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    Camille Pissarro Plum Trees in Blossom, Éragny 1894   • Zelensky, Cronies In Major Corruption Scandal In Ukraine – And US? (Lavrenin) • Zelensky
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    And now, here comes Bird Flu!

    Bird flu HAS mutated to infect people

    “The World Health Organization (WHO) has described the situation in Cambodia as ‘worrying’ “.

    Germ says it’s a nothing burger.

    Bird Flu in Humans




    CDC says it’s in a ‘posture of readiness’ amid fears H5N1 bird flu is poised to jump to humans — and reveals there are several vaccines and drugs in the works

    Haha, haha, haha, haha ………


    V. Arnold

    Camille Pissarro Plum Trees in Blossom, Éragny 1894

    Wonderful painting…beautiful, IMO…
    Never heard of her…I wonder why?


    Damning – and if they thought lockdown was a “disaster”, then just wait ’till they find out what was injected into them!

    They soon will.

    Untruth after untruth was peddled to justify the great lockdown disaster



    ” …there were 25.4 per cent more deaths in the Republic in December compared to the average number of deaths for the same month each year between 2016 and 2019.”

    Good grief – Ireland’s only 4th, there’s even worse?!

    Ireland’s excess mortality rate fourth-highest in EU

    If this death rate continues, and the collapse in birth rates continue, then Deagle may be right after all.




    – and all designed to coerce people to get the death vaxx.




    “No matter how cynical you become, it’s never enough to keep up.”
    Lily Tomlin

    Deja vu: FDA committee recommends Pfizer’s RSV shot despite known risks



    Twice as many people died in Japan last year as were born.
    The population is in freefall.
    The rest of the world is trending to follow.

    Japan births fall to record low as population crisis deepens

    Keep Boosting suckers!


    Dr. D

    “Ukraine Will Eventually Join NATO, Stoltenberg Reaffirms”

    What the…? Now is not the time. Are these guys high, or just really stupid? They are cripplingly bad at their jobs, when their job is merely to lie and steal things, making that seem okay to the public.

    “USPS Purchases Ford EV Vans To Electrify Nation’s Largest Federal Fleet

    Well, there goes the mail. I thought we’d at least have that going for us on horses. But Ford’s EV which will need charging all day…

    “Future Ford Vehicles Could Repossess Themselves

    From the USPS. This is not a joke. You know how they just wrote the NE grid may collapse because lack of maintenance, shutting down power production? Yeah, well even with every rate hike approved by paid politicians, there were cases where their big trucks were repossessed.

    “The Top 3 Reasons The US Has Entered The Inflation Death Spiral”

    Thing like raising the monthly gas bill 13%, yet not being able to pay your bucket truck loan? This is just normal, boring, predictable, 3rd world inflation stuff. The topmost have no problem in stocks and assets. The bottom remain without relief – no change. But the entire middle class is wiped out on purpose, made poor. They need to own nothing, you see, and they’ll be happy about it or else. Well? Who else you gonna steal from? The rich will shoot you. The Poor don’t own anything. The only people who have anything are those who do work: that is the middle class.

    “Watch: Sen. Hawley Exposes Biden Archivist Nominee With Her Own Past Partisan Tweets”

    The fun thing about this is how universal, energetic, and brazen the lying is. For the ARCHIVIST. When I say corruption from the President to the Janitor what did you think I meant? Her specific actions are strongly arguable of direct, knowing, and active perjury before Congress. A felony. So you commit a felony in public BEFORE being hired? Like punch someone in the lobby before the job interview? Here’s the other part:

    Although it’s a felony, Congress will do nothing. They haven’t enforced the law on people abusing them in my living memory. How, why that is, I have no idea. It’s not like you go hang them; pleading down for perjury is not too bad – it’s one of the few remaining crimes where the punishment is appropriately inconvenient, serious, yet not debilitating. Professional courtesy, I guess: 2/3rds of Congress are convicts, so why go hard on a fellow criminal? The more crimes the merrier, I say. If someone lies, they say “Well done Christian soldier.” “It’s (our) god’s work.”

