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    Henri Matisse Woman with a hat 1905   • G-7 Unveils $600 Billion Plan to Counter China’s Belt and Road (R.) • Russia Defaults On Foreign Debt For
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle June 27 2022]


    “Why is everyone in Sweden sick and coughing the worst at the same time?” asks a Swede ” VAIDS !

    Expert puzzles – Mysterious cough disease keeps Sweden in suspense



    “Jack Last died of a blood clot days after Covid jab, inquest told”


    V. Arnold

    Henri Matisse Woman with a hat 1905

    Beautiful Matisse; but, there is no joy in her eyes; and her mouth is turned down in a subdued frown…

    These days the jerks/people in power are are are hell, I don’t know…insane ? ……………………
    The main point is”every humane for themselves………………


    “How I’m treating my COVID”

    He’s admitted that he’s taken the Death Vaxx, and now he’s infected with the viral Bio weapon. He knows well the dangers of a post Death Vaxx SARS-Cov-2 infection and has rightly decided to “throw the kitchen sink at it”. He’s attempting to both destroy the virus, up regulate his immune system and clear his body of spike protein. Seems sensible.

    Dr. D

    Twitter supports killing black people: “Twitter Just Fine with Assassination Threats against Justice Clarence Thomas. The tweet “hasn’t broken our safety policies.” ISIS didn’t break their policies either, but jokes at Babylon Bee? Well I say!

    EU supports killing black people: “EU Says Africa Should Stop Buying Russian Fertilizer”

    Yeah buying fertilizer is silly: clearly they should starve themselves instead over yet another stupid European war.

    Media – The End of the European Colonial Powers, The Tyranny of Physics

    Both the article, and the interviews are worth having.

    “Today we are looking at a situation where an entire continent’s leadership is in the process of committing ritualistic suicide and yet is obsessed with portraying these self-inflicted wounds to the world as Russian President Vladimir Putin’s fault.

    A common trait among all malignant narcissists is the inability to take any responsibility for their own actions, seeking to always shift blame onto someone else. You see this behavior in children. And it only manifests itself in adulthood because the parents refused to put any boundaries on the child or inflict any consequences on them. Look at Europe’s leaders today and to a person, man or woman, there is not one shred of self-reflection …”

    As I say constantly, but like children of alcoholic parents, they seem incapable of realizing this is not normal and not okay. They are abso-nutso, and harmful.

    Home Showings Across US Plunge 24%, Mortgage Rates Remain Elevated”

    More abuse. Each time they do it faster and harder. However, if you can thread the needle running contrary, it’s a strong opportunity.

    Here’s a good one:


    “The West pursues a “let’s see how it goes” ‘strategy’, or in other words, no real strategy at all … a cult of unrelenting, untethered, positive spin has asphyxiated mainstream critical faculties. How is it that the West, awash with ‘think-tanks’, invariably gets it so wrong? Why is it that facile memes and illusions, posing as geo-politics, get little or no challenge? Compliance to official and mainstream narratives is all. It is baffling to observe

    Or not. This is what you get when you lie to yourself every day since birth. And are on drugs. And when it’s “violence” to point that out using words.

    “EROI of greater than a multiple of 7 is required for modern society to function. … [the] West scrambling around the world looking for cheap alternatives that won’t ‘break the bank’. Alas, they are scant. What is the geo-political implication? In a word, extreme systemic fragility.”

    Except everything here is false. There are at least two whole nations with generations of EROI available: Russia and Iran. Likely there are several others. It’s not “System fragility”: it’s YOUR system fragility. Since Russia and Iran have limitless oil under 7:1, they’ll be fine. You won’t. And therefore YOU will collapse while they remain perfectly strong, doing whatever they want in their own way without you. YOU ARE NOT THE WORLD. You’re not “indispensible” or even important. You’re ordinary. When you destroy yourselves and your culture, no one will notice or remember any more than we remember the Ashanti Empire or the Mohicans.

    “taking a hammer to a complex network…The social pain will be immense.”

    Your pain isn’t special. It’s ordinary. Nobody cares but you. Nobody has to make way for you. It doesn’t have to get solved unless you do the work and solve it.

