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    René Magritte The therapeutist 1937   • The Biden Re-Election Strategy (Victor Davis Hanson) • “Up to a Third” of Illegal Immigrants Are Register
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    Dr. D

    “it’s Covid-19 all over again, a second crack at controlling everything you do and every choice you might make by a cabal of governments and corporations, in other words, an international gang of fascists.” — Kunstler

    Thank you. Finally we can use the correct words to describe the accurate situation, therefore make practical, workable responses. This is what lies do. That’s it. That’s their purpose. So this is what telling the truth does: it fixes things.

    “These birds are not kidding around, though anyone can see the megalomania on display, the grandiose will-to-power that seeks to subjugate the plebes of the world — and radically decrease our numbers — so that a remaining tiny elite can enter into a post-modern, techno-transhuman utopia uncluttered with us “useless eaters.” The corporate money and organizational mojo out of Davos is behind what amounts to a homicidal racketeering scheme masquerading as disease prevention.”

    Okay, that’s also accurate but you have to be careful, we’re attributing intent which can only be implied, and trying to communicate this to others who may not be as far along as you are.

    “as currently being demonstrated by the Covid shots, are covertly designed to kill as many people as possible over a long period of time by switching off the natural defenses of your immune system…This might sound like a paranoid sci-fi movie, but, alas, the first phase has already happened ”

    Again, we have the 6-sigma numbers from everywhere, but people may not be up to speed on things like “Data”. Clearly doctors aren’t.

    “Netanyahu Says Israel Can ‘Win’ Fight Against Hamas in Gaza Without US Help

    Sold! Take you up on that offer and stop all aid of any kind today. Look on the bright side: as a American and neutral we’re not sanctioning or embargoing you. Yet.

    “Trump is Broke!” — Times Radio. Scaramucci, who can’t live anywhere in NY or Long Island unless he disavows DJT.

    He puts the Trump will lose case very well and plausibly for a change. I appreciate that. He’s just on Times Radio and claims Trump has no money. That neither seems credible.

    (PS, Times says “Russia has no tanks”. Yup! Totally out. Not makin’ any At. All. Also this is Russia’s last chance, they’re tapped, this is their Final Offensive.)

    Paul Pelosi attacker gets 30 years. I have mixed feelings about this, even if he’s guilty. It seems like 3x, 10x any normal assault, however, it could have ended in murder. So we’re playing super favorites with public figures? They’re worth 10x 100x any normal man? Yes, maybe, but also high profile people are easier to attack. Some random guy in Kansas I’m not going to take a bus to his house, so you do need more dissuasion for public figures. Still, I feel like that’s a terrible look and you need the optics to look like “Fair or generous” while still being safe.

    It’s well-noted that in this case I still have NONE of my original questions resolved. Who what where when why. I still feel Paul was guilty somehow, and this guy was innocent somehow. So total failure on a key element of public justice. Sad day all around. Seemed like a nice guy, but lost. It happens.

    Boomerang Agencies: yeah sounds all cool ‘n stuff. …Except if you don’t kill your husband but hire a hit man to do it, the law says it’s the same thing. Or worse. As soon as they reach out, intend to do this, it’s still a crime. That it becomes a more difficult crime to prove is cool for them, but it makes me madder about it so that I’d come down harder about it. That’s how it’s supposed to work, we already know no one in govt can be held to account. For anything. Ever.

    There is no break of the law, the constitution that cannot be approved. There is no single murder or multiple they won’t authorize. There is no election fraud they would oppose, no bribe they wouldn’t take. Taxes well spent, I say.

    Quote below: the CIA. Complains about “Disinformation”. Please.

    . Elon announced that Twitter is gone for good, and all the core systems have now migrated to the X domain.”

    Why. What a dum-dum. Zero people like X better. Most still call it Twitter. What’s a single post on that? An “Ex”? Stupid all the way down.

    “All the cases are politically motivated, with many coordinated with the White House..”

