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    Mondriaan Amaryllis 1910   • Divisive Pentagon Hire May Rush Troop Withdrawals Before Trump’s Exit (Axios) • Maricopa County GOP Chair Resigns Fo
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle November 12 2020]

    Mr. House

    Did anyone here ever get a chance to read Nefarious objectives by dimtri orlov? Its behind a paywall and i’m curious what the entire gist was.

    Mr. House

    “Suppose you were one of the evil geniuses who run the global economy. Of course, you would want to continue running it in a stable, secure, profitable manner in spite of any problems that might crop up now and again. You would want to solve these problems swiftly and efficiently without drawing any undue attention to yourself and your evil ways. What, then, would you currently see as the major problems crying out for a swift, preemptive solution, and how should you address them?

    First, you’d note that there is a major problem developing with the world’s energy supply. This has been endlessly predicted since the mid-1990s, but various technological advancements and geopolitical maneuverings have pushed the final crisis off by two decades. But now the final crisis is getting closer and closer. New resource discoveries have fallen so far behind production that there is no hope of ever catching up. The last great hope for the US and the world, which was fracking, is now failing, having never made much of a profit. Most of the companies involved have either gone bankrupt or are about to. Renewables, in the form of electricity from wind and solar, have proven to be too expensive and disruptive for electric grids because of their intermittency coupled with the impracticality of storing large amounts of electricity. Geopolitical gambits, such as trying to topple Venezuela’s government and steal its oil, or to sanction Russia into behaving like a gas station with its economy in shreds, have all failed. Energy returned on energy invested—a difficult to calculate but ultimately decisive measure of the feasibility of any energy venture—is continuing to decline.

    Being an evil genius rather than just some ignorant amateur armchair pilot, you would be fully cognizant of the fact that failure to do something to balance fossil fuel energy supply against demand would cause global economic collapse. Since the advent of coal-based industrialization, economic growth has always been accompanied by a proportional increase in the use of fossil fuels. But further such increases now appear to be impossible. The existing global economy relies on credit to sustain production, and on continuous growth to remain creditworthy. In this scheme, the only alternative to continuous economic growth is economic collapse. And so you start looking for ways to rebalance the energy equation by shutting down parts of the global economy while allowing others to continue to grow. Since nobody is particularly eager to stampede toward the abattoir, your task is to find a way to mislead them into doing so voluntarily, supposedly for their own good.

    The next question to decide is which industrialized nations are ready for the meathook. You would observe that certain countries have been continuously living beyond their means. They have been endlessly borrowing money far in excess of their economic growth potential and their ability to ever repay the debts they are now taking on is precisely nil. Chief among them is the United States, which has been living on borrowed time for decades now and whose mammoth debt dwarfs all previous excesses combined. Coupled with the gradual loss of reserve currency status by the US dollar and the concomitant loss by the US of the exorbitant privilege of printing money as needed, this has placed the US at the epicenter of the inevitable financial collapse. You would interpret the REPO panic of August 2019, when interest on overnight loans that used US federal debt as collateral spiked to 10%, as a crack in the carefully maintained Potemkin village façade of the US financial system.

    Turning attention to the fiscal situation in the US, you’d notice that the US is no longer able to finance its ever-growing budget deficits by borrowing from abroad because foreigners who are now net sellers of US debt instruments. You are shocked to discover that the US government is now borrowing close to half of what it spends, accumulating short-term debt twice as fast as it could possibly hope to repay it, and nonchalantly planning to roll it over into more short-term debt while borrowing even more in the years to come. An image comes to you of a particularly bullheaded bull standing in the middle of railroad tracks and attempting to stare down an oncoming train.

    Being a financial genius, you know all there is to know about pyramid schemes, and you readily identify this state of affairs as a pure pyramid scheme. Since pyramid schemes all fail, and since they tend to do so more or less instantaneously, you start looking for a way to front-run its collapse in order to maintain control of the situation. Your main short-term objective would be to avoid a worldwide panic by placing the global economy into something like a medically induced coma, feeding it an intravenous drip of free money. This pause would give you an opportunity to make some necessary changes, some of them cosmetic, some quite dramatic.”


    Don’t lose battle field superiority.
    Send the AI machines.
    Bring the troops home.


    If it is true that the PTB are planning for a reset, making covid financial support contingent on massive neoliberal changes, it would seem that any country, such as Sweden, that decides not to follow the “lockdown everything hard and often” approach would represent a serious threat to this agenda.


