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    John Day

    Electronic WARFARE: Russia Jammed Ukraine’s Long-Range NATO Glide Bombs and Musk’s Starlink Satellites.
    The bad news for the Pentagon regarding the GLSDB’s performance against a peer adversary comes on the heels of a New York Times report this week citing Ukrainian officials, electronic warfare specialists and frontline troops indicating that Russian electronic warfare had successfully jammed SpaceX’s Starlink satellite internet terminals en masse in Kharkov region. This, the sources said, helped Russia achieve an element of surprise for its offensive in the area to establish a “sanitary zone” free of Ukrainian long-range strike systems, which Ukraine’s forces had been using this spring to target the city of Belgorod and border settlements.
    “We’re losing the electronic warfare fight,” a deputy commander from the Ukrainian 92ndAssault Brigade’s drone battalion said. “One day before the attacks, it just shut down. It became super, super slow.”

    Jonathan Cook, To Continue the Gaza Genocide, Israel and the US Must Destroy the Laws of War
    The world’s two highest courts have made an implacable enemy of Israel in trying to uphold international law and end Israeli atrocities in Gaza.
    Separate announcements last week by the International Court of Justice (ICJ) and the International Criminal Court (ICC) should have forced Israel on to the back foot in Gaza.
    A panel of judges at the ICJ – sometimes known as the World Court – demanded last Friday that Israel immediately stop its current offensive on Rafah, in southern Gaza.
    Instead, Israel responded by intensifying its atrocities.
    On Sunday, it bombed a supposedly “safe zone” crowded with refugee families forced to flee from the rest of Gaza, which has been devastated by Israel’s rampage for the past eight months.
    The air strike set fire to an area crammed with tents, killing dozens of Palestinians, many of whom burnt alive. A video shows a man holding aloft a baby beheaded by the Israeli blast.

    Israel’s Smotrich Threatens To Turn West Bank Into ‘Ruins’ Like Gaza (“Promises”?)
    Smotrich holds a minister position in the Defense Ministry that gives him power to expand settlements in the West Bank

    Israel Accepts ‘Not Good’ Gaza Ceasefire Deal – Netanyahu Advisor
    On Friday, the White House called the deal proposed by Israel to Hamas “a road map to an enduring cease-fire and the release of all hostages” that would enable a flood of humanitarian aid into the besieged enclave. Previous ceasefire deals have collapsed.
    Israel has accepted the framework new deal to secure a ceasefire in Gaza and the release of hostages, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyah’s chief foreign policy advisor said on Sunday.—netanyahu-advisor-1118746667.html

    (Lebanese Palestinians, not in Gaza) Israel Pounds Aleppo In Fresh Attack, Iranian IRGC Casualties Confirmed

    John Day

    Huge fires in Israel’s Galilee region are once again raging out of control following stepped-up rocket and drone attacks by Hezbollah on northern Israel. Some reports are citing over 20 wildfires in various locations.
    Last Friday, Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah in a video link speech declared that the current battle will determine the fate of the whole region.
    “This battle concerns Palestine, but also concerns the future of Lebanon and its water and oil resources,” Nasrallah, who is backed by Iran and Syria, said. “This front is a support front that is part of the battle that will determine the fate of Palestine, Lebanon, and the region strategically.”

    Why not rotate them like usual? Pentagon chief extends deployment of carrier strike group in Red Sea as Houthi attacks go on
    The U.S. Navy aircraft carrier strike group that for months has launched crucial strikes against Houthi rebels in Yemen to protect military and commercial ships in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden will remain in the region for at least another month, according to U.S. officials. U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin signed the order last week to extend the four ships’ deployment for a second time, rather than bring the carrier, the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower, and its three warships home. The other ships in the strike group are the USS Philippine Sea, a cruiser, and two destroyers, the USS Gravely and the USS Mason.