    Sean Penn: who the f—k is this guy? Geopolitical expert, also truck repairman from Kentucky you met in the local dive, “I cannot claim to have any geopolitical understanding…” Okay, then shut your pie hole and go find out. Seems to me you were in this weird position of TALKING to some of the people involved. Like Ze personally, while you gave him that hand job. Yet you – and apparently they – understand “nothing”. Nothing – nothing? Okay then, you sold me: I’m not going. Shut off all the money there until they can “know”, explain, and convince me.

    …Actually he can’t because Ukraine and the Slavic genocide is about printing money to keep BANKING alive. EUROPEAN Banking. Yeah, I’m sure that diesel repairman in Kentucky you’re pretending to be – you sucky poser – really needs to send $2,000/year out of his family’s wallet (real official number) to back-bail European Bankers in Basil and London.

    El Salvador shows if you put up a wall and shoot all the bad guys, throw them in jail without mercy, it works! Who knew? Why have we never tried this before except every day of the last 5,000 years before now? Dead, incarcerated people don’t commit crimes, don’t rape your daughters. But that’s a bad thing, right, Joe?

    Okay, I’m shocked at MSNBC running an actual story on this, but “Kiev never admitted the bridge”? THEY PUBLISHED A COMMEMORATIVE POSTAGE STAMP THE SAME DAY. You can just not add that stupid sentence and pass it over as the “admission” was unclear. But Fact Check! that statement is rated: “Mostly (meaning completely) false.”

    “This was Ukraine’s second largest political faction, until it was prohibited by Zelensky, as part of his crackdown on political opponents Democracy.” Fixed it.

    “government auditing services – 17 in total.”

    This number comes up a lot. That’s not an accident, it’s a communication.

    “troops may “strategically pull back” from the town of Bakhmut,”

    Yes, now that the road is cut and they have to “pull back” across open fields. Good plan! But he’s still busy “floating it” like the 6 weeks of meetings about having a meeting the UN was doing. Carry on! I wouldn’t change a thing.

    Now on the flip side, they’ve done wonderfully there, all props to Ukrainian general and their defense. He withstood it and executed it perfectly. But overall, their larger plan is stooopid. I don’t know what you need to do, but sitting around in one place getting shelled is not it.

    • Germany’s Scholz: Russia Must Take First Steps Towards Peace In Ukraine
    ““He would like to see the withdrawal of Russian troops in the first place..”

    First: we require your complete surrender! Then we can talk.

    Again, who ARE these people? They couldn’t win a Cub Scout paintball tournament.

    Britain will not be able to independently expand the supply of arms to Ukraine, since the main decisions in this regard are still being made in Washington, former British Foreign Secretary William Hague said”

    Suuuuuuuuuuuuure they are. Uh-huh. When this all goes bad, it’s the baddy-bad America’s fault. That’s ’cause Joe Biden and da boyz are all against Europe and never did what Davos said or nothin’.

    UK also has ceased to be a relevant country, even by European standards. They have one day of artillery and 30 day’s worth of men. They’re likely to be taken over by a Cub Scout Paintball team. I’m thinking of taking them over myself.

    Newman, Polycrisis: — “the other nations, once more divided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion” –Pike — Most importantly SPIRITUAL exhaustion. As this is their RELIGION, a Jihad, a religious war. Their god is the god of violence, chaos, and lies, the god of #AntiHuman, #AntiLife. But they cannot do that if we KNOW they are doing it. Their plan, their strategy, their whole LIVES, require only scheming in the dark like rats. If we know there is a “They” out there doing it, and not “Us,” “humanity”, “human nature,” as all humans are evilly-evil who deserve to die, we will simply identify and kill them all like in El Salvador, then go have lunch in peace and leisure.

    That’s why The Truth is their only enemy. They hate being rats in the dark, but they are rats and parasites and that is what they do, who they are, and what they have chosen to be.

    “I don’t think we should put it past them that they would use nuclear bombs against us.”

    They definitely would and are. Look at Fentanyl. Look at Ohio. It’s not safe for a 5-year old to go to school without a mask, but it is safe to live 24h in a place where animals all fall dead in hours and your water is the color of the rainbow.