    @ Mr. House
    Its coming.
    We will see the many ways of of controlling the supply of energy, the distribution, and reduction of the demand to the essential, critical elites that are essential to the survival of elites.
    One of the effects of the lockdowns is to restrict the travel of the rif-raf and the controlling of “essential travel”.

    Mr. House

    “any country, such as Sweden, that decides not to follow the “lockdown everything hard and often” approach would represent a serious threat to this agenda. ”

    Well that would explain all the bad press they’ve been getting since they bucked the trend.

    Dr. D

    Yes, don’t you know Peace is divisive? It’s War that really brings us together. See? So War ≠ Peace – that would be silly. No. But War = Good and Peace = Bad. Obviously.
    This is how you know that Biden/Obama, with 5 new wars and dropped so many bombs on brown people they ran out of bombs, is “Good”, and Cheeto, who wants to stop wars, participating in 3 major peace agreements, is “Bad.”

    “Macgregor, a decorated combat veteran, is a Trump loyalist”

    I get a kick of them saying this. So Trump was supposed to appoint a DISLOYALIST to the new posts? A traitor or two, maybe an insubordinate? What is meant by “he’s promoting people who are loyal to him”? Check me on this, but I think appointing people who agree with your vision and will obey their bosses’ orders is really, really normal.

    The Green Horseman of the Apocalypse, to shut off all Carbon, squeeze down all human work like food that keeps them alive, oh and note now Green = Covid. Huh? Sounds a lot like you were planning this for Global Warming, then that failed and did it for “Climate Change” then that failed and you tried a World War in Syria and Iran and that failed, then tried to release something dangerous and that failed, then blamed something close to the common cold, and … drum roll… THAT’S why we need Green New Deal Insider-owned, untracked Carbon Credits, deadly worldwide forced austerity and a total economic reset under worldwide martial law authoritative Socialism. ‘Cause “Covid”! Or ‘cause “Racism”. Yes, the offical BLM solution to Racism is: government control of the means of production, aka Socialism. Equal logic. That is to say: none at all.

    “You’ll get nothing and like it!!!” – Klaus. My God if I made that up, you’d think I was joking. Nope!

    And why? Any infinitely compounding fiat money system lives 40 years before you start needing $2T per quarter, then month, then day, then hour…

    “It’s not whether you win or lose, but where you place the blame.” And those poor, desperate, imprisoned citizens ain’t gonna blame themselves! That’s what our prostitutes the Universities and Media are for! Killin’ more folks. Always shuttin’ off power, cuttin’ off food, killin’ some folks.

    “A worker for Dominion in Michigan provided an affidavit to @RudyGiuliani stating 100k ballots for Biden were brought in to “catch up with Trump.”

    That is quite an allegation; I hope you have some evidence to back it up.

    “Nevada Whistleblower Describes Biden Van Vote Factory in Sworn Affidavit (WE)”

    Amazing because even parking the van by the polling station is a crime. You’re not allowed to have political signs or people anywhere near the voting booths. But with 100 affidavits in one state alone and 11,000 criminal complaints and rising, with 650,000 fake votes claimed in PA, no surprise.

    So…strategy time: Remember ol’ John Podesta’s TIP war game, the one published in USA Today? USA Today pride themselves on 6th grade reading level that’s apparently too advanced for reporters to read? Yeah.

    So if there is voter fraud, as Pompeo said yesterday, “the Constitution is very clear”. And it is. For one thing, there is a Voting DAY. Not month. 2nd, Bush v Gore 2001 says ballots must be treated equally. They are definitively not, that fact is easy to prove, which are most of Trump’s legal cases so far – not fraud.

    So Constitution says what? We have a Voting DAY, set by LEGISLATURE, not random judges. Then the vote lets Legislature choose Electors, who then meet in December and cast their votes, presumably the votes of the public, vs faithless electors, which the Democrats approved of and promoted back in ’16.

    So what happens if you have allegations of 650,000 cases of fraud in that state?

    The Legislature can do what they like. They could call another election: however, time is short. They recount or audit the election, which they are doing. They can hear as many cases presented to the court, which they are doing. And then? If the election is tainted and run out of time?

    The State Legislature can either send the Electors or NOT send them. They can either certify the election as proper and fair, or NOT certify it. If they won’t send electors, I believe it goes to the U.S. House of Representatives, who vote state-by-state.

    OR…stay with me here, they can say “We cannot certify this election as fair AND we can’t remedy or re-vote in time, AND therefore, as the elected representatives of the people of Pennsylvania, we ourselves will choose the State Electors.”

    So? So the Republican Legislatures of the exact states Podesta referred to – the ones with DNC Governors who would insure a 20-point Biden win using open fraud – can with total legality throw out any election with plausible problems.

