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    Paul Gauguin A seashore 1887   • Russia Says Kyiv Preparing False Flag “Dirty Bomb” Detonation In Ukraine (EWN) • Kiev Denies Moscow’s ‘Dirty Bom
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    Flatlining the immune systems of millions wouldn’t have anything to do with it. It’s all the climate stupid. Experts huh? Experts at grafting.

    The climate crisis poses a “significant and growing threat” to health in the UK, the country’s most senior public health expert has warned.

    Speaking to the Guardian, Prof Dame Jenny Harries, the chief executive of the UK Health Security Agency, said there was a common misconception that a warmer climate would bring net health benefits due to milder winters. But the climate emergency would bring far wider-reaching health impacts, she said, with food security, flooding and mosquito-borne diseases posing threats.

    Dr. D

    “Ukraine will need more than 10,000 mobile power generators and warming centers during the winter.”

    Go Green! Germany is all for green, that’s why we want war, blowing oil into the Baltic sea, ships sinking in the Black sea, diesel use for tanks unseen in 50 years, and 12 months of non-stop generator use. Go windmills, Energiewende Forever!

    “if Russia played the trump card, which is to not nuke Kiev, but nuke a US military base somewhere outside Europe in response to the US army being in Ukraine. It would be a terrible development, but basically unavoidable.” -Aspnaz

    We have the same baseline perspective, which is chilling. However, thankfully, I feel there are several cross-currents to avert it. Carefully, painstakingly, excruciatingly engineered at enormous cost and care to avert it. What can happen is the Pentagon pulls the plug on the whole fiasco. Just like they did day 1. Got it all rolling, then didn’t show up, either as pre-planned, in coordination with, or as a result of, the Russian hypersonic strike on the NATO training back in March. Europe, Davos, everybody had it all figured out. The spending keeping things afloat, the escalation, the sanctions. Then the Yanks never showed up. Not really. The war drags out and is lost, but not in a way that if helpful. Owning only the Executive and Lettermen, they attempt multiple escalations, attacks, and now nukes. Pulled them in, then held position while Powell pointed the heavy artillery at them.

    What if the Pentagon goes home? What if they call a war and nobody shows up?

    Think the Pentagon doesn’t have things to do with a broken election and non-stop federal felonies at home?

    Hey, I thought they wanted the U.S. to follow the “Russian Revolution” plan? Now not so hot when they remove the Czar? Remove the court advisors? Don’t have a Red vs White Bolshevik Civil War?

    I guess we’ll all see and can’t avoid it.

    “Goldman Trader Asks If “There Is Some Global Coordination Amongst Central Banks to Support Markets After Friday Morning’s Rout””

    20 years after the PPT, (Working Group on Financial Markets), 40 years after the ESF (Exchange Stabilization Fund), 5 days after the Fed hands Credit Suisse $6B ($11B?) for free, they still ask this, it’s still a conspiracy theory.

    Why not? Here’s a conspiracy theory that supply and demand exist:

    “New Data Shows Immigrants Are Driving Down Wages for German Workers”

    Well they’re Socialists, so they don’t believe in that sort of thing. Because there’s no supply and demand, you can print $6,000 Billion and it won’t cause inflation. Ask any Nobel Prize winning Bernank’!

    “ Sunak Set to Be Next UK PM as BoJo Suddenly Backs Out”

    The British people voted wrong again. So we fixed it. All hail democracy! That’s freedom! …The freedom to do exactly what you’re told, or else.

    He’s right, we haven’t talked about the quadrillion, or X quadrillion in derivatives lately. It won’t really matter: like a nuclear war, you won’t miss it and can’t do much about it. A financial bunker of useful things, non-system currencies.

    “Russia Says Kyiv Preparing False Flag “Dirty Bomb” Detonation in Ukraine (EWN)”

    We already had that. They attempted it at Zap, what, a dozen times? And of course Russia will dirty bomb and make uninhabitable one of four of their own Russian Oblasts. Maybe they’ll dirty bomb St. Petersburg, why not? Makes as much sense as anything the West says.

    Don’t miss the point here: Russia won’t use nuclear weapons and the West wants them to. What’s the one clause in their defensive nuclear declaration? “Weapons of mass destruction” on Russian territory. Which Kherson is now. So we provide! Dirty Bomb by MI6? Nuclear war and all the wonderful, juicy, much-desired total war solutions long-planned therein. 500M world population, Eco-Green, currency reset. They leave the bunkers in flying cars and rule the 12 regions of the Hunger Games, mining coal with their bare hands. I didn’t say they were smart, I just said that’s what they wrote was their goal for the world.

