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    Ivan Aivazovsky Constantinople in Moonlight 1846   • Opera Buffa in Ukraine (Seymour Hersh) • Trump Lashes Out at Biden for ‘Monumental Corruptio
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    Veracious Poet

    Formerly T-Bear

    Re: Julian Assange
    Should any U.S. court act in any manner other than presumption of innocence, it will invalidate itself and the system of justice in the country and the judge expose themselves as incompetent to hold their office. The presumption of innocence places exercise of political judgment protected by the prime document the court is founded upon above all politically based ac accusation by a government prima facia guilty of war and other crimes against humanity not even allowed through an constitutionally supported means of being at war. The premise the king or those acting as such in a republic, can do no wrong is a fallacy that never should be entertained – anywhere. The government itself has a questionable provenance since the election of 2000, and certainly again after the election of 2020. THE U.S. needs get its house in order before acting outside its borders. Let Julian Assange go free – and compensate fully for the wrong done his life.

    Formerly T-Bear

    An algorithm ate two attempts to post here, something I have never experienced at this site before. I am attempting this to see if what ever is blocking the commentariat will block it as well, hoping the thoughts crossing my mind are in error. Here goes …

    V. Arnold

    That is quite an excellent post…
    I’m not hopeful…

    Formerly T-Bear

    To RIM
    It has been, hasn’t it.

    Paypal has decided I am a troll and the contributions stopped; a matter never put to right.
    I remember how some of the commentariat even turned upon yourself when you sought to quell mob behaviour.

    What next?

    Veracious Poet

    For Irish-Biker-Mama:

    Formerly T-Bear

    At V. Arnold #140266

    Thank you. I too sense impending evil from the Empire of the Big Lie.

    Be well.


    Yep – extreme virus behaviour at the old TAE. Not so other sites that colour within the lines. Raul let me know if you want a list of the sites I get re-directed to when interacting or loading TAE.

    Other than that… well to be honest a great feeling of total hopelessness. The futility of all things temporal including the perceptual and physical field of yours truly.

    I understand the great gift of looking into the fire – it brings honesty and humility but until one is prepared to empty ones mind in surrender, well the feeling of purgatory comes to mind.
    This too will pass but to look out on this ship of fools and to see myself as another idiot with just another reason is brutal.
    I’m thinking, alcohol, distraction, masturbation, netflix, icecream.

    Anything but silence.

    Dr. D

    “Feverish BBC Reporting On European ‘Heatwaves’ Debunked By Actual Temperature Readings”

    Again. And again. And again. And again. NO data. All lies. When called on it, make watery excuses. Hey Science/Scientists: they are all making you look like idiots who are liars, are you gonna do something to stop them, or just let them ruin the name of Science for 1,000 years? A: They DON’T CARE. They’ll only cry and notice for the very first time when all their funding is cut off forever for being villains who never supported the principles of Science even a tiny bit.

    “”I’ve Never Seen Anything Like This” – Mysterious Chinese Bio-Lab Discovered In Remote California City”

    Outbreak of chocolately goodness in Hershey, Pennsylvania remains a mystery to local authorities.

    For Benton: “Americans are lied to on a daily basis – by corporate advertisers, medical hucksters and spiritual charlatans, the sensationalist media, and of course the authorities in government…”

    …But of course the result is nothing but good, positive things for them and the country. When have lies ever hurt anyone? “I will Heal them with my LIES!”

    “Drones Strike Moscow’s Financial District”

    We’ve been holding off on bombing Russia directly, as they could have been doing this all along and I’ve been asking questions about it all along. SOMEBODY held them back, and now they’re not.

    “RFK Jr. Says Biden DHS Won’t Provide Secret Service Protection”

    Next question: who do they get to kill him? Usually they try stochastic terrorism first. Like the, what am I up to? 27 of 31 mass killings were far-Left? (That includes Buffalo, an eco-terrorist) Two of the remaining four were watched by the FBI.

