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    Paul Gauguin We hail thee Mary 1891   • RNC Backup Plans for Presidential Nomination If Trump Is In Prison (ET) • X Urges Supreme Court for Revie
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    No one is being held responsible. And apparently Americans don’t care. How is this any different from the Zionist story of Jews being herded into gas chambers?

    The Zionist story is a fairytale that never happened, that is the difference. Note that the Zionists benefitted in both stories.


    Just a reminder for those who have forgotten; 40 more innocent people murdered by the Jews.


    Bill Gates is up to his old tricks again; his privately-funded WHO organisation is starting to ramp up the next pandemic fear trail. Someone died; you can bet your ass they died of something completely unrelated to the h5n2 virus, we know these tricks from Covid, where people in road accidents were added to the Covid tally. Of course, this having happened before will not help the vaxinated sheep, they will be rushing to the doctor to be the first to get the new shot.

    Dr. D

    “Sweden Introduces Draconian ‘Security Zone’ In Gang-Crime Hotspot, Indiscriminate Police Powers To Search Anyone

    Joined the NATO-Nazis, and rolling out the last platforms of that party/religion. My God is POWER. Raw POWER which is my Heaven, hallowed by thy name, thy Kingdom come, MY will be done, on earth… Just stop me.

    “Israel Signs $3BN Deal With US For 25 F-35 Stealth Jets

    Yay! Now Israel can’t fly either!

    “RNC Making Backup Plans For Presidential Nomination If Trump Sentenced To Prison

    So, your claim is, this has never occurred to them before? Not like 6 months ago when we all commented and wrote articles on it? No?

    So….I guess we all bombed Russia last night? Just on pulling the passport, just in time for the election.

    Btw, WHY dd they feel the need to lie, just lie, about Judge being pulled off the plane. I mean, he might have, but because somebody else was arrested, (Russian, I didn’t know the name) Ritter called him at 6am and said it might not be advised. Good call. Again, THEY (the left, the reporters) are sooper-stupid, but whatever OUR side does is sooper smart and without error. You can’t get these things wrong. Don’t. Eat crow and get it correct or you’ve chosen the wrong side.

    Trump vid on Border:

    Yes, but we know it is EXACTLY 10 Million? Because we’re not counting them, we on the right are so sure we know. Right. I’m not saying you’re wrong, but I’m asking why you’re so SURE. The RIght: just reports things they want to be true, and FEELZ like believing. Just don’t. Get it right.

    “Journalist: Would you declassify the 9/11 files?”

    Too late: Already could have, already didn’t. Blow me.

    “The FBI just admitted in court that Hunter Biden’s laptop is real.”

    They keep not being legal or logical. Therefore, you need to go arrest them for Judicial tampering, election tampering, and/or possibly treason. They know it was real, they knew right away because we ALL knew right away – and I’m under this bridge – but KNOWING and pretending, lying, has OTHER consequences. When you know, for a fact, and then hide this fact from FOIA and other government actions such as from prosecutions and Congressional requests, THAT IS A CRIME. So? Arrest them all. It’s probably not that big a deal, not like 20 years or something, so give them all their 1-5, felon, no pension, no priors, out in 2, and call it a day. That’s a MINIMUM. And that’s NOT harsh: it’s pretty easy. It’s not mean, it’s just what is done.

    NOPE. Yawn. Wake me when you’re serious.

    “let President Trump “flee from prosecution.”

    Whut? So your allegation is that Trump will move to Thailand but you won’t let him? Excuse me if I’m skeptical here. Or he’s going to flee from prosecution and remain in Florida? How does THAT work? Because you’re saying you’re too incompetent to find and arrest him again?

    “Elon Musk’s X Corp. has asked the U.S. Supreme Court to consider stepping in”

    Wtf is this?? WHO in “X Corp”? A “Corporation” is not born from the head of Zeus. It is staffed by people with names and home addresses. If you say – and usually you say – Elon Musk did this, it makes sense. But here the 3rd mailroom in Building 9 said, and got the Public relations third intern to post it? Wtf are you all talking about? This is why once upon a time when the dinosaurs roamed, we had REPORTERS who “interviewed” people on the “Phone”. …OR ELSE YOU COULDN’T PUBLISH, get the hell out of my office, youse.

