, Ont., began seeing a troubling change in patients coming to the hospital with serious COVID-19 symptoms. Unlike during earlier waves, multiple people were showing up at once. Sometimes entire families came in, all sick, likely with the newly identified Omicron variant of the virus.
    Now, the hospital’s intensive-care unit is at capacity, with 70 per cent of patients there as a result of COVID-19 infections. About 90 per cent of the COVID-19 patients in the ICU are unvaccinated, chief of staff Michel Haddad said in an interview this week. Among the hospital’s entire population of COVID-19 patients, both inside and outside the ICU, two-thirds are unvaccinated.
    In the past two weeks, the number of COVID-19 patients admitted to Bluewater has quadrupled. Meanwhile, a significant chunk of the staff – nearly five times the typical number – is on sick leave, in many cases because of Omicron. This has forced others to work double shifts and postpone holidays.
    The situation is so urgent the hospital sent an open letter this week in which it urged community members to get vaccinated and limit social contacts.
    Canada’s health care system ‘stretched too thin,’ health minister says, as hospitals grapple with Omicron wave
    Versions of this are playing out at hospitals around the country. On Friday, Ontario said 2,472 people were hospitalized as a result of COVID-19, a new provincial record. The same day, Quebec officials said more than 2,100 patients were in the hospital as a result of the disease, also a new record. The Quebec government expects that figure to reach 3,000 by mid-January.
    But this new flood of COVID-19 hospitalizations is different from those in previous waves. High vaccination rates, combined with a variant that appears to cause less severe disease than previous versions of the virus, have led to a situation where patients being admitted are often unvaccinated, and many are vaccinated but suffering from chronic health conditions that make them more vulnerable.
    Despite growing evidence that the Omicron variant is less likely to lead to severe illness requiring hospitalization or mechanical ventilation, its highly contagious nature poses a major threat.
    “There’s so many people that are infected out there that a smaller percentage of a larger number is still a big number,” Dr. Haddad said.
    Physicians say there’s no typical patient in the Omicron wave. People who are unvaccinated are much more likely to be hospitalized or end up in the ICU and experience severe outcomes. But people with compromised immune systems or other serious health problems are also being admitted.
    “What we’re seeing during this wave, I would say, is a wider spectrum of disease,” said Jessica Liu, an internal medicine physician at Toronto’s University Health Network.
    B.C. to end classroom alert for COVID-19 exposures, monitor school attendance instead
    Under a COVID-19 curfew in Montreal, a lonely doorman stands watch over an empty city
    According to the Ontario Science Table’s online dashboard, the hospital occupancy rate for the unvaccinated was 611 per million unvaccinated people in the province’s population as of Jan. 7, compared to 129 per million among those who had received at least two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine. The ICU occupancy rate among the unvaccinated was 153 per million, compared to about 11 per million among those who have received at least two vaccine doses.
    It seems as though Omicron infections are leading to fewer cases of severe COVID-19-related pneumonia, compared with infections seen in earlier waves of the pandemic, said Vikram Kapoor, hospitalist and site division head at William Osler Health System’s Brampton Civic Hospital.
    “It’s not a uniform pattern. It’s very specific to each individual patient and their own specific risk profile,” Dr. Kapoor said.
    For instance, many frail, elderly patients who get infected are coming to the hospital because they can no longer manage to take care of themselves, he said. In other cases, people with chronic illness, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, experience flare-ups of symptoms after a COVID-19 infection, resulting in hospitalization.
    Some people are testing positive for COVID-19 despite being admitted for something else. But from a hospital perspective, it doesn’t make much difference, because the same isolation protocols are put in place for everyone who tests positive, Dr. Kapoor said.
    At Bluewater, according to Dr. Haddad, unvaccinated ICU patients often range in age from 40 to 60. The hospital’s vaccinated COVID-19 patients include people undergoing chemotherapy and transplant recipients, he said.
    While some patients are still experiencing breathing problems and respiratory distress severe enough to require mechanical ventilation, the overall proportion of patients needing this kind of treatment appears to be less during this wave than in previous ones, said Bram Rochwerg, site lead at the Juravinski Hospital ICU in Hamilton.
    About 20 to 30 per cent of patients in the hospital’s ICU have classic COVID-19 pneumonia, Dr. Rochwerg said. Others have multiple health problems, along with COVID-19 infections.
    The less-severe nature of Omicron appears to be leading to shorter hospital stays. Kieran Moore, Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health, said in a briefing on Thursday that the average length of a stay for a COVID-19 ICU patient has dropped from 13 days in early December to six.
    “That, to me, is a very good trend,” Dr. Moore said. He added that shorter stays will give the province more flexibility to treat higher numbers of patients.
    The stress on the hospital system is being exacerbated by the fact that many health workers are isolating or taking sick leaves because of COVID-19, while many others are off the job because of pandemic fatigue and burnout.
    Quebec health minister Christian Dubé said on Thursday that 20,000 health care workers are absent as a result of COVID-19 in the province. That’s on top of 50,000 health care workers who are on longer-term leave because pandemic burnout and other issues, he noted.
    “Everyone is exhausted in the health system,” Mr. Dubé said.