    Lira, above, U.S. is the sole targeter of HIMARS. They shot 27 HIMARS at the evacuating civilians from Kherson. YAWC. Yet Another War Crime. The Russian air defense shot them all down, as if the HIMAR was a spitball straw.

    “French President Emmanuel Macron called on Sunday for a peace deal in Ukraine, but insisted that Kiev will dictate the terms of such an agreement.”

    Like these other nitwits, he’s had a long dearth of being punched in the face and needed to be stuffed into more lockers at school. Maybe he’s never heard of “War” before and how wars go. Manny, can ya hear me calling? WINNERS dictate what happens in wars, LOSERS, like you, accept the terms or are shot in the street. That’s why you don’t start wars unless there’s no alternative.

    “UK “stands ready” to “de-escalate this conflict.”

    If Russia totally surrenders, withdraws, gives 4 Russian states and Crimea, and accepts Ze marching an occupying army into Moscow. Then London will de-escalate.

    “They must withdraw from our territory and leave us our land within the internationally recognized borders of 1991.”

    Meanwhile, unlike 1991, Ukraine joins NATO, genocides Donbass, and has first-strike nukes 5 minutes from Moscow, breaking all three relevant treaties over 30 years: Berlin, Ankara, and Minsk. So YOU obey the law, we break it. The only Power is Power. The only Purpose of power is more power. “Power” is the power to set the exception to the rules.

    “Not only would an assault on these territories present a formidable military challenge for Zelensky’s forces,”

    As they live in irreality, they pretend that this is all theoretical and has never been tried.

    “ Scholz and Von der Leyen Want a Marshall Plan for Ukraine (NOS)”

    When you have a compounding debt system, you must double the money in circulation each unit of time. Any excuse will do, and doesn’t matter really who the money goes to, because otherwise the entire system collapses. They have most recently used Finance (‘01) then in half the time housing (‘08) then half the time, Covid, then half the time Ukraine. So since they didn’t get a WWIII kicked off and Europe is collapsing, they need to print the money for non-war instead: the $50B to Ze isn’t enough to outrun the debt compounding.

    So, nothing to do with Ukie, war, Marshall, or anything else. Only Banks merged with Government. All wars are banker’s wars?

    “the 101st Airborne recently joined the 100,000 American soldiers already deployed to Europe.”

    Wow! That’s 3,000 soldiers per nation. Or one tiny, tiny village. So much easier to erase. What are they thinking? Are they that political group who is really, really bad at math?

    And also reading? The 101st is…what? “Air-borne” “Aehr-boooornne” As in, “Gets in the air, parachutes in”. In where? Behind enemy lines. So where are they going and why is parachuting there most appropriate? Without any support, no resistance, no armor, no invasion, no air support?

    Maybe they really need the 1st Armored Division, Old Ironsides, instead? Nevermind: logic and facts. We don’t do that. We send Power Puff Girls in high heels because “Everyone’s equal.”

    “ Weaponized Governmental Failure: A Primer (McKay)”

    Cloward-Pivon. They’ve written about it proudly already going back to the 60’s. Very proud of it. Goals: “Burn it all down”. (Burn “It”? Who? Black people, the poor. The rich won’t be affected. Caring, so, so much!!!) Then “Build Back Better”! In global Socialism. …That’s really oligarchic NeoFeudalism. Overwhelming the system so it collapses is going pretty well. Except in Massachusetts and Martha’s Vineyard. They collapsed with only well-mannered 50 tourists. But dey wuz brown!

    “This food is shipped by rail or truck to distribution centers, as for example Chicago, whence it is transshipped to cities like New York.”

    No war (Or IS there? Biden sez) yet we’ve shut off both these already. Reading this article, he hasn’t thought this out very thoroughly. Some have, a lot of militia, preppers, etc, but it’s a complex system that’s difficult to scenario. A change in one variable would throw it wildly. We did do this, remember? During Sandy? Did any of this happen?

    EU Displays ‘Height of Hypocrisy’ – Russia (RT)”

    Sadly, that’s not their height of hypocrisy, just another in the long list of run-of-the-mill everyday hypocrisy. But don’t worry: there’s no level of hypocrisy that the people will finally notice.

    “Russia must also compensate for all the damage the conflict dealt to Ukraine, he added.”

