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    Théodore Géricault Prancing Grey Horse 1812   • I Don’t Know Of A Bigger Story In The World (NC) • The Drug That Cracked Covid (Michael Capuzzo)
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    V. Arnold

    Théodore Géricault Prancing Grey Horse 1812

    I’ll call it “The Prancing Ghost”…
    I love it, just for it’s visual presence….stunning, etherial, and haunting……
    Thanks Ilargi…………..

    V. Arnold

    Oh, and the covid gambit…
    The obvious (now) proaganda operation has been exposed for the control program it amost was…
    I think it failed; but maybe not quite for for the less informed/courious….
    …the vaccine gambit is the other more dangerous program…you may not have the choice of opting out…what then…?…

    V. Arnold

    This, in my opinion is an absolute must read…

    Pentagon’s UFO PsyOps Fuel Russia, China War Risk

    I’m with Carl Sagen; who opines we’ve never been visited by aliens; we’re too far from any, and everything; we’re too small; and just insignificant in the larger universe………….


    Re the UFOs Caitlin Johnstone warned that things would get weird. I take my cue from the incomparable Hunter S Thompson: ‘When things get weird the weird go pro.


    V. Arnold, yes being essentially forced to take the vaccine looks like a reality. Here’s how I see that in the grand scheme: as bad as the vaccine may be, most of us imbibe or are exposed to numerous toxic or at least very unhealthy substances on a daily basis. Examples: flame retardants in fabrics, plastic residues in many foods, hormone-disrupting chemicals, glyphosate in many foods disrupting immune function, particulates from burning fossil fuels or firewood for home heating, scented products added to everything imaginable, artificial sweeteners, vegetable fats. If you watch American tv, you see numerous ads inviting people to participate in lawsuits launched against big pharma for harm done to consumers by their products. Then behind all this, is the tidal wave of environmental destruction of our forests and all other species, culminating with destruction of the climate that runs everything. In this context, and looking back on some of the “bad choices” of my youth, a vaccine looks like not a great thing added to a pretty bad pile of stuff…


    I should have added radiation from 5G, as well as from air travel, oh and those new induction cook tops apparently give off a lot of radiation. Also, so does the google phone in my hand…

    V. Arnold

    All I read from your writing is rationalization for justification…
    The vaccine is at the same level of bad as many things in life; often we have no choice; but, when we do, do we then capitulate for the equal evil?
    I think not…


    @ V Arnold, link to UFO article. Good read. Agreed. PsyOps. And if it isn’t PsyOps and there really are UFOs with the capabilities being described, and whoever is flying these UFOs is interested in our planet, we might as well bend over and kiss it goodbye since there’s little we could do to defend ourselves anyhow. 😉

    PS … if the quality of the videos being released is the best our military can do we have bigger problems than UFOs.


    @ sumac.carol … I’m never taking the vaccine. Period. We’re exposed to chemicals in everything, no doubt, but we don’t inject them in our bodies via a needle that bypasses every natural defense nature has provided.


    Correction: I’m never GETTING the vaccine. It appears I’m being indoctrinated into the new narrative. In the past we did not refer to it as “taking” a vaccine. It was referred to as “getting” a vaccine (at least here in the US). Subtle difference but worth noting. I’m trying to stick with the old message as it’s a more accurate description.

    Mister Roboto

    tl;dw: Universal indoor masking only helps a teeny-tiny smidge if at all. (So can we ditch these annoying face-diapers, now? Pretty please with purple sugar sprinkles on it?)


    I’ll get the vaccine when the social credits system now being introduced leaves me in a state with a higher risk of lower life expectancy than taking the toxic jab.
    Oh and I am being tracked and analysed by another state govt. here in Aus who keep sending me nice messages on my phone to kindly let me know that they know that I am not home in Victoria and that they want me to report my current health status so they can decide whether I will be forced into isolation for a 14 day quarantine (with my 2 year old).
    One day I will throw this phone (tracking device into a hole in the ground)

    Dave Note

    The UFO BS is another psy-op distraction for the Plebs, an intelligence test of sorts.

    Will you pass it?

