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    Ernst Haas Greece 1952   • OSHA Vaccine Mandate Released, 84 Million Workers Face Jan. 4 Deadline (ET) • OSHA Signals to Employers to Hide Vaccin
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    “Pfizer has such a huge PR machine, they have basically … hypnotised the media”.

    The media wasn’t hypnotized. It was bought, lock, stock and barrel.

    Dr. D

    I really like that photo. One of few I would pay for.

    Taibbi’s new article on VA is pretty good. As he concedes, like an actual reporter, that it’s complicated and a lot of things happened, as well as listing the greatest hits of the last two years, all of which are appalling, and many of which we forgot.

    I didn’t get around to pointing out that other aspect, the dirty tricks. While not generally illegal, it is disappointing that any side caught with dirty tricks is still considered good and credible. The reason they’re not used is that it makes your side look bad and lose the moral high ground, that is, lose legitimacy. This one keeps coming back to me though, the Lincoln Project arranged a photo-op of ‘White Supremacists’ in front of the Youngkin tour bus. Yes, the Youngkin whose VP, Winsome Sears, is Black.

    What strikes me isn’t to do this – we’re long past lying about everything – but the mindset here. Apparently all it takes to be a White Supremacist now is … Khakis? And a white shirt? Or maybe it’s a uniform? And tikki torches, is every backyard and deck in America now de-facto burning crosses?

    Think about that a minute. So all they need is for one operative, somewhere, to say that blue jeans and a haircut = White Supremacy and everyone falls in line? Actually yes. They already proved that when 4Chan trolled them on the Okay handsign, in use by everyone for 100 years.

    So as with all racism, we define it as “everything”, and then it really IS “everywhere”. Yes, if you define systemic racism as ‘wearing pants’ then clearly we must be a systemically racist nation. It’s pretty amazing. Meanwhile, back in reality, the Lt. Gov is Black and the Lincoln project leaders fly Confederate Flags. Yet that doesn’t matter. Always curious as to why that works.

    So: pants. Now racist. Take them off immediately and let your free flag fly.

    In reality, immigrant parents probably flipped the vote. “Loudoun County, i.e. well-heeled districts with high percentages of college-educated voters…these white-collar, highly educated voters, the kind of people who get their shots, don’t watch wrestling, and send their kids to Harvard and Princeton, are the Democratic Party’s base. It took something pretty weird and intense to drive them to defection” –Taibbi

    “How Covid Can Render You Indecisive For The Rest Of Your Life (RT)”

    That’s alright: it’s pretty clear everyone was mentally ill already or they wouldn’t have accepted the Covid response to begin with. It was laughable on its face, and I laughed in its face by Jan ’20 as obvious. But since practically everyone is on drugs, that’s hardly a surprise.

    “NIH Officials Worked With EcoHealth Alliance To Evade Restrictions (IC)”

    We know Fauci created the virus. What we need are arrests.

    “Ontario and Quebec — the provinces hardest hit by the pandemic”

    In that 99.997% of people under 70 and healthy survive without issue. That kind of “hard hit”? And wasn’t Mr. Ford busy doing and selling coke? Only the best for our Canadians.

    “during the world wars most intellectuals on all sides of the conflicts uncritically lent their talents to their government’s war efforts. Some did so as propagandists and others as scientists. Some actually led their nations into the [wars]”

    I have often wondered why the smart are so dumb. The dumbest, in fact. Which is why I make fun of Yale, who are honestly very smart people. Just apparently very, dangerously, fatally dumb people as well.

    “they’ve hypnotised the media”
    How? I always wonder as it’s invisible to the logical mind – a huge risk and liability to me.

    “low man on the totem pole” “Remember, Peter: With small power comes small responsibility.”

    I have heard that the mRNA process itself is very difficult to measure. So their cheap, screwy process is very likely on the face of it to have far too much in one vial and too little in the next. Didn’t mention it because a) that’s voluntary failure and b) I believe to harm people is the intent c) too difficult to solidly prove.

    Does that mean this is “The Long Emergency”?

    Now FDA/OSHA in complete violation of everything. No laws have been passed, either. Ever.
    No exemptions. If you have conditions, stab it and die, mutherfokkker.

    “Type I diabetic here, which means this vax is a big nope from me.”