    “It’s time to tell the illegals in this country you got 90 days to get out.” Or else what?

    ““We need to demolish the bridge and that’s it! And we have two million people in #Crimea who have nowhere to go, who have no water, no food. You can negotiate.”

    Uhhh…when was this said? Russia not only supported Crimea for years no problem after 2014, but has owned the isthmus since the first days of war. The Bridge is nothing. A convenience. Of no military value. Taking it means nothing, blowing it means nothing. It’s all “signaling” … but to who? They think Russia cares? Signaling to Western people too retarded to can’t read so good either?

    “it was fully repaired within seven months.”

    Uh, maybe? But it was operational again in 3 days? Pretty sure.

    “those in the American intelligence community who don’t feel they have the ear of President Joe Biden but should”

    Aaaaaand therefore you have a Team B. Can we call that “officially existing” now, due to Hersh? Actually, they’re Team C, but I’ll accept any labels you prefer.

    “‘We are going to do what it takes for as long as it takes’ to win the war.”

    Really? Because like the government under Trump, sure looks like nobody’s obeying you. In State or the Pentagon. They punk’d you into the war, then provided almost nothing to insure you’d lose it, NATO, Davos, and the Empire would collapse. America First, I guess.

    “”That fact that these lines still work shows that no side is interested in a conflict,”

    That’s not what Blinken says, so who’s stopping him? Pronouns Him/Them? Sure seems to be some large and hidden force all over the place. Also no matter how many times it stops all these things all over the place, it’s always an “accident”, a “coincidence” and never reported. Yup!

    “In parallel, China could offer peace treaties to Japan, South Korea and the Philippines, and subsequently a significant part of the US Empire of Bases might vanish.”

    Sure, except who would trust China? I wouldn’t. They’re just like us.

    “it must also part with its dreams of becoming one with a European community whose own longevity is very much in doubt.”

    Huh. Sure looks like all those Yanukovych voters (i.e. every ‘Russian’) were correct! Ukraine should have paired with Russia, their primary and almost exclusive trading partner. Oh wait: They did! That’s why the U.S. need a $6 Billion dollar illegal coup that’s a U.N. war crime to make them NOT do it. To STOP the voting, the people, and END all Democracy. …And lost Crimea first day of that. Nice..

    Just like the U.S., the voters know what’s smart and every “expert” that ever spoke is dead wrong and deadly wrong. And considering how dumb the average voter is, how dumb does that make their “experts”? On say Climate for instance? They’re being outsmarted and outmaneuvered by guys with an IQ of 70.

    “he really hates the old Soviet Union which he confounds again with the Russian Federation, which is not communist,”

    Well There’s Your Problem. WE’RE Communist. That’s why we hate them for not being. (and getting away from us) If they were NeoLiberal like us (merger of Corporation and State, people impoverished, no rights, all wealth extracted) they’d have no issue. That’s what they had in the 1990s – what we now have here in the 2010s (drug use, dropping life expectancy, environmental disasters) – and they want it back.

    “The deep state warpigs don’t want the Donbas to be free.”

    Nor Lexington. Nor Fargo. Nor Tallahassee… We need to shell you EVERY. DAY. (with Fentanyl) and you need to LIKE IT. BEG for your children to be chopped up. Now BEG for it!

    “You give western Ukraine to Poland and voila!, it’s part of NATO! Article 5!”

    Not in many articles, but I’ve heard rumblings of this in Poland and on the ground. Perhaps it has to got that way: there has to be an “Event” to point to as people Just. Can’t. Learn. Any other way. So let’s nuke NY I guess. With a tsunami-bomb. Maybe the Russians can make the water rise an inch since the Climate sure hasn’t.

