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    Peter Paul Rubens Saturn devouring one of his sons 1636   • Netanyahu Dragging US Into War With Iran to Save His Political Career (Tweedie) • US
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    Happy Vasily Archipov Day!

    Just Some Randomer

    I posted a comment to exactly this effect a few days ago…..there is a real danger we will end up in WWIII more by accident and as the mechanical outcome of current politics arrangements and ‘Defence’ alliances than out of any specific desire on anyone’s part to do so.

    Dr. D

    Saturn Devouring his Sons: We don’t really know what they meant by this. It may be straight astronomy, that is a story of a major moon that crashed into planet Saturn and no longer exists. There are some stupidly weird, improbable things in our solar system with only like 9 planets (data points) to choose from. That’s just improbable. Venus spinning the wrong way and slowing to flip directions is one. Every single fact about our moon is another. Our moon cannot exist naturally. It’s as bizarre an impossibility and stands out as if the moon were a square borg-cube.

    “US Warplanes Conduct Major Strikes On ‘Iranian Proxies’ In Syria

    Yup, attacking Syria in proxy. U.S. offensive, expansive war, a war crime. Plus without declaration (or reason), a war crime and domestic federal crime.

    Hamas Delegation Arrives In Moscow As Russia Blames US For Escalation

    You mean like the U.S. moving in two warship fleets and bombing completely unrelated people? That’s just cray-cray. Those were our “Hug Bombs”. “Beautiful Bombs.” “Rainbow” bombs. Transgender bombs totally different from from those ugly, oppressive bombs Russia and Hamas use.

    Ireland Is Reaching Its “Limit” for Accommodating Refugees, Admits PM Varadkar

    Narcissist’s special: abuse all good will. Take anything real or implied. Then when they stop being a self-sacrificing minion, attack, insult, belittle, abuse, and gaslight. Ireland is at stage two, but has punched back on certain issues to the EU. They haven’t left the marriage yet though.

    “Gaetz Says Johnson Speakership Proves ‘MAGA Is Ascendant’ In GOP, ‘Swamp Is On The Run’

    Yes, because they’ve arrested exactly zero of them. Terrified.

    “Massachusetts Lawmakers Pass Sweeping Gun Bill Months After 6–3 Supreme Court Decision

    Totally on the run. USSC rules, NY, other states just pass laws anyway and force you 10 years and $5M to reverse them. USSC needs to call a halt as lower courts often do, then write to ask the army to enforce them. They may or may not, but it would be an unprecedented chapter.

    “Agency Overreach? Musk’s Starship Rocket Launch Delayed Over Fish & Wildlife Service’s ‘Environmental Survey’

    On the run. Using any means, however frivolous, to attack anyone they don’t like, even without orders. Just ‘cause it’s funny that way.

    “Watch: Senator Accuses Biden Admin of “Facilitating the Largest Child Trafficking Ring in American History”

    …And nothing happened. On the run. Reminds me of this:

    Michelle Obama posting a hashtag to raise awareness. So many lies, I can’t root each one, but a commenter was like, “Noooooooooooo!!!! The point of a hashtag is to raise awareness TO YOU. To get it TO Michelle Obama and the President’s desk. When it arrives THEY have the power. THEY are supposed to do something, not uselessly hashtag themselves because…presumably THEY, Congress, the President, have no power either????”

    Senator, thanks for bringing this up, NOW DEFUND, IMPEACH, AND ARREST EVERYONE. You see, — I – can’t do that. I’ll be put in solitary for life for protesting. But YOU can. This is also what AOC said. “Well, I don’t have any power, so we’ll have to…” Whuuuuuuut? STFU. I’m happy to believe you but if YOU don’t have any power, do tell, woman. WHOOOO has the power then if Congress and YOU do not?

    “Oregon Schools Eliminate Proficiency Requirements In Math & English For Students

    That’ll help. Because it’ll… um … it’ll um…. Embarrass them to death? Or embarrass the schools to death and early closure?

    “Whoops! Biden Adviser Jake Sullivan Scrubs Gaza Brag From ‘Foreign Affairs’ Essay
    His latest foreign policy fail…”

    …Someone else just got their print version of “Economist” (I think) in the mail. What was the Cover article? “Unprecedented peace in the Middle East!” Never been quieter.

