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    Henri Matisse The goldfish 1912   • No End In Sight For Sydney Lockdown As Delta Variant Outbreak Worsens (F.) • Covid Unlocking On 19 July Must
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle July 12 2021]

    Polder Dweller

    The D-Dimer test only confirms what I think was fully to be expected, namely that the vaccines cause clots in (nearly) everyone, just that in most people they are only very small. In any case, it’s a concrete reason not to accept the jab.

    Couple that with the material presented in the Fuellmich/Martin video and it becomes clear that the real bioweapon is the vaccine, not the virus.


    Most of us are getting freaked out and doing the funky chicken right now because of the rapidly accelerated push toward wearable tech and biotech medicine and the potential capture of the global populace. It is a frightening vision because Data is the new oil and there is just sooo much data harvest going on. But Oil makes possible the data harvest so we may just be doing this crazyness for a short time before it just loses support – not from the people but from the energy supply. I know most of us know this but it bears remembering.

    John Day re the comments the other post- yes I am not so far out of the city that I have ‘escaped’ but at least I can be close to nature where I am. I think in this world of hyper-interconnectivity hiding is not really an option. Standing up for what matter is what counts. Speaking of which I am going to try to be counted amongst the class action for crimes against humanity that Fullmich and/or others are engaged in. Does anyone have an idea how to register or be involved?
    I think it would allow a solid reason to not get the jab if it went beyond coercion – legal protection given it is a current case. I am thinking out loud but it is now time to soldier up, me thinks and take some concrete actions in opposition to this madness, watching is no longer fun.

    Michael Reid

    With regards to the term elites, Whitney Webb used the best term that I have heard: the ruling class

    With respect to Karl Denniger, my assessment is that he is speaking the truth and comments on how he has presented or communicated the truth are irrelevant as the truth is not changed by the way it was presented

    Mister Roboto

    A new poll finds that 40 per cent of Brits want mask mandates to remain in place forever, while almost half think unvaccinated people should be permanently banned from foreign travel.

    And the lot of them are more likely than not Labour-voting “Remainers” who live in major metropolitan areas. Coronapansies to the max.

    Michael Reid

    The fact? that the ruling class does not correspond to those who have been elected is shattering to most people’s worldview


    Michael Reid – I agree re Denninger. I also particularly like his inflammatory style. When the reality is so extreme it is not worth being too balanced or academic about it when tone is involved.


    When I next go for surgery or visit the dentist I will request they don’t wear a mask, pointless isn’t it, no science just chumps who want to look ‘good’.
    Once upon a time this site appeared to offer something only one problem now Baldrick ‘ its bollocks”
    Yes governments have failed, vaccines are untested and potentially dangerous but potentially so is this virus. Just to reiterate ‘ we do not know what the long term implications of infection are, even in mild cases. You read and regurgitate as misc right wing bile as you can but that is a fact. It may take years before the molecular pathways are understood, but just because a virus kills quickly specific sections of society and leaves other relatively unscathed doesn’t mean unrestricted transmission is safe or a legitimate moral option.
    It’s okay harking on about ivermectin etc which I agree repurposing of safe theroputic drugs should be pursued, but behind this the science, why does Ivermectin work what pathways is it obstructing? At the moment we don’t know but they are questions that need to be answered to understand how the disease progresses. Once the disease is understood, how the virus causes the morbidity and mortality witnessed it is then educated discisions on how best to live with the it can be made.
    In the meantime restriction of transmission should be pursued, but then the cosy world of politicians and their economies fall apart. Ironically from a position of criticism the AE has now become a cheerleader for the neolibral system.

    Dr. D

    Since every day is a good day to make fun of America’s most celebrated mass murderer (and failed pick-up artist), it’s been brought up that – aside from “using his Covid success to make a gun violence success” – Andy ALREADY did that. He was in charge the whole time, during every minute of NY’s descent into warlord Mad Max, but he ALREADY passed the strongest, most illegal anti-gun law back in 2008. –And yes, it’s illegal not only against the FEDERAL Constitution, but they have the same gun-freedom protections in the STATE Constitution. “[a] well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free STATE, the right of the people to keep and bear arms cannot be infringed.” Article I Nice goin’ – double header! And every judge? Whoo-doggie, that’s there’s some illiterate, illegal immoral, crooked law there. Total ban = Total freedom and not infringed. FOR the state, against the people, all the way. As always and forever as in all world history.

