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    “I’m relatively confident this CV-19 was a weapon gone very, very wrong.”

    ANd we’re very lucky. Both USA and Russia, last I knew, kept smallpox in their deep bug labs. Understand, this is by nations reared on Xtianity as their main mythology, demonstrating the aptness of the Garden of Eden myth. We’re too stupid to handle paradise.

    “A monkey is a desire to be somewhere else.” I think that’s William Beebe.



    Spring Break
    Student loans
    mommy money
    visa money

    If they are the cream of the crop to become our elites…. we are in deep shit



    Zerosum:. Sadly nursing homes do take away walkers and canes from the old folks trapped inside!

    My wife’s mother had her electric wheelchair taken away because she was running into things and running over people! And she didn’t give a dam either! It was always someone else’s fault!

    Imagine what old trapped folks can do with a cane!



    Zerosum:. I forgot to mention how often those harmless old folks trapped in nursing homes, try to make a desperate break for it!



    Zerosum:. Do you think if I hang a coronavirus sign on my front door, the banks will leave me alone?



    Hey everyone, great news: My daughter’s test result came out negative.

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    Good news Boogaloo. She has to stay in bed and rest little while after the virus passes if she does get it. The re-infection in raw throats and lungs is turning out to kill a lot of dudes who just go normal activities when the virus passes.
    It is a time of rest and reset.

    Also Bosco – “Bugs get around more than before by several orders of magnitude. Fear of government lockdown is misplaced. Fear of governmental collapse leading to wild lawless years during times of no plenty except plenty of less and less and less, seems more sound these days.

    Sure, the governments will fuck it up. The people, I guarantee you, will fuck it up far more cuz they’ll practice that rarity: real egalitarian democracy, i.e., every person for themself. ”

    I agree. Actually in a time of diminishing returns sometimes the cost of freedom is stability


    V. Arnold

    Hey everyone, great news: My daughter’s test result came out negative.

    Had to LOL at that one; very funny…


    Dr D Rich

    Our leaders cashed in an insider’s view from their secret huddle….now where did I recently hear about people huddling in order to receive that special secret information to protect us all because people might die.
    Dont make the mistake projecting your empathic concern for other people’s wellbeing onto these inhumane monsters.

    The Senate’s newest member sold off seven figures worth of stock holdings in the days and weeks after a private, all-senators meeting on the novel coronavirus that subsequently hammered U.S. equities.

    Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) reported the first sale of stock jointly owned by her and her husband on Jan. 24, the very day that her committee, the Senate Health Committee, hosted a private, all-senators briefing from administration officials, including the CDC director and Anthony Fauci, the head of the National Institutes of Health of the United States, on the coronavirus. 



    I am not sure if it has been posted here yet, but here is a site that collects all of the data for the US by state:
    It is not as up to date as some of the other sites, but if you click “show me the raw data (spreadsheet)” and then the tab for “states current” it shows the number of positive, negative, and pending test results. What jumps out to me is that there has been very little testing so far in DC, Maryland and Virginia. I wonder if anything will change once testing ramps up at and around the capital.


    Dr. D

    “1,238 are in New York. A lockdown is the only option.”

    Nope. Americans won’t do this, and New Yorkers even less. You could post machinegunners in the streets and strafe them on sight, and they’d only shoot back. Americans don’t follow or obey anything, anytime, ever. Or rather a critical 20% something percent. And would they die of it? Sure, but they don’t give a f–k and will spit in your eye if you bug them.

    So have fun with your proposed lockdown boys! Probably work as well as telling them they can’t have guns and drugs, that is to say somewhere less than zero.

    That said, does it make more sense our “slow, lack of action” in an attempted lockdown? All it’s going to do is show how useless, inept, small, and outgunned the government is, as we already know every weekend in Chicago and Baltimore. …Where more people die each month than all the Coronovirus.



    So have fun with your proposed lockdown boys!
    The USA is going to be a petri dish of data.
    No lock down, hide in place, spring break, etc. ….. name it.

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