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    Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179) German artist, philosopher, composer, mystic Cosmic Tree   • West Flirting With Nuclear War – Putin (RT) • What
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    John Day

    Last night DBS asked a better question than “What is a woman?”:

    And what is a slave? A slave is someone who does something that they don’t want to do because they are afraid of being intolerably punished in some way if they don’t do as ordered. Those punishments can take a myriad of shapes, but all basically boil down to some form of FEAR of consequences that they think themselves incapable of handling.

    In other words, a slave is someone who believes whatever they’re told and does whatever they’re ordered to, regardless. They COMPLY even when the orders are bad (either for the receiver or some other poor sucker), and they do NOT question the validity of the information they are given, at least not for very long they don’t, because if they disagree with a falsehood or blow the whistle on bad deeds they are punished. The judgment of “guilt” and the dispensation of punishment is, in tragic irony, carried out by other slaves who qualify for their positions by agreeing with the falsehood and showing willingness to dispense the punishment. They do believe whatever they’re told and comply with the orders they are given to execute.

    Nice tight system, as long as no one throws a monkey wrench into the works by stating (revealing?) truths, rejecting a lies, or refusing to do EVIL DESTRUCTIVE THINGS just because some psychopath told them to, and in fear of punishment if they don’t.

    John Day

    Amid record-breaking illegal immigration at the southern border, President Biden arrived in Brownsville Texas to address his voters, who had crossed into the United States the previous night. “Welcome, voters, make yourselves at home!” said Biden to a group of military-aged male Chinese nationals and a crowd of convicted felons from a maximum security Venezuelan prison. “My nurse Jill always says you people are unique breakfast tacos and I couldn’t have said it better.”

    Dr. D

    Hugh Smith article with a good point: Why are people so reluctant around AIs? Because they know if the AI goes wrong, the corporation won’t care. If it never solves your problem, they won’t care. If it burns down your house or kills you in the hospital the company won’t care. They’ll say: “AI, Oops!” Not my fault! Isn’t AI cool though? But the PEOPLE will care. The CUSTOMERS will care. We already know if you hit India on the phone you’re screwed, nothing is going to get done. It’s only techs and reps going OUTSIDE THE SYSTEM that gets anything done at all. So why would we want a product that will be demonstrably s—ttier than the already unbearable s—tty system we already have?

    It’s a bubble! FOMO! Buy Buy Buy! I’m sure an AI-run AI electric grid would never collapse AI!

    “How a tip off from a Nazi saved my parents.” –BBC For example, they have choices. Free Will. That PARTICULAR Nazi was throwing sand in the gears, as I’m sure most of us do each day. Find a job to be a White Hat? Man, I’m sure there are 10,000 Federal employees going “I came here to make a positive change; but this place is nuts! What am I doing here? Am I even a White Hat? I feel like a Black Hat.” I don’t have an answer but my cynical thought is if you’re within 1,000 miles of D.C. you’re probably helping. Even running a food truck. Logically that can’t be right tho.

    “Sen. Cotton Asks Pentagon Why Airman Who Self-Immolated Was Allowed To Serve: Aaron Bushnell’s actions showed he “obviously harbored extreme, anti-American views.”

    Speechless. Of the two, which do Americans feel was more AntiAmerican? Bombing 25,000 civilian women and children (Austin, yesterday) or refusing to kill women and children while you demand it, Mr. Cotton?

    Biden tapes: Who did this video? He can’t say, he’d be arrested. Like that fork lift driver, that gal re-posting other people’s own words on the internet, a guy photoshopping memes. …You know, seriously dangerous criminals.

    Oh by the way St. Louis is more dangerous than Johannesburg. But: Priorities. Somebody, somewhere, is having a good time. They must be stopped.

    Judge Tracie Porter: like others, she put a stay on her own order, because “Convictions.”

    “Putin: They have already forgotten what war is. They think that all this is a cartoon for them.”

    Yes, that’s the root of the whole thing: abstraction. Here’s the problem: as you see with Fani, etc, EVEN NUKING THEM WOULDN’T WAKE THEM UP. You think a crack ho, sleeping in a squat on a filthy carpet next to some needles is like “Hey, I’m perfectly aware of my surroundings and situation and I approve this message”? No. Once you get lost in your mind, even dying won’t wake you up. Beatings won’t wake you up. Starving won’t wake you up. Mockery won’t wake you up (clearly). Now love can wake you up, but how to get through? Or find any?

    So not only would threatening to nuke every leader in the Northern Hemisphere be met with laughter and derision, even AFTER you nuked them you would be met with confused anger and counterattacks. …Because that’s what psychotic, mentally-ill people ARE. Can you send a SatanII MIRV multi-warheaded missile with therapists on it? Or maybe carpet America with straightjackets instead of leaflets?

    I admit the situation is very grave.

    “I would like to remind you that just a month ago, the French Foreign Minister denied Paris’s involvement in recruiting mercenaries for the Kiev regime, and called direct evidence ‘crude Russian propaganda.’”

    Yes but to be fair, we didn’t believe you when you said that. Because “Western Adult” “Opened mouth” so we all just assumed “lie fell out.”

    “In short, there is no NATO-command line of fortification east of the Polish border which deters the Russian General Staff.”

    Read this elsewhere yesterday. Actually might be the Duran quoting this very article. However, it’s probably true, and by their actions, MORE true than I anticipated. Well you can see why they were throwing good men after bad in Avdiivka, because that’s it. The End. Avdiivka or nothing.

    Why didn’t they do more? Because: Reality. Time, men, resources, concrete, gasoline. You know, the kind of things leaders don’t think exist. Only “will” exists. Does Congress have the “Will” to help Ukraine. Magical, self-help, positive thinking. We have the “Will” $150B of it. We have no shells, railroads, steel mills…

    What was more important at the Duran with Luongo yesterday, although he mostly rehashed the usual state-of-game play, was something like this: It APPEARS that Europe knows Russia isn’t coming. That’s a laugh. But since they’ve lost everywhere, on everything else, even Covid, they feel traction, particularly in Germany and need those war bonds to complete their project. They may care a little for other matters, but that’s their priority. So he says “Ultimately, Europe wants to destroy AMERICA more than Russia.” This is true. Europe is buying Russian gas and oil, willy-nilly, with free abandon. Making no weapons, mobilizing nobody. Clearly Russia is no threat whatsoever to them, they accurately deduce.