    It’s part of the “how humiliating can we the PSTB dump on you the plebs” and see who’s really stupid and who’s not.

    Propaganda is now more like a lobotomy than anything else.

    Let’s see how incredibly we can stretch reality before it snaps like an old rubber band.

    The Pathocrats will roll out ‘Aliens caused the Plandemic’

    Half of the US population will lap it up like a dog eating it’s own barf.

    Dave Note

    The Ivermectin story by Michael Capuzzo is a Return of the Prodigal Son story

    The NYT-Pravda cult on the Hudson doesn’t deal in truth at all but finally when one of their Golden Boys like Mike actually have a family emergency, the dim little light at the back of their skulls starts blinking DefCon 1

    So sad.

    Chris Martenson covered Ivermectin in excruciating detail Months ago!

    Where was Capuzzo then???

    The Ivermectin scoop belongs to Chris Martenson not to ‘late to the party’ Capuzzo.

    To bad Mike didn’t WTFU earlier.

    It’s getting personal for libtards

    Mister Roboto

    @Dave Note: If some lives can be saved because the remaining active brain-cells of a handful of blue-state-big-city neo-libs are belatedly firing, I’ll take that.

    I hope everybody posted a link to Capuzzo’s article everywhere they could post it. I announced on my Facebook page the inauguration of something I’m calling “Ivermectin Monday Morning”. 🙂

    Mister Roboto

    Chris Martenson covered Ivermectin in excruciating detail Months ago!

    Yep, and his coverage got censored off of YouTube by those same blue-state-big-city shit-libs.


    Only half of the US population?


    @ oxymoron: that is downright creepy. Holy cow.


    The propaganda against Ivermectin ….
    “we have affected the most sensitive organ on humans: the wallet…”
    There has to be more reasons than “the wallet”
    WHO, WHY and HOW are basic questions that are being ignored by anyone and almost everyone looking into Ivermectin.

    If you want to promote a nasal spay containing ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine as the active ingredients to fight covid 19 why would a news article contain the negative propaganda?


    A must read report: Is this our future?

    COVID in India

    COVID in India
    May 25, 2021 | Author Jayant Bhandari
    This article originally appeared in Liberty Magazine and is republished with permission.
    Editing and image captions by PT

    Jayant Bhandari grew up in India. He advises institutional investors on investing in the junior mining industry. He
    writes on political, economic and cultural issues for several publications. He is a contributing editor of the Liberty magazine. He runs a yearly seminar in Vancouver titled Capitalism & Morality

    Covid in India

    Covid in India
    May 14, 2021

    This is a story of foolish rulers, completely hollowed out institutions, and a pathetically irrational and tribal society.

    The COVID crisis is minting money for the merchants of death, leaving millions in desperate financial situations.

    India’s Hunger Games: India has passed a critical state, from which there is no going back–the institutions that the British left behind now wholly hollowed out, devoid of their original meaning. They have been filled with tribalism, sadism, S&M, exploitation & irrationality.


    The Ivermectin scoop belongs to Chris Martenson not to ‘late to the party’ Capuzzo.

    You’re serious?

    Dr. D


    “This floods the patient’s body with the very spike protein that the Salk Institute has now identified as the smoking gun cause of vascular damage and related events (such as blood clots, which are killing many people who take the vaccines).
    Put simply, it means the vaccines were designed to contain the very element that’s killing people.”

    Although usually impassive, I was up with nightmares about it and much more.


    Thanks Dr. D I was trying to stop smoking but I don’t think I’ll bother any longer.


    Only a complete idiot would take the jab now that so much is out on social media.

    Do not get jabbed – no matter the pressure/inducements/coercion. Period.

    Watch and weep.


    John Day

    Foreknowledge. Coordination:

    Clashes between protesters and Israeli police flared up in Jerusalem in mid-April 2021 over the eviction of Palestinian families from the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood.

    Hamas’s missile fire against Israel and the Netanyahu government’s response did not occur until May 10.

    The Biden administration told Congress that it will deliver $ 735 million worth of high-precision bombs to Israel … on May 5, five days before the war.

