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    Pablo Picasso Rooster 1938   • A Moment of Supreme Clarity (Turley) • Russia Has Never Had Plans To Attack Anyone, Including NATO – Zakharova (TA
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    Dr. D

    Looking for yesterday, Nuland “Retires”. Haha. Yeah that never happens when there’s some killin’ to be done. Biden didn’t fire her: he’s not even in charge of pudding. So who, and why? I have to say the overcouncil, MI6 and the war planners to delegated this to her in the first place. She not only screwed the pooch, she then doubled down, telling them everything was fine, didn’t course-correct, then flew to tell Ze not to fire Zu, he did anyway, and Ze hires Syrsky, the failure of Bakhmut, who immediately loses Avdiivka, the last line before Poland.

    Of course they never give up, being Minions. That means they’re moving to a DIFFERENT evil plan. Her leaving indicates they are DIFFERENT.

    Large scale: Theory: MI6 and the World State, Mr. Global, are out of EUROPE, but need minion maniacs to actually execute their idiotic Plans™. Now where do you find and collect enough bloodthirsty maniacs like the Shah or say, Dick Cheney to go out, shoot people in the face, and implement them? I mean sure Das KlausenScwabber isn’t going to do any work. Not in that thong. Can’t have Steele actually running the CIA – bad optics. You groom and cross-promote THE NEOCONS. Why? Right now you’ve decided America: World Police for Europe/NATO/UN, so they don’t have to. And particularly so they never PAY for it. AND they’ll blame Us! So they set up the world war I’ve described, a world war, starting with Iraq, controlling oil, surrounding and taking Iran, cutting off China to bring them to heel, chopping up Russia (on a parallel plan) you need non-stop bloodthirsty, “Christian” neocon terrorists as your SS wing. And it’s worked great!

    How can you tell? They fail EVERYWHERE, EVERY TIME, and are promoted anyway unfailingly. Nuland being a top example. They are promoted through (R) and (D) and against the endless mockery and objection of the people. So…everyone hates them, they always fail, have been exposing themselves in public for 30 years, WHO promoted them? Who’s way, Waaaaaaaay larger than all Presidents and the whole American political scene combined?

    Anyway, that’s who fired Nuland. Danger may be we could SEE her, track her, and their Plans™. If they move to a new Plan™, we may know know what that is or what mindless minion is enacting it to our complete destruction.

    Yesterday’s comment have a better explanation, but it still reflects they are adjusting Plans.

    “Terror Threat? NYC Mobilizing 1,000 National Guard Troops In Subways

    So we’re now a military state? Under long-term Martial law. Cromwell-at-Large? Why? What happened? The police were doing this pretty well up until…oh…um…Jan 2020? Probably needed reform and a better Judicial back end, but…? What happened?

    Martial Law. In unrelated news Obama’s new movie “Civil War” came out, training white and black people to hate and kill each other. It’s a bomb.

    “This is what retreating across open ground with no air cover or artillery cover looks like.
    The Ukronazis were absolutely annihilated leave Avdeevka”

    I’m lost though, and the videos are nightmares. Suppose YOU are in Avdiivka. Then what? How do you surrender? I’m totally down for surrender, but you seem gleeful they are screwed. They’re just some plumber from Lviv who couldn’t afford the $10k to cross the border ‘cause his mother was sick. Btw, since they asked the other week, Lira had a long video on the 50 ways he had tried to (pay to) contract to escape the country, but none of them looked good. He took that one and it didn’t work out.

    Immigrant crashes Trooper: Yes and they only double down. “It’s not Illegals who caused this!” They say. I Understand the Illegal’s side in this, but what’s yours? No, you know what’s a good way to stop drunk driving? DEPORT EVERYONE WHO BREAKS THE LAW. Like Venezuela does. Now sadly we can’t do that for most people, they are citizens, but we can for everyone else! You’re not in the State = No DWI crashes!

    Trump Votes: Armstrong has a projection for Trump to win on all models … if there’s an election. One model was like 70/30 and although that’s an outlier, it’s never been seen in his models ever in history. Because: Politicians, they lie with every breath. EVERY election is like 49/51. 45/55. EVERY election in US history. Some “Mandate”! This one is Sigma higher than that and could be 70/30.

    …That’s why I’m sure we won’t have one.

    HRC, Choosing between “The Olds”.

    Yeah, Hillary, but you’re as old as they are! And uglier!

    Vote counts keep dropping…

    Yes, we’ve seen it for years. But that’s “Reality”, and we don’t do that. As he said, this is Raw Data, so when you show it people they deny it in favor of their denial. You bring it up again, they deny it again. You send it to a Judge, he denies it too, but more cleverly. I remember pointing out in 2000 that a 9 year old were routinely hacking Diebold machines, no one I told cared at all. Not didn’t believe: literally didn’t care if it was true or not. Still no understanding or explanation for that.

    “”The EU is degenerating into a QR code society… We’re on the way to a Chinese social credit system.”

    Does the EU LOOK like they’re in an obedient mood right now?

    44 Years Ago: “No sane, capable person would run for office”

    He mentions Lincoln and Douglas. You have to know the real history over the cartoons we get. Once again Europe was colonizing and sucking the money out of the new U.S. and had been forced to use the Banks as the colonization method. We were already way larger and too large to conquer even by 1812. They printed a Tech boom in railroads which then – I know you’ll be shocked – then popped and collapsed. What? A Bubble that Collapsed?? Who’d a thunkit? So the banks – and I know you’ll be shocked – all wanted a taxpayer bailout. The President refused. Suddenly, “Then a Miracle happened” and well-connected President Buchanan was completely abandoned. An entire Political Party ceased to exist! Guess who were the ONLY two candidates posted for election then? A Illinois railroad lawyer, and ANOTHER corporate railroad lawyer. Huh. Just the sort of people who would “set all this right” and pay those Eurobanks their African Colonial dues. Again: we have a lot more in common with Africa than Europe. Know the colonialization methods there, the Caribbean, India, and they’re all the same here, in America. Even today.

    …Luckily for us, Lincoln double-crossed them, just has the Founding Fathers had four score and 10 before. (That is, 70 years = Kondraitieff cycle) He was, however, not able to keep the color revolution Britain spent since 1820 to enact from happening, and breaking the U.S. into digestible pieces. Like Nigeria. He did, however, stop Eurobanks from profiting much at all for it, and he paid with his life.

    THAT is what they are TRYING to stop this time, while all you keyboard jockies say we should rush to pick up arms and start shooting our countrymen. How’d that work out for our present template, the Bolshevik Revolution? Work out nice there? Don’t have any war you can avoid. Take the insults. Leave the bar. Walk Away.

    “Michael Luttig, who also called the theory “unassailable” and denounced the arguments against disqualification as “revealing, fatuous, and politically and constitutionally cynical.”

    …Then reversed and now say they knew it all along. Like good psychopaths. Shows how desperate they were and why I couldn’t understand the plan: it’s illogical, unworkable, and insane. Apparently YES! They really were going to do this, thought it would work, and hand Nikki Hillary Trump’s nomination. Da fuq? Trump foresaw all that, which is hard not to see, and took the normal required steps to stop it. But there are many more idiotic, illegal, insane Plans in play.

    “In 2020, Harvard professor Michael Klarman warned that all of the plans to change the country were ultimately dependent on packing the court.”

    Now you see why, although every “Conservative” Judge is actually liberal. Except maybe Thomas who is Moderate. Roberts is “President is King” Statist, Kavanaugh voted FOR abortion. I forget, Barrett just voted against something stupid and obvious as well, and usually does.

