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    Pablo Picasso Man with arms crossed 1909   • Child Deaths Are 52% Higher Since They Were Offered The Covid-19 Vaccine (TE) • White House Details
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle October 21 2021]




    “No 10 has made deals to buy hundreds of thousands of doses of two new antiviral treatments for coronavirus”


    “As the military surveillance firm and NATO contractor Thales recently put it, vaccine passports “are a precursor to digital ID wallets.” ”

    And as the CEO of iProove, a biometric ID company and Homeland Security contractor, emphasized to Forbes, “The evolution of vaccine certificates will actually drive the whole field of digital ID in the future. So, therefore, this is not just about Covid, this is about something even bigger.”

    Public health or private wealth? How digital vaccine passports pave way for unprecedented surveillance capitalism


    Blackmail, – and the face of evil …


    “Rare” LOL

    “FDA Delays Moderna Covid-19 Vaccine for Adolescents to Review Rare Myocarditis Side Effect”


    Singapore hospitals risk being ‘overwhelmed’ after record daily Covid deaths

    “More than 80% of Singapore’s total population has been vaccinated against the virus.” –

    Confirmation – this shit don’t work.


    “males of all ages had myocarditis occur at 0.64 cases per 100,000 persons after the first dose and 3.83 cases per 100,000 after the second dose — with the incidence increasing to 1.34 and 15.07 per 100,000 after the first and second doses, respectively, for teenage boys ages 16 to 19.”

    Totally NORMAL – and “Rare”.


    So now I can’t go to the town library to borrow books or movies for my children or myself as I am unvaccinated.
    I liked reading to my 3 yo boy at the library but now I’m going more local – my front yard.

    Collapse is a bit of a drag


    Also thanks to Michael Reid re the link to Gail Tvalberg piece. It was a detailed and thorough look at what most of us know is going on u der the human pyramid scheme.
    The Haber Bosch process would add the relevant detail and reveal the devil within. I also noted the supply chain shortage list for US supermarkets included soda and soft drinks. The reason given was issues of supply at fertiliser companies and plants. They mentioned CO2 but I suspect more broad issues.
    Also thanks to TamHob re support – I’m doing okay but fear I will get caught existing sooner or later. I’ve taken it up with God though and He seems cool with it for now.


    Iain Davis Dissects the Pseudopandemic with James Corbett


    @ Ilargi,

    Thank you for posting the article about Libya.

    Back when the US and France first decided to invade (“Responsibility to Protect” or R2P, they called their “kinetic action”), I was keeping an on-line blog. I could not stop myself from poring over the news and writing about what we were doing there almost daily. To say I was horrified is an gross understatement. It made my heart hurt. It still does.

    Amnesty International France went to the UN and claimed that Gaddafi was feeding his soldiers Viagra so they would rape women. The UN agreed to the invasion “to protect civilians” and NATO formed a coalition to install a no-fly zone over Libya. They were going to bomb the Libyan Air Force so Gaddafi did not have planes with which to fight back and then arrest Gaddafi and put him on “trial”. That’s what the coalition said, anyway.

    Then the bombing started and when Amnesty International saw what the coalition forces were doing – all those war crimes and thousands of innocent people being blown up – they went back to the UN and changed their story. Oops, they said, they had gotten some bad information. Gaddafi wasn’t actually giving Viagra to his troops, he wasn’t actually killing his own people, and the “rebels” who were rising up against him weren’t actually native Libyans but appeared to be imports who were being paid to instigate dissatisfaction within the population. It was all just rumors that Amnesty Int had fallen for. Of course, the spokeswoman for Amnesty Int never admitted that they had started those rumors themselves. Several years after the whole thing was over, by the way, it came out that the “rebels” in Libya were created by the CIA. US Ambassador Stevens, who was famously killed at our “embassy” in Libya, was not really at the embassy, but at a safe house where guns were stored, and was involved in a gun-running operation for the CIA to arm these so-called rebels.

    Libya was the crown jewel of Africa. The wealth of that nation was truly nationalized; Gaddafi used the money from oil sales to give a basic income to all Libyans. They had universe healthcare, free college education (under Gaddafi, Libya had a much higher literacy rate than the US and most western countries), a starter home for all newly-wed couples, etc. Gaddafi himself lived in a tent. He refused to live in a real house until every Libyan had a house.