    “• J6 Committee Delayed Secret Service Driver From Refuting Limo Story (Turley)

    We covered this all at the time, FOUR YEARS ago. Is that witness tampering? (yes, although it’s a congressional witness)

    ““I used to meet with him when he was vice president. I’d go to his house,” McCarthy said in an interview. “He’s not the same person.”

    Yes, but that should be a good thing. Biden was the top Congressional racist, friends with Grand Wizard Byrd, against busing, “Superpredators”, and imprisoned the most black men in history BEFORE bombing Africa widely as VP and tracking down and killing Muslim children…who were U.S. Citizens. That. Is just a fantastic record. The less competent he is at that, the better.

    “a guilty plea …would also avoid an embarrassing trial for himself and his father during a presidential election.”

    Yes, why indeed.

    • Scott Ritter on Reason Behind Move to Stop Him From Traveling to Russia (Sp.)

    I’m more concerned they are holding him without trial or travel. Of course the prison is very, very large – the entire United States – but he can’t go anywhere. Why? Where’s the adjudication? Do we know why you have to have the CHARGES read to you, with WITNESSES, and EVIDENCE in a “SPEEDY” fashion and “Correct Jurisdiction” yet? Also in that interview, he was like “What office/phone deals with you stealing my passport?” And they said, “Dunno, I guess there isn’t one.” So I call the 3rd mailroom clerk and ask?????

    ““The strategic alliance between Russia and China ain’t going to be about taking over countries, ain’t going to be about missile-producing or whatever. It’s going to be about ensuring justice and fairness on the global stage…”

    Hahahahaha! You so funny. …Said no country ever. Are those nations run by “Men”? Then no, that will NOT happen. Sure, to START they may act like that, they believe like that, and in a few years, “I was Snow White but I drifted” – Mae West. We do NOT want a situation of replacing “American” tyranny and empire with Chinese and BRIC Tyranny and empire. No.

    As far as does NATO stand a chance? Of course not. Or we’ll launch our Sopworth Camels at you. Now can we blow up and wreck a bunch of stuff pointlessly on the way out, even end human life as we know it? Sure. We just popped up a sub and hit Yemen yesterday (But not with nukes). Those subs are one of the only operational parts of our whole military. But that won’t beat Russia, which is the size of Holland, I hear, much less China and the combined Global South.

    On the flip side: will the U.S. still be here? Yes, we’ll still be here. Come what may.

    ““..the West cannot entertain any of these requests and has taken so much control of the media that its leaders are starting to believe their own BS..”
    • The West Is Already At War With Russia But Its Leaders Can’t Wake Up (Jay)
    Is NATO planning something big in Ukraine? Are we on the cusp now of WWIII really breaking out

    A: Yes. Right now.

    “The reasons why peace talks are a mere figment of the imagination of western journalists”

    Not exactly, but I know what he means. It’s a lie by telling the truth. They have made it impossible to speak clearly by corrupting the language and reality with lies…everywhere. Would Russia call immediate peace if Ukraine flipped, surrendered, and became Switzerland, disarmed, protected by Russia, in independent but in union, no nukes, no NATO, no Nazis? 100% instantly, yes. It would be hard to prove and hold, but yes. Happen today.

    …So there IS a peace talks, right? It’s just WHO is going to surrender unconditionally.

    “• Ukraine No Longer Allowing Dual Citizens To Leave (RT)

    Lira was a dual citizen but not of Ukraine. So the just renounce Ukraine, right? Easy. If you have a passport and are still in Ukraine, you’re crazy.

    ““..Americans are “not fighting for Ukraine or the Ukrainian people, they are fighting for their own grandeur and global leadership.”

    WHICH Americans? And it’s hard to say what they’re fighting for, but certainly no one has Ukraine’s interests at heart, and certainly not the Ukrainian government. Personally, I think think they’re religious extremists, but their religion is hidden and hard to describe. Just like the last Nazis and the last time. Quickest to say they’re a Death Cult, because that’s irrefutable.

