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    Rembrandt van Rijn Self portrait with Saskia 1636   • UK Blocks Spanish Judge From Questioning Julian Assange (El Pais) • Former House Lawyer Say
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    Dr. D

    “Former House Lawyer Says Pelosi’s Impeachment Inquiry ‘Is Illegal’ (WT)”

    It’s not ‘illegal’, it’s technically ‘non-legal’. She has the right to do what she’s doing: what she’s doing isn’t wrong. However, that is because what she is doing is legally nothing. I guess you could argue it’s fraud, attempting to represent one thing (lack of inquiry) as another, (a Congressionally authorized inquiry), but really they’re not fooling White House lawyers, and I don’t think the 300M citizens have standing to sue for minor mischaracterization.

    This goes with the other side’s yelping that Trump’s “due process” is being trampled, he can’t confront his accuser, blah blah. Not false, but non-legal again. Congress has done nothing. Therefore he has no right to counter the nothing they have (not) done. The “impeachment” in the House is not the removal, not the conviction, not the trial, it is the GRAND JURY. If policemen find something, they refer it to the DA, who then decides to proceed by calling the PUBLIC, a citizen jury, who hear the (completely one-sided) accusations of the DA and decide whether to authorize the expense of a trial. The House serves this Grand Jury function, which refers the case to a full Senate trial. Grand Juries have one-sided evidence, no witnesses, and no cross-examination. Trump will have the rights to all those things in the SENATE, if and only IF, the House votes to refer their specific list of “High crimes and misdemeanors” there.

    I shouldn’t have to say that, but apparently I do because no one can be bothered to click “Wikipedia.”

    Now for the part that is non-legal, or extra-legal, as there is no Impeachment, and no Impeachment vote, and no Inquiry, and no Inquiry vote, the House of Representatives has not authorized and imbued power of that branch into any inquiry or investigation, and therefore, all questions are essentially from citizens asking ‘please.” Obviously the Executive will declare privilege and deny, which they have. They have not voted, in my opinion, because that would establish legality and rules of conduct that would include the minority party, and therefore preclude Star Chambers in a leaky SCIF, where only one side can hear and present evidence, and leak only those statement which they prefer. …And illegally, I may add, because that’s the premise of a super-secret hearing. Trump should get on arresting these Congressional leakers right away, as part of doing his job to keep the nation safe from loose lips that traffic in and sell classified intel. You know, like Assange. But we all know he won’t, because no one’s upheld the law here in 50 years. In #AntiLogos #Oppositeland, it’s only when you obey the law that you get arrested.

    So the GOP response was pretty good: to order pizzas and just walk into the SCIF hearing and quietly sit down. As members of Congress, they have the right to hear testimony. Schiff cancelled and walked out, as is his right. Obviously they should have followed SCIF rules, but as a civil disobedience publicity stunt, it’s not really relevant, similar to how they pretend to uphold the Constitution while openly calling for its erasure, and the trampling of the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th and 10th in the Bill of (natural, human) Rights. Just lies for my side, right or wrong.

    “Benghazi Coverup Discussed on Emails to Clinton’s Unsecured Server (ET)”

    Speaking of the rule of law not being enforced or even investigated for 50 years… Reality Winner would be so proud, I think, because what ASSANGE did was NOT illegal: printing a leak. It’s the LEAKER, that is, the Manning, Winner, etc, who take the risk, break the law, and go to jail. But here not only is the PUBLISHER in jail without trial, but a leaker of classified documents in the hundred-thousands is NOT in jail, though each instance is a felony as grave as theirs.

    “Oprah Has ‘Begged’ Disney CEO Bob Iger to Run for President (Week)”

    Why? Disney exec was just outed for child pr0n and probably far worse, and Oprah used to score serial unsuspecting girls for Weinstein. Disney is well known for missing children, every week, never found. Great crew there in Hollywood. They care so much for truth, justice, women’s’ rights, and the law, I do everything they say. All this was openly known for like 30+ years, not just them but the whole crew. Why do you think Tom Arnold and Robert DeNiro are so alarmed and deranged? They disagree on Trump’s income tax rate?