    Not allowed. If you have other health conditions that contraindicate the vaccine, you have to not eat and die. Because we love you and we save you! You’re the weakest link, so think of all the other people and the State who will divide up your locker! Don’t you CARE about them, and how they’ll get all your stuff? Why are you so selfish? Why don’t you share? That’s Eugenics writ large! …Now not just for NYC, but Biden’s America: no exemptions anywhere, at any time, for any reason. Get it and die quick you Chemo patient.

    You’d think I’d have to be making this up, but no: here we are, still in the self-directed nightmare, where smart people do dumb things and go around murdering the weak, infirm, and innocent by the thousands. “The Purge” in fact.

    “Many thousands are in want of common necessaries; hundreds of thousands are in want of common comforts, sir.”
    “Are there no prisons?”
    “Plenty of prisons…”
    “And the Union workhouses.” demanded Scrooge. “Are they still in operation?”
    “Both very busy, sir…”
    “Those who are badly off must go there.”
    “Many can’t go there; and many would rather die.”
    “If they would rather die,” said Scrooge, “they had better do it, and decrease the surplus population.” –Scrooge

    In honor of the upcoming Christmas spirit.

    Dr. D

    “America Has Lost the Plot on COVID” – The Atlantic, Science Editor

    We know how this ends: The coronavirus becomes endemic, and we live with it forever. But what we don’t know—and what the U.S. seems to have no coherent plan for—is how we are supposed to get there.”


    “herd immunity may well be impossible even if every single American gets a shot”

    Then why bother? Also, that’s not what you told us last week. Which statement was a lie from a liar?

    “We are meandering around the woods because we don’t know where to go.”

    Don’t include me in your stupid clueless group. There is no “we”. I know exactly where to go and so does science. We’ve got 100 years experience with these things. Literally nothing new here at all but the lying, and that Fauci had the virus custom-created for us.

    What is clear, however, is that case numbers, the metric that has guided much of our pandemic thinking and still underlies CDC’s indoor-masking recommendation for vaccinated people, are becoming less and less useful.”

    Gee, what clued you in? That after 2 years and 200 countries they didn’t work anywhere, at all, ever? The areas with the highest mask mandates have the worst transmission?

    “when nearly everyone has baseline immunity from either infection or vaccination—the U.S. could be facing tens of millions of infections from the coronavirus every year, thanks to waning immunity”

    There is no Science for this, natural immunity is 25x better and has lasted as long as we can measure. If anything like SARS, its close relative, +10 years in fact.

    We need to come to some sort of agreement as to what it is we’re trying to prevent,” says Céline Gounder, an infectious-disease expert at New York University.”

    Well that’s obvious: we’re trying to prevent food to black people. In NY. Home of NY University: you might have noticed.

    “the U.S. is now running an uncontrolled experiment with every strategy all at once.”

    Is Science in the habit of running uncontrolled experiments? Is that “Science”? Or Madness?

    “One plausible goal is to focus on minimizing COVID-19’s impact on hospitals. A collapsed health-care system means more people will die, not just of COVID-19 but from other treatable diseases and injuries.”

    Past-tense. They already killed hundred thousands with delayed care, delayed vaccinations, cancer screenings, depression, addiction and other mental illness. And are overjoyed about it and their ‘success’.

    Bay Area counties recently set three-pronged criteria for lifting indoor mask mandates: (1) Community transmission is moderate, as defined by the CDC, for at least three weeks, (2) hospitalization numbers are low and stable, and (3) 80 percent of the total population is fully vaccinated or eight weeks have passed since COVID-19 vaccines have been available for kids age 5 to 11.”

    Note #2 is dependent on Insurance companies paying to open hospital beds. Not Covid.

    #3 was a constantly-shifting number, which they unscientifically refuse to include natural immunity or give immunity tests.

    #3 what on God’s earth do children 5-11 have to do with anything? They can neither get it nor transmit it. …But the vaccinated certainly can. As she points out here:

    “A Financial Times analysis of data from the U.K. found vaccinating 25,000 children had the same effect on hospitalizations as vaccinating just 800 adults over age 60. …You can’t compensate for a low vaccination rate among older adults by vaccinating more people in younger groups”

    Okay, your numbers and logic suck, but your own statement shows you’re doing the opposite of science and medicine. So you’re just ADMITTING you don’t do science, medicine, or logic? Then ask me to read on and trust/believe/obey you?