    ““Unfortunately, Europe today is a Europe of war. This is the current European agenda…”

    …Not for long.

    “The former diplomat moved to Lebanon in June 2022 after leaving Austria in September 2020 and residing in France because of persistent death threats and a de facto ban on working in her home country. In August 2023, it became known that Kneissl had moved to Russia.”

    You see, THEY decide for you. She’d be home, in the system, working through regular measures, but THEY cannot stand that. Then call her a traitor and Russian for THEM expelling her, who would rather go home.

    ““we have to stop them over there before they get over here.”

    As we say, WHICH Americans? Because this demonstrates Congressmen are far more retarded than the general American population. …And yes, that’s saying something. HOW are they “coming here” sir? Do they have landing ships for 10 Million immigrants? Oh. Wait. …Jesus H Christ on a pogo stick.

    Jack on Free Will.

    He needs to watch those videos on “What the Internet is like now”, and then some on how AI fails at everything and can’t stop lying. A marketplace? Would that be “Competition” under a form called “Capitalism” which is essentially just baseline human nature before Marx popularized an “Anti Human Nature”? Yeah, I work and trade stuff. It’s mine. Try and stop me. And if I’m mad at you and you’re a jerk, I avoid you. All these things are attempted to be made illegal. No: that’s Human Baseline since before we were in caves.

    “Disney Tops Long List Of Woke Failures With Upcoming Release Of Gay Star Wars Show

    Another show for the 1%. They only make shows for the 1%, the rest of the world and 99.9% are deplorable animals and don’t matter. Well, “This show is not for you.” Sold! Now who would have thought making Pop culture for the world’s smallest subset would fail? They complain black movies and shows fail and they’re like 30%.

    “CNN Provides Parenting Advice; What To Do If Your 4-Year-Old “Comes Out As Trans”

    How can that happen when women drive trucks, boys raise children, and we don’t know what a woman is? Both. Neither. As long as it sterilizes your kids. Ai.

    So…Rumor has it Ritter blew up the Eisenhower? Rich says? See yesterday’s comment.

    Dr. D

    The solution around here for everyone:

    Jail. No trial, no redemption. For everything. Born wrong, to the wrong parents? Jail. Shouldn’t have done that. After your trial and out of jail? More jail. You can’t be redeemed. You did something wrong once, you “associated” with someone who was “adjacent” to someone once, wrote them a friendly internet comment maybe. Chelsea at the mean girls’ table says now you’re all dead to us forever.


    Miriam Adelson ‘Wants West Bank Annexation’ in Return for $100M Donation to Trump

    You just know Trump will go for this; all that Jew money in return for Trump fucking over the Palestinians … and all the non-Zionist Jews cheered for Trump.

    those darned kids

    i chose an algorithm 25 years ago.

    she’s great!


    “… I have always dreamed about a Europe of pluralism, a Europe of freedom, constitution, art,” she told the meeting, adding that Europe has “lost its soul, it is dead.” – Karin Kneissl

    “Americans Are an Abused People” – Roberts

    1. Western Europe is not dead. The historical Western Europe has once again risen to IT’S feet. Simply believing you are noble does not make you noble. Do you doubt that Charles Manson and Theodore John Kaczynski, Unabomber, thought they were noble? Do you doubt the people of France believe they are more noble than the people of Niger? They, the people of France, have nuclear powered electricity and what to the people of Niger have? The people of Niger have Simon Legree. Ms. Kneissl’s dreams are lipstick on the pig.

    2. The U.S. commericial banking industry and the U.S. federal bureaucracy are only possible because there are citizens of the United States who put themselves ahead of Truth and Justice to maintain their personal standards of living. The janitors, the secretaries and the data entry workers show up everyday and work for corporations that manage the global trade in narcotics and human beings. Every single one of the Biden, Biden, Biden terrors are implemented every hour of everyday by the mass of U.S. federal employees.
    Americans are not abused people, they are sociopathic masochists. Year after year throughout my adult life those i have known that have college educations have glorified western European culture and either longed to or indeed traveled to western Europe for immersion in that culture. Western European culture as is glorified in the United States rests on a foundation of TERROR. Every piece of art that is celebrated as high western European culture was paid for by the blood of innocents. Noblesse oblige!
    One either becomes sick of being sick or remains an addict.