    That’s what the people need to see. They still don’t. And some of us have lost patience. Yes, I understand your magical “Plan”. But I disapprove of it and and am moving rapidly to “Don’t care, good luck with that.” So you’ve lost my support, and even my attention.

    “• “Up to a Third” of Illegal Immigrants Are Registered To Vote (NTB)
    I know there were still those among us who were truly convinced that 2024 was going to be maybe, sort of, somehow, a fair fight.”

    Proving my point. And there will be no election as we know it. This is already past-tense, so that even at this point, there’s no such thing as an election if people even THINK there isn’t. That’s now behind us. So, how’s your master Plan now?

    “Robert Fico, was gunned down a few days after he announced his country would opt out.”

    I guess we have several new motives. He was also going to investigate, so imagine if their mega-mass-murder was popping up in the news over repression, in a population where everyone is mysteriously dying? Again, several cancers around me. No curiosity. It’s not the One Thing. Just “It happens”. Sure it does: but didn’t you just anecdotally notice 4x the usual number? Anecdotes are hard to see clearly though, as with individual datum are by definition lumpy.

    ““Transphobia” was added to the name in 2009, followed by “ Biphobia” in 2015,”

    Part of the problem is people of my type are tolerant and don’t bother with this, but I have to push back on the whole word here. No one is “Phobic”. There is zero Phobia. “Phobia” is an irrational fear of. No one is afraid. Never have been, not a lot, not a little bit, not at all. Never have been. That’s WHY they beat up gay-boi in the street as a lark in 1974, because they were NOT afraid, they were easy targets. And also forgotten that they harassed him only because they didn’t find a more interesting dust-up at the bar. Harassing gays is strictly second-rate entertainment, only if you can’t find something actual to do. NOT caring about them at all, never thinking about them, don’t care. …Or that’s my perception as this whole thing moved from fringe to mainstream.


    And that’s several levels away from “Phobic”. Why do I bother mentioning? Just demonstrates how the whole thing is a lie. Lies all the way down. Lies all the way up. Hey, yes you can’t punch gays or even harass them: guess what? That was always a crime, and in the U.S. you used to be always legal to be armed to stop it real fast. So they’ve lied about WHAT is happening, WHEN it’s happening, WHY it’s happening, WHO it’s happening to and from, and therefore WHAT to do about it. When you do that, you make all kinds of truly terrible responses that don’t work at all, waste a lot of time and effort, fail, and engender hard feelings worldwide that boomerang and make everything way worse. …And we see it HAS, proving my theory. TELL THE TRUTH. Then it will be a lot easier to achieve your goals of good treatment of your people, and everyone else too. Nope. When it comes out that things are getting worse not better: keep going.

    So if you want to know why people get in the attitude of checking out, already saying no the minute an acronym comes up: this is why. Clearly they are shopping for ENEMIES, not allies. And so they find them.

    “• Ukraine Formally Asks NATO To Send Troops For First Time (ZH)

    Other commenters throughout NATO and some Congressmen have said “Yeah, we know, that’s expected and inevitable.” O RLY? And you ALSO say that NATO is the defense and Russia is the aggressor, because those seem like #Opposites.

    Okay, suppose they do. It’s 1,000 men a day, with no chance. So you send an entire U.S. city there will last 100 Days to go with your $1 Trillion dollars. Or you will therefore give them air cover. Which means we have one jet in the area, which means we immediately have to put ALL our jets in the area. Which when we don’t have any, means EVERY jet in the West will be positioned there, with none at home. …Which can only be interpreted as a full mobilization, total war and WWIII.

    …That’s BESIDES that the presence of ONE jet will cause Russia to counter with Zircons, etc certainly in theatre but likely in nearby nations that host them, leading to a missile-exchange that escalates rapidly to ICBMs in Portsmouth in like 96 hours.

