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    Sean Penn, the moralistic guy who had no qualms about abandoning a car he rented, from some poor Ukrainian, a few miles from the Ukrainian/Polish border, just so he didn’t have to wait in the miles long car line up at the border. Being a deep state employee has it’s privileges of not having to care about the suffering masses.

    Russia is indeed taking the first step towards peace! That is why the war making deep state is upset!

    The deep state losing in the Ukraine is the reason why it is now doubling down on sanctioning China. This effort is going as well as it’s Russian sanctions are. If sanctioned, China has nothing further to lose, so will takeover Taiwan.

    Since the deep state will be creating crisis after crisis, this proves, beyond a shadow of a doubt, to everybody, that they are indeed losing. The quicker the crisises come, will be our proof the deep state is losing faster and faster. The deep state will keep on losing because that is all they know how to do. Losers!

    Dr D Rich

    @Mr. House

    Damn! Spot on.

    My only criticism is you left Punjabi overlords and Chinese student invaders from your perfect description of Pittsburgh.

    I repost it because it’s brilliant:

    “Pittsburgh ain’t a city of FDR Democrats. Its essentially an Obama Democrat city sucking off the tit of higher education and healthcare. Overpaid people who hold themselves as important but really don’t provide anything tangible or useful. Essentially leading the charge in fraud and i think their “premiere” healthcare monopoly played a large part in it which shall not be named. Those people about 70 miles away in Ohio that got slammed, they’re the salt of the earth. Pittsburgh is just a bunch of transplants from liberal areas into PA and then making Pittsburgh uninhabitable price wise for the people who have lived in the area for generations. I won’t weep for them.”.

    They transplanted this guy, William Winkerwerder aka The $8.9 million Dollar Man from AssSecDefHelthAffairs to CEO Highmark in Pittsburgh. Winkerwerder is the “Military -Physicians-Are-Okay-To-Torture-Kids-And-Prisoners Promoter from The Bush2 years.

    They also transplanted this schmuck Chief Hospital Corpsman Kevin Amick to run, albeit briefly, VA Butler AND subsequently VAPHS, yup, VISN4, VA Pittsburgh. His qualification, affirmative action candidate for under-achieving Navy enlisted and paper pusher for the Lockheed subsidiary QTC that makes coin off the injury/claim/end of war. When I was still active duty, Kevin’s QTC employed one of my subsubordinate commissioned officers and that subordinate performed disability evaluations on at least 3 of my enlisted personnel and the female RN Commanding officer….for ~$330 per eval. Soooooo when the subordinate commission officer was found AWOL from his place of appointed duty and out moonlighting as he was awaiting the Commanding Officer herself for her disability evaluation, even Sy Hersh isn’t required to venture a guess which side these witnesses took when I placed on report CAPT Moonlighter and his sidekick the Chief of the Medical Staff (fellow physician who provided official cover for CAPT Moonlighter).

    It probably comes as no surprise that in this perverse system of rewards and punishments that:
    1. A white deplorable from well outside Pittsburgh yet possessing the bonafides Amick could never achieve in two lifetimes was rejected for an entry-level MD job at a VA hospital Kevin later commanded.
    2. The witnesses to the subordinate’s illegal moonlighting disability scheme were fired when their testimony implicated the moonlighter in disability fraud.
    3. The Chief of Staff who ran official cover for the Moonlighter is now employed by the Moonlighter’s former private practice.
    4. The former Commanding Officer female RN left the NAVY with 100% Disability, yeah that’s like O-6 retired pay ~$8,000/mo tax free AND concurrent VA Disability $3,000+/mo AND made executive director of Virginia’s state VA wounded warrior project “equivalent” that paid her $450,000/yr.
    5. And that two weeks after John Murtha initiated an inquiry into these illegal and corrupt practices (afoot in Navy Medicine, QTC, Lockheed, Mormon Church, AssSecDef for Health Affairs, Anthony Principi’s mind), Congressman Murtha was dead from botched surgery at Bethesda NNMC and after Murtha out of fear eschewed the military hospital for George Washington University.