    “• US Rejects Australian Plea to Drop Assange Case (RT) “

    Great! You have a case. Um… Can anyone explain how that case doesn’t move forward for 10 years? So. Weird. It’s almost like there’s NOT a case, and Britain wants to hold a foreign national in the Oubliette until he dies, without even a FAKE trial, like all medieval tyrants.

    “Assange, he said, was “charged with very serious criminal conduct”

    Wow. So? This would only matter – and the sentence would only need to be spoken – if you’re no longer considered innocent until proven guilty by an open, speedy trial by your peers. Wait – isn’t that what Nancy Pelosi said? Trump was guilty but would have a chance to prove his innocence maybe someday? How about all the remaining J6 guys in solitary? Is that how people who are legally and fundamentally “innocent” are treated?

    Actually yes. You should see how these guys treat every child who was ever born. They’re happy to put them in cages and kiss them on the mouth with tongue. …Unfortunately – I – cannot be offensive ENOUGH. I could never be as offensive as they are in every day of their real life. Not if I tried a thousand years with every bad word ever known.

    Elephants: just like other kids, underfoot and in the way.

    “medical items that teens could restrict parents from knowing about were minimal. However, it appears that this is expanding” No kidding. But why not? They want 13 voting age and Ruth Bader Ginsberg wanted 13 to be the age of consent. …Along with making sex work legal, probably also in the portal. If they were a child prostitute, they wouldn’t be allowed to tell you!

    “In Arizona, a minor is not considered the client; the parent(s) is/ are.”

    I read that at first as “In Arizona, it’s the parents who are treated as minors. Only the children are treated as adults.” …In #OppositeLand. Actually, that is how government acts and why you’re not adult enough ti make your own decisions about a 40-ounce coke. Much less which psychoactives and vaccines you take. Everything is either required or illegal…because to them, you are 3 years old.

    “behavioral health professional proffering “confidential” services is ridiculous. It’s even more ridiculous in light of Arizona law that says that a teen cannot receive “confidential” care without parental consent!”

    Hate to say but she’s right and did a huge favor making her not trust authority, even if it was costly. The above is why. If doctors – even psych – say they’re confidential, THEY’RE LYING. With adults too, but the legal tangle above clearly demonstrates they have loopholes the size of the whole object: Zero privacy at all. If ANYBODY asks, with ANY paper in hand, they’ll give it to them instantly. And then it can’t be put back in the box and made re-secret. And maybe that would be fine, but then you ALSO know every health professional involved is either an intentional liar or too retarded to talk to, if they tell you it isn’t. My experience with all adults, ever. They ALWAYS double-cross you as a child. So they deserve no respect. At all. Burn toilet paper their houses ‘til they get a clue. THEY are the direct enemy, worse than the enemy, they don’t need a Trojan horse, the Greeks just hide behind a hay bale and say “Why don’t you open the gates?” and they all say, “Welp, okay then.”

    More practically, they are therefore the PREVENTERS of all mental care. Because if I can’t trust them, I can’t go, (Family court will use the event to mis-home the children and .: permanently injure them) YET THEIR EXISTENCE PREVENTS HONEST TRUSTWORTHY MENTAL HEALTH to replace them. This is why you can’t allow capture and corruption and have to go Ape on them on sight. But I can’t get any agreement on that, so there’s no discipline for “minor” infractions by the police or judges, medical, being just a LITTLE corrupt, don’t you know, taking just a LITTLE money, helping just a FEW friends. Breaking just a FEW rules…that get all the children in your community injured, and/or killed (on overdoses due to depression dealing with this s—t usually).

    That does go for adults too, who are betrayed by every authority at every possible opportunity, but as you say, there’s no help for it, and we have to pick some age. That has been 18, if only we could possibly teach them enough in so short a time.

    Try to look on the bright side. At least one child is inoculated against deadly abuse for now. As much as one can be, in a world where EVERY authority looks to use their power to abuse you EVERY time.



