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    Vincent van Gogh Daubigny’s garden 1890   • Scott Ritter Predicts How Ukraine Will End (Sp.) • Biden Weaponizing FBI and DOJ Against Americans –
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle May 11 2024]

    V. Arnold

    Vincent van Gogh Daubigny’s garden 1890
    Lovely; just lovely…

    Dr. D

    Does anyone know if they’re attacking Karkhiv? The reports seemed mixed at best. Ukraine is the one who reports this? Before it’s happened in size? Duran nor Military Summary say it’s a reconnaissance-in-force? Ukraine may be off-putting Russia – and if so, that’s the first time they’ve done anything militarily in years – by CLAIMING it is, making big counterattack, this upseating Russian attack elsewhere that was (or would be) real. That is, Russia discovers they have essentially a sudden unexpected offensive in a place they didn’t expect.

    We’ll see shortly but it seems against Russian policy and habit right now. They’re going to do what works and saves men, time is no issue.

    — I guess this is happening. question now is how much?

    New York Flight Attendants Accused Of Smuggling Millions In Drug Money To Dominican Republic

    But drug money all uses Crypto! Which is indelibly tracked. That’s why another bank (TD?) Just got charged for money laundering $600M this week. Because banks – who buy jumbo jets for Mexican Zeta cartels – don’t launder money using US$, but Crypto, which is publicly and irrevocably tracked, does! #GenslerLogic! Crypto is the problem, that’s why most US Dollars are overseas, and almost all of it is $100 bills.

    …If people swap to crypto, how are politicians supposed to take millions in bribes? You can read it on their ledger from your phone.

    Daily Dose: “’Putin is on the ropes’ as he faces ‘devastating’ blow on seized Russian cash | Bill Browder”

    Yes, the Bill Browder who was supposed to steal all Russia and set himself up as Tsar before Putin stopped him. I’m sure it’s an honest opinion.

    “Why Russia’s Military Strategy is Failing | Peter Zeihan”

    Yeah, I see that this morning — good timing. Alternate title: “Why destroying NATO by taking two twelve towns a day just isn’t enough.” WHO ARE YOU TALKING TO???

    Actually: keep it up, I love it. When me and a team of riflemen come into Paris, you’ll be in a bar drinking Absinthe and we’ll just come in the door and round you up without a shot. They’re not even aware a war is going on. Good. Never stop.

    “They Went Woke: Oscars Facing Liquidity Crisis, Launch $500 Million Fundraising Drive As Viewers Flee

    Actually, we have the power. This was the core lesson of the Enlightenment. Starting acting like it.

    “ICE Expected To Roll Out ID Program For Illegal Immigrants This Summer

    This is like arriving during a bank robbery and issuing IOUs. …As long as you put this government IOU in the empty vault, it’s all “Legal” again! We let the courts figure it out. This is why you can’t figure what these psychos will do: none of is can think that crooked like a weasel.

    “United Airlines Boeing 737 Makes Emergency Return To Japanese Airport After Wing Flap “Irregularity” 

    I’m sure planes return to the airport every day, but we just refuse to REPORT all the Airbus, etc that have issues with their Michelin tires. You can really learn something about media and manipulation here.

    “people think that is a government organization, but it’s not. It’s a private organization funded for 80% with private money”

    This is the replacement of Government with corporations, as they’ve written for decades. Or sort of a different, newer merger.

    “if they go north they lose, they go south they lose, if they stay in the middle they lose – there’s no good option”

    Yes, that’s what happens when you’re outnumbered 10:1, then 100:1 in tactics and tech. They said the same thing: “WHY didn’t Ukraine have a fallback line???” Um, reality? Resources on planet earth are limited? You might have noticed? Here’s a shovel and a plane ticket, Lindsay, Johnson, if you want to help.

    What’s the worst possible outcome for Biden and traitors in Congress? A: Give the money and have it collapse immediately anyway. Then also NATO falls, Europe falls, Markets fall, US$ falls. 8:1 on par with the Yuan.

    “• Missouri AG Accuses Biden DOJ Of Coordinating With Trump Prosecutors (ZH)

    Yes and now they’ll all arrest themselves. Wake me when somebody acts.

    ““I gave up shame years ago.”