    But okay, you want to send 1,000 men a day Unprotected, you be my guest. NATO only has like 100,000 in all countries combined, as they’re a paper accounting fraud and have no gas, trucks, or support for actual men, and would at that point have no army whatsoever capable of controlling, much less defending, the home country.

    …Then I guess corporations would take over since governments would cease to exist? What would France, eg, have at that point? No army, no resources, no conscription, and no Euro-Army either. Riots unchecked and uncheckable. Paribas would buy their army from Blackwater though.

    I’d say think this through but that’s logic and common sense. Also law and morality, and we don’t do that. That’s where you get to when you’re #AntiLogos.

    “In defiance of repeated warnings from the Biden administration, the Ukrainian military continues ramping up kamikaze drone attacks”

    You’re kidding, right? That’s like us sending Israel ten thousand 2,000lb bombs on the condition they don’t use them. If you’re not going to use them, why send them? “It’s not whether you win or lose, but where you place the blame.” …For weasels.
    And this is going to do what, exactly? Don’t you think that firepower should be pointed at AN ARMY? Suppose any of this mattered. Suppose Ukraine could take 100% Russian oil offline for years. It would still take 12 months for Russian war machine and industry to wind down because of it. So that wouldn’t work even if it WOULD work, so all they’re doing each day is pissing Russia off.

    “• The West Has an Illiterate Financial Press (Paul Craig Roberts)

    True. But like ‘08 or ‘99, a hundred thousand of us online like TAE predicted all of this in painful detail and were all 90% correct. We’re the Press. We’re not illiterate. How can the “Press” be 100x worse than a bunch of guys in their basement unless they were specifically hired BECAUSE they were illiterate? Whoops, answered my own question.

    “The problem arrives when the dollar is deserted as world reserve currency.”

    Correct. But that is not happening fast enough, so we’re MAKING them stop using it, by sanctioning every nation worldwide. “You’ll stop using the US$ OR ELSE, mister!!!” Sold. Say no more.

    “The Federal Reserve and the institutions used to suppress gold and silver prices use naked shorts to control the price by dumping shorts into the futures market.”

    Yes and INFINITE naked shorts. Supported by every regulator. Who then found/didn’t find fraud and never fined while no one went to jail. All accounting fraud approved at the highest level. …Unless you’re a Presidential candidate, of course. And also the CME will change the rules 11 times in 24 hours like they did when Silver was at $50. This is also the exact model they are using on Bitcoin. For reasons I cannot fathom, the exact same people sign up feverishly for the exact same con. …Again, like the limits of people not to cause a bank run when seeing this much fraud, I thought people were slow on this, but not infinite. Clearly I am wrong and the level to which people, markets, tolerate open fraud is 10x – 100x what I have modeled. Even in crypto, or maybe especially there.

    ..The Tether appears to be 99% accounting fraud and appears to be the Fed owning Treasuries, that is, the core anchor of the present “Crypto system” appears to be the government. With the same 99% fraud they use everywhere else. ZERO of that needs to happen, that’s why we HAVE a “Blockchain”. No one uses it. They trade on Binance instead, 99% of actions never touching the blockchain. They’re all like a “Derivatives” market, bets on bets of bets of some other underlying thing. With no delivery.

    Anyway, point was Tether and USD are probably, HAVE to be the Fed or Treasury or their existence is inexplicable. Surely they need 100% approval of regulators, right Pocohantas? The entire crytpoverse immediately overlooks and ignores them, therefore that the entire cryptoverse is like 30% – 70% captured already. This fits with the CME Futures contracts on BTC that also have no delivery, ever. Everyone is buying NOT-Bitcoin, feverishly, so the contracts are feverishly NOT-Buying the asset. Then the Price does NOT rise due to the NOT-Buying.

    Sorry, I’m just sitting out here watching saying WTF? If you want to buy a bag of nothing, buy Tesla. What are you in Crypto for?
    Brings to mind the “Launching a joint-stock company that will invest in various things yet unknown” at the top of the South Seas Bubble.