    “Newsweek”: Fact Check: Do Photos Show USS Eisenhower Damage After Houthi Strike? [Let me find some more pictures to post that are obviously not the Eisenhower.]
    Houthi military spokesperson Yahya Saree announced the missile strikes last Friday, but the Pentagon told Newsweek the report was false. Saree then announced another strike on Saturday, which he said was “the second targeting operation against the carrier during the past 24 hours.”…
    ..Following the news, images appeared online that were said to show strike damage to the Eisenhower…
    ..Neither of the images shared on social media shows damage to the Eisenhower. In fact, neither of the images was captured anywhere near the Red Sea, where the aircraft carrier has been involved in operations since January…
    ..A Pentagon spokesperson told Newsweek there have been no strikes on the Eisenhower or the Norfolk port where one of the satellite images was taken.
    Neither of the photos shared on social media shows damage to the Eisenhower caused by Houthi missile strikes. One of the photos is of a Russian aircraft carrier based in Murmansk. The other is of the Eisenhower while it is docked in Norfolk, Virginia. The Pentagon told Newsweek there have been no strikes on the Eisenhower.

    Actually, I was wondering about this 25 second video. Did you guys see it? Maybe it’s not real. Can you check?

    Unbecoming American: Tucker Carlson with Jeffrey Sachs (much less long than the interview)
    Tucker Carlson has continued to sail full speed ahead in the same manner with which he confronted the Establishment’s re-enactment of the Reichstag fire (1933) in 2021 and exhibited the strongest circumstantial evidence that the farce staged on 6 January was quite obviously anything but what the Establishment has insisted it was to this day. Then he exposed millions of traditionally ignorant US Americans to the intelligence and immanent sanity of the Russian federal president, Vladimir Putin.
    Just last week he released an extensive interview with Professor Jeffrey Sachs of Columbia University. Although Sachs is probably still invited to parties and other events of the New York and Washington season, this prior preacher of shock therapy in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union—of whose legal dissolution he was personally informed by US stooge Boris Yeltsin—has arrived, on his own it seems, at an independence he could scarcely have been accused of exhibiting for much of his career…
    ..Professor Sachs asserts that none of the current crisis arose from spontaneous errors or miscalculations. On the contrary he argues very clearly that today’s brinkmanship derives at least from the policies (and culture) of Old Harrovian Henry Temple, 3d Viscount Palmerston and the Crimean War. The Old Etonian, David Cameron, who bowled Britain’s first innings against Russia until 2016 has continued that tradition in his assault as foreign secretary—recently on record as calling for direct assaults on Russia with British (and NATO) weaponry. In a discussion of his conclusions as chair of a committee appointed to investigate the origins of the so-called COVID-19 pandemic, Sachs traced the story back at least to 2008 and the ambiguity of US regime claims to research “biodefense”. He also asserted that the 1963 assassination of POTUS John F. Kennedy could no longer be explained credibly by the fantastic story recorded and certified by the late Chief Justice Earl Warren et al. Moreover he concurred with a view meanwhile widely held that the assassination was a coup d’etat at least organized by the US national security apparatus (e.g. CIA).

    John Day

    John Helmer points out that “accident” appears to have been excluded: READY RECKONER FOR KILLING – THE RAISI ASSASSINATION


    Former Iranian president Ahmadinejad registers for early presidential election
    The registration of candidates for the presidential election is taking place from May 30 to June 3
    Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who served as Iran’s president in 2005-13, has registered for the country’s early presidential election set for June 28.
    “I am sure that all of the country’s problems can be solved through the maximum use of national capacities,” he said at a brief press conference after his registration…
    ..The final list of presidential contenders will be published on June 11.

    Oil prices remain high enough to depress many economies. OPEC+ Meeting Shows Persistent Demand Weakness
    The latest OPEC meeting conclusions show that the global economy is not as strong as headlines suggest and that industries all over the world are struggling to recover. Indeed, many manufacturing PMIs (purchasing managers’ indexes) continue to signal contraction.

    Me too. I want that deal, too. FT: China is asking for gas via Power of Siberia 2 at domestic Russian prices [Note the London-based source of the story.]
    China demanded gas from Gazprom, which is planned to be supplied via the Power of Siberia – 2 gas pipeline at domestic Russian prices, which is why negotiations between Moscow and Beijing have reached a dead end. The British Financial Times writes about this, citing sources.
    The publication’s interlocutors indicated that Moscow is also not satisfied with the volume of supplies planned by Beijing. China is willing to commit to purchasing only a small portion of the pipeline’s planned annual capacity of 50 billion cubic meters of gas.
    The Kremlin reacted to the publication. Thus, presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov said that the Russian Federation has no doubt that all necessary agreements with China on the issue of energy supplies will be reached, and commercial negotiations are continuing.

