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    It’s funny that Comey will testify about Trump-Russia links that nobody, including US intelligence, has so far provided any proof for? What is he going to say? That they found something just last night? Or they’ve held back evidence all that time?


    He was testifying about what he knows so far, i.e. either there is enough circumstantial evidence to pursue an investigation that may provide proof, or he was going to say there’s nothing to it and we aren’t going to pursue it any further. Well, it was news that the FBI at least think there is sufficient information to continue to pursue a more in depth investigation. That was huge and an insider that is on Facebook says the President is very worried this may be the beginning of the end for him and that’s why he had his daughter move into the West Wing because she helps to calm him down. Now that person may be false, i.e. not in the White House but this is all starting to fit.

    One thing that fits is when Paul Maniford came on board, suddenly Trump dropped talking about Russia in the Ukraine to talking about how NATO members needed to pay more and there was no more talk about the Ukraine. Just today Tillerson cancelled an appointment to meet with NATO members and instead is planning a trip to Russia in April.

    I emigrated from another country, yet I’m aghast at the notion Russia may engaged in cyber warfare to interfere with our election. That’s a pretty big deal if proven correct. I’m holding off on final judgment until more information comes in, specifically a smoking gun type bit of proof. These type of situations always bleed out slowly so we can’t expect Comey to come clean with the sheen in one hearing. Let’s give this situation a chance to develop.


    3000 Africans in Italy in a single day? How long until there is nothing italian left in Italy? Whose idiotic idea is it that, as long as the standard of living is higher in the western world than wherever it is on planet Earth, then the only logical thing to do is to encourage the population of these countries to move to Europe, come hell or high water? Where is Europe supposed to store these waves of human beings? The suburbs of Paris are already powderkegs of discontented, idle, criminal and/or radicalizing youth. The cities that used to be blissfully deprived of ghettos like Stockholm and Bruxelles are rapidly developping their own Rinkebys and Molenbeeks. Unemployment in France has been around 10% for years, make that 12% in Italy, above 20% in Spain and 25% in Greece while their governments are up to their eyeballs in debt and deficits – and that is after 8 years of a supposed recovery.

    Apparently inhabitants of Europe are supposed to look forward to having their economic well-being degrade ever further until Athens, Rome, Paris or Stockholm are no richer than Karachi or Alger and no longer attractive to the third-world. We can expect the european middle class, already battered by globalization, to keep sinking until it vanishes. We can expect the social safety net to collapse under the additional load, and the political situation to keep ever worsening, as the Lebanonization of European countries continues apace with all nuances of political debates disappearing as everyone gets reduced to crude membership in one of the ethnic groups jostling for power, be it Turk or Kurd or Shiite or Suni or White or Black.



    Russia did not engage in cyber warfare to interfere with US elections. Democrats, bitter and incredulous at having lost the election, are clinging to the comforting fiction that the evil Putin bogeyman stole the election from them and they are not going to let the absence of any sort of actual fact get in the way of their magnificent conspiracy theory. For instance, read

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