    On Maine shooting (and no comment on why)

    ““Today, in the wake of yet another tragedy, I urge Republican lawmakers in Congress to fulfill their duty to protect the American people,” [Biden] wrote.
    “Work with us to pass a bill banning assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, to enact universal background checks, to require safe storage of guns, and end immunity from liability for gun manufacturers.”

    We HAVE THOSE THINGS, dum dum. The places that HAVE them all are the top locations for shootings. Top shooters of like, all Congress on a baseball field are the same people who promote these things.

    “GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy said the mass shooting in Maine illustrates why communities should revive mental health institutions and involuntary commitments”

    Yes, all the Psych wards in the state were shut, tossing everyone out on the street as far back as Reason but really at a peak in 10 years to now. And why? TO DESTROY THE UNIONS. That’s it. If that’s what it takes to lower costs – Blue state attacks blue Unions, just like Biden and the Railroads, siding with profits and oligarchs, by GOD I swear on Tara, we will release EVERY prisoner from EVERY street in America if that’s what it takes to destroy the Unions, our base, the working man. …And have, I’m not being hyerbolic.

    To Ramaswamy’s point – as he’s amazingly smart and outside “The Narrative” – merely HAVING mental health support you can go to would be a huge movement and cure in this, as it already is in scores of nations. We have none. Again, we don’t expect Republicans to support universal Federal (mental) health care, but the DEMOCRATS are against it twice as hard. …Force the Vote. M4A. Nope. Not only won’t give healthcare in a pandemic, won’t even allow a VOTE on the subject.

    This is also as true or more true of drugs, fentanyl, as I bring up near-daily since it’s like a Dresden bombing per year to both Urban and Rural alike. I can get drugs. I can get them 100x easier than going to the doctor. I can get them delivered to my house easier than wonder bread. One of the only things that limits drugs is access to drug counseling and rehab. And that’s not easy, most people do it 2, 4, 5 times before succeeding. Government pays huge moolah, goes to the STATES, the Insurers, to the now Mega-corp vertically integrated hospital industrial complex. N O P E ! ! ! …All a’sudden like, Hospitals don’t like money, Insurers don’t like money, politicians don’t like spending money!!! They all sawr the light! They all became far-right Republicans! No pro-health, anti-gun crime for my town/county/state/nation! No sireee!

    And you wonder why I say they’re a death cult, and the Doctors with them.

    Death cult? All on the same page? Lockstep?

    “House Approves Resolution Backing Israel In New Speaker’s First Move

    Boy, I’m sure glad we went through all that trouble with the Speakership. The Swamp is on the run now!

    Blue Cross: yes, and I’m sure no court would say the companies are interfering in medicine by MAKING doctors prescribe drugs or else, regardless of the case, right? What if they said we need 99 heart surgeries but statistically your area only has 91 per year? Death. Cult. And not just them, but the people, patients, companies, schools, courts, everyone has looked at this and stamped approval I’m sure.


    “8,000,000 is four Nebraskas! Four new states.” (and voters, or at minimum, census for allocation of power)

    It’s real. Therefore, they don’t care. It would be 20 new states, 50, 100 more states: wouldn’t care. Take away one latte in Queens? MELTDOWN!!! Mildly change demographic by having a brown people tourist in Martha’s Vineyard? MELTDOWN!!! Call the Army National Guard!!! Airlift the brown people out of here!!!

    McCarthy knifes all Republicans? That’s not news, not huge, it’s obvious. Did someone not know this? Pelosi, Schumer, Klobachar, etc do it on the Blue side too.

    “• Netanyahu Dragging US Into War With Iran to Save His Political Career (Tweedie)

    Does anyone not know this? And Biden. Zelensky: “I told him if he didn’t give me another $100 Billion dollars, I’d release his blackmail. Well son of a bitch….”

    “• US Will ‘Not Be Spared’ If Israel-Hamas War Escalates – Iran (RT)

    Too late! Already bombed all Syria. Iran is next. There is no way they won’t bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran.

    Again. McCain wasn’t passively PREDICTING the 100 year war, bombing Iran, erasing Russia. He was MAKING it happen. Every day in every way, better and better.

    “• US Launches Strikes in Syria After Targeted Attacks On US Troops (DeMartino)

    Circling back to the beginning here. So…. Um…. Hey… Uh, folks?


