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    Pablo Picasso Coffee maker 1943   • Pelosi Adds A New Element – Bribery – (CNN) • ‘Evidence Of Bribery’: Pelosi Comments On Impeachment Hearing •
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    V. Arnold

    Pablo Picasso Coffee maker 1943
    A French Press. We use one every morning for our coffee.
    If one loves coffee; the only way to go, IMO…


    I honestly can’t take seriously any discussion of anti-Jewish/anti-Israel bias that calls such bias ‘antisemitism’.

    Arabs, last I heard, are Semites. It has the same ignorant ring I hear from old school traditional conservatives who deem criticism of the United States of America ‘anti-American’, as if both American continents were subsumed by the United States thereof. Well, they can wish all they want but it ain’t gonna happen.

    Personal opinion is that Picasso’s Cubist work works best when the Cubist aspect is minimal, as in this picture. What makes Cubism work (when it does), imo, is when it captures different angular aspects of light, not different angular aspects of a painted subject.

    Like this picture. We don’t play Where’s Waldo looking for the flowers allegedly in a vase. We look at a French press and breakfast details and admire the subtle light/color nuances.


    I had a nightmare about Epstein last night. He was stalking me, probably because I believe he’s still alive. (Call me crazy! Be the first! Avoid the rush!) He didn’t know what to do because every time he got close, I whomped on his ass.

    It seemed to confuse him. Not used to people whomping his ass, it seemed.

    Dr. D

    So Picasso really likes pickles?

    “Bribery?” Sure, why not? They’re lousy, lousy lawyers, and have no ear for the American people since that’s been the essence of their case all along. Unfortunately, they think they’re failing because Americans are too dumb to know what “quid” means. Nope. They understood exactly what it means, they just don’t believe you, or rather everyone had already chosen a side.

    Couple problems: the law was written so the President would be the BRIBEE, taking money. Not the BRIBER, where we give foreign aid to every nation and aggressive totalitarian dictator on earth. If so, we need to get impeaching Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, and Bush immediately. And probably back to President Polk. Ah, but who cares, amirite? Sounds cool. Anyway, it’s no change in their case and changes no minds.

    BTW, if I were to, say, go on camera saying I withheld $1B in aid to stop and investigation, AFTER taking $2M in funds wired to my bank account, would THAT be bribery? Should it be investigated someday, or is it impeachable to ask? Discuss.

    Oh, and if you “Bribed” someone, but got nothing, not even a meeting, then gave them the money anyway, would it still be “bribery”? I feel like you’re reaching now, and maybe that’s because it’s a trap.

    “Adam Schiff Will Be Called as Witness in Senate Impeachment Trial: Graham (ET)”

    Although the trial on the Senate would be best, I don’t think they can call a vote BECAUSE they would all be on trial and subpoenaed, under oath, then hung for sedition. It’s just garden-variety election tampering. Tampering? Maybe the DNC works for the Russians! RussiaRussiaRussia. If they DON’T impeach though, Trump will arrest them for the same thing, but have the trials one-by-one. That’s why there must always be a Russia-Impeachment, forever and ever, until we are all dead.

    “Fox Prime Time Stars Tell Trump Impeachment Hearings Disaster For Dems (CNN)”

    CNN, just like Fox, is in an echo chamber. However, one difference: while the Left never speaks to, reads, and indeed outlaws all conversations with the Right, the Right has not choice BUT to hear and know everything the Left thinks, because 100% of the news is Left. And increasingly on Fox too, btw. So…would you like to hire a general who only knows HIS side, his troops, his strategy, or one that knows all himself but the enemy too? Choose wisely.

    P.S. it’s pretty easy to prove there are no journalists but only “media activists” and using only their own words because they’re quite proud of it. Follow any Twitter account for 10 minutes and tell me what you think.

    “ Public Figures: Antisemitism Means We Can’t Vote For Labour Under Corbyn (G.)”

    Amazing. They similarly say, it’s illegal to say it when an Irishman has a drink. It would be using “racist tropes.” …But only when your side does it. When you trope conservatives or the rural poor, it’s f’n hilarious, true, and totally deserved.