    Ottawa Detective Tells Hearing Her Probe of COVID Vaccines, Infant Deaths Was ‘Duty as a Police Officer’
    An Ottawa Police Service detective accused of discreditable conduct after probing the COVID-19 vaccination status of the mothers of deceased infants testified at her hearing that she was upholding her oath as an officer when conducting the investigations.
    “My duty as a police officer is to preserve life and property, to preserve the peace. And if I see any one of those situations arising where I need to step in and preserve life, I will do something. And that’s what I did, in good faith, as a police officer,” Constable Helen Grus testified at the Ottawa Police Service (OPS) building in Stittsville on May 27.
    Const. Grus, a detective with the OPS sexual assault and child abuse unit, is accused of discreditable conduct for conducting an “unauthorized project” between June 2020 and January 2022 by looking into the sudden deaths of nine infants. Const. Grus is alleged to have accessed Ottawa police files and then contacted the coroner’s office to learn the COVID-19 vaccination status of the parents, as she believed there could be an association between the two…
    ..During her testimony on May 27, Const. Grus said she had been concerned after being informed of a “doubling if not tripling of baby deaths” that happened after the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccines. Const. Grus said two detectives had also told her of incidents where “fully alert and healthy babies” had suddenly died in their mothers’ arms. “That concerned me. [In] 20-plus years of policing, I’ve never seen that phenomenon,” Const. Grus said.
    According to a report by the Journal of the American Medical Association Pediatrics, mRNA from COVID-19 vaccines has been found in human breast milk. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) also contains data that shows serious side effects and deaths in breastfed babies whose mothers recently received COVID-19 vaccinations.

    John Day

    Childhood Vaccine Injury: Aviana Died 12 Hours After Her Four-month Vaccinations
    I took Aviana home, changed her and fed her. She fell right asleep as she finished her feeding which was another abnormal for her, she was usually up late ready to play. I laid her down around 9:30/10 and checked on her before I went to bed at 11:30, she was laying on her left side. Aviana had been sleeping through the night since 2 months, so I didn’t think anything of not hearing her throughout the night because she was a good sleeper. I woke up at 6 the next morning to get ready for class and went to check on her before I started my routine. When I peeked in, Avi was face down. I ran over to her and flipped her over to find her blue and discolored with bloody mucous fluids coming out of her nose. Her little body was heavy and lifeless and I knew nothing could be done at this point.
    Within around 12 hours of receiving her 4 month vaccinations, my precious Aviana was dead.

    Study Links COVID-19 mRNA Shots, Not Infection to Heart Failure in Children. This study also shows no benefit in reduction of infection.
    A groundbreaking study by researchers from Oxford, Leeds, Harvard, and Bristol has confirmed that myocarditis and pericarditis only appear in children and adolescents following COVID-19 vaccination, not after infection. This extensive research analyzed official government data from over 1 million English children and adolescents, comparing vaccinated and unvaccinated subjects aged 5-11 and 12-15.
    Key findings include:
    All cases of myocarditis and pericarditis during the study period occurred in vaccinated individuals.
    Most myocarditis and pericarditis cases were recorded after the first dose of the vaccine.
    Hospitalizations related to COVID-19 were extremely rare among children and adolescents.
    Over 50% of children who had myocarditis following the shot required hospitalization.