    “The data used to track these records goes back to 1940, but many scientists – including those at Copernicus – say it’s almost certain that these temperatures are the warmest the planet has seen in 120,000 years, given what we know from millennia of climate data extracted from tree rings, coral reefs and deep sea sediment cores.”

    Umm the medieval warm period?
    Experts huh?

    Dr. D

    Not really having much site trouble on Firefox with adblocker. The site refreshes restored again. …It always did have intermittent trouble with multiple links and sites…

    Not to fear if it’s not that bad for me on a simple rig. It’ll get straightened out.

    Dr. D

    Umm the medieval warm period?

    They can’t stop lying. Lying always, with every word. Where are our resident scientists to be outraged by this? Don’t they want to pop up and shout loudly they’re not involved? CNN doesn’t speak for us? Nope, like the Catholic Pedos and the Congregation, they all keep it nice and quiet, because not saying anything fixes everything, right? Only when lies about Science are told 10,000 times daily, in public, is Science truly honored and protected.

    Right? Durn ya! I got things to do not to take this on as well! Where are all the Scientists to hold THEIR people accountable and say “Not on my watch”?






    This is so blatant if you work with stats

    The graph on the LEFT has one scale for left of zero and another exaggerated for right of zero.

    The graph on the RIGHT has the same scale left and right

    Pathological lying scumbags are losing so bad they need to pull stunts like this






    D Benton Smith

    What’s happening in Ukraine is a foreshadowing, a sort of “trial run” of what is and will continue to happen in the United States. That’d what happens to a country when it falls into the thrall of a puppet master and becomes nothing more than a proxy, a tool to be used by master to serve only the desires of the master, no matter the cost to the captive nation.

    In Ukraine’s case it is the puppet of the US and it’s straw boss NATO.

    In the case of the United States it is the puppet of both the visible and also carefully-made-invisible upper layers of the consortium of corporate and dynastic powers that we have nicknamed the Cabal.

    It’s a hierarchical structure, with Ukraine nested under the United States Empire, and the United States Empire nested within the Collective Western Empire, and the Collective West nested under the Cabal.

    The nature of this thralldom, and the way it enforces its will, is as plain as the nose on your face. Centralized, Authoritarian, Anti-Divinity, Anti-Life, Deceitful, Cruel, Violent, and Profoundly Insane.

    The exact reverse opposite of those characteristic errors is the roadmap out.


    The ‘Depends’ Congress


    D Benton Smith

    About that conspiracy T-shirt: Not just funny but true, and not just true but profound, and not just profound but PRESCIENT.

    That’s one damn good T-shirt ya got there .

    Formerly T-Bear

    Another comment has been blocked and patience with the site is evaporating at a great rate. Please explain what and why this is happening. The site is quickly becoming a second rate place. Is it being done to your site or is it the site itself?


    Just because you did not know.

    Three Blind mice
    Ukraine on Fire is a film directed by Igor Lopatonok and premiered at the 2016 Taormina Film Fest.[1]
    It features Oliver Stone, the executive producer,[2] interviewing pro-Russian figures surrounding the Revolution of Dignity such as Viktor Yanukovich and Vladimir Putin.[3]
    The film portrays the events that led to the flight of Yanukovych in February 2014 as a coup d’état orchestrated by the United States with the help of far-right Ukrainian factions.
    The film’s central thesis is that the U.S. had used Ukraine as a proxy against Russia for many years.
    It also claims that a large and influential section of Ukrainian protestors involved in the 2014 Revolution of Dignity were neo-Nazis.[4][5][6][7][8]
    Biden may start ‘World War III’ – Oliver Stone

    I was thinking he, (Biden), was an old man now that he would calm down, that he would be more mellow and so forth,” Stone said, adding that he now sees “a man who maybe is not in charge of his own administration. Who knows?”