    Anyway, Andy, you passed the strongest gun law in the nation in 2008. What happened? All the guns did not disappear from the cities. All the guns did not disappear from the largely rural state. Gun crime was unchanged. Oh, and NOBODY registered, turned in, or OBEYED, not one of 20 million of them.

    …IT’S ALMOST AS IF CRIMINALS DON’T FOLLOW THE LAW. (Or law-abiding people either) Who knew? Except you, yesterday, when you said the crimes guns were illegal, which is why you were going to make them illegal. Or Illegal-er. Or since this is the 3rd, fourth, or fifth go-round in your sorry failure of a state, illegal-er-er-er-er-er-er-er-er-er. Wow! Still failing! Almost past Chicago, NY cities now have non-stop shootings, carjackings, drive-bys, not just in NY City either. And with 14-year-olds doin’ a ‘rumble’ — those crazy kids! – by shooting each other walking home. And equal opportunity! There’s a win: 14-year-old drive-bys by and for young girls.

    So…now that 13-year-olds are the top murderer-er-er-ers, they go to juvy. I mean, right? NY just passed a law REQUIRING underage to ONLY go juvy, with no discretion from the prosecution as going back 200 years. Next up? All the murderers – who are now child soldiers — are in a low-security lockup, attack the guards and send them all to the hospital. Because: – being a failure – he already has full prisons and understaffed, unsafe guards! Guards are all in the hospital now, does that make a) even lower, even more dangerous staffing? And then a second riot to harm the remaining guards?

    Oh Andy! Help and caring! No never allow gang-funded drive-bys on their third murder to maybe go to adult prison where they, and the guards, and the people of NY could be safe, no! Silly-billy. We decide from space, from 1,000 miles up, how every man, woman and child must be charged, having never read the cases, decide years ahead of time. “Do what you’re told.” “Mommy knows best.”

    Okay, following this story – bad I admit. His ’08 gun act proves A G A I N that, like Chicago, NY, NJ, L.A. these laws specifically dis-arm the moral people, and ARM and encourage all the violent people. Fail, fail, fail, fail, fail. MOAR! Some good people still have the power of self-defense. Some deer hunters on the Canadian border still own a rifle. THIS MUST BE STOPPED.

    No, that’s not my point. So visualize: so many child drive-bys in the cities of NY, that they housed half a dozen in one complex in one month. So your kid, who did some graffiti, borrowed the neighbor’s car for a joy ride, is now spending months in what is now hard-core, murderer’s prison. Where there are open violent attacks and riots. …Just like the Texas border. ‘Cause Andy was “helping”, has to control everything, literally no one is safe anymore. Not when the proselytizers of #AntiLogos come to town. Guess we just gotta toughen Opie and the ol’ Beaver up! Tighten those Shiv skills at the age of 11 ‘ll larn ya!

    Are we done now? Is it too hard to admit we were doing this better via the old ways that had #Law and #Logos in them?

    Oh yeah, I forgot all about how NY had already passed that (illegal) gun-crime-emergency-powers act, and a minute later, he does it again.

    It is impossible to be discredited. It is impossible to be arrested. To have that, you’d have to have a Meritocracy, which is the sole thing failures, losers, thieves and frauds are against.

    Can I get some Idiot Son nepotism up in the Hause? Him and his Idiot brother, lying about Covid lockdowns on CNN and getting more caught than Brian Williams. Decades overseeing the whole protection of Epstein, and selling open-rape passes to Weinstein, with a paper check, on the books. This is the top state says Fauci, says Politibeasts, bestest evah!. This is the plan for your state, for your li’l Opies and Annette Funicellos.

    Meritocracy, cause and effect: is that just so hard?

    “Make it as confusing as you can, please.”

    Standard M.O. for narcissists. You are psychologically required to be in the wrong so they can power-over, therefore, all rules must be mis-directed and contradict. When everything is illegal, then you arrest whoever you like! Yeah, that’s from Ayn Rand, 70 years ago. When you’ve made Ayn Rand correct, it’s time you mend your ways.

