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    Paul Gauguin Tahitian village 1892   • 3 Fully Vaccinated People Catch Covid-19 Coronavirus in Hawaii (Forbes) • Travel Changes For Those Who Are
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    V. Arnold

    Paul Gauguin Tahitian village 1892

    …would’ve been nice to be there then…maybe even before…much before…

    Must be daylight savings time over there…
    Thank the gods’ we don’t have it…


    When you have commercial grown, edible hybrid plants as crops for human consumption you are selecting for market not for environmental fitness or even vigour. Eventually you get to a point where you need countless iterations of externally applied defence mechanisms to keep the vulnerable and weak organism growing. Then further down the track the business model starts to revolve around keeping the plants consuming more inputs as a debt model – roundup ready soy needs the spray the tilling the machines the fertilisers etc.. The EROEI is based on using fossil fuel units and pushing the debt forward not current solar units.
    It feels more and more like Corona is the same model applied to human ‘crops’. The human hybrid is getting weaker with shit food and zoom meetings and the genes are a bit crap from plastics and chemicals in the environment. We need inputs in the form of protective vaccines, masks etc. to keep the crops ‘healthy’. A social debt model pushing the payment forward on to the weaker and more heavily vaccinated next generation.
    Am I making sense or is my head up my arse.
    I am reminded of the loss of the American Chestnut. A little blight came in from an Asian Chestnut and rather than let the fungal network and the trees work it out the learned scientists and businessmen of the day thought they had the answers.
    No more native Chestnut trees on the eastern half. 4 billion chances at genetic mutation.


    And if the Bishop took her, what would he do with her?

    Relstive Risk Reduction vs Absolute Risk Reduction:
    BROWN: Yes, reporting relative risk outcomes, without absolute risk outcomes, has been a huge problem in research for decades. Notice that the ARR numbers are close to zero. The vaccines have almost no effect at all! In fact, the numbers are so low compared to the RRRs that I had to use a special percentage scale on the left of the figure that increases by ten times for each interval, otherwise the figure would be many times larger to span the enormous gap between the ARR levels and RRR levels.

    MANLEY: Shouldn’t this be illegal? Or, at least, fall under the category of misleading advertising?

    BROWN: The FDA guidelines say to report both RRRs and ARRs to the public, but the FDA advisory committees ignored the guidelines when they authorized the COVID-19 vaccines for emergency use, and they left out the ARRs. The New England Journal of Medicine also did not include ARRs when it published the clinical trial data for the vaccines. I agree with you that the people responsible for this misleading information should be held accountable. Check out the article’s reference to the roster members of the FDA advisory committee.
    From “MuchAdoAboutCorona” website ([dot]ca), “covid-19-vaccines”

    oxymoron: I think you nailed it.


    Blood clot concerns?

    Surgical thrombectomy is a type of surgery to remove a blood clot from inside an artery or vein.
    Why might I need surgical thrombectomy?
    You might need surgical thrombectomy if you have a blood clot in an artery or vein. This surgery is often needed for a blood clot in an arm or leg. In some cases, it may also be needed for a blood clot in an organ or other part of the body.

    A blood clot can lead to many possible problems, such as:

    Swelling, pain, numbness, or tingling in an arm or leg
    A cold feeling in the area
    Muscle pain in the area
    Enlarged veins (postthrombotic syndrome)
    Death of tissue
    Loss of function of an organ
    Blood clot moving to the lung that causes breathing trouble and risk of death (pulmonary embolism)
    Your doctor might advise surgical thrombectomy if you have a very large clot. Or, he or she may advise surgery if your blood clot is causing severe tissue injury. Surgery is not the only kind of treatment for a blood clot. Most people with blood clots are treated with medicines called blood thinners. These are given as an injection or through an IV. They can prevent a blood clot from getting larger.


    There is no reason to believe that the vaccine would increase the risk for blood clots. Patients should NOT avoid the COVID vaccination because they are on a blood thinner.