    The more fraud, the more likely it is, the more NECESSARY it is, the more required, demanded, the more LEGAL it is, that they discard the vote. So the more windows the DNC boarded up, the more election monitors they ejected, the more certain it was Donald Trump would win via Legislative action. And that’s why he’s playing golf and not leaving.

    Podesta and several of the illiterate-media articles said there would therefore be TWO sets of conflicting Electors. Not so. The governors Clearly and Implicitly have NO jurisdiction whatsoever. They are entirely prohibited from sending electors any more than I could send them from my house.

    So let them fraud the election. The more the better. The bigger it is, the better I like it. Why? Because UNLESS EVERYBODY IS UNHAPPY NOTHING WILL BE FIXED. Like Bush v Gore wasn’t bad enough? Watching 120% of voters vote in Detroit in the 2016 recount wasn’t enough? And BOTH parties need to demand it, loudly.

    Democrats need to demand election reform, new machines, new safeguards, since at the moment RNC is on board.

    So again. Fraud? Thanks! That makes it just SO much easier.

    Well, it’s only dawning on them slowly, with in Vox and other Yale-educated illiterates that something is happening. They don’t know what, but something. You know, this would have been a lot easier if they’d read the Constitution once. It’s only four pages. Too hard: bored already.


    Vaccine question

    1. Do all or anyone who has had or tested positive, have antibodies for covid19 need to get the vaccine?
    2. In other words. Is the vaccine for people who did not get covid19?
    3. Would you need a test to see if you had gotten covid19 before getting the vaccine?

    A nest filled with hundreds of ‘murder hornets’ was destroyed ‘just in the nick of time,’ officials say
    Teo Armus
    November 12, 2020

    The protection needed to prevent getting a bite from a hornet.
    II would recommend the same protection for covid19

    Mr. House

    i ain’t getting no vaccine


    RE: Tucker – fraud exists and some dead people voted. You should be worried!

    I get why he is the “most watched news guy” on teevee. His formula for story telling is brilliant, including his style and strategic implementation of the topic. He draws you right in! What is left behind (intentionally) is the big picture perspective directed at quantifying the size and scope of the problem and the potential solutions for solving it.

    Yes, there is voter fraud – it exists and it happened. And yes dead people voted as there appears to be evidence that some of those ballots were returned (Tucker does not say how he verified this). Here is the part of the story he failed to trace/examine in detail: who filled out those ballots, what could the impact have been, what could/should be done about it and who is responsible for implementing the improvements?

    It is likely that the ballots of deceased folks were filled out by everyday people and not some organized fraud operation (unless it is discovered that all of these ballots went to the same address). So the problem is random. What is the scope?

    Well…it’s easy/essential to bump the Social Security data file of deceased individuals (and you know those SS guys are on top of that list) within the last X years for any given State up against their 2020 Voter Data file. You would quickly determine EXACTLY how many questionable ballots were mailed in this cycle for any given State. This is basic data management 101 – and I am certain that your Boards of Election/Voter Data managers already take this step. Hell, when my husband passed in 2016 the Social Security folks let the bank know within days and our house payment drawn on his bank account would not process; if banks can ID the dead so can the Registrar of Voters! My guess is that these numbers are very small. Given the complex nature of the “systems” in place and the level of co-ordination required to manage them effectively, I can see how a few dead souls would still be hanging out on the voter rolls.

    Tucker says that 41,000 people (in NV) were identified as not having voted and or did not update their registration in the last 10 years (so you are able to make queries and manage the data?!). Then the question becomes – should this group receive a ballot? Did they? I would NOT have mailed them one. The way to handle this group of potential voters would to have had the Registrar of Voters/BOE mail them an “update your voter information to receive a ballot” postcard in September. My guess is that this is done in some States but not all.

    So Tucker, why not use your mighty platform to solve problems and not just talk about them? That means you have a responsibility to offer up potential solutions. How about asking your viewers to weigh in? They are on the ground and have additional expertise and insight. The numbers indicate that many people (on both sides) believe the election was not fraud free – so why not harness this opportunity?

    Time for complete and total election reform! Time to develop national standards for maintaining Voter data that States are responsible to implement. If in-person voting is identified as more secure then make polling places convenient and available for everyone everywhere (no more standing in line for 4 hours). If there is to be “all in one day voting” then make it a paid, national holiday.

    Maxwell Quest

    “Mondriaan Amaryllis 1910”

    I would be very happy to make a spot for this artwork on my living room wall.

    “Joe promised not to declare victory until the election results were independently certified.”