    At the time the US was seeking a coalition to bomb Libya, the then-prime minister (can’t remember his name) of Italy refused to sign on. He said he had been to Libya and seen how the people adored Gaddafi. “He may not have been elected,” the Italian said,. “but he is truly beloved by the people.” Then some arm-twisting happened and the Italians joined in anyway. Gaddafi was not elected, this is true. But then Libya was like many Middle Eastern and African countries, where the government is formed by the ruling tribe rather than by general elections. It is not what we would call democracy, and sometimes it works well and sometimes it doesn’t. Our abject refusal to understand that societies in foreign countries might arrange themselves differently than we choose to lead to disastrous interventions like our invasion of Libya. Libya was actually working for its people. It was NOT like North Korea under the Kim family, for example. Or Saudi Arabia under their crown princes.

    So we went in and we destroyed the Great Man-made River and the factory that supplied its replacement pipes and parts; we bombed orphanages, schools, tv and radio stations, apartment buildings, hospitals and roads. We utterly destroyed the city of Sirte just because it was Gaddafi’s home town and bombed a few other cities just for the hell of it.

    The coalition, led by the US and France, simply declared some new guys were the official government in Libya before Gaddafi was even dead (kind of like what we did to Maduro in Venezuela a couple of years ago), we stole all of Libya’s gold and have never to this day returned it, and then assassinated Gaddafi. No trial, no tribunal: we never intended to have a trial in any case. We wanted Libya’s assets, not “freedom” for the Libyan people. We took over the oil fields and ended the nationalized oil and banking sectors in Libya. Before we left the country, several US Congressmen (led by John McCain) had escorted some heads of major US companies into Libya to divvy up the spoils. Hillary the war-pig went on a speaking tour to promote the great business opportunities in the now “open for US business” new Libya.

    We ruined this beautiful country. We killed tens of thousands of Libyans – not only due to the bombing we did of various cities, but also because of the loss of water and the inevitable result this had on agricultural production, the loss of their national income, and the chaotic strife over who would run the government after we left.

    If there is a hell, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Nikolas Sarkozy will be burning there forever for what they did to Libya.


    teri, you left out Joe Biden.

    Veracious Poet


    Gaddafi on the election of Obama

    I seem to remember Gaddafi writing several letters to Obama. I know they are buried in my archives somewhere. Don’t like the lead in on this one, plus where is the full text of the three page original, this seems abbreviated.

    In hindsight, Saddam Hussein still running Iraq would seem to be the lesser of two evils.


    @ Ilargi;

    “teri, you left out Joe Biden.”

    Seriously, that’s what you got out of that?

    I only mentioned the main culprits. I could have named a shit-ton of people. Hell, I could have named Glenn Greenwald, whose only objection to the R2P intervention was that there was no formalized nicety of a vote in Congress regarding the whole affair. He otherwise fully supported going in and celebrated the assassination of the “evil dictator despot Gaddafi”, who (Greenwald felt) had to be taken out one way or the other. Greenwald had a major influence on his fairly liberal audience and swayed a bunch of them into thinking that Libya was the “good war”. He was a big part of the malign media influence at the time.

    In any case, and more to the point, at the time of the invasion Biden was one of only a few top US officials who recommended against going into Libya.

    [Which does not translate into me being a Biden supporter, lest anyone start throwing that assumption out. He was right that time, though; maybe the only time he had a coherent thought in his head.]

    Formerly T-Bear

    Per request:

    In Venice between the Doges Palace and the prison behind it is a bridge over a small canal, the Bridge of Sighs which has written over the Palace entrance the advice “Abandon hope all ye who enter here” such was justice then. Not much has changed since, the world is a much larger and more populated place than it was then, but the advice still holds well in another empire finding itself past the premonition of collapse.

    The political arts in that empire have developed means and methods to acutely divide the citizenship to the point that minor, statistically invisible manipulations can determine election results by application of enormous sums to assure bipartisan tribalism so intense that political civility no longer exists, indeed the ability of political communication has become impossible. Fierce shoals for the good ship ‘Republic’ to founder on; all passengers, crew and treasure lost, a howling gale rendering sails into shreds, the captain’s voice unheard through a dementia of fear.

    A virus has rent the body politic irreversibly, a Rubicon has been crossed, no reversion is possible, a costly sacrifice has been burnt on the public high alter, the self appointed priests searching the entrails for guidance find no entrails to read but report imagined dooms to the fearful public, order obsequious obedience ingesting concocted palliatives to assure protection through magic invisible invincibility cloaks courteously the public purse, but one must completely believe in the magic for it to work. Seems P.T. Barnum underestimated the rate of birth for suckers.