    Forced retraction of Covid vaccine cancer-risk study, scientist alleges
    Emails obtained under FOIA show external pressure to falsely discredit a study showing that Covid vaccines may increase cancer risk

    John Day

    Two new studies suggest mRNA Covid vaccines can contribute to cancer formation [2 different mechanisms: stimulating cancer growth and disabling our defenses.]
    A new preprint provides evidence that the spike protein of both SARS-CoV-2 and mRNA vaccinations inhibits an important tumor suppressor protein, which may lead to increased incidence of cancer.
    The preprint, titled ‘SARS-CoV-2 spike S2 subunit inhibits p53 activation of p21(WAF1), TRAIL Death Receptor DR5 and MDM2 proteins in cancer cells,’ and published on 15 April, is authored by Brown University Professors Shengliang Zhang and Wafik El-Deiry. The latter is the Director of the Cancer Centre at the University.
    The scientists set out to determine if the S2 component of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein interacts with a tumor suppressor protein called p53. This particular protein is called the ‘guardian of the genome’ for its important role in DNA damage response and repair.
    The authors found that S2 had a suppressive effect on p53, which suggests that “the SARS-CoV-2 spike causes an altered DNA damage sensing and repair response in cancer cells.” …
    ..The other new paper of interest is a cancer modelling review which concludes that 100% pseudouridinated mRNA is potentially cancer-promoting and should not be used in new mRNA therapeutics.
    From the paper, titled ‘Review: N1-methyl-pseudouridine (m1Ψ): Friend or foe of cancer?’, by biologist Alberto Rubio-Casillas and colleagues, and published in the International Journal of Biological Macromolecules on 5 April 2024,
    “Evidence is provided that adding 100 % of N1-methyl-pseudouridine (m1Ψ) to the mRNA vaccine in a melanoma model stimulated cancer growth and metastasis, while non-modified mRNA vaccines induced opposite results, thus suggesting that COVID-19 mRNA vaccines could aid cancer development. Based on this compelling evidence, we suggest that future clinical trials for cancers or infectious diseases should not use mRNA vaccines with a 100 % m1Ψ modification, but rather ones with the lower per- centage of m1Ψ modification to avoid immune suppression.

    Meryl Nass MD has heartening news: The Dam Has Broken. UK’s Telegraph says COVID shots “may be to blame for increase in excess deaths”. Front page. Penned by Sarah Knapton, Science Editor, who has written truthful articles about COVID and deaths before

    Peter McCullough MD presents the case that this novel bird-flu virus leaked from a South Carolina biolab researching this H5N1 viral family in Mallard ducks.
    Proximal Origin of Epidemic Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza H5N1 Clade and Spread by Migratory Waterfowl In a July 11, 2022 paper in Nature titled ‘Transatlantic spread of highly pathogenic avian influenza H5N1 by wild birds from Europe to North America in 2021,’ a large international team offered the hypothesis that birds migrating from Europe to Iceland and other North Atlantic islands, and from there to North America in 2021, must have carried the virus across the Atlantic.
    As they noted in their conclusion: The HPAI H5N1 viruses that were detected in Newfoundland in November and December 2021 originated from Northwest Europe and belonged to HPAI clade Most likely, these viruses emerged in Northwest Europe in winter 2020/2021, dispersed from Europe in late winter or early spring 2021, and arrived in Newfoundland in autumn 2021. The viruses may have been carried across the Atlantic by migratory birds using different routes, including Icelandic, Greenland/Arctic, or pelagic routes. The unusually high presence of the viruses in European wild bird populations in late winter and spring 2021, as well as the greater involvement of barnacle and greylag geese in the epidemiology of HPAI in Europe since October 2020, may explain why spread to Newfoundland happened this winter (2021/2022), and not in the previous winters. This conclusion contains two implausible elements and a notable omission. First, the hypothetical spread of a new avian influenza variant by migratory birds from Europe to North America by crossing the North Atlantic has never been documented before and therefore appears to be unprecedented. Second, migratory birds in the East Atlantic flyway do not fly from Northwest Europe to North America in the autumn, but the other way around, from North America to Northwest Europe. Third, the paper’s conclusion omits the fact that at the same time (December 2021) the H5N1 clade was purportedly detected in birds in Newfoundland, it was also detected in ducks in South Carolina, just two hundred miles east of the USDA’s Southeast Poultry Research Laboratory (SEPRL), which began performing serial passage experiments with H5Nx viruses on mallard ducks in the spring of 2021. H5Nx viruses share the H5 hemagglutinin (HA) protein but have different neuraminidase (NA) proteins, ranging from H5N1 to H5N9. HPAI H5N1 belonging to clade (genotype B3.13) are currently infecting a large number and variety of animal species in the United States, resulting in sporadic human infections. In the context of modern viral outbreaks involving pathogenic organisms, it is crucial to evaluate the potential origins of the virus, including the possibility of laboratory involvement.

