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    Doc Robinson

    Study results published last week:

    COVID-19 vaccines don’t infiltrate breast milk, study shows”

    However, the study only looked at 7 “breastfeeding individuals” and only until 48 hours after vaccination, and only looked for vaccination-related mRNA.

    An earlier study on breastfeeding woman in Israel found that some babies developed fever, coughs, and other symptoms of respiratory infection after the mothers got the Pfizer shots. There was no explanation for how this could have happened.

    Four infants developed fever during the study period 7, 12, 15, and 20 days after maternal vaccination. All had symptoms of upper respiratory tract infection including cough and congestion

    SARS-CoV-2–Specific Antibodies in Breast Milk After COVID-19 Vaccination of Breastfeeding Women

    John Day

    Oxymoron said:
    “I think in this world of hyper-interconnectivity hiding is not really an option. Standing up for what matter is what counts. Speaking of which I am going to try to be counted amongst the class action for crimes against humanity that Fullmich and/or others are engaged in.
    Does anyone have an idea how to register or be involved?
    I think it would allow a solid reason to not get the jab if it went beyond coercion – legal protection given it is a current case. I am thinking out loud but it is now time to soldier up, me thinks and take some concrete actions in opposition to this madness, watching is no longer fun.”

    “Watching is no longer fun”.
    I’m meditating on that, because it may be the zeitgeist speaking.


    Interesting to see that joe and the democrats have now enlisted all the cell phone carriers to centure your text messages regarding vaccines and anti-government comments!

    Ben Garrison has an interesting cartoon of the 4th branch of government. Since I don’t know how to link or embed the cartoon, maybe someone else will help out!

    Interesting that it is now coming out how Bill Barr stopped any investigation of election fraud. The one who didn’t see any election fraud!

    Lots of good comments on TAE today!

    John Day

    @Madamski: Thanks for the story of remdesivir 🙂

    John Day

    What to call “elites” so as to avoid offense on TAE.
    I like “owners”, as per George Carlin.
    I’m also fond of “our shadowy puppet-masters”, which I picked up somewhere a long time ago.

    It might be good to be reminded that one is “owned property” in the current power scheme.

    Paying rent, paying rent, paying rent…


    @John Day: I like Catherine Austin Fitts’ term: “Mr. Global.”


    Severe economic instability could be near. What happens to our medical systems if things get bad? A pandemic in the midst of a depression — doesn’t sound good.


    Let’s just say I did Nazi this coming.



    Thanks for informing us. Gets scarier by the minute how far they will go with the jabs. The link is here:


    If they’re going to start censoring SMS messages it’s only a hop, skip, and a jump to blocking or hiding emails. Oh, wait, they’re already doing that:

    How Gmail controls what users see

    Dr. D

    Indeed. The point of Welfare was to allow yourself to be bad as possible, while paying the poor enough that they don’t come burn down all your houses.

    Irony is: they use the middle class’s money to do it while yes, pointing at the violent, purposeful crushing of the “help” as a stern warning to the middle class to keep paddling.

    We were making the argument, “What if AT&T listened to your every call and shut off your service when you said wrongthink?” Oh wait: Biden just did that for reals now, and permanently. (Actually 4th branch) They seem to be taking the wrong lesson. That is #OppositeLand. If something breaks every law and Constitution, it’s LEGAL. If it obeys the law, it’s ILLEGAL. Ask Julian.

Viewing 11 posts - 81 through 91 (of 91 total)
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