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    John Day

    I dedicate at least part of the thought which went into this to the thought-provoking Dr.D.
    Also, Jenny is pictured in the Austin vegetable garden this morning.

    ​ Cheap energy and plentiful, easily recovered and refined​ mineral ores are the resources which allowed industrial economy to grow, while consuming them ever more rapidly, by consuming them to consume them at an accelerating pace. Whether the owners are lying about stuff is not a question. They always lie, but they lie unpredictably. The opposite of what they say is not “the truth”. To prove a lie and to take some form of the opposite as “truth” is a common logical flaw.
    ​For instance, we have been lied to as long as I can remember, and the oil crisis in the 1970s and early 1980s was made worse in America by holding oil tankers offshore, which raised prices and lowered supply. This was a sort of big test of what would happen and did let oil companies take windfall profits. We were lied to about part of what was happening. The 6 test wells drilled in Alaska under Jimmy Carter were capped, and what they found remains a secret to this day.

    There is a lot of Great Power interest in the Arctic. I suspect there is a lot of oil up there, but it is clearly NOTgoing to be pumped into the failing exponential-growth eating-machine​ that is neoliberal global financial capitalism. That is the stuff to burn in the new economy of declining resources, Carter’s ace-in-the-hole. We’ll burn all that other oil up first. Then we will have an advantageous position globally. We will fuel our military, factories, farmers, trains and trucks.
    “We” will…

    ​ ​I think the owner class is split, a horse divided against itself, which cannot stand, in the western oligarchy.
    Build Back Better World (now B3W) has the flaw of the gross inefficiency of keeping the same hierarchy that brought us neoliberalism, neocolonialism and nascent neofeudalism through technocracy controlling our thoughts and impulses. Right now it’s just smartphones-in-traffic, but soon it will be neural implants rewarding us directly for following that urgent though​t​ that just jumped to the front of the stack.

    ​ ​The easy problem to point out is inefficiency, though evil would do as well.
    Inefficiency is distant decisions for local problems, which need to be solved promptly.
    I need a bag of sheetrock screws to finish this work today.
    I’ll call Washington for instructions.

    ​ ​It has been pointed out in one of the articles here :
    that evil is completely parasitic and cannot contribute any positive solutions to a process.

    ​ ​One might argue that we are not owned/ruled by evil (how rude!) but by somewhat enlightened self-interests (nice Mr. Buffet, not kinky Mr. Bezos or Mr. Gates-behind-the-curtain). Inefficiency argument works for both. The somewhat creative owners have a solution, which is AI, directly connecting to the impulse and reward centers of our brains.

    ​ ​What could go wrong? Can you run a work crew this way?
    Never been tried. Might be some problems.
    Can the technology be sustained in resource decline?
    Theoretically, yes, right?
    Never been done, though. Looks like a stretch.
    Most people would say “NO” if you told ’em. How ya gonna’ pull it off?

    ​ ​Wouldn’t it be easier for people to work together in smaller groups on projects that benefit them directly, which is the strong point of our good-old species?
    Sure it would. (That was a rhetorical question.)
    Distributed human-computing with every decision ever made being part of the mass computation, is what brought us here. It is sustainable, even if massive swaths of computation go “poof”.

    ​ ​The problem for the elites, the owners, is that the most important thing of all, to them, is that they maintain control, no matter how inefficient or unlikely that may be, going into the new economy of declining resources and declining energy.
    They are the owners. They will use all of the powers (open and covert) of ownership to maintain their position astride the massive herd, even if the herd gets sicker and has to be culled repeatedly. The biggest problem for them right now is that the smarter ones can’t agree with each other or the more narcissistic ones about how to proceed, and they can’t even work out which group of owners to sneak-attack to move forward.
    Elite gridlock.

    ​​Now is our chance to grow some vegetables, get out of debt, be friends in the neighborhood and ride bikes. Whoo, Woo!