    “We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

    I am just a poor boy
    Though my story’s seldom told
    I have squandered my resistance
    For a pocketful of mumbles
    Such are promises
    All lies and jest
    Still a man hears what he wants to hear
    And disregards the rest – Simon

    There is more to poverty than lack of currency.


    The Constitution of The United States IS the hope for equal rights and justice. Will you squander your hope for a pocketful of mumbles that gives you the opportunity to be a house slave?


    “I used to meet with him when he was vice president. I’d go to his house,” McCarthy said in an interview. “He’s not the same person.

    DNC getting ready to put Pedo Jo-Jo into Cement Overshoes©.

    He smells like a corpse.

    A senile gangster doesn’t age like a fine wine.

    In homage to the current Presidementia and the panic settling in around his White House

    Negative Clank

    by Richard Brautigan

    He’d sell
    a rat’s asshole
    to a blind man
    wedding ring

    White House staff testing “proof of concept” on Hunter first before using it on “the Big Guy”



    Pedo Jo-Jo Whitehouse staff sets the Mood




    A “culture” in decline

    A Future grabbing that “culture” by the throat and choking the life out of it.

    “I’ve seen the Future Brother and it is murder…..”


    You Want It Darker

    Dr. D

    Okay so when Trump doesn’t do that that, you’ll publicly apologize and change your position on those several components, right? Trump, Jews, Money, and America. I’ll be waiting! ‘Cause it won’t happen. Again.

    “DNC getting ready to put Pedo Jo-Jo into Cement Overshoes©.”

    Yup, all timing. The timing is all perfect, so you know not only is it planned, not a little planned, but COMPLETELY planned. That goes for the charges, the papers, the trial, what day it ends on, Joe, HIS trial what day HIS papers are printed on, day of each nomination, the war in Ukraine, what day they’re at the gates of Kiev, all in perfect coordination right now.

    So it IS under control, theater, a show. Now WHOSE show is it?

    I use this a lot, so let’s expand the metaphor: IF it’s a show, THEN you have a script. Who writes the script? Can it change? Yes, one person or many people can write it, known and unknown. It can be altered at any time and often is for live shows.

    IF you give the actors a script, do they follow it? No. They may adjust, emphasize, change meanings, interpretations even with the same dialogue, they may ad lib, coordinate with the director and writer, or go rogue in front of a live audience. This can be allowed, encouraged, or frowned on and discouraged. All these things happen, all the time. In real shows, not politics. Apocalypse, MASH, and Caddy Shack are known for their lack of pre-solid script.

    IF you have a show: Who’s Line Is It Anyway? They are ALL ad-libbing, 100% all the time. They make it up right then. They also work with know each other and how “Best” to do it — whatever “best” is to them. They know things you don’t, that today is Arden’s last day on set, she’s retiring, and comment in jokes the audience doesn’t completely get.

    Now: COULD you get 20 actors on stage, 10 on each side, same script? Yes. Slightly different script? Yes. OPPOSITE scripts, from competing, furiously scribbling writers in the wings? Yes. Does anyone know WHOSE script they are really getting, when Karl Rove or Henry Kissinger hand you what’s going to pop up in your teleprompter? Emphatically no. You are TOLD something, who Shakespeare was (Shake-Spear, being slang for “A Wanker”) but how would you PROVE it? The script SEEMS to have normal human motivations, but really we see Billion-dollar movies weekly where the Plot and script are deranged ravings of a lunatic who have never experienced human reality and have no foundation in any reality, or even dreaming. They’re utterly incoherent, far past illogical. Yet the actors speak them.