    • Musk Denied Ukraine Starlink Access Near Crimea – NYT (RT)

    The SpaceX CEO also incurred Kiev’s wrath by suggesting a peace plan in October 2022 that would have required Ukraine to make concessions to Russia. Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky’s aide, Mikhail Podoliak, then demanded that the billionaire either side with Ukraine and refrain from seeking “ways to do harm,” or that he be seen as pro-Russian. In June of this year the Pentagon announced it had awarded a contract to SpaceX for Starlink satellite communications services in Ukraine. The US Department of Defense declined to disclose any details about the deal, citing “operational security reasons” and the “critical nature of these systems.”
    Does Ukraine really have a neo-Nazi problem? US officials won’t say
    Some Jewish leaders have pulled back their criticism of the Azov Brigade since Russia’s invasion
    By Larry Cohler-Esses
    July 28, 2023




    Know the White,
    but keep the Black! Lao Tzu

    friends, do you so readily abandon hope?

    what importance is there in declaring – SNAFU, or, oh no dear sir it is FUBAR, or, well it is apparent why you are both in the ditch – ?

    are you concerned because it is your dreams being demolished or the dreams of your neighbor?
    “it tolls for thee” Donne



    My T-shirt collection is my psychological mental Body Amour

    Never leave home without one ;>)

    And from a Real President©



    How do the Swiss do it?



    Reading some MSM headlines I see the water off Florida is 100 degrees F. So I look to Nullschool™ and cannot find anything above 89F so the lying continues.,26.29,3649/loc=-81.313,25.078

    Another headline would have you believe that the smoke from Canadian wild fires is doing all sorts of bad things to the climate. What about the fires in Siberia that have been burning bright for several years now. They don’t even go out during the winter in some spots, burning underground in the peat. Check out the smoke over the globe back in ’14 and all the years between then and now. Not much difference from year to year. I have split the screen between ’14 and ’23 some variation between years but nothing staggering.,-12.628822889518197,125.82557127179791,118.45095927992858&z=2&l1=Reference_Labels_15m(hidden),Reference_Features_15m(hidden),Coastlines_15m,VIIRS_NOAA20_CorrectedReflectance_TrueColor(hidden),VIIRS_SNPP_CorrectedReflectance_TrueColor(hidden),MODIS_Aqua_CorrectedReflectance_TrueColor(hidden),MODIS_Terra_CorrectedReflectance_TrueColor&lg1=false&ca=true&cv=38&t=2014-07-19-T13%3A09%3A31Z&t1=2023-07-12-T13%3A09%3A31Z


    I haven’t read anything yet, but I’m watching cspan and up pops a segment on “Will Hurd”- apparently a candidate for the republican presidential nomination. He comes out of the gate hating on Trump (and getting booed). He’s black and slick and I said to my husband “I’ll bet his middle initial is “B”.
    So I looked him up and sure enough, his middle name is “Ballard”, but there’s a bonus!
    “William Ballard Hurd is an American politician and former CIA clandestine officer who served as the U.S. representative for Texas’s 23rd congressional district from 2015 to 2021. Following a nine-year stint with the CIA, Hurd ran for Congress in 2010 and was defeated in a runoff primary.”

    Clown world, indeed.


    Oh, sorry- that’s a WikiP citation.

    Alexander Carpenter

    I posted a longish message just now, and reloaded, to find this note atop the comments:

    This topic has 29 replies, 12 voices, and was last updated 2 seconds ago by Alexander Carpenter

    Except that the message text that I submitted wasn’t there at the bottom of the comments column (or anywhere else, for that matter).

    And I lost the text of that message because copying the note overwrote the text of my message in the copy buffer. Now that’s three messages lost. It seems that we must go to awkward and elaborate lengths to double-assure that we don’t lose our writings and engagements here.

    Alexander Carpenter

    The TAE web-server system is either simply “buggy,” or it is being corrupted by malicious hackers.


    The government is not your friend, the corporations are not your friend, your friends may not be all that friendly. However the facts are still facts, go find some.