    So Russia is going to save you by selling you gas, then surrendering to Ukraine/EU/NATO. Got it.

    “Schools in England are struggling to pay their electricity and heating bills, and 90% will run out of money next year,”

    Still on about the “Money”. Not that that isn’t an issue too, but the primary issue is no ENERGY.

    ““..the initial WHO estimates were off by 99% for 94% of the world’s population..”

    Only 99%? Scienz! …As we said at the time. That’s still better than their Climate predictions. Like hypocrisy, there is nothing, no possible level of failure, that could ever discredit them or cause doubt.

    ““..more than 20 million Australians have received at least one dose of a Covid vaccine,”

    …That’s why they bought a BILLION doses: for the same party who’s bad at math.

    Again: they only need to save “The System” – the financial, the Bank System – by printing and handing out money. They don’t care if there aren’t a billion people, or even if they deliver a billion doses: please DON’T deliver the product we bought. They MUST print money, so the obvious thing is to direct it to one of any cartel groups who will keep and funnel it FOR us, the liars, and AGAINST our enemies, anyone who tells the truth.

    Africa: seems unlikely, population already leveling there with prosperity, same as every other nation.


    About that Marshall Plan:


    – Reuters via




    Energy input must be equal or greater than energy output for life to exist.
    Energy transfer and energy conversion mechanisms/systems must operate/cooperate for life to exist.
    Too much energy too fast and too concentrated.
    First came a nuclear bomb scare.
    Now it’s a dirty bomb scare.
    Let’s teach math/reading /writing to the leaders.
    Trading is cheaper/more profitable than war.
    War – seize/give me your energy or I’ll take it. Wealth/energy redistribution
    The EU’s policy regarding the conflict in Ukraine is driven by “miscalculation, exaltation, anger, superficial reactions,”
    Cost/energy expenditure of destruction/war and/plus the rebuilding/reconstruction/replacing of the economic/social structures
    will not equal/be profitable/be recuperated by the loss of production or the future energy production.
    The west knows and is lying/accusing Russia.
    • EU Displays ‘Height Of Hypocrisy’ – Russia (RT)
    Zakharova further accused the European bloc of “covering up Kiev’s criminal actions.” She argued that, instead of seeking a peaceful solution, the EU has been “senselessly investing significant sums into prolonging the fighting.”
    • On Going Seriously Boom (Fred Reed)

    On Going Seriously Boom

    32,312 Views October 22, 2022
    In all likelihood, civil society would collapse by the end of the fourth day.
    Thus, it would not be necessary to bomb a city to destroy it, only to cut it off from transport hubs for a couple of weeks.
    Make peace not war
    Russia’s Nord Stream gas pipelines, which were damaged and made inoperable by underwater explosions in late September, can be repaired within a few months.
    However, delivery to the old/previous client/customers may not happen due to lack of supply, lack of payment/rubles, or lack financial agreements or lack of peace.


    The top graph showing the African population skyrocketing past China and India is apple and oranges. Africa is not only not a country, it will NEVER be ‘unified’ in any way, shape or kind.

    Hard in imagine any continent less likely to act in concert on anything than ‘Africa’.

    It would be like herding cats to get ‘Africa’ to act in it’s best interest, especially on population issues.

    So China and India, being actual cultures, High Cultures for thousands of years, will realize that population will have to be dealt with eventually. Not so ‘Africa’.

    Energy is the Master Resource, as Eurotardistan® is about to find out this Winter.

    Energy, consumption and population are actually related!

    Imagine that!

    The forces that want to strip ‘Africa’ of it’s resources want a divided continent.

    Some like the Empire of Lies want to use brute force to asset strip ‘Africa’

    Some like China prefer to trade infrastructure projects in individual countries for raw resources.

    But either way, the multi-polar major players don’t want a united ‘Africa’ to collectively bargain with.

    Gaddafi was the last Pan-African.

    Not gonna even be attempted again for several generations.

    By then the continent will have been significantly stripped of natural resources.


    D Benton Smith

    I’m pretty sure that estimates of the future date when EU & UK (and the good old US of A, for that matter) will run out of funds to buy food and energy are based on current prices, and are not factoring in the runaway inflation on those commodities priced in “Dead Man Walking” Euros ,US$D’s and UK Pounds. Typically the estimates are a vague “some time in 2023”. I don’t think so. If they make it TO 2023 they’ll be lucky.


    part 1/2. From the Browstone article in top post.