    Why bother? The Left doesn’t care how you actually vote, that is, “Reality”. They are going to attack, burn, kidnap, kill, you anyway. You could stand up become Trans, kill a baby, and go Left of Chomsky and it wouldn’t change a thing. They got “The Memo” and until “The Memo” changes, you’re the same. You’re what Brittany and Ashley SAY you are on TikTok, not what you ACTUALLY are.

    “The problem for many on the left is that the unanimous decision shattered the narrative repeated for months”

    EVERY narrative is shattered. For twenty-five years. “They will greet us with flowers” “WMD and ties to al-qaeda”, “Subprime is contained”, “You can keep your doctor”, “Covid isn’t real”, “Covid IS real”, over and over and over and over again and it MAKES NO DIFFERENCE. Reality NEVER, EVER sets in, ever.

    Sooo….what does “Shattering the narrative” mean then? A: Nothing. It never happened. We have always been at war with Estasia. It’s not “Shattered” if it never existed.

    “In the news media and in universities, there is a persistent message that the court and the Constitution are the problem.”

    Let me translate for you: In the news media and in universities, there is a persistent message that the THE LAW is the problem. The Constitution is THE LAW, is it not? Law #1?

    “Georgetown law warn[ed] citizens not to become “slaves” to THE LAW and that the existence of THE LAW itself is now the [major] problem for the country.”

    “San Francisco State University called upon President Joe Biden to defy rulings of the Supreme Court” and just Make Up whatever LAW he wants.

    Uh-huh. I’m sure that’ll all end great! Don’t you?

    Everyone knows this. How, Why, can I just swap out these words, which we all know are true and equal, and suddenly it all becomes clear, their total hebephrenic breakdown, their insanity revealed?

    The Constitution is “The Law”. The Bill of Rights re-enforcing the innate Human Rights of Man, is “The Law”. “THE LAW” is not a Suggestion. Otherwise it is not “The Law”. It has to be more than that or why bother?

    Translation: I don’t give a hang about LAW. I want more POWER. POWER for ME, and POWER over YOU. Do What You’re Told! It FEELS so good!!!!!! I live for my EGO Feelz, and I will DIE for them!!! That’s why they can fight like a man possessed and we can’t. They are. We’re not. Does level moderate really defeat violent mental illness?

    “Russia does not have plans for an attack, for direct or indirect aggression, or for unleashing conflicts with anyone:”

    Technically. All Armies have All Plans. However, for an AGGRESSIVE attack on all NATO? No, because they would still lose. And there is no need, since WTF would they do with Amsterdam, Paris, and London? Who wants those s—tholes? Like Kiev, nothing but problems. — I — live here, and — I — don’t even want them. Can we give DC and Baltimore to Russia? Take my wife…please!

    “had been involved in potentially illegal activities and experiments in the Eastern European country which are strictly prohibited”

    NPR writers at RT. No we ALREADY KNOW they were EXPRESSLY illegal. Fauci and the Derp State did it anyway, then defended Fauci to the death, along with all biolabs in Ukraine and newsflash: worldwide. Including here. Hey anybody heard of that Chinese Biolab in California which had a vat of bubonic plague? No? Nobody else has either because NEWSOM HASN’T BOTHERED TO LOOK. Zero follow up, no one cares. Wray? Garland? Mayorkas? Nope. Plague away, good soldiers! Plague all you want, every day, forever!

    “Some publications went as far as to declare that “every day that Ukraine holds out erodes Putin’s regime.”

    We know that because the same people say every day since they started Putin gets stronger. Erode = Stronger. And! Putin is a Bridge! Who knew?

    “Indeed, this “victory” played an important role in the decision to supply more military aid to Ukraine.”

    False. They do what they were always going to do anyway, without variation. Only the fabricated “reasons” fed to the Press change.

    ““..the inclusion of Hillary Clinton’s nominees in Biden’s foreign policy team in key positions also meant the injection of a heavy dose of Russophobia..”

    False. They do what they were always going to do anyway, without variation. Only the fabricated “reasons” fed to the Press change. They were ALWAYS going to attack Russia and start WWIII. Hillary said so, on TV, in the debates. She promised on Bible wrapped in asbestos so it wouldn’t burn her hands that we would No Fly zone in Syria, shoot down every Russian plane, and start a nuclear exchange. …Then for some reason, lost the election! Inexplicable! Russian Interference!

    It was ALWAYS the Plan to start WWIII with Russia. ALWAYS. Going back to 2000 when they realized Putin was off the ranch and Russia was not conquered by London as attempted sine the 1820s. Cheney said Nuke them back then. There’s no “New” Russophobia. It’s all “The Plan”, the same “Plan” for 200 years. Will someone notice already?

    Okay, so we know they – That is, LONDON, as example in Steele – had ALWAYS pre-arranged for everything to be blamed on Russia, no matter how un-credible, ridiculous, or disproven by any hundred Mueller investigations. This has been going on with the same crew since the 90s.

    WHY? There are Three Nations stopping world Government: The U.S., China, and RUSSIA. All off the British Empire ranch, too large. China is de facto statist and always has been, a perfect fit, however, run by those inferior yellow people who are too stupid to make chips. They’re not a problem. The U.S. isn’t down, but it IS being controlled and directed already. However, Russia is almost completely off the ranch. And is most in need of conquest to save Europe from the oncoming stone age.

    Again, Instead, and BECAUSE The world leaders, LONDON, suck so bad at the game, they have now not only not succeeded, they have CAUSED the entire RoW to leave them altogether, forever. A thing that never would, or could have happened without them trying too much, too hard, and failing constantly, like with Nuland. Exposing all their plans as inexplicable otherwise, although everyone was happily denying them for centuries.

    ““..This is self-incriminating evidence that the German high command is participating in a conspiracy to expand the war against Russia..”

    Yes. So again, did SCHOLZ leak this instead? I would. He needs to hammer them, AND save Germany, for better or worse. He may be a spineless, shiftless, -sshole, but does he hate Germany enough to see it entirely destroyed in his name? Like Ukraine? My guess no. He’s “Merely average” guy. Slogan “Elderly, well-meaning”.

    Scholz is one man. He can’t have known and done it all personally. That means – and we already knew – there were “White Hats” in Germany. Or let’s not get crazy: there are rational, intelligent “Business interests” in Germany who are being methodically liquidated by NATO and their billionaire empires will cease to exist if they can’t regain control. What “bllionaire” will they be under Central-Bank-directed, Soviet Socialism? None. They’ll be liquidated. So NATO is also their enemy, unf they are locked in the control room WITH the Euro-crazies. It’s extremely hard for them to move without getting shot. Like VW.

    ““The British cried foul and accused Scholz of ‘flagrant abuse of intelligence.’”.

    They’re after Scholz, who won’t liquidate all Germany in service of LONDON, like Ukraine did. How dare he??? They even threw him down the stairs!

    ““Scholz confirmed what everyone already knows, that NATO officers and trained personnel are in Ukraine operating weapons such as the Patriot and NASAM air defense system, the HIMARS multiple launch rocket system, the British–French Storm Shadow cruise missile (SCALP–EG in France), and many other complex weapons provided to Ukraine.”

    “The US government is considering tapping the US Army budget to provide Ukraine with much-needed military aid, Bloomberg reported on Wednesday,”

    WHO? Who in “The Government”? What PART of “the government”? Pretty sure Biden can’t do this as it’s a Congressional appropriation. Just as he couldn’t take – what was it, Covid? — and send it to all Student Loans. Okay, so why am I hearing this, as it’s stupid on its face, and also won’t happen? Hopium? No, more, but why? Reporters “Just Make S–t Up”?

    “• Russia & China Plan Building Lunar Nuclear Power Plant on Moon (Sp.)

    Great. Um, if no one’s in space…there’s no one there, we have no Mars bases, no Aurora space planes….then what are you powering? Waving Buddhist cat figures? Or are you saying something is ALREADY on the moon, and you’re finding a way to finally admit it?