    Some of the Jews are more Jew than the other.’

    I was thinking yesterday that I had perhaps focused too much on Orwell’s 1984 (Oceania, War is Peace, surveillance state and all that) and not enough on ‘Animal Farm’.

    ‘All animals are equal but some are more equal than others.

    Meanwhile, in the background the sheep bleat, “Two legs bad, four legs good.”

    ‘Putin bad, Biden good.’

    ‘China bad, USA good.’

    Want to get beaten up and incarcerated? Disagree in public with the management’s authoritarian, top-down, destructive, imposed-against-your-wishes policies.

    ‘How Britain is waging war against protesters’

    As Geroge Carlin noted, war is the only symbolism The Empire of Lies knows.

    War on Freedom. War on Democracy. War on Health. War on Nature. War on Life. War on Truth.

    Up next: ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ with ‘Margin Call’ thrown in.



    They not only murdered the elderly with ventilators and Midazolam/Morphine, they murdered kids too.

    Misplaced tube contributed to first UK child Covid death, coroner rules

    “… the highly placed tube could get dislodged which was “potentially life-threatening for a patient who is sedated and paralysed” on muscle relaxants.”

    Dr. Paul Alexander explains how they murdered the elderly.
    Listen for 5 mins from 28 min.

    Starved-sedated-ventilated-Remdesivir : bye, bye Granny!

    The Most Thorough Covid Chronology

    Un-fuckin’ believable.



    Doc Robinson

    Looks like the EPA needed the Ohio residents to tell it how to do its job.

    The Environmental Protection Agency said it’s requiring Norfolk Southern to test for dioxins at the site of the toxic train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio.

    The agency said the requirement is in direct response to concerns Administrator Michael Regan heard from residents in East Palestine this week.

    I wonder whether Norfolk Southern will do testing for both chlorinated dioxins and dibenzofurans.
    I also wonder whether they will do “split sampling” (“taking samples from the same location and sending them to two different labs working under different contracts”) which is “essential to honest testing.”

    Analyzing for Dioxins and Furans
    The samples must be analyzed for a diversity both chlorinated dioxins and dibenzofurans. Furans are dioxins with only one oxygen molecule rather than two. Furans are just as toxic as dioxins, but will not show up if only dioxin is analyzed for. The total dioxin level includes all furans. Not testing for furans will drive down the final result, what is called the TEQ or toxic equivalency.

    Split Sampling is Essential
    Split sampling is essential to honest testing. That means taking samples from the same location and sending them to two different labs working under different contracts and comparing the results. The results should be similar, and if they are not, something is amiss.

    A third and possibly a fourth set of samples from each should be kept for future analysis, if a trusted party can be designated to keep them. That will be a challenge.

    Testing for the Wrong Chemical in the Wrong Places
    The essence of political decontamination is testing for the wrong chemicals in the wrong places, then declaring the area safe.
    This is what’s going on when officials gleefully announce that there is no vinyl chloride in the air, or claim that the tap water is clean and safe. These are all acts of fraud and public deception.


    AI looked into the database and saw that the preference of the alt-mediaverse was spiritual. So AI suggests changing the future game scenario of “aliens invade!” (which would remain for the moribund jabbed, who think aliens are more scientific than good and evil) to “aliens are actually demons!” (as in CSLewis’s “Hideous Strength”)
    Either way, the bad guys look really powerful; the attacked are split in two by terminology.

    Veracious Poet

    They transplanted this guy, William Winkerwerder aka The $8.9 million Dollar Man from AssSecDefHelthAffairs to CEO Highmark in Pittsburgh. Winkerwerder is the “Military -Physicians-Are-Okay-To-Torture-Kids-And-Prisoners Promoter from The Bush2 years.

    His senate confirmation was sponsored and presented to the US Senate Armed Services Committee by Senator Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts.


    People don’t want to be lied to but they don’t want truth.