    A Closer Look at the Covid Mortality Rate

    While it’s clear that for the extremely elderly and severely immunocompromised, COVID does present significant and serious health concerns, the “experts” did their best to convince people of all age groups that they were in danger.

    Further, it is claimed death rate was wildly overestimated, ref. is made to the latest paper by Ioannidis:

    For those aged 0-69, which covers 94% of the global population, the fatality rate was 0.095%, meaning the survival rate for nearly 7.3 billion people was 99.905%.

    The ppl who died ‘from Covid’ or ‘with Covid’ logged as Covid deaths, were, and I hate to say this, simply those who could be killed off easily, meaning with minimal objections, controls, families ready to fight, etc.

    The elderly in first place, as everyone expects them to die ‘soonish’, plus they are in a poor position to fight Med. Figures, Authorities, as already considered second class citizens, a drain on the system, not super-sexy, productive, etc. Another theme was the obese – more obese ppl vs. skinny fit ppl died, again, because it is presumed they are in ‘poorer’ health. Afaik no med. explanation ever linked being fatter to being more impacted by covid..?

    The smokers, at least one solid early study showed that smokers were less susceptible to covid, but that then quickly turned to ‘oh you smoke’ (socially no longer acceptable amongst the upper-class righteous) so that was washed away or even deemed a ‘risk factor.’

    The socially frowned upon, the disregarded, looked down on, were the no. 1. victims.

    Some of their group characteristics correlate with poverty, nil to very low incomes, which is merely another way of describing ppl in line for being victims. Medical, biological, etc. explanations were completely lacking, imho. Plus, why were men more likely to ‘die’ from covid than women?



    The jab deployment shamelessly offered up a mirrored image.

    The vulnerable must be v <-> axed first. The elderly, weakest (in whatever terms, France for ex. put Downs Syndrome ppl at the very top of the roster!) must have priority for the magic jab. Later, down the line, the jib is offered to less ‘vulnerable’ ppl.

    Covid and the injection follow the same path, protocol, one after the other. Not ‘ethnic’ cleansing, but ‘poverty, useless eaters’ cleansing, disguised by ‘scientific’ folderol counting on, resting on, societal prejudices.


    Russia Says Kyiv Preparing False Flag “Dirty Bomb” Detonation In Ukraine

    Another poorly-thought-out false flag, in that Russia has the least motivation of any of the players to commit such acts. Shelling their own nuclear station at Zap, taking out a dam that would flood areas they already control, now a dirty bomb.

    Building a device that will create an actual nuclear explosion, as in “fission”, is technically difficult and very expensive, and few nations have the resources to even create the bomb-grade material needed. But building a dirty bomb is pretty easy, since all you need is a conventional explosive and any nuclear waste material you can get your hands on.

    Dirty bombs are the weapon of poorly-resourced, underfunded terrorists, not nations that have already harnessed the technology of the atom. If Russia wanted to haul out the nuclear material, they have the means at hand without resorting to this low-tech crude method.

    Not to be forgotten is that Russia, of all countries, know exactly what happens when that nasty stuff gets spread around the countryside–you essentially have to fence the environs off for good. That area around Pripyat north of Kiev is a perfect example–Chernobyl may eventually be taken apart and cleaned up, but scrubbing the surrounding countryside clean just isn’t going to happen.

    Alexander Mercouris mentioned in his piece yesterday that the mayor of Mykolaev had ordered a complete evacuation of the city, and advised citizens not to return until “the war is over.” A pretty strange order if Ukraine believes it will be advancing south, rather than retreating from the advancing Russians. Since Russia presumably has aspirations of ownership for the areas being mentioned, where is the motive?

    BTW, you would think Ukraine, if they are the ones scheming this, would also understand that, and restrain themselves accordingly. But I guess the other players don’t care.

    D Benton Smith

    Oh, the irony! So long as dollars can buy things they will be used to continue buying your oppression and murder just as they have been and are now. What the boss wants the boss gets because he has the bucks that buy things. That particular scam will end when the dollars won’t buy anything anymore. Oops! That scenario (absolutely worthless money) doesn’t look much more appealing than being oppressed and murdered.
    Whatever shall we do?
    Well at least that question is a no brainer.
    For out next act we shall do consequences for all preceding deeds, misdeeds, and omissions.