    John Day

    Jim Kunstler looks at something I think may become important.
    ​ ​Just now, we have news of the strange case, revealed last week, of a “top Chinese counter-intel official,” a vice-minister of State Security, name of Dong Jingwei, defecting to the USA back in February. The strange part is that he came in from the cold to the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) because he did not trust the CIA or the FBI to be outside China’s influence, and Dong sought protection from them. More American institutional failure? This raises a whole bale of questions, including whether Dong is a double-reverse disinfo agent, or what? It is rumored that he is proffering even more sordid dirt on “Joe Biden’s” son, Hunter, than is already known from the memo-and-email cache lodged on his infamous laptop-from-hell — not just sexual escapades while in China, but details of big money deals made for the Biden family business. And not just that, but heaps more dirt on other prominent political figures paid off by China. As if the US government is not already in a bad odor with at least half the country’s citizens.
    ​ ​This Chinese spy tale is ripening at exactly the same time that the Maricopa County, AZ, election audit concludes phase one of its operations — scaring the panties off of the DNC and its PR staff at MSNBC, CNN, and the WashPo — with a lot of noises coming in from Georgia and Pennsylvania about likewise conducting vote audits. All that, plus Dong’s garbage barge of toxic political dirt, suggests that “Joe Biden” will have an even shorter run than Konstantin Chernenko did. We may find ourselves in an intense constitutional crisis by mid-summer. Hold that thought….

    ​More: ​
    RedState’s sources confirmed that the defector is, in fact, Dong, that he was in charge of counterintelligence efforts in China, and that he flew to the United States in mid-February, allegedly to visit his daughter at a university in California. When Dong landed in California he contacted DIA officials and told them about his plans to defect and the information he’d brought with him. Dong then “hid in plain sight” for about two weeks before disappearing into DIA custody.
    According to Spy Talk, Dong’s name came up during the Sino-American Summit held in Alaska in March 2021:
    RedState’s sources say that Chinese officials did demand that the United States return Dong, but Blinken didn’t exactly refuse; at that time Blinken wasn’t aware that Dong was with the US government, the sources say, and told China that the US didn’t have Dong.
    It’s only in the last three to four weeks that anyone outside DIA knew about the defector, according to RedState’s sources. Prior to that time, DIA was vetting the information provided and confronting Langley officials with what they’d learned without divulging the source.
    ​ ​Experts quoted in the Spy Talk piece essentially say that the defection is just a rumor and that rumors happen all the time, but that if it’s true it’s a big deal but “not game-changing.” Based on conversations with sources familiar with the information Dong has already provided and its quantity and reliability, that’s simply not the case. Not only does Dong have detailed information about China’s special weapons systems, the Chinese military’s operation of the Wuhan Institute of Virology and the origins of SARS-CoV-2, and the Chinese government’s assets and sources within the United States; Dong has extremely embarrassing and damaging information about our intelligence community and government officials in the “terabytes of data” he’s provided to the DIA.

    ​Cat sends this from Glenn Greenwald. She points out that about 400 people who filed into the Capital on 1/6/21, unarmed, seeking to be heard, not trying to overthrow anything, and still not charged yet, are being held unconstitutionally, mostly in solitary confinement (psychological torture, ya’know?)..​
    ​ ​What would be shocking and strange is not if the FBI had embedded informants and other infiltrators in the groups planning the January 6 Capitol riot. What would be shocking and strange — bizarre and inexplicable — is if the FBI did not have those groups under tight control. And yet the suggestion that FBI informants may have played some role in the planning of the January 6 riot was instantly depicted as something akin to, say, 9/11 truth theories or questions about the CIA’s role in JFK’s assassination or, until a few weeks ago, the COVID lab-leak theory: as something that, from the perspective of Respectable Serious Circles, only a barely-sane, tin-foil-hat-wearing lunatic would even entertain.
    ​ ​This reaction is particularly confounding given how often the FBI did exactly this during the first War on Terror, and how commonplace discussions of this tactic were in mainstream liberal circles.


    I’ve spoken about Covid vaccination with each of my 3 teens. I told them — I’m fine with vaccines, I got you all of the typical childhood vaccinations. (13yo daughter: “I *know* mom, the vaccination record is in my studentvue account. I’ve seen it, even though I don’t remember getting most of them.”). But I’m not okay with this vaccine. It hasn’t been adequately tested. There are a lot of terrible adverse reactions to it. And, besides, you are young and healthy, if you got Covid it wouldn’t be a big deal. You even quarantined with me when I had Covid and didn’t get sick — you may already be immune.

    My kids trust me. Ice cream and social expectations won’t get them to accept vaccination. And if their father tries it behind my back, the kids will object and let me know.

    Madamski: Meanwhile, now that the DNC/liberal zeitgeist have trashed themselves, we can look forward to a resumption of GOP/conservative stupidity also. Someone has to fill the void.