    Ivermectin or vaccines

    While the Covid-19 vaccines may protect you against Covid-19, their protection is not perfect. Even after getting vaccinated , you can still catch the virus. You can still get Covid-19.
    Being fully vaccinated isn’t a free pass to unrestricted travel as it was before the pandemic.
    People can still contract the coronavirus after being fully vaccinated.

    The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) notes that of 49 ivermectin studies, all show favorable results. Patients are dying, while over a billion doses have been used since the 1980s of this “very safe drug”.

    Ivermectin (Stromectol)
    Basics, Side Effects, Reviews & More
    The strength of ivermectin (Stromectol) depends on your weight. Take all the tablets prescribed to you by mouth on an empty stomach all at the same time.
    15-24 kg: 3 mg orally once
    25-35 kg: 6 mg orally once
    36-50 kg: 9 mg orally once
    51-65 kg: 12 mg orally once
    66-79 kg: 15 mg orally once
    Over 80 kg: 200 mcg/kg orally once

    Head Lice (Pediculosis capitis; Off-label)

    200 mcg/kg orally once; may require 1-2 additional doses repeated after 7 days

    Ivermectin has no known severe interactions with other drugs.

    Dr. D

    If they’re going to protest multi-nationally, I’ll have to withdraw my complaint about human rights. However, they are still a minority compared to people who follow non-scientific non-laws rather than saying “make me.”

    A positive step. I’d say “except here” but people DGAF in Miami is how it’s done, and how it’s spun. Oh noes! Americans drinking and going to the beach! Send in the riot squad! Since their right to “Peaceably assemble shall not be infringed” by, you know, curfews and riot squads, not even during a smallpox epidemic.

    Next up, their “Right to own warships” (as John Hancock did), “shall not be infringed” because it scares the h—l out of government and helps keeps them in line. If we had as many “collateral damage” “accidents” as they did, against D.C. and Langley, would they tell us to calm down, it’s no big deal like they do to 16-year-old U.S. citizens blown up with the whole cafe in Yemen? Sounds legit. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind if Hancock’s brass cannon leveled Chris Wray’s Beemer. Accidents happen!

    “3 Fully Vaccinated People Catch Covid-19 Coronavirus in Hawaii (F.)”

    Yes but they weren’t going to die anyway. As illustrated by 99.97% over 80 with three comorbidities. So as far as I can tell, the vaccine is just the disease in a bottle. Same effect so far. People take it with instant death. Most take it, it doesn’t protect them from (re)infection. But since we don’t Science anymore, no one notices. Apparently the whole country did Common Core.

    Travel Changes for Those Who Are Fully Vaccinated (F.)”

    Vaccine passports are a crazy conspiracy theory. I’m shocked and offended you would repeat obvious misinformation and QAnon talking points. Oh and that’s because if you’re vaccinated, you aren’t protected, so clearly having a vaccine passport is like having a concert hand stamp. The only scientific difference is pretty colors.

    The CDC interim guidelines do not expressly state”

    The CDC guidelines from their research on the 11th said masks don’t work. 1%. And lockdowns don’t work. So I wouldn’t put much in guidelines that flatly contradict their research. …As is has continually since we started 15 months ago.

    “You cannot lockdown if disease exceeds 1% of the population”
    “Masks don’t work against viruses. Didn’t in 1917, didn’t in 1993 in surgery.”

    “European Trust in AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine Plunges (R.)”

    Just ‘cause it killed 30 people at a pop in Europe and has been banned by whole nations doesn’t mean it’s not perfectly safe. C’mon people. All safe things kill people by the hundredweight.

    Next up: giving it to people who are in ZERO danger: children. Zero. With them the vaccine is definitely more dangerous than the disease, which is why we do it, ha ha! Because if there’s an opposite anti-logic we shoot for it like a guided missile.

    “millions of jobs are lost.”