    John Day

    MSM Silent As Court Holds PCR Covid Tests 97% Inaccurate – Unfit for Purpose
    Four German holidaymakers who were illegally quarantined in Portugal after one was judged to be positive for Covid-19 have won their case, in a verdict that condemns the widely-used PCR test as being up to 97-percent unreliable.
    Earlier this month, Portuguese judges upheld a decision from a lower court that found the forced quarantine of four holidaymakers to be unlawful. The case centered on the reliability (or lack thereof) of Covid-19 PCR tests.

    As if the Gardasil HPV vaccine has not killed and injured enough teenagers, already. If this uses the methyl-pseudouridinated mRNA it should be able to cause cancer, too. Peter McCullough MD, Moderna Receives U.S. FDA Approval for mRNA RSV Vaccine mRESVIA(R) , Approval of Synthetic mRNA Product for Public Use with No Genotoxicity, Oncogenicity, or Long-Term Safety Studies

    Ben Davidson becomes aware of the work of The Ethical skeptic, admires it, and updates his planetary-rotational-flip model accordingly. The Earth Will Flip Over

    That work by The Ethical Skeptic: Master Exothermic Core-Mantle Decoupling – Dzhanibekov Oscillation (ECDO) Theory


    In Taiwan at the moment and all that is on TV are visits by the CEOs of Nvidia and AMD. They are both Taiwan born, and they are related. Strangely, both are big customers of TSMC, that gives you an insight into how Chinese nepotism works and how western Jewish oligarchs cover their tracks by installing their people in positions of power.

    The Taipei Times is very west-leaning, you will not get any real news out of it, it is purely for foreign consumption, trying to portray Taiwan as an “as-good-as” a western country. The USA has a ton of investments in Taiwan semiconductors, not because they love the Taiwanese, but they want to keep a lid on mainland China in their usual way, threats of war and violence. Taiwan makes alot of US chips, the Taiwan company is close to China (where the chips are put into products) and they manufacture the designs created in the west by various companies; I understand that AMD does not have any of their own manufacturing plants any more, they depend on the likes of TSMC for all their manufacturing.

    It is quite an interesting relationship because TSMC depends on western chip manufacturing technology – no, they do not have the ability to create the chip-making machines – and they use that in a manufacturing plant that can make chips for anyone approved of by the USA. US sanctions makes TMSC possible, without sanctions China would be making these chips on the mainland, but the sanctions make that impossible, hence TSMC can milk that opportunity. Basically TSMC is making the silicon, using western machines to do the lithography etc, then doing the chip testing before packaging.

    This relationship is in some ways similar to Hong Kong which used to be the gateway into mainland China, their advantage being that the Hong Kong people could communicate in both Chinese and English, so they were a natural go-to for western companies, and HK made a lot of money that way. Now companies go directly to China, skipping HK, so that intermediary business is all but dead.

    The same will happen to TSMC, the mainland Chinese people will soon – my guess is a few years – not need premium American chips any more, TSMC will respond by making cheaper and cheaper chips for less profit in order to maintain their market share and in the end the Taiwanese will all but exit the semi conductor industry. The rich owners of TSMC will try to buy up the mainland China companies instead, moving on as the market moves.

    The USA has Okinawa bases within 100 miles of Taiwan, these bases are easily within reach of mainland weapons, but they do contain a fair number of US military. The US could get their people to Taiwan very quickly, but they could also easily be wiped out by the Chinese. I have noticed a marked increase in the number of Americans in Taiwan, compared to ten years ago. I don’t know what is happening, but the USA definitely has a “cultural project” going on here, trying to turn Taiwan into the worst bits of California.

    D Benton Smith


    @DBS: I like this “name stealers” perspective.
    Please expound further.”

