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    those darned kids

    • Child Deaths Are 52% Higher Since They Were Offered The Covid-19 Vaccine (TE)
    Ω adult venality, malfeasance and selfishness same as they ever were..

    • White House Details Plan To “Quickly” Vaccinate 28M Children Age 5-11 (ZH)
    Ω don’t these people have souls?

    • Pfizer, Moderna to Rake in $93 Billion in 2022 COVID Vaccine Sales (CHD)
    Ω rake, shovel and burn the sulfurous loot..

    • Adenovirus Covid-19 Vaccine Shows Lower But ‘Stable’ Immunity (RT)
    Ω perhaps we’ll know once the trial phase finishes in 2098

    • Repositioning Ivermectin For Covid-19 Treatment (SD)
    Ω yep, reposition it in front of the patient’s mouth..

    • The FDA’s War Against The Truth On Ivermectin (AIER)
    Ω don’t these people have souls?

    • Washington State Patrol Staff Shortage, Officers Quit Over Vaccine Mandate (RT)
    Ω in 2056, authorities mandated chastity belts for all cispeoples to combat coronachange

    • Why Are Thousands Of Postal Workers Still Unvaxxed? (WND)
    Ω neither sleet nor fauci..

    • Djokovic Claims It Would Be ‘Inappropriate’ To Say If He Is Vaccinated (RT)
    Ω he’s got balls

    • Dewey, Cheat’em And Howe (Denninger)
    Ω karl keeps bringing up this “law” thing. how quaint.

    • “The Bidens”: Is the First Family Corrupt, or Merely Crazy? (Taibbi)
    Ω evil.

    • Hillary’s Secretive, Russiagate-Flogging Pair of Super-Lawyers (Maté)
    Ω evil.

    • The Killing Of Gaddafi 10 Years Ago Led To The Death Of The Nation Of Libya (RT)
    Ω the beings at pfizer sure loved the free viagra promos!

    Peter 47

    again question for TheTrivium4T, how do I make my body to have optimal ratio of copper-iron?

    Mr. House

    “If you wonder how apparently diverse institutions began to operate in Lockstep in February of 2020: every newspaper and television station, school, university, district council, government department, company executive, non-profit or charity and every political party…

    If you wonder how they knew just what to do — without debate, legislatures dispersed so soon.

    If you question where they derived their claims to authority, these run-of-the-mill functionaries who suddenly exerted official power of life and death, at least to kill your business and extinguish your child’s education… Read on.”


    TAE Summary

    The Five Tenets of Critical Pandemic Theory (CPT)

    Tenet 1 – Centrality of Covid 19 and The Pandemic in Society: CPT asserts that Covid 19 and the Pandemic are the central components of American life.

    Tenet 2 – Challenge to Other Ideologies: CPT challenges all claims of established public health protocols, nutrition, exercise, repurposed drugs and early treatment of Covid 19 in society.

    Tenet 3 – Centrality of Celebrity Statements: CPT asserts that the statements of famous actors, singers, talk show hosts, anchor persons and government bureaucrats are appropriate, legitimate, and an integral part to analyzing and understanding the Pandemic and more valid than statistical or empirical data

    Tenet 4 – Official Disciplinary Perspective: CPT challenges the health oriented, non-monetary focus of independent analyses of vaccines and non-vaccine treatments and insists that Covid 19 and the Pandemic be placed in an official context using only methods sanctioned by the government, the AMA and reputable pharmaceutical organizations.

    5. Commitment to Social Compliance: CPT is a framework that is committed to a social compliance agenda to eliminate all forms of insubordination of people.


    My wife who is a doctor, has been a doctor for 30 years, kidney transplant specialist, emergency specialist, hospitalist, didn’t lose a Covid patient has natural immunity and will tomorrow see her last day because #science. We stand to lose everything she has ever worked for.

    — Barry Sharp (@BarryESharp) October 20, 2021

    My neighbour accusses me of being selfish for not getting the jab. This poor lady is obviously also being selfish. Not sure how that works, but in the left wing progressive mind, disobedience of their dictats is selfishness. The dictats are not selfish, they are just right minded thinking by our best brains, the sort of thinking for which us un-vaxxed should be thankful.