    “If even ONE life is saved…” You mean like the ten MILLION lives in the watershed and on to Pittsburgh, Buffalo, and Toronto? 10,000,000? FIFTY U.S. Cities? “…Who?” The CDC has looked and there are no humans there. Only sub-humans. Right UpstateNY? Didn’t you say they closed all the hospitals in your area?

    And you’re worried about a couple people in Ukraine? Bakhmut is a rounding error to the Ohio watershed. You could up Bakhmut by ten and still not being the range.

    EU Is Threatening Serbia – Vucic (RT) “

    That’s because it’s a day ending in “Y”. Europe’s sold purpose in life is to attack Europe. Like Greece and Cyprus.

    “The Kremlin has claimed that up to $1 billion worth of these weapons are funneled from Ukraine to criminals and terror groups in the Middle East, Africa, and Southeast Asia every month,”

    There’s your $12B/year holding up the European banking system. I exaggerate? The UN released a report saying the Drug Trade – in reference to Afghanistan – was the whole of the money upholding world banking. TEN YEARS AGO. But the guns that specifically allow the drug trade doesn’t? Nor the human trafficking, for which Ukraine is the center, and Mexico, lacking a wall, is #2? (P.S. they are merely feeding OUR demand for human sex slaves)

    “Washington has made it so by deliberately escalating what are already high tensions into a powder keg.”

    Just for thrills, let’s remind that the U.S. officially agrees with the “One-China” policy, that Taiwan IS China. So…how can they ‘escalate’? China takes China because China? Uh-huh. Brains no work in North America. No workie-workie.

    “US Rallying Allies for New China Sanctions (RT) “

    That’s odd: I didn’t know Trump was President again. Isn’t enforcing tariffs racist? I know saying the virus came from Wuhan is, and the whole Biden administration is on board, with the FBI confirming today. Yup: they’re racist.

    “Russiagate Spells Journalism’s Death (Chris Hedges)”

    All the things have one thing in common: the Enemy is the Truth. In whatever form, spoken by whatever person.

    All you need to stop it, and stop WWIII, is to tell the truth. 8-Ball says “Outlook not so good.” We, America, all adults in the Western world, now adhere only to #AntiLogos, #AntiChrist, and will DIE rather than tell the truth. Ever. Anywhere. About anything. Or so my ex tells me.

    “Greek Consumers Pay Up To 45% More This Year For Basic Food Items (K.) “

    You have to build a system outside the money system, but that takes agreement and cooperation. WE, that is, Greeks, grow stuff, and WE that is Greeks, eat stuff. So disintermediate the two and cut out the scoundrels who rob you via inflation. That is: COOPERATE. I’ll gave farmers 16 hours of my day. I was unemployed and not doing anything anyway.

    “Ghislaine Maxwell Reportedly In Solitary after Saying Epstein Was Murdered (GP) “

    They’re afraid she’ll tell the client list. That every federal government already has, and we already know who is on it. But like Sy Hersh, it doesn’t exist until we OFFICIALLY know who is on it. In a nation of liars and pretenders. Like Sean Penn, mechanic extraordinare.

    BBee better than me: “Southern California Covered In 6 Feet Of Global Warming”

    The owl certainly is creepy, as not only are they as silent as they say, but are very, very large. If one flies over your head it’s like a dream since it’s disconnected from senses, disconnected from sound. I feel the same way about the northern lights. It’s as if they are not real since there’s no soundtrack. Kind of a gyp actually, maybe some AC/DC or something.

    From Beiber comments yesterday:

    It’s the Eye of the Pfizer!
    mRNA- the gift that keeps on giving
    Safe and effective™

    Comments purged every 15 minutes. ‘Cause this was posted at 1:40 and there’s a biiiiiiig blank in there.


    Camille Pissarro Plum Trees in Blossom, Éragny 1894

    Wonderful painting…beautiful, IMO…
    Never heard of her;…I wonder why?

    Jacob Abraham Camille Pissarro was a Danish-French Impressionist and Neo-Impressionist painter born on the island of St Thomas.


    V. Arnold

    Camille Pissarro
    Never heard of her;…I wonder why?

