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    Eugène Delacroix The Good Samaritan 1849   • Which Movie Will It Be? (Jim Kunstler) • The Trump Conviction Presents a Target-Rich Environment for
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    Dr D Rich
      “Leftists currently going after Trump have pierced attorney-client privilege and destroyed lawyers for representing the wrong client.”

    She misses the far larger point.
    Most lawyers won’t touch a client or a case with a ten foot pole that might compromise their reputation in the community where they practice.
    These lawyers think they’re shrewd not cowardly.

    “They” took Ritter’s passport….on his way to Russia, whom the United States considers a belligerent in the The Ukraine war.
    Zhakarova doesn’t know nor give a shit about Ritter.
    The bigger question is what took them so long.

    “They” took my passport in 2015 and still haven’t returned or replaced it. OTOH I wasn’t traveling to Russia or China.

    BTW, Ritter still hasn’t leveled up his role in Lira’s murder. Here’s his chance.
    Birds chirp.

    Gen. Flynn: “Traitor. Enemy. Disgrace. Liar. These are all the things they’ve called me. They’ve been lying about me almost as long as they’ve been lying about President Trump”

    From me to you: “Welcome to the club. May you enjoy obscurity and ignominy.”


    “..if Biden wins the election before this conviction is overturned, history’s judgment will be deafening.”

    Will it, really? I very much doubt it, the USA has been spreading corruption around the world for many, many decades, it has been fixing its own elections forever, it has been murdering people forever, even Trump murdered people as POTUS, and the people basically don’t care; the sofa has kept the American mind in limbo.

    Nobody outside America will care what happens at the election apart from a very few that think it might make a difference; they are probably in America. The USA will be forgotten, the world will move on and, without having built grand monuments to themselves, like the British, Spanish, Romans etc, the people of the world will just forget the American empire and there will be no trace of them after a couple of decades, after the last rendering of “Snatch that Bitch by the pussy” is played by some rabid teenager in Harare, Zimbabwe – by then twinned with New York and Chicongo (yes, three twins is woke math) – trying to piss of his parents.

    Maybe the Japanese will remember you because of baseball, but they may also forget you because of the nuclear murdering you did, tricky one.


    “I could have Done it, but I felt it would have been a Terrible Thing… and then this Happened to Me. So I May Feel Differently About it now…”

    I wonder what Putin would have done? I suspect it would have been very different from Trump’s actions. Trump is not mentally fit to run a huge bureaucracy like the US government. He is not mentally equipped to run a huge politically corrupt mob like congress. He is simply not equipped to be the leader of a nation, he is too naive and too loud mouthed, letting everybody know his plans then being surprised that they fail.


    “I worry about strife. I worry about war in the streets. I worry about 50 percent of the public believing that the court system will be used against them..”

    Looks like Ritter is one of the early ones taken out by the Biden admin. No recourse to law, simply had his passport confiscated, like they do in China, but at least you have to break the law in China. In the USA you just have to be a Mr Nasty to the admin and you are extra-judicially removed.

    I love it, I just fear I do not have enough popcorn.


    Dear American, Do you realize that the Republican Speaker of the House, the House Democrat minority Leader, the Senate Majority Leader and the Senate Republican minority leader, along with an almost unanimous Congress have committed you to the support of the Israeli Genocide of Palestine, both the people and the country?

    Of course they do, but they are Americans …. ooops, I labelled them, now I will have Benton the Jew on my case.


    The US Congress is doing this because the US Congress, especially its “leaders,” are paid by Israel Lobby campaign donations to defend the indefensible–the Genocide of the Palestinians and the suppression of all criticism of Israel.

    PCR, you failed to mention that most of the donations come from Jewish American billionaires – primarily Jewish, but they like to live in America, so they take on the American nationality. Without the big coffers in the USA, the Israel project would have died a long time ago. Let’s not beat about the bush, the funders of the Gaza genocide are the rich American Jews.


    PCR also failed to remember that Trump supported Johnson’s deal where he handed US government money to Ukraine and Israel, the Israel component bein gto support the genocide. Yes, Trump supported the genocide back then but is now pretending that he would stop it were he POTUS. Stop it in the same way as he insisted that Johnson get some movement on immigration before signing cash over to his favourite genocide?

    Trump is a political actor, he will let you down like he did last time, his voters are the majority sofa-morons.


    “Is this done under the First Amendment to the US Constitution or the Fourth?” Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova asked sarcastically, commenting on Scott Ritter’s removal from his flight to Russia and the confiscation of his passport The First Amendment to the US Constitution guarantees, among other things, non-interference with the freedoms of speech and assembly, while the Fourth Amendment prohibits unreasonable searches and detentions. SPIEF is the largest annual Russian business event in the economic sphere, and is attended by dozens of politicians and entrepreneurs from around the world. This year, the forum will take place on June 5-8.