    In addition to the homes of Hamas dignitaries and smuggling tunnels, the IDF has systematically destroyed desalination factories and power plants in Gaza.

    The United States obstructed any intervention by the Security Council. They only imposed a ceasefire after Israel’s stockpile of ammunition was depleted. It will soon be replenished by the delivery expected from the Biden Administration.

    John Day

    @V.Arnold, regarding UFOs as the next fabricates existential threat to justify spending on another generation of weapons systems, and their use against… anybody at all.

    It has been in the works for a very long time, probably longer than I, maybe even you, have been alive.
    Some say Harry Truman talked with the peaceful aliens.
    I don’t know.
    It’s possible to see how they would figure it was time to speak frankly after Hiroshima and Nagasaki got nuked, and all the “great” powers were on a nuclear building spree.
    Truman was probably not the right guy to talk to.
    FDR never talked to him. Truman was picked by Roosevelt’s enemies to be his successor.
    Truman resented FDR greatly, I have read.
    Are the aliens nice and well-meaning?
    They got here without killing themselves…
    Did they get here?
    Are THEY here?
    Were you a UFO in a past life?

    I was.

    John Day

    Randomized ivermectin trial from Lebanon (n=100) shows strong anti-viral activity and multiple clinical benefits including 0% hospitalization vs 6% with early intervention in asymptomatic patients.


    BigPharma companies have corrupted all of the major medical journals, producing fraudulent reports – in order to hype their new products, and drive-up share prices. And they own your politicians…

    “The Illusion of Evidence Based Medicine”


    As a long time s-f. fan, I think that UFO’s are natural phenomenons that need studying. (Light, lensing, shadow from upper stratosphere or the mesosphere caused by crystalized cloud condensation)
    Geeesss …. rainbows, thunder and lightning were once thought to be the work of gods.


    Did you hear about the guy who asked a girl to get married?
    She said, No
    The guy lived happily ever after.

    Maxwell Quest

    “Pentagon’s UFO PsyOps Fuel Russia, China War Risk (SC)”

    I read the article, V, and I certainly understand the author’s skepticism, but I think he’s on the wrong track with his Russia/China connection. It’s also clear that the author has never researched the subject, so is just shooting from the hip based on his analysis of current events. I would have done the same a few years ago if it weren’t for the 2004 Nimitz Encounter that was made public by the NYT on Dec 2017.

    As with any subject, what one thinks he knows is mostly false until he goes down the rabbit hole and deeply explores it, looking at all the available evidence, patterns, motivations, and relationships. As of this writing, I’m confident in the existence of UFO’s and alien interest in our planet, more particularly our development of nuclear weapons. For the curious few who want to know more, a good place to start is Robert Hastings book ‘UFOs and Nukes: Extraordinary Encounters at Nuclear Weapons Sites’ and its associated documentary.

    So, why is the military tipping its hand at this time by allowing this material to see the light of day? Information that since the 40’s was considered so secret that it was classified higher than the H-bomb? And more recently tasked to private military contractors in order to sidestep FOIA requests? My personal opinion is that it is just one more lever that will be used to justify their dream of a one-world government.

    A subtle hint was planted in the 2016 film Arrival, whose core theme highlighted the need for all world governments to join hands in order to solve the problem of alien contact. As the various world leaders fought amongst themselves and struggled to make sense of the alien’s purpose, the lead intelligence officer, Agent Halpern, said this:

    Yep, we’re a world with no single leader, it’s impossible to deal with just one of us.

    John Day

    Thanks Maxwell Quest. I made light of the “threat” of UFOs (to the military industrial complex), but have been interested in them and the government over-ups since I was a kid in the late 1960s.
    The threat to power over this mortal world is the existence of higher power.
    Not just God, but Any Higher Power.
    That is the existential threat to the existing power.
    Make the people feel threatened, and want to fight the threat to the existing power, and it gets to keep existing as a power.

    “Just Say ‘Yo’!”


    The French Authorities have just admitted they screwed up part of the Covid data. Of course they don’t put it in those terms, but say they are now ‘communicating’ more *precise* data than before.