    Got me….
    As I said; never heard of this painter… 😉

    Thank you for the clarity… 🙂


    DEVASTATING Australian NSW data showing the quadrupled COVID mRNA vaccinated (4 shots) have massive spikes in hospitalization & death


    Dr. D

    Deagle, etc. Was reminded yesterday we’re in a war, and the plan was way worse than this.

    The Plan was for the disease to be deadly. That may have been averted, or it may be they ran all their tests on Chinese Uighers who are sun-averse and wildly vitamin D deficient. In any case, it could hardly BE less deadly: 0.03%, with average age of death a jaw-dropping 78 years old.

    Then we were supposed to be locked down in our houses for 10 years as the disease made wave after wave. This is as the economy stopped (no one can work) and the food system was destroyed (as is being done now). While you’re locked down, MS-13 and every other deadly, violent gang was imported and allowed to run rampant everywhere, while if you defend yourself — with the guns they already outlawed — Soros’ DAs would arrest you, not the gangs, you racist pig. This establishes a nice baseline for the nation, as they have control via Borwnshirts, the drug gangs all run out of Langley since Pappa Bush.

    At some point, they would release the vaccines which you’d both have to have to leave the house, AND would be mandated, not fake, but for real. Vaccine after vaccine, just as now. More vaccines = more deaths = more positive Covid tests, as we’ve seen. But no control group to counter.

    At that point things are so screwed up you could elect or install ANYONE and your 15-minute open air prisons…I mean cities…start to look pretty good just to have some order and a chance at survival. So Deagle would be right, because essentially they are the Derp State and the mafia perpetrators who planned it.

    Now, how did it go wrong? If you’re the good guys, a shocking minority having only a few key places you can’t reveal. One: the disease wasn’t deadly. They may have stopped it or they may have pre-released an Omicron and that’s what like Dr. Day and myself were picking up before Jan 1. It wasn’t as good as the later Omicron where they had enormous time and testing, but did avert it. Or they got hold of the original and swapped it.

    Why not swap to saline solution? They would notice, duh, and release the real one or another. You can’t delay them, you need to DEFEAT them. It’s a war, and the people need to know. Newsflash: People die in wars.

    Second, Trump went down to the patent office and discovered — shock!!! — they had the vaccine BEFORE the disease existed! Well how about that? So with a vaccine — that totally workie-works, according to Pfizer, etc, how can you have masks and lockdowns? As we said for three years? And yet they tried, but it was OBVIOUSLY stupid and losing battle. Trump got it out there NINE YEARS EARLY. Boy that really cut into their plans. With NO lockdowns — Federally — or even by law, Stateside, and a wall cutting off the key flow of MS-13 n’ pals.

    Worse, he made the vaccine VOLUNTARY. So Deagle had it at 30 million people dead, we’re now at ONE million, maybe three ultimately, and all voluntary. That’s a 90% savings any general landing at Normandy would jump at. The offset was he had to “be on board” and “believe” all these things.

    Without a 10 year lockdown, AND 90% of the people surviving AND the law mostly holding AND the bad guys revealing themselves everywhere, well, here we are today. They are outed, the people are realizing what happened, able to get out and speak, even speak on Twitter and find out.

    Slowly like Woody Harrelson, they are gravitating to the reality of what was done, and WHO, precisely, did it to them. And it’s not the Jooooos. So they lose their other layer or protection too: of throwing their countrymen by the thousands to the bear every time they’re getting chased.

    So if you’re in a war, and the war is “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” where you don’t know who is compromised (and was why that movie was made), then people die in a war. But we’ve saved 90% of the people and identified most of the alien overlords and their centers.

    Not too shabby.


    No wonder Mark Steyn had to be recently banished from our airwaves.

    I know UK docs still injecting this rat juice into people claiming it’s safe.
    Absolute fuckers.




    @ Dr. D – “And it’s not the Jooooos.”

    Oh, really?

    K26R – baby!
    Wakey, Wakey!!



    Why the difference in the Deagle’s stats? Some heavily vaxxed countries with 70% population decline, while other equally vaxxed countries only 25% drop.

    D Benton Smith

    I suppose that if the baddies had their way we would all have a chip in our brain, a 5-G phone in our pocket, and bugs in our belly. No kidding at all. Not one bit.