    Why are jobs lost? Voluntarily. Unscientifically. Wealth-transferally.

    “Greece will start offering Covid-19 self-testing kits next month”

    I assume the tests that don’t work in the first place. Or that’s wrong: rather they ALWAYS work, on goats, motor oil, papayas, if never swabbed…

    But the motivation? So…Joe’s bombing Syria again, and those bombs are pretty expensive for a guy that owes me $2,000. Same with Greece. So let me get this straight: they bought new NATO subs and savaged the hospitals and NOW you want doctors to “pitch in” and “help a pal?” Your doctors are in d—n Australia you idiots, making a living and sending money home. Same here. So…let me get this straight: we’re in the greatest health crisis in human history ‘cause we’ve never shut down the economy on purpose before, and you have 1) no masks or mask machines 2) No gloves or glove machines 3) no working tests 4) no money 5) no training, 6) no sanitorium overflow hospitals. Zero. Like Obamacare, you did exactly NOTHING. Trained NO ONE. Every administrator and insurance adjuster is still employed safely at home, and the only budgets we increased were for anyone who got it totally, catastrophically WRONG, like the CDC.

    And you want DOCTORS AND NURSES to pitch in? Suck an egg, I hope you all die strangled on your own sputum, you ignorant, self-serving —ks.

    Apparently people in several nations agree with me.

    Canadians, armed with knowledge of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms”

    Hahahaha, they’re so cute. And when they say NO to your stupid paper with paper words on it? What are you going to do? Ask politely again?

    Same here. We have the same words they ignore. And that’s why the government IS the people, and WE have complete pre-eminence, nullification, and right to take up arms. We haven’t yet, because you wouldn’t believe the damage we’d make if we get started.

    remove money from circulation through progressive taxation,”

    Good point that they fine-tune hyperinflation with taxation, but it’s “Regressive” taxation since 1913. Clearly. Poor people pay thousands of taxes they never paid back then, and rich people’s tax rate is lower than ever.

    “economic orthodoxy is flipped on its head:”

    Yes, they live in #OppositeLand. Once you start with a lie anywhere, it goes everywhere, killing everything.

    Next Round of US Fiscal Legislation Could Reach $4 Trillion – Goldman (FXS)”

    What about the month after that? Markets already say it isn’t enough. And the tax is interesting: so we put in $4 Trillion to then collect $4 Trillion in taxes and…pay ourselves back? Since GE and Amazon pay ZERO taxes, I assume it’s a way to tax me and small business and transfer the wealth to Bezos and Zuck and their footmen like Pelosi and Schiff. Easy call since everything else the last 20 years has been nothing but that.

    “Biden Pushes Colombia to Restart Glyphosate Spraying Program”

    It’s specifically directed never to be used in this way. If it gets into open water it kills everything particularly amphibians, frogs, and Christopher Robins playing downstream in the drinking water.

    I assume that means they’ll double-dose it. Then claim “health emergency”, cancer, defects, who knows, while slashing health care and asking doctors to double-shift it. That’s what we’ve done for 100 years and why stop now? Those kids aren’t going to murder themselves you know. It takes adults to do that. Schmartz ones. The dumb ones can still distinguish poison drinking water from clean water. It takes a degree from Yale to no longer know the difference. But if they cared about their kids they wouldn’t send to Yale, would they? Certainly not with a BMW and a free credit card.

    Bipartisan Australian MPs Meet With US Embassy About Julian Assange (SMH)”

    Thankfully they just noticed there’s an “Assange” somebody, doing something-something, bored already, can we drone somebody now?

    Dr. D



    No Masks. No distances. Close contacts. No Ivermectin
    Spring break Miami – Watch! Will there be an outbreak of covid19?

    Doc Robinson

    Here’s another troubling issue about the Covid vaccine trials for infants and children…

    Such clinical trials, if they don’t give the desired results, tend to get dropped and the results aren’t made public. This is problematic for a bunch of reasons.