    On the Anglo side, it’s different. The NeoCons have been injected everywhere, to every key position for 30 years, after being kicked out of Reagan’s White House as “The Crazies in the Basement”. Cuckoo, cuckoo. So they ACTUALLY think Russia is…the Soviet Union, actually. And…something something…mumblemumble…will happen if Russia…mumblemumbles…??? Handwave handwave, exit press conference. Now WHO injected them? They don’t represent America AT ALL, and also not most of the government. They are placed in just a few nexus, gateway positions, far outsized, outnumbered in their power. And what happens in their case?

    Well, 1) The U.S. fights a war they never had to, 2) For free to be Europe’s army while they take month long beach vacations and enjoy free healthcare 3) Bankrupting us and 4) Leaving Europe standing 5) While the U.S. collapses economically, socially, immigrationwise, into Civil War. It is the same people running the P.R. Ops and the NGO immigration campaigns? Yes.

    So, repeat, ““Ultimately, Europe wants to destroy AMERICA more than Russia.” That is, EUROPE has long since declared WAR on America, undermining us far more than even China, and that’s saying something, and is right now trying to find the master stroke, the Coup de Gras, that will finsh America an the American Project, the Age of Enlightenment FOREVER. MissTrust just said “Ya knows whut? Da Banks run everything.” Ya think? The European BANKS have attacked and declared war on the American BANKS. Wall St. The Fed.

    Why? The non NeoFeudal ways, systems and beliefs America holds are intolerable. KNOW YOUR BETTERS. DO WHAT YOU’RE TOLD. Even if they knock all that off, it’s IN the people here. They need a CATACLYSMIC collapse to put that genie back in the bottle, collapse, re-nativize, re-aborigine, and re-colonize us for a handful of beads. The way to do that, maybe the ONLY way, is to get us involved in a world war, a nuclear exchange with Russia (wasn’t their first choice) and LOSE.

    The PURPOSE of the NeoCons, is to LOSE. The purpose of Hillary Clinton, is to LOSE. The purpose of the War, is to LOSE. To lose to erase the Constitution and get the gunz. And the Bibles, as we’ve seen in spades for 20 years now. They were caught literally tracking who buys Bibles, which is a stroke even I am amazed at.

    I mean, everyone in America already HAS a Bible, somewhere, and clearly it doesn’t do them any good. It’s like tracking every copy of “The Bourne Identity” and thinking they must all be super-spies. BTW, what they admitted is illegal under every Federal Law and Human Right violation of the 4th Amendment. No one went to jail. The point of injecting NeoCons is to lose. We just made them lose TOO EARLY.

    ““The West is unreasonable. Putin still thinks he can reason with the West. This is a mistake that is fatal for mankind.”

    That is true. You all better hope I’m right, that Putin already knows he can’t reason with the West, and America is being puppeted by the White Hats to some extent to Pimp Slap Americans into waking. The first is true. The second is only arguable. If the second exists, it’s extremely likely from the behavior that Biden doesn’t own the football, never has, and at any extreme or point of their choosing – that is, when Americans DEMAND it – the Military will step in, completing their “Russian Revolution Bolshevik 2.0” Plan but not the way the Black Hats arranged it. America will go 1917 and exit “The War”, leaving Russia and Europe alone, and we know what will happen next.

    That leaves the White Bolsheviks and the Red Bolsheviks on the field here, but we already exposed, identified, and sapped all support for the Red Bolsheviks, even the college students, who are the dumbest cadre on planet earth. What we didn’t realize, but they did, because they wrote those textbooks, was that the psychological engineering of the abused Millennials is TIME based. There is only ONE window along their psychological journey where you can enter.

    Imagine as was supposed to happen, we have the war, the American withdrawal and the Red-White Civil War from 2018-2020. All that blind, idiot, chimpanzee fury of the “Summer of Love” was focused on US, instead of…nothing, I guess? And now what? Oh wait: that blind, idiot, chimpanzee fury is SPENT. It can’t be re-animated like a corpse, It was IN the Millennials, and now it’s OUT of them. Built-in. Injected in. Engineered in. Raped in. Abused in. Belittled in. Year after year after year while no one, no adults stopped it, but instead helped them and watched. In a furious, confusing betrayal of authority. LET IT BURN. Now it’s out.

    Millennials have moved on, like other abused children of narcissistic Munchausen parents. They are now trying to buy houses, as pissed off at the State, their Daddy, as everyone else now, instead of PROTECTING and worshiping Daddy State alone.

    So if you have a War now, then what? Russia v Ukraine. Attrition. One side is spent, disinterested. The other side is fresh, innumerous. Since Millennial Left only worship and obey POWER (as universally raped and abused) they will only obey POWER. So if the military has the POWER, they will just shrug and say “What’s new.” That’s it. The End.

    Then we can do the very hard work of re-building and re-setting the nation back to the principles, disarming several million land mines they’ve set up everywhere, city DAs, and ignoring the excruciating and punishing extraction we’ve been living under. Like everyone else, like Germany 1950, we’ll become prosperous so fast without that parasite it’ll make your head spin. It’ll look like a miracle.

    But we have to get there first, and we have to join with Russia – as we probably already have – and beat them.

    That’s it. That’s why they had to have the lockdowns and run an op that expressed this energy. And all it took was one step to derail their plans. One man, one election, one time.

    Pretty risky. Americans like it that way.

    “recounts secret CIA experiments in psychology and psychiatry, the application of the techniques in Pinochet’s Chile and many other countries”

    Huh. Golly, that’s what – I – said!

    “the historical events of the last 23 years point us towards a globalization or internationalization of the shock doctrine”

    So this group is extra-national? A cadre unified but ABOVE nations, like a Interest group or the coordination of intel agencies? Huh. That sounds familiar. Since you see it from Obama ordering the 5 eyes all the way to IRAN. You see it in the WEF merged with MI6 merged with the WHO, merged with the CIA, merged with the IMF. …Openly. In their White Papers you can read at an 8th Grade level for free. BTW merged with Apple, HSBC, BlackRock, Vanguard, and Pfizer too.