    Once they got Trump they got confident, more of this shite is coming and it will be everywhere within the month, everybody in the Biden admin will be taking out their enemies and adversaries. It is difficult to see how this will evolve, but you can already see that the law is now nothing, it is being ignored and the Trump deplorables are the ones who will get it in the neck.


    “Almost Everything You’ve Noticed Change In America Can Be Traced Back To Barack Obama”

    The entire history of western Europe has been played out during the last ten years on the Western Front between California and the borders of Russia. When a population reads history as the victors they are sure to read their nobility and excellence into the facts. The despotic internecine horror of the European crowns is plainly written and available to all humans on planet earth. As surely as the rebellion of the thirteen colonies and the Constitution of the United States of America was an effort to escape the mayhem of Europe there were those who desired to wear the crown present in Philadelphia in 1776. The whole purpose of the Federalist Papers was to obfuscate the fact that the crown would be present or there would be no Consitution.
    Mr. Trump is the Thomas Moore of the present moment.

    That an action is profitable does not make it noble. A culture that defines rapine as industry has always turned inward in time as lust overcomes reason. When Thoreau was incarcerated for failure to pay the poll tax Emerson asked, “Henry what are you doing in there?”. Thoreau responded, “What are you doing out there?”
    Will you stand for self governing humans building a self governing nation or will you stand with the Crown?
    Will you continue to play “Gotcha” as if counting psuedo intellectual points is meaningful or will you read history and the current moment accurately? Your life, your fortune and your sacred honor or slavery for your grandchildren, choose carefully. Change the world? Change yourself. For the love of truth and justice.


    ““Almost Everything You’ve Noticed Change In America Can Be Traced Back To Barack Obama”

    what i meant to say was, read some history asshole!

    John Day

    Gilbert Doctorow, Freedom of speech in the U.S.A.? Think again!

    However, the follow-up news on the Yandex-Dzen website regarding events in Scott Ritter’s plane yesterday is still more damaging to my vision of free speech in the U.S.A. at present. One other passenger was taken off the plane by U.S. government officials to prevent his appearing at the St Petersburg Economic Forum: Judge Andrew Napolitano.

    Judge Napolitano is the moderator of the very widely watched interview program “Judging Freedom” which is disseminated on youtube as well as on the main social media. He is a very responsible and informative critic of U.S. foreign policy, as are his regular guests. He is at the higher level of intellectual discourse a peer to the journalist Tucker Carlson who caters to the hoi polloi. He also is known for defending Donald Trump’s positions on a variety of issues.

    The deprivation of travel rights served on Judge Napolitano is a gross infringement of freedom of speech that the Biden administration cannot live down. All talk from the Oval Office of defending American democracy is shown through actions like these to be crass lies and utter hypocrisy.

    D Benton Smith


    Of course they do, but they are Americans …. ooops, I labelled them, now I will have Benton the Jew on my case.”

    You should be grateful for the services rendered.

    Michael Reid

    It’s what they do

    I cannot stress this enough —
    many of the core functions of government —
    DoD, FDA, CDC, NIAID, USAID, State Department, CIA, NSA, DHS —
    are not dumb or incompetent
    but actual criminal syndicates.

    So too the WEF, WHO, Wellcome Trust,
    and BMGF are not dumb or incompetent
    but actual criminal syndicates.

    Dr. D

    “”This trial was full of such contradictions & violations of due process that one hopes the [SCOTUS] will understand & take it up”

    All theatre. Does this not look under control to you? Polls go up, on a new speaking tour over it. More people are alerted and up to speed.

    ““..if Biden wins the election before this conviction is overturned, history’s judgment will be deafening.”

    Because it’s all a show to begin with, they’ll arrange something. Cue Merchan is really not a judge, is caught with DiNiro and 5 baby corpses. Something rad.

    ““Leftists currently going after Trump have pierced attorney-client privilege and destroyed lawyers for representing the wrong client. They will think nothing of putting Trump in jail. I hope I’m wrong, but I’m not.”

    It’s important for us to SEE him being put in jail, or at least walked up to the door and Saved! At the last minute! Why? Human attention. And among other things, to set precedent. They still haven’t arrested HIllary yet, as they saw how that went with the public. Maybe the public is more understanding now.

    “Many Of The Attendees Ended Up Working In The Barack Obama Administration”

    Yes, and that’s why we call him a Socialist, but of course a lot of those attendees are useful idiots who will be first against the wall if the Revolution succeeds. Because Obama is really CIA from birth (via his mother, does no one ask how he can live in a prohibited war zone(s) and grow up with banker Geitner?) and they’re really in service to Global Billionaires who intend to use Socialism to sell and reverse every promise of Socialism. As always, always since Marx himself. That’s why billionaires paid him and published his books. Same here.

