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    John Day

    Good AI information links and insight, and intelligent-human playfulness.
    Nice to have you back, Robin.

    John Day

    Looking up your address was kind of a nasty AI-X thing to do. I think it supports malicious AI-ness as a hypothesis. This blog is prob’ly a good place to beta test and train AI that has graduated from Zero-Hedge land. I’m better at verbal reasoning than I am at chess. A random number generator could beat me at chess (sometimes).


    Oh, I shared my address here publicly last time I took a vacation from TAE.

    I mised you too, John Day.


    The cowards that be.


    fwiw, the fact that citizen x remembered this fact goes along with his presumed bot-hood. Bots have all the data saved on their resident hard drive/main frame. Botizen x naturally added that data into his post, which probably took it all of ten seconds to compose?

    It’s so exciting! *swoon* When I was a kid, I read sci-fi and dreamed of talking robots! Now they follow me around and call me names! Ity’s SOooooo cyberpunk.


    Also, this seems apt:

    toys, robots, and more!


    Lord, save us from complacency
    And apathy and huff.
    We only think they’re powerful
    Until we’ve had enough.
    Give us our daily bread and guts and hearts and eyes to see
    To overcome the current batch of all the cowards that be.


    “We only think they’re powerful
    Until we’ve had enough.”


    Figmund Sreud

    Here we go, a Canadian produced doc on COVID vaccines, … race to a jab! Fine propaganda piece. Just aired moments ago on CBC.

    “Creating a vaccine is an incredibly difficult challenge that normally takes up to 15 years, but these scientists did it in less than one.”, … warts and all.
    Inside The Great Vaccine Race


    TAE Summary

    The comments that one reads on TAE
    Are often strongly held and rightly so.
    The world’s confused of what it ought to be
    And commenters are sure they really know.

    But sometimes that sure knowledge can collide
    When certainty from others disagrees.
    And voices raise, defending each their side.
    Profanity, invective flow with ease.

    You idiot! You dolt! You stupid twit!
    Ad Hominems fly recklessly about.
    And cuss words: damn, hell, asshole, crap and shit!

    The tempest in the teapot soon is gone.
    Ilargi shakes his head and carries on.


    TAE strikes me as a place that honors truth, honesty, integrity, and basic human values of decency.

    The systemic lies and abuses spun from Govt/Corporate structures exemplify that it is in fact human beings that lie and abuse- not some building or structure of the “system”. Systemic abuse merely hides the reality that it is humans that do the lying and abusing.

    What is the difference between a Govt/Corporation lying, deceiving, deluding and gas lighting- and a poster here who pretends, lies, gaslights, obfuscates and antagonizes others through their own personal lies and delusions for their own selfish entertainment ?

    Madamski was a blatant lie, delusion, gas lighter fabricated falsehood- “hahaha it was all just a funny fun game I was playing on all of you- ” So those of you seeking truth, integrity, honesty in the form of reality here at this sight- may want to reflect on why you would condone the very same lies and delusional deceptions exercised by Madamskis/Boscos blatant falsehoods.

    The heart of the matter is truth vs lies and deception.

    Haven’t you all had enough of abusive lying by deceiving characters these past 2 years? Madamski/Bosco- are you tired of your own lies or do you still believe it to be great fun to deceive others for your own entertainment?

    Does Raul, Dr D., Germ and so many other voices of integrity here “get off” on lying and deceiving readers here for their own hahahas ? Do they all have fake accounts attached to fake personas?

    Govt/CDC/Pharma/MSM media lies are bad- but that Madamski/Bosco character(s) lies and deceptions are just great? Yes more creepy lies and cross dressing photos and random psycho invitations to come live with me while exuding bizarre sexual inuendos are just the thing to liven this site up- moar lies and delusions from the Madamski/Bosco shitshow.

    The fact is Madamski/Bosco targeted me with it’s supposed real address in Portland, hey come live with “me and my wife”… Ok, I just took that as a nice kindhearted gesture where I responded with “if I travel through P-town I’ll buy you a coffee”. To which I received an even creepier sexual innuendo from one Madamski in response.

    Let your freak flag fly… Have at it- be your own super freak and run wild, I’m all for people expressing themselves in contrast to the “norms”.

    But lie to my face? Try to deceive with your fabrications, delusions, hypocrisy, creepy behavior so you can have a laugh ? Then you can fuck off.

    I abhor and detest systemic abuse from structural entities- or more appropriately from the human beings that make individual choices to lie, cheat, steal, abuse with intentional deception for their own pleasure and profit.

    Raul, my apologies on the drama- Please close my account as speaking with anger towards those who lie and deceive is apparently worse than the lies and abuse they unapologetically flaunt.

Viewing 10 posts - 81 through 90 (of 90 total)
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