    Children enrolled in these studies are subjected to risks. If the results are kept secret by the drug companies, then the risks aren’t really being imposed for the advancement of science, they are being imposed on children to merely determine whether a certain treatment could be profitable for the drug companies.

    The withholding of negative results is also problematic because this “tends to distort the entire medical literature to make a given intervention [like vaccination] look more effective than it really is.”

    Nearly a Third of Medical Studies Involving Children Are Never Published

    The study authors combed through two years’ worth of pediatric trials registered on, a national registry run by the U.S. government. They found that 19 percent of these trials ended early, and 30 percent of completed trials were never published. That means that [during two years] more than 77,000 children were enrolled in trials that went nowhere..

    Testing new drugs in children is fraught with issues of consent, safety, and profit

    Sometimes scientists are reluctant to publish data for trials where results were neutral or negative. Science has a history of favoring studies that show what does work and ignoring studies that show what doesn’t work. But both results are equally important, says Jones.

    “Because ‘negative’ trials are generally less likely to be published than ‘positive’ trials, nonpublication tends to distort the entire medical literature to make a given intervention look more effective than it really is,” he said.

    madamski cafone

    Any article that speaks of the Pfizer therapy as a vaccine and not a “vaccine” is DOA.


    @ oxymoron

    I really like your analogy. I think it is both an apt metaphor and literally accurate.

    Doc Robinson

    Next week, there is expected to be some movement with the Julian Assange case. The High Court hasn’t yet decided whether to allow the US to proceed with its appeal of the ruling that denied extradition.

    “I want to remind everyone it’s been 2 years since Julian Assange has been [locked away] in a high security prison. He faces 175 years in prison for the same reason he has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.”

    “Assange was still locked up even though he had never been convicted of any crime.”

    Stella Moris #DropTheCharges @StellaMoris1
    ·Feb 18
    New: The Court has now granted Julian’s team an extension until March 29th to reply to the US appeal grounds/cross-appeal. The High Court will decide whether it will allow the US permission to appeal after March 29th.


    @ Zerosum – My wife and I have been taking IVM prophylactically since Oct ’20 (15mg every three weeks). Most of my friends locally (about 25 people aged 12-80) were all mild to moderately sick at some point over the past nine months and tested Covid positive.

    I (and my wife) had nothing – although we never got tested.
    Have just stopped taking IVM as it seems like a seasonal condition and spring has finally arrived in the UK.

    For anybody who hasn’t read Kunstler – this week’s is right on target:

    In the Shadows of Shadowland


    Here is what I read.
    Read and decide
    Ivermectin is effective for COVID-19: real-time meta analysis of 46 studies
    Covid Analysis, Nov 26, 2020 (Version 47, Mar 17, 2021)

    Prophylaxis refers to regularly taking medication before becoming sick, in order to prevent or minimize infection.
    Early Treatment refers to treatment immediately or soon after symptoms appear, while Late Treatment refers to more delayed treatment.

    Prophylaxis 89% improvement
    Early treatment 79% improvement
    Late treatment 52% improvement

    Vitamin D is effective for COVID-19: real-time meta analysis of 61 studies
    Covid Analysis, Dec 17, 2020 (Version 35, Mar 22, 2021)
    Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) refers to regularly taking vitamin D before being infected. Early Treatment refers to treatment immediately or soon after symptoms appear, while Late Treatment refers to more delayed treatment.
    Pre‑Exposure Prophylaxis 42% improvement
    Early treatment 90% improvement
    Late treatment 58% improvement

    7 covid19 studies
    All studies 40% improvement

    island raider

    The link from ‘my parents said know’ is pretty amazing. The link is an article, where epidemiologist, Ronald Brown, is being interviewed about his journal article, “Outcome Reporting Bias in COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Clinical Trials”. He reports there that the Pfizer and and Moderna both report the Relative Risk Reductions from their trials (95.1% and 94.1%, respectively), but fail to report the Absolute Risk Reductions, which are 0.7% and 1.1% respectively. That is, for every 100 people treated with the Moderna vaccine, essentially 1 (1.1) person will be prevented from getting the infection. Looked at another way, they need to vaccinate about 91 people to prevent a single infection. Marketing Madness. Journal article is here:

    Dr. D

    They have to stop this thing in Miami, when nothing happens it’s going to be super embarrassing.