    It’s not complicated except that they corrupt the language we use to speak about it: Kill people, steal their stuff. Obviously they’re not going to want that, so tell them any dumb s—t you have to and betray them a minute later, leaving them in a ditch. Most basic plan known to mankind. They’d tell you Santa Claus was here in this ditch, but you wouldn’t believe that so we tell you you’re saving the earth and promoting Communism which will give your friends living wages. And health care. For the DNC, wrong on both counts.

    “• Rand Paul Warns Of “War In The Streets” Coming From Trump Verdict (MN)

    Well that’s odd, he should know better. I wonder what they’re up to if Rand is pitching into this narrative. …I mean, OF COURSE they’re going to stage MAGA false flags, surprised not already and that may show who’s in charge here. But saying so helps them pull it off.

    “there will be a civil war that will quickly evolve into a race war because of MAGA supporters.”

    Yes, and why did you say that since it’s foolish and embarrassing for you in the first degree? The meta-meta on that is that all MAGA, all right, all GOP, all America ARE racist PoS, coast to coast. Do you actually believe that? Or is America one of the LEAST racist countries, as when you actually take comparative numbers worldwide, and not just Japan, Korea, China, Asia, who are loudly and deeply racist, but Europe, Africa, etc too.

    Don’t believe me, believe your own lyin’ eyes: America is so racist 10 MILLION people broke the law to get here only last 3 years. They are SPECIFICALLY racial: tons of Africans, Central Asians, now Chinese, and of course lots of Hispanics (whatever that means). We’re so racist they expect to have happy, successful lives working here, even as felons without papers ALSO. Again, I’M not saying that: THEY are saying that. With the blood of their lives.

    Apparently they would know, being down on the ground, and think you, Mr. Reporter, Mr. Maher, Mr. Paul, could not possibly be more full of s—t. Are you going to believe this dimwits or people who are living it?

    “• Biden Denies ‘Pulling the Strings’ in Trump’s Criminal Conviction (ET)

    Why have that headline? His DoJ “Fixer” was posted directly into the DA’s office the day before the case started and is behind him on camera the day after the verdict. “Al Capone says he’s innocent!” No kidding, so how is that news? It’s not: it’s spin to help Al Capone, make him seem innocent victim of abuse.

    ““Donald Trump was given every opportunity to defend himself. It was a state case, not a federal case,”

    Both of these statements are false. Thanks for not bringing it up, NPR reporter at Epoch Times. Do you usually post false things without commenting on them?

    “Do you realize that the Republican Speaker of the House, the House Democrat minority Leader, the Senate Majority Leader and the Senate Republican minority leader, along with an almost unanimous Congress have committed you to the support of the Israeli Genocide of Palestine,”

    Oh yeah, we know. You know who else is slated for a genocide? US. That’s why we don’t go up there, or not without a better plan. As a rich, connected guy you may not realize that, even for all your chatter. What do you think 60,000 deaths a year in opioids alone is? All loved, arranged, overseen, helped, and approved. We’re in millions each year adding the other avenues, like in Ohio. How about killing 25M children, 75% which are black babies? Golly Batman, is that what’s called a “Genocide”?

    So as I said, you can not LIKE it, but you d—n well better have a strategy before you go up there. They WILL shoot you and gas your children. Didn’t Eisenhower, Patton, Butler, and the boys all prove that as far back as 1934? C’mon, One-Hunned Years, I need you to get up to speed here.

    “• Jury Selection Begins In Hunter Biden Gun Trial (ZH)

    This must matter and be another Reality TV show for us because it’s been popping up in media. That’s like the ads for the new series. Not a show? Then name me who’s in jail. …It’s a show.

    “• Germany Begins To Militarize: When Have We Seen This Before? (Amar)

    You’re kidding, right? With what? They also have no men now, and no prospective recruitments. Anywhere, even if they asked hard and paid well. Nada.

    “• US Close To ‘Fatal’ Miscalculation – Moscow (RT)

    I’m very certain they will respond now, but it won’t be “Fatal”, although it will scare our leaders senseless. Not us. We DGAF. And we’re getting bombed and killed now, what’s the dif?

    “• China Explains Snub Of Zelensky ‘Peace Summit’ (RT)

    That’s not really the story. Ze was so broken up about it, he flew to the Philippines and got in China’s face while telling Asia what to do, how it was gonna be. Riiiiiiiight. “Making Friends and Influencing People.”

    “Ready Reckoner For Killing – The Raisi Assassination (Helmer)

    If Raisi is dead, they can’t kill him again like Solemeni. Much more useful. Do they have a bunker somewhere to keep him, or is he on the beaches of Cyprus like Prigozhin? Sherlock sounds cool, but what you’re saying is: you know every fact, and there’s no thing you can’t think of. The world is made entirely of facts you don’t know, and new things you never heard of. The “Sign of Four” could be attacked by alien space lasers, or a weapon one could make in 1890 but hadn’t been invented yet.