    As Carville and the others show, if they lose – that is, become unpopular in Caitlyn’s “The Narrative” — they’ll all hang. As Kunstler says, “they keep adding crimes to cover crimes so now they HAVE to” …and the part is, we all know it now.

    ““The lesson we’ve taught Putin is that we’re a bunch of total f**king jokers..”

    That is hilarious, I’m glad someone noticed. So if we’re corrupt, hollow, worthless has-beens, then the Pound and US$ go 8:1 on the Yuan for starts, right? Understand?

    “• Biden Faces Impeachment Over Israel Weapons Suspension (RT)

    Do it, DO IT!!!! …Point is, Trump trips on a plane, Biden trips on a plane 5x. This is exactly what they said Trump was doing not giving arms to Ukraine. …And likewise Biden HAS been giving arms. So wtf?

    Chicken wire: or more like, Camera Tricks. You can see it in person quite well.

    Love the Chinese blocks, very nice. And good the be proud of your culture and lean into what makes you great and yourself.


    $61 Billion Congressional Grift for Ukronaziland

    “…the desperately needed 155-millimeter artillery shells were brought in from Romania on a ship, offloaded in Odessa into a warehouse and struck by two Iskander missiles. Boom….

    there goes a couple of billion dollars right there.”

    Poof, all gone

    Just like the Empire of Lies economy…….$2 trillion in debt


    Greatest Depression Ever Known



    Profession Manager Class




    I have not tuned into Karkhiv yet this morning. I expect to see the Russians doing what they always do. Ignore the gain or loss of territory. Grind up Ukraine military (parts and people) at a rate optimized for their grinder. Step forward to increase the feed. Step back to reduce the feed. Grind. Its not winning or losing. Its running the grinder. With this view the news is never a surprise.


    Duh=merica the Beautiful

    God shed His Grace on thee





    a kullervo

    No victory/failure is permanent.
    No defeat/success is definitive.

    Change doesn’t happenChange Is

    Change is everywhere – yet you can’t see It, only Its doings.

    Always act as if the Sacred can see you, ’cause even if you can’t see It, It surely sees you.

    Have a nice weekend.


    Ukraine A ‘Corrupt Shithole’ – Ex-Boris Johnson Adviser

    Until Boris’ head is impaled on a spike outside the Tower of London, Johnson still gets the last laugh, he ‘deliveried’ the Limey Sheeple to his Globohomo Masters!

    Mission Accomplished!




    Short Attention Span
    – Clinton Denounces Trump for Doing What She Did in 2016
    “This whole Ukrainian corrupt mafia state has basically conned us all and we’re all going to get f**ked as a consequence.”

    Western sanctions have been “more of a disaster” for the EU than for Russia, driving up the cost of living while pushing Moscow and Beijing closer together

    Between the sanctions regime and the US trying to seize frozen Russian assets, the West is encouraging the emergence of alternative global financial systems, – Dominic Cummings special adviser to the British PM Boris Johnson
    Russia’s military operation in Ukraine is a step towards defeating fascism and Nazism once and for all, – Dmitry Medvedev, former president and head of the Russian Security Council
    None of these dishonest persuasions work anymore, and all of the persuasion machinery stands in plain sight
    to distract the public from the crimes they committed during and after the 2016 election.
    The worst media meme — that a vicious officialdom is “defending our democracy” — gets laughed out of the room
    – • Carnival Rides (Kunstler)
    Everything still working
    An EMP or Solar Incident Could Result in Blackout Warfare

    A coronal mass ejection (CME) is an explosive outburst of solar wind plasma from the sun. The blast of a CME typically carries roughly a billion tons of material at speeds on the order of hundreds of kilometers per second. A CME contains radiation and powerful magnetic fields.

    John Day

    The Russians Took 12 Villages In The Kharkiv Region In Just 1 Day | Military Summary For 2024.05.10

    Another Solar Storm Coming, Level 5 Event | S0 News May.11.2024


    The Russian Organ Grinder

    grind, grind, grind…….

    The last bits of the SPG “Bogdan” artillery piece

    As the last of the artillery shells dry up there will be nothing tofire them with…..





    Here‘s Title 18’s clause that Tucker is referring to. While it does not say any illegal alien can vote, it does seem to indicate so-called “dreamers” who are now 18 can.