    But for the BBC, it’s job well done. The mainstream media headlines screamed on cue about imminent Thermogeddon. Writing in the Daily Telegraph this Tuesday, Suzanne Moore said the “world is on fire – and we can’t ignore it any longer”. Arsonists took the opportunity to light fires on the Greek island of Rhodes, but to Moore, observing a hasty retreat by holiday makers, “this is what climate refugees look like”. BBC Dragon’s Den celeb Deborah Meaden noted that arson ”might” have been responsible, but then took the opportunity to widen the debate by claiming – without a shred of proof – “we are about to see the first countries abandoned due to rising sea levels”.


    Take 3 on this comment…..


    Um, ok, MacGregor suggesting telling “all illegals” to just leave and register for re-try in the way out illustrates to me that he doesn’t have a clear grasp of the problem. I agree that the border needs to be “closed” in some sense — but not completely, there are people who live on one side and go to work and school on the other. And many “illegals” have been here for 10, 20, 40 years. Does anyone really expect a 70+ year old Mexican granny who has been here 30+ years and who spends her day tending her American citizen great-grandchildren to leave under an order like that? Or the man who has been here 10 years, married to a woman who is either a citizen or legal resident, and has fed and clothed her two daughters since they were small, even though they are not his own? Or the man who fled with his wife and son nearly 20 years ago because he accidentally pissed off a Mexican cartel boss and now has teen children who are American citizens? Or the son in the former paragraph, a “dreamer” with no recollection of Mexico, brought as a young child, who had a public education in the US and is attending university, close to graduating. THIS is why not enforcing immigration laws is such a mess! Because immigrants tend to weave themselves into the fabric of our communities, and becoming our neighbors and friends and business associates. At this point, ordering them all to leave, if the directive were followed, would wrench families and communities apart. Any such directive is doomed to failure because families and communities will resist being torn apart.


    Try 2….


    @ Alexander Carpenter
    @ Formerly T-Bear

    I’ve run across these issues periodically on TAE. I usually access TAE from Firefox on an iPad. Some tips:
    – if your comment didn’t take, but you are still logged into the site, immediately use the browser back button. Often, your comment is still in the browser cache, and you can copy it out of the comment box and try again with a fresh reload of the site.
    – if your comment didn’t take, and now you find yourself logged out, open a new tab, log in, go back to the original tab and use the back button — occasionally you can return to what you wrote that way.
    – Realize that TAE has some comment SPAM filters in place. When you comment and the site claims the comment took, but it doesn’t display, that means that your comment was likely stored successfully in the website database, but isn’t displaying due to a glitch. You can paste the comment in and try again, but you will need to preface it with some text, characters, carriage returns, etc., to make the first part different that the disappeared comment. The comment SPAM filter appears to only look at the first part of a comment when determining whether or not it is SPAM.
    – to avoid using the back button to revive a comment, you can (a) write the comment in a different program on your device and copy it into the comment box, or (b) simply copy (i.e, to the device clipboard) the comment before posting so that you can paste it back out if you have fallen prey to the comment gremlin.

    (Ah…the world of workarounds with technical devices….)


    And….here we go again…


    I do not think that my daughter’s automatic distrust of authority figures is a great boon to her. Any automatic trust/distrust is problematic — it causes people to make rash decisions that can have far-reaching effects. It is more important to bring online the rational, thinking mind to analyze the situation — incorporating gut-feelings and intuition into the process.