    I don’t know how much clearer I can make it. Yet it never matters – it all runs on emotion and perception, devoid of any reality.

    Anyway, PCR may be equally suspicious that a market rigged since 1934 or earlier suddenly breaks out and marches gracefully upward while attracting no attention? A: No he would not. He still thinks there ARE markets even as he says there are NOT, because they are rigged and controlled. Okay, so WHO decided to let the rig march upward instead of defending $1650 to the death? You just said it was rigged, so WHO, and WHY?

    A: Ask Luongo. At least his analysis on this doesn’t contradict itself.

    Also IF this can happen, THEN there doesn’t have to be a one-action collapse. It will be a rotation, an evolution, a conversion like changing a company computer system while it’s running. Very unsatisfying but isn’t that what markets are all about? Again, you don’t want to predict the Crash, Armageddon, WWIII because you can only be right once, and if you’re right it won’t matter.
    The non-rigging, or less-rigging, to try to let gold march up to an actual equilibrium price, whereupon it’s safe to stop rigging it, would bring us back to free markets, wouldn’t it? That is to say, like raising rates to 5%, forces ACTUAL Capitalism again? Trying to install and get the wheels turning without breaking things? It’s being RE-installed the way Capitalism was UN-installed. One step at a time. One UN-f*cking at a time.

    Or you can have a collapse, starvation, cannibalism, mad max and WWIII, your choice. A little hard work to re-install truth and price discovery into the market never hurt anyone, right?

    The march up of gold price has to mean the White Hats are winning and taking action. What else could it mean? I mean, it’s not price-rigging/insider trading, and it’s not “Disaster Capitalism”.

    “He served 23 months in prison as a result of his attempts to oppose the Bush administration’s torture program.”

    And all of them, like this was done under Obama, right? Then Trump didn’t pardon everyone involved or re-open and prosecute all the prosecutors. This is Australia which has no rights at all like other Commonwealths, but I can point at the same abuses here.

    “Vitalik Buterin Says OpenAI’s GPT-4 Has Passed The Turing Test (CT) “

    People say they can’t tell if they’re talking to a machine or not. I have that sensation in WalMart all the time.

    And let’s see: A single computer consuming the electricity of 30,000 humans can fool ONE human 50% of the time. …I’m guessing that’s not economical or scalable. Where are all the guys saying that’s not Green? A: IT KILLS HUMANS, therefore the Greens are all for it. Hatred and harm of humans is a primal, visceral, irrational, essential core value. So primary it goes as unnoticed as the dry ground or water to a fish. Always kill humans. Always make them miserable. Every where, every time, for every reason you can think of. Why? Are humans not animals too?


    “This means that a machine fooled humans into thinking it was one of them more often than not.”

    Most of the humans around me have no critical thinking processes at all so would likely fail at the Turing Test as well. Listening to their conversations as they parrot MSM talking points shows little to no curiosity in their thought process what so ever. I’m thinking the bar for the Turing test has been set pretty low as of late.

    John Day

    Lasr night zerosum wrote: “Weather report coming from Texas don’t sound good.
    Hope everything is fine with you and yours.”

    Thank You, Z. We are fine. Storms hit Houston. My friend’s daughter became “homeless” Thursday night. High voltage power towers were toppled, too. I spent yesterday afternoon doing mowing and gardening in Yoakum. Back to that this morning, Amigo.

    those darned kids

    are you violating the prime directive if you try to tell your own neighbours that they’re screwing up.

    “nope, no way, buddy, it ain’t no will and it ain’t no landru. wake the f up!”

    John Day

    What means, “on orbit”?
    ‘Elon Musk, the CEO of Starlink, wrote that Starlink’s satellites were under pressure during the solar storm on the company’s website, but SpaceX has since reported that “all Starlink satellites on-orbit weathered the geomagnetic storm and remain healthy.”’,geomagnetic%20storm%20and%20remain%20healthy.%E2%80%9D
    Dima at Military Summary says the Ukrainian Army was blind for the first part of the Russian offensive last week, due to Starlink outage, now being investigated.