    In fact, since it clearly includes Al-q, ISIS, London Banks, Tel-Aviv, San Jose and Italy, it’s LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE TO BE ANYTHING ELSE. But it’s really hard to get people who haven’t read it all to believe that. …You need to draw them out in public, ranting and raving and misbehaving…and EXPOSE them. How?

    “so why does [Putin] prolong conflicts that provide opportunities for the West to expand conflict?”

    Um, Paul? RUSSIA HAS BEAT EVERY OTHER ENEMY, EVER. They know what they’re doing. So why? A: Attrition. Russia won Napoleon? Attrition. Russia won Wehrmacht? Withstanding then Attrition. Soooo….Macron just did a head count: “Hey boys, who wants to go fight Russia!?!???” Answer: NO ONE. Why? Attrition. They just SAW what happens to ANYONE who gets in the way. Russia will kill every last one of you. But not “nicely”, no. In a very, very, very bad and ugly, brutal way. Then have tea, listen to Tchaikovsky, stretch, rise up happy and refreshed, and go kill you all again. So…Romania, you signing up? You and all your 10,000 whole men? 10 days at the front, entire nation ceases to exist? No? How about you, Portugal, you feel the need to defend a border 1,000 miles away with your 50,000 whole troops, sinking your whole budget for a generation? No? Not popular, can get that through at home?

    Like the psychotic knuckleheads here, everyone in Europe was ALL IN for the war in 2022. You could have got them to kill every man, woman and child, destroy every home nation in service to NATO and the Banks. But like WWI, that was BEFORE THEY SAW WHAT THAT MEANT. So? Let them see what that meant.

    So why did Putin NOT shock and awe, as I say every day? They would have used the WHOLE Russian army. NATO was going to pop up out of the salt mines in their rear. Europe would have mobilized. America might have joined. The expense would have sunk them at home if combined with sanctions. They’d have fought a MILLION Ukrainians all at once instead of 1,000 a day for 2 years.

    I dunno, Paul: Because Reasons? You’re not wrong that this choice has these problems, but do you want to trade? Nah, they know what they’re doing.

    “the people who started it and want to prolong it have painted themselves into a corner. They cannot lose it. They cannot afford to lose a war they cannot win:

    That is, “Not Us.” “The people” in the sentence above specifically excludes “The American People” but refers to a few “Crazies in the Basement” in Congress, plus Nikki Hillary. Everyone else is against. “They”, that 0.0001% “cannot afford to lose it.” Out here we could care less. If Ukraine was airlifted to space, like in “Ultron”, we wouldn’t even notice. If ALL EUROPE sank into the seven seas, we also wouldn’t notice or care. So you mean “Them”. Like 20 weirdos locked in the control booth, drooling. Some frame from “Dr. Strangelove”. A spectacle.

    So? Go ahead and lose already, I don’t care. And we’re CERTAINLY not going to help you from losing.

    ““If Republicans in Congress end military funding to Kiev, the CIA may have to scale back”

    We need more than that. But luckily, it MUST happen. Not only do we not have the money, and as stated the monetary system will collapse (transform), but Ukraine is one of the last major trafficking and laundering centers. Taking it out means it’s not POSSIBLE to inject fake Congressmen, bribe, extort, payoff, and self-fund secret wars by running a shadow government lacking any host nation at all. They might be brought under the size of the United States, where we have a good chance of getting them back in the bottle again, like we could Uruguay, or the Zetas if we wanted to.

    Since that’s already past-tense, Russia already won, that is already baked.

    And the Financial System – entirely run like FTX, and based on the US$ Petrodollar? Yes. Why do you think Bitcoin doubled to $65k in that same time window? If the US$ dies – or transforms, like 1971-80 – what’s the alternative currency? Where do you go? The entirely ringfenced, insider-Yuan? No. Gold remains inside the Bank/CME/LME control mechanism for now. But being new, BTC has an underdeveloped manipulation control mechanism right now, although with Comex listing and ETFs (neither settle in real coin), they’re building it as fast as they can.

    Not fast enough.

    So when not only the CIA has no self-funding of heroin, no more human trafficking at $10k/pop, no money laundering, no arms running, AND no Congressional $1Trillion then what? I wouldn’t normally say this, but I think they’re out of moves. Like in “Risk”, there are no more new countries on the game board. The board is full. You go to space? Aliens? Well, yes, they did, but is that helping? Not really. It actually looks like it’s hurting, opening new conspiracies and new questions. New anger, new distrust, and new accountability.

    You’re F—–D. Good. About 30 years too late in my opinion.

    “• Maddow and Others Denounce SCOTUS for Review of Presidential Immunity (Turley)

    This was astonishing. EVEN LOOKING was treason. Okey-dokey then! So apparently like Ukraine, they’re way, way closer to losing than it looks. Also their meta-reality was “Because we all know that Trump caused the most serious attack on the planet where no men were armed and no policemen died, he obviously is hung without process or trial.” What? That’s a tough pill even for the idiots here to swallow. As above, go OUT in public, rant, rave, melt down, collapse in a hebephrenic state on the floor, kicking your feet, see what it gets you. Everyone will think your awesome, smart, measured, controlled, and in charge. NOT! They’ll thing TRUMP is in charge BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT YOU TOLD THEM. That’s why CNN’s ratings are below Saturday cartoons and they have no remaining influence and shouldn’t bother existing.

    The point of owning newspapers is to LIE. There is no other reason. They lose money, but you sell INFLUENCE, bribery and extortion, as Pharma and Prince Andrew pay you to NOT report on reality. TRUE. But you have to lie TO someone. If your reach is 10 people, they won’t pay you, or I would do it.

    “..a plethora of political pathologies, including merciless cruelty, politicized “justice,” mass media disinformation, and, last but not least, that old specialty of the “garden” West, peak hypocrisy.”

    Drag them out in the light and let people look at them, drooling and throwing tantrums on WalMart floor. “I want to KILL all the Oompa Loompas Noooooooowwwwww.!!!!”