    The Ethical Skeptic has posted part 2 of his analysis of CDC mortality reporting

    Houston, The CDC Has a Problem (Part 2 of 3)


    Rishi Sunak to become Britain’s next prime minister. WEF party continues holding the prime minister position. (What have Conservative and Labour got to do with it?)

    D Benton Smith

    Liz Truss played her role and did her part flawlessly, letter perfect to the script. The UKs sovereign bonds had to be nuked, so she and Kwartang were ordered to fall upon their swords by doing it and then dutifully taking the fall for it. Now it’s done, and the next Fall Guy For Hire (“Soul For Sale Cheap”) will take on the next insane and onerous (but VERY well paid!) task. Like a very very poorly done re-make of WW2 mighty Blighty will go to war against Russia and become either an ash heap or a trash dump, ruled over by the same indescribably depraved ruling class that ‘s been raping them all (man, woman and child) for the past thousand years.

    And still no one wants to look behind the curtain to see who (or what?) could be so evil as to want to democide the entire dominant species and make it extinct.

    I sure don’t know (not smart enough I guess) but I’m smart enough to know that it’s not some dweeb like Bill Gates or a cartoon Nazi like Schwab, or even he and his wife’s ancestral Hapsburg and Hohenzollern dynastic bloodlines.

    There are a lot of folks ( and I mean a LOT of folks) who think that we are about to find out who (or what) the capo di tutti capo of the Bad Guys has been for the past millennia or so.

    Might as well watch and find out, right? What else can you do? Certainly nothing as wacko extreme as trying to find out who the fuck is trying to kill you.

    The Black

    Pfizer to Martin Shkreli: “Hold my beer…”


    About the numbers of vx deaths and injured. Rumble.
    Dr. Roger Hodkinson: I hope people can imagine the extent of what is happening here


    Everything is building up to a major showdown

    Everything is building up to a major showdown
    Excellent general overview of the current geopolitical situation in the world by Aram Mirzaei.


    Pfizer and other Corporate crimes presented daily.
    Americans: Commies and Marxists destroying our country.

    Mister Roboto

    “A major showdown”:


    Sergey Glazyev

    That’s the name of the guy who wrote the very first comment on top.

    He’s a Former Minister of Foreign Economic Relations of Russia.


    There is a perception amongst some, that American has recently become a nation governed by evil people.

    That is not the case. Evil people took over the system in America in the 1880s.

    John Day

    imeincoconut posted the Ethical Skeptic’s latest work, which I have just read carefully.
    The Skeptic has done a lot of forensic accounting work, sleuthing out embezzlement in companies.

    Houston, The CDC Has a Problem (Part 2 of 3)

    What the CDC recently did with the reclassification of it’s morbidity and mortality data uses some techniques of embezzlement to hide excess non-COVID deaths, and specifically to vacate cardiovascular and cancer deaths. The reclassification was supposed to take 2 weeks, but it took 7 weeks.

    As soon as this changeover was done, 25% of COVID deaths suddenly occurred among non-vaccinated people with cancer, up from 5%. What was changed that all deaths with multiple causes, which included COVID and cancer, were suddenly attributed to COVID alone, and arbitrarily classified as “unvaccinated” at the same time.

    Another trick was to never empty the holding tank for deaths of questionable cause, and to just keep filling it with cardiovascular and stroke deaths among healthy young people. Look, they stop existing, instead of being impossibly high on a statistical assumption of random chance (“22 Sigma”).

    There is much more to this statistical analysis with graphic representation of the data presented the old way and the new way making it very easy to see. I’ll close with this:
    “Exhibit 6 – Excess Non-Covid Natural Cause Mortality as a metric, serves to filter out the distractions of Covid-19 as well as mortality from accidents, overdoses, and assault – all of which serve to cloud one’s ability to observe the entailed alarming signal. As of MMWR Week 40 2022, the US has experienced an additional 385,000 natural cause deaths above and beyond what we should have seen for this period of time.”
    Non-COVID excess deathe minus suicide/trauma


    Taking preparedness to the next level.



    Figmund Sreud

    We now have an embarrassment of ‘wars’ of which paradoxically, Ukraine is perhaps of lesser strategic import,

    The Many Interwoven ‘Wars’ – A Rough Guide Through the Fog


    Dr. D

    Truss stayed for three Scaramuccis. So 3 Scaramucis = 1 head of lettuce?