    Anyway, YES! And we’ll never have clear standards or equal enforcement again. Or fair elections. Or if you’re Justin: elections at all. …Until you do something.

    They are deeply mentally ill. Remove them and put them in a home before they hurt someone else.

    “Mask Wearing Will Be ‘Expected’ In UK After 19 July (G.)”

    Great! When can I expect scientific research showing that masks work? …Since they don’t work anywhere in NY, NJ, or UK, and I’m orders of magnitude safer in Sudan and Calcutta?

    ““communicating directly with violent extremists anyone who dislikes Biden online,” (Or owns a Lego set) Fixed it.

    “…we have the three great asset classes moving into bubble territory simultaneously.”

    Winner of the meritocracy Michael Burry says this is the biggest bubble by orders of magnitude, past South Sea Bubble – John Law stuff. He’s a certified autistic so he’s not kidding. What clued everybody in? Highest stocks with lowest economy in national history, $6T budgets, or was it the $2T a night bailovers?

    Now you know why nobody wants it to pop. Not just the carefully-engineered destruction, but the blame.

    Dr. D

    Appreciate the contra-view, Alder, but as I say every day, what “restriction of transmission”? Every place that locked down had ZERO restriction of transmission compared to every place that was open, and mostly far worse outcomes.

    So it might seem common sense it would work, but 18 months further on, it’s definitively not science. It’s an utter, complete failure, and if anybody died at all due to the restriction of transmission — and it’s pretty easy to prove that’s the case (child suicides) — then restricting causes MORE death.

    We knew this month 2, on the Diamond Princess and every day since then. And we do know the process of IVM and HCQ, roughly. Just takes a lot of time to read high-level papers.

    Dr. D

    * Failed * attempt at restriction of transmission. (denies edit)

    Dr. D

    FBI Agents Raid Massive Terrorist Compound In California


    Wake up!
    It was all a dream!
    ” you have been brainwashed.”

    The average American is living in a unacknowledged/different bubble. You’re in if you think, “It cannot, possibly, end well.”

    1912 The goldfish bowl – Henri Matisse
    1999 The Matrix
    2019 covid19

    The real bioweapon is the vaccine, not the virus

    watching is no longer fun.

    truth is not changed by the way it was presented

    ruling class is behind the curtain

    There is no need for you to despair because my beliefs, my gods, are not the same as your beliefs or your gods

    SUCK IT UP! : (phrase used for saying someone must accept an unpleasant situation.)

    Mister Roboto

    And also, lockdowns are antithetical to human life and a tentacle of encroaching authoritarianism that should not be tolerated. I would remind everyone that the very term “lockdown” comes from prison-management terminology.

    Polder Dweller

    Difficult to find anything to agree with in your comment, Aldertag.

    The transmission has already been handled by Dr D, I’ll just add that short of locking people down (or should that be up?) really hard – i.e. everyone stays full time at home, food is delivered by someone in a hazmat suit – it’s impossible to stop the spread of a respiratory virus and the consequences of hard lockdown on the immune system are very significant.

    As for how ivermectin works, this has been discussed in the comments on TAE. Basically, if I understood correctly, it prevents the spike proteins from attaching to the ACE2 receptors which are mainly found in the nose, lungs, ovaries etc.

    Lastly, the vaccines deliver orders of magnitude more spike protein into your body than does the virus and it’s the spike proteins which do all the damage.

    Mr. House

    “In the meantime restriction of transmission should be pursued, but then the cosy world of politicians and their economies fall apart.”

    HUH? Didn’t we have enough evidence that the politicians were not following their own rules anyways? Its funny, i feel like some people are cheering for the virus, and long for the lockdown. Stockholm syndrome! Also the “neoliberals” you mention didn’t stop being neoliberals due to the lockdowns. They shutdown the mom and pops and any portions of the economy they haven’t fully “neoliberalized” while letting the big dogs who send them money stay open. So if you were hoping that neoliberalism was going to die due to the virus, i think those hopes are misplaced.

    Mr. House

    Its funny, now that the country can’t afford to be liberal with resources, .gov makes token gestures. Kinda like ID POL!


    Too hot

    (35°C × 9/5) + 32 = 95°F

    Comfortable temperature generally means that the surface of the skin is at an average of 35°C (95°F), as the skin surface is being cooled by the environment, allowing the body to get rid of excess heat.