    What Joe Biden wants or doesn’t want is irrelevant. His job was to be a figurehead, while other actors drove Trump from office. Joe is a fairly impotent man in himself, most of his power being drawn from the offices he has held. He is currently like a leaf in a hurricane, being driven by forces outside of his control.

    “Divisive Pentagon Hire May Rush Troop Withdrawals Before Trump’s Exit (Axios)”

    Not going to happen. All those military bases in the Middle East are needed to control the oil resources, while at the same time pester the hell out of surrounding nations that get in our way. You can’t “take the oil” unless you put a gun to their head. The petro-dollar system must be defended at all costs, no matter how many nations must be destroyed.

    All of the lower-level drama that seems to occupy the news cycle from day to day can only be understood by looking down from the high-level game of global hegemony. As Caitlin Johnstone cleverly pointed out, the average American is like a little child who is given a video game controller that is unplugged. He sees all the action on the screen and thinks he is playing, but it’s the big kids whose controllers are plugged in, and they are the ones controlling the game. He doesn’t realize he is being placated, that he is the victim of a lie, but is content nonetheless, happy in the illusion he is a participant.

    John Day

    Progress picture of banana patch on blog

    The Saker figures the Deep State will win again, but hedges that opinion:  Furthermore, as those familiar with Hegelian dialectics know, each action eventually results in a reaction and the notion that 70’000’000+ voters will simply accept what is self-evidently a coup against not only Trump, but also the US Constitution itself, is ridiculous. If anything, these people will now come to realize that while the US is facing no real foreign threats at all (except those it created itself), there is most definitely an internal threat, in the sense of the United States Uniformed Services Oath of Office, and that this reality gives them the right, and even duty, to “resist tyranny”.
      You have probably heard Joe Biden declaring that he wants to heal the wounds, restore unity, rule for all US Americans and the like. I don’t think that this is only empty political rhetoric, though that is part of it too. Mostly, I believe that the Dems are terrified because they know for a fact that they stole the election and this is why after four years of the most divisive and irresponsible rhetoric against Trump, “the racist system” and all the rest of the crap, they are now making a 180 (they are experts at that!) and pleading for calm, peace and unity.
    That ain’t going to happen.
      Finally, a word to those who like to say that there is no difference between the Dems and the GOP, that this is all a fake conflict: friends, you are both right and massively wrong. You are right when you say that the DNC and the RNC are like indistinguishable twins. But what you are missing are two crucial things:
      Factions inside one party can actually go after each other much harder than against their common enemies. I think of the SS vs the SA in Nazi Germany or the Trotskysts vs the Stalinists in the Soviet Union and during the Spanish Civil war.
    But, even more crucially, this is not a contest between the Democrats and the Republicans, it is a contest between a “rejected outsider” and both the DNC and RNC!

    How to be a less than human collection of living organs (Probably just more Russian propaganda, right?)Own Nothing and Be Happy”: The Great Reset’s Vision of the FutureWorld Economic Forum’s video tells us about the plans for humanity in the year 2030  With the link completely severed between food production, nature and culturally embedded beliefs that give meaning and expression to life, we will be left with the individual human who exists on lab-based food, who is reliant on income from the state and who is stripped of satisfying productive endeavour and genuine self-fulfilment.  
      Technocratic meddling has already destroyed or undermined cultural diversity, meaningful social connections and agrarian ecosystems that draw on centuries of traditional knowledge and are increasingly recognised as valid approaches to secure food security (for example, see Food Security and Traditional Knowledge in India in the Journal of South Asian Studies).
      The massive technocratic transformation currently envisaged regards humans as commodities to be controlled and monitored just like the lifeless technological drones and AI being promoted.
      But do not worry – you will be property-less and happy in your open prison of mass unemployment, state dependency, track and chip health passports, cashlessness, mass vaccination and dehumanisation.

    “Own Nothing and Be Happy”: The Great Reset’s Vision of the Future

    SARS-CoV-2 is endemic. It will never go away. That is impossible now. Take 5000 units/d of vitamin-D, please.Biden ‘Science’ Advisor Calls For 4-6 Week Nationwide Lockdown To Avoid “COVID Hell”

    Here are some of my blog posts regarding COVID:Bill Gates knew what was coming, already last year, but COVID was already global, too. that SARS-CoV-2 might have leaked from Ft Detrick MD bioweapons lab by June 2019:, expert testimony, that SARS-CoV-2 could not possibly have occurred naturally in animals and jumped to humans last year.
    SARS-CoV-2 treatment recommendations
    Paul sends this story about Hawi, Hawaii adapting with sharing of food in spirit of Aloha. I miss Hawi, North Kohala. Nice people. Nice place.