    “I went up there, I said, “Shrink, I want to kill. I want to kill! I want to see
    Blood and gore and guts and veins in my teeth! Eat dead, burnt bodies! I
    Mean Kill. Kill!”

    And I started jumpin’ up and down, yellin’ “KILL! Kill!” and he started
    Jumpin’ up and down with me, and we was both jumpin’ up and down, yellin’
    “Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill!

    “Meeting this today in the United States would require a cut in federal spending of more than $1 trillion dollars this fiscal year alone, and an escalating amount as existing treasury debt is rolled over”

    This is going to happen, one way or another. A fine description of what will happen with or without Yellen.

    “Federal Judge Blocks New Texas Law to Arrest Illegal Immigrants (ET)

    A judge is not going to jump out in traffic and rule on Constitutional matters. They can appeal. Texas can, and I think has, make a law that’s like “No no no: nothing about them being a CITIZEN, it’s about not wearing your required 10-gallon hat rule we just passed.” Then jail 100,000 people badly and let them figure it out. I think it was the lack of papers. This case is doing it the proper and correct way, which you should.

    CocaCola ad: this is a representation of modern physics. All things are a magical, invisible process that hypothesizes a trillion new universes come into being with every coin drop.

    “Modern physics has figured everything out. Except for the small stuff, big stuff, hot stuff, cold stuff, fast stuff, heavy stuff, dark stuff, turbulence, and the concept of time” And consciousness. ― Zach Weinersmith, Science: Abridged Beyond the Point of Usefulness

    John Day

    Rachel Maddow and Janet Yellen ae doing what they can to (eventually) Make America Great Again…


    It has to be done.

    Figmund Sreud

    You need to look up The Moning Newsletter – The New York Times this a.m. It starts with:

    Good morning. We’re covering the Republican fascination with Vladimir Putin — as well as the U.S.-Mexico border, Gaza and the subway.

    … follows with a large, large pix of Putin, … than goes with this – I copy and paste since link function does not want to cooperate:

    Enemy or ally?
    Large parts of the Republican Party now treat Vladimir Putin as if he were an ideological ally. Putin, by contrast, continues to treat the U.S. as an enemy.

    This combination is clearly unusual and sometimes confusing. It does not appear to stem from any compromising information that Putin has about Donald Trump, despite years of such claims from Democrats. Instead, Trump and many other Republicans seem to feel ideological sympathies with Putin’s version of right-wing authoritarian nationalism. They see the world dividing between a liberal left and an illiberal right, with both themselves and Putin — along with Viktor Orban of Hungary and some other world leaders — in the second category.

    Whatever the explanation, the situation threatens decades of bipartisan consensus about U.S. national security.

    Already, House Republicans have blocked further aid to Ukraine — a democracy and U.S. ally that Putin invaded. Without the aid, military experts say Russia will probably be able to take over more of Ukraine than it now holds.

    If Trump wins a second term, he may go further. He has suggested that he might abandon the U.S. commitment to NATO, an alliance that exists to contain Russia and that Putin loathes. He recently invited Russia to “to do whatever the hell they want” to NATO countries that don’t spend enough on their own defense. (Near the end of his first term, he tried to pull American troops out of Germany, but President Biden rescinded the decision.)

    Trump has also avoided criticizing Putin for the mysterious death this month of his most prominent domestic critic, Aleksei Navalny, and has repeatedly praised Putin as a strong and smart leader. In a town hall last year, Trump refused to say whether he wanted Ukraine or Russia to win the war.

    There are some caveats worth mentioning. Some skepticism about how much money the U.S. should send to Ukraine stems from practical questions about the war’s endgame. It’s also true that some prominent Republicans, especially in the Senate, are horrified by their party’s pro-Russian drift and are lobbying the House to pass Ukraine aid. “If your position is being cheered by Vladimir Putin, it’s time to reconsider your position,” Senator Mitt Romney of Utah said last month.

    But the Republican fascination with Putin and Russia is real. The Putin-friendly faction of the party is ascendant, while some of his biggest critics, like Mitch McConnell, who announced this week that he would step down this year as the Republican Senate leader, will soon retire.

    (We recommend this article — in which Carl Hulse, The Times’s chief Washington correspondent, explains that while McConnell sees the U.S. as the world’s essential force, a growing number of Republicans do not.)

    In the rest of today’s newsletter, we’ll walk through the evidence of this shift.

    Ukraine aid
    The Senate has passed an additional $60 billion in aid to Ukraine, with both Republican and Democratic support. But the House, which Republicans control, has so far refused to pass that bill. House Speaker Mike Johnson, who is close to Trump, has not allowed a vote on the bill even though it would likely pass if he did.

    A few Republicans have gone so far as speak about Ukraine and its president, Volodymyr Zelensky, in ways that mimic Russian propaganda. Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene has accused Ukraine of having “a Nazi army,” echoing language Putin used to justify the invasion.

    Military experts say that if Ukraine does not receive more U.S. aid, it could begin losing the war in the second half of this year. “Not since the first chaotic months of the invasion, when Russian troops poured across the borders from every direction and the country rose up en masse to resist, has Ukraine faced such a precarious moment,” wrote our colleagues Andrew Kramer and Marc Santora, who have been reporting from Ukraine.

    (Related: Ukrainians who live to the west of the recently captured Avdiivka are poised to flee in the face of a Russian onslaught.)

    Alexander Smirnov
    House Republicans hoping to impeach President Biden have repeatedly promoted information that appears to have been based partly on Russian disinformation. One example: The Republicans cited an F.B.I. document in which an informant accused Biden and his son, Hunter, of taking $5 million bribes from the owner of Burisma, a Ukrainian gas company.

    But federal prosecutors have now accused the informant, Alexander Smirnov, of fabricating the allegation to damage Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign. Smirnov has told the F.B.I. that people linked to Russian intelligence passed him information about Hunter Biden.

    A federal judge has ordered Smirnov detained and called him a flight risk.

    Tucker Carlson
    Tucker Carlson is not a Republican Party official, but he is an influential Trump supporter, and Carlson has often echoed Russian propaganda. At least once, he went so far as to say he hoped Russia would win its war against Ukraine.

