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    Veracious Poet

    How will the US cope if it’s border is really overrun?

    Dr. D

    “With such a schedule, it’s not necessary to heat in winter.”

    Oh, so your pipes freeze then, you have ice on your nightstand and 4 quilts like we used to? Oh, so that ISN’T the case, it’s not even <50f because you’re just LYING?

    “He dared the Russians to match that!”

    The Russians will blow up half the houses, and therefore half the showers. Then he can shower in the refugee camps with the others.

    “I’ve pre-warned them + wife’s familia re: every crisis since 2000 dot com cra$h, yet most still believe I’m a conspiracy freak”

    This is what is truly disheartening. A) We’re family, so you know, listen and look. I take you seriously and look into things you say, why not the reverse? B) Wasn’t Uncle Bob right before and we could have made Lambo cash? Let’s listen and look. But no. Literally anything on CNN, NPR who printed “WMDs ties to al-qaeda”, “Buy Bear Sterns” “Subprime is contained” they’ll listen to, AGAIN. Anyone who was serially wrong is an expert. Any who was right is a “Conspiracy Theorist”. Didn’t see that coming; thought “if they only knew, have to see for themselves…” Right now family bidding on houses at the bleeding top of the market with interest rates rising. “If not now, when. If not me, who?” Well I ain’t doing that unless I have insurance backup plan, I’ll tell you that! Buy the house if you want, but tell me your Plan B and C should X and Y happen. Like you lose your job and the house value drops 50% so they call the loan for collateral.

    If they have African revolutions, they can install all China-friendly governments in the U.S. tradition. Like the U.S. tradition, this will go well as suddenly have access to Russian food and weapons. Everyone’s happy as the resources then leave East Africa for China at a huge discount. New boss same as the old boss. Apparently the Africans have no interest in ruling themselves except maybe Egypt and Tanzania.

Viewing 2 posts - 41 through 42 (of 42 total)
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