    I’ve been thinking the same.
    Partner and I flirted with the new AZ flavor of The People’s Party a few months back. Most of them were Bernie Buds who simply wanted to adopt Bernie’s platform rather than go to the trouble of building a platform from the ground up. Or they wanted to see what the national party was saying, and adopt the national platform. With some noted exceptions, it was a small leaderless mob, trying to find a leader, a strong man to align with. Most of them were frightened by the idea of going to the roots (the people)…it was stated as “too difficult” and “too long a process.” I think they were deceiving themselves. They really didn’t want to risk their pet ideas not being in the majority once the majority opinions were discovered. The second objective so many of them were promoting was of making a flashy difference on the national level — they wanted to make demands for Biden’s first 100 days in office. Partner and I shook our heads. Don’t care if some do that — I’m not going to dissuade them, *might* accomplish some good. But, seriously, nobody making decisions in the Biden admin cares one whit about the demands of the upstart AZ People’s Party. You want to make a difference?? DO something different. Create a political party that responds to the will and opinions of its members and that creates pressure to effect change on the local and state level — where you have a better chance of electing someone to office. The major political parties follow the bidding of their big donors, not the will of their members. If you want to be significant, BE different — do the hard work to find out what your members want, and champion that.


    They’re coming for our kids

    Why are they doing this? Some possibilities:

    1. Infertility of kids will reduce population more in the long term
    2. Vaccines cause long term health problems – They are priming the health care gravy train
    3. They care about us and our kids and it’s for everyone’s good
    4. They are raising the cognitive dissonance bar – Some one who had their kids vaxxed will never accept vaxxing as a mistake
    5. It’s just the money – The more doses the more profit
    6. Getting kids vaxxed will make them more willing to get perpetual mRNA shots

    Does anyone have the definitive answer?

    Doc Robinson

    • More Than 2m Adults In England Have Had Long Covid For Over 12 Weeks (G.)

    Raúl is right: ‘Many healthy people also have “fatigue-related symptoms” due to lockdowns.’

    “Fatigue is one of the most common symptoms of depression. There can be physical effects (lack of energy), emotional effects (apathy), and cognitive effects (difficulty concentrating).” [quoted from a quick search result]

    Tiredness is one of the 29 symptoms that would indicate Long Covid in the study (if at least one of the 29 symptoms is experienced for 12 weeks or more). “Difficulty concentrating” sounds like the brain-fog mentioned in the study.

    There was no control group, almost like the study was designed to overestimate the prevalence of Long Covid. Especially since the researchers were obviously aware of this limitation: “However, as the study was based on self-reported data and because many of the symptoms are common and not specific to COVID-19, we may, as noted, have overestimated the prevalence of persistent symptoms.”

    The self-selected respondents to a large survey (less than 30% responded) may have tended to be those with more persistent symptoms, and as the researchers wrote in the paper, “it is plausible that people with persistent symptoms may have been more likely to participate in order to ascertain their antibody status [since a home antibody self-test was being offered to participants].”

    Looking at the tabular results for comorbidities, it’s interesting that the participants with a prior history of depression had “Long Covid” more frequently than the participants who had a prior history of diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, stroke, liver disease, cancer, asthma… Hmm.

    And gross household income had a big influence. For participants in a household with less than 15,000 income, 51% got Long Covid, compared to 32% of those with at least 50,000 income getting Long Covid.


    @ John Day — I love the look of having the garden photo as the back drop for your website. I’m going to borrow that idea for one of my websites.

    It RAINED in Phoenix yesterday. Steady rain on and off for hours, not heavy, nor just a few drops. It was like a large sigh of relief, a break from temps over 110 degrees. I had a service call for a client about a half mile away, and watched the car’s thermometer of the outside temperature start at 78 and lower over the course of 30 minutes to 71 degrees. I turned off the air conditioning and rolled down the window, windshield wipers in use, steady raindrops could not diminish the delight of such balmy temperatures. It looks like we’ll be below 110 degrees for the next 10 days. Hopefully many of my garden plants will recover a bit. I’ve been watching leaves curl and dry on my tomato vine, as green, yellow, and orange-y tomatoes stay at their color, with no change, despite shade cloth on two sides and mesquite branches overhead for filtered sun much of the day.

    Dr. D

    Yes, 1/6 FBI. Sigh.

    Look they were infiltrating the Quakers after ’01. The Quakers! What did they think they were going to do, buy F-15s and strafe the White House? And the Dixie Chicks? Like wut?