    Lagarde of the ECB states: “We have inflation under control”. … were just talking points severed from all reality. This ECB event however, has a major geo-political significance. …the ECB is being exposed as having no credible tools ”

    Yes, the Erasing of Europe as relevant. As meaningful or having any power. And immediately thereafter, as having any wealth or influence, no control over her direction or outcome. No longer the Actor of history, they have abdicated to become the Object of history. They have given up every value that caused success, then wonder why success stopped. Or rather they were painstakingly engineered to give up every value…

    Article then comments on the Fed attacking to kill the EU, a theory which is gradually gaining universal acceptance. This is Alistair Crooke, who I believe is the UK diplomat who vowed from Wikileaks the DNC emails were not hacked, but leaked. He’s been seen elsewhere. “Strategic Culture” is a Russia-based thinktank.

    G-7 Unveils $600 Billion Plan to Counter China’s Belt and Road (R.)”

    No one can participate in the $600B plan, since the U.S. would just freeze your assets and steal them all. Hunter’s meth dealer is short this week.

    The US adopts yet another pro-Russia policy that strengthens Russia at the expense of the West: Russia is told it doesn’t have to service its debt.”

    Amazing point. And why do you pay your debt? To keep a good credit rating. Russia doesn’t need that credit rating ever again because the West will never lend to them ever again. Who are you protecting? But this is about who takes the blame, and the West made sure they are to blame and Russia tried every honest good faith.

    “Russia Defaults on Foreign Debt for First Time Since 1917 Revolution”

    Because: “The Guardian”, it’s a lie. Russia paid. The European bank they paid won’t disperse the funds. Therefore, Europe and that bank defaulted…but not like anyone cares.

    “Since March we thought that a Russian default is probably inevitable,”

    Yes, because they PLANNED and NEED Russia to default so when Europe collapses into a pile of stupid, they can blame them. Otherwise, it falls on BoJo the Clown and the Schwabinator. They’re super-annoyed it took this long and this much effort.

    “I have never seen a level of censorship like this” says the author of “Manufacturing Consent.” Who lived through McCarthy.

    ““rationality is not permitted. This is a level of hysteria that I have never seen”

    They are in a hebephrenic meltdown, babbling in the corner.

    “John Mearsheimer’s Ukraine Crystal Ball (ZH)”

    The story here, and following Chomsky, is that Mearsheimer is probably THE top strategist, think-tank, THE top most respected diplomat and mind now that Brzezinski is gone. And they censored him like a clown, a putz, a nobody. If you want peace, we’ll shoot you.

    “the President is in fact compromised because of Hunter’s shady business dealings.”

    Don’t slander Hunter: it’s the exact opposite. Joe corralled and forces Hunter to do the corruption for him.

    “NYT Reports On Large CIA ‘Stealth Network’ Of Spies & Commandos In Ukraine (ZH)”

    We are in the war we are not in. Schrodinger’s War. Who are we fooling? Us?

    “Covid’s Infection Fatality Rate Now Same as Seasonal Flu (DS)”

    They keep coming up with vaccines, and I keep saying: against what? Delta’s been gone for nine months.

    Speaking of nostalgia, like the Beatles and Rolling Stones on covers of magazines at the checkout, Antony Bourdain, who’s been gone four years and they’re promoting him more than ever. At this rate, they’ll have monetized him into a commodity for sale of 50 years of residual profits. I don’t know how I feel about that except to say: is nothing going on NOW? No new cooks, new shows, new people? Not that I love the new, but life is for the present. “Be Here Now” or something?

    Dr D Rich

    God bless Oxford’s Centre for Evidence Based Medicine.

    I must admit I was wrong 2.5 years ago, way wrong. I asserted COVID was a bad flu year and never backed off the assertion.

    Inevitably the Oxford PhDs as they are wont to do with their superior funding and superbly appointed offices determined:


    I lie down corrected.
    Hat tip to Dr. D


    Its a simple explanation
    “Pfizer regional sales leaders”
    The Alpha dogs
    Breeding rights
    Easy choice

    Belt and Road

    G7, the newly renamed “Partnership for Global Infrastructure and Investment,”
    Friendly nations or not
    While a formal default would be largely symbolic given Russia cannot borrow internationally at the moment and doesn’t need to thanks to plentiful oil and gas export revenues, the stigma would probably raise its borrowing costs in future.( from its enemies)

    Read more …
    I hope that you are right.
    I’m not ready to settle the estate of my son, daughter-in-law and pre-teen kids.

    • Covid’s Infection Fatality Rate Now Same as Seasonal Flu (DS)

    “Now we are looking at an infection fatality rate for Covid of around one in 3,000 which is comparable with seasonal influenza.
    Fewer than one in 3,000 infected people now dies from coronavirus – with the rate even lower for the vaccinated. The analysis of official data by Oxford University shows the ‘infection fatality rate’ has dropped about 30-fold since the pandemic began due to a combination of vaccine protection and naturally acquired infection.”