    Last month, Carlson aired a two-hour interview with Putin in which Putin made false claims about Ukraine, Zelensky and Western leaders with little pushback from Carlson. In a separate video recorded inside a Russian grocery store, Carlson suggested life in Russia was better than in the U.S. (Watch Jon Stewart debunk those claims here.)

    Republican voters
    The shift in elite Republican opinion toward Russia and away from Ukraine has influenced public opinion.

    Shortly after Russia invaded, about three-quarters of Republicans favored giving Ukraine military and economic aid, according to the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. Now, only about half do.

    Republican voters are also less likely to hold favorable views of Zelensky. In one poll, most Trump-aligned Republicans even partly blamed him for the war. Republicans also support NATO at lower rates than Democrats and independents, a shift from the 1980s.

    More on the war
    “Donald Trump views himself as a Putinesque, dictatorial figure,” Hakeem Jeffries, the Democratic House leader, has said. “We should believe him that he wants to go down this road.” Jeffries also told The Times how he hoped Ukraine aid could pass.
    The Biden administration is considering giving Ukraine weapons from Pentagon stockpiles even though it lacks money to replace them, a short-term bid to aid Ukraine until Congress acts.
    Putin warned that direct Western intervention in Ukraine would risk nuclear war, alluding in a speech to the French president’s recent comments about sending NATO troops there.
    Trump plans to meet next week with Viktor Orban, Hungary’s right-wing prime minister.

    There is more in that Morning Newsletter, … you may want to search for it. Most of it is behind a paywall. But if you quickly punch an “easy reader” function, it generally captures it all.

    … fwiw,


    Dr. D

    Repeating this week: “Democratic Party elites such as those on CNN are not just angry but genuinely confused by the fact that American voters don’t obey them.” — Glenn Greenwald

    Air-dropping straightjackets nationwide is the best idea I’ve had in a long time.


    Small Sample.

    The narrative controllers.
    (You are free to think what we allow)

    “If Ukraine gets the aid, they will win the war and beat Russia.”
    “Russia cannot and must not win this war,”

    direct evidence is ‘crude Russian propaganda.’
    Putin understands that the West intends Russia’s destruction,

    Rude, disrespectful
    Putin was called by the President of the United States “the new Hitler” and “a son-of-a-bitch.”

    (impolite, bad-mannered, ill-mannered, mannerless, unmannerly, and discourteous.
    A word that suggests that a person doesn’t know how to interact with others—or doesn’t care how they do—is tactless.
    Words that suggest a more active, deliberate rudeness are disrespectful, insolent, and impertinent.)

    The New York Times story?
    “The Spy War: How the C.I.A. Secretly Helps Ukraine Fight Putin”
    The history of the CIA in Ukraine from the Maidan coup of 2014 to the present.

    To influence the Congressional budget deliberations on aid to Ukraine?
    “If Republicans in Congress end military funding to Kiev, the CIA may have to scale back.”

    We had already seen reporting that the CIA had “boots on the ground” in Ukraine and that the U.S. government was training Ukrainian special forces and Ukrainian pilots, 12 “secret” bases so there’s nothing new there.

    We get a very partial picture of the CIA’s doings in Ukraine, as the lies of omission—not to mention the lies of commission—are numerous in this piece. But what The Times published last weekend, all 5,500 words of it, tells us more than had been previously made public.




    The Blob Quivers


    Truth. Bankers don’t care.
    The Biden administration is considering giving Ukraine weapons from Pentagon stockpiles even though it lacks money to replace them,


    The majority of people are happiest when they can hate and be angry.

    D Benton Smith


    The majority of people are happiest when they can hate and be angry.”

    That’s not really true at all. The truth is that when one is at a certain position on the scale of awareness of what is going on around them then they see what’s around in a particular way, or through a certain emotional filter. For example, the statement you made above. It looks true to you now because you’re in a particular mood and state of awareness. But look back to the best days of your life. On those days did it seem true to you that the majority of people are happiest when they can hate and be angry?


    Thanks to Celticbiker yesterday for mentioning “it’s satanic”

    Nice, lifelong feminist atheist liberals like Naomi Wolf came out saying “holy fuck, it’s… how else do I describe, articulate, conceptualize it? It’s satanic” Nice atheist liberals who Believe In The Science like Brett Weinstein, Benjamin Boyce, James Lindsey getting there or already there. For lack of a better term, best-usage, most pragmatic for right now as we drill down on that – what do we MEAN by satanic, what IS it, why, how does that work, actually? Why does it ring so true?

    How else do we easily make reference to it with a word or two? So that’s what works for now.

    EVEN NUKING THEM WOULDN’T WAKE THEM UP. You think a crack ho, sleeping in a squat on a filthy carpet next to some needles is like “Hey, I’m perfectly aware of my surroundings and situation and I approve this message”? No. Once you get lost in your mind, even dying won’t wake you up. Beatings won’t wake you up. Starving won’t wake you up. Mockery won’t wake you up (clearly).

    That’s us and that’s me.

    And it is becoming increasingly apparent that yes, world events affecting millions, billions are and have been transpiring on the basis of this… “satanic”…. something? By this amorphous awful blob? To do anything meaningful today, don’t you need to at least understand your own values so you can stand on your own two feet, either to do something good or meet whatever unfolds next facing it, standing? MAYBE I know it when I see it. Good and bad, right and wrong. Can I even articulate WHY or am I a congenital moral idiot? And if we’re ALL morally retarded, how the fuck DOES anything wake us up?

    How many lies did I internalize over the years of my life? Not discrete “facts” that were lies but the underlying values, background knowledge assumptions, morals, the most basic assumptions about what it is to exist in the world as an animal, a mammal, a primate, a human? The underlying ways of processing reality, experience, being alive.

    How much of me is MADE OF these lies and worse-than-lies? And someone like ME is going to turn around, stop the lies, stop the horrible satanic (for lack of a better word for this atheist to use) millwheel? How much of me is good human being aligned with logos and how much is satanic cancer? What are the chances for this operation, mr surgeon? Is it more like the human is being amputated off the cancer, the cancer is 70% of my mass? The cancer has a case of humanity, but it looks fairly benign and there’s an 80% chance of beating it.