    Like Soviet truth commissions, the FBI opened records on the old anti-war protests. Some FBI informants who went, looked into them and were surprised to find everybody else was an FBI informant too! They were like 10% of everyone, and the loudest, since they were protected if they got saucy and promoted violence.

    That was 50 years ago, before they really got funded. Did anyone think the federal government under Carter was too small? Too efficient? So you can only IMAGINE, like Greenwald, what goes on today. It would be a complete, unasked-for miracle if they WEREN’T the organizers, funders, and informants, including ALL the leaders, as we recently proved both head of the Proud Boys and multi-millionaire head of BLM are, “Trained Marxists”. Doing what they’re told.

    Well, it IS the road to riches, that I’ll give you. Those 5 houses don’t buy themselves. Power to the People!(who work for the FBI)

    Yet after 50 years non-stop , they STILL say “Pull my finger” “honest injin'” and fall for it. Read a book.

    Nobody posted it, so Caitlin Johnstone wrote on this yesterday.

    What she’s describing has been called diabolical narcissism, where the person has purged love from their psychology, but which leads to a list of fully predictable bad patterns. Abusing, lying, yes, but they must have the victim KNOW that they’re being abused, demonstrate POWER to others. Like the Gymnast abuser had to rape his girls with the parents right outside, then get the girl to say nothing. Voluntarily. Pointlessly. Power at the core is the real thrill. Obedience. The reason for Power is Power.

    Here’s the good side: because they’re all the same, and all cookie-cutter morons, they all have the exact same DIS-advantages. That is, they HAVE to advertise. They HAVE to tell you. They can’t help it. They have to go too far. Like Fauci, they can never shut up. Because the core principle is POWER, truth means nothing so they reverse themselves regularly, tell lies that are unnecessary, and jump at any opportunity to grind you like an addicted bonobo monkey.

    So what do you do? Clearly telling people they’re violent, raping, stealing, murdering maniacs doesn’t work: we’ve tried that. So new plan: dangle bait to have them lie, oppress, savage, and grind people, total innocents, sort of like mannequins they can tear apart without actually harming them…or not that much anyway. Like a dog suit for K9. Then the people see their real nature and have savage, thoughtless, and unhinged they are.

    At first, the people think — well they had it coming, those dummies, Rose McGowan, Donald Trump. They are narcissists after all, creating that is how they operate. They’re trained well from birth, don’t want to be on the receiving end of the abuser’s wrath. After a while though, the mask, the shine wears off. One by one they reach a point where they say, “Hey, I’ve got a black eye every night this year. I may be a bad wife, but surely not THAT bad.”

    So we have the NEW plan, the Trump plan — or rather the Military Intel Plan — running for the last many years. It has been slow just as Johnstone says. The abused do not want to wake up. But eventually, painfully, some majority now have. Not everyone, but maybe even enough.

    The police can’t come unless you are ready. They’re not going to arrest him until you press charges. What would be the point? They’re waiting for YOU. You have to show you want this, YOU have to realize, to change inside, to act.

    So Johnstone’s article that we’re overcoming a lifetime of CIA abuse says a lot, really. And as may be happening, shaking off the new abuse from Covid far faster than ever, although way too slow for me.

    Doc Robinson

    • Israel Urges Parents To Vaccinate Kids Ages 12-15 (JPost)

    In an article I read yesterday (can’t find it at the moment), a spokesperson in Israel said that they have a large number of vaccine doses on hand that are near their expiration date, and they are now encouraging children to get their first dose by June 29, so these doses can be used.

    Article from today, about the vaccines doses rejected by the Palestinian Authority (PA):

    Health chief: Same vaccines rejected by PA being given to our kids ‘right now’
    Palestinians sent back 90,000 vaccines expiring at end of June, saying they were not okay, but Israel using doses with same expiration date to vaccinate children aged 12-15


    How we got to 1/6 from a President that just yesterday suggested he would consider NUKING his own population is beyond me. What’s a few million deaths from jabs to them in light of this?

    Almost seems like part of the plan, if I were really whacko. /s


    a.g. said: “..This would explain the zeal to get every last man woman child vaccinated. No need to worry about a cover up when we’re all in it “together.” What’s to cover when we are all complicit in one way or another.”

    I think you have that right, a.g. No control group, or one so deeply marginalized as to be invisible. Another angle- perhaps unspoken but likely meant: “look what we do to those who don’t comply..” said with a smile by the Trusty class, of course.