    So as above, do you want a general who can discuss Poles charging into certain death or Frenchmen running away, or one who — when that should actually, occasionally happen– refuses, can’t tell you, won’t be honest, and most of the time then reports the OPPOSITE to save someone’s feelings somewhere?

    Because, believe it or not, Jewish men actually HAVE touched money, Irishmen HAVE tasted whiskey, and some Georgians HAVE been to church. But in #Oppositeland, the only safe speech is to deny all these truths.

    “A website obsessed with blaming Russia for everything – using Google Earth to support its airtight theories – has been infiltrated by Russian agents,”

    RussiaRussiaRussia. They’re under my bed. Controlling my mind. Can’t you see them? That’s why I have outsmart them, fool them, and wear this shiny hat.

    Ah, but it’s hopeless: since they’re everywhere, and every one you meet is already a Russian, and they’re already controlling New Zealand bird-name contests, you can never escape. Admit it: Russia is running the whole world! And space too! You, YOU are probably also a Russian! And you don’t even know it.

    William Nordhaus was awarded the 2018 Nobel Prize in Economics”

    Wow, he may be even dumber than all the other Nobel Prize winners, but it’s a high bar. Estimate margin of error to the decimal point? Let me see your data so I can flush it down the toilet and save the world a lot more waste of critical resources pretending we know things we don’t. You economists haven’t got anything right in 100 years, yet killed 1 million people with bad policy in that time. +/- 1M deaths margin of error.

    BTW, may not have to worry since we lost 4 weeks in the start of the crop season, lost 8 weeks to snow at the end of the season, and they’re right, that won’t equal 3% of GDP: It will equal your kids having no food. 3 feet of heavy, persistent snow throughout the world’s only grain export belt is also not global warming. Plan accordingly.


    Did someone say Russia?

    Stravinsky’s Petrushka


    When it comes to weather, about which everybody these days talks and does a little bit of everything but actually deal with it on the ground level where we experience it, instead using it to make more, uh, money, I hear little mentiion of ye olde Maunder minimum

    Relating the above to now:

    entering a new solar minimum


    Theoretically, low sunspot activity reduces global Terran temperatures. After a decade or three, the sun comes out of its frigid phase.

    Ever take a frozen roast out of the oven and cook it at a high temperature?

    Burnt on the outside, raw and bacteria-frenzied in the middle.

    That’s where I see us circa 2050.

    The 15 essential questions for Marie Yovanovitch, America’s former ambassador to Ukraine
    November 15, 2019


    You economists haven’t got anything right in 100 years, yet killed 1 million people with bad policy in that time. +/- 1M deaths margin of error.

    Rofl. Have you ever considered a career in stand-up comedy, Doc?

    V. Arnold

    Millions of acres of Canadian canola freeze, compounding ‘harvest from hell’
    ReutersNovember 16, 2019, 12:26 AM GMT+7

    In Alberta, 17% of canola was unharvested as of Nov. 5, according to the provincial government, along with 12% of Saskatchewan’s canola and 9% of Manitoba’s output measured around the same time. Based on Canadian government planting estimates, that unharvested canola represents some 2.7 million acres, or 13% of national plantings.

    Considering “Canola” has, historically, never been part of human’s diet; this may be a blessing in disguise…
    I refuse to consume canola as oil or part of any food products.
    I do read content labels…

    Maxwell Quest

    Obama Cautions 2020 Hopefuls Against Going Too Far Left (Hill)

    So, “Turns out I’m really good at killing people”, “Change We Can Believe In”, “Hold the banks FULLY accountable”, $400,000 per speech Obama ventured out of one of his estates recently to counsel DNC candidates to not get too crazy with all the lefty, populist talk. Isn’t that special!

    The man who sold himself as the Second Coming and then went on to crush the optimism of an entire generation of voters by reneging on every campaign promise wants to pass on his political wisdom. Crickets!

    Not even all the media amplifiers shouting together can give his wasted voice any weight or significance. The opportunity he had to really serve the American people was squandered for personal gain and the praise of the world. Go back to Martha’s Vineyard and count your money.

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