    But it’s The Way Things Are. It’s Just How We Do Things. And we do what we do because it’s what we do.

    My whole life I’ve listened to Boomers (a particular segment of them, sorry you other guys) saying “We Have To Take Action” or “XYZ Thing Is Wrong, But If We Act Now”, “Raise Awareness”, on and on. Fucking buttons on backpacks and jeans jacket lapels – John Lennon: Imagine. Fuck. A lifetime of watching overly moralistic people claiming to be free from superstitions and sillyness of the past going from one silly (it is now apparent, superstitious) thing to another usually making things worse. But at least we stopped that gosh darn Vietnam War. (Now you’re claiming to be Nixon???)

    So now I shall become a Doer, a Tryer, Effecting Change, Imagining Whirled Peas and so on? The important thing is to be effusive and self-righteous and get going on that? When more than half my shit is based on nonsense and lies? When I more than half pray to the Devil when I posture as being righteous and holy – metaphorically speaking of course. When I am implicitly satanic, revile people with satanic outlooks and then go right to it myself in my own private thinking, wishes, desires, understanding of the world?

    I’ve been thinking what to do with my time. Assuming it could take another year or so to find another job, I had damn well better find something to DO that isn’t just waiting around being useless to everyone. Maybe I was supposed to be a White Hat in that company I left. Maybe I was exactly what they needed, considering how screwed up they were and I missed my chance to really factor into the equation. Well, I may still email the owner letting them know what is wrong. Probably his email is managed by someone and it will never reach him, but I suppose it is my duty to try. I’ve got a rough draft going.

    I’ve got a few talents, non-pragmatically useful as they are. I thought maybe I could try to do a multidisciplinary creative work FOR the whitehats, sort of. Or maybe the people who missed the white hat boat. I was admiring Lord of the Rings yet again, how Tolkien managed to make such a deep, intricate world, fully integrated top to bottom with meaning and wisdom. Maybe I could try making something abstractly along those lines, integrated across multiple disciplines, integrated with meaning in the way Jordan Peterson would describe it? How useless would that be, and in any case, as I consider this top-to-bottom integration with meaning, I realize how cancerous I am, the danger of a 70% cancer entity making artistic/intellectual/spiritual/philosophical material is likely to make it 70% cancerous and a biohazard to any who approach. By virtue OF wanting to insert itself spiritually, philosophically.

    And how do you know right from wrong? Er… I’ll know it when I see it? Dunno? I’ll tell you forthrightly, then contradict it? 2020 at least woke me up to there being something, however amorphous, I’m definitely don’t want to be on the side of, that there ARE at least directions on the compass? Actually attempting to make this integrated creative work has just been showing me where I am actually at.

    How easy would it still be to seduce me, by one method or another, to the wrong thing? Why do I even say “still” in that sentence? Surely the alternative media, news, information gets planted with false information, misleading values? Right here at TAE, wouldn’t They? And I’ll be so smug as I am one who knows….

    More and more, I realize and am horrified that my private, personal circumstances growing up have been writ large, imprinted on the millenial and genz generations. Narc parents, Narc significant others, and an undiagnosed case of sleep apnea on a skinny guy amongst other factors. Demoralization and discouragement. What is “stymie” as a state of being? Stymification? I’m looking and seeing Narc psychological abuse adopted as institutional across education, media, entertainment, ngo’s, corporatons, government. Civilizationally. Debilitating whole generations, populations. Am I projecting my own experience or have I merely been training for this moment all my life?

    I mean, this is what made billions accept the notavax, war, genocide, the increasing cancellation of human rights, the end of free speech isn’t it? All the individual people, their values, the society’s values that build up to this. That I help build.

    And what am I supposed to do, become a wild eyed far right extremist gunman, go after the secretary of the secretary of the assistant to the regional manager of the director of the CEO who does the bidding of some billionaire who is just a cat’s paw for some shadowy someone or something? I fucking think not. That untersecretary Jeanie, has 2 kids, loves small furry animals, volunteers at the local soup kitchen, and sews her own upholstery. And if the white hats showed up to recruit me, somehow, somewhere, I would surely have to turn them down. They will only turn into FBI agents trying to get me to accept “inert materials.” When recruiting white hats approach, immediately adopt a lie flat position, close your eyes, stick your fingers in your ears, and repeat Your Mantra: Lalalalalalala…. ah, fuck.

    you navel gazin mutherfuckers are completely full of shit. If I travelled back in time, 100 years and picked the dumbest lookin mongoloid I could find, he’d have 10X the common sense of anyone I meet today

    Yes. Agreed. We’re sick. We’ve been made sick. We’re now 70% made of cancer. How we untangle that, how we get un-sick, how we excise that cancer, how we determine which thing TO excise so we are not cutting away humanity, decency, is the challenge of this age. How to stop automatically cooperating, participating, #helping.

    Everybody in the funhouse
    Says they want out
    But we’re taking our time
    ‘Cos we’re in love with time

    Whole generations thinking of themselves
    As infidels and pop stars
    While the bomb loses patience
    We line up and just lean against the bar

    Caught in the headlights
    Wide-eyed and ready to receive
    We are the dead life
    Locked in dogfights, lost in disbelief

    And these dark days
    Make the nights seem brighter than they are
    So while Fleet Street rolls and the moon glows
    In the funhouse the fun starts

    Born in the half-light
    Of threats and bribes
    In a hopeless porn parade
    We get the dog’s life, tidbits train us
    What to wear, what not to say

    When you’re footloose but you just feel limbless
    Life gets in the way
    So we get loaded or totally legless
    But stay the same

    Stone cold sober, looking for bottles of love

    D Benton Smith


    If you just keep looking around, digging for true answers, and examining stuff encountered with the same sort of cognitive integrity so strongly evidenced in the comment you just posted, then you’re going to be fine. Eventually. After experiencing a few more shit-tons of pain. You’re on the road to truth. That’s what it feels like when you decide to stop being a fool and a shit-heel and turn upward toward the light.

    Incidentally, you claim to be an atheist but you’re not going to be an atheist for long. Just because Con Men pimp and pump various “religions” of every description does not mean that there is no God. It just means that Con Men know what everybody is searching for and see “religion” as a means of making a quick buck and gain power by selling folks a ticket to the promised land that’s a “guaranteed” winner every time (when it ain’t).