    ‘Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing had happened.’ — Winston S. Churchill

    Speaking of, Maddow has picked up RussiaRussiaRussia coverage, all day every day, guess what? The U.S. Covid response was run by Russia. Who knew? Just an example of how no level of truth will ever occur, no matter how unfounded, how insane, how discredited, or how long it lasts.

    “if they don’t give the desired results, tend to get dropped.” This is the opposite of Science. Anyone who does this should be considered a flat cheese earther who believes there are tiny elves in your cells that make them go, and you have to shake rattles and make pancakes for them to keep them happy.

    madamski cafone

    From today’s Kuntsler article:

    “Pretty soon, the game will be up. The election fraud story won’t go away against all efforts to suppress it. The shadow government will get outed as the nation sinks deeper into economic and civil disorder, and some people will have to do something.”

    Why he keeps selling that hope-for-change snake oil is beyond me, other than that it probably appeals to many of his readers.

    Meanwhile, int today’s Of Two Minds, Charles Hugh Smith displays his favorite weak spot:

    “Those who expect a decline in energy availability to immediately lead to civilization-ending chaos overlook how similar life was in 1906 San Francisco, when hydrocarbons generated (by today’s standards) modest amounts of power and biofuel transportation (i.e. horses) were the common form of drayage.”

    First, what does he think the civilization-ending chaos we’re in IS? A bit of turbulence as we climb through the cloud layer?

    Secondly, he damn well knows that things like major system collapse have a systempunkt, that we’ve already met ours (more or less covid as catalysts). and tsunamis are very slow and gradual… until they hit the shoreline.

    Thirdly, he knows it will take at least a generation to create a hybrid energy deconomy like we had in 1906, and that the rate of deprivation and major social disintegration will happen much faster than this.

    It’s like even those who face the facts are afraid to feel them, and without emotional logic, logic is useless in understanding human events. He knows that the tide of this harbor rolls out very much faster than it rolls in.

    Dr. D, dammit, beat me to the Churchill quote about humans and truth, so I’m stuck saying ‘Amen’. Dirty little shiksa. 😉

    madamski cafone

    Retraction: KUntsler only says “some people will have to do something”, and that’s true. I don’t read as well when I have my head up my ass. Being near-sighted is bad enough, but being rear-sighted is both blinding and stinks.

    madamski cafone

    Something I shared with my e-postal friends:

    “Around 18,000 people had been evacuated from flooding in New South Wales.”

    “This is nothing like we’ve seen since the 1960s.”
    “Communities who were battered by the bushfires a year ago are now being battered by the floods.”

    One can safely say that at this point, New South Wales people are saying, fuck the masks, fuck social distancing, and fuck our leaders.

    At this point, any natural disaster will politically overturn the community it happens to. Almost everywhere, covid and the general state of affairs, period, has stretched the political community fabric too thin to tolerate any more disappointment or hardship.

    New South Wales will come out of this flood as an example of post-covid life: majorly eroded trust in not just politicians but also their expert technocrats, especially the science experts. When the mostly liberal crowd, which has so zealously adopted these insanely inept and corrupt covid measures, realizes who badly it has been duped, the conservatives will grow strong overnight as the Biden administration implodes and communities go New South Wales around the states, as we see in places like Florida and all around the world.