    Why we there? I thought big countries invading, occupying, and absorbing small nations was a BAD thing only PutinHitler does. WE WOULDN’T BE BOMBED IF WE WEREN’T THERE. I don’t see Syria bombing Cleveland. Not a single attack on Tallahassee.

    Americans: not a bit. Don’t notice in the slightest. Never occurs to them. Nor especially our media.

    ““’s quite possible that Israel wants to delay because they want to bomb Gaza as much as possible and starve Gaza as much as possible to make any ground invasion easier.”

    Yes. It’s a genocide actually happening while you talk about the genocide they MIGHT have. That genocide they MIGHT have had never happened: therefore they are totally innocent! Only the genocide they ALREADY had. See? #Logic!

    ““..such a state was “promised to the Palestinian people 75 years ago.”

    Too soon?

    “Escalations Might All Fuse Into ‘One’ (Alastair Crooke)

    Might? They already did, as according to plan. We already bombed Syria, just like Israel has been, the civilian airport, for like 10 years monthly.

    So when can the U.S. get big enough of a black eye they knock it off? Probably never, since if a counter attack killed 200 million of us but not Congress, they would throw a party and all do a happy dance on our ashes. Again, it’s not “America” promoting, doing this. It’s a tiny cartel barricaded in the nuclear control room.

    “• Full-Dress Irrationality (Patrick Lawrence)

    Certainly the appropriate title. He has a further point as well, since ALL empires do this. That is why they fall. So it’s more than some local event that’s just us. It’s that once you get POWER, you then have to spend to KEEP power, then there competition for power, so we must have MORE power, which means to exaggerate and escalate the means and methods by which we GOT power. At some point there is only parasite and no host. POWER is to move outside the Tao, the Way, the normal, natural, unfolding of things. Because, if you just want everything to be as it already is, there’s no point in bothering with Power. It’s only if you want to do the #Opposite of natural expression that you must have Power to Make It. So the very FACT of Power basically means you’re doing wrong. “Wrong” as in, “A thing that doesn’t ‘work’”. That collapses. Fails. Taking you with it.

    Thus the usage of War as a plausible route to money-laundering that cycles back to give you Power to do MORE war, MORE money-laundering, and MORE power. Right?

    But as I’ve said, they hate money so much!!! No money for health, education (as he says) and drug, mental counseling, although that has big profits and big dividends for the host nation. Anything ANYTHING but that. Healthy kids? OMG make it stop!!!

    “• Hungary Says Energy Security ‘Impossible’ Without Russia (RT)

    They know. That’s why they want to attack, conquer, and occupy it. Duh.

    ““even ‘simple’ requests to the FBI and DOJ, like ‘extending the assessment,’ required a renewal every 30 days […] it required 17 different people..”

    We have an infinite budget to protect illegal actions. THAT we can spend infinity on. Not schools or drug counseling. 17 paychecks at $110k billable/pc? $1.8 million dollars to do nothing.

    “Rolling Stone claimed that Trump has expressed openness to leaving NATO altogether,”

    Yes. Clearly Europe doesn’t think Russia is a threat or they would spend even the AGREED amount on NATO readiness. They don’t. They want/make the UNITED STATES to fight all wars for them, with OUR money and men. Ohhhhhh, I see! And Trump is a big meany for NOT fighting the wars Europe has no interest in fighting for themselves. We’re their b—h.

    When we don’t want to be their b—h they’re mad and try to kill us. Like any narcissistic abuser. They are capturing our government, media, and power centers, and are collapsing the U.S. with invasion and civil war even as we speak.


    Okay- let me spell that correctly:
    Happy Vasili Arkhipov Day!

    D Benton Smith


    Today’s painting is gruesomely apropos to the ongoing behavior of the empire de jour. For those of us not familiar with Greek and Roman mythology, here’s the blurb from Wikipedia explaining the painting, “It is traditionally interpreted as a depiction of the Greek myth of the Titan Cronus (known as Saturn in Roman mythology) eating one of his offspring. Fearing a prophecy foretold by Gaea that predicted he would be overthrown by one of his children, Saturn ate each one upon their birth.”

    Like Israel devours Palestine? Like America devours Europe? Like The British Crown devours America? Like every centralized government devours its citizens? Like the Cabal devours the whole fucking planet?