    Russians know space-weather is part of the battlefield. They may have augmented the geomagnetic solar storm effects on Starlink for the occasion.
    This would doubly explain their element of surprise. They saw the x-class solar flares from Wednesday 5/8 onward, and determined THEN to act early.

    John Day

    US Sending Nuclear-Powered Carrier For ‘Higher Stakes’ Red Sea Mission

    Somehow appropriate that “Truman” should go down with “Israel”.

    The Pentagon is now readying the next step, sending the USS Harry S. Truman nuclear-powered aircraft carrier into the Red Sea. US military magazine Stripes writes of recent planning: “The nuclear-powered aircraft carrier and its 6,000-some sailors have spent recent months training in the western Atlantic Ocean for that mission — a rare, pre-planned deployment expected to take the ship into a hostile environment.”


    Very Important
    World Wide Exstream Weather Impacting Life Sustainability

    Not as important as exstream weather

    • “Up to a Third” of Illegal Immigrants Are Registered To Vote (NTB)

    Republicans recently introduced legislation to require proof of citizenship in U.S. elections, though it is highly unlikely to pass Congress, let alone get signed by the president.
    Citizenship Evidence
    When applying in person for a passport, provide primary evidence of U.S. citizenship:

    The type of evidence you provide depends if you were born in the United States or born outside the United States.
    If you cannot provide primary evidence, provide secondary evidence.

    Examples of Primary Citizenship Evidence
    I was born in the United States
    Provide a U.S. birth certificate that meets these requirements:
    Issued by the city, county, or state of birth
    Lists applicant’s full name, date of birth, and place of birth
    Lists parent(s)’ full names
    Has the signature of the city, county, or state registrar
    Has the date filed with registrar’s office (must be within one year of birth)
    Has the seal or stamp of the city, county, or state which issued it
    Full validity, undamaged U.S. passport.
    Full validity means the document is or was valid for 10 years for adults and 5 years for children under 16.

    Make sure your birth certificate looks like our sample image:
    Sample of a U.S. Birth Certificate
    An image of sample features of a U.S. birth certificate

    I was born outside the United States
    Full validity, undamaged U.S. passport.
    Full validity means the document is/was valid for 10 years for adults and 5 years for children under 16.
    Consular Report of Birth Abroad or Certification of Birth
    Certificate of Naturalization
    Certificate of Citizenship

    Examples of Secondary Citizenship Evidence

    I became a U.S. citizen through my parent who naturalized or through the Child Citizenship Act of 2000
    If you were born outside the United States and got U.S. citizenship through the naturalization of your parent(s), submit:

    Your foreign birth certificate listing your parent(s)
    Evidence of your parent’s U.S. citizenship such as a U.S. birth certificate, Consular Report of Birth Abroad (CRBA), or naturalization certificate
    Evidence of your permanent residence status. Examples include:
    Permanent Resident Card/Green Card
    Foreign passport with the original I-551 visa entry stamp
    Your parents’ marriage certificate (if your parents were married when you legally entered the U.S. and before your 18th birthday)
    Documentation of legal custody when you entered the United States, if your parents were not married at that time. If your parents divorced after you entered the United States, provide documentation of legal custody at the time of your parent’s naturalization
    Evidence that you resided in the United States in the legal and physical custody of your U.S. citizen parent
    Evidence of your legitimation (if your parents were not married at the time of your birth). Legitimation means a father – whose child was born when he was not married – establishes a full legal relationship to his child. Establishing this relationship gives the father the same rights and obligations as if his child had been born while married to the child’s mother.
    Examples of legitimation include:
    Your parents’ marriage certificate dated after your birth
    Certified court order of legitimation
    Please see U.S. Citizenship Laws & Policy for more information.