    Mr. House

    Also did you miss that they bailed themselves out before they mandated lockdowns? I think that was the entire point of covid, to print more money then all the years from 2009 to 2019, but i don’t blame you if you missed it. They were screaming everyone was going to die in all newsmedia 24/7. Very surprising that people didn’t find that weird, but when the herd stampedes it really stampedes, just don’t go over that cliff with it 😉


    Reiner Fuellmich interview with Dr David Martin
    A manufactured illusion 9/7/21

    Dr David Martin explains the medical PATENTS that were filed on every single aspect of the Sars Cov and Sars Cov 2 ‘viruses’ and the spike protein and polybase furin cleavage sequence YEARS before the 2019 ’emergence’ of the so called Covid-19 ‘virus’.

    It gets a little confusing because of the legal references to medical patent law but just listen carefully, he explains it in detail, and it reveals a jaw dropping tale.

    Also a much broader overview of how we got to the medical clusterfuck we find ourselves in today.



    Sorry forgot the link

    Reiner Fuellmich interview with Dr David Martin
    A manufactured illusion 9/7/21

    Mr. House

    “Dr David Martin explains the medical PATENTS that were filed on every single aspect of the Sars Cov and Sars Cov 2 ‘viruses’ and the spike protein and polybase furin cleavage sequence YEARS before the 2019 ’emergence’ of the so called Covid-19 ‘virus’.”

    So covid was used as an excuse to print money and condition people to less freedom. Where have i heard that before? 😉


    The more I dig and learn about the back story to ‘gain of function research’ the more it points to the Trans-human scam, which is basically the same old eugenics scam in a new form.

    Transhumanism should be rebranded as Subhumanism, because that is it’s ultimate goal, the destruction of humanity in a nut shell.


    @Mr House: “Also the “neoliberals” you mention didn’t stop being neoliberals due to the lockdowns. They shutdown the mom and pops and any portions of the economy they haven’t fully “neoliberalized” while letting the big dogs who send them money stay open.”

    Thanks. Well said. I was scratching my head at that particular criticism of TAE.


    @ Mr House

    Listen to the explanation on the video link, it’s a much deeper rabbit hole than mere money.

    The patents around Covid-19 are intertwined with the Anthrax incident back in 2001 among many other tendrils.


    @oro: “Transhumanism should be rebranded as Subhumanism …”

    Or deadhumanism. Someone on here, can’t remember who, very astutely compared GMO crops/livestock with gene-modified vaccinated humans. We know how things are working out for GMO at this point so …

    Mr. House

    What is the path of least resistance: Culling the herd like a flock of animals with a “vaccine” now that the resources and system can no longer support the inflated population due to your endless credit policies and anything goes and nothing matters or let your mistakes become public and deal with the wrath of the public who you think of as total dolts anyways?

    Mr. House


    Watching that video now, actually saw bald gentleman making the same claims in 2020.


    Probably the same dude but he works for a research company that underwrites medical risks.