    No wonder so many people want to stop the world to get off.

    D Benton Smith

    [ As quoted from your comment . . . . and boy, do I miss the formatting functions! . . .]
    ” Michelle Obama posting a hashtag to raise awareness. So many lies, I can’t root each one, but a commenter was like, “Noooooooooooo!!!! The point of a hashtag is to raise awareness TO YOU. To get it TO Michelle Obama and the President’s desk. When it arrives THEY have the power. THEY are supposed to do something, not uselessly hashtag themselves because…presumably THEY, Congress, the President, have no power either????”

    Senator, thanks for bringing this up, NOW DEFUND, IMPEACH, AND ARREST EVERYONE. You see, — I – can’t do that. I’ll be put in solitary for life for protesting. But YOU can. This is also what AOC said. “Well, I don’t have any power, so we’ll have to…” Whuuuuuuut? STFU. I’m happy to believe you but if YOU don’t have any power, do tell, woman. WHOOOO has the power then if Congress and YOU do not?”

    Senators, congressmen, First Ladies (allegedly), and all others of that ilk do not seek power FOR others. They seek power OVER others. That’s the wholepoint of government to begin with. Can you picture some happy savage in Eden waking up one morning with the thought of, “Gee, I sure wish God or somebody would drive me out of this place and Lord it over me!”

    Some day, hopefully, it will dawn on each of us as individuals, and collectively, that the free will which we miraculously possess is all of the power that anyone in their right mind would ever need (or should every want) to possess to turn this joint into Heaven on Earth.

    It is only when we delusionally seek to achieve the impossible task of imposing that will over the free will of others (always at THEIR expense, mind you, because we do not ourselves personally actually HAVE that power!)) that we run into problems. And why? Well, because it’s IMPOSSIBLE, that’s why! The closest we ever get is to LIE about it, and trick others (and ourselves) into believing that it is possible to get more than we give. “Hey there guy, if you give up your self-determination by doing stuff for me, then I will give you back even more than you gave me, and all sorts of other cool stuff, with INTEREST !” We’ll get more than we started with, see?”

    It’s no demonstration of genius to see where THAT gets us, EVERY single time.

    The “power” goes to the biggest liar.

    They will not give you what they promised because they CAN NOT. No one could. It’s impossible.

    But to prevent that Ponzi scheme from catching up with them they will tell attempt ANY lie, any crime, any utterly batshit lunatic ploy, to avoid the simple truth that the whole mess STARTED with their willful attempt (by lying) to get something that they were unable to get for themselves.

    Want to see a fight to the death? Try to get a psychopath to admit that they were wrong (destructively evil), ON PURPOSE, so that they could HAVE something they wanted, but without paying the full consequences which they KNEW were going to result when they did it.

    D Benton Smith

    I would give up a leg and half of an arm to be able to post my own hand drawn illustrations on this forum, because sometimes a simple diagram or picture is worth a million words.

    I will TRY to do it with words that reference pictures that you have already seen.

    I reckon that we have all seen the joke picture of a hand holding a pistol with a barrel that makes a U-Turn back towards the person whose hand is holding the pistol.

    Label the pistol “Free Will”, or label it “Vote!” or “Power”, whatever. You get the idea.


    The Empire of Lies looks like Saturn devouring it’s own children with the Clot Shots

    The ‘doctors’ (quacks) getting 40K ‘bonuses’ for DOING HARM to children with the Vax Hoax are monsters, not healers.

    But the average Duh’merican doesn’t care.

    The average Duh’merican Sheeple can’t even locate other countries outside it’s ‘borders’ because they don’t care.

    The average Duh’merican Sheeple doesn’t care about immigration until their personal neighborhood is overrun with military aged young men.

    Doug McGregor has postulated that these millions of un-vetted military aged young men who have flooded across the open southern border contain elements that will execute terrorist acts when the time comes, to teach the Empire of Lies some lessons about geo-politics throughout the heartland of the Duh’merica.

    Stick a dagger into the gut of Duh’merica, and give it a sharp twist.

    Time will tell, but Time is running short for such an utterly corrupt joke of a ‘country’ like Duh’merica

    Like Winter, Reality is coming


    D Benton Smith

    I propose a minor edit of the Golden Rule.

