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    Brandon Smith- ‘Biden Does Not Need A Domestic “Terrorism” Agenda Unless He Is About To Violate American Rights’:

    Biden Does Not Need A Domestic “Terrorism” Agenda Unless He Is About To Violate American Rights


    If someone puts together a 1 or 2 page flyer neatly outlining the facts about the dangers of the EUA vaccines I will print it out and keep it near my front door. If some paid Biden admin chap comes by to “persuade” my household to get vaccinated we can exchange information. If the Biden rep is willing to sit there and read my info sheet, then I’ll read the Biden vaccine info sheet (but I don’t promise not to burst out laughing at the propaganda contained therein.). I also want the Biden rep’s name, name of supervisor, employee identity number (if any,) name of employer. If they actually have any of my household’s health data, I will consider reporting as a HIPAA violation or joining a class action law suit.

    Polder Dweller

    “…and told him I thought it was irresponsible and immoral to get vaccinated…”

    Thanks, Oxymoron, I needed that.

    Mr. House

    Michael Reid

    @ Dr. D

    they need you to CHOOSE compliance. BECAUSE THEY ARE TINY AND HELPLESS. They haven’t got the resources to enforce 1/1,000th of their commands.

    At this point my approach is to ignore the rules and regulations and live my life growing crops and harvesting wood among other things at the cottage

    Mr. House
    Mr. House

    and also

    So Haiti is that important? Important to what and to whom?

    Maxwell Quest

    @Mr. House

    But Biden got the most votes ever, so logic would state that those same people would be jabbed (don’t call it a vaccine) yet only 47% is fully jabbed. Something doesn’t add up 😉

    Hahaha! Yes sir, that IS a head-scratcher. Just the latest in an innumerable list of inconsistencies that don’t add up.

    I was shocked to find out how much power the Fed had when it stepped in to backstop the dissolution of the EU after 2008. But that was nothing compared to the orchestration in stealing the 2020 election, sloppy and brazen as it was. Followed by walling off the capitol and stationing troops. Sheesh, talk about yer wake-up calls. Can anyone say coup d’é·tat?

    But as George Carlin always said, “Nobody seems to notice, nobody seems to care.” Sigh.

    Mr. House

    wisdom in doing nothing

    And like the .38 special song sang, Hold on loosely but don’t let go, if you cling to tightly, you’re gonna lose control.

    Mr. House

    OMG YOU’RE ALL GONNA DIE……… someday

    Moving the Covid Vaccine Goalposts


    > OMG YOU’RE ALL GONNA DIE……… someday

    Yeah, I saw that bit at NC. That place is quite something these days (with virtually no comments contradicting the Narrative in that post).



    “But Biden got he most votes ever, so logic would state that those same people would be jabbed (don’t call it a vaccine) yet only 47% is fully jabbed. Something doesn’t add up 😉”
    I had hoped some polling group would have taken a post 2020 election poll- but this works just as well.


    @Mr House

    Reading the comments over at Naked Capitalism makes me realize the level of ignorance out there.

    It’s more terrifying than the disease.

    The propaganda surely has worked well.


    I forgot the winky face after the above post.;)
    I don’t know if I find comfort in the words of those who say these are just a bunch of rotten f-ups who are making a power grab that will go wrong, as usual.
    I think it is a real attack by the long-game players who have amassed an astonishing amount of power via data collection and actual (now privatized and proprietary) science. They are already doing a lot of killing, and clearly intend to do a great deal more.
    Why is it imperative to get “everybody” in the developed world stabbed? The “do it for others” BS sews the seeds of righteous persecution (the zombie apocalypse!)- mobs have done some ugly things to the recalcitrant in the past.

    Cyber Polygon- everything still working.


    > Reading the comments over at Naked Capitalism makes me realize the level of ignorance out there. <

    Well they do allow *one or two* decent comments though per pure MSM-narrative post, for credibility’s sake..


    who watches the watchers?


    Reiner Fuellmich’s group interviewing Naomi Wolf

    Interesting to see a real Lefty like Naomi Wolf freaking out over the medical totalitarian putsch.

    She owns a data mining/data digital document company.

    Her summary is that the global is on the last step to total digital dictatorship. Data is the New Oil it’s so valuable.

    One of the last competitors to the Big Tech platforms is people not being online 24/7.