    The Empire of Lies military doesn’t know it’s ass from it’s elbow.

    Their priorities are incoherent.

    I’m sure they’ll do fine going toe to toe with Russian Marines.

    U.S. Navy Releases Absolutely Bizarre Orwellian “Pronoun” Indoctrination Video


    Greg Hunter has a nice overview wrap up and it’s a unique twist on a podcast location, he’s giving it in a newly harvested field of wheat in Missouri.

    His comments on fertilizer are enlightening.

    Many farmers have decided not to use fertilizer this year because of the price and will carry on with the natural fertility of their soils and just put up with less yield.

    Cover crops and field rotation and manure will get them by.

    And here’s the interesting math in their thinking.

    Lower yields but the price per bushel has doubled so they can clear the same amount for their crops as fertilized fields with higher yields but lower prices for their wheat cause there’s too much production.

    Interesting way to play it.


    Top Dog –
    unexpected consequence

    Sanctions against Russia are leading Latin America to the abyss

    The enormous pressures exerted by the United States for Latin American nations to join the policy of Russophobia that it has imposed on the planet by controlling the main media, could aggravate these problems.
    As a corollary, it can be stated that the string of extortions imposed by the United States, not only on Russia but also on more than 30 countries in the world, are leading several Latin American nations into an abyss.


    “My body my choice rally”- worse than the fact that sensible people are censored is that idiots are touted.


    Anything that is sent into the air by Russia, Ukraine, or anybody else, and causes damage when it lands, is to be labeled, Russian,Russian,Russian.
    All images of destroyed cars, tanks etc. are to be labelled as Ukrainians successes in the war.

    [email protected]

    “The US adopts yet another pro-Russia policy that strengthens Russia at the expense of the West: Russia is told it doesn’t have to service its debt.”).

    I expect that the U.S. pension funds, family offices and hedge funds who hold Russian bonds will next commence lawsuit against the U.S. government under the takings clause of the Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution (“Nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.”). If the FedGov wants to pursue such a policy for geopolitical strategic purposes, all well and good, but it has to pay for the private wealth it is destroying in the process. If memory serves, the precedent already exists that rendering private property worthless without actually taking ownership of it constitutes a “taking.” So not only does Russia get off the hook, the U.S. taxpayer or more accurately the U.S. money printer will now have to pay Russia’s debt to the U.S. citizens who hold it.

    Since the Fifth Amendment like the other amendments applies to “persons,” and is not expressly limited to citizens, I expect that many foreign holders of Russian bonds, including European banks and sovereign wealth funds, will also bring lawsuit under the takings clause. It will be a good time for Constitutional lawyers.


    Update from Geert:

    Start listening at the 20 minute mark if you don’t have much time. He states that BA 4&5 is still evolving and that in 6 to 7 weeks we will see it evolve into a much more deadlier variant crashing the healthcare systems of the world. He said in two months we will be living in a different world.

    You really need to listen from the 38:45 minute mark down to the 52 minute mark where he’s predicting the end of western civilization.



    Ten years old debate but interesting to watch from today’s perspective, so I decided to share. Bit long but shed the light to dawn of events that is deeply connected to what we are living through right now. Shows what fine art of gate keeping by the “moderator” and one panelist can do and lead to drum beat of “trust the science”.


    On, prev. Ilargi post, The World Order has Changed. Xavier Moreau, a military man (plus other..) living in Moscow (dual national F-R), offers v. good weekly or so free milit. bulletins. He also does other topics. He was present at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum meet and says the atmosphere, the zeitgeist, has changed completely. All pandering to the W has gone, W ideals are seen as ‘out’, everyone is getting on with, for lack of better words (not XM’s but mine), constructing a better world. In F. (I am posting a lot about F these days as that is waht I am following and what happens to, or in, the EU alliance matters at present.)

    John Day

    @Dr D:
    EU says Africa can’t buy Russian fertilizer. “Freedom”
    Africa: “OK, we’ll make fertizlizer ourselves.”
    EU: “Sorry, that is against our environmental policies.
    It’s complicated, but you’ll understand that we can’t allow you to make fertilizer, either.”

    John Day

    @Noirette: Thanks, I saw that yesterday.
    Pre-game party for Golden Ruble and egalitarian world order.