    Do unto others what you would have them do unto you, because, Brother, that’s precisely who’s doing all that stuff to you.


    Blowing a Kiss to Duh’merica… Home of the Brave, Land of the Free




    Ah, Corporate Duh’merica in action




    The New Improved National Great Seal of Duh’merica!

    Instead of the Stars & Bars



    Two video clips:
    1. That’s some cool engineering there, where the “bamboo stick” meets the ground and at click-on coupling where it joins the support assembly under the street artist’s garment.
    2. Concrete, regardless of impressive skill demonstrated in the vid, can never look beyond theater-stage-prop imitation of stone.




    Peace through strength, – Ronald Reagan.
    ( deterrence/dissuade with lies fear, hate, blackmail, shame, misery, rage, unchallengeability, war, genocide, ethnic cleansing)
    • Escalations Might All Fuse Into ‘One’ (Alastair Crooke)
    • Hamas Delegation Arrives In Moscow As Russia Blames US For Escalation (ZH)



    do atomic explosions no longer emit an electromagnetic pulse? Tactical nuclear explosions within an environment of electronic warfare and counter measures? an Oppenheimer response – try it and see

    Time for a new acronym to be added to the lexicon
    TZT – Talmudic Zionist Terror
    TZT – Talmudic Zionist Terrorist

    Oh, God said to Abraham, “Kill me a son”
    Abe said, “Man, you must be puttin’ me on”
    God said, “No” Abe say, “What?”
    God say, “You can do what you want, Abe, but
    The next time you see me comin’, you better run”
    Well, Abe said, “Where d’you want this killin’ done?”
    God said, “Out on Highway 61” Dylan 1965

    A few more questions for Mr. Kennedy to ask.
    How many TZT are in the country illegally, how many TZT did not show for their asylum hearing, how many TZT supported members of congress … i mean other than the ones who pledged allegiance to a middle eastern political establishment from the floors of the US Congress…., do you have any idea of the probablility of a TZT sponsored action at the periphery of any Muslim community within the United States?
    You don’t know… have no idea?

    my favorite Mae West vingnette:
    “Young lady are trying to show contempt for this court?”
    “Why no your honor, I’m trying to hide it.”

    OK boys, in the event of a radio silence launch everything you have immediately.

    Figmund Sreud

    I’m not sure who this Angelo Giuliano is as yet. Anyway, interesting perspective – I’m just 20 min. into this vid and, for me, this guy introduced a <twist that I never thought of.




    One for today, going directly to freezing this week without even one frost:

    The garden was pretty. It kept us well fed,
    But winter is nigh and it must go to bed.

    [and a vanity repost from 0ct 2, when it was 88F]:

    The door is open. Leaves waft in and gather near my feet.
    The fall is here; so ends another summer that was sweet
    With ripened fruits now tucked away,
    To bring the summer back some winter’s day.

    Gardening makes me see the world as peaceful and bountiful.


    Dr John –
    My sister just had her baby by C-section due to a complication. In the C-section, an artery in her uterus was in an odd place and got nicked, and she received 6 pints of blood before they discovered the problem and corrected it surgically. Since we have no idea whether or not the blood came from vaccinated individuals, she (and the baby, who will undoubtedly breastfeed, probably before they realize the potential harm,) will need to detox from spike protein. I was just looking at Dr. McCullough’s spike detox info here: and it says not to follow this when breastfeeding. Do you have any guidance, or can you point me in the right direction, of spike detox therapy that is okay for a woman who is breastfeeding?

    D Benton Smith

    Scott Ritter on Israel. In the first 10 minutes says it all, and then he REALLY gets down to business and says it ALL. Don’t miss this one guys. CelticBiker might swoon.


    I would give up a leg and half of an arm to be able to post my own hand drawn illustrations on this forum

    take a pic with your phone and post it?!


    and boy, do I miss the formatting functions!

    Huh, what? There’s stuff missing?


    It isn’t as simple as taking a photo with a phone, the photo must be uploaded to the internet someplace with free and open access and a public URL. The user must then be familiar enough with the process to copy the URL and paste it into the comment. Instead of making the process simple and clear and educating internet users on how to do this, we have smartphones that obfuscate the process, all in the service of being “user-friendly” and “secure.” In actuality, it is about mega corporations having control over the internet and our data, rather than individuals having control.