    “• Deaf and Blind: The Maladies of American Diplomats (Patrick Lawrence)

    More theatre, it’s been said constantly that this was a staged arrangement. There is a special hint in “Economic Hit Man” but he didn’t elaborate since he was already in too deep and actually hid in the jungles of South America for like 3 years after this book. It’s said elsewhere. But WHO decided to allow and stage the flip of Iran? France? It’s certainly someone not on the usual map. I’m not sorry since it’s a huge blot on our record and more or less confirmed Poppa Bush arranged to hold the hostages ‘til after he election (then Iran-Contra, to run CIA weapons) – which is ITSELF only like Nixon doing the same thing in ‘Nam.

    If no one can even speak-the-name, who are they? Breakaway secret base in Antarctica? I mean, in the sense that they CAN’T hint and name-drop them since no one knows “these people” exist in the first place? Always wondered. Also that’s still going on now. Iran does Iran things, but then on occasion, like with Trump and the drone, something far-out right field occurs that makes you think there’s a sub-power and society hiding inside. The greater Iran elite are aware of them but…let them just run around? Que Pasa? Someday I’ll know, but right now I only know enough to ask the question.

    Kirill Podivov: There is an aerodynamic effect of being in direct proximity with the ground that makes flight easier. We don’t use it for us because it’s not safe.

    Maldives: Facts and evidence. Science doesn’t use those. And clearly neither does anybody else. I fell for it too, but I also checked because it’s required of you to do the basic work to have your facts and hold your arguments. On this basic, 10-second sanity check, it was already clear it’s all bulls—t. That’s how little is required of us.

    Painting: looks like elephants are more racist and intolerant than humans. No surprise. “Ecological” Humans who want to kill other humans for being bad have never spent a day in nature. They are elucidating from a station of complete ignorance. Like Iran, spend 444 days in a hut with other natives and tell me what you learned. About life, nature, and savagery. Note: we ARE the animals, for better or worse. We ARE Nature.


    Yes Michael Reid. Actual criminal syndicates.
    They steal. Kill. Blackmail. Destroy their enemies.

    People are getting dark thoughts


    Controlling the messengers.
    Controlling the message

    Dear American, Are you aware ….

    Dear American

    My questions are for aware people, a status for which few Americans qualify.

    If Human history continues, which at this point of time seems doubtful, future historians will ask why the people did not protest their pending annihilation.
    How was it possible that entire populations could be so brainwashed that they were removed from the reality of their own destruction?

    the “peace summit” might actually be a war summit, a sales pitch to 80 countries on the necessity of taking far greater risks to stop Russia from declaring a strategic win in the region.

    The Canadian government’s press service confirmed Trudeau’s commitment, noting that he will reaffirm Canada’s support for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s efforts toward a just and lasting peace.
    This includes Canada’s co-leadership of the International Coalition for the Return of Ukrainian Children and its co-chairing of the Peace Formula Working Group Four, which focuses on the return of prisoners of war, unlawfully detained civilians, and illegally deported children.


    Notice how there has not been any mass group of Jews coming out in moral outrage against the murder of the Palestinians? Have you noticed that? The Hungarians express their moral outrage, but not the Jews, the people closest to this crime.

    Why no moral outrage? The Jews portray themselves as the helpers of the downtrodden etc, yet when it comes to killing the Palestinians they are all just fine with it. Why do they not have any moral outrage, is it because the Jews consider the Palestinians to be animals? Do all these nice friendly American Jews actually harbour racist thoughts where they believe that only Jews should benefit from moral outrage? Are they supporters of the apartheid state of society in Israel?

    The “anti-semitism” crusaders are actually the true racists among us, they are the ones making out that whites are bad supremicists. It is not the blacks, it is not the latinos, it is not the asians, it is the Jews. Yet so many of the white americans seem to think that the Jews are great … so where is their morality, where is their concern for people of other races, where is their concern for the mixed society of Israel?

    They are racial supremicists, they believe themselves to be the new “master race” and they will destroy anyone who comes between them and their goals. The master race does not have moral outrage for lesser races, just ask the Nazis, they believed in their superiority, the Jews are the same. When the Jews cry out for a reduction in racism, they do not cry out for others, no, they cry out for laws that protect just them, their precious “anti-semitism” laws, because they don’t care about anybody else; why should a black person benefit from Jewish moral outrage.

    No, you have the ultimate supremicists in the Jew.

    John Day

    Nuclear weapons more dangerous than climate change – Trump
    The former president dismisses Joe Biden’s view that global warming is the greatest risk to humanity


    Turley the Democrat:.

    One shouldn’t ever forget Turley is a Democrat.
    He has been commenting every day on the Trump show trial.
    His purpose is to give legal credibility to the Trump show trial.
    Notice he hasn’t been correct about anything.
    There is a reason for him being consistently wrong.
    It is called lawfare propaganda!