    Go to the wiki-p page on it and see what’s covered in title 18. Could anyone read the whole thing?


    A day late and a billion dollars short…

    The has-been Wonder Weapon of the Globohomos


    The Czech Republic Handed Over the First F-16 Fighter Jet Simulator to the Ukrainian Army

    The final humiliation for Empire of Lies Military Industrial Mafia

    The F-16 we be a skeet target clay pigeon for the Russian Aerospace forces to show the World what a tiny prick Duh’merica really has

    John Day

    US Power Grid & Communication Networks Survive Extreme Geomagnetic Storm


    There’s probably a better/cheaper version in every Game Store.
    The Czech Republic Handed Over the First F-16 Fighter Jet Simulator to the Ukrainian Army


    The impunity of Israel died with the birth of smart phone.
    (exemption from punishment or freedom from the injurious consequences of an action.

    Watch: The Insane Flip-Flops Over Vaccines, Masks And Ivermectin

    SATURDAY, MAY 11, 2024 – 06:00 AM
    This week AstraZeneca recalled its COVID-19 vaccine after admitting that it caused a ‘rare but serious’ clotting.

    Then we find that former CNN host Chris Cuomo has been taking Ivermectin, after mocking people for taking ‘dewoming medication,’ leading one to wonder how many dead Americans were dissuaded from taking it during the pandemic.

    And so, while there are a plethora of examples out there – and these barely scratch the surface, it’s worth watching a montage of authoritarians and their propagandists in the corporate media peddling lockdown hysteria, only to flip-flop with nary a mea culpa (Chris Cuomo blames ‘bad information’ – not his fault!).



    Apply the grinder concept to the southern end of the Dnieper River. The grinder has no feed if you are on opposite sides of the river. If the grinder crosses, it cant be serviced with the river at its back. In this case stepping back doesnt reduce the the feed. It brings it up from zero. It depends on Ukraines desperation for a win somewhere.

    John Day

    It’s still too early for this. They are not ready to devalue the $US, but this will be a critical late step to get it to $20k/oz or more.

    U.S. Representative Introduces Bill To End Federal Taxation On Gold And Silver

    Dr D Rich


    …but genuinely directed at all the Nancers, Giladerers, Drderers and DeaBee-esers out there.

    Nance Pelosi and GiladerDan1 are both Public Paper Shredders….always with these people .
    They invariably deliver textbook cases of Narcissistic Mortification.
    Invariably they never mean SAFE from physical injury.
    They invariably manifest a reaction to Public Shaming at the exposure of their flawed, inadequate self, ie, Israel’s repudiation at the UN General Assembly
    It smarts.
    It stings.
    My mere presence here shouldn’t bother you this much.

    “Narcissistic mortification is “the primitive terror of self dissolution, triggered by the sudden exposure of one’s sense of a defective self … it is death by embarrassment””

    ….and obvious sign of manipulation by a Cult leader. Let’s just call it what everyone finds uncomfortable to acknowledge, the modern embodiment of Leadership.

    The Leadership Cult.

    Notice your cringeworthy response (narcissistic mortification) the next time the term ‘leadership’ is invoked.

    Some ppl notoriously worship at the altar of Controllers’/Spellbinders’ two dominant cults, Money and Leadership.

    Deracination….there’s always vocabulary to illuminate or obscure the way


    @zerosum re: the simulator – This is gonna kinda veer off a bit.

    MS Flight Simulator is very good right now (some bugs), and the next gen looks to be also good. The base program is ~$40 on Steam, but it is a ‘robust framework’ in which 3rd-party authors are writing extremely sophisticated models of planes. There is a price split where the ‘cool’ models that are mostly for fun range from $0-$50 or so. Then the range of actual ‘training’ models begins. Single airliner model could be $150+. The realism re: flight controls and aerodynamic behavior, even air traffic interaction, passenger support systems, is really amazing.

    But I noticed a disturbing trend. The more recent airliners leave less and less for the pilot to do, and after a while I feel like a monkey pressing the right button whenever I see a glyph on a screen. An odd, analogous thing happened about 20 years ago. Shortwave radio (HAM) certification dropped some cumbersome requirements, IIRC having to do with calculating radio behaviors and some other technical things. That’s it…dropping the little technical things…that contribute to a rounder comprehension of the subject. The professionals thusly trained are probably OK if they ‘stay on the freeway’ but would be lost out in the bush.