    John Day

    @Kultsommer: 9/11 WAS the false flag operation, run by Cheney at the big board, getting ris of the Pentagon missing-trillions investigation, the Enron/insider-trading investigation, a whole, whole lot of secret treasury debt created in the late 1980s to sink the USSR, a whole bunch of gold in the WTC basement, a lot of people, a cruise missile into the Pentagon-office-of-navel-intelligence, and those investigators, and anything resembling the rule of law in the US, followed by afghanistan,Iraq, etc.
    “Lucky” Larry Silverstein made out like a bandid on the double-double insurance against terrorist-attacks that he had just taken out on the WTC. Other insider trades did great too, like some big bets against American airlines the evening before.
    Supposedly, and weirdly, Russian intel. knew the whole story, but nobody would listen to them.

    John Day

    Thanks Germ: I don’t think it’s as bad as Vanden Bossche projects.
    I think it will just be the end of “Western Civilization” (in quotes)

    I’ll look.
    Vitamin-D, Ivermectin, zinc, doxycycline. Gotta wonder about the spike-protein configuration. What tissue will it attack this time? Blood-vessels was a big hit.

    John Day

    Thanks Germ: I watched it. Lots of blathering. Multiply vaccinated will continue to have weak immune systems/ BA4 and BA5 are in flux and growing, but what they will do in the fall remains to be seen, works in progress, maybe beteen “Omicron” (family) and Delta, for instance.
    Take vitamin-D. Eat veggies, lift weights, have antivirals at the ready.
    I don’t even think “western civ.” will go down…
    It’s our parasitic masters that are still the big threat. “Compassionately killing” us, the best they can.

    Sigh, gardening and working on homestead in 100F+ paradise again today.

    John Day

    About that $600 billion investment plan. Remember COVID-stimmies?

    “I want to be clear. This isn’t aid or charity. It’s an investment that will deliver returns for everyone,” Biden said

    So let the west invest in YOU, then switch to the “Golden Ruble” system after spending it wisely on useful infrastructure for the near future, and default.
    “He” who laughs last, laughs best…


    @ John Day.
    Of course. Debate, bit long but one have to find the time, is especially interesting to watch from decade time gap and see how all progressed where we are now in eerie continuation. I may add it is not only about the desired wars but introduction of control of movement (familiar?) – starting with air travel which, at the time, was mainly out of sight for many ordinary citizens, thus successful and we passed it with flying colors.
    Mr Kay, gate keeper in the “debate”, has a degree in metallurgy, no less.


    CDC Eyes Monkeypox Vaccine for Kids as Outbreak Spreads


    “The virus is mutating up to 12 times faster than expected.”.



    Nit Wit German Vice-Chancellor and Economy Minister Robert Habeck:

    German Vice-Chancellor “Drastically Reduces” Time In Shower To Cope With Energy Crisis

    This is the Flower of German Kulture speaking.

    Priorities, Priorities, Priorities

    Russia is quaking in it’s boot at the sight of this ponce.

    “I have drastically reduced the amount of time I spend in the shower, but I am a poor example. As a minister, I earn a salary that others can only dream of. Plus, I come home late, get up at 6 a.m., and am out of the house again by 7. With such a schedule, it’s not necessary to heat in winter. For people working from home, retirees with small pensions, and families, it is a different story.

    “My counterpart from the Netherlands recently told me proudly that they had launched a campaign intended to cut the average showering time from 10 minutes to five. I had to laugh. I have never showered for five minutes in my life. I shower quickly,” he said.

    He dared the Russians to match that!

    Two countries apply to join BRICS
    Iran and Argentina see potential in Brazil-Russia-India-China-South Africa bloc

    Veracious Poet

    How I viewed 3 out of 4 RNs in my family prior to the Scam-A-Demic:

    Who they actually revealed themselves to be:

    My reaction to the RNs & their lemmings when they ALL got Delta, discovering that their Safe & Effective vexes no worky (didn’t have the heart to tell them about long-term effects):

    My last group text response to the RNs et my family concerning boosters & shooting up their kids:

    P.S. I’ve pre-warned them + wife’s familia re: every crisis since 2000 dot com cra$h, yet most still believe I’m a conspiracy freak ~ My wife even plead with her family to sell & extract equity spring 2006, they lost it all anyways, including equitie $$$ in 2000 & 2008 🙄

    P.P.S One of my nieces, that’s studying for PA school, texted the family group to ignore my warnings about mRNA vex in early 2021, as I “was not educated or licensed in healthcare” (She’s already 300K+ in student debt after a stint/vacay in Hawaii & bailing on her first major (marine biology) during her junior year 🙄 ) ~ Her sister, a “holy” pediatric RN, doubled down on her assessment, then their mother piled in making a pathetically rude comment which I’ve forgotten.