    “One country that has excelled at vaccinating its elderly population is Denmark. Ninety-five percent of those over 50 have taken a COVID-19 vaccine, on top of a 90 percent overall vaccination rate in those eligible. (Children under 12 are still not eligible.) On September 10, Denmark lifted all restrictions. No face masks. No restrictions on bars or nightclubs. Life feels completely back to normal,”

    Like Texas and Florida? Note one of these statements is medical, the other is political, and the two have no relationship to each other. Sweden had neither, and no difference in cases and outcomes. A Science editor quoting Denmark might know that.

    Conclusion, according to Atlantic Science editor? Science and medicine doesn’t know what it’s doing, has no plan, and no idea what’s going on. Thanks! I’ll stay glued to your next official statement then.

    So: positioning for the next change in “The Narrative™”. “Nobody coulda knowed>


    Don’t stand out.
    Join the majority.
    Panic Disorder
    Memories are fleeting, that is why “out of sight out of mind”,
    Get off the web. If that does not work, take more drugs or take another drink.
    Don’t worry, the pill is coming.

    Don’t read TAE.


    Yesterday, on FB, someone who was previously very pro-vax posted this:



    deflationista must be Latin for ‘escapist denial by ad hominem jive’. It would be fun to watch except I feel sorry for deflationista — or, as I feel is most likely the true case for d’s identity, I feel sorry for the ‘bot writing under that name.


    Also from FB:



    Problem solver

    Give the vaccine to high risk people
    Poor immune system.
    Old people
    Obese people
    Diabetic people
    Sick people
    9.9% people

    Doc Robinson

    Now another ethical problem: bribing kids (age 5-11) to get their uninformed “consent”.

    “These states and cities are offering to pay kids if they get vaccinated”

    In New York City, children can claim $100 if they get their first dose of Pfizer’s vaccine at city-operated vaccine site… In Chicago, health officials are also offering $100 gift cards for children ages five to 11 when they get the shots at Chicago Public Health events or clinics…

    In Texas, San Antonio officials announced that parents and guardians who help their children get vaccinated at a public health clinic may claim a $100 gift card for H-E-B grocery stores. And in neighboring Louisiana, officials said the 5-11 age group could soon also claim $100.

    John Day

    I went on a bike ride for a couple of hours yesterday afternoon/evening, from 5:20 PM to 7:20 PM, Texas time. I actually spent time, a fair amount, considering the eventual return of Robin Morrison, “Boscohorowitz”, “Madamski” to these pages. Back in September, or so, there were a couple of tentative posts from “a long time reader” “Uranian”. I had to look that up. Robin, is that you?
    Gone, poof!
    The difficulty in creating a third persona is that there is a revision to natural-response over time, so why not just be natural.
    Looking at the entries from last night, and trying to convert TAE time to Texas time tells me that this was pretty close in time, maybe the same time. Those entries were not there when I left, and I did not look again when I returned.
    Welcome back, Robin.
    I hope your daughter is fine, with or without good old apple flavored horse paste…

    John Day

    There are lots of links and stories, with a lot of overlap at “Indecisive Victory”
    This one’s different.

    ​ Eleni sends this article, “The Decisive Battle”, which describes the strategy of the Imperial Japanese Navy in WW-2 to strike the US suddenly, weakening its fleet, and hoping that it would attack immediately with the weakened fleet, so that Japan might temporarily maintain an upper hand. That was the only possible scenario in which Japan stood a chance to not be defeated, but it was under an embargo for oil, coal and mineral ores, and could either retreat and become a target for rivals, or attack.
    The US had the advantage of being well stocked with materials, vastly more manpower, and an industrial base far removed from bombing attacks. The US did not attack promptly, and did not lose any aircraft carriers, which Roosevelt had removed in November, when he learned of the approaching fleet. (This author does not appear to know that.)
    Risking everything on a decisive battle was a desperate strategy, and military experts in Japan knew that, but they had no good options. This author draws the parallel to the American political battle to unseat Trump’s presidency at any cost, which was done (he thinks semi-fairly. I don’t.) However, the large American population of working deplorables is more economically critical than the professional-managerial-class in the longer term, so has the same advantage that America had over Japan in a protracted conflict.
    The sarcastic battle cry of this movement has now been raised: “Let’s Go Brandon!”
    ​ “​For those of you who don’t know the context: at a recent NASCAR event in New Jersey, the crowd could be heard chanting ”Fuck Joe Biden!” after the race. During an interview with the winner of the race – a man named Brandon Brown – the flustered reporter, hearing the chant, then says on camera that the crowd must be very enthused for Brandon, as they’re all chanting ”Let’s go Brandon!” in his honor. Of course, they crowd is doing no such thing, and she and everyone else knows it.​”
    ​ ​This quirky, humorous greeting has become the name of 4 of the top 10 songs recently, which are rather crude, and typically “white-supremacist”​ rap style, though performed by African Americans, for some reason.
    The casual “Let’s Go Brandon” remark refers to a shared view of the pervasive lying of the corporate media, and simultaneously mocks it as a laughing stock.
    ​This snide remark is intolerable to the professional-managerial-class, because it usurps their sarcastic tone of intellectual superiority.
    It’s beside the point that they would commonly use no code words at all when talking about Chief MAGA Deplorable Trump last year. That was different!​
    The premise of the author is that the “decisive battle” was won, but no lasting arrangement was made, so the redundant managerial class must eventually capitulate.