    Totally unrelated note: Hey, anyone seen that $40 TRILLION dollars the military lost over the last 20 years? Anyone know where that went? No? Not interested? Nevermind then. I guess we bought some toothpicks with it, nothing to see here.

    “• The United Kingdom: Zionism’s Covert Nerve Center (Cradle)

    Yes, and everybody else’s too. Mostly. Remember LONDON was rigging elections, Israel, AMERICA…?? LONDON was the “RussiaRussiaRussia” election tampering we can see.

    “Wade and Willis …false statements, false filings, or perjury against the defendants in their case.”

    They are Adult Americans, or Prosecutors of the case. OF COURSE they lie, perjure, witness tamper, fabricate evidence daily. If they didn’t they wouldn’t have the job. They also steal daily or they wouldn’t WANT the job. This is not unique to Atlanta, which is why Trump could be so sanguine, I think. EVERY city and EVERY prosecutor coast to coast acts the same, with some minority exceptions. 80/20? What did you THINK would happen when you expunged God and morality everywhere?

    How does the dog know that he’s adopted?
    They haven’t left yet. Is it an energy-opening, a doorway? Even if you went to the new home, that’s just some place, like the Kennel only nicer. What makes the event of “I’m in a new pack” opposed to “I’ve been rejected by pack”? This would be important as related to children, who may be physically in the home, but rejected.

    BlackRock gives up, but “Time” hasn’t got The Memo yet:

    “Disney Has Been ‘Woke’ Before—and Right About It. Disney’s films about animals and nature helped spark the environmental movement.” –TIME Disney and Bambi/Dumbo/Old Yeller. Traumatizing your children, one movie at a time.™

    My favorite is again the Meta-Meta context in “Coco.” If you ever forget any ancestors, they DIE FOREVER, and it’s ALL YOUR FAULT. Sleep tight kids! Oh and Toy Story. If you EVER use/lose/change your toys, they DIE and IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT. Sweet dreams! And some people say that clip from “UP” is the most traumatic. It’s certainly emotional.

    By the way, although they at least ALLOW cultures IF they are Hispanic (whatever that means), all Hispanic families are abusive, controlling and deranged. But unlike White families, you know supporting the kids in hijinks like “Leave it to Beaver” and Andy Griffith, when Hispanic families abuse every single family member, bar none, it’s just the happy GOOD hyper-controlling, narcissistic, self-serving abuse. So ha ha! (See Coco and Encanto) They’re so guilty they live with the rats for 20 years, while we pretend they don’t exist? All in good fun, sir! Don’t you wish you were Brown now?

    Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! Klaxons! No. I do not. What do you demented psychos at Disney THINK brown families are like? Did you ASK? Jesus. You guys are so deranged you don’t even know it.

    I guess follows the same sense that every White family is run by an evil, murdering stepmother queen who’s trying to eat your heart. He. (Brrrrrrr) He. : |


    Follow the money? In 1917 NY banks were all in with war loans to Britain and stood to lose that investment unless the British won WW1. Thus America entered the war to protect that investment.

    I wonder how big the investment in Ukraine is and if it’s reason enough for history to repeat itself.

    John Day

    Hungary does not support Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s candidacy for NATO secretary-general, said Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó. Given his history of threats against Hungary, there is little surprise from analysts about Hungary’s stance.

    Commenting on the possible election of Rutte as the new head of NATO, Szijjártó said that the government could certainly not support the election of someone who “wanted to bring Hungary to its knees in the past.”


    In 1917 Jew York banks financed the Bolsheviks. Doesn’t matter who wins, you collect % from both sides for the next 100 years. Lots of dead, White goyim. Win. Win. League of Nations. WW2, more %, more dead Christians…United Nations, precursor to NWO, what’s not to like? WW3, the great taking, total ownership of everything, CBDC’s, panopticon surveillance. Lots of dead goyim in the war, dropping from injections, raped and murdered in their homes by barbarians paid to overrun the gates. Only took 100 years, the Protocols as a guidebook.

    Just Some Randomer

    “Great. Um, if no one’s in space…there’s no one there, we have no Mars bases, no Aurora space planes….then what are you powering? Waving Buddhist cat figures? Or are you saying something is ALREADY on the moon, and you’re finding a way to finally admit it?”

    All good questions, BUT – if we do have Mars Bases and space planes, they sure as hell aren’t powered by 1950’s technology like Nuclear Power Plants – so why build one on the Moon instead of just using the Fusion-Reactor-In-A-Briefcase tech that got us to Mars and allowed us to build a Base there?


    The absolute worst douche-bag the Pine Tree has to offer…..

    Sheena Bellows, just another Whore of Babylon

    Maine’s State Secretary Sheena Bellows Slinks Off, Defeated by SCOTUS



    Batten down the hatches



    The Harpie of Woke has spoke



    John Bass the Ass is the inbreed NeoConJob who over saw the disastrous bugout chickenshit retreat from the Afgan by the Empire of Lies.

    He’s ‘The Closer”

    So Ukronaziland is yesterday’s pass due date fish.



    So the Pedophile Presidementia’s scheme to ‘forgive’ student loan debts is just treading water for now.

    Gotta bend the election to the Big Guy

    The college students creaming themselves at the thought of not paying their bills show their lack of responsibility and their parent’s depravity towards their own children in pushing ‘college’.



    Speaking of not paying your bills

    APR rates on credit cards range from 18-29.99%



    Duh’mericans just want to be stuffed I guess and they are getting their wish.




    Good, maybe they will all die off and we won’t have that problem anymore




    John Day

    Having Missed The Point

    Why And How The U.S. Never “Wins” Her Wars: A Review Of Jacques Baud’s ‘The Russian Art Of War: How The West Led Ukraine To Defeat’ , Celia Farber
    The US has no real interest in “winning” and never had any… not in any of its past adventures around the world from Vietnam to Iraq to Libya. For the US, endless war is just the preferred path to profit, and profit is the only criterion for judging victory. So logically it matters not to the US where the shells are deployed or whom they kill…
    ..As VVP puts it: “[Western politicians] have already forgotten what war is. [They] think that these are just some cartoons…
    ..There are two key concepts that underwrite the Russian way of war. The first is Clausewitz’s famous dictum that war is a continuation of policy by other means. It’s a tool in the toolbox – the policy is always what is important. “In other words, it’s all about turning operational successes into strategic successes, and strategic successes into political successes.”
    The other concept is “correlation of forces.” Everything must be taken into account and as accurately and realistically as possible. Political will, military power and capacity, the economy, import dependency, industrial capacity, national morale, the real strengths and weaknesses of yourself and of the enemy – everything. This is Clausewitz again – there’s a purpose to your actions and everything contributes to that purpose. “Thus, while the Russians see a fluid, two-way link between war and politics, the West tends to make war an end in itself.”
    For the West, by contrast, it’s always bang-bang and then wonder what to do when the bang-bang doesn’t work…
    ..In the simplest terms, the Russians know that the bang-bang has to serve a policy purpose; the West does not…
    ..The reason why the Russians are better than the West in Ukraine is that they see the conflict as a process, whereas we see it as a series of separate actions…
    ..The Russian calculation is that lost ground can be regained, while human lives cannot.
    The aim of strategic action is to lead the adversary to negotiation or defeat. The operative level is that of cooperation and coordination of inter-force actions, with a view to achieving a given military objective. The tactical level, finally, is that of maneuver execution at weapons level, as an integral part of the operational maneuver…
    ..The turning point was the misinterpretation by Ukraine and the West about the Russian withdrawal from Kiev. It was a withdrawal, not a retreat—but our media, eager to see a Russian defeat, fed a narrative that today weighs heavily on Ukraine…
    ..This crisis has shown that Europe has not only lost its global political and industrial leadership but is deeply divided on a wide range of issues. In fact, the only thing that unites Europe is Russophobia.