    There are plenty of folks who for a variety of real (and soon to be more real) reasons would consider that to be an acceptable deal if it was the only way to avoid and even more horrible outrageously unacceptable conditions such as the ones being engineered for all of us right now by those old baddies again.

    I don’t care to imagine how bad those conditions might be, but it’s not hard to prove (and I do mean PROVE) that the baddies have imagined them, to the last jot and tittle in the finest of detail.

    That fight is moving out into the open. That’s what happens when the curtain is ripped aside. Everybody sees that this humanized world actually is a no-holds barred fight to the death after all. Huh! Who woulda thunk it?

    Your personal death will be openly, publicly and “legally” called for in the public forum by “official” officials, who will base the legitimacy of that death sentence on the fact that you DESERVE to be erased and eliminated because of the freedom of thought and deed that you insist upon.

    You can deny those charges and be cleared of that capital crime by buckling under and accepting the chip, the QR Code “passport” to the essentials of rudimentary bare survival , and the endless “vaccines” forevermore. Or you can fight for your life and be deemed outlaw by that very act.

    Them’s the rules. Prepare your response, because you are being faced with precisely those choices, and you therefore SHALL respond, one way or the other. What happens to you after that will be determined by which choice you make. Live free or submit?

    The baddies have been working diligently on the gig for more centuries than anyone wants to contemplate (but if you’re not a combo Paleo-Archeologist /Theologian you’re not even in the same room as the answer) , and have the logistics and Psychological aspects of the conflict worked out to the finest grained detail that their shrinks and AI’s can muster. All the numbers have been run, the die is cast and and they actually do believe that they have a real shot at succeeding.

    We’ll see. Yes, indeed. We shall see.

    Mr. House

    ““If even ONE life is saved…” You mean like the ten MILLION lives in the watershed and on to Pittsburgh”

    Pittsburgh ain’t a city of FDR Democrats. Its essentially an Obama Democrat city sucking off the tit of higher education and healthcare. Overpaid people who hold themselves as important but really don’t provide anything tangible or useful. Essentially leading the charge in fraud and i think their “premiere” healthcare monopoly played a large part in it which shall not be named. Those people about 70 miles away in Ohio that got slammed, they’re the salt of the earth. Pittsburgh is just a bunch of transplants from liberal areas into PA and then making Pittsburgh uninhabitable price wise for the people who have lived in the area for generations. I won’t weep for them.


    Never heard of her…I wonder why?

    In today’s world Lia Thomas is the woman too.
    So not a biggie.


    Changes happened
    I would not immigrate to N.Z.. Turkey, Iran, Ukraine
    See the lies
    Region Overview
    Kherson region
    Zelensky and his cronies are trying to cover up a major corruption scandal in Ukraine – what role is the US playing?
    Given that the aid accounts for about half of Ukraine’s budget, the US reasonably expects the funds to be used for achieving set goals and not enriching officials. Consequently, we can be certain that the inspectors won’t disclose any serious abuses following the audit, since this would deal a blow to President Joe Biden and would also reflect negatively on American officials.

    Chris Hedges: Russiagate Spells Journalism’s Death

    Chris Hedges: Russiagate Spells Journalism’s Death
    February 27, 2023
    Jeff Gerth’s exhaustive look at the systemic press failure in covering allegations of pro-Trump Russian interference in the 2016 election has been followed by an ominous silence.
    miscalculation invalidates all of their land deals.

    This report was researched and authored by Frédéric Mousseau
    and Eve Devillers.
    The report identifies many prominent investors. (losers)

    Those many prominent investors better push for a cease fire and a peace deal before Russia conquers all of Ukraine and invalidates all of their land deals.

    I also, think that China would join with Russia for all the insults from the West & USA, NATO.
    Keep collecting the info on TVASF


    I’ve been wondering when Chris Hedges would start figuring out that the “alt-left” that he usually pals around with has been largely compromised. He is capable of cogent analysis. I should have figured that his desire for peace would lead the way. So…he is finally figuring out that The Donald isn’t as evil as Hedges has been painting him — because he figured out that the Russia!Russia! nonsense was a farce. I think that this is the first time that I have read a piece by Hedges that mentions Trump without suggesting that Trump is a fascist.