    Mr. House
    Doc Robinson

    Israel’s prime minister gave a deadline for people (especially children) to get vaccinated. He says they don’t have vaccines available for anyone who doesn’t get their first dose by July 9.

    Prime Minister Naftali Bennett warned that Israel’s vaccine stock would soon expire… The prime minister called for all children from age 12 to be vaccinated as soon as possible…”Most of the vaccines we hold will expire by the end of July, and so it is necessary to receive the first dose by July 9. For anyone who is not vaccinated by then, we don’t have vaccines for later. At the moment we have stocks. The rate of vaccination is not good, just 2,000 daily. I call on parents: Go out immediately and have your children vaccinated.

    Meanwhile, those vaccines aren’t working as well as hoped against the new variants.

    Government admits that half of new Covid-19 cases in last month were fully vaccinated
    Despite data, government is launching expanded campaign to vaccinate everyone over 12.


    Evidence does not sway them.

    Biden – ” If you think you need weapons to take on the govt, you need F-15s & maybe some nuclear weapons.”

    Party That Also Believes Government Was Almost Toppled By Unarmed Mob On January 6

    the government was almost overthrown by a bunch of unarmed dudes led by a viking hat

    Its a war.

    Capital police had the guns
    Capital Police were the only ones using guns.
    Capital police fire and killed an unharmed female veteran for trespassing.

    Michael Reid

    The Russians see it. When will the people living in the west realize it.


    > The Russians see it. When will the people living in the west realize it. <

    Yeah, that was a good piece. I think a substantial number are paid to not see,
    and also to dissemble at the rest of us.

    “First slowly, then faster.” or something like that


    @ scraplet:

    I’m in the UK.

    Yes – I have purchased Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, Doxycycline, Azithromycin, Budesonide inhalers, Dexamethasone and Fluvoxamine from Kachhela Pharmacy in India.

    Have placed orders on four occasions. Always arrived.

    Email Anil Gangwani :

    I’ve paid him in rupees using Revolut


    John Day “I need a bag of sheetrock screws to finish this work today.
    I’ll call Washington for instructions.”

    I think of this tainter thing a bit too and often hope for steam to run out of this technosphere


    Oxy (Let’s Save Lives): “at the end of the day ALL fear is related to bodies and bodily attacks which is why our saints preserve us – they see through that. I have found this rolling totalitarian thunder frightening at times, as it threatens my optimism for humanity. We need to find comfort in the now. The peace of being still …” There isn’t a thing I could add to this thoughtful comment. Thank you again, Oxy.

    Mr House: “You might be surprised to hear this woman speak and find that she is articulate. She is not screechy or huffy … She went semi-viral a couple of weeks ago after audio emerged of her giving a talk at Yale in which she detailed her violent fantasies against white people ” Na, they aren’t going to win this because there is no “there” there. Racism is racism. There isn’t a “reverse” of racism. It just is. If they keep pushing as hard as they’re pushing now, there will be a backlash. It won’t be pretty. I’m coming down on the side of Madamski on this one.

    January 6th was a circus. No one with half a brain believes it. Anyone still paying attention is just seeking social media followers, clicks, and mo’ money (however that works, I don’t do social media). I feel sorry for the people being held in jail. Also for the woman shot by the police. Attorneys need to step up and do some pro bono work and get this circus dealt with, pull the tent down, load the trucks up, get it out of town.

    Dr D earned the bright spot today: “Here’s the good side: because they’re all the same, and all cookie-cutter morons, they all have the exact same DIS-advantages.” Thank you. Needed to be reminded of that.


    John Day: “I need a bag of sheetrock screws to finish this work today.
    I’ll call Washington for instructions.”

    oxy: “I think of this tainter thing a bit too and often hope for steam to run out of this technosphere”

    Many thanks to both of you. Needed a laugh. 🙂

    Doc Robinson

    phoenixvoice: “I’ve spoken about Covid vaccination with each of my 3 teens… My kids trust me.”

    That’s probably the best news I’ve read today.

    On the other hand, I saw some CDC data for “Age Groups of People Fully Vaccinated” which shows that in the US, 96,957 children under age 12 are now fully vaccinated for Covid-19, plus another 59,238 kids (under 12) got the second shot less than 14 days ago. This is despite the fact that the FDA hasn’t authorized the vaccines for anyone under age 12 (Pfizer) or age 18 (Moderna and J&J).