    John Day

    World’s Largest Floating Solar Farm Wrecked By A Storm Just Before Launch


    That’s it…dropping the little technical things…that contribute to a rounder comprehension of the subject.

    This is what I have seen generally over the last 20 years in the tech industry. In the 90s, in order to use a computer on the internet one had to have basic understanding of what a modem is and does (connect to a phone line, dial a number, negotiate connection with a server, and translate telephone signals as digital data), what a web browser is and its constituent important parts (address bar, web address, back button, reload button, bookmarks, http vs. https,) and how to navigate a basic file system graphically using Windows Explorer or Apple Finder. Now, none of these are formally taught, and the software is often written to obfuscate these functions. As a result, users often perperually feel like they are floundering in a shifting sea, just going wherever the current takes them…and they believe that this is “normal” and expected. I have found myself tutoring recent college graduates of PA or nurse practitioner school on basic computer functions — people who used laptops to graduate from college.


    Canada pitches in $76 million for ‘faster’ German air-defence systems in Ukraine to be destroyed/kill people while people are dying in the back streets of the cities.
    I’ve noticed that a lot of services, (eye exam, car diagnosis), require the proper operation of computerized specialized equipment.

    Dr. D

    Russia +100sq km today.

    Oh wait: what’s that I hear?

    “’Putin is on the ropes’ as he faces ‘devastating’ blow on seized Russian cash | Bill Browder”

    “Why Russia’s Military Strategy is Failing | Peter Zeihan”


    I’ve canvassed Moon of Alabama and Southfront — the only consensus I see on Kharkov so far is an increase in explosive stuff falling on Ukrainians in the area, no confirmation found (by me) of increased Russian forces.

    Until you see new and additional units being brought into line in the Kharkov area, I think it isn’t an offensive per se, just increased ammo use and the same limited forces walking into cleared areas.

    That would still constitute increased pressure, not disparaging it.

    Came across 1 interesting rumor about Russian Marines increasing training for a nighttime water landing, more noteworthy because it’s interesting than that there’s all that much to it.

    Having read Panzer Battles, Lost Victories, Panzer Leader, etc, my mind goes to big arrow movements of Germany 1941-1942 or USSR 1943-1944. They’ll cross the Dnieper, then turn North up its west bank while an offensive from Kharkov takes a run straight to the Dnieper. They’ll join hands somewhere north of Dnipro/Dnipropetrovsk/Yekaterinoslav (that covers its names into the 1700’s, anyway) bagging Ukraine’s entire southern front.

    Yeah right. They’ll take a few dozen villages.

    Idunno, I feel like Russia is capable of biting a chunk out of the front with a big arrow encirclement, which would certainly worsen Ukraine’s manpower problem. I suspect they’re happy to just sit there defending the same regions Ukraine was attacking back in 2014.

    Let them exhaust themselves without Russia ever invading or attacking – from a particular perspective, that is. Diplomatic warnings > recognition of independent regions > moving to defend them > incorporation – sets up a combination of DTP (duty to protect) and self defense. What is Russia doing? Defending Russians, they can say. But these crazy bastards keep throwing themselves at us to get at the people we are protecting. List of obvious attacks on civilians since 2014, etc.

    Dr D Rich

    Here’s the background:

    “Where Shredderers equal Spellbinders”

    Nancy Pelosi shredding

    Israeli and Jewish-faith-based individual Dan Gilader sp? shredding


    Ford explains it will have to stop selling petrol cars to poor people so it can meet government EV rules

    Tesla will receive grants for every car sold, Ford will receive fines for every ICE car sold over a certain number. No wonder Musk’s companies are such a success, he is the Israel of the corporate world, demanding gifts from poor tax payers and giving nothing back in return. That is how Musk’s companies are so successful, he is a big part of the machine driving the owners’ agenda. You think X is a bastion of free speech, don’t rely on it, it is owned by the people who own Musk and they are not on your side.