    @ Dr. D – well said! This particular observation rings true to me…

    “The more fraud, the more likely it is, the more NECESSARY it is, the more required, demanded, the more LEGAL it is, that they discard the vote. So the more windows the DNC boarded up, the more election monitors they ejected, the more certain it was Donald Trump would win via Legislative action. And that’s why he’s playing golf and not leaving.”

    @ Mr. House – capturing my imagination!

    @ John Day from yesterday – Om Shanti dear Heart.

    John Day

    Auto formatting made a little mess there…

    Long lineups at Winnipeg retail stores ahead of level red restrictions coming Wednesday
    Many Walmart shoppers seen stockpiling milk instead of toilet paper this time
    Nicholas Frew · CBC News · Posted: Nov 11, 2020 7:41 PM CT | Last Updated: November 11

    Hundreds of shoppers waited outside stores like the Walmart in Winnipeg’s Garden City area and the Costco in St. James on Wednesday afternoon. The lineups at those particular stores wrapped around the corners of each building.


    Will Trumpism survive? [Assuming Biden is declared the winner]

    It seems to me that the choice was between globalism [Democrats] which pitches American workers against those who will work for a dollar an hour, and Trumpism which aims for a self-contained economy where ‘Made in America’ becomes the rule.

    Can Trump supporters run against Republican encumbents, especially those quick to acknowledge Biden as victor. Can they take over the whole Republican party? If not then could they form a third party?

    There does seem to be some fallout where Trump supporters are abandoning Twitter in favour of Parler, which promises no censorship.

    They feel stabbed in the back by Murdoch and Fox but what can they do to have their views heard? It would be amusing if they joined together and bought CNN, which may soon be going cheap!

    With 70 million upset Trump voters will they fade away to nothing or will they shake everything up?

    a kullervo

    In a country which is moving downhill, the fraction of stupid people is still [a given underestimated percent of the population]; however in the remaining population one notices among those in power an alarming proliferation of the bandits with overtones of stupidity [(…)] and among those not in power an equally alarming growth in the number of helpless individuals [(…)]. Such change in the composition of the non-stupid population inevitably strengthens the destructive power of the [stupid people] fraction and makes decline a certainty. And the country goes to Hell.
    Carlo Cipolla, in The Basic Laws of Human Stupidity


    The “Compliant”* will never allow themselves to lose face by acknowledging they have been duped by the “mask & lockdown” sham, that they are more gullible than little kids; thus, the only way forward will probably include a double down on the hysteria which will be welcomed with glee by the “Compliant”, because it will reinforce their righteousness and will expose once and for all the wicked ways of those opposing the lunacy; a witch-hunt usually ensues.

    The complete short essay where Carlo Cipolla outlines the core of the current predicament can be found at

    * The “Compliant”* = those willingly accepting the Surveillance State/Great Reset/Green (Horseman of the) Apocalypse (thank you, Dr. D) currently being foisted upon the citizenry by the “Enablers” (thank you, zerosum).


    This gentleman’s take on the mcElection has seemed accurate to me, so far, though I take issue with his seeming definition of “the left”, who as I see it, are actually neo-fascist wokeFolk carrying water for the Very Few:

    “..The mainstream media and the Biden campaign are already preemptively declaring Biden the winner. This sets the stage for a dangerous dynamic; consider what would happen if leftists go into December/January under the assumption that they have the presidency in the bag, when suddenly it is all snatched away from them? This narrative creates the ultimate rage scenario for the political left; they will consider Trump a usurper of the presidency and from that point on they will rationalize any and all mob violence. This civil unrest will be blamed entirely on Trump and conservatives..”

    Get Ready For Chaos Regardless Of Who Ends Up In The White House


    Anticlimactic: “With 70 million upset Trump voters will they fade away to nothing or will they shake everything up?”

    Bingo. It’s possible we are looking at a third party push in the near future that makes all the third party hopefuls coming before look like they belong in the Mickey Mouse Club.


    Finally! Concerte evidence that production of clickbait has been automated and handed to AI:


    @ Huskynut
    I would say, “Planning for 2024.
    Cutting a path off from Trump before he even starts to think of it.”
    ( A couple of old men who won’t retire and enjoy the few years that they got left on this earth.)

    John Day

    Thank You Susmarie 108

    @All-Y’all: I would not assume this election has been decided yet.
    The DNC battle plan was made fairly clear , well ahead of time, massive vote rigging.
    What does Giuliani have in his bag?

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