    those darned kids

    figmund: that hospital must be an outlier because according to the above (updated today): full 137, part 18, un 123.

    that’s for the entire province!

    ontario population = 14,915,270 with 278 total icu patients = 0.0019% of the population.

    run for the hills!!!!!


    Apologies if Tessa has been posted already, but I thought it prudent, as it fits with just about everything that has happened and will happen in the near future.

    “They are lying

    It’s obscene.

    We are asked to live in a reality that’s completely manufactured—and to act like slaves and snitches.

    Nonsense reigns.

    Scientific standards have been banished, and honest doctors, censored.

    Signal jamming is so heavy that it works like magic, and a lot of people have succumbed because they don’t yet know that believing liars can potentially harm them more than having to live with an uncomfortable truth.

    Wherever I look, from horizon to horizon, I see lies. “

    ” It’s like an ultimate horror movie where someone’s loved one trusts the serial killer who works as a cop assigned to the case. “

    Maxwell Quest

    I could really related to this recent Neil Oliver video… only 9 mins:


    Veracious Poet


    See def comment?
    Scroll past.
    Do not waste your time.
    Do not waste bandwidth.
    Do not engage.

    This is the way…

    Never wrestle with an misanthropic pig ~ It gets mud all over you and the pig likes it.


    Veracious Poet

    Today’s Associated Proglodyte propaganda:

    Omicron-driven COVID-19 surge spurs breakdown in basic functions, services across U.S.

    Looks like They’re preparing the herd for martial law, or perhaps at least fantasizing about it 😐

    All the best,


    P.S. Even the word monkeys in the Mother court were amazed that a partisan dunce like Sotomayer was so rapidly advanced up the chain of power, as progressive as the SDNY “reporters” were, they all shell shocked in disbelief when I told them she was Obama’s nominee (had an inside scoop) ~ The “supreme” court is now just another mechanism to sweep fascist crap under the rug, in fact I expect the mandate to be upheld to protect the corps that tyrannically applied Resident Xiden’s diktat (if for no other reason) ~ Can’t add anymore straws on the fake capitalistic power brokers’ backs, they’ve got too many balls in the air already.

    I sincerely hope I’m wrong 😐

    Doc Robinson

    Thanks tdk for the link to the latest Ontario government statistics on the vaxx status of the Covid patients in Ontario’s hospitals. A large majority of the hospitalized cases are vaxxed.

    In hospital but not the ICU:
    Unvaccinated cases 457
    Partially vaccinated cases 115
    Fully vaccinated cases 1353

    In ICU:
    Unvaccinated cases 123
    Partially vaccinated cases 18
    Fully vaccinated cases 137


    S. F.

    The globe & mail is firmly in the msm and spews the party line.

    It was so painful to read so many lies, I stopped!

    As of yesterday in Ontario 80% with covid were vaxxed! The unvaxxed were less than 13% of covid cases.


    Today’s painting.

    Yes I noticed the hunters and their dogs.

    But what I really noticed were all the people out on the frozen ponds! Playing hockey?

    those darned kids

    are they hunting the skaters?

    TAE Summary

    “Let us work,” said Martin, “without disputing; it is the only way to render life tolerable.”

    The whole little society entered into this laudable design, according to their different abilities. Their little plot of land produced plentiful crops. Cunegonde was, indeed, very ugly, but she became an excellent pastry cook; Paquette worked at embroidery; the old woman looked after the linen. They were all, not excepting Friar Giroflée, of some service or other; for he made a good joiner, and became a very honest man.

    Pangloss sometimes said to Candide:

    “There is a concatenation of events in this best of all possible worlds: for if you had not been kicked out of a magnificent castle for love of Miss Cunegonde: if you had not been put into the Inquisition: if you had not walked over America: if you had not stabbed the Baron: if you had not lost all your sheep from the fine country of El Dorado: you would not be here eating preserved citrons and pistachio-nuts.”