    Dr D
    The Poor don’t own anything. The only people who have anything are those who do work: that is the middle class.

    I realize that this is largely hyperbole, but…a nugget of truth would be nice. Most “po’ folks” are the “working poor,” who have low-paying jobs, few benefits, often working multiple part-time jobs to survive. To suggest that the poor don’t work is deeply offensive — it supports the lie that all one needs to do in the US to get ahead is work hard — and if one does, all the benefits of the American dream will follow. (Not!)

    For the most part, the middle class “has things” based on credit and installments — without a steady income they lose everything. For that matter, because of consumerism, many higher income folks are also in this boat. There are very few (poor, middle class, or higher,) who actually have positive “net worth” — they are the few who, regardless of their income, live on less than their income and therefore accumulate assets.


    We need Nayib Bukele to come to the Empire of Lies® in DC with his troops and clean the swamp out from the ground up.

    Our guys are too stoned to do it



    what do you think someone might have on Sean Penn or perhaps who has coerced Mr. Penn?

    being a citizen of the US access to the purported budgets for the federal agencies and departments is available. Should one follow the growth of the national security state some idea of the amount of dollars spent over the course of time for the associated agencies can be deduced. Take the period from 1961 thru 2021 and the dollar amount the citizens of the US were willing to pay to not know what the foreign policy of their nation was can be estimated. One of the growth industries in the US is self storage facilities. Self Storage of excess consumption, many items of questionable value. Considering the dollar amount spent not to know, a state of questionable value, and expecting the population to abandon the bullshit they have paid for seems a little naive and quite at odds with observable behavior.

    Germ and Dr. D – We’re all Jews now. Perhaps: Some of the Jews are more Jew than the other Jews. Irony is not dead.


    ‘Strategic Pullback’ From Bakhmut (ZH)

    The Russians have any remaining escape roads from Bakhmut covered heavily with massive artillery concentrations.

    Retreating across them will be a slaughter, like shooting fish in a barrel.

    D Benton Smith

    Once they release and distribute the “new flu” into the wild (which is both not preventable AND probably already done) our options will be either to take their medicine (more or less fatal), or live through the disease. To survive the disease will require an operational immune system (the better the immune system the better one’s chances of surviving infection.)

    Come to think of it, those were the same two choices that I was born into, lo these many years ago . . . . and the last time I checked I was still alive.

    D Benton Smith

    I’m neither nigger nor Jew, but I AM Irish Catholic . . . which is close enough for all practical purposes.


    In one of those Grand Moments of Irony

    In the same way the Collective West and the Empire of Lies® strung Russia along with the Minsk Accords, Russia, by slow grinding the Ukronazilanders into dust, they are giving China time to prepare

    Ya, China is using every moment to ramp up their military industrial machine.

    And it is a Mighty Machine®.

    Even dwarfing Russia’s.

    The Empire of Lies® is not capable of industrial warfare.

    Eurotardistan® can’t manufacture their way out of a wet paper bag much less produce sufficient quantities of military equipment against Russia’s industrial capacity.

    China can out produce Russia by magnitudes.

    Also any sanctions on China will be met by China’s sanctions on Eurotardistan®

    German industry needs hundreds of critical sub components from China.

    China needs ZERO critical sub components from Eurotardistan®

    Gee, I wonder how that will play out.

    Eurotardistan® now has permanently overpriced energy bills to run it’s non-competitive industries with.

    That’ll go well.

    Borrell’s Eurotardistan® ‘garden’ is looking kinda pitiful

    So sad :>(




    D Benton Smith


    Borrell’s Eurotardistan® ‘garden’ is looking kinda pitiful

    Borrel’s garden has gone to weeds. Time for some Spring cleaning, and I know just the folks willing and able (and well equipped!) to do it.

    Doc Robinson

    It’s now obvious enough that the Guardian has an article about it.

    “Here’s the real reason the EPA doesn’t want to test for toxins in East Palestine”

    because they know they will find it. And if they find it, they’ll have to address the many questions people are asking. It will not be easy to interpret the results of the testing for dioxins in soil, but to avoid testing is irresponsible. The EPA’s mission is to protect human health and the environment. Clearly the situation in East Palestine is the place where EPA should follow its mission and do right by the people who live in this town. EPA must test the soil in East Palestine for dioxins.