    So that’s my model of what we have now. The Death Cult has a script, the White Hats have a script, Russia and the BRIICS have a script, and they all think the script is going forward “normally”. It’s not a same script and they all know that, but maybe it’s REALLY, REALLY not the same script, and our Stage Manager is about to fly in Deus ex Machina puppets from the rigging and drop the curtain, flatfooting YOUR script writers, who can’t ad lib in time.

    In fact, that is EXACTLY what is about to happen with Russia’s counter-attack on us, and yeah the Stage Manager couldn’t hide he’s got 20 extra coffees for the 20 extra deckhands he needs for that puppet, but has made up some dumb s–t story to tell YOUR stage Manager as a practical joke.

    Now when the dropped curtain raises again, WHO has control of the audience’s attention? Which narrative did they pick?

    You mean the BUTLER did it?
    YOU mean the butler did it?
    You mean the butler did IT?

    Which one? The White Hats and the BRIICS know the Nazis are going to lose this one. THey are both ready to move forward, and the Death Cult is backed into a cul de sac. That is, “Bottom of the Bag,” they’ve been bagged, had. Finis.

    When we have them in a bag shortly we can test if they’re dumber than a bag of hammers like we’ve been saying, perhaps by tossing them in the ocean and seeing if they float.


    Russian pranksters “interview” Klaus Schwab under pretense of being French economist

    Very lofty


    Klaus is such a douche baguette!

    Vovan and Lexus posed as French economist and social scientist Jacques Attali, when they called Schwab.

    The recording of the conversation was published on the duo’s Telegram channel on Wednesday.


    “There is no proof of the assumption that Ukraine was behind the Nord Stream 2 explosions, but it could be a viable explanation,” Schwab said, adding that in this scenario Ukraine, not trusting Germany, wanted to stage a situation where the latter would be physically independent of the supply of Russian gas.


    The mere fact that Vovan and Lexus even fooled Klaus and pulled his pants down around his ankles for all the world to see shows what a Clusterfuck Euroturdistan is.


    Mysteries of the Universe Explained

    How flat bread is made



    When does a bubble become a black hole?

    Mr. House

    “When does a bubble become a black hole?”

    When failure is not allowed because it would have adverse outcomes on the power of the government and the corporations that feed off each other. Generally bubbles can be avoided with due diligence, but the government is going to take us all down with the stupid because if they let the market work as its supposed to they’d be shit out of luck.

    Dr D Rich

    Follow up and carry on from my comments that (((no one))) picked up on. [Frau Peters hated dangling prepositions but there it is]

    Will Schryver seems to pick up on The Eisenhower’s OPSEC (I posted on just that topic a few days ago) issues and infringement on Marine Scott Marine Ritter’s First, 4th and according to Scott “hisself” 5th Amendment. It seems ppl are putting 2 and 19 together and recognizing the Houthis would need code to penetrate Eisenhower’s and her picket defense’s radar and fire control.
    So as Ritter would say, “it’s above my pay grade”
    But….I’m not the guy trying to get in and out of Russia with impunity.

    Ah, hell! Google it yourself.

    Mr. House

    So essentially the moment they announced QE and 0% rates in late 2008


    A puppeteer is a person who manipulates an inanimate object called a puppet to create the illusion that the puppet is alive.

    Illusion, (a false idea or belief), is a thing that is or is likely to be wrongly perceived or interpreted by the senses.

    WWIII is an ongoing proxy war .
    (A proxy is a person or thing that is acting or being used in the place of someone or something else.
    A proxy war, or proxy warfare, is a war in which opposite sides use third parties as substitutes for fighting each other directly.
    States sometimes use less powerful states as proxies but more often use violent non-state actors, mercenaries, and other third parties, such as during a civil war, Ukraine, Israel.)


    The West is already at war with Russia but its leaders can’t wake up from a dream

    The West is already at war with Russia but its leaders can’t wake up from a dream.
    Martin Jay

    The question is whether the West really understands how Putin thinks as it is presently betting on no retaliation from Russia, which is not only erroneous but very, very dangerous. Recent missile strikes into Russian territory destroyed two radar installations which western press refuse to report.
    The significance of this strike is important as the more Ukraine loses on the battlefield, the more desperate its tactics, egged on by western leaders who still think that their stake in the war is minimal.