    My daughter’s automatic distrust of authority figures has contributed to her history of eating disorder, self-harm, and depression. In 8th grade she did not get along with a teacher and resorted to self-harm to deal with the emotions — I had to contact the school to get her changed to a different class once I realized what was going on. In 9th grade she again had an authoritarian teacher, and struggled, but followed the “proper” steps at my urging, going to her counselor and following the proscribed instructions. When she was too nervous to take the final step of speaking with the vice principal, I stepped in and contacted the vice principal and the change happened. Now, her 10th grade schedule is incorrect, and — all on her own, with no input from me (she was at her dad’s) — she penned a cogent email to her counselor explaining the errors, the reasons why they are errors, and explaining why she needs a different elective in order to avoid panic attacks. I have modeled to her that automatic distrust is often self-sabotaging, and it is frequently more useful to grant partial trust, test whether or not the trust is warranted, granting a sliver or two more trust when authority figures “pass the test.” Don’t trust authority figures beyond what is useful, or beyond what has been tested, keep testing them, be wary about how much trust you grant, and be ready to rescind your trust as needed. Full trust is something rare, and should only be granted to individuals who have proven themselves worthy of such trust over a long period of time.


    This is a collage of video clips from numerous sources, containing personal statements from reporters, editors, and other media professionals. It reveals the dark side of modern journalism. The emerging story is that modern mainstream news sources are effectively mouthpieces for propaganda. They favor whomever provides the dominant funding, including governments, corporate advertisers, and secret societies. This is far more serious than it sounds because it creates political illusions, and facilitates the molding of public opinion to support hidden agendas behind wars, criminality in health care, and culture chaos. Most people suspect that this is so, but here is confirmation by those who speak from personal knowledge. The more important the issue is, (such as wars and deadly pandemics), the more likely it is that we are being deceived. Beware though; after seing this, you might start questioning what is reported by mainstream news sources. 2022 Mar 10 – Source: Stop World Control –

    Alexander Carpenter

    Phoenixvoice, and others…

    The responsible-adult approach is to “Trust but verify.” Paranoia and helplessness are averted as any dissonances are revealed, to guide further relationship and engagement (if any).

    The Markster

    Wow. Spam city. Comment attempt #4, logged out of chrome and into epic. NSA etc. messing with TAE? Would be consistent with their behavior elsewhere with no consequences for their funding and support from the US Congress and our media. Alas this may be my last TAE comment attempt, another dislocation? Another severance? We shall see. ☮️

    The original comment:

    This may be old news, and and I have not read all the comments above, but fyi I am constantly getting redirected to spammy red-lettered threat links, sometimes a car or drug ad but mostly “you are unsafe click here for protection” type stuff, when I click on ANY Twitter post or the “play” buttons on an embedded Twitter video. So far a quick backswipe returns me to TAE and the second attempt will load or play the content, but it literally happens now every single time I try to watch or play something on the first attempt. And just on TAE, not zerohedge, RT, global research,, etc.

    Have noticed that the initial address that pops up with each redirect is, which then quickly feeds into another page. Feels more disruptive and harassing than commercial.

    I am not techy or interested enough to worry much about the specifics, nor do I pretend to know the reason if there is any, but this particular glitch does not feel like a glitch. My guess is TAE has been targeted now as problematic, or maybe just still and again, but I’m a pretty fast backswiper so no big deal for now. Just sharing my experience in case others are getting the same thing.

    Happy Extended Multipolar World birthing party everybody!
    Batiushka did tell us that 500 years of western exceptionalism and colonialism ended in early 2022 with Putin finally standing up to the Nazi War Machine in the Ukraine, and boy howdy did he nail it or what???



    @Tbear re: “Another comment has been blocked and patience with the site is evaporating at a great rate. Please explain what and why this is happening. The site is quickly becoming a second rate place. Is it being done to your site or is it the site itself?”

    It is a script injection from one of the ad-pipes. If you use a script blocker (even temporarily) it will stop. I tried my vanilla Firefox on my Android phone yesterday, and got a redirect. I then installed uBlock Origin and did nothing else, and the problem stopped.

    If you donate(ed) I’m sure our host wouldn’t mind a temporary dip in the ad statistics while this blows over.

    From my perspective, this is like getting ‘sagebrush pinstripes’ on a shiny new Ford F-250. The vehicle is loved enough to be driven, yet feared enough to be resisted.

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