    Figmund Sreud


    “In this long war, the gods do not favour the Chosen People.”




    that meme – my parents at 30, me at 30 — what is happening culturally to men and to society as a result have very much non-negligible consequences. Obvious common sense ones, seriously impactful ones, therefore invisible to economists, democrats, etc.


    Should there be an AI inside Biden’s teleprompter?


    Ali- A real fighter, humanist and Man.

    “Why should they ask me to put on a uniform and go 10,000 miles from home and drop bombs and bullets on Brown people in Vietnam while so-called Negro people in Louisville are treated like dogs and denied simple human rights? No I’m not going 10,000 miles from home to help murder and burn another poor nation simply to continue the domination of white slave masters of the darker people the world over. This is the day when such evils must come to an end. I have been warned that to take such a stand would cost me millions of dollars. But I have said it once and I will say it again. The real enemy of my people is here. I will not disgrace my religion, my people or myself by becoming a tool to enslave those who are fighting for their own justice, freedom and equality. If I thought the war was going to bring freedom and equality to 22 million of my people they wouldn’t have to draft me, I’d join tomorrow. I have nothing to lose by standing up for my beliefs. So I’ll go to jail, so what? We’ve been in jail for 400 years.”
    ― Muhammad Ali

    On June 20, 1967, Ali was convicted of draft evasion, sentenced to five years in prison, fined $10,000 and banned from boxing for three years. He stayed out of prison as his case was appealed and returned to the ring on October 26, 1970, knocking out Jerry Quarry in Atlanta in the third round.

    The US Department of Defense revealed late Thursday that forces had fired strikes against two facilities in Syria following earlier attacks against American and allied troops in Iraq and Syria.

    Why are US Regime armed troops occupying Syria ? To Steal ,
    The US Regime are thieves, violent not-so-petty criminals.
    Trump knows this and supported it, Obama is a BLACK thief (unlike Ali) , Biden is obviously a thief-

    Four Presidents in a row- 2 Republicans and 2 Democrats- all of them- from both parties are Liars and Stealing Thieves.

    As an American- you’re A – OK with that ? Four presidents in a row from both political parties , the Leaders – are fucking liars and thieves !!

    Which party (criminal) will you vote for next ? WHY ? Why support either of these scum ?
    It makes YOU a thief too.

    Imagine, if you can? A bunch of armed Syrians invade and occupy Houston or Boston or N.Dakota so they can steal shit. Then they tell you it’s their shit to steal and they will kill you if you interfere.

    Support these troops and this Regime (x4) ? Fuck No.
    Where’s the outrage ? Basically ALL Americans are liars and thieves at heart and in action if they do not speak out and up against the Criminals in DC and troops doing the stealing.

    Netanyahu Dragging US Into War…

    Who Us? The citizens who line up like retarded sheep? Or the War profiteers ?

    Drag my ass !…when have they ever seen a War they won’t go running towards ?

    These days, I’m standing tall, grounded, principled and steady- these fuckers are not dragging my ass anywhere without resistance. I simply do not support liars, thieves or killers in my life or in my head.

    Do you ? I have not heard much from my fellow citizen other than lots of excuses and denials.

    Take a fucking stand, mean it, and do not waver or fold under these scumbags.
    Liars, murderers and thieves. They can fuck right off this planet.


    The Mediawhores and Presstitutes could come right out and plainly state the ‘agenda’ of the Owners and say the silent part’ out loud.

    That ecologically, because of resource depletion, ‘we’ need to eliminate 7 out of 8 people in the world, to ‘save the planet’

    Yah, that’s right, kill off 7 billion people ASAP to ‘save the planet’

    The Collective West Sheeple would say, sounds good, let’s do it!

    Everyone in the world Outside the Collective West would say, “Let’s kill every single person in the West first, then pause for lunch and discuss whats next”

    The vast majority of the world will not miss the Collective West as it commits ritual suicide.

    It will just be another grease spot on the side of the History Road.




    Payback, tit-for-tat to the last standing man.