    “All that is very well,” answered Candide, “but let us cultivate our garden.”

    the end of Candide by Voltaire


    A large majority of the hospitalized cases are vaxxed.

    How many people in Ontario are vaccinated?


    Robert Malone MD is “an” originator/developer of mRNA therapeutics, not “the” developer.
    I stand corrected on that statement

    He is “the developer without a conflict of interest” as he explains.

    On his own twitter account bio, he referred to himself as “The inventor of mRNA vaccines and RNA as a drug, Bench to Bedside vaccines and biologics consulting.”

    You can see it here:


    Re – Where in the mouth sounds and letters are formed:

    I want to bring your attention to how important this diagram really is. As most of you already know I am basically deaf and blind from Ushers Syndrome, where the nerve cells in both the eye and ears die off over time, one by one.

    When I was younger, I was considered only hard-of-hearing. As such I learned to be a pretty good lip reader (about 50%). These days I am too blind to lip read anymore.

    Lip reading requires knowing the mouth shape and the position of the tongue that goes with each sound. Very tricky to do as multiple sounds can come from the same mouth shapes, or tongue positions, and combinations of both mouth and tongue positions.

    For example PBMW sounds/letters require the lips to close. This is very tricky for lip readers as you only have a 25% chance of guessing correctly. You need to depend upon, the length of time the lips are closed, the proceeding/following sounds, or the context to increase your odds above 25%. Hitting 50% is really hard because you can’t see the tongue’s position.

    This lip reading/hearing process requires remembering immediate past sounds while processing new incoming sounds, and then reviewing past, present, and new incoming sounds, to clarify what you thought you heard but weren’t exactly sure, and then either deciding what you heard or deciding that you still don’t know what you heard. Meanwhile you need to process new incoming sounds. Not everyone is good at mentally mulri-tasking. If your mind isn’t wired for parallel processing, the world is a really tough place.

    This lip reading/hearing proccess, requires a lot of continuos mental energy, often leaving you exhausted at the end of the day.

    Another complex aspect of hearing loss is what part of the human hearing spectrum, 0 to 15,000 hertz, your hearing loss is located. This is important for determining your ability to discriminate between different sounds. Vowel sounds like a, e, i, o, are usually below 6,000 hertz. Constance sounds like sh, ch, are above 6,000 hertz.

    For example, are we talking about kitchen or chicken? If you have lost your high frequency hearing all you might hear is “ic-en”! If you are not in the kitchen with chicken, then God help you!

    If you are wondering why most seniors lose their high frequency hearing but not their low frequency hearing it is very simple! The high frequency nerves in your ear canal, are located right next to your ear drum! Over time the hearing bones attached to your ear drum vibrate the high frequency nerves first and hardest! Naturally that is what wears out first! Your low frequency nerves are located at the other end of the ear canal so they don’t get beaten up first or as badly.

    If you were to take a picture of the nerve cells in your ear canal, you would see that each nerve cell puts up a single hair, looking like a lawn of grass. Damaged nerve cells in the ear canal look like someone trampled the grass! Once these nerve cell hairs are trampled down, they don’t pop back up!


    Only the true believers that listen to the real prophet that do not listen to the false prophets will be saved.
    (this is a line from s-f )
    What should the deaf people at TAE do?



    As of yesterday, 78% of Ontario’s adults were double vaxxed, 83% were single, double, or triple vaxxed, less than 13% were unvaxxed, 3% unknown status, and 27% were triple vaxxed.

    80% of Ontario’s covid cases were vaxxed.


    and …. can I assume that nobody knows how many people have herd immunity?



    Unfortunately deaf prophets listen to msm’s “closed” captioning!



    Unfortunately because Ontario’s health authorities have been using the latest and greatest models, they haven’t got a clue!

    Michael Reid

    But if 0.003% of the population or 3 in 100,000 are in danger, you can’t tell the whole country to stop what they’re doing and stop living their own lives and live for the sake of the 3 in 100000.

    But we have done that and worst. We have been very stupid. Is that clear now? No studies are necessary to confirm.

    those darned kids

    whoopdeedoo, at least dr. malone is fighting to save people’s lives, not herd them into injections created hastily by some of the world’s most corrupt corporations at the behest of some of the world’s most corrupt institutions in order to supposedly fight a disease about as deadly as a bad flu.

    a disease, we must remind ourselves, that was created by some of the very people who are profiting handsomely from the so-called cures.