    Trump will be jailed for life, days before the RNC conference.
    Congress will remove Trump’s name from the ballot after the sentencing.
    Trump will not be the RNC nominee.
    Trump will not be on the 2024 ballot.
    SCOTUS has already ruled that the appeal process for Trump must first wander through the NY state Court system.
    A direct appeal to SCOTUS is just dangling a false hope to soften the blow of reality.
    SCOTUS has already washed it’s hands in advance of this dirty political move.

    Biden smirked because he knows the deep state fix is finally in.


    A few things jumped out at me when I watched this video. “The War on Normal Guys”

    1. By the end of the video, a normal guy has been found guilty and the sentence is essentially, “He shouldn’t exist anywhere” The methods used to bring him to this point are incredibly similar to those used in The Gulag Archipelago when deciding who to round up and find guilty to send off to the Gulag.

    Strikingly similar. “Associations with” and who one is “adjacent to” always very important. If you have any contact with someone who is “rumored to” or “suspected of” or “thought of” in a bad way, it’s taken as proof of your guilt – all those suspecteds, thoughts, and rumoreds that supported the decision ALSO having come from you…

    2. It struck me that the mental process we are walked through here is exactly like what we’ve seen in mass media and tech media for years now. The particular person doing it is garbage-tier, but the methods are exactly the same. I go over to older relatives’ houses who, 1st priority, make sure I’ve received the latest NPC download. They walk me through mental pathways very, eerily similar to this.

    This is how shit is being RUN at least to some extent. And I suspect this makes it very difficult for normal reasonable people to end up in decision making positions at any level, which is why everything is crazy.

    3. bravo ShoeOnHead. She’s come a long way since complaint videos about The Last Jedi. Her line by line “WTF, bro???” Is like every internal monologue for everyone not to the left of Mao these past 8 years, but made amusing. I felt like this video summed up the last 8 years of public life for America somehow.


    With Trump on his way out, the war in Ukraine will now heat up.
    Switzerland peace = war.
    F16s are coming.
    NATO troups are now pouring into Ukraine.
    Russia will need to hold out until after the November 2024 election.
    War president Biden will stage a remarkable re-election comeback.

    Dr D Rich

    Paul Whelan a real Marine is still incarcerated in Russia.
    We’re at war with Russia in defense of The Ukraine ruled by Zelensky.
    How have Ritter and Napolitano been allowed to move to and fro Russia while Lira is dead and Whelan still in prison?


    My predictions:

    1. Trump will go to jail. Because it would be cool to have that.

    2. Trump will be pardoned in time for the debate

    That way, Trump will have to go around being a “pardoned jailbird felon”

    Appeal/Exoneration could be blocked or slowed down because hey, he’s already pardoned.

    Exoneration after pardoning could be made very low-key in the media vs a Trump exoneration that frees him from jail. It’s the Dems’ absolute best strategic move right now.

    John Day

    Ben Davidson discovers The Ethical Skeptic’s analysis, likes it and cites it.


    A winning strategy
    New policy suspends asylum claims for most migrants entering the U.S. unlawfully
    JUNE 4, 202412:00 PM ET

    Sergio Martínez-Beltrán



    In other words Biden hasn’t changed anything!
    The border is still wide open!
    Biden still FedEx’ing people to wherever they want to go in US.
    Providing free welfare/housing.

    A bit like Republicans threatening to write a stern letter to defend their nominee )Trump.


    I deduct that you read between the lines.


    This latest, titled Special Report on Foreign Interference in Canada’s Democratic Processes and Institutions, is the most alarming of the lot. It’s a dreary enumeration of profound ethical and possibly criminal transgressions committed by Canada’s senior politicians, mostly but not exclusively by the governing Liberals. It’s by no means certain that NSICOP had the Liberals in mind in its reference to MPs who have “worked to influence their colleagues on India’s behalf and proactively provided confidential information to Indian officials.”
    Terry Glavin: It isn’t ‘foreign interference’ if the culprits are willing MPs
    Opinion by Terry Glavin
    (No mentioned of Freeland, USA, or Israel)


    More military aircraft activity over Denver than usual today.

    Usually we only get F18 Hornets and the odd helicopter like a Blackhawk or a Chinook, occasionally an Osprey. There’s a regular route the F18’s run to Centennial and back home that goes right over me.

    F16’s today. Multiple instances. Wonder if those guys are headed to Ukraine soon.


    It’s a dreary enumeration of profound ethical and possibly criminal transgressions committed by Canada’s senior politicians, mostly but not exclusively by the governing Liberals.

    NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh called the allegations ‘very serious,’ suggesting those found guilty should be kicked out of Parliament.


    jb-hb said

    A few things jumped out at me when I watched this video. “The War on Normal Guys”

    The war on normal has been happening for a very long time, led by the media and Hollyweird.