    Putin has been pretty consistent in how he sees any kind of peace deal.

    Denazification, demilitarization and no deal on NATO membership.

    … the West cannot entertain any of these requests and has taken so much control of the media that its leaders are starting to believe their own BS.
    The fourth requirement also of Putin’s is that he can’t negotiate peace with a leader in the Ukraine who no longer has legitimacy as a president. (never had legitimacy)

    Vladimir Putin told the leaders of global media agencies ahead of the Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) on Wednesday.

    “..Americans are “not fighting for Ukraine or the Ukrainian people, they are fighting for their own grandeur and global leadership.”

    • Nobody in US Has Ukraine’s Interests At Heart – Putin (RT)


    Americans Are an Abused People

    Americans Are an Abused People

    American consumer indebtedness means that consumers have no discretionary income with which to drive the economy.
    Their pay is below the cost of living.
    They live on their credit cards, and the interest payments drain their incomes, leaving them without discretionary income to spend.
    There you have it. This is a system for the enserfment of the American consumer.


    John Day

    @tboc: More good thought-content today, Amigo.

    Dr. D pointed out again, last night, that the “word” is never quite the “thing”, which means life is difficult if you face this, and counterproductive if you miss it. “Global War On Terror” is an example.

    “We” can’t yet explain that “we” are now at nuclear war with goatherds in Yemen.
    It’s all in the wording and presentation…


    (I’ve had to remove a bunch of links to articles as the website keeps eating my post attempts)

    Wall Street Admits The Biggest Economic Shocker: All Jobs In The Past Year Have Gone To Illegal Aliens

    not only has the US labor market been appallingly weak, with most of the jobs “gained” in 2023 and meant to signal how strong the Biden “recovery” has been, about to be revised away (as first the Philly Fed and now Bloomberg both admit), but more shockingly, all the job growth in the past few years has gone to illegal aliens.

    Stunning statistic: there has been ZERO INCREASE in jobs for native-born workers in over five years, since July 2018!

    Corporate America Promised to Hire a Lot More People of Color. It Actually Did. The year after Black Lives Matter protests, the S&P 100 added more than 300,000 jobs — 94% went to people of color.

    …and now we know it wasn’t even AMERICAN poc’s!

    Call Center job offers are changing significantly. LOTS of jobs asking for education, lots of experience, tip-toppy integrity and productivity “in a fast paced environment” WHILE offering $13-$18/hour — that would have been insane 8 years ago, let alone today after all the additional inflation.

    Employers Struggle With Hiring Undocumented Workers

    It’s hard committing felonies.

    An undocumented worker was able to pay rent because he got $2,000 as part of a UBI-like program that will now be permanent for Coloradans who lose their jobs

    Denver’s forthcoming “Benefit Recovery Fund,” a permanent “wage-replacement” program for undocumented workers, is the first of its kind in the country

    Hey, once enough jobs are taken, don’t worry about taking any more, we’ll just pay you to exist.

    But Denver, you need to DO BETTER, you bigots!

    NY Post:
    Denver migrants sent Mayor Mike Johnston list of 13 demands

    Denver mayor Mike Johnston was proud of “welcoming” thousands upon thousands of migrants to denver – I think he quoted 40,000? Denver is NOT a large city like Chicago or Atlanta.

    I went to Home Depot for some things for my re-tiling project last week. I was shocked not by the inflated prices, but by the TAX on the prices. Stunned. (what oh what on earth could my taxes be going to…)

    I’ve seen the Denver mayor as well as other politicians in the news admonishing businesses to hire moar undocumented migrants — isn’t that conspiracy to commit 40,000 felonies? And using the power of your public office to pressure others to commit felonies, that must be some kind of crime, surely?

    Meanwhile, at any local meetings with the Denver public, when the entire auditorium of people there expresses, essentially in unison, disapproval for everything being done, he scolds the crowd to behave, be polite, etc — WHILE continuing to ram endless destructive policies down everyone’s throats – no no no, YOU better be civil. When his policies – not limited to immigration – are anti-civil society.