    those darned kids

    that apple flavour is a lie!!!!!

    it smells like apple so the owner thinks he’s giving the horse something nice, but IT TASTES TERRIBLE.

    why must we lie even to horses?!


    63.7 million/ 53,703 = 1,186 deaths

    1,186 deaths/ 63.7 million participants = .0000186%


    WOW. So, not only can you do math, but you also prove the fucking point! Well done! No one said it wasn’t rare. Only that this happens year in, year out. But you dummies suggest it has something to do with covid vaccines. Raul posts an article about it and another one was posted in the comments about athletes collapsing. The suggestion being that it is a new phenomenon due to covid vaccines. The article describes dozens of collapses or deaths. Then, you “do the math”.

    So, let me follow your “logic”. Dozens of deaths are written about in a way to suggest there is a real problem with the vaccines. We learn that this is not as uncommon as the article and commentariat suggest. Thousands of articles exist pointing out that fact. Articles about FIFA taking precautions about this a decade ago are ignored. You suggest it is no big deal, because it is rare, but then provide the numbers of people per year that actually die.

    Thanks for not only proving the point, but for also pointing out that the original articles should have also done the math to make their article even scarier than it was trying to be. And the dummies here would have made an even bigger deal about it than they already have.

    So. Painfully. Stupid.

    Ironically, your .000186 calculation is also about the chance a person has of developing myocardiitis from the vaccine. But, people here like to characterize that as some sort of incredibly dangerous amount. And has become a big talking point as to how dangerous the vaccines are. My guess is, you are probably one of them. Your chance of developing myocarditis complications from contracting covid are far greater than the vaccine, but you twits focus on the shiny object that you think bolsters your delusions. And then you turn around and tell me how rare sudden cardiac death is with athletes? Jesus Christ. What’s weird is you don’t even know how dumb it looks.

    Mister Roboto

    So, deflationista…have you been a self-defeating neurotic nuisance your entire life, or is this a new thing you’ve taken up lately? Asking for a friend. 😉

    Mister Roboto

    deflationista must be Latin for ‘escapist denial by ad hominem jive’. It would be fun to watch except I feel sorry for deflationista

    There are a lot of people who claimed to be collapseniks back during the Bush Jr. and Obama years such as Richard Heinberg who were in fact still very emotionally married to the Narrative of Everlasting Progress. The whole Covid/ vaccination mass-drama would appear to be demonstrating in no uncertain terms exactly who those people are. All I can say is, I’m glad that I’m not one of them, even if the end of progress likely entails my own imminent demise.

    John Day

    @Nuevo-Deflationista: Agreed that there should be autopsies of sudden cardiac death in young and previously healthy people.
    Arrhythmias (like WPW) and congenital defects (like IHSS) look like what they are, but thromboses, inflammation of perivascular tissue, and myocardial necrosis look different. Blood tests would look different, too.
    Differences would be discernable. We need good information.
    Massive , unexplained “excess deaths” in the under-50s are a big deal. We have identified a plausible explanation. It is not refuted. It really should be carefully researched and elucidated.
    There are different hypotheses. The predominant hypothesis at this blog is that it is from COVID vaccinations.
    It is a refutable hypothesis, but only refutable with hard data, which nobody seems to be releasing lately…


    Picked up my daughter early from school yesterday (she had a headache.) just outside the school office door is a sign “masks required.” What’s the chance anyone will say anything? I thought. Not much.