    That when you go for a swim or a walk or go to church, you’re not generating data that the big tech platforms collect.

    If your kids are playing ball in the park and not on the Internet or phone, that’s time they can’t collect valuable data to sell.

    Much better when the kids are locked down at home on the Web all day long, doulbes the data collected.

    Interesting take on things, worth a watch.


    @Bill7 #79325

    Poor Jason piped up over there and got the wrathful warning from Yves. But this comment is still there and it is an interesting comment:

    IM Doc
    July 9, 2021 at 2:27 pm
    It’s hard to find anything studying this because there is none – we have not had enough time.

    But one of the problems with mRNA technology in these vaccines is indeed there will likely be a more vigorous immune response every time they are given making the number of reactions even higher – and this seems to be higher the younger you go.

    Studies are already underway on the mRNA booster – and unofficially via friends that are recruiting patients – things are not going so well at all. Many many more are getting very sick. Also, please note that in some of the arms of these protocols – there is a repeat of the two shot process – so you actually are giving people a 3rd shot followed a month later by a 4th. Unofficially, according to my reliable sources, the number of people turning down the 4th shot is astronomically elevated – the 3rd shot reaction is just that bad. All of these subjects have already had a 1st and 2nd shot earlier this year.

    Again – this is why something like an inhaled nasal vaccine may be a much better modality.

    This has all been so rushed – it is quite a quagmire right now.


    > One of the last competitors to the Big Tech platforms is people not being online 24/7. <

    Deserves emphasis, IMO. I’m not seeing how online action in any form will benefit the many.

    “safe n’ secure!”

    sure, sure

    Doc Robinson

    The link to this GOV.UK study about the Delta variant was provided by Germ in an earlier comment.

    The numbers for vaccinated and unvaccinated deaths, for example, cannot give very meaningful comparisons without some additional information and analysis about the differences in age, comorbidities, risk factors, etc., between the two groups (vaccinated and unvaccinated). But using the existing data, here’s a rough indication of how the Delta variant’s case fatality rate (CFR) compares for vaccinated and unvaccinated patients (all ages combined):

    The Case Fatality Rate for the vaccinated was about 3 times higher than the unvaccinated CFR.

    (That being said, both group, vaccinated and unvaccinated, had a survival rate greater than 99.5%)

    CFR = 163/37,329 = 0.44% [Survival rate = 99.56%]

    CFR = 92/71,932= 0.13% [Survival rate = 99.87%]

    Delta variant only, confirmed cases from Feb 1 to June 21
    The numbers for “Vaccination status unknown” were left out.
    “Vaccinated” means the patient had received at least one dose.

    Mr. House

    i think i posted this before but i needs posting again. This is what i mean when i say we are past the point of laying out fair and reasoned arguments.