    We’re not quite to the same point that I see in youtube videos by Metal Leo of San Francisco, but we are getting there. My area is now WORSE than east Colfax. Used to be a quiet, somewhat crappy, boring area. I miss it. Now I hear, almost nightly, the sounds of shopping cards loudly trundling back and forth amidst streams of yelled obscenities. We are losing more than housing and jobs, bad as THAT is.

    20% Of New York City Hotels Are Now Migrant Shelters

    Denver is ramping up similar policies. I never thought of crowds of needy people, civilians, as weapons. But somebody certainly thinks of them that way

    D Benton Smith

    Maybe we should take it a little easy on @aspnaz, who is, after all, just a tool of his masters and is doing what they have told him to do (whether he is personally aware of that arrangement is pretty much irrelevant to us . . . although it is highly relevant to him and his own personal well being.)

    The great irony is that we share so much common ground with MOST of the geopolitical positions that he espouses that we should actually be friends, not adversaries.

    His masters need and want to bring down the evil hegemony of the Collective Western Empire (and especially the tip of that spear, which is the current ruling class of America and its evil father, England.

    Well, So do I.

    Where we differ is in our approach to that objective. He chooses to slap an extremely generalized label on a target (or accept the label as given to him by his handlers) and treat all such labeled entities as unworthy of further existence. “Kill ’em all!” Is the battle cry. Great battle cry. Lousy thinking, and thus doomed to tragic failure as are all plans that are based in lies.

    So why don’t aspnaz and I get along? That’s easy. We don’t get along because I am exercising free will (as best I can, which probably isn’t all that impressive to bystanders) and aspie is following orders instead of thinking for himself recently.

    He could change. He could wise up. In fact I believe he WILL wise up, eventually, because he IS an intelligent guy, no matter how brutally I tease him by smacking that big ego of his around (well it’s HIS fault! He just hangs that big ego out there in plain sight where it makes such an irresistibly tempting target!) , and see that it is men’s deeds that matter, not the misleading labels that bad people try to attach to them. It’s what people DO that matters, and those actions are all the proof necessary to what those people actually BELIEVE, and thus how worthy they are of the agreement and support of good people.

    There is a tipping point in this Universe, and you better pay damn close attention where you stand in relation to it, and which way you’re going to fall if you happen to be wibble-wobbling precariously upon its razor edge at the moment.

    The tipping point is between the Truth (which is of course the Creator of the Universe, God if you will) and Lies, meaning all things which are NOT true and are thus in willful disagreement to Truth.

    Faith is the free-will based decision to go with the Truth.

    The opposite direction is not a good one. Trust me.


    Another effect — a lot of jobs are requiring bi-lingual.

    The concern here is the job is hard-gated for bi-lingual. Don’t even apply.

    (I am working on improving my Spanish from its Jr High level… just because I don’t like something doesn’t mean I refuse to adapt to reality)

    I can’t help but think that if there weren’t at least 20 million, perhaps quite a lot more, demanding to be interacted with in Spanish, whose presence here is a felony, business operations wouldn’t be run this way.

    But literally, the only hard-gating that indicates you should not even apply IS the bilingual trait. You Shall Not Pass. Criminal Record? Bad credit history? Stupid, lazy, no experience? Well, give it a shot. Not very good with English? Eh, go ahead and apply.

    I’ve been, in the past, an atheist NPR listening, left-leaning Obama voter (certainly NOT AT ALL anymore) and for QUITE a long time (decades) I would have said this is not a major concern. Of course, now that I essentially have to be the one struggling, like my grandparents fresh off the boat, to adapt to a new culture and language, WITHOUT having taken a boat trip, it feels like something is just a BIT wrong.


    Quick solution
    Hunter Biden pleads guilty.
    Father pardons Hunter before election nomination race.
    Democrats happy.

    D Benton Smith

    Speaking of the Ruling Class in America, and for the moment disregarding the underclasses who follow the destructively self-serving orders coming from those Elites, there is another and almost never acknowledged class that it is time to recognize.