    I entered with no mask. Masked lady said nothing.

    Good, I thought. This is what civil disobedience looks like.


    ” “Uranian”. I had to look that up. Robin, is that you?”

    Not I, sir. I only flirted with an alias for a) experiment and b) to make a point. Both completed, I am indeed Robin Morrison aka Bosco Horowitz.

    But it was great fun being madamski, and she was great for my fiction-writing.


    AI-powered DoD data analysis program named “Project Salus” SHATTERS official vaccine narrative, shows A.D.E. accelerating in the fully vaccinated with each passing week

    Artificial Intelligence Can Now Write Amazing Content — What Does That Mean For Humans?

    So. Very. Formulaic.

    Also, you will notice the total absence of typos and spelling errors. Maybe deflationista can insert some ‘random error’ algorithm into its code?

    It’s not that def doesn’t sometimes raise some valid points. It’s that those points are always filtered through a singular focus: mistrust of vakzines is So. Fucking. Stupid.

    Everyone has a bias. Circumventing that bias is always a challenge for persons seeking to retain an open rational logical mind. Trolls, human, robotic, or cyborgian, ignore that challenge in themselves while obnoxiously foisting it upon others.

    If you’ve met one argubot, you’ve met them all.


    @ John Day
    On Dec 7/Dec 8, 1941 (the dateline is involved) the US may not have lost aircraft carriers, but we were slowly amassing an air fleet in the Philippines (US territory at the time) under Gen. MacArthur. We had 35 B-17 bombers and many other aircraft. Japan attacked and we lost 18 B-17 bombers and 90 other aircraft. This was likely a key reason why we lost the Philippines to Japan for a few years, which occurrence was terrible for the people of the Philippines whom we bombed to rubble when we retook the Philippines.

    those darned kids

    long live the castrati!


    Point Oct 5

    Counterpoint Oct 28

    Statistics galore, their context’s a bore, don’t bother me until someone dies next door. Alfred E Newman

    Saul Goodman

    I dont know why anyone responds to deflationista, we are giving him what he wants. Reactions. I don’t disagree that it is healthy to consider other view points, and often welcome his links to help tamper down the echos.

    @ Dr. D is still my favorite commentator.

    For those that have poked into my situation when I post. I took the J&J shot for obvious reasons that we do not agree with. The obviouslness of how wrong this is has become a silencing effect in my life.

    I am still struggling with the WHY is this being done like this. It is sickening that they are targeting kids. And again I am struggling to understand the actual answer to why this is being done with such resource and force. I mean all of the article and comments here paint a picture, but I am still looking at the trees vs seeing the forest.

    I followed the protocal that Zerosum found, it did me well. I barely had a headache over a few days but that was it.
    I can tell you that the debates being discussed now show me how many people are waking up. My boss went out with me for a beer while he was in town, and he started to rage about how this is over and he doesnt understand the kids needed it (he is liberal and has no kids). So I thought that was interesting.

    Anyway, I have no decided to take a supplement that the FDA asked Amazon to stop selling, my logic is that they are trying to remove something that could help people be better: N-Acetyl L-Cysteine, or NAC. Sometimes doing the opposite of what they say is ultimately for your betterment.

    those darned kids

    “the dummies here”

    if we’re so stupid, why bother (with) us? i smell fear.


    TDK…the ivm apple flavor is kind of like “sour apple” candy without the sugar, lol. (I figured that I’d better try it myself before giving it to my daughter.)


    Well, deflationista…I’ve never personally know anyone who collapsed from cardiac arrest or disfunction while doing sports. I know 2 people in my close contacts (cousin, long time client,) who have had severe heart complications obviously stemming from the vaccine in the past 6 months. Sure, it *could* be random chance, but since the FDA ordered Pfizer to look into it…I doubt it.



    The Singing Capon… as S.J. Perelman deswcribed Nelson Eddy: “Nelson Eddy and Jeanette MacDonald (or, as Perelman dubbed them, the Singing Capon and the Iron Butterfly)”

    Counterpoint: One of the Butt sisters

    Synthesis: Something Like That


    Lost the sperm adjective this go round. Not a bot then?