    One of our left wing friends recommended we watch a TV program called “Baby Reindeer”, so provided us with a source for the first two episodes. It is so awful that we could not make it through the second episode; it is a story about an incredibly weak man, someone who cannot make up his own mind about anything, being stalked bu a short, fat dumpy, ugly mentally-deranged woman. I don’t know who made the series, but the guy is also having some sort of relationship with a tranny man. But, the link to reality is that this weak man is a bar tender, part of the old traditional man activities. The whole show is so cringeworthy that we could not continue, my wife said “I don’t like Baby Reindeer” and it was removed from my hard drive. It is complete shite.

    We have gotten used to such terrible output from the media, insulting us and trying to persuade us that weird is the norm. It is all about feelz, not about reality. I don’t know what it is about people promoting their feelings above their survival logic, but it seems to happen more and more these days. And influencers online are some of the worst, they have loads of followers who need a Trump-hate fix every day, so they find a weak non-Democrat person to bully, their bullying is then fodder for their mindless followers. The influencers know that promoting feelings is their way to survival, their survival logic is just fine, but the followers who bring them money are sofa morons. It is the usual evil of crowds, except that left wingers seem much more motivated to destroy the good people in order to get a few extra sofa-morons than center or right wing people are motivated to defend the good people.

    The power of advertising; appeal to the lowest common denominator in order to maximise your followers and hence maximise your youtube income and your pathetic ego, built on weirdos and basement dwellers.


    I see the Jews have taken over Mexico with the first woman PM, and such a Mexican sounding name; Sheinbaum. Nothing like money to get what you want and the Jews have plenty of money to buy the white supremicists and, apparently, the Mexican elections. Where they don’t have enough muscle, they use the US government’s employees to provide the extra manpower.

    Historical judgement of the USA will be that it is just another country to have been taken over by the Jews, the USSR having been the most famous one in the past. You cannot have a successful county where the rulers consider the citizens to be morally inferior, not entitled to the same morality as their fellow Jews, so Mexico will feel the heat and will decline as its wealth is stripped for the benefit of the tribe.

    Dr. D

    I watched ShoeONHead but was already lost in the first 90 seconds. Because: all names, no facts. Innuendo. Does not compute. Yup, that was true right through to 25 minutes. Guys spent his life digging on some rando’s social and channel. Found literally nothing. Conclusion: He’s Guilty Anyway! Of everything in my Mind!

    (Shhhh: he’s W – H – I – T – E . Just like I am. that means HE’S racist, whote supremacist, PoS who should be drummed out of polite society aka “All Existence”, while I, also on YoubeTube, also with questionable posts, also WHITE, should… Hold on, what was I saying again?)

    Here’s the problem: It’s impossible to make fun of, or even connect blows to people who have no self awareness. I know we all THOUGHT that was true, but now, 10 years later, we’ve proven it isn’t. There is no possible conclusion EXCEPT that they are NPCs, incapable of human thought or empathy, because otherwise, they would have child-like human logic, and the awareness of a 2-year-old, that can understand hypocrisy. And Justice, btw. Ye Justice Warriors who would fail Justice class in Kindergarten.

    I dunno. Yes? But it’s also so common I don’t really have a reaction? It’s not even special like narcissists? Not intelligent? It’s not the banality of evil, it’s like the stupidity of evil? People who used to beat horses because they were there, in the pen, lookin’ sulky after a hard day’s work with no feed. Yup, that’s what we do ti people from Tennessee, and everybody else in America except my five friends…but I’m lookin’ at their Twitter nightly…and they, they a-gonna screw up, I just KNOW IT!!!

    (Dear Diary: So exciting, my heart is just all a-flutter over Wendigo n’ pals! XOXOXO) Okay, question is: they are chrinically delays development. Not yet three at 23. How do you make them adults?


    Not reccommended for ammateur lyars.

    Freeland says committee finding that some MPs aided foreign interference ‘concerning’

    “It is a serious, serious problem that there are MPs in our House of Commons who are part of this,” Freeland said in French under questioning about the report at her weekly economic news conference Tuesday morning.
    Story by Mia Rabson

    Dr. D

    It would take all week to explain the very subtle ways you got everything wrong about American Jews, and also Americans in general. Let’s just point out: Jews, tops in all Civil Rights events, for generations, usually as lawyers, defending all minorities, blacks, gays, free speech, etc. That’s not a secret, so like literally they are all about helping the downtrodden underclass. That’s exactly WHY it’s so shocking to see the opposite with the ONE issue. But whatever, all individuals and groups are like that, especially the Anglos and the Chinese, so…

    “America” can’t be put into ANY category, since we are so large we are always both FOR and AGAINST all things. Like WWII: For, right? NOPE. Papers said we should be, took herculean efforts to get us involved at all, and many were anti-war right to the end. Just that, like Eugenics and “Kill all the Jews” (Which we were FOR) suddenly a day AFTER the war, no one was against it, just like no one had ever been FOR Eugenics, Genocide, nor ever put Hitler and Stalin on the Cover of TIme Magazine Man of the Year.