    “When two parties attempt to negotiate a deal, the starting assumption is both sides actually want a deal. That is not always the case, but if one side thinks the other side is not coming to the table in good faith, they are wise to break off negotiations. For starters, they are wasting their time, since there is no deal to be had. Second, a party that starts a negotiation with a lie is going to keep lying. If you cannot trust anything they are saying, or their intentions, you cannot reason with them.
    A simple example of this is car buying. When a person walks onto the lot, the salesman is trained to look for the signs that the person is just a tire kicker. He may profile him based on his appearance. A young guy looking at expensive sedans is probably not a serious buyer, for example. He will ask questions to determine if the person is serious about buying a car and willing to entertain an offer. The point is, he is determining if the other side is open to reason and ready to bargain in good faith.
    This is the heart of any negotiation. Both sides have to start with the belief that the other side is amenable to reason and is bargaining in good faith. They may have different goals and very different ways of negotiating, but both sides have to be open to reason and come to the table in good faith. In other words, both sides want to find a deal that satisfies both sides. Otherwise, both sides are just wasting their time and perhaps harming their own interests in the process.
    This is also the basis for popular government, which is nothing more than a long public negotiation. The various interests in a society have their goals regarding the issues they see as important and they work the process that is setup for hashing out the particulars and promoting their case. The public is both the referee and a counterparty. They make their voice heard throughout the process. The politicians are the hired negotiators, tasked with hashing out a compromise that satisfies the majority.
    Like the simple deal between two parties, the democratic process relies on all sides being reasonable and operating in good faith. Sure, there are always bad actors trying to fool the public or game the process. The system, through elections, debates, public hearings, and investigations, is supposed to flush out the bad actors or at least correct what they have done after it is discovered. It may not be pretty, but the point is for reasonable people acting in good faith to reach a compromise.
    What happens when the parties are not open to reason and they are not operating in good faith when they bargain? In a business negotiation, this often results in one side or the other breaking of negotiations. One side sees that the other is lying or up to shenanigans, so they stop wasting their time. This happens a lot, so firms train their people to look for the signs, so they do not waste their time. The most valuable commodity is time so you cannot waste it on bad deals.
    In a democratic system of government, there are supposed to be rules to punish those who do not argue in good faith. Politicians who take bribes, for example, are removed from office and sent to prison. Interests that misrepresent themselves or defraud the public see their interests destroyed as a way to discourage the practice. There are laws that allow the media and the public to examine the claims of the various parties in order to root out corruption and deception. That is the theory, leastways.
    That is clearly not where America is right now. Liberal democracy has evolved into one giant game of liar’s poker. Much like the financial markets, the big players in the system no longer have respect for the spirit of the rules. They never come to any deal in good faith and they are never open to reason. They want to “win” the deal by getting all of what they want at the expense of the other parties. In modern liberal democracy, no one is acting in good faith and no one is open to reason.
    It is not just the big interests gaming the system. The system itself has been gamed to the point where only a sucker operates in good faith. The politicians, instead of operating as brokers and negotiators, are middlemen facilitating the looting of the system by the big players. Public debate is now a game of shadows, because the mass media lies about everything and is always pushing an agenda on behalf of the big players or their politicians working on their behalf.
    Of course, the old adage about always knowing who the sucker in the room is when in a room full of sharps applies here. In the great hall that is where negotiations happen in a liberal democracy, the monied interests, the politicians, the media, and the shadowy players of the permanent ruling class put on a negotiating show. The public, until very recent, was never sure who was being conned by the grifters. As the saying goes, they were always the sucker in the system.
    This is the heart of the current crisis. The reason the financial markets keep needing bailouts is because everyone inside that system is a liar. No one comes to a deal in good faith and no one is willing to reason with the other side. Everyone is trying to take advantage of everyone else. In a system of zero social trust, entropy is inevitable, which in human systems means collapse. This is why the financial markets careen from crisis to crisis, needing bailouts from the public.
    Liberal democracy is mirroring the financial markets. This makes perfect sense, as the entire culture has been financialized. Republican virtue was removed from the official system long ago. What remained of it with the general public went away with the events of the last few years. America now finds itself in a world where no one acts in good faith and no one is open to reason. We have reached the point where we need a bailout, but there is no bailout for a liberal democracy that fails.”

    Mr. House

    And an addition to the principled parties platform: No lawyers allowed

    “first thing we do, is kill all the lawyers.”

    TAE Summary

    * Vaccination
    – Reinfection after natural immunity is rare
    – Vaccinated Brits more likely to get Covid
    – Second shot worse that the first; Fangs of the dog that bit you
    – 17K vaxx deaths reported in EU
    – Which came first, the brain damage or the Covid vaxx?
    – Fiji will make Covid vaxx mandatory
    – CDC and FDA say boosters aren’t necessary … yet
    – Mail in jabs coming
    – Just Get Over It; JGOI
    – Covid and vaccine cause ED but taking Ivermectin is getting hard

    * Journalists need safe spaces

    * Money
    – Wells Fargo on the Final Stage
    – FED is playing with fire
    – Next crisis will be dollar crash; “And the flowers are still standing”
    – Slowly call in the debts; If it worked it Central America it will work in the US

    * Who does the federal government represent?
    – Biden toadies to go door to door
    – US has privatized coercion
    – Propaganda is the executive arm of the invisible government
    – Domestic Terrorism effort will terrorize domestically

    * Ivermectin
    – BBC attacks Ivermectin
    – Ivermectin can’t get approval because a safe and effective treatment already exists
    – FDA: Why you should not use Ivermectin
    – Because we said so
    – Because a fist sized pill is too big to swallow
    – Because we told your doctor not to prescribe it
    – Because you are not a horse

    * MSM prescribes Whoroclownaquin


    > – Covid and vaccine cause ED but taking Ivermectin is getting hard <

    Good one! Thanks as always for the fine summary.

    “Would *we* lie to you?”

    Mr. House
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