    Lira, if you’re not watching, things are coming fast: NATOKraine is setting up a dirty bomb, since Ukrainians are Russians, their intel in their own backyard is impeccable. Now why dirty bomb? Pollute their “own” nation? Well, Ukie murdered prob +100,000 soldiers so far, with no guns, into machine gun fire, so we know they don’t care. But that’s a stretch for no reason.

    The reason is this: NATOKraine needs to involve the war. The dirty bomb can “involve” NATO…which isn’t involved by funding $50B dollars, stealing near-trillion dollars, blockading Russian ports and openly saying with every President and Congressman “We’re in the war.”? So understand.

    BUT, so NATO gets involved. Then what? Why? Well Lira says the 101 is in Romania. What’s nearest Romania? Odessa. And yes, we know Russia hardly cares about the whole black coast past Crimea, but they do want Odessa. Intact. SO – Stage: There ain’t no false flag! How dare you! Russia, which has real, whole nuclear weapons second to none for generations, is bombing their OWN province, with a run-down, fly-by-night backyard terrorist weapon. That’s like a guy with a jet fighter using a slingshot. That’s Logic! I’m S.M.A.R.T.

    NATO drafts General Umbridge into service: “Harrumph I say! Well, good sir, that’s not cricket! We simply must, MUST invade Ukraine!” So NATO sends the 101, where? Odessa. As a hostage.

    …Why is this crazy? They already tried to shell and occupy the nuclear plant, and take all the UN inspectors hostage. …Twice.

    Odessa is a sacred city to Russia, so, we take that and start leveling it like Kabul instead. …Blowin’ up some folks! Blowin’ up some ultra-sacred, irreplaceable statutes n’ stuff on NATO orders like ISIS did in Syria! McCain kissin’ the guy on the lips! On camera.

    Having no weapons, no army, and no time, with Russia fully mobilized by Nov 1, it’s the only leverage they’ve got. …I mean, unless you expect them to sit around, take their medicine, have the whole western financial system collapse, drag all the rich guys out of their houses and beat them in front of their bunkers.

    Harumph! Well I say!” Clearly setting off a thousand dirty bombs on a thousand dirty slavs is better than that!

    Can you see why even the Pentagon might be mad enough to depose a few Blikens and Nulands rather than let the US suffer as a evil, pariah, nuke-anybody war-of-aggression state for all time?


    Dr. D “Truss stayed for three Scaramuccia. So 3 Scaramuccia = 1 head of lettuce?”
    You are aware sir, you’re threatening comedy writer’s livelihoods.


    Moreover, I still haven’t understood under which article of the European treaties [the body’s president Ursula] von der Leyen justifies her competence in the field of arms purchases and foreign policy,

    She’s a common thief, as evidenced with her Pfizer deal, so that qualifies her to spend lots of EU cash. Until people like Sarkozy in the EU do something about their fellow thief, the theft will continue. Unless the people who’s money is being stolen actually protest in massive numbers – not going to happen because TV said no – the theft will continue.


    The predictions of Lira , Mercouris , Ritter and company up until this very moment have been WROONNGGGGG!
    But the cheques keep coming so keep blathering….
    ‘this war is over , Russia has won!”
    They should “win”, they should have won months ago , at least they should kill more Ukys than Ukys kill Russians and they probably have so far but they still can’t get their shit together on the ground , got missiles a plenty but unwilling to use them and strategy has been bad and even with the twenty six republics of the union plus Belarus, Iran , the Chinx the BRICS and the Indians in support they have not yet shown the capability of fucking over eensy-teensy Ukraine , you know the sub-human cretins that live in a country that does not exist , those that should have all their children drowned by the ubermench of Russia ……
    What is the holdup?
    That is the question the Russian people want to know the answer to.
    Most recent scheme by Russian political talking heads is to twist the arm of the Afghans for the gear the US left behind , does that mean that the Russians don’t have their shit together , that the old Bolshy corruption and hubris is still largely in play , stay tuned , order more popcorn and another Coke , don’t go ‘way now.

    “Drown their babies for the benefit of us morally superior Ruskis!”

    Veracious Poet

    German climate activists toss mashed potatoes at $110M Monet painting…

    “While I understand the activists’ urgent concern in the face of the climate catastrophe, I am shocked by the means with which they are trying to lend weight to their demands,” museum director Ortrud Westheider said in a statement.

    “The fight against the climate crisis is not strengthened by attacks on famous paintings,” Brandenburg Green Party Leader Ursula Nonnemacher posted on Twitter. “On the contrary, we need broad social consensus.”