    That’s why he’s so good at patent searches

    John Day
    Participant Another picture, with quercetin sources

    PORT AU PRINCE, HAITI — As shock grips the Caribbean island nation of Haiti following the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse, the Haitian government has carried out a campaign to arrest suspects it alleges are responsible for the murder.
    ​ ​Haitian Director of National Police Leon Charles announced at a press conference that the assassination squad that killed Moise is comprised of 28 foreigners, including two Haitian-Americans and 26 Colombian nationals. Fifteen of those Colombians have been detained while three were killed in a gun battle and eight remain fugitives.​..​
    While the Haitian-Americans reportedly served as translators, the muscle of the assassination squad came from Colombia, the U.S.’s top regional ally, which serves as a platform for destabilization and regime change plots in the region, from Venezuela to Ecuador – and now apparently Haiti…
    ​ ​Questions also remain about why Moïse’s security team failed to protect him, and if any of its members were complicit in the murder…
    As the investigation into Moïse’s murder unfolds, the U.S. appears to be preparing the groundwork to deploy troops to Haiti at the request of a figure whom it has spent decades grooming. According to The New York Times, Claude Joseph, who is in a struggle against Dr. Ariel Henry to head the Haitian state in the wake of Moïse’s assassination, requested the U.S. send military forces to guard key infrastructure, including the port, airport, and gasoline reserves.
    Joseph is an asset of the United States and its regime-change arm, the National Endowment For Democracy. Wikileaks cables revealed that he first came to prominence in 2003 as the leader of a NED-spawned student front called GRAFNEH in the lead up to the coup against President Jean-Bertrand Aristide. He also founded another NED-funded anti-Aristide group Initiative Citoyenne (Citizens’ Initiative). He is reported by Haitian radio stations to have been, with prominent Haitian ex-Deputy Gary Bodeau, one of the principal assailants who severely beat the late Father Gérard Jean-Juste in a Pétionville church in 2005…
    “Essentially, we have a U.S. puppet asking his puppeteer to invade Haiti for the fourth time in just over a century,” Ives concluded. “But both the region and, above all, the Haitian people are sick and tired of U.S. military interventions, which are largely responsible for the nation’s current debilitated, critical state both economically and politically. Much of the most oppressed neighborhoods are now heavily armed and have already announced a revolution against the likes of Boulos, so the U.S.-led invaders of 2021 are likely to face a resistance similar to that which emerged against the U.S. Marines in 1915 and UN ‘peace-keepers’ in 2004, only more ferocious.”

    Suspected Assassins of Haitian President Moïse Trained by US, Linked to Pro-Coup Oligarchy

    ​As Haiti-like-circumstances prepare to come to your town, John Ward has some thoughts, and might have a group t-shirt coming for “Underfire”.
    ​ The legislators in the US Congress and their equivalents across the Anglosphere are bought – and unwilling to grasp the depth of human crisis we face.
    That’s why we’ve started UnderFire….a movement recognising that regional and local community blocking of these inhuman ideas is the only realistic defence we have left. The average citizen identifies more with what’s happening in South Dakota or Bavaria than they do with what’s going on in Ossetia, Brussels or Langley Virginia.
    Local politics and community solidarity is more than a match for ideological fantasy. But there is a lot of ground to make up: the need going forward is for a gentle persuasion – as things inevitably get worse – of those whose understandable trust in authority has been betrayed by the forces of darkness.
    FREEDOM IN CRISIS: how altered reality turned into the theft of Truth

    ​No need to assassinate Joe Biden…
    Poll: Majority Do Not Believe Biden Mentally Capable Of Executing Presidential Duties
    Even a third of Democrats don’t believe sleepy Joe is actually in charge of anything

    Poll: Majority Do Not Believe Biden Mentally Capable Of Executing Presidential Duties

    I’ll insert a word-in-edgewise to say that extremes of wealth disparity (“oppression”) have always been followed by rests of the financial-political regime in the past. The owners know this better than we do. Any reset redistributes wealth and power away from them and to the civilian population. Any such reset would necessarily rebuild productive economy in the US, which has been gutted and extracted by hedge-fund-capitalism since the mid 1990s (at least). Most of the impressive “GDP” in the US is asset-extraction and loans these days. One more stage of control can forestall the reallocation of assets, maybe forever…

    Tessa (fights robots) Lena
    So. What about electromagnetic fields and behavioral modification?
    ​ ​First, a philosophical statement. I think it would be fair to say that, based on the history of human corruption, if there is a technology that can be used to influence citizen behavior for the benefit of corporate or state powers, it will likely be at the very least attempted—and that is regardless of the potential of any technology to save poor orphans or nobly treat rare diseases. It’s just that corruption tends to take over no matter what.
    ​ ​What’s the antidote to the upcoming (or ongoing) attempt at covert behavioral modification? I think the antidote is the same as it’s always been. It’s spiritual strength, the desire to understand the truth and do what’s right. It’s good relationships. It’s courage and love. Evil maniacs might be yelling propaganda or beaming electromagnetic frequencies at our brains, and it may be unpleasant—but we are here on this planet for a reason, and we have what it takes to walk our paths straight up. We cannot be defeated if we don’t agree to it. We have love.

    John Day

    Supplementing a highly-bioavailable form of quercetin greatly improved COVID-19 treatment out comes. This is a naturally occurring substance in most food plants we eat. Not mentioned in the paper is that it helps zinc, known to inhibit coronavirus reproduction, get into human cells.
    Results: The results revealed a reduction in frequency and length of hospitalization, in need of non-invasive oxygen therapy, in progression to intensive care units and in number of deaths. The results also confirmed the very high safety profile of quercetin and suggested possible anti-fatigue and pro​ ​appetite properties.