    There is joy in a moment of silence and for now that is just enough for me to endure this shit show.

    I’m not a Jew or Irish. As an Edwards- of King Charles’ crown fame I identify as a nobody. My preferred pronouns are Ego/Higher Self


    Health Canada has granted a British Columbia cannabis company the right to possess, produce, sell and distribute cocaine.


    Veracious Poet



    Pontificating about “class” distinction in 2023 is about as useful as voting for demoRATs and/or GOPhers ~ It’s a colossal waste of space, time & effort…

    When I entered the *work force* in 1979, ten years after the U$ Empire’s economic peak, jobs were plentiful & provided upward mobility for those with a modicum of discipline, eDuMakacion, morals, ethics & situational awareness.

    With nothing but a high school diploma, I entered into an Aerospace apprenticeship (to which I added some community college related courses), eventually becoming a full-fledged engineer that could have quit my job in the morning & had several offers by late afternoon, well into the 90s…

    By the time we started our business in 1996, which supposedly propelled us into low 1% status 🙄 , the ladders my wife & I ascended were burnt behind us, only available to *group-think* tribal products of “academia”.

    The last Aerospace firm I worked for had a h3ll-of-a-time finding a replacement for me for two years, eventually hiring two recents “grads”, begging me to return on a consulting basis to train them & fill the gaps, until I was too busy to help…

    All those skills we had, that led us to create a new “niche” industry in the legal area, would never had been available to us if we were starting out now, many of which aren’t even available @ the university level.

    This is why defense manufacturing is producing shoddy goods @ ridiculous prices now, that along with the PMC/Exec class parasites getting Money for nuthin’, chicks for free

    You see, those days of upward opportunity for us avg. Joe Schmoes are . long, *LONG* gone! Nowadays I couldn’t even submit an application/resume without the cert of some academy of idiocracy 😕

    My first “mentor” was a WWII vet (actually several) that supported his wife, 5 kids, two cars, a boat & mortgage on *just* his income as a First Article Inspector…

    He bought his 3bd/2bath ranch home (new) in Garden Grove for $8k in 1967 ~ That same SFH today is worth at least $1.2 million, thanks to the parasitical rentier “class” that has plagued SoCal since the 1970s 😕

    The economic/social collapse of “America” is directly tied to the implosion of even one uniting scrap of Spiritual Wisdom emanating from gen pop.

    Don’t mind me though, go ahead you two, hold hands & merrily dance around the mulberry bush…

    Perhaps waxing poetic & waning philosophically will grant you some temporary comfort as we witness the event horizon about to suck all the air out-of-the-room 🙄

    The die has been cast & the caste shackled upon the masses ~ The only way out now is by death, destruction & reformation (if Gen Pop gets lucky)…

    All blessings & God speed,



    Still think that Taiwan is not a province of China and not an occupied [by Oceania] Airstrip?



    Lukashenko Arrives In China – Gets Unprecedented Reception From Emperor Xi

    Veracious Poet

    Addendum: I thought it might be important to *note* that a couple of *mistakes* happened during the Clintoon seige ~ Namely, the removal of any & all *legal* requirements for .mil contractors to *source* from *only* U$ domestic sources…

    Three (3) big things happened almost immediately.

    (A) Exotic metal fabrication intellectual properties, required for advance Weapons of War (previously top secret level stuff), were *granted* to the CCP industrial base, effectively bring their metallurgical knowledge/ability out of the 1950s.

    (B) Hi-tech electronic devices began to by manufactured in China ~ In one well-known incident, Loral Corp(se). *Top Secret* guided missile systems were “stolen” by CCP entities.