    On Tucker Carlson Uncensored Monday evening, the conservative journalist asked retired Army Colonel Douglas Macgregor if Congress would be stupid enough to pass a law granting citizenship to illegal aliens who enlist in the military — to which Macgregor answered, “YES.”
    “The problem is Washington is donor-occupied. Donor occupied. The donors own the political figure. So what do the donors want?” he asked.
    So, if the donor class wants illegal immigrants in the U.S. military, Macgregor thinks they have a high probability of getting their way.
    Macgregor also remarked:
    “I think the largest problem is that Washington is this ideological bubble. And everyone decides that anyone who doesn’t agree with them, that the world has to be refashioned in some new image that exists only in their minds, and that anybody who disagrees with them is by definition a criminal and has to be treated as such. What better solution than finding people who have no connection to the American people, arming them, and then sending them out to oppress us? Sounds like a great solution.”
    Carlson responded, “I mean, that’s a mercenary army by definition.”
    “Of course,” Macgregor replied, “And mercenaries fight for money. They fight for the people that pay them.”

    Elon Musk Exposes the Democrats’ Secret Game Plan to Win Every Election

    As CIA Director, deconfliction negotiations with Russia would be appropriate for William Burns. He is reputed to be a fine diplomat and negotiator. Consider that this deconfliction work goes on at this level between the US and Russia, and that the US has been an unreliable partner to agreements. Consider that the Russians may have needed a concrete gesture of goodwill before moving forward in some secret negotiation process, maybe something like getting rid of Victoria Nuland. Just consider it…

    William Joseph Burns (born April 4, 1956) is an American diplomat who has served as director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in the Biden administration since March 19, 2021. He previously served as U.S. deputy secretary of state from 2011 to 2014; in 2009 he served as acting secretary of state for a day, prior to the confirmation of Hillary Clinton. Burns retired from the U.S. Foreign Service in 2014 after a 32-year career. From 2014 to 2021, he served as president of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.
    Burns served as ambassador to Jordan from 1998 to 2001, Assistant Secretary of State for Near East Affairs from 2001 to 2005, ambassador to Russia from 2005 to 2008 and Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs from 2008 to 2011.

    John Day

    US Under Secretary of State Victoria Nuland’s resignation is related to the failure of Washington’s policy against Moscow, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Tuesday.
    “They will not tell you the reason. But it is simple — the failure of the anti-Russian policy of [US President Joe] Biden’s administration. Russophobia, proposed by Victoria Nuland as the main foreign policy concept of the United States, is dragging the Democrats to the bottom like a stone,” Zakharova told a briefing.—zakharova-1117144449.html

    ​ More ​diplomatic “trust” without Nuland, then? Nuland’s Input in Eroding Trust Between Russia, US ‘Immense’ – Russian Foreign Ministry​
    US Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland is a typical case of a talented and well-educated person, who knows Russia well, using their skills and abilities for wrong purposes and destroying their countries’ relations with Moscow, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Wednesday. On Tuesday, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Nuland was to step down from her post in the coming weeks. “[Nuland] should have better used her knowledge of Russia for creation, but she used it to destroy our bilateral relations. In general, I believe that her contribution to undermining the trust between our countries was immense,” Zakharova told a briefing.—russian-foreign-ministry-1117166736.html

    Alastair Crooke, ‘Untenable Positions’ – Warning Signs Abound
    The GOP base does not favour giving more cash to Ukraine – will little or no prospect that it can prevail.
    “Tuesday’s local elections were a flashing warning light for Israel. The ultra-Orthodox parties, the religious Zionist groups, and the far-right, racist parties – organized in a few communities and scored gains that are disproportionate to the true size of the groups they represent. Conversely, the democratic camp [largely secular liberal Ashkenazi], which for nearly a year turned out weekly for giant demonstrations on Tel Aviv’s Kaplan Street and dozens of locations around the country, failed in most cases to translate the anger into electoral gains in local governments”.
    “Another conclusion to draw from the elections” continues the Haaretz Editorial “is the growing similarity between the ruling Likud party and [Ben Gvir’s party] the far-right Otzma Yehudit (Jewish Supremacy). In Tel Aviv, the two parties ran together, in a move that was unimaginable in the pre-Benjamin Netanyahu Likud … We can learn from this that Likud is changing: Meir Kahane [a founder of the Jewish radical Right, and of Kach Party] defeated Ze’ev Jabotinsky; Jewish supremacy and forced population transfer replaced liberty”.
    Put starkly, Israel is turning further to the Right…
    ‘..Uncommitted’ however, blew past the 10,000 target and clocked in at nearly 101,400 votes – about 13% of the tally. Biden earned more than 80% of the vote, yet the number of uncommitted votes were enough to send two ‘uncommitted’ delegates to the Democratic Party’s national convention in August”.
    “The biggest danger for the president here is not that too many people voted ‘uncommitted’”, said former Rep. Andy Levin (D., Mich.), who endorsed the effort. “The biggest danger is if he doesn’t get the message”.
    A third warning sign: With his plan for Gaza once military operations cease, Netanyahu has formally declared war on Biden and his campaign for re-election…
    ..In effect, Netanyahu is calling for the total conquest by Israel of the remains of Palestine – the exact opposite of what Biden and the rest of the world are suggesting”…
    ..Netanyahu is putting Biden “between the devil and the deep blue sea”. The former knows that Biden is heavily dependent on not only the Jewish vote, but even more importantly, on Jewish money for his potential re-election. Netanyahu seems to assess that he has the leeway safely to ignore Biden…
    ..So the whole Israel-Gaza operation is starting to look – to more and more people – like a human meat grinder whose only goal is to reduce the population so that Israel can control it more easily … And, I repeat, it is going to put the Biden administration in an increasingly untenable position”.
    ..Panic is widening in respect to Ukraine too: In Europe, leaders were summoned at 24 hours’ notice to the Elysée Palace to hear President Macron warn EU states that the situation on the ground in Ukraine was so critical, and the stakes for Europe so high, that: “We’re at a critical point in the conflict where we need to take the initiative: We’re determined to do whatever it takes for as long as it takes”.
    Macron underlined the growing doubts about America’s continuing support for Kiev and warned of a potential new Russian offensive and brutal attacks planned to “shock” Ukrainians and their allies. “We are convinced that Russia’s defeat is essential for the security and stability of Europe” … “Europe is at stake”.
    Bluntly, Macron was grandstanding in order to prise the defence and security leadership of Europe away from Germany, which is busily building a U.S.-linked military axis in alliance with Poland, the Baltics and the European Commission President, former German Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen, and to capture it for France.
    In any event, Macron’s bid was ‘a bust’. His call faced immediate repudiation…
    ..To fund this European unified defence capacity, the Commission is looking to initiate unitary EU bond issuance and a centralised taxing mechanism (both of which are prohibited under EU Treaties). These are the unspoken projects behind the ‘scare’ narrative of Russian ‘intent’ to invade Europe…
    ..Chancellor Scholtz, in defending Berlin’s decision to not supply long-range Taurus missiles to Kiev, threw France and the UK ‘under the bus.’
    Scholtz said that to supply Taurus missiles would require the assistance of German troops on the ground: “as is done by the British and French, in terms of [missile] target-control and target-control assistance. German soldiers can at no point, and in no place, be linked with the targets that this [long-range] system reaches”, Scholz insisted.
    Needless to say, his explicit admission of European troops already on the ground in Ukraine caused a ruckus in Europe. The fact long suspected, is now official…
    ..This new New York Times piece of revisionist narrative on Ukraine – full of questionable claims; puff for the CIA and for John Brennan’s role in particular – probably was understood by western Intel services as a ‘Dear John’ break-up letter, ahead of a coming divorce. The CIA was preparing to exit Ukraine.
    ..It is not clear whether Speaker Johnson will hold the line in refusing to bring the foreign aid Bill to the floor of the House, providing $60 billion for Kiev; or if he will not prove able to persevere.
    Yet the ‘writing is on the wall’, as Senate minority leader McConnell tartly observed, whilst announcing his coming retirement as Senate Leader: ‘Politics has shifted, I can see that’, he said…
    ..So much of what success Ukraine earlier has enjoyed derives from one key factor: western overmatch in ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance). NATO weaponry has disappointed; NATO military doctrine has been slated by Ukrainian forces; but ISR has been key.
    The New York Times essay is clear: “a discreet passageway descends to a subterranean bunker where teams of Ukrainian soldiers track Russian spy satellites and eavesdrop on conversations between Russian commanders …”. Are these ‘Ukrainian soldiers’ or NATO techies?
    When the CIA does depart when the money is cut, it will not be just their staff that goes. The CIA will not leave sensitive kit and intercept equipment behind, to be overrun by Russian forces, and taken for forensic autopsy. Has this already happened? Were those secret bunkers perchance at Avdeeka? Are sensitive details about to leaked? …
    ..Here lies the crux to the New York Times piece: Fear of fallout from disgruntled Ukrainian officials. “Especially in an election year, any war of words between erstwhile allies could get ugly in a heartbeat”. Biden be warned. Perhaps, however, it’s already too late?

