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    Kazemir Malevich Floor polishers 1912   • Covid Vaccine Destroys Natural Immunity – NEJM Study (DS) • 94% of Vaxxed Patients With Subsequent Heal
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    I have occasionally wondered how many of the elite have actually been vaccinated, either having saline injections or getting a fake vaccination record. It is so dangerous that I am sure will be ‘in the know’ and will protect themselves and their families.

    Dr. D

    “Economists Warn Energy Bill Price Caps Could Lead to Blackouts in UK”

    If not, it would be the first time in the history of the world. But if so, only the rich sit pretty while the poor die like dogs. Your move:

    Obviously, the Docktor does not believe in Kobayashi Maru any more than James Tiberius does. Things can always get better.

    Fertilizer. Okay, IF we survive at all, should the U.S. stop eating, ration, and send all our food to Europe who voluntarily and on purpose shut off their own food in a TikTok-based, attention-grabbing, feel-sorry-for-me suicide attempt?

    Also a note on why you focus on the individual and take care of your self first. If we have our own oxygen mask, our own house is in order, THEN we have no problem or stress in providing all our extra food to Europe at some reasonable cost. If not, well, we’re sacrificing our own lives and won’t want to. Why should both of us drown instead of just one?

    “Half the output, twice the income. Now there’s a business model.

    Russian Energy Revenues Forecast To Soar (RT) “

    This is nice, but like bank robbers, it’s not just GETTING the money, they need to SPEND the money, freely. Now if Russia can buy chip manufacturing machines, this would be a clear win – don’t care about Gucci and Nike shoes that dissolve in 6 months.

    German GDP Forecast To Plunge (RT)”

    Each day like this: WILL plunge? We WILL have a recession…in the sometime future? No, that’s just more (lying) framing. We HAD that recession, in the PAST. It started 30+ days ago. Certainty, past tense, unavoidable, irreversible. Saying otherwise is happy-happy talk while the boat is sinking. Bail you f—-rs!

    …Problem is, they can’t. There’s essentially nothing they can do but brace for impact. They’re cleverly bracing for impact with denial. “I will heal you with the power of my lies!”

    They got in the car with the Joker, they told themselves he wasn’t that bad. And he drove the car into a wall at 90mph to see what it feels like. Because that’s what psychos do; that’s who they ARE. Fish swim, birds fly, wolves bite. But in the happy world where all the monsters are just misunderstood, that’s what you do.

    “If energy prices remain high for a while, up to 3% of Germany’s energy-intensive businesses will relocate”

    You are kidding, right? I guess 3% “relocate” but 93% of them “Won’t exist.”

    “Scholz called for an expanded, militarized European Union under German leadership.”

    This is the core of the Davos/EU plan. With the social repression and anti-democracy they’ve planned, structured, promised, and enforced all that time. An untouchable, unaccountable Soviet bureaucracy running everything. For a few unnamed people at the top.

    Just last year Macron was doing a sales pitch for a pan-European Army to shoot French girls with. Sick.

    “I am committed to the enlargement of the European Union to include the states of the Western Balkans, Ukraine, Moldova and, in the long term, Georgia”. — Scholz

    Throwing down the gauntlet for full and total war with Russia. Third time in 100 years the Anglos have managed to destroy Germany by getting them to fight Russia. Do these guys not have maps? Are they all named “Truss”? Do they have any idea how far away Georgia is? 1,500 miles. As far as Bangor to Miami.

    I assume they intend to run a military supply chain along that route to support Berlin’s 20 tanks and 10 working aircraft. Why not? Scholz just said he would invade China.

    “French leaders have exalted the mythical “Franco-German couple”

    France already doesn’t exist and is a fiefdom to Germany. As happens from time to time. Question is: can they keep it? History says no, they are too different. That means France will break away to Germany’s loss and cost.

    “Germany Has ‘Crossed Red Line’ – Russia (RT)”

    With this rhetoric, they have. However, Russia knows Germany is not the actual leaders and are running nothing. Also their people are pawns so far down, and so uninterested, why blow them up? They’re already dying of cold and no bread, why hurry?

    They already said they would go after the real command centers. Then e.g. gave GPS numbers for Nato HQ.

    “A new kind of self-flaggelation: we’ll buy your gas, but only if you make it twice as expensive.”

    When we’re reducing the population 90%, no price is too high! Clearly: look at what everybody is willing to pay on bombs.

    “Spain Doubles Russian Gas Imports (RT) “

    To be fair, they’re just following Biden’s lead.

    “ Ukrainian Mayor Announces Hunt for ‘Collaborators’ (RT)”

    Still murdering their own people by the thousands. Not only Donbass, they purged people in Kiev, and now Izyum.

    “The Democratic Mayor of New Orleans, LaToya Cantrell, has insisted that spending tens of thousands of dollars on first-class plane seats was necessary, suggesting that flying economy would be unsafe for a black woman”

    A window into what they tell themselves in their heads. That somehow coincidentally involve “All for me, none for thee.” “How dare you!” question me? And if it’s illegal, who cares? No one gets arrested. Consequences are for other people.

    “The Continued DOJ Targeting of Joe Biden Political Opposition (CTH)”

    As above, “Our patience has run thin…” –Biden Do what you’re told!

    …Apparently they’ve never met Americans before.

    “UK Police Arrests Anti-Monarchy Protesters (G.)”

    This was in web bot predictions. It didn’t go well.

    A fine is a tax” But all combinations involve people who don’t work: the government, getting your money. Any excuse will do. You notice people never scam to get LESS stuff and do MORE work. So if you want to know who is honest, look for generous people who do work.