    There’s the reality, there’s the press coverage, then there’s the historical, um, MYTH. All three are completely different and flop back and forth in hours. “My Body, My Choice, 2020” “We’ll never join the rich king’s stupid wars, war is really by capitalists on the proletariat, 1914.” Uh-huh.

    RIght now, it’s no problem to find people who would kill everyone on the other side, red or blue, people who are pro peace, people who are pro war, and people who are radically ANTI-War … But only up until five minutes ago, and only for nation’s with Blue on the flag. …War is still an evil Capitalist Plot on the Proletariat, but only not when it’s BlackRock buying and dumping toxic waste in Ukraine.

    …Here’s the difference: THAT’S NOT UNUSUAL here. The “unusual” part is, to some extent they’re REPORTING it, to divide us, … but as you see, only in very special and specific ways, because everyone who is not a reporter communist, is stupid and evil. But MY war is special and good.

    So, go on with “Americans are for war” Really? WHICH Americans? Because the campuses just lit up, and they can’t recruit. Americans are FOR Jews. Really? WHICH Americans, because it looks like Congressmen both left and right are about to lose their seats over this. THey’re PROTECTING Jews? Gosh, but sentiment and actions against Jews are rising. So they’re AGAINST Jews? Nope, the rise is barely a blip, still basically way, way within all historic norms and safer than most places in history.

    Maybe the point here is They’re always Lying. The media said it, therefore it was false. C’mon, you know and say and point out, joining chorus with me, every day, 365 days, that they are lying, and bringing your own examples. So take your own advice: About America, they are lying. Because they SPOKE, that’s all you need to know.

    SO taking quite a steady tower of observations, adding all up to a heavy conclusion is not well-advised. Because each Jenga block was further off level than the last, BECAUSE THEY’RE LYING. They speak English, therefore, what they said was a lie.

    Just leave it there. Careful.


    Canadians should know which MPs are involved in foreign interference
    Opinion by Brian Lilley

    The report explains that MPs have often shared information on their own colleagues to foreign governments, knowing that information would be used to pressure a fellow MP to change their position.

    “Providing foreign diplomatic officials with privileged information on the work or opinions of fellow Parliamentarians, knowing that such information will be used by those officials to inappropriately pressure Parliamentarians to change their positions,” the report states.
    We could be asked to vote again in an election without knowing if we are voting to support someone who is putting the best interests of a foreign country ahead of Canada’s best interests.
    (Anti war, Peace, cease fire, need more support)


    Thanks Dr D & aspnaz – it was somehow banal/not noteworthy but yet very noteworthy and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.

    Boring yet terrifying? He didn’t surprise me, but when his climactic moment arrived and it was: “Normal Guy should not exist anywhere” my jaw dropped anyway.

    I imagine some hierarchy of social media people obeying some sort of AI heuristics. The AI chooses targets (where have we heard of that before…) a garbage tier level dude gets his assignment, the target is struck on lowest-level priority. (“Good Morning, Garbage Tier Comrade. Your assignment for today is ___”)

    AI reassesses, decides if the previous action was a test bed for future action, has the same guy re-attempt, has a higher tier person run a new attempt informed by the previous one, schedules it for a delayed re-attempt, drops it indefinitely but open for review.

    Normal Guy has an unwanted “vibe.” No specific thing done wrong. But overall, taking associations, his general personality and profile into account, he’s taking up oxygen that could be better used by frendlies. We might be able to leverage the space he’s in with someone else in it, but his profile/score says he’s not very useful. That’s practically as bad as being hostile. It’s the reasoning an AI hooked up to social credit score would be using.

    I could imagine this – a continual activity, just mowing the lawn, everybody clocking in and out 40 hours a week, doing the things they do, the AI feeding them stuff to fill their day. Some sort of supplemental pay sort of like UBI and an expectation that they’ll generate the rest of their income via their youtube or other activities.

    It’s so relentlessly unintelligent, it encourages my pattern recognition towards paranoia. The “reasoning” seems very much like what Chat GPT uses when it is vomiting up search results.

    John Day

    Crossing The Rubicon

    Gilbert Doctorow, Freedom of speech in the U.S.A.? Think again!
    In various essays over the past year, I have said time and again that in the United States citizens enjoy vastly more freedom of expression than in Europe, where I am living… Meanwhile Europe celebrates its “solidarity,” as I noted yesterday, and has zero tolerance for those who do not agree with their governments’ foreign and other policies.
    Yesterday’s events at an airport in the USA shattered those illusions about American freedoms…
    ..However, the follow-up news on the Yandex-Dzen website regarding events in Scott Ritter’s plane yesterday is still more damaging to my vision of free speech in the U.S.A. at present. One other passenger was taken off the plane by U.S. government officials to prevent his appearing at the St Petersburg Economic Forum: Judge Andrew Napolitano.
    Judge Napolitano is the moderator of the very widely watched interview program “Judging Freedom” which is disseminated on youtube as well as on the main social media. He is a very responsible and informative critic of U.S. foreign policy, as are his regular guests. He is at the higher level of intellectual discourse a peer to the journalist Tucker Carlson who caters to the hoi polloi. He also is known for defending Donald Trump’s positions on a variety of issues.
    The deprivation of travel rights served on Judge Napolitano is a gross infringement of freedom of speech that the Biden administration cannot live down. All talk from the Oval Office of defending American democracy is shown through actions like these to be crass lies and utter hypocrisy.