    Sarmat and the like have so much kinetic energy upon delivery that you likely get a satisfactory pop from an empty chassis. Maybe even approaching bunker buster levels. Now imagine 100kg of gold, completely passive warhead, delivered on Whitehall. Tumor excised, and something for the peasants to use in reconstruction efforts.


    Another one bites the dust:

    CHP Incident 240301LA0293

    Mar 1 2024 4:05AM
    CFIRE-Car Fire
    Big Tujunga Canyon Rd / Big Tujunga Dam Rd

    Mar 1 2024 8:56AM [11] LL 1185
    Mar 1 2024 8:56AM [10] A98-065 COLA, PLS ROLL 1185 FOR FULLY BURNED ELECTRIC VEH
    Mar 1 2024 8:55AM [9] Incident 240301LA0293 was reopened. Comment: Incident Reopened : REQ 1185 FOR FULLY BURNED ELECTRIC VEH
    Mar 1 2024 5:57AM [8] C98-062 HEALTH INSPECTOR 97 ADV TO MONITOR VEH FOR 4 HOURS UNTIL 0930 HRS // NOT REQ CHP TO 1023 // JUST REQ TO RE-RESPOND AT 0930 W/ 1185
    Mar 1 2024 4:43AM [7] C98-062 VEH 1124
    Mar 1 2024 4:06AM [2] ALL THEY CAN ADVS IS VEH FIRE

    Information courtesy of

    Last updated: 03/01/2024 10:04am


    Manipulators find it easier to motivate people with hate and anger.
    ie. RussiaRussiaRussia


    Now imagine 100kg of gold, completely passive warhead, delivered on Whitehall.

    After Tomyris found out about the death of [her son] Spargapises, she sent Cyrus an angry message in which she called the wine, which had caused the destruction of her army and her son, a drug which made those who consumed it so mad that they spoke evil words, and demanded him to leave her land or else she would, swearing upon the Sun, “give him more blood than he could drink.”

    Tomyris herself led the Massagetaean army into war, and, during the next battle opposing the Massagetae to the forces of Cyrus, Tomyris defeated the Persians and destroyed most of their army. Cyrus himself was killed in the battle, and Tomyris found his corpse, severed his head and put it in a bag filled with blood while telling Cyrus, “Drink your fill of blood!”


    US blocks UNSC statement that would have blamed Israel for Gaza City massacre
    The US has blocked a statement put forward by Algeria to the UN Security Council that would have assigned blame to Israel for the killing of more than 100 Palestinians awaiting food aid in northern Gaza.

    Palestine’s UN ambassador, Riyad Mansour, told reporters that the statement was backed by all of the UNSC’s 15 members except the US.

    Explaining the decision to block the statement, US Ambassador Robert Wood said, “We don’t have all the facts on the ground – that’s the problem.”

    He said that the US is trying to verify the “circumstances around how people died” to see if “we can find some language that everyone can agree on”.

    Robert Wood, deputy permanent representative of the United States to the United Nations, speaks to delegates during a security council meeting at the United Nations Headquarters, Monday, Jan. 22, 2024. (AP Photo/Eduardo Munoz Alvarez)
    Robert Wood, deputy permanent representative of the US to the United Nations, speaks during a UN Security Council meeting in January 2024 [Eduardo Munoz


    Not with impunity

    Change of Tactics – Resistance Roundup – Day 146

    Change of Tactics – Resistance Roundup – Day 146
    February 29, 2024
    A new tactic seems to be on full display in the way that the Palestinian Resistance is conducting its strategy throughout the Gaza Strip.

    Dr. D

    Yeah, that’s the land where Wonder Woman was from. Although hard to fully diagnose: the Scythians.

    They moved south to an island by Greece, how the Amazons got their fame. NORTH of Greece, something we don’t think of out here. That is to say the Black Sea, UKRAINE. Snake Island, who knows?

    Tough neighborhood. Now drink your fill of blood, you maniacs.


    Root of scythe and scimitar I bet. 🙂


    “My loyalties, they were confused”

    “Listen to me, you deaf fuck. I offered you the chance to be a cop and you blew it. You blew it.”


    Two side to a story??
    Is this where to find the second side?

    GAZA LIVE BLOG: Israel Bombs Khan Yunis School | Israeli Army in ‘State of Shock’ | Bureij Homes Shelled | Resistance Continues – Day 147

    GAZA LIVE BLOG: Israel Bombs Khan Yunis School | Israeli Army in ‘State of Shock’ | Bureij Homes Shelled | Resistance Continues – Day 147


    Manipulators find it easier to motivate people with hate and anger.
    ie. RussiaRussiaRussia
    Read more
    Lloyd Austin Doubts Protective Value Of NATO
    Newsweek is lying with this headline:

    NATO Will Be Drawn Into War With Russia if Ukraine Loses: Lloyd Austin


    ‘True intelligence is about being conscious of the world around you, and knowing how to navigate within.’

    Competent, sensible and rational thinking is all you need. Intelligence is only a word, and those that think they have it tend to fall in love with it.

    John Day

    @jb-hb: Try vegetable gardening, if you can. It helps direct the mind, somehow. Bike riding where it’s safe and pretty is good, too.

    Maxwell Quest

    “Incidentally, you claim to be an atheist but you’re not going to be an atheist for long. Just because Con Men pimp and pump various “religions” of every description does not mean that there is no God. It just means that Con Men know what everybody is searching for and see “religion” as a means of making a quick buck and gain power by selling folks a ticket to the promised land that’s a “guaranteed” winner every time (when it ain’t).”k

    I’ve heard it been said that charlatans, false prophets, megachurches, and the like act like a gauntlet to filter out all those who would only waste the time and be a burden to a true master. That allows him (or her) to focus on those students who are ready and would most benefit from direct instruction. Even if some that are still green in their development somehow make it past the gauntlet, they would quickly be repelled by getting metaphorically punched in the face every day – their egos would not be able to take the searing heat and dissection of their character.