    My response:

    Of course, I’m no longer part of the their family group text 😕


    A message from Greta



    Look ..Look … Its coming to your neighborhood

    Sri Lanka Suspends Fuel Sales Amid Economic Collapse; Asks Russians For Help

    We are now facing a far more serious situation beyond the mere shortages of fuel, gas, electricity, and food. Our economy has faced a complete collapse.

    “It is no easy task to revive a country with a completely collapsed economy, especially one that is dangerously low on foreign reserves,” ” Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe told parliament on June 22.

    Veracious Poet


    The support system for all that is going, going, gone and in the ensuing flux all that rousing self-actualization starts to look more like Thomas Hobbes’s war of all against all, a savage and pre-human state of nature. As this occurs, all human beings have to fall back on are modes of conduct that include a moral and ethical dimension, which is to say, what is right and what is wrong, not just what is allowed at a given moment.

    Which is also to say: maybe the time of smashing boundaries is over. As that scaffold of techno-industrial comfort and safety disintegrates, and all the dazzling promises of becoming transhuman dissolve — sorry, Klaus Schwab — we will likely have to settle for being human again, and in the best way, not the worst way. That includes a certain reverence for our nature and for each other. That suggests not killing children.

    The Time of Our Time

    Figmund Sreud

    John Helmer:

    “… Cadieu is a lieutenant general who specialises in planning armoured operations against the Russian army in Europe; Freeland is the deputy prime minister, scion of Galicia in western Ukraine, and candidate prime minister to replace Justin Trudeau, if she can.

    As the Canadian politician most directly connected to the Ukraine by family and property, and the most active advocate of war against Russia, Freeland has promoted Canadian military strategy and plans to wage that war on Ukrainian territory and across the Ukrainian borders for many years.”



    Veracious Poet
    Veracious Poet

    Zelenskyy threatens Belarus soldiers who attack Ukraine: ‘We will find you all’


    I see Trudeau is doing his best to spread covid by spreading his arms around other leaders. Clearly he is trying hard to hide the fact that he is considered the least powerful and the most incompetent leader at the G-7 meeting. Notice nobody bothers to invite Trudeau to come and visit their country anymore. Trudeau has worn out his welcome just like his old man did too. Certainly Trudeau won’t be getting an invite, any time soon, from the new G-8!

    The Ukraine must be winning the war so greatly that they now need to resort to bombing their own empty shutdown shopping centers to prove Russia is losing the war! Three new Ukrainian brigades that had just completed their training got canceled at each of their 3 training centers by Russia. Sadly these canceled Ukrainians never even got a chance to be shoved into the frontlines to serve as cannon fodder. It is hard to believe the Ukraine has so much cannon fodder.



    My Mother was a nurse but her views of the medical profession were tempered by her experiences.
    Unfortunately your experiences with the RNs in your family are also shared by me.
    They are all too eager to help Dr. Fauci inject his evil vaccine into their fellow citizens.

    Veracious Poet

    “Michelle” McKelley, who described herself to cops as a “professional booster,” was last cut loose Thursday after she was charged with stealing from a Duane Reade in East Harlem.

    And here “she” is…


    In regards to African fertiliser, some already produce significant quantities. If my memory serves me well Morocco has large Phosphate mines. Egypt also produces Nitrogen based fertilisers (from natural gas). Currently Egypt has arranged to sell fertiliser to India in exchange for wheat.
    As far as natural gas supplies go Egypt is boosting the amount by buying Israeli gas. Egypt is also exporting LNG to Europe but the amount they are exporting will hardly make a dent in Europes needs. Plus it is causing issues in Egypt, they have increased fuel oil consumption from 20,000 barrels/day to 100,000 to cover for the gas they are exporting.
    The stupidity of the west knows no bounds, the economic chaos facing Africa will bite the west once Africa has multiple revolutions. Already chaos in a number of countries (Lebanon, Sri Lanka, Yemen, Ethiopia, Mali, Libya) and it can only get worse.
    As for how far any country can fall look at Lebanon which has fallen 85% in 3 years and cannot generate electricity except with foreign aid. How will Europe cope if 100 million refugees descend on it? How will the US cope if it’s border is really overrun?

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