    Basseterre Kitona

    “Researchers at the University of California San Diego recently published a preprint paper titled “People cannot distinguish GPT-4 from a human in a Turing test.”

    Sorry but this probably tells more about the declining intelligence of the general human population than it does about any advancement in computer technology.

    For the last 10-15 years, I’ve been thinking that all of mainstream media (i.e., NY Times, Wash Post, WSJ, CNN, NBC, etc.) is full of poor writing produced bye morons. Consequently, it is hardly surprising that current AI models can produce similar quality.

    Frankly, I think that we are a long ways from any sort of AI being a threat to humans…assuming that there are at least a handful of us who can maintain our natural intelligence & wit.


    “….Standing up for the rights of LGBTQ people is one of the reasons for NATO’s existence, Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg suggested on Friday.>>>”

    As a cross dressing Globohomo® Satanic Stoltenberg pushes institutional perversion as ‘normal’ as part of a One World too clever by half fake psy-op phuckery.

    At the heart of the whole trans-whatever push is the core goal of accelerated depopulation.

    A huge portion of the up and coming younger generation infected with Woketardary will never raise a cohort of healthy, stable, ‘normal’ children.

    They’re circus freaks.


    Birth rates globally in the majority of countries, especially the West and Asia are well below replacement rate of 2.1 kids per woman.

    The more ‘educated’ the women, the less the birth rate.

    The more ‘feminist’ the women, the less the birth rate.

    The more ‘financially successful’ the women, the less the birth rate.

    And on and on…….

    Just meeting a decent guy to form a stable relationship with for a lot of women is hard enough.

    Look at the pool of young men coming up and their myriad short comings and baggage.

    Men have ‘baggage’, women have ‘luggage’.

    Look at the divorce rate, it’s closer to 66.6% divorce rate on the East and West coasts and 33% in the mid-section of Duh’merica.

    Look at run away inflation and the cost of houses for young families.

    Who but the privileged silver spoon in mouth crowd can afford kids in an even middle middle class life style.

    So the ‘baby bust’ among the average Duh’merican is now a self reinforcing death spiral.

    One of the undiscussed aspects of the illegal migrant invasions is how many babies they will crank out before getting assimilated into the low birthrate mentally culture.

    But even more telling is that all the debit card benefits and free hotel rooms and food cards illegal migrants get is actually propping up what left of the consumer economy

    The velocity of money peaked in 2000 and has been sliding downward to this day.

    That is a collapse in consumer spending that only an infusion of cash to illegal non citizens can fix in a hidden manner.

    Pump tons of money to the illegal migrants and mask the fact that the real economy is a dead horse.

    Great if you are lying about the state of the union to the Sheeple to get re-elected for another term of graft and embezzlement.

    The End

    And that Globohomo® remake of Romeo & Juilet

    Well, that going well….

    It’s like Déjà Vu all over again


    Separated at birth!



    All the things of humanity are crushed murderously, leaving only a Black Mirror. (in an APPLE ADVERTISEMENT)

    Humans murdered in effigy:

    1. The sketching figure, looking up, hands raised protectively in horror 0:27 and 0:41

    2. A human face sculpture being crushed, upturned face mercilessly crushed 0:28

    3. A cute children’s TV show character looks upward at its doom before obliteration 0:35

    4. The most basic of emoticons is the smiley face. A pyramid of emoticons, as if aware of in reaction to their doom either facing it with gritted teeth, laughing tears, or very worried. A worried one rolls to the edge but is caught, looks unhappy while squozen, has its eyeballs popped out as it too meets its end. As brutal, in effigy, as a death in Scanners or something 0:44

    Video ends with paint dripping out the sides – feels like blood-in-effigy.

    Are we supposed to believe the crushing and destruction of all the human sentiments, human endeavors is supposed to communicate all these things are INSIDE the ipad? But we can SEE them all being DESTROYED.