    ‘Untenable Positions’ – Warning Signs Abound

    (Bibi Netanyahu’s preference) Former US President Donald Trump said Tuesday that Israel must “finish the problem” in its war against Hamas as he backed the Israeli army’s attacks on Gaza.
    Asked by a Fox News presenter if he is in “Israel’s camp” and whether he is “on board” with the way the Israeli army was “taking the fight to Gaza,” Trump responded: “Yeah. You gotta finish the problem.”
    “You’ve had a horrible invasion that took place,” he said. “It would have never happened if I was president, by the way.”
    Asked about Vice President Kamala Harris’ call for a cease-fire, the Republican presidential candidate avoided the question.
    “I hate seeing what’s happening again. It would have never happened — this attack on Israel — and, likewise, Israel’s counter attack, which is what it is, would never have happened if I was president.”
    Harris criticized Israel for not doing enough to allow aid into Gaza and called for an immediate cease-fire.

    More about Mitch finally retiring, but not saying why…
    On Feb. 12, 50-year-old Angela Chao was found dead in her Tesla that was submerged in a pond on private property in Blanco County, Texas, according to the incident report from fire department EMS personnel. Ms. Chao was the sixth and youngest daughter of Chinese-American shipping magnate Dr. James Si-Cheng Chao, who founded the New York-headquartered Foremost Group in 1964. Angela had been CEO of the company since 2018 and was a founding member of The Asian American Foundation…
    ..Her connections to China loom large, particularly in her capacity as the former chair of the U.S. Risk and Management Committee of Bank of China USA, a director of the holding company for state-run China State Shipbuilding, and a former vice chair of the Council of China’s Foreign Trade. China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC) builds ships for the People’s Liberation Army-Navy while the Council of China’s Foreign Trade is a promotional group created by Beijing to facilitate Chinese trade worldwide. Why did the CCP place such trust in Angela Chao?
    Her father maintained connections to Chinese communists at the highest levels. As noted here, he “cultivated a close relationship with Jiang Zemin, a former schoolmate from Shanghai” who later became the general secretary of the Chinese Communist Party and the fifth communist leader of China from 1993–2003. The rise of the Foremost Group mirrored the rise of Jiang in the CCP hierarchy…
    ..The “suspicious death” took place at a ranch that is owned by a corporate entity connected to her husband, venture capitalist Jim Breyer, according to CNBC. Her death is under a criminal investigation, as reported by the Daily Mail.
    There is a surveillance video of Ms. Chao’s car going into reverse and “aggressively backing over a significant obstacle.” The Daily Mail reported on March 1 that “[police] refuse to release the 911 call and video evidence” associated with the incident.
    General information about identity, time, and place of death was not released to the media per standard practice, as noted by USA Today on Feb. 21. Further information is possibly being withheld because of an ongoing investigation into the circumstances surrounding her death.
    The death took place one week after IDG Capital was listed as a “Chinese military operation,” which her husband Jim Breyer’s venture capital firm had heavily invested in…
    ..Angela Chao’s position as a director of China State Shipbuilding Corporation was unique. No ordinary member of the CCP would have the qualifications or opportunity to become a member of a state-run enterprise that is part of a military-industrial enterprise in China…
    ..Mitch McConnell will step down in November as the longest-serving party leader ever in the U.S. Senate. He was first elected to the Senate in 1985 and rose to Republican minority leader in 2007 and later majority leader in 2015 before reverting to minority leader in 2021. He married his second wife, Elaine Chao, in February 1993. Together, they became an important political power couple in Washington, with Ms. Chao having served as U.S. Secretary of Labor from 2001–2009 and Secretary of Transportation from 2017–2021…
    ..Mr. McConnell “would increasingly avoid public criticism of China” as additional meetings and visits were conducted over the years. Perhaps that shift was facilitated by a multimillion-dollar “gift” from James Chao to Mitch and Elaine in 2008 that increased Mr. McConnell’s net worth nearly 10-fold…
    ..The Blanco County Sheriff’s Office wrote a letter to Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton that included the statement, “Although the preliminary investigation indicated this was an unfortunate accident, the Sheriff’s Office is still investigating this accident as a criminal matter until they have sufficient evidence to rule out criminal activity.” The letter further states that “this incident was not a typical accident.”
    Then there were Mitch McConnell’s cryptic remarks about his sister-in-law’s passing as he announced stepping down on Feb. 28. “Perhaps it is God’s way of reminding you of your own life’s journey to reprioritize the impact of the world that we will all inevitably leave behind,” he said.

    John Day

    Scott Ritter: Leaked Crimea Attack Plans Begs the Question ‘Who’s in Charge in Germany’?
    “What’s interesting about this conversation is, a few days prior to it the German chancellor, the senior civilian executive authority in Germany today, had specifically said that Germany will not be providing the Taurus missile to Ukraine. Moreover, the parliament of Germany, not once but twice, overwhelmingly voted against providing the Taurus cruise missile to Ukraine. Who’s in charge in Germany? The civilian leadership or the military? Because, according to the conversation being held by these four senior German military officers, they were talking about a project that had been greenlighted by the defense minister of Germany,” Ritter stressed.

    The headline-making conversation among top-ranking German Bundeswehr (armed forces) officers was apparently intercepted and surreptitiously recorded in Singapore, when one of the participants dialed in to the call via an unsecured line, German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius told journalists in Berlin…
    ..”According to preliminary data, the information was leaked from a participant who was in Singapore; he got connected via an unauthorized link, that is to say an open channel,” Pistorius said.
    The minister explained that an air show was underway in Singapore at the time when the Bundeswehr officers’ conversation took place, which brought together high-ranking military officers from many countries. “it can be assumed that the wiretap of this Webex conference was incidental within the framework of a large-scale operation,” he opined. [“It can be assumed” takes no responsibility for the statement which it precedes.] …
    ..Germany’s top brass was in fact mulling how to carry out a potential attack on the Crimean Bridge in a way that would have no repercussions for Berlin by giving it the cover of plausible deniability. Simonyan said she had a corroborating audio recording of the Bundeswehr officers’ conversation in her possession. She later released a transcript of it, which makes it clear that the military officers discussed the Taurus missiles’ capability to hit and destroy the Crimean Bridge and the tactical details involved in preparing such an attack.
    On Monday, the Russian Foreign Ministry summoned German Ambassador to Moscow Alexander Lambsdorff to deliver a formal demarche and demand clarifications over the leaked conversation among Bundeswehr officers discussing potential attacks on the Crimean Bridge using Taurus missiles.