    Figmund Sreud

    And here is something different, vid of discussion of current events as vied by those who just follow the MSM, … and regurgitating it to their liking:



    Health Care Worker Crisis Looms As Burnout And Mental Health Issues Surge, CDC Warns

    “Health care workers are experiencing burnout, harassment, suicidal thoughts, and other mental health symptoms at alarming levels, a Vital Signs report by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has found.”

    yes, we have a health care system of nurses and doctors who are essentially all post-murder Raskalnikovs. Whyever would you expect burnout and mental health issues? As I recall, Raskalnikov was feeling a bit knackered.

    But then there is no authority to turn yourself in to, to judge you, to find you guilty and punishment. Just more of the same.


    Democrats Are Flooding America With Military Aged Men From Every Country

    Just a day at the border

    Military aged men.

    Hardly fleeing organized ‘oppression’

    I wonder how many are trained military agents ready to spring into action when the Empire of Lies attacks their countries and they return the favor?


    Jewtheatre, all of it. Lies and obfuscation. The Hell they are bringing to Palestine is coming for you next. They have all the money. They control the narrative. What is there to stop them? They want their WWIII and here we go.. Satanic, demonic 1 world government.


    Today’s painting by Rubins, ‘Saturn Devouring One of His Sons’, is a beautifully realized painting of the human figure. Saturn looks greedy, hungry, and vengeful. All are humanly recognizable emotions.

    In this time am more drawn to ‘Saturn Devouring His Son’ by Goya. Saturn looks mad, completely beyond human reasoning mad. I fear this is where we are headed.,_Saturno_devorando_a_su_hijo_(1819-1823).jpg


    Douglas Macgregor: We Are On the Brink of Total War

    Macgregor maintains that Hamas has a very well developed presence in Mexico

    That should be interesting.

    John Day

    Thanks Oroboros.
    Stock up and Hunker-Down!

    John Day

    @D.Benton Smith: First 12 minutes of Scott Ritter, brother, not just 10.

    : Listen/watch until just before 12:00.

    John Day

    @Phoenixvoice: Nattokinase 2000 FU/day is a low dose. The cardiac dose is almost 6 times that. Bromelain and curcumen are not liable to act as blood-thinners the way nattokinase might. Nattokinase is a very mild clot disolver found in fermented soy product “natto”. People with coronary artery disease, atherosclerotic plaques, tolerated 11,000 FU/day along with a baby aspirin quite well, and many of them had improvement of plaques in their coronary arteries in a year. The people I know who are taking it like this, with vitamins D3 and K2, have no problems and feel good.
    Dr. McCullough is highly visible and exposed and has to be very careful in his general advice, to avoid liability for “medical advice”, which might go wrong, or might be interpreted as having gone wrong.
    Peter McCullough must speak with a great deal of caution to avoid liability. He is a target. He knows it.
    Nattokinase in Natto has been a food in Japan forever. Bromelain and curcumen are also food-products, and these are modest amounts.

    It is not certain that there is any spike protein in the blood your sister received.

    We may assume that with something like 1.5% of Americans taking the COVID “vaccines” these days, and the lipid nanoparticle “micelles” going into cells fairly quickly after injection, even those that get bloodborn, that she did not get injected with the mRNA products, so she will not be making spike protein in her body.

    Vitamin-D and vitamin K2 have protective effects on the arterial wall lining. She can certainly take something like 10,000 IU vitamin-D per day for a month and a good K2 supplement, like this one that I take
    K2 dosing is a little complicated because there are multiple forms of K2, composed of different numbers of the monomer that makes it. The ones with more monomers in a chain last longer. One or two of those pills per day, or once or twice per day, should be fine. I have taken up to 4 per day to see if I get better hill-climbing performance in the heat, but was not sure.
    Basically 100-200 micrograms per day of K2 is a fair dose.

    This might be nothing, but even if she has a little bit of spike, it will not persist. She is not manufacturing it.

    I wish her well, and I wish you, your daughter and your sons well.

    John Day

    @Phoenixvoice: They nicked a uterine artery when they cut into the uterus.
    That is why I always used to make a little nick in the lower uterine segment, after retracting the bladder away, and bluntly tear that to both sides with my fingers when doing c-sections.
    I never nicked the uterine arteries that way.
    I am proud to have never lost a mother in all those years, though one lady and I spent a week with her almost dying of pre-ecclampsia afte she delivered. She was seeing the spirits in her room… Never was another patient so close as that. It was interminable. I was in constant prayer, and also being a good doctor.

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