    Assumptions taken that this time will not be different, that things will reset into conditions status quo ante are , as bending the popular phrase has it – NOT ‘highly likely’. Emotions and hurts are too deep and too deeply felt for facile rapprochement, enmities built will be hard to retract. Those excluded will not likely be welcomed back to former positions, Skills atrophy through disemployment; the higher the skill set the shorter the period needed for atrophy to occur, particularly in quickly evolving industries or high knowledge level required services. Once, when times were more stable, it would have been unthinkable for any government to tax gardens as a source of income, rebellion would certainly ensue. Given the state of the State, taxing gardens will happen because the State has the power to do so, and will do so. What then?

    As finance has developed the creation and control of revenue streams as their objective, that model will work for governments as well. The 1776 revolution was exactly built upon the fact that the power to tax was the power to destroy. That has not changed in the intervening period; only the subject being taxed has and the effect is a noticeable inequality in retained wealth – notice those who are being destroyed are congruous to who are bearing the tax burden.

    Most of the population is involved with procreation and raising the results thereof, little time is available for other pursuits outside of providing for a family’s needs, wants and desires, mostly through some form of labour. A few will have at their disposal some sort of estate devoted to some form of economic production such as farming, small business enterprises, working investments, professional services; all small scale. The industrialisation created large efficient economic entities, the nature necessitated, resulted in few controlling an industry – monopoly, or a few controlling the output of an industry – monopsony having the resources needed for large scale purchases (such as grain companies). Once finance companies serviced large industrial production benefitting all parties, but finance found greater profit in controlling production to obtain the revenue streams generated, and now look to create those revenue streams through innovative servicing, credit cards being an early example that drained revenue from banks. Finance companies had grown from a historical ~4% of the economy to over 40% of economic activity, obtaining everything not nailed down by prior possession of the economic privileged. This process was marked by centralisation of economic activities to fewer and fewer firms that grew in economic power, often exercised in the destruction of labour and the government that provided an equitable field for all parties. Once that was achieved, finance began an assault on government, first by usurping control of law enforcement, suborning the courts, and controlling regulatory authority. Having accomplished this, the legislative branch was neutered, and the executive branch was bought. Little remains of constitutional governmental power, little effective remains of the constitution itself, and the Republic has become a convenient myth clothed in democracy’s wardrobe, all brought to you curtesy of your friendly local ‘Law and Order’ folks and your sterling ‘Moral Majority’ who breached the separation of belief and State bulwarks to give the nations treasury to the most perfidious assortment of scoundrels and near-do-wells ever assembled. If you dream of displacing them peaceably at this stage, you need get some professional help. All institutions that once created and effected FDR’s ‘New Deal’ have beed suborned, bought, displaced or duplicated out of the revenue streams finance has created and finance is not going to give up their good thing for anyone.they cannot buy off – get yourself some other delusion.

    ‘What might be done?’ some will ask. The answer is multi-part: Withdraw consent, support; resist by word and deed; contest with fact and considered opinion; fight through non-violence, assertion, non-compliance and defence of historical prerogatives using every forum, streets, political forums, courts and every place that if nothing else puts sand into the machinery, plans and policies of the would be authoritarians. If not you – WHO?


    “Sweden has extended the pause of Moderna Covid vaccine for people aged 30 and younger due to rare heart-related side-effects, the public health agency said today.”

    “Rare” LOL


    Critical thinkers at TAE have noticed

    1. Accumulated wisdoms of the retired seniors has been extinguished.
    2. Bloodlines are being extinguished with the vaccination of the children
    3. Supplies are not reaching consumer demands
    4. The natural immune system is rejecting the vaccines within 8 months
    5. New info/study/data on the use of Ivermectin
    Repositioning Ivermectin for Covid-19 treatment: Molecular mechanisms of action against SARS-CoV-2 replication
    6.The FDA doesn’t want anybody to learn the truth about Ivermectin
    7. Vaccine mandates are causing “strikes” all over the world (opposition to the rulers).
    8. “Strikes” will aggravate the shortage of supplies
    9. The FBI and DOJ are wearing “blinkers”, and cannot read laptops belonging to Hunter and Hillary
    10. Fauci has convinced everyone not to read the data at

    Mr. House
    Formerly T-Bear

    zerosum at # 90499 DR 20 October 2021

    @ T-Bear
    ‘What might be done?’
    Excellent expose of our social/economic system
    When we have left this existence who will know, and be able to pass on this knowledge

