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    Dr. D, it is correct: I did not see that Redneck has commented about being from “Down Under” though I did catch the recent catch-us-up on his bio. And you are again correct: it makes a huge difference.

    I do get that certain people dislike seeing posts from Redneck, because it causes friction in the lane to have to wade through dissenting voices. I also get that other people don’t mind the friction, because it helps smooth us all out if we let ourselves roll like stones down the streams of our consciousness.

    It’s why I’ve come around to reading your own comments. I don’t always agree with you, but I very much appreciate your take and sense of humor. I understand why slimyalligator’s asking you if you’re a fan of Johnathan Winters (being that I’m old enough to remember his appearing on the television shows my folks watched).

    Speaking of folks, my parents said know: thank you for the link to the ventusky site. I’ve been watching local (in space, in time) weather using for a while, useful for noting particular(ly) odd microwave flashes from the Doppler stations, or just beautiful patterns among patterns, and also for colorful displays on my second monitor if I’m doing something on the main.

Viewing 41 post (of 41 total)
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