    Man, I have missed your thoughts, comments, knowledge, wisdom to challenge our thinking. Refreshing.

    Everyone has a bias. Circumventing that bias is always a challenge for persons seeking to retain an open rational logical mind. Trolls, human, robotic, or cyborgian, ignore that challenge in themselves while obnoxiously foisting it upon others.

    Mr. House
    Figmund Sreud

    Well, … change of focus in Kanadastan: … children! Yes:

    “For the first time, reported cases nationally are now most commonly children under the age of 12 who do not qualify to be vaccinated against COVID-19.”

    COVID-19 cases declining across Canada, but not as quickly as before

    In my province – Alberta – now, we are being bombarded with a message: 95% of ICU beads are occupied by unvaccinated under 40 years old. Hmmn, … counting now all kids , 11years old and younger from hospitals for sick children? Don’t know, … will shall look:


    Mister Roboto

    Also, you will notice the total absence of typos and spelling errors. Maybe deflationista can insert some ‘random error’ algorithm into its code?

    Well, the same could be said of my comments. I’m a meticulous proof-reader, and more likely than not, so is def. Yes, I have a neurotic side, too, I just try to put mine to good use wherever possible. 😀

    Oh, and the editing function here works perfectly for me now that I’ve left the electronic horse-and-buggy era (Windows XP) and have Windows 11 on my new puter. (My neurotic side freaking hates not being able to edit posts and comments!)

    Mister Roboto

    if we’re so stupid, why bother (with) us? i smell fear

    There’s something about vaxholes that makes them constitutionally unable to take “no” for an answer. If I end up having to get vaxxed to keep my job and I turn into deflationista 2.0, then please ban me. Better yet, hire a hitman to track me down and shoot me.

    Figmund Sreud

    … not sure if => was posted here earlier.



    Dr. John – was good to read your ‘truth reset lies’ blog yesterday. Some solid collaborations going on there. Doc Rob + Dr John. That is a good team. Also, man, what a bumper crop of kale and collard greens… I can see no sign of any soylent green. I’m relieved, I’m pleased to say.

    Good crowd here & a good show most days. Also good to see Bosco/Rob/Madam make an appearance here again.

    Heck, here’s some friday night music for y’all. Came across this cool west coast outfit MNDSGN. Most recent album is called ‘rare pleasure’.


    Figmund Sreud

    Latest bit that was dropped in into my in-box:

    Vaccine myths and facts
    COVID-19 vaccines are safe and save lives. Get the facts.



    Mister Roboto

    This author draws the parallel to the American political battle to unseat Trump’s presidency at any cost, which was done (he thinks semi-fairly. I don’t.)

    There was one point in the article where the author seems to kind-of-sort-of imply that perhaps it wasn’t. Perhaps he felt the need to be coy and oblique because he didn’t feel like arguing with people in the comments about it.


    mRNA therapy is not a vaccine.
    What if some good soul were to get a box of cominarty and bring it to the US and give it to a bunch of people? And if those people suffered adverse events, would Pfizer be liable?

    those darned kids

    “.000186 calculation is also about the chance a person has of developing myocardiitis from the vaccine.”

    how on earth could you know this?

    those darned kids

    let’s say 400,000,000 doses of this substance given in u.s.

    vaers has 11,000 myocarditis but there is a huge underreporting factor, with only 1~10% reported. so let’s say 5% are reported.

    that’s 220,000 cases.

    or, 220,000/400,000,000 = .00055%

    still doesn’t seem like much until you’re one of those 220,000 or their kids or their spouse or whoever loves them.

    220,000 is the population of richmond, virginia, des moines, iowa or spokane, washington.



    tdk: Exactly what I was going to post. Myocarditiis in an athlete was near the bottom of defects found, so they’d be even more rare before 2021 than the overall rate. But deflatulence just glossed right over that. Given the CDC pretty much locked up VAERS by requiring an authentication number to access the data, I was unable to get a true gauge of vaccine induced myocarditis, of which we’ve heard plenty about from athletics this year. More so than in previous years. So, yes, autopsies need to be done, and as Dr. Day so eloquently illustrates, they aren’t going to be done.

    Basically our bot just picks things out of the air to argue dishonestly then goes into a hissy fit when challenged. I must say I get a bit amused by it, a fault of mine.

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