    Clue: there used to be a Celsius 233 on these pages. Recall how knowledge and literature were preserved in the original book.Secondly, establish groups to explore and discuss history, literature, knowledge, science, medicine and law, biographies and autobiographies of the distinguished are important as well. Share knowledge, experience by discussing with others, help ignite their curiosity. From my experience, anecdotally, I had found three books in an abandoned house, the histories of Egypt, Greece and Rome. I recall the names; West and Meyer belonging to two of those books. By the time I began the fourth grade I had read them all; all were university level text books I discovered later. They ignited my interest in history and later economics and other social sciences. Make sure some autodidact may come across whatever trove you might put together – your best hope for the future. Does this answer your question a little?


    Quote of the day!!

    “Kill two birds with one stone”


    @ Formerly T-Bear
    It would take years to pass on our knowledge.
    School ped. day. I’m doing emergency babysitting. Therefore, I’m going to introduce “critical thinking”, (catch the lie/ data does not compute,) to my grankids 10, and 7


    “Its AIDS, they are giving people AIDS… I am on an international zoom call with pathologists and Doctors. We are in serious trouble. Immune systems are being obliterated.”


    “A top NIH official admitted in a Wednesday letter that the US-funded so-called “gain-of-function” research in Wuhan, China – and that the US nonprofit which conducted it, EcoHealth Alliance – led by the controversial Peter Daszak, “failed to report” that they had created a chimeric bat coronavirus which could infect humans.”



    In hindsight, Saddam Hussein still running Iraq would seem to be the lesser of two evils.

    I have a good friend from Iraq and we have spoken about this often. He hated Saddam. His uncle was fairly high in the Government and was at the notorious meeting where Saddam read a list of names who were taken out and shot (and his uncle’s first name was the same as one of those shot which gave him an awful scare). He said you could not speak of politics ever, you could not trust even close friends. He said there were black secret service cars in the city and if you saw one you must never make eye contact with the men in the car because they would pull you over and ask why you were looking at them. He had friends disappeared. He left the country to avoid the Iran/Iraq war. All this said he would much rather have had Saddam stay in power than the US invasion and the state of Iraq now. The Iraq of his youth was somewhat like Libya – free education and health care. Prosperous. Safe. He describes how as a schoolboy they would ogle the college girls in mini-skirts waiting for the bus back in the 70’s. He said they loved all things American and would give their kids American names (he had a classmate named Eisenhower.) His family were Christians. Saddam liked Christians in the government because they had no political aspirations. Now absolutely none of his family are left in Iraq. All were forced to leave. All had to emigrate to the Europe, the US or Canada. My friend says he now sees parallels between Iraq under Saddam and the US. He no longer feels safe expressing political opinions at work And yet for all this we now have George W Bush making statements about morality and he is taken seriously. What a world.


    The NIH quietly added Ivermectin to the approved drugs to treat Covid. No fanfare, just a quiet addition.

    “Shhh … don’t tell Pfizer or Moderna. And certainly, don’t tell the medical establishment that we’ve added it. But we have.”

    Maxwell Quest

    I second @teri in thanking Ilargi for posting the Libya story, and appreciate the additional comments she provided.

    Libya is a good object lesson for what the US empire and its private banking interests represent – the death and destruction of anyone or any country that dares get in the way of their plans for total global hegemony or “full spectrum dominance”. Even the mythical Shangri-La would be blown to smithereens if it provided an alternative that appeared threatening to their global power.

    Remember this when you see idealized images of American democracy and leadership portrayed in movies and television. When politicians take to the podium to blather about American values and apple pie. It’s all a lie designed to keep you ignorant, complacent, and patriotic. It’s the candy shell of a poison pill, the smiling mask of a global wealth extraction machine that consumes all nations and all peoples.

    So, let’s extrapolate from here based on what we know so far. Would morals and ethics present a hinderance or check on their thirst for more power and control? How about laws? No? Then free your imagination to realize that anything is possible at this point, even the forced assignment of personal digital ID’s or the culling of the global population if it furthers their plans.


    Part 2 of 2 (1 of 2 posted yesterday… apparently the blog s/w doesn’t want to post some links, hence, two of my posts were blocked).

    “People have to stop believing the narrative, and they have to begin to believe in NATURE…”
    ~Miorley Robbins (before I sent him the Rothschild link, too!)