    “Biden Allies Push for Super PAC after Lackluster Fundraising Quarter (CNN)”

    Every Democrat in the race would beat Trump, which is why he raised more money in a week than the top 4 candidates have in a QUARTER. Actually, they just have a longstanding pattern of using YOUR, the taxpayers, i.e. Republican voters’ money via back-donations from Planned Parenthood, Warren’s banking reparations, and California general funds. So cut off the federal money, plus the drugs and children in CA, and the DNC dries up. …Because they are too far from the people! #ComeBack! The people don’t want what you’re selling, and the money is the reason you haven’t had to course-correct and go capture voters, you know, with good ideas and policy. But at some point long past, regardless of the money, no voters = no seats. Again, people are beginning to rally around Gabbard, first woman minority President and again the DNC is OPENLY throwing the primary AGAINST HER to a candidate no one wants. Any other candidate but her, they don’t care which. And if you hadn’t noticed, that behavior LOST 2016. Apparently when it comes to it, they radically oppose both women and minorities in power. #ComeBack #ComeBack

    “Kremlin Says US Betrayed Kurds in Syria (R.)”

    WWE carries on. U.S. plays the bad cop right now as Russia’s ally Assad plays the good cop and “saves” the Kurds who weren’t in significant danger anyway. Because: newsflash, Turkey has the 14th largest Army in the world, as large as France and Germany combined, so if they wanted the Kurds dead, they would be. They don’t: it’s just a lie, like everything else you read.

    “Amazon Rainforest ‘Close to Irreversible Tipping Point’ (G.)”

    Speaking of. Other than that deforestation has slowed down, other than that the scientific definition of “tipping points” is that you can’t know where it is, other than that Climatologists have been wrong 100% of the time for 50 years, then sure, totally true. Please don’t deforest. You don’t know what can happen. It’s actually pretty dumb and selling your inheritance. Fully agree, but put this way will prevent people from cooperating and helping together, probably as planned. #DisasterCapitalism

    Dr. D

    * illegal trafficking for election money. Incidentally like George Bush.


    Democratic lawmakers hope to complete their impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump by year’s end and are coalescing around two articles of impeachment – abuse of power and obstruction,

    We all noticed how all of the previous reasons for impeachment have ended up disappearing.
    The democrats are doing a great job of keeping Trump’s name in the news
    Pulling on one thread/line, (Rembrandt van Rijn Self portrait with Saskia 1636 ) will not undo the picture


    I found a report that might interest everyone here. (see …. there are WikiLeaks reporters everywhere on the web)

    Jordan’s King Abdullah Rejects Pelosi and Schiff By Endorsing Trump Withdrawal From Syria

    Their first stop was Jordan, where both Pelosi and Schiff tried to get the King of Jordan to condemn President Trump’s decision to pull out of Syria, but they didn’t succeed. Instead, King Abdullah reinforced how important it is to maintain Syrian borders. According to the Jordan News Agency:

    “Their first stop was Jordan, where both Pelosi and Schiff tried to get the King of Jordan to condemn President Trump’s decision to pull out of Syria, but they didn’t succeed. Instead, King Abdullah reinforced how important it is to maintain Syrian borders. According to the Jordan News Agency:”

    Multiple sources tell us that Pelosi and Schiff were actually discussing and negotiating foreign policy. What qualifies them to undermine our administration’s foreign policy?

    As the Ukrainian quid pro quo is collapsing, Pelosi and Schiff are actually making quid pro quo deals to the King to find quid pro quo? Isn’t this a violation of the Logan Act? We have been told that the conversations are transcribed. Pelosi and Schiff promising two-state legislation to King Abdullah in exchange for denouncing President Trump’s Middle Eastern policy and actions.
    Failing to get the King of Jordan to give them the sound bites and statements they had hoped for, they hopped on the plane and went to Afghanistan to meet with the President of Afghanistan and representatives of the Taliban.
    This failed quid pro quo by Pelosi and Schiff cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    Afghanistan: Pelosi Impairs U.S. Foreign Policy In a Clear Act Of Mutiny

    Pelosi and Schiff traveled to Afghanistan to meet with Taliban leaders and President Ghani after they failed to get the King of Jordan to accept their quid pro quo offer. The Pelosi crew gallivanting this past weekend was a waste of taxpayer dollars and served no purpose other than to undermine our president, our nation, our foreign policy, and manifest a cloud of uncertainty with their brazen efforts to pose as the ones in power.