    Doctorow updates that story as Napolitano interviews Ritter on his show today. Ritter warned Napolitano, who disembarked:
    The sequence of destruction in any Russian response to NATO-directed attacks on its heartland
    Ritter is repeating what has been intimated by Vladimir Putin, Sergei Lavrov and other Russian officials, namely that Russia is prepared to strike back at the producers of these long range weapons, at those who are providing targeting packages to these weapons from their bases in Europe and the USA. Ritter then assumes this will necessarily proceed directly to reciprocal massive nuclear exchanges between the United States and Russia which will put an end to human civilization…
    ..I would like to propose a very different scenario basing myself on what I hear on Russian talk shows from top experts. And I juxtapose what these Russians are saying with the realities of U.S.-European mutual defense and of intra-European defense thinking that I see around me here in Belgium, including at the club luncheon on which I reported yesterday.
    The first point is that the most likely revenge attack by Russia for any missile strikes on its cities or critical civilian and military infrastructure will be….a massively destructive attack on Kiev…
    ..The reason is that hitting Kiev, decapitating the Ukrainian government, will result in the least possible blowback. It will not lead to a nuclear war. Europe and the USA do not give a damn about Ukrainian lives, so the cost to Russia of such a strike will be nil.
    Moreover, striking Kiev will be a demonstration to Europe and to the USA that they are not bluffing, that they have the determination to go all the way in their confrontation with the West to safeguard their sovereignty and national existence. It will be implementing what the political scientist Karaganov was proposing many months ago, whether it is carried out with conventional or tactical nuclear weapons.
    If nonetheless, strikes on Russian assets in the RF continue, the next point of attack by the Russians will be the marshalling centers in Poland which receive weapons and other military supplies from the United States and European NATO countries for delivery to Ukraine. One key airport is named in this connection. Why Poland? Because the rest of Europe is hardly likely to come to its aid.
    Continuing up the escalation ladder, I believe that the Russians will then, and only then, attack military factories and bases in Germany, the United Kingdom, France. Like the leaders of these countries, Russia does not really expect the United States to come to their aid and honor its Article 5 obligations under the NATO treaty.
    Only in the last instance will Russia attack the United States using its strategic nuclear arsenal, meaning only if it is under direct nuclear attack from the USA. This, notwithstanding the clearly stated Russian understanding that behind all of the European provocations against it stands Washington, the hegemon and puppet master. The United States will be the very last to come under Russian attack precisely because the nuclear exchange that comes will be suicidal for both sides.
    This, I think, is also the understanding that the Biden administration has. But their expectation is that both sides in a Russian European war will be decimated, freeing the United States to defend its global hegemony by taking on and defeating China. In this, I firmly believe Washington is mistaken. Europe will be destroyed, Russia will be victorious, because its arms are superior, and its troops are now war hardened. The United States will have lost its European colonies and will be up against the Russia-China alliance alone.

    Martin Armstrong, World War III by 1st Week of September 2024?
    We are on the edge of World War III because Western nations are nearing default on national debts. They NEED war as a distraction. The West has already declared war on Russia to try to prevent civil uprisings of a debt crisis of historic proportions. China sold $53 billion of US debt in the first quarter. They would be INSANE to buy any debt from any Western government at this stage.

    This is a “controversial statement”. Nuclear weapons more dangerous than climate change – Trump
    The former president dismisses Joe Biden’s view that global warming is the greatest risk to humanity

    John Day

    Polls taken immediately after Donald Trump’s conviction show there has been no negative impact on his support and even a slight increase in favorability, especially amongst independent voters. (So no November elections?)

    Social media users praise UFC icon Khabib Nurmagomedov for confronting Trump over Gaza war
    Former US president said ‘I will stop the war’ when asked by UFC legend to end the carnage, but many remain doubtful as to whether the Republican will follow through if elected

    Filing under “HUH?: “Israel Should Stop” – Zelensky The Ukrainian leader has raised concerns over the humanitarian crisis in Gaza

    Rumors trickle in about hundreds of dead NATO forces, including officers and technical specialists, from missile strike on logistics hub in western Ukraine.

    ‘US slap’ for Russia: HIMARS destroyed S-400 on Russian soil
    The Ukrainians successfully struck a Russian S-400 anti-aircraft missile system in the Belgorod region, utilizing GMLRS missiles from HIMARS launchers. This strike reportedly destroyed at least two missile launchers and a command center, with coordination assistance from U.S. “advisors.”

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