    This podcast between Morley Robbins and Dr. Ben Edwards, M.D. is excellent! I highly recommend it.
    It is in mp3 format…
    [audio src="" /]

    Search Youtube for the following…

    Silent CV Risk: Triglyceride/HDL Ratio
    Triglyceride/HDL Ratio – A Better CV Risk Predictor than LDL? (Part 1)
    Triglyceride/HDL Ratio – A Better CV Risk Predictor than LDL? (Part 2)

    Morley Robbins – My Theory Of Everything
    So You’ve Just Been Told You’re Anemic?
    Iron in Cereal Video Thomas Levy

    Iron Homeostasis and the Inflammatory Response —
    Iron behaving badly: iron as contributor to inflammatory and degenerative diseases —

    Maxwell Quest

    We are watching the Empire construct their Death Star right out in the open. Do you really want to wait until it’s fully operational before putting up a fight?

    Death Star


    About the flu disappearing, re. discussions in prev. threads.

    The Leading Causes of Death in the US for year 2020:

    The 1st table shows – besides more than 345K COV-19 deaths -, that chronic lower respiratory disease was ‘down’ as compared to 2019, that influenza and pneumonia were UP, from 49 to 53 K. (2019 was a *very* low flu-death year.) Suicide was down as well — another story.

    Plenty of flu deaths in 2020 (note calendar year does not cover flu season, but is the 1st pandemic year, with WHO declaring the pandemic 11 March 2020), pretty much ‘normal’ – in the sense that flu as a killer y. by y. (or season by season..) is quite variable, so what’s normal or not is hard to say.

    Lab tests for ‘flu’ positivity for N. America (> + Canada) shows a high score until the end of March when it sinks to nothing. Previous flu years show roughly the same pattern but with a longer tail (see first chart), flu ‘dies out’ gradually from Feb on, not abruptly as in 2020.

    Possibly some/quite some COV-19 deaths before March 2020 were lodged as ‘flu’ in the case of ‘sudden’ onset respiratory flu-like illness. When the COV-19 diagnosis became official, besides the fact that everything was done in many or all (?) W countries to AUGMENT the COV-19 labelling to the max, the flu nos. (from various national lab analyses, always performed on a not-large sets of samples) nevertheless do show that the flu died out.

    For Switz., the same holds. (> the first download at link, table 2 > lab analysis following doc. visit.) The table is an extrapolation based on lab tests. It shows a 19-20 flu season with H1N1, H3N2, .. other A; B – Yamagata, Victoria.. not huge, but perhaps ‘normal’, with a consequent substrate of NOT-FLU, which was, imho, rhinoviruses, covid, and nothing — with flu vanishing mid-March 2020 – the day lockdown kicked in here.

    Of course it is possible that labs were manipulated to not detect / report flu, but imho that didn’t happen, in contrast to, diagnosis and cause of death as Covid, which were manipulated to the hilt.

    Btw US excess deaths 2021 are set to outstrip those of 2020 by a large margin.


    Critical Thinking Exercise
    Justice under the law

    Steve Bannon


    @ oxy
    I don’t know if your library has this service, but here the libraries have large collections of online books that can be “checked out” to a tablet/computer/e-reader. I set my kids up with this long ago since they enjoyed reading, their father gave them access to electronics, but never would take them to the library when they were with him. I read to my kids regularly until they were nearly 10 years old and finally outgrew it. (Ha, ha…stealthily giving my kids access to books behind their father’s back. 😉



    I saw this car bumper sticker in Sydney, Australia in 1982.

    “Eat kangaroo meat! 50,000 Americans can’t be wrong!”

    This was in regards to California’s Jack-in-the-Box restaurants getting caught serving kangaroo meat in their hamburgers!


    In regards to Libya, Hillary couldn’t stand all that oil money being shared with the Libian people, when she could have it. It was having that gold in Libya instead of London, that got him killed.

    Brother once worked in Libya for Westinghouse maintaining irrigation water pumps in the middle of the desert.


    teri, DarkMatter, Maxwell Quest,

    Well spoken, It’s a stark reality that troubles many of us. Thanks for bringing it back into our consciousness.


    Do you think That you pension will be increased to cover the inflation?
    Canada Inflation Rate
    The annual inflation rate in Canada went up to 4.4% in September of 2021 from 4.1% in August, faster than market expectations of 4.3%. It was the highest inflation rate since February of 2003, amid supply chain issues and low base year effects.

    Michael Reid

    I heard you Maxwell Quest


    Will we now see fauci fried?

    Death by a thousand jabs would be fitting… Deflationista, the coward, can administer them one by one, before he gets his own comeuppance.

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