    Maxwell Quest

    “Burn, Neoliberalism, Burn (Escobar)”

    I had to bite my lip this morning while listening to the coffee group gush about the 60 Minutes Christine Lagarde interview (puff piece) which aired last Sunday. “How intelligent… How articulate… How stately and dignified… yada, yada… Why can’t we have leaders like that?”

    How quick people are to judge by surface qualities alone, never troubling themselves to look below the surface. How easily fooled. How easily led. Should I try to tell them about the IMF, the ECB, austerity, corporatism, financial repression, wealth inequality, loss of national sovereignty? No, it’s not worth the blowback, besides there is no interest. Leave them in their dream world. What the hell do I know? Otherwise I’d be on TV!



    How does this affect the monetisation of the Amazon?

    Many years ago trees were monetised. I read about a Northern Ireland firm who paid an Amazonian tribe a small amount each year which gave them the right to sell a couple of hundred million pounds worth of carbon credits.

    Just one of the many, many ways that firms make profits from the global warming/climate change ‘catastrophe’ which in no way helps anything.

    Perhaps some of the hundreds of billions of dollars spent on ‘fighting’ climate change should have been spent on buying the Amazon rain forest.

    Why should Brazilian farmers forego the increase in jobs and food production for no benefit while foreign firms make billions?


    Trump cancelling all WaPo and NYT subscriptions made me laugh real hard. What have you done for/to me lately?

    Trump Cancels All Admins’ NYT, WaPo Subs

    The decision comes days after the president cancelled the White House’s print subscriptions to the Post and the Times after expressing frustration with their coverage.

    “We don’t even want it in the White House anymore,” Mr. Trump said of the Times during an interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity that aired Monday night. “We’re going to probably terminate that and the Washington Post. They’re fake.”

    Maxwell Quest

    H Payne Cartoon


    Two more stories about the Ukraine/Biden connection (Translated)

    Dem Favorite Ukrainian ‘Victim’ Buys $30M Flat In London On Civil Servant Salary…What?

    The timing could not be better. Two days after CD Media highlighted the Soros/Democratic Party machine’s efforts to whitewash the reputation of corrupt former Ukrainian central bank chief Valeriya Gontareva, the Ukrainian local press reports a knockout development.


    Detained Corrupt Poroshenko Accomplice Pays What Is Needed To Escape Ukraine

    Today we are reporting that Gladkovsky has apparently paid a large bail, and an unknown amount of bribes, in order to escape detention and has most likely already left the country, following Poroshenko and Valeria Gontareva, former head of the National Bank of Ukraine who both reportedly are in London.
    You can read the local press reports here.


    BREAKING: Corrupt US Embassy In Kyiv Forces Ukrainian General Prosecutor To Drop Burisma, Biden Investigations
    by L Todd WoodOctober 24, 2019

    BREAKING: Corrupt US Embassy In Kyiv Forces Ukrainian General Prosecutor To Drop Burisma, Biden Investigations

    Sources tell CD Media the General Prosecution Office in Ukraine has been seized by George Soros-controlled officials. In the current week, any prosecution will end in favor of Soros, and Soros-connected oligarch Victor Pinchuk. Source said to expect closure of Burisma cases and closure of 9 investigative cases by new General Prosecutor Ryaboshapka and other new prosecutors hired within the last two weeks.
    CD Media reported on over 130 open cases of IMF aid fraud currently being investigated by these prosecutors.
    Our source described how the U.S. Embassy controls NABU.
    “The head of NABU, Artem Sytnik, said there is no investigation of Burisma. The U.S. Embassy stopped NABU. This week they got control of Gen Prosecutors’ Office. SAP [Special Prosecutor] Kholodnitsky Nazar, said there are no cases on Burisma and Biden in SAP.



    I read an article in the Economist many years ago. It talked about a 4 billion dollar loan to Brazil, I think in the ’80s when it was a lot of money.

    The article suggested that within 6 months 90% of the loan was in Swiss bank accounts. Of course when it came to repayment the whole of Brazil was on the hook.

    It does not seem unusual for the IMF to give loans to crooks knowing they will steal it!!

    It seems reasonable for the debtor country to point this out and suggest they recover the money from the crooks and that the country is not liable. The Ukraine comes to mind.

    It could perhaps teach the IMF to loan to people they can actually trust!

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