    UK weighs in on Luftwaffe leak [Scholz ratted-out the UK and France for sending operators with their missiles.]
    The UK has urged Germany and other Western nations to donate long-range weapons to Ukraine despite a leaked tape of top German military commanders discussing how Taurus missiles could be used to destroy key civilian infrastructure in Russia.
    The UK and France have already provided dozens of air-launched Storm Shadow and SCALP missiles to Kiev, which they produce jointly. In the leaked recording released last Friday, high-ranking German officers discussed a proposal to donate Taurus missiles and what actions Berlin would have to take for them to be deployed and for plausible deniability of German involvement to be maintained.
    They also mentioned that London and Paris were reluctant to send more of their weapons unless Berlin tapped its own arsenal.

    US and UK blew up Nord Stream – Russia’s top spy​ , Some “indirect signs” of sabotage were left by the perpetrators, SVR head Sergey Naryshkin has said

    ​ Andrew Korybko, Why’d The Wall Street Journal Suddenly Share The Terms Of Spring 2022’s Draft Peace Treaty?
    ​ The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) claimed to have viewed the 17-page draft Russian-Ukrainian peace treaty from spring 2022 that was sabotaged by former British Prime Minister Johnson and which President Putin waved around while speaking with African leaders last summer.
    ​ They dishonestly described the terms as “punishing” even though they can objectively be described as overly generous considering the previously unthinkable compromises that Moscow was willing to make at the time.
    ​ Ukraine would have restored its constitutional neutrality and the Russian language’s status, limited its armed forces, agreed not to use foreign arms, and recognized Russian influence in Crimea in exchange for the UNSC guaranteeing its security. Donbass’ status would be resolved via talks between their leaders, with the innuendo being that it might be reincorporated into Ukraine per the Minsk Accords, while it’s implied that Russia would have withdrawn from the rest of Ukraine’s pre-2022 borders.
    ​ Had these terms been accepted, then not only would Ukraine have averted destruction and the depopulation that came with it, but this former Soviet Republic could have then served as a bridge between China and the EU (which it would be allowed to join) exactly as Russia always envisaged. Even if Russian-NATO talks didn’t resume afterwards, their security dilemma that was exacerbated by the bloc’s clandestine expansion into Ukraine would have been much better managed to everyone’s benefit.
    ​ The reason why this never happened was because the West believed its own propaganda that Russia could be dealt a strategic defeat through economic sanctions and proxy warfare.​..
    ..These details prove that President Putin was willing to make previously unthinkable compromises in order to obtain his strategic goals of restoring Ukrainian neutrality, denazifying it (with the restoration of the Russian language’s status playing the key role here), and demilitarizing that country. Donbass would likely be reincorporated into Ukraine, prior to which its residents could obtain Russian citizenship to relocate there if they wanted, and Russia would withdraw from everywhere except for Crimea.
    ​ Those territorial compromises are no longer in the cards after Donbass, Kherson, and Zaporozhye voted to join Russia in September 2022, which is why Kremlin spokesman Peskov just described the reported details about that spring’s draft Russian-Ukrainian peace treaty as outdated…
    ..The problem is that Ukraine legally forbade the resumption of peace talks with Russia, thus requiring the West to coerce it into repealing that legislation, which could happen if domestic pressure over Zelensky’s illegitimacy after his term ends on May 20 leads to him forming a “national unity government”…
    ..The WSJ’s report is therefore a double-edged sword for both camps since it works for and against each of their interests as explained, but the timing is no coincidence since it’s meant to shake up the balance between them.
    ​ It’s debatable which side this outlet really supports since one can argue that dishonestly describing the details as “punishing” favors those who want another “forever war” while reporting on their overly generous substance is tacitly intended to give an edge to those who want to resume peace talks.

    John Day

    ​ The West’s hegemony has come to an end and the formation of a new world order is now underway, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said during an annual meeting of Hungarian ambassadors at the Foreign Ministry in Budapest.
    ​ According to Orban’s spokesman, Bertalan Havasi, the Hungarian head of government noted that the “West’s hegemony has come to an end and nobody is disputing this anymore.” “A new world order is being born and the situation has to be constantly assessed and analyzed,” he cautioned Hungarian ambassadors representing the country in nations around the world.
    ​ According to the press secretary, the prime minister noted attempts by a number of political forces to split the global economy “into geopolitical blocs” and put pressure on those countries that have a sovereign stance on the matter, including Hungary. “There is very little room for maneuver within a bloc, so it is in Hungary’s interests to remain a member of the European Union and NATO [while simultaneously] without being part of a bloc. For this reason, we will seek to bolster our alliances with other sovereign countries,” Havasi quoted Orban as saying.

    ​ ‘Too many people watched’ – UK MP explains why RT was banned​ , Britain’s commitment to free speech is a farce, George Galloway has claimed
    ​ Galloway trounced both Tory and Labour candidates in last week’s Rochdale by-election, winning twice as many votes than both major parties combined. PM Rishi Sunak denounced the result as “beyond alarming” and a threat to “our democracy itself.”
    ​ As Galloway pointed out, however, he has been elected to Parliament a total of seven times – far more than Sunak or Labour leader Keir Starmer.
    “These people are hypocrites. Things like democracy, human rights, rule of law, rules-based international order, it’s just lipstick on a pig. They wipe the lipstick off whenever they no longer feel the need to look prettier,” he claimed.
    ​ “As Sunak’s speech outside Number 10 [Downing Street] on Friday about my election makes clear, it’s not beyond them even to cancel elections,” he added.
    ​ British authorities have banned RT and the Iranian PressTV outright, refused to renew the license of China’s CGTN, and blocked outlets like Venezuela’s TeleSur.
    ​ “The reason is pretty simple if you think about it: Too many people were watching these TV channels. Too many people were watching RT. Not just in Britain, but even more so in Germany. That is why RT was closed down. Because too many of the public were watching it. How’s that for freedom?” said Galloway.
    ​ The best illustration of press freedom in the UK is that “a good friend of mine is lying in the dungeon of Belmarsh top security prison,” Galloway said.

    ​ George Galloway is not a threat to democracy – only to the elite hypocrites running the UK
    The returning politician’s recent electoral win on the back of the Gaza-Israel debate is rightfully alarming for both Labour and Tories
    ​ Galloway won a by-election in Rochdale, a poor Midlands electorate in the UK formerly held by the Labour Party.
    It was an astounding and comprehensive victory. Galloway received 12,335 votes – over 40% of the votes cast – while the Conservatives gained 3,731 votes, and Labour, 2,402.
    ​ Galloway labeled his win as “a thumping victory” over both major parties – and he described Keir Starmer and Sunak, in characteristically provocative fashion, as “two cheeks of the same backside” that he had just “spanked.”
    ​ Galloway is a controversial and charismatic political figure. He is a former Labour and Independent MP who courageously opposed Tony Blair and George Bush’s war against Iraq, and he has been a trenchant defender of the Palestinian cause for decades.
    ​ In the Rochdale by-election – an electorate with a Muslim population of around 30% – Galloway focused his campaign on calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.
    ​ In the UK, the Gaza conflict has become a deeply divisive political issue over the past six months. During that time, more than 30,000 people have been killed by the Israeli military, most of them civilians and many of them women and children.
    ​ Many citizens in the West – to their credit – have refused to turn a blind eye to the distinction between terrorists and civilians, and the humanitarian crisis that America’s continuing support for the Netanyahu government has created in Gaza.​..
    ​..The British parliament recently descended into complete chaos when Starmer pressured the speaker of the House of Commons to breach parliamentary convention and prevent debate over a Scottish National Party (SNP) motion calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.
    ​ If the SNP motion had been permitted to proceed, at least 60 Labour MPs would have voted in favor of it – thereby provoking a serious political crisis for Starmer and his Labour Party.
    ​ Recent polls in the UK suggest that 65% of voters are in favor of an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.​..
    ..In his victory speech, Galloway said, “Keir Starmer, this is for Gaza. You will pay a high price for the role that you have played in enabling the catastrophe presently going on in Gaza.”