    TAE Summary

    According to Critical Pandemic Theory
    * Your vaccination status is your most important characteristic
    * Anti-vaxxness is the cause of all the problem of the vaccinated and no matter what they do the unvaccinated cannot escape their anti-vaxxness unless they get vaccinated
    * A focus on health is just anti-vaxxness in disguise
    * It is actually the unvaxxed that have benefited most from the vaccination of others

    Veracious Poet

    Formerly T-Bear:

    ‘What might be done?’ some will ask. The answer is multi-part: Withdraw consent, support; resist by word and deed; contest with fact and considered opinion; fight through non-violence, assertion, non-compliance and defence <sic> of historical prerogatives using every forum, streets, political forums, courts and every place that if nothing else puts sand into the machinery, plans and policies of the would be authoritarians. If not you – WHO?

    IOW become part of the marginalized, chastised & ignored minority destined to be disenfranchised, removed from economic streams, starved & eventually murdered.

    All with the gleeful support of the untermenschen that are hypnotized by government/partisan misdirection, MSM lies & propaganda, social media tribal thought + last, but not least, their child EGO induced self-centered trances…

    The current deranged leadership led by Xiden, Piglousi, Chucky Cheese, et al. is not a bug ~ They were empowered by the United Sheeple of Amerika, the dumbed-down-to-succumb, who are attracted to sociopaths & psyops like moths to the flame.

    The Gleichschaltung of America is in the third act, of which the end result can hardly be devined even by TPTB that have conspired for generations to make it reality ~ They are fools to believe that they can escape the black hole about to be unleashed on western civilization…

    Go ahead join the dissonance, just don’t expect at this late stage in the game to amount to more than another faceless, nameless martyr 😐


    No ocean or beach for you unclean. My friend who was a doctor till recently took this happy snap while attempting to access the beach.


    Photo didn’t load- $1817 fine issued by Vic police if you access the beach unvaccinated

    Veracious Poet

    I remember reading TAE 10+ years ago, after being linked on ZH (mean spirited commentariat savages make discussion on ZH useless), but didn’t join TAA discussion until last year…

    How many of you longtime TAE posters voted for the like of Obaa-baa, Hitlery, Xiden et al.?

    I remember the kool-aid sloshing about in every thread, inane social ideologies spouted like the gospel…are you happy with all your “good intentions”?

    Anyone happy to see the CRT, AGW, socialized medicine et al. apocalypse about to destroy western civ through totalitarian subversion, in broad daylight including mass genocide, calamities that were unthinkable even 30 years ago?!?

    Same goes for the “conservative” sub human primates that chanted “USA, USA, USA!” while their leaders raped, pillaged, plundered & murdered innocents in their name…

    Watching this insanity & trying to stop it for 20+ years, until there was no hope left, I was sickened by the sub human low IQ primates that continuously voted for psychopath lies & insanity at every turn 😐

    The herd never had a chance. All TPTB had to do was make them feelz da goodz & all appearance of rational thought was purchased for 30 pieces of paper…

    Often, the truth doesn’t feelz da goodz (especially for da womenz):


    Natural Immunity
    Do a search for seroprevalence studies

    These seroprevalence surveys use blood tests to identify people in a population who have antibodies against SARS-CoV-2. Antibody test results can provide information about previous infections in people who had many, few, or no symptoms. It is not yet known if having SARS-CoV-2 antibodies can protect against getting infected again. Evidence suggests that detectable antibodies in some patients might decrease over time when using certain tests. CDC’s seroprevalence surveys are not designed to provide information on how long antibodies last in people’s body following infection.

    Two-thirds of Indians have Covid antibodies, 40 crore still at risk: ICMR
    The serosurvey, the fourth such exercise, was conducted in June and July, after the second wave had began to subside.

    The serosurvey, the fourth such exercise, was conducted in June and July, after the second wave had began to subside. A total of 28,975 people were tested for the presence of antibodies specific to SARS-CoV2 virus, and 67.6% were found to have them. For the first time, minors in the age group of 6 to 17 years were also included in the serosurvey, with antibodies interestingly discovered in nearly half of them.

    The results of the latest serosurvey mark a huge jump in the prevalence of infection among the population from the previous such exercises, carried out in the same districts. In the third serosurvey, carried out in December 2020-January this year, less than 25% of the surveyed population was found to have the antibodies. In the first survey, carried out between May and June last year, only about 0.7% people were found with antibodies. A subsequent exercise in August and September had found antibodies in 7.1% people.