    Which reminds me of another quote from the same book as mentions the previous posts. Yes, Yogananda again, sorry:

    “If you don’t like my words, you are at liberty to leave at any time,” Master assured me. “I want nothing from you but your own improvement. Stay only if you feel benefited.” For every humbling blow he dealt my vanity, for every tooth in my metaphorical jaw he knocked loose with stunning aim, I am grateful beyond any facility of expression. The hard core of human egotism is hardly to be dislodged except rudely. With its departure, the Divine finds at last an unobstructed channel. In vain It seeks to percolate through flinty hearts of selfishness.

    That’s not to say that the hurdles we face in searching for spiritual truth are cruel and demonic. It often seems so, but when you look at the bell curve of humanity, how many really are ready to hear and conform their lives to higher laws? To walk the knife’s edge? To wander the in the desert for 40 years – endure the dark night of the soul and have the hell burned out of them? And please don’t crowd and cut in line.

    So, where do they go for instruction, one which is suited for them? Organized religions, megachurches, and the likef, and get stuck in the fly papers of dogma and external authorities in their wanderings.


    USD sets new record low today!

    MSM’s Fake Reality: Gold set a new record high price in USD today, read all the headlines.

    Truth: Today the USD set a new record low price against gold.

    Gold didn’t change in value. The USD fiat fell in value to a new record low today. That means you are poorer! Gold is not richer. Gold is the same as it ever was.

    Dr. D

    Newsflash: can someone check me on this. As all Ukraine goes to s–t, Germany throws starts throwing dead weight overboard and says that England is the one who had ENGLISH NATO operators there, shooting ENGLISH Stormeshadow missiles that took out the Kersh Bridge.

    Soooooo….NATO is already there, with boots on the ground, shooting Russia. Well hell.

    At least we all knew that already.

    “As rats from a sinking ship, so are the days of their lives…”



    Russian GRU wiretaps German Generals discussing destroying the Kerch Bridge – 1 step closer to WW3

    Wehrmacht plans a come back victory of the Steppes!


    Dr D Rich

    Waldman and Schaller (I wonder where they worship?) on Mika Brzezinski’s MSNBC pointing The Pen at the real problem in the world for guys like Gonzalo Lira and the beleaguered Palestinians.
    White Rural Americans…..white rural rage.
    Do you think Waldman and Schaller include Mennonites and Amishes (sp?) in their scholarly calculus?
    Do you think those Amishes and Mennonites eschew the city, urban and Biden-led overclass because they PREFER living among those not-so-rageful White Rural Americans?
    Did Dr D do a Vulcan mind-meld on the firm of Waldman & Schaller or has the world, the vaunted readers of the world, lost the ability to distinguish between self-destructive behavior, Lira’s, and self-sacrifice, Bushnell’s?
    Scott Ritter for egging him on and Volodymyr Zelensky jewish President of Ukraine ( you know the 99.9% non-jewish country) for failing his duty to Prisoner Gonzalo deserve the Lion’s share of credit for Lira’s death in a Ukranian government jail cell.
    Bushnell’s decision was his alone.


    If anyone is curious about any boots-on-the ground economic indicators, here’s some things I noticed on the job search:

    There are companies trying to hire for $12.50 an hour.

    There are companies hiring at $18 an hour that are requiring a bachelor’s degree.

    There are companies still requiring the notavax for employment

    There are companies listing woke word salad – need to be aware of privilege, power disparities, and work constantly to do better etc a job requirement.

    I came across that Bloomberg article again. I would have said it was a conspiracy theory if I didn’t see it on Bloomberg that corporate America’s hires last year were like 84% black 4% white. They did not say how much of the 4% was male but I would bet you a billion gagilllion dollars it broke down to less than 2%. Mind boggling. It presents certain challenges.

    New plan for getting a job:

    1. Divorce wife (that’s the key to all of this)
    2. Go to Mexico
    3. Apply skin bronzer
    4. Throw away passport
    5. Cross border
    6. Claim benefits, $10,000 gift card, free phone, etc
    7. Start life under my new name Rico Suave (hey, that’s what I choose. get your own name)
    8. Marry wife to gain citizenship
    9. Apply for and acquire bilingual customer care job as recent asylum recipient and minority
    10. Purchase a 1965 FenderJazzmaster with my free walking around money


    Yeah, NATO has a nice little racket going on. They say to their own weapon trained soldiers we will pay you double or triple to man the weapons in the Ukraine, all the while knowing these NATO soldiers will likely be killed by the Russians. Once killed, NATO doesn’t have to pay these soldiers and can deny they ever existed!

    Ukrainian government is only demobilizing soldiers if they pay a $5,000 USD plus fee. Once demobilized, there is no guarantee they won’t be promptly re-conscripted back to the front again! Nice new money making racket! Gotta grab as much money as you can before the war gig ends!

    The Ukrainian war runs on corruption. Once the money runs out, the war is over!

    Ukrainian second and third defensive lines often only exist on paper. Contractors say why actually build anything when the war is already lost, so they just pocket the money!

    As the Ukrainians retreat, the Russians are destroying more armored vehicles than before because the retreating Ukrainians have to bring all of their hidden vehicles out of their hiding spots into the open!

    I don’t believe the Russians have any plans at the moment to create any quick break throughs. First of all they do not want to exceed their current railway based logistics supply lines. Second, by going slowly they are giving the west’s elites more time to come to their senses. Third, there are still too many Nazis left that need killing.

    Or put another way, for the west’s elites to hear the voices of their little people, whom, up to now, they have not wanted to listen to. We can only hope our crazy elites do come to their senses, one by one.

    Since 10% of Europeans still believe Ukraine can win, the job isn’t done yet.


    Ritter is a German surname. It means “grave digger”!


    Hilarious AI video of ‘world leaders’ breaking it down

    A true mindfucker


    Remember the tik tok dancers during covid, doctors, nurses cops, whatever, worldwide? A whole bunch were dancing to a tune called Jerusalema by Nomecedo Zikode. If the title doesn’t alarm you, check out the lyrics.


    Artificial: made or produced by human beings rather than occurring naturally, especially as a copy of something natural.

    Car Fifty-four, where are you?

    Dr D Rich

    ritter = knight

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