    It concerns cases. Previous (I was always suspicious of these numbers, as they weren’t well defined.. and much too high, which caused me to *overestimate* the number of false positives via PCR, so I’m sort of happy because I really could not make things add up, so to speak..):

    Officialdom reported ‘cases’ based on, i.e. corresponding to, number of positive tests!

    …Some ppl even had, and have, as many as 15 pos. tests! (Easy to imagine, v. sick patient in hospital..)

    The excuse is that with the previous policy they protected privacy and hid the identity of the patients, which generated a separate ‘code’ or ‘identity tag’ for each test. Morevoer the tests were of various kinds, taken in different places, by different methods, etc.

    Now they are changing that and have a ‘new algo.’ Called in F de-doubling” ha ha, implying, cases were doubled, now we ‘de-double.’

    We are told this ‘only’ concerns electronically transmitted data (i.e. via the internet, and not signed certificates by post.) It is now clear (to me and others) that the very important distinction between these methods of transmission has allowed all kinds of fudging of the data for the larger public.

    Quote right from the site, check it out,

    Les indicateurs recalculés avec cette nouvelle méthode montrent:

    Une différence à la baisse de 12% pour le taux d’incidence France entière

    Une différence à la baisse de 8% pour le taux de positivité France entière

    Une différence à la baisse de 6% pour le nombre total de cas confirmés. 

    Trans: re-calcs with the new method show, for the whole of France, 12% less for incidence, 8% less positivity rate (which is a comparison to total tests, so pretty meaningless anyway), and total confirmed cases: minus 6%.

    However, there are still some mix-ups or mysteries, imho.

    The electronic, aka internet, data is analysed and apparently, as stated, applied to F in general. But that concerns about (hard to find out, not sure?) only 20 to 25%, maybe a bit more, of data. So is this an exrapolation? They don’t say.

    20 May 2021.

    The CDC changes its criteria (e.g. vaxxed ppl will no longer be counted as Cov-infected if mild symptoms for ex.), France backwardates its stats…

    All this is ordered by certain ppl / corps / groups from above. One can’t doubt that any longer. The obfuscations, shoddy defs., fraudulent data collection / categorisation, blatant manipulations of numbers, etc. are beyond the pale.

    Exs. to quote. Mini numbers, re. vax. – 18 vs. 0.

    Worse, 4 vs. 0:

    Vax, wow super! 100% efficacity! Because only 4 – four! Out of 3,700 adolescents ‘got covid’ – > .all the 4 were in the placebo group.

    Academic math-n-stats basics (taught in EU from grade 5 – 6 on, measurement and categorisation, etc.), ordinary logic, ‘basic’ common sense, have been surpressed, cancelled (to adopt the modern terms) via massive fear-inducedment, threats, wielding of Authority by Gvmts. I’ll stop there for now.

    Michael Reid

    @ Germ

    Your comment #75970

    The mRNA injection is a culling of Western civilization as suspected


    I appreciate the aggregation and explanation in this article:, however, if the author wants to be taken credibly they should not be making obviously incorrect statements about the vaccines. No, none of the vaccines contain spike proteins in them. (Except for the Chinese ones) they contain mRNA or DNA delivered by an adenovirus that “infect” host cells and turn them into spike protein factories. When such an article gets the basics wrong, the tendency of the reader — especially a skeptical reader — is to discount all information in the article…which in this case would be unfortunate.
    I did find this section of the quoted Salk Institute article interesting: “ Now, a major new study shows that the virus spike proteins (which behave very differently than those safely encoded by vaccines)….” stated, oh so carefully, so as not to spook the plebes who are supposed to see the vaccine as their safety blanket and savior.


    I put the Salk article in “documents” on the 2nd(?) of May. I decided to print it off yesterday, and noticed that it was now dated 5 may, and the opening paragraph had an added sentence: “…the virus spike proteins (which behave very differently than those safely encoded by vaccines) …”
    My mate (who brought the document up from the printer) noticed the change right away. I had taken a photo of the original page, so I know it wasn’t my imagination. THEY reached into my documents and changed an upload.


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