    There is another image floating around showing just how out of bed omicron is with the previous variants. Forgot to archive it when I came across it a few days ago. There is some bio weapon speculation chatter out there but nothing really to run with. Zero Covid China makes you wonder, US being the real target in that case. Keep an eye on deaths in SA, Israel and Scandanvia. Yep, I’m wearing my tin foil hat.

    Yuri Deigin (@ydeigin) Tweeted:
    Doesn’t look like Omicron arose through human circulation. That much is obvious. Doesn’t even fit the “spent a year in an immunocompromised person” bill well. The best fit? An engineered polymutant then passaged in mice or one from serial passaging in the presence of antibodies.


    First of all, yes, obviously, something is happening. Western hospitals are full in hot spots, staff is burned out. There are worker shortages, supply issues. Commenters here and elsewhere have reported that they were/are ill from COVID or from the injection of the mRNA vaccines. I believe them because I’ve read their other comments. Yet in my tiny circle of people who I know, there are no coronavirus deaths. Also, gene therapies work. My Ex’s Christmas present was the disappearance of her tumor thanks to cancer immunotherapy.

    But this is true; “President Biden’s chief medical advisor Anthony Fauci, longtime director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, not only isn’t trained in public health but “has interests that do not align with the public health interests of the United States,”

    Humans see the world through our brain’s representation of what it senses, memories, in an inherited framework (up down, left and right), and emotions to hopefully allow one’s survival and reproduction. Humans most importantly evolve in tribes. Culture and language allow learning instead of inventing things over and over again each new generation.

    My interpretation is that western governments have been seized by a global financial oligarchy that is so divorced from reality that it is a cult. This is the elephant in the room that TAE and the comments are trying to describe. Simply put the ruling plutocrats and purchased politicians only goal is to increase profits and their wealth no matter the consequences. mRNA vaccines make money thus they are the sole US national response to the coronavirus pandemic along with mandates to maximize the number of the injections that do not prevent transmission, appear to compromise the immune system, and cause heart inflammation in young males. The death rate of workers in Indiana in 2021 has increased by 40%.

    Democracy has disappeared. Western citizens no longer matter. Neither are they served or protected by their governments. The USA is a failed state.

    Veracious Poet

    More vaccine madness:

    Covid Vaccines in Action: Brazilian Reporter, 36, Suffers Cardiac Arrest, Collapses During Live Broadcast ~ Back on December 28, Minas went on social media to brag about how he received his booster shot in obedience to the government.

    Covid Vaccines in Action: Brazilian Reporter, 36, Suffers Cardiac Arrest, Collapses During Live Broadcast

    No jab, no job: Citigroup Inc staff in the United States who have not been vaccinated against COVID-19 by Jan. 14 will be placed on unpaid leave and fired at the end of the month unless they are granted an exemption, according to a company memo seen by Reuters on Friday.

    V. Arnold

    @ VV
    Democracy has disappeared. Western citizens no longer matter. Neither are they served or protected by their governments. The USA is a failed state.

    I self exiled in May of 2003 based on the illegal invasion and destruction of Iraq. My last straw in the long list of U.S. aggresions across the planet.
    I did not/could not see what the future has wrought since that time. Looking back, I think the clues were all there for those smarter than I, to see our place on the world stage, failing at an increasing velocity…
    My present fears center on what the U.S. will do in reaction to the world awakened to the obvious decline…the wreckage is piling up…

    absolute galore

    WES — thanks for sharing that information on lip reading. People might think its easy because we see it but it’s just an exclamation or a short sentence, with the context obvious. The way you described it gives me real insight into just how difficult it is–and an appreciation for how exhausting it can be.

    those darned kids

    ok, this goes beyond “must watch” into the territory of “holy funk!”

    you may have heard that hospitals get 3,000$ for a covid admit, 3,000$ for vents, 30,000$ for death..

    well, try more like 350,000$ per patient.

    please, please watch:


    “What should the deaf people at TAE do?”

    Look for a camel attempting to pass through the eye of a needle. That’s what I do anyway.


    See that attempt, it’s a false prophet.



    That is the brief image you get when the camel sticks the needle in your eye!

    Maxwell Quest

    Thanks for the DePriest link, TDK. I just downloaded a copy of the Covid-19 guidelines from the NIH website, and sure ’nuff page 33 contains the statement she pointed to in the interview.

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