    I’ve temporarily slapped a much-too-generalize label on them (wink and a nod to aspnaz about that) and call them The Invisible Class. It consists of persons who for one reason and another pass under the radar of the sociologists, shrinks, spys and propagandists, such that it always comes as a gob smacking surprise when that Invisible Class rises en masse and puts the Ruling Class back in jail where it belongs.

    There’s nothing particularly intentionally clandestine about them. They’re not a “secret society” or anything like that, although when they emerge it’s like the cicadas who by some magic all know the exact right moment for showing up, as though they had it all planned out in advance. Individually, they didn’t.

    There’s a reason for that. The reason is that although there are ten jillion ways to lie, there is only one truth, and it is always the same, and so when people get there those people are all in the same place, at nearly the same time, and amazingly find themselves in close accord with each other about goals, purposes and the best way to get the job done.

    Here’s their secret plan:

    Keep telling the truth, to liars and truth seekers alike. When you follow truth there is no way to get lost or fail to reach your destination, and no way to miss your appointment with it either.


    Paul Craig Roberts

    . I learned about modern day usury in May when my credit card bill did not show up. Perhaps it went into the spam or junk folders or fell victim to a glitch, all possibilities being joys of the digital revolution.

    Interesting. When my action depends upon receipt of something and the consequences for not acting are significant, I do not rely on email — I insist on a notice via USPS. My power, gas, and water bills all still come in paper form…although I know how to access them online. My father also taught me years ago that for credit card holders who typically pay on time, the fees for an occasional misstep in paying a credit card bill can be waived by calling customer service and complaining. I wonder whether or not that is still the case?


    The local Walmart grocery store (NOT a “supercenter”) was renovated last month, and now the parking lot has 18 designated “pick-up” parking spaces. There are 4 handicapped parking slots. I have never seen more than 3 people actually using the pick-up stalls simultaneously. Did Walmart plan for a future pandemic? I have decided to simply park in the pick-up spots regularly, as a form of protest. I can tell that I am not the only person doing this — there are routinely a few cars parked in those stalls with no one inside of them.

    Dr D Rich

    One Man’s ‘search text’ function is another guy’s coincidence, serendipity, or synchronicity….psychologically speaking.
    Et tu DBS?

    For others it’s simply plagiarism or taking credit for other’s works, writings, productions.

    D Benton Smith


    One Man’s ‘search text’ function is another guy’s coincidence, serendipity, or synchronicity….psychologically speaking.
    Et tu DBS?”

    I wish it were. For me the “search text” is used almost exclusively for finding out what I said to someone so that my thankyous, excuses, apologies, corrections and occasional defensive action can be taken. But having said that, a really do love the experience of serendipity, synchronicity and perhaps even Divine intervention from time to time.

    Dr D Rich

    Here….take the Holmes-Rahe Stress Inventory courtesy of Rahe and Holmes.

    Richard Rahe, CAPT that is, was one of my academic advisors in medical school. The others were Malcolm Carpenter almost certainly authored the neuro-anatomy uses by John Day and still in widespread use today AND Victor Garcia pediatric surgeon nonpareil.
    Deliberate or Lucky, it was what it was, good fortune to be so educated.
    That ought help DBS narrow his/her quest.

    1. Psychiatrist
    2. PhD neuro-anatomy
    3. Pediatric surgeon


    Say what you are told to say
    By Jeff Mason, Elizabeth Pineau and John Irish

    OMAHA BEACH, France (Reuters) -U.S. President Joe Biden made an impassioned call for the defence of freedom and democracy at the 80th anniversary of the D-Day landings in Normandy on Thursday, urging Western powers to stay the course with Ukraine and not surrender to Russian tyranny.

    Mr. House

    Zelensky should resign his position and head to the front. Put all his ill gotten money where his mouth is instead of sacrificing the non privileged


    Leaders are turned into BABBLING IDIOTS by a TV camera.


    “Zelensky should resign his position…”

    In light of his service to the nation, maybe they could even give him some bullets when he gets to the front.
    For his gun.


    Canazida here we come!




    Leader of the ‘free world’



    City people don’t ‘get’ the country

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