    The people who live there need to know so they can make informed decisions about their future.

    Doc Robinson

    Move along, nothing to see here.

    Rail Workers Falling Ill at East Palestine Cleanup Site, Union Tells Biden Administration

    D Benton Smith

    Why wait for the EPA to test soil and water in East Palestine? Some enterprising entrepreneur (or entrepreneurial citizens’ group) should do scientifically and legally unimpeachable testing with private funding and then use the results of that testing to sue the living shite out of the EPA and related government officials and make a FORTUNE.


    I am a Jew – and some of what I’ve been privy to, in private with other K62R’s, over the years has been simply shocking and appalling.

    If the goyim only knew ….


    Dr. D

    Yes I was going to clarify that but it takes too long. The working poor are actually the most put upon, but that was covered with saying “People who work”. Since the middle class itself is now hardly different from the working poor in most regards, excluding their access to debt, what’s the difference? What was it people up to $100k income still don’t have $1000 for emergencies? One paycheck from eviction.

    Depends where you live. Since anyone who works are all the same, aren’t the people I’m talking about more or less the destitute, mentally ill, and State-dependent? I don’t know your city, but here they seem over 30%. That’s supported by the record-and-ever-increasing “not in workforce” numbers. That’s an awful lot of people you can’t tax, and with the sub-1%, that means the 60% (“working” in quotes) or less are paying 50% of their income just to have the rich buy off the 30% destitute with middle-class money, that is, money that isn’t theirs. The 1% and the 30% got together and said they’ll shoot you or else. That’s love and charity!

    So if it feels like life is ever-harder and you’re not getting anything for the first 50% of your work, you’re correct. That WOULD otherwise be fine but 80% of those people are capable of helping out and doing some work, or even a lot. AND as said, 50% of that transfer is lost in administration: that is, job welfare for the PMC laptop class to get free healthcare while they harangue and immiserate both the poor AND the middle class.

    Did I cover everyone? Of these transfer classes, is ANYONE doing any work?

    A: No. Provably. Obviously. We can tell because we don’t have roads, grids, rails, mines, ships, manufacturing, food, roofing, or plumbing. So no one is doing work. Everyone is living at everybody else’s expense, and it’s going about as well as usual.


    ‘The owl certainly is creepy, as not only are they as silent as they say, but are very, very large.’

    One of the most memorable experiences of my life was to be in my permaculture garden and have a morepork -the local owl species- fly around me several times at a distance of less than a metre in absolute silence -as far as my superb hearing could detect (I can hear a tap dripping in another room).

    Once common, moreporks are now very rarely seen, as the original landscape of Aotearoa has increasingly been converted into urban dead zones and monoculture death zones by ‘developers’.


    Germ….not all jooz are zionists and not all zionists are jooz……..,.to understand the contradiction of , for instance Kolomoisky supporting Azov and such like you have to go back and look at the influence of Sabbatai Zevi and his follow on Jacob Frank……??


    DBS – Norwegian, French, Irish Catholic in the other corner. Pahdner you did not mention the Catholic part in the region in which i came up. Some of the boys had special come to the cross ceremonies you know.
    Germ are you a person of the Book or do you use another metric to define your identity?

    Germ, one more and i will retire. Do you think all goyim are ignorant of the Talmud?


    Rare footage of a morepork (ruru) flying silently in its natural habitat

    Once known as the Land of Birds -isolated for over 100 million years when mammals were evolving- the landscape was decimated once Europeans introduced all sorts of predatory mammals and competing bird species (along with fast growing weeds that outgrew many native species, old man’s beard being one of the deadliest for native bush because it smothers it), along with munchers of native plants. Deer, goats, rabbits, rats, mice, weasels, Australian possums, abandoned domestic cats, gorse, thistle, old man’s beard….what a fuck-up. All because someone thought it would be a good idea to.

    By far the fastest destroyer of everything is industrial human.

    I know, the advocates of ‘civiliation’ will be on my back again for saying so. But really, what is so great about civilisation once we got past Mozart and Beethoven?

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