    Things that don’t even make sense, like clothing design or sculpture get crushed and these things CERTAINLY are not “inside” the new ipad, how could they be? And there’s just little things, like an architect’s model of a house that gets crushed – not an office building, not a public building, but someone’s home.

    How the Gillette ad communicated “We feel the same about Men how the Nazis felt about Jews” …somebody hates humanity, hates sentience, hates all soul or spirit found anywhere in the universe.

    for this I strongly recommend popping out a separate window for full view:

    Pro Youtube Tip: if you pause a youtube video, you can then use , and . to advance or roll back frame by frame. If you hold them down, it keeps it moving forward or backward. Lots of detail in this video.

    Somebody out there really, deeply hates you. To the point some new word is needed beyond hate. Holy fuck.


    In orbit means its up there somewhere. On orbit means it is in its intended operational orbit.


    My headline:
    Chat GPT finds lying best way to pass Turing test



    @ Red
    I’m thinking the bar for the Turing test has been set pretty low as of late.

    Another possibility is that humans have become so accustomed to the doublespeak that is encouraged by corporate America who gives no power to its employees actually working with customers that any computer who uses that style of speech is indistinguishable from a human doing the same.

    Related issue:

    I get my federal tax refund in check form. I don’t deposit it in my personal bank account because there are judgments against me. (This fall I really need to declare bankruptcy and get this behind me.). I’d rather not lose a portion of the money to a check cashing place, so the past couple of years I signed the check over to my dad, he deposited it into his account, and once it funded he gave me the money. A few weeks back we went together to the local bank branch, and the bank manager told us that she has no idea why or when it started, but they cannot accept the deposit of a federal tax refund check into the account of someone not named on the check. Hunh? No recourse of action, the bank manager’s out was that “her hands were tied,” “she had no power,” she was, in essence, merely the errand-boy of a faceless bureaucracy.

    My dad was displeased and called his broker (with the same bank) the next day. 2 weeks later we followed the broker’s advice: we traveled 2 miles down the road to a “premier branch” (which closes daily at 4 pm — convenient for retirees, inconvenient for the rabble,) and attempted the same procedure. The teller had no problem — did not have to call the bank manager over — and deposited the check. (I was reminded by the teller that once the check was deposited I’d have no access to the money. It’s alright, I said, I’ve known him a long time — I trust him. She’s my daughter, my dad added.)

    On the way back to my house we discussed how the rules for the poor are much stricter than they are for those with money. Yet, those with money are the ones with the capacity to get the ears of elected lawmakers!

    In the past week I also found out that Chase bank only allowed cash payments to credit cards from people named on the credit account and that ID must be provided to use cash to pay a credit card balance. All of this just makes me more determined than ever to continue using cash.


    Back in the day a WW2 vet I knew as a kid said that in the pacific theater if you left camp and tried to return there was a daily password to get back in. One day the password was “What is the third verse of the Star Spangled Banner.” Anyone who could answer was shot. That’s a good Turing test too. Anyone who knows that is not human.

    Dr. D

    Important? picked this up although it was posted only a few minutes ago:

    “I Quit Smoking Pot & Here’s What I Learned” Jimmy Dore

    Well, more relevant than Russia taking three more towns.


    Russians are very clever at battlefield innovations.

    The new head of Russian defense is going to be streamlining the process of soldiers in the field coming up with combat solutions and getting tthe ones that work well produced and distributed along the contact line.

    Russia Has Developed an Anti-drone Shotgun Cartridge with a Kevlar Fiber Netting Instead of Shot.

    I interesting idea.


    Empire of Lies Humvee Tries to Outrun Russian Drone

    Run, baby needs a new pair of shoes!

    Michael Reid

    Jimmy Dore may be suffering from lack of pot

    Putin’s Presser Prior to Leaving China

    MAY 18, 2024


    Kunstler, like Naomi Wolf, will never, ever ever take a good look at the Tribe. Surely they can’t be murdering and starving all these women and children, handcuffing prisoners and shooting them in the head. Dancing on the graves. These are demons, who want the goyim dead.. It’s right there to see, but no one wants to see it, like 911. I often wonder if I’m already in Hell.