    Historical data abounds (and it’s real Rabbit Hole) but the basic story as summarized by Clif High and many many other (including actual historians), was that back in the heyday of China’s Silk Road (when the northern route went straight through the stomping grounds of the Khazarian Empire (Ukraine and the steppes above the Sea of Azov and Black Sea) the Khazars had a habit of lavishly welcoming the wealthiest caravan merchants, gaining their trust and then murdering them in their sleep. The kidnapper would then assume the identity of the victim and proceed to the dead merchants intended destination and continue the pretense, taking full advantage of the political and financial wealth and connections of the victims previous life.

    Eventually caravan merchants started calling Kazarians the “Name Stealers”, but were unable to stop the practice, which was as psychologically sophisticated as it was brutishly simple. Just kill the guy, take his place (and his money) and more or less permanently insinuate themselves into the most financially and politically powerful dynasties along all of the trade routes from Europe to China. It was VERY successful, and there is convincing historical documentation that Emperor Justinian’s wife was just such a “plant”, and brother was she an evil piece of work! Hillary Clinton would blush.

    The most important working element of the scam is that they went straight for the highest seats and networks of power that they could weasel into, pretending to be the very BEST of some worthy institution or dynasty (thus automatically benefitting from that brand recognition) while being the absolute worst. Personally, I think that the technique was not limited to the strictly material realm, but extended into the spiritual realm as well.

    D Benton Smith

    For those interested the probable Phoenician Origins of modern Ashkenazim Jews here’s a good platform from which to throw oneself down into the apparently bottomless rabbit hole: .

    And don’t forget Procopius’ salacious “Secret History” of Byzantium’s Emperor Justinian and Khazarian harlot wife and mass murderess, Theodora. Start here:


    Let’s just point out: Jews, tops in all Civil Rights events, for generations, usually as lawyers, defending all minorities, blacks, gays, free speech, etc. That’s not a secret, so like literally they are all about helping the downtrodden underclass.

    Helping bigly the brown underclasses of the world. Yep those benevolent Jews. Begging for weapons in Ukraine and Israel to murder is Jew benevolence right ?

    Why are there so many black, brown and African Americans Jews dr D ?
    Asking for a friend that really really wants to be Jewish and is desperately sad to not be born a “Chosen One” tribe member.

    D Bowel System asked yesterday-

    Which sort of criminal enterprise is most comfortable for that population to endure…now its practically impossible to determine who the hell is in charge of the blob mob.

    Hmmm, lets see- who owns and controls ?
    – The Federal Reserve and banking
    – Media, TV, Newspapers
    – Hollywood
    – Pharma (advertising dollars)
    – Wall Street
    – US Politicians (Epstein) in Power
    – Jewelers
    – Western Psychology

    DBS, explain it to us like you’re retarded and an expert on all things Jewish. Is the Jewish State, for the Jewish people, by the Jewish people committing a mass murderous Genocide right now ?

    Of the two major wars happening right now- Are the Leaders of Ukraine and Israel Jews?
    Are their weapon dealers avowed (Jewish) Zioist supporters?
    Is Zelensky now a Jewish Dictator after canceling elections ?

    Cmon DBS, explain it like you’re retarded.


    Team Vaxxine = Team Dead. Booo Hooo
    Dear Liberals, go get your 10th booster assholes.

    100 Cases of Sudden and Unexpected Deaths While Sleeping

    100 Cases of Sudden and Unexpected Deaths While Sleeping
    COVID-19 mRNA-Vaccinated Individuals

    Are Jews Racist ? Why are Jews a Religion, a Race and why did they steal Land in Israel ?
    Why are Jews indiscriminately murdering in Gaza that the International Criminal Court labeled Jews as Genocidal murderers ?

    Why would anyone defend Israeli Jews behavior ?


    Dr D said

    That’s exactly WHY it’s so shocking to see the opposite with the ONE issue. But whatever, all individuals and groups are like that, especially the Anglos and the Chinese, so…

    Really? So where is this shock you talk about? There are 10 million Hungarians in Hungary and 8 million Jews in America, yet 100,000 Hungarians of all ages come on to the street to protest their moral outrage. meanwhile In America there are about 20 Jewish students, so basically nothing.