    Doc Robinson, that stat on kids under 12 is disturbing. I’m so tired at this point I’m thinking Darwin. idk. 🙁


    Right now – my biggest task is to get my bearings. I feel like I’m on a wildly rocking ship headed to a strange land.
    The emotional stuff is what I have to sit with. I had a friend call me an anti-vaxer again today. Close friend. Feels weird.
    There is this crazy balancing act of trying to get people to ask questions and stay open (coz science changes) and also protecting yourself from feeling too judged. I guess I may have to get used to cautious conversations and perhaps just being the asshole for a while.

    Doc Robinson

    upstateNYer: “that stat on kids under 12 is disturbing”

    Yes, it’s saddening. Reminds me of the saying, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” But in this case, instead of “good intentions” it looks more like “overblown fears.”

    Mister Roboto

    Covid was a religion from the beginning and will continue to be, the new bible thumpers, and these people can not be reasoned with. Evidence does not sway them.

    Assuming that this Covid-religion is primarily a PMC thing, I think these people to whom you refer believe in it in a very 1984-ish kind of way. Ever since Trump’s 2016 victory, the writing has been on the wall for the cultural and political dominance of the PMC. They latched onto Covidian authoritarianism because they think all the power-trips and head-trips contained within it will keep the PMC in power. They have to believe it. Everything that justifies their mindset and their way of life now depends on it.


    Oxy, once you’ve got your bearings can you please toss your compass over toward NY, specifically central NY, and make sure you put my name on it? My compass isn’t working well, need a new one.


    Doc Rob: ” “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” But in this case, instead of “good intentions” it looks more like “overblown fears.”

    Good intentions. Overblown fears. Is there a difference? What caused the burning of witches? Good intentions to rid the community of satan? Overblown fears of satan?


    What if … in early 2020 we were told one “scary story” (covid!!!!) to get us all moving in one direction and now, in early 2021, we’re being told another “scary story” (vaccine!!!) to get us all moving in another direction? And … what would the “why” of that “what if” be?

    I’m channeling Dr D. tonight. 😉 Seems I’ve caught a glimpse of deja vu. The Matrix.


    Maybe we swallowed the “purple pill” and we aren’t quite ready to reach for the red pill just yet.

    Doc Robinson

    Regarding the parenting of children, I think that overblown fears can warp the good intentions, such that a line is crossed, into the territory of harmful (irrational, even) actions. (I’m mixing the metaphors tonight.)

    Regarding the “covid!!!” and “vaccine!!!” scary stories, I’m resisting the push to move in any direction (other than the one already determined by me), if it doesn’t ring true to me.

    V. Arnold

    What if … in early 2020 we were told one “scary story” (covid!!!!) to get us all moving in one direction and now, in early 2021, we’re being told another “scary story” (vaccine!!!) to get us all moving in another direction? And … what would the “why” of that “what if” be?

    You and I have been told scary stories since just after WWII: There has always been a boogey man…
    Think about that, it’s important to clearly see history as it is, not through the lens of a particular government apparatchik…(communism, nuclear war, the domino effect, and on and on and on…
    Todays world, particularly in the west, is falling apart because those government apparatchik’s have lost the narrative over the last 70 years or so.
    What I see as the most dangerous period is now, because of the fragmentation across all political spectrums in the west…
    Russia and China see it clearly and they are rightfully scared to death of what the west will do to try and delay the inevitable…
    They’re (the U.S.) usual response is war…it would likely be the last act before it’s total destruction…


    @ V Arnold, agreed, we have been told one scary story after another for decades. I was thinking about that quite a bit last night after posting that comment. The list of scary stories is nearly endless, when you start counting them – right down to the local level here in the US where we have “active shooter” trainings that are inflicted on our children. (Although I do vaguely recall nuclear bomb “drills” while in elementary school so that’s nothing new). Mostly I haven’t bought into to the scary stories at all (the patriot act, the weapons of mass destruction, SARS, etc.).

    And just to be clear, I wasn’t suggesting the coronavirus and vaccine issues are not genuinely harming and killing people – they are. I’m also not suggesting we shouldn’t share information to at least try to keep up with what is going on. I’ve just been struck lately with intense deja vu because a year ago it was pandemic, now it’s vaccine. Maybe it’s the speed at which the shift in the latest scary story is taking place that is disturbing? Or maybe the fact the scary story is global this time is what’s making it feel more threatening? Or perhaps you’re right … “Todays world, particularly in the west, is falling apart …” and there is little we can do but try to get out of the way.

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