    Quoth Raul Ilargi, an online raven:

    “I’ve seen huge amounts of riot police in many cities this weekend, in Holland, Germany, UK, Sweden, Canada, Florida and money more places (Miami Beach declared a state of emergency), using water cannons, horses, dogs, in some cases tear gas, to disperse relatively small and peaceful crowds. These things are normally used in case of serious rioting. But now the “justification” is that people are standing and walking too close together, and not obeying the “measures” and restrictions.

    “But that is exactly what they’re protesting. If you protest the measures, and they say you can only do that if you comply with those same measures, which includes asking permission beforehand, that is not a protest, that is theater. And the right to protest is not something that can just arbitrarily be taken away in a democratic country. Until now. Until Covid came along.Here’s a clip of 14 countries with protests. They don’t include the water cannons etc. footage, which is fine by me.”

    madamski cafone


    If folks are thinking we’re headed for fascism via the GOP, this will be their chance to be right, although the GOP will only get this honor because the Democratic party is, as Hitler once said about liberals (paraphrase alert), “Useless. They cannot come together enough to win because they’re all going in different directions.” Celebrating diversity and a thousand shades of identity politics and saving the planet in a dozen superficial and mostly futile ways at once. Mostly nice intentions but they’re as soft-headed as those conservatives they think are so stupid while not as stubborn and willing to form ranks and fight as those conservative retards. (If anyone thinks I’m ignoring the BLMatter riots, I’m not. Two things: a) it’s pretty obvious at this point that there’s a lot of astroturfing going on there, sort of America’s own “color revolution”, nicely themed on, waddyaknow, color. How thematic!, and b) fighting a buncha dumbass police goons and corporate mall ninjas is not the only form of fighting attendant to major political disturbance, civil war, and revolution… there’s the fighting we do amongst ourselves as we form new power blocs to fill the void left as the old guard disintegrates magically like Biden’s dandruff on TV.)

    Meanwhile, we are increasingly having to finance our debt by selling IOUs to ourself…

    …while we live almost entirely on debt these days in the USA. I don’t mean domestic consumer debt, although that’s true too. I mean foreign debt. Our dollar buys from foreign nations way more stuff than we produce in exchange. We’ve turned into a financial parasite and the global hosts are increasingly shaking us off like a dog shaking off ticks after rolling in the mud (they let go cuz they can’t breathe).

    There. I got my Jeremiah itch scratched. I want a Nudie Cohn C&W outfit with the phrase: Don’t say I didn’t warn you written all over it like a doomsday newspaper.

    I’m feeling much better these days, health much improved, finally adjusted to old age enough to get on with certain things. How, she politely asked politely, are the rest of yez?

    madamski cafone
    madamski cafone

    Yesterday’s RUssian Observer is a treat:

    “One is reminded of Napoleon’s delusion that Russia’s nobles could be wedged away from Alexander and the undying conviction that one more targetted sanction will make Putin’s henchmen kick him out. But, enough of Anonymous’ fancies – they have no base in reality: the USA out-sourced its manufacturing to China long ago and won’t be getting it back, wokeism is killing its education system, its politics are broken, its military is losing everywhere and doesn’t realise it, a tsunami of debt has built up. Most absurd of all, after years of needless hostility to Russia, Washington has no hope of separating Moscow from Beijing. And Xi Jinpeng is not some rogue who seized control – he is the top of a robust pyramid.”

    The Great American Delusion

    John Day

    Last Friday Madamski said:
    “As for Gospodin Putin: I see him as someone who developed a logical psychopathic shell to preserve a decently beating feeling loving heart. One hates to break it to the hypnotized, but part of being a leader of a nation state is deciding who to kill. It’s their reasons for doing so and how they go about it that can wildly differ.
    I have a simple word for Putin: a man. A “real man” even.”

    Admiring John: You’re real insightful, old girl. I like your style, too.

    John Day

    @Madamski: Charles Hugh Smith knows all of that, and he grows vegetables, and he used to build houses. He is pretty well prepared. He has moved back to Hawaii, near Hilo, Big Island, where his wife is from. He went to high school and worked for decades in Hawaii.
    Charles is going-to-ground.