    In Ukraine, today, May 18th, is Full Mobilization Day!
    The streets of Kiev and Odessa are empty!
    The beaches of Odessa on the Black Sea are deserted too!

    On Monday morning, I wonder how many Ukrainian workers will bother to show up for work?
    This might really backfire if the Ukrainian economy shuts down even more than it is already?
    Then the Ukrainian gov might need even more money, to keep it going!

    Ukraine is targeting Russian refineries to try and force Russia to sell more crude on the world market to lower oil prices!
    This is 180 opposite of lying Joe “supposedly” telling Ukraine to stop droning Russian refineries!

    Just like lying Joe putting on 100% tariffs on Chinese EVs to protect US auto worker&’s jobs!
    Instead this protects the 3 biggest Chinese EV companies’ investing in building EVs in Mexico and then importing the EVs tariff free into the US wiping out all US based EV manufactoring plants!

    Everything Joe says is a lie!
    That is why the US Deep state loves Joe so much!

    The Uniparty is importing illegal aliens into the US in huge numbers to try and hide the fact that the US economy is collapsing!

    Greater numbers of young Chinese men are now crossing the US/Mexican border in search of work.
    This because China’s economy has slowed down in the last year or so and unemployment has spiked.

    Some of China’s slowdown is due to US Sanctions and the US reset7ting the global supply chain away from China.
    At the same time China is also trying to reset it’s supply chains to be more independent of the US.
    China is also trying to become more independent of possible future USD weaponization and sanctions.
    China’s central bank has been steadily reducing it’s US Treasury bond holdings and buying more gold.

    But Xi efforts to increase central control of the Chinese economy is also playing a greater role beneath the surface too.
    Xi has been suppressing individual freedoms especially of private Chinese entrepreneurs.
    For example, you no longer hear a peep from Jack Ma or any Chinese media influencers.
    Xi wants innovations to flow from the top down instead of the west’s bottom up.
    AI is being held back from being implemented in China. Saving jobs?
    It will take some time but eventually Xi;’s need for central control will weigh down and slow China’s future economic growth.
    Chinese demographics are also not helping matters either.

    Right now China’s entrepreneurs are keeping a low profile with their heads down and trying to get their wealth out of China.
    Many Chinese companies are setting up new plants in other countries like Vietnam, Thialand, etc. or Mexico to retain access to the US/European markets as global supply chains are reset.
    Right now China is experiencing capital outflows as a result of both Xi’s and US’s actions.

    If you are Chinese, and can’t get your money out of the country, you have very few choices for investing your savings.
    You have either real estate or gold.
    Now you know why gold is going up!

    Gold is probably saying more about China right now than about the US/Europe.



    You could probably cheer up Jimmy Dore by sending him some world famous Newfie Screech and a pot bellied stove to heat up the screech!
    Some islander outport music would help nicely set the right mood!


    The lamas figuring out the rope fence reminds me of how we used to keep my son safely locked inside the fenced deck area at the cottage, when he was little.
    The gate was kept locked by using a simple hook and eye mechanism located on the outside of the gate.

    Then bright and early one morning, my son proudly showed me how to unlock the hook from the eye, and then open the gate!
    From that moment on, we just kept the gate open!
    My son had graduated!


    That US pier in Gaza was probably a no bid grift gift to someone in the US.
    No new pier was need considering there was already an existing pier near by.
    But the new pier sure does say loud and clear, no Palestinians in Gaza are straving to death!


    WES said

    That US pier in Gaza was probably …

    Either you believ that every village on the Mediterranean had 350 million USD to build their fishing piers, because that is all this is, or you think that someone is stealing some cash AND that the government is letting you know that they are stealing, because you are powerless and they are not.

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