    In fact, don’t rely on any company to provide you with free speech and definitely not provacy. I cannot vet for this assessment of ProtonMail, but why would you not believe it …


    The job of the media and the politician, both jewowned, obviously, is to guide the sheep down the chute into the abattoir. They seem convinced they will prosper in the chaos they are creating. Wrong. Who is more delusional, the paid and blackmailed puppets bringing the chaos or the retards staring at TV…willfull participants in the escalading madness?


    The War on Gaza – 1.26.24

    Genocidal self-defense


    Framing Palestine

    … liberal Zionists have allegedly “sobered up.” They no longer believe in co-existence with Palestinians, and, in this respect, on the Palestinian question, they are closer to the Israeli far right than ever.

    Indeed, all their talk of being liberals is gone, they were all frauds, they were Zionists first and liberals second, they are captured. They are and always have been US citizens and nationalists for Zion. No wonder their skin crawls when they hear Trump say “Make America Great Again”, his fake US nationalism, which really hides his Zion nationalism, puts their own internal conflict in their faces.

    How the west has fucked itself in the head, it has no red lines, no principles, its citizens are frauds, they do not even support their own country first. At one time the dual-citizens were blamed for the Israel problem, but now we discover that so-called liberals were in on it, everybody was secretly a Zion nationalist, yet they also fly the US flag, so which nation comes first, the USA or Israel? Oh dear, someone drown that deformed puppy.

    Nationalism is supposedly a movement of the frustrated to improve their own country, not improve someone else’s country …. wow, Eric Hoffer would have a field day with this, he will have to rewrite his “True Believer” (yes, I know he is dead, maybe AI can do it for him), even the USA’s great philosopher did not realise how his fellow citizens were so fucked in the head.


    abattoir. abattoir. abattoir. Say it 3 times and it is so.


    The Israel-US game plan for Gaza is staring us in the face

    Some Americans can work it out when it happens in Ukraine, but when it happens in Zion, then they are blind.


    No reply from any of my congresspersons (sorry persons, for insulting you all by putting you next to congress) to my 2nd letter requesting no more free shit for Israel. They replied to the first one.

    Was it because I said “I don’t need this kind of shit from an ungrateful backstabbing money hole that never did me any good”? (Regarding HR 6090- the We Hate You For Your Freedoms bill)

    Dr D Rich

    Hey Dr D,
    Maybe you can solicit consultations from Scott Ritter and Danny Haiphong on this, another example of ongoing U.S. Navy dumbfuckery ’cause I hear you think they’re skilled video-makers-posters.

      Nothing new here folk.
      Let’s move along.
      The location: Naval Hospital Bremerton
      Commanding officer: nurse corps Catherine Wilson
      Command Master chief: some Lesbian
      NHB’s enlisted security personnel act under The Nurse Corps Commanding Officer’s authority.
      NHB’s enlisted security personnel operate under ombudsman care of the lesbian command master chief.
      NHB’s enlisted security personnel conducted surreptitious video recording of Active duty daughters and wives using dozens of dozens security cameras positioned on and about NHBs buildings and grounds.
      The leabian master chief hosted, showed and or attended the showing of the video to NHBs “goat locker” on NHB premises. A member of the goat Locker, a senior chief, was in attendance and possessed no reason to expect he would be viewing a recording of his wife and daughter.

      Yes you read that correctly. This senior Chief hospital corpsman was an unsuspecting participant in an ongoing, unprosecuted crime against his daughter and wife.
      And a nominal human being with nominal rank and authority over the senior Chief was HOSTESS to the festivities.
      Armed with this knowledge, senior chief Cowitz made the following fateful decision.
      Brad didn’t contact his boss the Director of Surgical Services nor the lesbian command master Chief nor Skipper C. Wilson nor NCIS nor Kitsap Sheriffs office nor Sy Hersh nor Danny fucking Haiphong.
      Bradley informed a Navy Captain not name Bruce Meneley AND informed him of his, Brad’s intent to “kill” the perpetrators.
      Contact the Master Chief.
      Put him on record.
      Find out whether it’s true Catherine Wilson “waived” the rights of His daughter and wife.

    Dr. D

    Sir, I am not your booking agent. It’s not hard to get on if you just ask. Everyone needs content and loves salacious stories, especially if it trashes the United States.

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