    You are indulging in another one of your fantasies; like your “the Jews could not have been behind Covid” because Pfizer sent shots to Israel and they all took them, and Pfizer is an honest company, so would not have sent different shots to different countries, so obviously the Jews didn’t do it because otherwise they would be poisoning their own people. Yeah, right.

    Okay, whatever, your logic is different to mine; you see the cheese, I see the holes in the cheese.

    You see white hats (somewhere, yet to be identified) and I see lots of corrupt public servants run from somewhere within the US government and protected from repercussions. I also see the protection applied to Jewish money and control over the likes of Blackrock, Vanguard etc mega corps who seem to be able to insist on shit like DEI without anyone forcing them to obey the law instead. The same protection is applied to the medical industry and their theft of money from the public.

    The Jews have been backing the idea of lawlessness in the USA for decades, that lawlessness is now destroying the USA, as they have always known it would, and the fact that they are paying a bunch of white, black and latino people to help them is not surprising.

    But you are Mr Whitehats, so where are the Jewish white hats coming to the rescue of the Palestinians? If you are shocked that they are not there, then you are probably alone, because most of us knew they did not exist, there is reality then there is cheese.

    Even Musk is pandering to the Jews, there is nobody powerful in the USA that is not indebted to them in some way. They all (Trump, RFK Jr, Biden, the indian) want to support Israel’s genocide, and some, like Trump have actually acted on that and done something to help.

    I’m shocked I tell you, shocked!!

    D Benton Smith


    Try your best to fuck yourself, if you can get it up. Otherwise just wave it around and dream of better days. Don’t bother to even try to think about it because your brain is obviously limper than your dick.

    No wonder you didn’t read or understand a single word I wrote, you’re brain dead. Let me draw a really simplified picture of it for you, with a nice fat crayon. Maybe your care-taker can help you figure it out: I HAVE NO SPECIAL PLACE IN MY HEART OR MIND FOR JEWS. They are just people, a lot like you (unfortunately) who are now suffering the same thing we Americans are suffering. Our culture and government are being run by homicidal psychopaths . . . in our previously good name.

    Now you can go back to whatever you were doing before accosting me with your bullshit. Drooling on your shoes probably.


    Benton the Jew said:

    I HAVE NO SPECIAL PLACE IN MY HEART OR MIND FOR JEWS. They are just people, a lot like you (unfortunately) who are now suffering the same thing we Americans are suffering. Our culture and government are being run by homicidal psychopaths

    The American Jews get what they want; gift of weapons, money, political cover to Israel. They even get to control the workings of the US democracy, deciding who can and cannot stand by pushing their cash around.

    The American people, in return, get inflation, the decline of the US dollar, DEI, woke, a reputation for genocide etc … all gifts from the Jews. Why do Americans not get the same A1 treatment as their Jew friends? Oh, and now you can add confiscated passports and criminal charges for misdemeanors etc to the list of Jewish gifts.

    On the other hand, the laws that actually protect US citizens are not enforced; shoplifting, drugs on the streets, shitting in the streets, “plea bargaining” (another US crime) etc. The American Jews use their money to degrade law and order in the USA. Woke, DEI and all that shite is Jew shite.

    All the money to rebuild the USA’s infrastructure is now in Israel and Ukraine, yet you make excuses for your politicians, all of whom are bought by the Jews. The Jews do nothing for the USA, they are a drain on the USA, yet the American people let it go … actually they let everything go.

    Your culture and government are being run by Jews. Your country will die, you will do nothing to save it.


    Bento the Jew said


    Try your best to fuck yourself, if you can get it up. Otherwise just wave it around and dream of better days. Don’t bother to even try to think about it because your brain is obviously limper than your dick.

    No wonder you didn’t read or understand a single word I wrote, you’re brain dead. Let me draw a really simplified picture of it for you, with a nice fat crayon. Maybe your care-taker can help you figure it out: I HAVE NO SPECIAL PLACE IN MY HEART OR MIND FOR JEWS.

    You don’t love the Jews but as soon as someone accusses them of a crime you suffer an apoplectic emotional explosion in your brain. It is very difficult to believe your contrary assetions when accussing the Jews turns you into potty mouth, shaking both your walking sticks at the passing citizenx. Get a grip BtJ, you will do yourself an injury.

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