    The fact that two-thirds of the population has already been infected — with the sero-prevalence found to be the same in rural and urban areas — reduces the possibility of a fresh round of infections as severe as the second wave was. More so, because at least 32 crore people have received at least one dose of the vaccine. There would be a considerable overlap between those who have been infected, and those who have got the vaccine, but the two figures together mean that over 70% of the population over the age of six can be expected to have developed some sort of immunity against the disease.

    D Benton Smith

    Have y’all heard the latest about Facebook’s intended makeover? It has been more than rumored recently that Zuckerberg, having totally shit the bed of social media, now wants to hastily move on to bigger things ( and away from the retribution which he and Facebook so richly deserve) before the posse of public opinion catches up to him like a mob with a rope.
    Hey, I’ve got an idea ! His dreamed of rebranding of Facebook into “Metaverse” could include providing augmented reality services for the hundreds of millions of permanently physically disabled people left in the wake of his foray into Covid-19 experimentation. Those victims probably couldn’t make it out of their convalescent beds to join a necktie party anyway, so instead they can lay there trying to breath, while wearing the his new AR gear to imagine a brave new Virtual world, and pretend to be actually alive like they were before the Zuck and his psycho- buddies turned life into hell.
    I’m reminded of the tired old joke that to err is human, but to really screw things up you need a computer. It should be updated to read, “To err is the new normal, but to FUBAR you need a network, with Mark Zuckerberg in control.


    What will my personal history be a witness to? How do I break free of my cultural conditioning?

    Responsibility, is it an inevitable part of life? If so, in whose service can I find meaning?

    Freedom, is it possible? How can I be freed from bondage to serve what I would choose?

    The enemy is me and always has been.


    I am not buying this story that the Expose is pushing that the vaccines cause AIDS.

    AIDS was a disease that dramatically lowered T4 cells counts and made patients susceptible to rare forms of pneumonias that only appear in severely immuno-compromised patients. Patients did not die from AIDS. They died from the pneumonia that followed decimation of their immune systems, and particularly T4.

    That is not what is happening here. As van den Bossche explains in practically every one of his videos, there is a tradeoff with the vaccines. They boost the highly specific immune response to the spike protein antigen, but that comes at a cost. The cost is a reduction in the effectiveness of the body’s innate and generalized immunity. That is NOT the same as saying that the vaccines are causing AIDS. The Expose is peddling junk science.



    The rich fools in India who are vaccinating will create new waves as sure as hell.

    Veracious Poet

    Amerika 2022:

    Doc Robinson

    From Alex Berenson:

    Covid vaccines will keep you from acquiring full immunity EVEN IF YOU ARE INFECTED AND RECOVER
    …the British government… admitted today, in its newest vaccine surveillance report, that:
    “N antibody levels appear to be lower in people who acquire infection following two doses of vaccination.” (Page 23)

    V. Arnold

    Veracious Poet

    @ Formerly T-Bear:

    IOW become part of the marginalized, chastised & ignored minority destined to be disenfranchised, removed from economic streams, starved & eventually murdered.

    It would appear that your reading comprehension is severely compromised…
    Formerly T-Bear said no such thing…


    These seroprevalence surveys use blood tests to identify people in a population who have antibodies against SARS-CoV-2. (natural immunity)
    The CDC data was hard to find.

    Nationwide Blood Donor Seroprevalence Survey
    The nationwide blood donor seroprevalence survey estimates the percentage of the U.S. population ages 16 and older that have developed antibodies against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, from vaccination or infection. This percentage is known as seroprevalence.
    Nationwide Blood Donor Seroprevalence Survey
    The nationwide blood donor seroprevalence survey estimates the percentage of the U.S. population ages 16 and older that have developed antibodies against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, from vaccination or infection. This percentage is known as seroprevalence.

    Look at the numbers = 88.1% to 94.3% Those numbers are above the requirement for herd immunity.
    Faucis is hiding the truth.
    Vaccine Mandates and vaccines for children are not needed.


    Zerosum, nice find.