    I’m confused by the Hawaii story:
    If you have been vaccinated, are you not completely exposed and invaded by the virus’s active spike mechanism?

    Are you not filled with antibodies and antigen that say I AM POSITIVE FOR COVID 19 and I fight them off?

    madamski cafone

    @ John Day

    “Charles is going-to-ground.”

    I understand that. I’m talking about his communication to others in his blog. Butg I’m persnickety. Glad you like my style, JD. It’s the only one I have. 😉

    Michael Reid

    @ madamski

    I have noticed that you are feeling better. I have been enjoying your comments

    Doc Robinson

    The Hawaii story (of fully vaccinated people still being infected) is happening in other states, too, every other state. They are being called “breakthrough cases.” The vaccines never were 100% effective, so that leaves a certain percentage right off the bat for whom the vaccines will be ineffective. Plus, the ever-mutating and evolving variants of the virus can have a spike that’s different from what the vaccine targets, different enough to evade whatever defenses the body made in response to the vaccine.



    I worked for a year in Singleton, in the Hunter Valley in New South Wales, about an hours drive inland from New Castle, and a couple hours drive north of Sydney, Australia.

    The first hotel that I stayed at was in town right beside the river that ran parallel to the main street. What was interesting was that the town had built up earthworks about 25 feet high all along the river bank. There were white markers along the inside facing the river, indicating each year’s high water marks for any exceptional high water level years.

    While I was there the so called river more resembled a small creek that a small child could get their ankles wet in. In other words calling it a creek insults any self respecting creek!

    The problem is the land suffers droughts that makes the earth surface rock hard like pottery unable to soak up a sudden heavy rain shower. So when it rains, the water quickly flows into all the low points creating flash floods everywhere.

    When I worked in the Congo I experienced their rainy season. Again the hot sun baked the earth so hard that rain water quickly created flash floods because it couldn’t easily soak into the ground.

    There was a small office bungalow beside where I was building a mining machine. Just before 10 AM and 2 PM, like clockwork, all the office’s outside doors were opened and held open with rocks. Then the same office’s inside doors facing into the central hallway received the same treatment. All the offices on the other side of the hallway had their 2 doors similarly opened.

    Then we all gathered in one of the offices, sat in chairs with our feet up on the desk and read a magazine. Then right on time, the heavens would open up and then it would rain cats and dogs for 10 to 20 minutes.

    The amazing part of this ritual was as the rains started, ⁷the muddy water would enter the office from the other offices across the central hallway and flow into our office. Slowly at first but then suddenly the muddy water would rise to about 10 inches high until we had a river flowing in and out of the office!

    Then as suddenly as the rain came it would stop and the sun would come out and quickly dry the earth and we would go back to work as if nothing had happened!

    You can imagine what it was like for me on my first day at work there! They motioned to me to come into the office, then motioned to me to grab a magazine, sit in a chair, and then put my boots up on top of the desk! Everybody else did the same! Everybody was non-plus busy reading! Nobody explained anything of what was about to happen!

    I am like what the hell is going on here! Why is everybody just sitting there so relaxed? Well my eyes grew plenty wide as events quickly unfolded before my very eyes! What really got me was how uninterested everybody else was about all this muddy water flowing through the office! I couldn’t quite believed this could be happening!

    Anyways, after the muddy waters stopped flowing, the janitors came in with rubber floor scrapers, quickly removing any residual mud and water, just like a window washer cleans windows. Man they were good and fast! Of course they got lots of practice!

    madamski cafone

    @ MIchael Reid

    “I have been enjoying your comments”

    There’s medicine for that, I think. 😉

    @ WES

    The song fits you.

    John Day

    @WES: I think you win whatever it is today.
    Great travel tale!

    John Day

    What a song!
    He never messed up once. How could he sing all those thousand places so fast and get them all right, and right on time?
    Johnny Cash, what a wonder of the world…

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