    ​Ground-laying research about the highly-bioavailable formulation, “quercetin phytosome”, mixed with lecithin, and readily available in the retail market.
    ​ ​Quercetin (3,3′,4′,5,7-pentahydroxyflavone) is a natural flavonoid compound widely found in vegetables, fruits, and nuts. Major dietary sources of quercetin are apple, onions, tomatoes, broccoli, lettuce, and black and green tea… increasing the water solubility of quercetin would enhance its oral bioavailability…
    ​ ​A more soluble formulation of quercetin based on lecithin, Quercetin Phytosome, has recently been developed, and was found to facilitate the attainment of very high plasma levels of quercetin—up to 20 times more than usually obtained following a dose of quercetin—when the novel formulation was administered orally in human volunteers, and it did not have any notable side effects.

    ​This is technical. It says that antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 happen to also attack a protein in the lungs that looks similar to a viral protein.​ This happens in the second week of illness and creates the sudden and severe “cytokine storm” crisis, which has been responsible for many of the deaths. This is why steroids, to reduce this response, can save lives.
    Annexin A2 on lung epithelial cell surface is recognized by severe acute respiratory syndrome-associated coronavirus spike domain 2 antibodies


    How ivermectin works:

    Interesting that now there is an editorial banner on that page saying that the paper is under further review.


    @Polder Dweller: I also wonder about Russia and why they aren’t rolling out the ivermectin.

    It helps, I think, to be aware of the global context here. Russia has been the West’s designated bogeyman for most of the last century. Not, for the most part, because of it’s actions but because our “leaders” needed a bogeyman to carry out their agendas. Putin has done an amazing job at rebuilding Russia from the ashes of the USSR but his country should be forgiven if it suffers – to any degree – from an inferiorly complex. They are exceptionally proud of their accomplishments as a nation. Their military, computer & space technology is second to none. And just as they were 1st in space they were also 1st to market with a (conventional) C-19 vaccine.

    I suspect Putin chose to enhance their reputation by not only having the 1st vaccine but being able to offer it to countries at a lower cost than the Western alternatives. Of course he was blocked in the West (who are pretending, once again, to have the only option) but it’s the 75% of the world that’s not Western that he’s appealing to. Also remember that when the decision to not only join but win the “vaccine race” was made there were no treatment alternatives. To switch gears now would be to diminish Russia’s technological reputation which, I suspect, they can’t bring themselves to do…

    Mr. House

    I think this is super relevant and very important:

    Mr. House

    That post explains why they want everyone to have it, even the children.

    Mr. House

    You know what else it fits? “You’ll own nothing and be happy” even your health!

    Doc Robinson

    The expert already knows about the upcoming surprise. And he’s appropriated a slogan from Chris Martenson.

    ‘Surprising amount of death’ will soon occur in these US regions from increased Covid-19 cases, expert says (CNN)

    “The vaccines we have work really well against this variant. It doesn’t need to be this way

    It’s true, it doesn’t have to be this way, if there’s prophylaxis and early treatment using Vitamin D, Ivermectin, etc.


    With computers this is known as Soffware As A Service or SAAS and if you can get people to sign up it’s the gravy train. It’s all about perpetual income. The 13th Amendment forbids involuntary servitude except as a punishment for crime. Luckily for large corporations the laws are so complex now that we are all guilty of some crime.

    madamski cafone

    Fear of digitotalitarian tyranny is much less well-deserved than fear of living rough in unpowered apartments with no flues for burning indoor fuel. Eating whatever we’re lucky enough to get our hands on. Fear of totalitarianism tends to feed it, in fact. It rather likes the taste of fear. Fury, not so much but it can digest that too so long as it isn’t too focused.

    But being ignored, trampled underfoot not out of anger but mindless drive to esacape horror and obtain comfort… that is something TPTB can’t digest but rather, become digested by.


    P.S. That 40% changes its mind like a communal weathervane. Peer pressure groups are like that. Self-conscious hers (like starling flocks) can turn en masse on a dime but can’t travel in a purposeful direction for shyte.

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