    Israel has killed 364 health personnel in Gaza

    Israel has killed 364 health personnel in Gaza

    Israel Still Blocking US-Funded Flour Shipment Into Gaza​ , US officials previously said Israel agreed to allow the flour into Gaza, but it’s still stuck at an Israeli port

    Israel Still Blocking US-Funded Flour Shipment Into Gaza

    John Day

    Israel killed another 124 Palestinians in 24 hours

    Israel killed another 124 Palestinians in 24 hours

    ​ War on Gaza: Israel’s food-queue slaughter cannot go unpunished
    ​ Early on 29 March, starving Palestinians were queueing for long-awaited deliveries of food in Gaza City’s al-Rasheed Street when Israeli forces opened fire on them. According to Gaza health officials, a minimum of 112 people were killed and 280 injured, the majority of whom appear to have been shot.

    ​ The World Health Organization (WHO) said on Tuesday that malnutrition is “particularly severe” in the northern Gaza Strip.
    “The situation is particularly aggravated in northern Gaza,” said Richard Peppercorn, WHO representative in Gaza and the West Bank.
    ​ Peppercorn added that one out of every six children under the age of two suffers from acute malnutrition in the northern Gaza Strip.
    “This was in January,” he explained. “So the situation is likely to be worse today.”

    ​ The Hamas representative in Lebanon, Ahmad Abdel Hadi, affirmed on Tuesday that the suggestions put forward by Hamas in negotiations stem from two non-negotiables: stopping the aggression on Gaza, and effectuating the Resistance’s conditions… ​
    ..Regarding Hamas’ non-negotiables, he clarified the first must be the end of the aggression on Gaza, the ethnic cleansing and massacring of Palestinians, and the starvation war imposed by “Israel”. Second, the necessity of including Hamas’ primary demands and conditions in any deal.
    ​ Abdel Hadi also updated Al Mayadeen on the path of negotiations, saying they were proceeding within the same climate but were simultaneously seeing obstacles imposed by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is also disengaging in the Paris 2 talks.
    ​ However, he stressed that the Cairo negotiations are ongoing with Hamas submitting its proposal, but it has become clear that “Israel” wants to revoke the captives card from the hands of the Resistance, confirming that Netanyahu does not want to establish any deal because this would kickstart the end of his political career.–h

    Modifying blocked “already said that” comment a bit and trying again,..

    John Day

    ​ Yemeni armed forces target two American destroyers in Red Sea
    ​ The Yemeni armed forces confirmed that they would not hesitate to expand their operations against all hostile targets “in response to the calls of the free people of Yemen and the Islamic nation to provide support and assistance to the Palestinian people, who until this moment are exposed to aggression and siege.”
    ​ The statement reiterated that the operations of the Yemeni armed forces will not stop until the aggression stops and the siege imposed on the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip is lifted.​
    ​ Sanaa provides updates on recent developments in submarine cables situationThe Minister of Telecommunications and Information Technology in Sanaa, Misfer Al-Numair, said on Tuesday that Yemen is in constant and daily contact with international submarine cable companies in the Red Sea regarding the repair of cables…
    ​ “The International Submarine Cables Company announced the interruption of three submarine cables, and its announcement lacked professionalism regarding who caused the submarine cables to be interrupted,” he said.
    ​ The Minister of Telecommunications denied the accusations of the Zionist entity’s media, stressing that “the hostile media’s statements were inconsistent with the truth.”​

    ​ Steve Kirsch, Pathologist reports a stunning 52% increase in cancer risk for ages 15-59 who were vaxxed
    I just interviewed a pathologist in Croatia who told me about a study she did which shows a 52% increase in carcinomas (all stages) in ages 15-59 who took the jab. She refuses to be vaxxed

    ​ Pierre Kory MD points out step by step how to make an early-treatment trial of ivermectin for COVID fail to show benefit, by enrolling patients up to 14 days after start of symptoms, delaying the delivery of their medicine, giving an unusually low dose for 3 days only, instead of a week or more, and then just ignoring that fewer died, fewer had long COVID, and that it worked anyway, by just writing in the abstract that it didn’t seem to be of benefit.
    He compares it to a Molnupiravir trial by the same primary investigator that did everything possible to get people treated by the third day of symptoms, still failed to show benefit, but was spun as “good” because money-talks.
    The Last of The “Big Seven” Fraudulent Ivermectin Trials Has Finally Been Published

    ​Peter McCullough MD, Twenty Eight Mechanisms of Kidney Injury with COVID-19 Vaccination
    Exhaustive Review Finds Common Theme of Inflammation from Cytokines and Auto-Immunity

    John Day

    ​ When Star Gossip Columnist Began to Dig Deep Into JFK Assassination, She Turned Up Dead: Now TV Legal Analyst Appears to Have Cracked Case
    ​ Described by Ernest Hemingway as “one of the greatest women writers in the world,” Kilgallen was a regular on the CBS game show What’s My Line who wrote a column for the New York Journal-American during the early 1960s that was syndicated to 200 newspapers.[1]
    ​ After John F. Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963, Kilgallen was one of the few journalists to question the findings of the Warren Commission report that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone assassin.
    ​ Kilgallen interviewed Jack Ruby at his trial and exposed his Warren Commission testimony before its release date, causing FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover to become a mortal enemy.[2]
    ​ If she had lived past the age of 52, Kilgallen’s goal was to expose evidence pointing to the truth about the JFK assassination and corruption at the Warren Commission passed on to her by Commission member Senator John Sherman Cooper of Kentucky in a “tell-all” book she was writing for Random House.​..
    ​..Kilgallen’s hairdresser Marc Sinclaire, the first to report Kilgallen’s death at 9:30 a.m. on November 8 after passing by her home, was suspicious because a) Kilgallen was found in a room where she did not normally sleep wearing fancy clothes she would not have gone to sleep in; b) was found sitting up with a book turned upside down (The Honey Badger by Robert Ruark) she had finished weeks before; c) had poor eyesight and required glasses to read but no glasses were found in the room where she died; and d) because a police car was parked outside the townhouse when Sinclaire got there, though Kilgallen’s death had not yet been reported.
    ​ Sinclaire ruled out suicide further because Dorothy was a) religiously Catholic; b) cheerful about life; c) at the peak of her fame, earning an income of $200,000 per year (equivalent to $1.5 million today); and d) intent on completing her tell-all book on the JFK assassination.
    ​ Sinclaire also knew that Kilgallen would not overdose because she did not have a drug problem or drink heavily. In the days before her death, additionally, she had confided in him her belief that someone close to her was a “snitch” who was watching her closely and feeding information to people who wished to do her harm.[4]
    ​ Johnnie Ray, Kilgallen’s lover whom Tony Bennett called “the father of rock ’n’ roll,” told a friend that he did not believe Dorothy had died of natural causes. Dorothy had told him that she had been investigating the JFK assassination and was “close to breaking the whole case open” and had “been threatened as a result of her work.”​…
    ​..Evidence that her drink had been spiked was reflected in the fact that powdered traces of the barbiturates were found on one of the glasses at her bedside…
    ..The air conditioner was turned on in her apartment even though it was fifty-five degrees outside, which offered a clue that Kilgallen was murdered because, according to Dr. Charles A. Mathis, a fellow at the prestigious American College of Cardiology,, “in a cold environment, alcohol and barbiturates are all respiratory suppressants.”…
    ..Taking cues from Hoover, the police only came into Dorothy’s townhouse at 3:00 p.m., hours after Marc Sinclaire had discovered Dorothy’s body and reported her death.
    ​ The police investigation afterwards was completely shoddy, with police never searching for fingerprints or combing Dorothy’s townhouse for clues. Additionally, they failed to interview key witnesses, including Marc Sinclaire and Pataky and patrons at the Regency Hotel.[15]
    ​ Pataky basically confessed to his own guilt in two poems that he posted on his website in 2016. The poems were uncovered by Shaw and then taken down from the website soon after Shaw viewed them…
    ..In 1967, the CIA issued a memo to its media assets imploring them to label as “conspiracy theorists” and far-left extremists any investigator who dared challenge the veracity of the Warren report. When New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison began probing deeply into the case and prosecuted CIA agent Clay Shaw, he was accused not only of being a conspiracy theorist but also of bribing witnesses and to be suffering from psychoneurosis.[45]
    ​ In hindsight, it seems clear that Kilgallen’s murder was intended not only to ensure the theft of her file on the assassination but also to intimidate and silence other reporters who might have been intent on probing into the case.