    (C) Small DoD contractors were decimated by trying to compete with America’s Most Favored Slave Nation 😕

    Loral was accused of transferring technology to China in 1996. The incident arose as a result of an investigation into the launch failure of Intelsat 708, a Space Systems/Loral-built satellite. In a 2002 agreement with the State Department and Department of Justice the company agreed to pay $20 million in fines to settle the matter and to improve its compliance procedures. In the agreement Loral officials neither admitted nor denied the government’s charges; Loral executives acknowledged “the nature and seriousness of the offenses alleged by the department in the draft charging letter, including the risk of harm to the security and foreign policy interests of the United States”, and stated that they wished to make amends through the payment of restitution. Schwartz subsequently released a statement accepting “full responsibility for the matter” and portrayed the incident as an error by a single Loral employee.

    Not only did the CCP benefit from the transfer of U$ State Secrets, so did their close friend Russia 🙄

    Oh, the .MIL/Banking Empire investors/execs laughed all the way to the bank…

    Betcha not many (if any) here were aware of this boo-boo, were ya!

    Perot knew though 😉

    Certainly not something you’ll read about @ The NY Slimes…



    Good comments V. P.

    Le t us list the many European joys of US sanctions on Russia.

    In Britain, bad weather in Southern Europe and North Africa is being paroted by the MSM for food shortages in grocery stores. It is the media’s job to lie and cover up the truth. Just like there are no anti-war rallies happening anywhere in Europe.

    Just to add to the bad weather lie, British grocery chains are only offering below production cost prices to domestic food growers, since they are price givers, not price takers! Domestic food producers can no longer afford the high gas and fertilizer prices and are shutting down. So you decide to import cheaper food by truck from Spain. Good luck with that, as the truck will be stuck in the cross channel’s choke point of lengthy delays. Even if you succeed, the grocery store won’t pay your breakeven price. Only in Britain! The British treat their own people worse than anybody else!

    Meanwhile, over in Holland fertilizer shortages are being blamed for food shortages as 70% of European fertilizer production is currently shutdown due to high natural gas and also high electricity costs. In Spain only 2 fertilizer plants are still operating but only at minimum levels. Most of Germany’s and Poland’s fertilizer plants were shut down to conserve gas supplies for winter heating needs.

    So expect more media stories about bad weather lies in Southern Europe as high fertilizer prices and absolute fertilizer shortages prevent European farmers from planting food crops this spring. Spain imports half its fertilizer needs from Germany and Poland. Nice virtuous circle!

    So expect food shortages to soar this spring and summer in Europe. Grain production will collapse too, especially in the Ukraine. Many European farmers will simply not pla nt some grain crops as they can not complete with cheap imported Ukrainian grain.

    2023 Ehuropean food production will be bad but expect 2024 food production to be even worse. All thanks to sanctions on Russia. Even if peace is declared in 2023, much of Russian gas has be sold to eastern customers and so previous gas supplies won’t automatically return.

    So if you are planning on flying to Asia from Europe, on an European airline, your flight will be a little longer than it used to be as your airline can no longer fly directly to Asia over Russian air space! They now have to fly south of Russia! If you want a quicker and shorter flight then fly on an Asian airline!

    John Day

    Bill Gates Arrest Warrant Issued in Philippines For ‘Premeditated Murder’ Linked To Vaccine Roll Out

    Bill Gates Arrest Warrant Issued in Philippines For ‘Premeditated Murder’ Linked To Vaccine Roll Out


    So glad the Chinese band players were not wearing masks. Tricky to play a flute or clarinet or trumpet wearing a mask.

    But really, what are all the masks about? Some do. Some don’t. Keeping the mask manufacturers busy? Lots of girls wearing masks. Hmm.

    How is one to know what to do?



    Data from Statistics NZ today shows that the number of births in 2022 were there lowest since 2003. The same data shows that while we managed to keep deaths low in 2020 and 2021 with effective pandemic restrictions, when they were released, deaths zoomed higher in 2022 to 37,800, a surge out of the ordinary only exceeded by those recorded in the 20th century world wars.’



    And to hide the truth, no death figures are given for the years before 2022!
    Sounds just like here in Canada.


    Not just Airstrip Five being hammered.

    Judy misses AS5 but Kevin may not.


    Here’s yet another international fuck-up. The standard colour index uses blue for both heavy rain and little rain!

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