    @ chooch

    I hope everyone keeps looking for seroprevalence.
    The pandemic is over

    John Day

    Thank You, Ilargi, Teri (I really mean it), Germ, Germ, Germ,…, Formerly T-bear, Doc Robinson, Veracious Poet, Phoenix Voice, Zerosum, Chooch, TT4TW, My Parents Said Know, Mr. House, Bogaloo, D.B.S. , Oh, I know I;m offending by on=mission ,and I don’t mean to. I am trying to ctch up on a lot of non-work things, and keep having really long conversations with frinds who come over to sit in the garden and talk to me.

    I spent 6 hours on hold , today, trying to speak to a human , at the phone number to cash in my retirement policy. Actually, yes. It let me keep my place by giving my number, so the phone was only at my ear 3.5 hours. “Due to unusually high call-volume”…
    I made use of email and the land line while flip phone was to my ear, and eventually the representative for “the clinic” got back to me to say that he had gotten through and they were mailing me the forms to complete and mail back.
    I’m sure this is the only retirement company that has no telephone access to the people who cash-out the policies. It’s Mutual of America. If there were other companies going through this same thing, then it would mean that they were putting off a bank-run by having one teller with a weak bladder, a dull pencil and poor eyesight.
    It’s an N-of-1, but it’s my life experience today, so I had to think about it, and you know what THAT can do…

    John Day

    Oops, typos. “offending by omission”.


    Raul, I just canceled my Paypal monthly automatic payment. I am done with Paypal. They are deplatforming the FLCCC, so I refuse to work with them any longer.

    I just sent my first donation to your bitcoin address.

    Another suggestion might be to set up to take donations through Revolut. That is a fantastic service with no fees.


    Boogaloo #90542

    Yes, it is a bit strange. Their full wording is a bit more nuanced: “perhaps a form of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome”.


    My daughter has been sick with Covid for 13 days. She has had no fever for the past 5 days, and she seems to be getting over it…but keeps complaining that she feels icky and can’t focus. “Brain fog” or “Covid brain” I realized. So, today my parents brought over the horse paste ivermectin. I spent some time remembering how to calculate and figure out the dosing, tasted it myself, and gave it to her in apple sauce. She has a sensitive stomach, so I wasn’t surprised when she felt nauseous (even though she had eaten something with it) a half hour later, and I gave her something for the nausea. 2 hours later she was happily drawing, could focus, and told me how much better she felt. It seems too good to be true — but she hasn’t been this much herself for 13 days.



    Nationwide Blood Donor Seroprevalence Survey

    Denninger wrote about the underlying medical study a while back. The underlying study was looking at both antibodies to the Spike protein and the N protein.

    If you look at the seroprevalence of antibodies to the N protein, (look at “select seroprevalence type to view”) right now it is estimated to be at 21.9% That is why we are still getting Covid cases — because the vaccine induced abs are there, but they don’t work well.


    I hope the Ivermectin does the trick. If it does not, the FLCCC recommends fluvoxamine for the long covid “brain fog” symptoms. If fluvoxamine is not available, they say fluoxetine (prosac) is the next best substitute. But hopefully Ivermectin solves everything.


    @ phoenixvoice
    CDC is covering its ass.
    Look at the studies from other countries, ( Seroprevalence)

    Multistate Assessment of SARS-CoV-2 Seroprevalence in Blood Donors
    Updated Nov. 13, 2020

    Look for numbers/studies that are believable.
    Critical Thinking
    No update since Nov. 13, 2020
    Natural Immunity would kill the goose that lays the golden egg


    @phoenixvoice: Sorry to hear about your daughter’s lingering symptoms. My personal IVM experience, during my boyfriend’s 16 day slog + my own 5 day event, is that it really works. We both took it daily while symptoms were present. If anything, I started him on dose that was too low (the protocol had been updated). We also went the food no food route – did not notice a difference). Currently he does a bi-weekly dose for maintenance. I continue to use it weekly as a “clean-up” tool (wow does it “clean-up” stuff in the nooks and crannies, all of my skin issues from outdoor/sun exposure are resolving/dissolving). Neither one of us ever experienced a reaction to IVM, no stomach upset (even tho he has a sensitive stomach) despite top of the recommended doses. We have no lingering Covid symptoms.


    again question for TheTrivium4T, how do I make my body to have optimal ratio of copper-iron?

    I will start to answer, but in tomorrow’s active blog (10/22)…

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