    When Star Gossip Columnist Began to Dig Deep Into JFK Assassination, She Turned Up Dead: Now TV Legal Analyst Appears to Have Cracked Case

    ​ Chemicals In Cosmetics, Toys, And Food Containers Contribute To Rise In Preterm Births
    ​ Phthalates, a class of synthetic chemicals often referred to as “plasticizers” because of their common use in making plastic products flexible and bendable, are found in thousands of consumer products, from vinyl flooring to household cleaners and children’s toys. For most of us, our primary exposure to phthalates likely comes through plastic food containers and personal care products such as shampoos and cosmetics.
    ​ Phthalates were already under suspicion due to a number of studies that highlighted the role that these chemicals may play in shortening gestational age. Recently The Lancet published a prospective analysis estimating the lifetime cost of prenatal exposure to phthalates in health outcomes, economic productivity, and monetary expenditures. The results are startling. The study authors reported that, in 2018, an estimated 56,595 preterm births could be attributed to prenatal phthalate exposure, at a staggering cost​.

    Michael Reid

    The social pole switch
    In the Covid era, up is down, left is right,
    black is white, and dogs are cats;
    perhaps there is an explanation for this


    1. Victoria Nudelman-Nuland-Kagan is an specialist at color revolutions

    2. The US has an upcoming election this November

    3. Victoria Nudelman-Nuland-Kagan has just left a job that had regular day to day duties

    Man, in the call center, they would take me off the phones to work a special project sometimes, but they never called it “retiring”


    about the recent art


    Peace – People Power
    – Advisors/Manipulator use Lies, Secret Power, Conflicts, Aggressive, Provocative, Hate, Fear, Conspiracy

    • Ukraine Defeat to Unmask Dirty Secrets of Conflict-Loving Western Elites (Sp.)
    • Russia Honors Anti-Colonial Past as the West Backs Neo-Nazis (Miles)
    • Western ‘Expertise’ On Ukraine War Could Lead To Nuclear Disaster (Poletaev)
    ( Western experts predict Sanction will make Russia into another Haiti)
    • Biden Considers Sending US Army’s Money To Ukraine – Bloomberg (RT)
    (Cheating/workaround The president will once again urge legislators to approve new assistance for Kiev during his State of the Union address on Thursday, Bloomberg said.)
    Something new/amazing
    Brinicle is an icicle that forms downwards in seawater, freezing everything in its path as it descends


    California Moves To Expand Zero-Down, Interest-Free Home Loan Program To Illegal Immigrants

    So what you’re saying is, if I leave the country, destroy my passport (that’s physically impossible), and come back with no papers under a new name, I can get a free smartphone and phone service, a $10,000 gift card, and can become a homeowner with a 0 down 0% interest loan, while getting unemployment and medical benefits while earning tax free pay under the table AND I can become a protected class…. and still vote

    Or I can continue to live in an overpriced apt working an underpaying working class job (IF I am lucky) while competing with at least 20 or so million extra people who are subsidized while I am not with more free time on their hands than me for food, clothing, medical care, housing, all while continuing to be an unprotected class who is passed over on purpose for hiring and promotions while I pay and work to support this state of affairs.

    Basically, I need to become illegal to be a citizen?

    Just Some Randomer

    “So what you’re saying is, if I leave the country, destroy my passport (that’s physically impossible)…”

    Damn right. You can even blow them up with a jetliner full of kerosene and they’ll still flutter to the ground unscathed. Damn tough stuff those passports are made from. You’ll probably have to fling it into Mount Doom to unmake it.


    “Plane Was Nosediving”: United Airlines Boeing 737 Engine Erupts In Flames Over Texas

    Reminds me of the Battle of Jutland, admiral Beatty saying, after the 3rd British battlecruiser exploded: “There seems to be something wrong with our ships today.”

    Don’t worry, Convair, Martin, Douglas, Bombardier, Ford, and Lockheed will put forth competing products, offering the airlines better alternatives and applying pressure on Boeing to make an adequate product.

    What? They’re all gone from the airliner manufacturing business or gone altogether? That’s no problem, it actually creates efficiency and uh, synergy? More inclusive and equitable than ever and getting more so all the time?

    Boeing earned a score of 100 on Disability:IN’s Disability Equality Index for the eighth year in a row.
    {The Disability Equality Index (DEI) is a comprehensive benchmarking tool that helps companies build a roadmap of measurable, tangible actions that they can take to achieve disability inclusion and equality}

    When DEI Becomes DIE: FAA Now Hiring People With “Severe Intellectual And Psychiatric Disability”

    Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s Transporation Department, rolled out a new “Diversity and Inclusion” program to hire people with “severe intellectual disability” and “psychiatric disability” (among various other disabilities), just days after the latest mid-air near-disaster involving a Boeing 737 Max heightened the public’s attention to the potentially deadly impact of woke Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion policies in the skies.

    “Targeted disabilities are those disabilities that the Federal government, as a matter of policy, has identified for special emphasis in recruitment and hiring,” the FAA’s website read.

    “They include hearing, vision, missing extremities, partial paralysis, complete paralysis, epilepsy, severe intellectual disability, psychiatric disability, and dwarfism.”

    Once my plane is being guided in to land by a paralyzed insane retarded dwarf in the midst of an epileptic seizure, I’ll be the safest passenger evar. Just keep it all going. Moar.


    Russia and China are mulling jointly building a lunar nuclear power plant, Yuri Borisov, the head of Russia’s space agency Roscosmos, said on Tuesday.

    Meanwhile the USA’s plans for lunar wind turbines is receiving huge grants from government.


    MIGA is progressing full throttle with the elimination of the original inhabitants, the Palestinians, the genocide supported by Mr MAGA, the man who murdered that Iranian general for Israel and the only things he achieved when POTUS were for Israal, thereby winning his loyalty stripes.

    When will MAGA start getting rid of the USA’s current inhabitants, the white folks? Or are they just going to dilute them until they are just a faint tinge in the water. Sucks to be a MAGA fan, who would you vote for?


    I’d vote for Hitler. He ain’t runnin, though. Let’s see, collum A, fag, B, psychopath, C, kiddifucker, D grifter.. All kosher stamped to bring you DEMONocracy. If voting mattered, they would’nt allow it, pretty sure that was Twain.




    yeah twain. yeah fuck trump and the biden he rode in on.


    I’m watching (and this time I have the sound on)…

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