    Veracious Poet

    Filed Under Sudden & Unexpected:

    Beloved actor Leslie Jordan was found dead Monday morning after his vehicle crashed into a building in Hollywood, his agent confirmed.

    Los Angeles Police said the crash occurred around 9:30 a.m. at Cahuenga Boulevard and Romaine Street.

    He was pronounced dead at the scene.

    Law enforcement sources told TMZ that Jordan, 67, suffered some type of medical emergency.


    Nazilensky already killed 100,000 men KIA so far.

    Sending soldiers into Russian kill zone

    Ukronazi tank column destroyed by first hitting a large tank mine then other panicked tankers try to retreat into drone corrected artillery fire.

    Michael Reid

    I just read a positive article.

    If a Tree Falls in a Forest…

    I also realized that I am a member of the productive class.

    If I was a Fraggle Rock character I would be a Doozer. The Doozers are a race of characters from Fraggle Rock who love to work.

    Veracious Poet

    Recent attacks by homeless individuals in L.A. a symptom of a broader issue, homeless advocate says

    I’m curious what the TAE commentariat postulates is/are the “symptom of a broader issue(s)”?

    Possible pathognomonic/correlation?

    I await TAE’s careful, measured response ~ I will not comment further…

    Surprising study shows cities with highest homicide rate increases:

    Surprising study shows cities with highest homicide rate increases…

    Cities with the highest increase in homicide rates

    Kansas City, Missouri
    St. Louis
    New Orleans
    Albuquerque, New Mexico
    Norfolk, Virginia
    Nashville, Tennessee
    Oakland, California

    The report also found that blue cities have a higher homicide rate increase than red cities.


    Ukraine’s reconstruction requires a strategy similar to the Marshall Plan after World War II. That write the German Chancellor Scholz and President von der Leyen of the European Commission in an opinion piece in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

    A puppet show of the common thief and the leader of Germany where they launch an idea to use government regulations to keep Ukraine as the center for laundering money stolen by the puppeteer from the western tax payers, including German tax payers. The puppeteer stole the country called Ukraine and then used it to start a war with Russia. The puppets must pretend to care about the people of the country called Ukraine as their pretend help will require a huge quantity of money and will require the people of the west to suffer. Although the puppeteer has destroyed many countries before, Ukraine is special because the people are white, so the puppeteer feels he can get the western people to support the white people in need while the puppeteer steals all their money, land and other resource.

    This show has other puppets, including Arden in NZ, she is trying to bankrupt farmers using government regulation (lamely pretending that government regulations are somehow an act of god) to insist that the people starve rather than continue producing CO2 which would risk changing the weather. Ardern’s job is to pretend to care about the change in weather and how it will impact her junipers when really the puppet master wants to steal the insolvent farms. The show is really funny because the puppeteer changed the show so that the common people are really stupid: Ardern has persuaded them to opt for starvation rather than risk changing the weather and damaging her junipers.


    The White House has deployed thousands of American soldiers just miles from Ukraine to prepare for war, according to CBS News. Officers speaking with the outlet revealed they were there for combat against Russia. Brigadier General John Lubas confirmed nearly 5,000 troops from the 101st Airborne recently joined the 100,000 American soldiers already deployed to Europe.

    Propaganda used to justify the continued presence of the USA in Europe. They are pretending that the 4200 soldiers in the 101st Airborne (they are non-airborne but made airborne by Hollywood) would defend Europe, rather than be completely wiped out within a week if Russia were to attack Europe. It appears as if they need to show the people of Europe that they need the USA to defend them. Of course, they are really wanting to steal, that is what they do The Great Theft has to continue.


    The prime minister also called for a speedy diplomatic solution to the ongoing conflict, adding that the EU should team up with the US, China, India and Japan to stop the war. At the same time, he said there was “not a single reason why Ukraine should give up even one square meter of its territory.”

    The Ukraine, the country stolen from its people by the USA in 2014? Now the PM of Germany wants to get the stolen land back? So that dictator Zelensky, the USA’s puppet, can continue to profit from the stolen Ukraine and keep outlawing any democratic processes? This is their argument for peace? Obviously they are crooks and do not want peace. The Germans need to get rid of the puppet running their country, he is in alliance with some very bad people.


    RT has suspended presenter [director of broadcasting] Anton Krasovsky for genocidal hate speech against Ukrainians.

    Seems like a vibe the permeates Russian culture.

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