    “somebody invented the nuclear weapon, oh do we have wars now?”

    Yes, the point exactly. And we are having one right now. “Very carefully.”

    Dr. D

    Oh and Georgia is going to join the EU after Turkey has been denied for 20 years? I’m sure they’ll love that.


    I hate the queen even more in her death. The TV has rolled out all the sychophants, the talking mouths – who the hell are they and where do they store these people – and all the war criminals and failed public figures, like Blair, May and others who I really do not recogise but hate because they are on the TV, something that I also hate but have to watch when visiting the outlaws. It is as if my life is being briefly infested with cockroaches.

    I need a nice warm shower …. oops, maybe I should not say that in front of people living in the west.


    That Twitter link to the tallest trees needs a revision, this particular 100m eucalyptus is only a couple of hours away from where I live, though I guess the vid is presented on a genus rather than an individual tree basis.

    V. Arnold

    Kazemir Malevich Floor polishers 1912

    Such a strange painting/style…
    I clicked the painting and saw an aray of Malevichs’ paintings…which I liked for the most part…
    Never heard of him before this…thanks Ilargi…

    The vaccine carnage continues unabaited…
    …and the profits climb also unabaited…


    How quickly are things collapsing in your neck of the woods?

    In this sector of the Empire of Lies and Chaos…

    The REINZ says August house prices were ‘weaker than expected’. In fact they reported the biggest drop in house prices over the last six months since REINZ records began.

    The Real Estate Institute of NZ recorded 4891 residential sales throughout the country in August, down 18.3% compared to August last year and down 20.2% compared to pre-pandemic levels in August 2019. There were, however, 91 more sales in August than in July, suggesting the sales slump may have bottomed out.

    However prices continued to decline with the national median price hitting $800,000 in August, down $10,000 (-1.2%) compared to July, and down $50,000 (-5.9%) compared to August last year.

    The REINZ House Price Index declined by a further 1.3% in August and is now down 5.8% compared to a year ago.

    In Australia, there are 10.8 mln dwellings. In total they were worth AU$10.146 tln as at March 2022. But by June they had fallen in value to AU$9.983 tln. That is a loss of value of -AU$162 bln – or -AU$1.8 bln per day.’

    With all the talk about jab injuries and deaths, and the ineffectiveness of masks, the NZ government is quietly backtracking and doing subtle U-turns, presumably in the hope that no one will notice. As of today, no masks are required for most people in most situations. Nevertheless, the avid mask-wearers -comprising of about 20% of the populace- continue to wear them.

    I was asked by a young fellow today: “When will the mainstream media acknowledge the economy is collapsing?”


    The 99% crap content of MSM is currently focused on the whereabouts of the royals, and what their plans are (70%), together with a selection of corporate sport stories, and the mandatory reporting of road accidents, hearsay, accusations, sponsored advertisements, and reports of dogs riding surfboards, etc.




    Half the output, twice the income. Now there’s a business model.

    Half the output, 4x the cost. Not a business model.

    People cannot imagine the implications. But they will have to soon.
    The solution, as always, is non-intervention. No sanctions, no “color revolutions,” no meddling. It’s really that simple.
    Europe Commits Suicide-by-Sanctions
    written by ron paul monday september 12, 2022
    sanctions are in reality acts of war.
    Why Did US Torpedo The April Ukraine War Negotiated Settlement?
    written by walt zlotow monday september 12, 2022
    Freedom, Liberty, Free speech and Democracy, Exploitation
    the latest of which included the arrest of a man in Edinburgh for apparently heckling Prince Andrew.


    anticlimatic, I often wonder the same thing. But I really do believe that Newsom had a reaction to the vaccine and disappeared for a couple weeks, remember that? The excuses were ridiculous as well, he just disappeared and didn’t attend events he was supposed to be at. It had to be medically related.

    I know so many really smart people that not only gladly rolled up their sleeves, but are giddy about getting them, even now. It’s so weird. I really don’t know what to think.

    Is anyone else freaking out about what will happen to “money” in the banks? I am really struggling with what is the best course of action, whether it’s better to have a mortgage and a balance in the bank, or no mortgage and little in the bank. It really feels like those 1s and 0s digitally recorded (yest worked for over so many years) could go poof at any moment. After living through the escalation of pure madness over the past 20+ years, anything seems possible.

    John Day

    Must Cause Depression…
    US Consumer Prices Blow Away Expectations, Rise For 27th Straight Month



    I note that most of the studies such as the abnormal blood one are self-financed by the doctors themselves The recent study by doctors showing the blood clots were not actually composed of blood cells was also self-financed.

    These novel blood clots have been known about for a while yet the above very basic studies would imply that there has not been a single investigation by health authorities into their cause and nature.

    D Benton Smith

    When factories close they rarely reopen, because the myriad of factors which built the factory in the first place are no longer there or available. They were forced to go elsewhere to survive after the factory closed. Oh, and that competitor who used to fight tooth and nail to hang onto 50% of the market? Yeah, well the competitor did NOT close their factory. They continued to make and sell goods into a market was uncontested now that their rival is gone. Now they have 90% market share and a firm grip on supplies of source materials, talent and transportation. So anyone trying to make a comeback by “re-opening” a competing factory it will have to do so straight into the teeth of the gale that is 5 times stronger than it was back in the day.

    Tough row to hoe.

    D Benton Smith

    I think a lot of folks would benefit substantially from paying just a teensie bit less mind to what SHOULD be happening, and a LOT more attention to what IS happening.


    @ anticlimactic
    I find myself wondering the same – how many elites fake vaccinated, how many truly vaccinated against Covid? However, I suspect that most were actually vaccinated with the toxin. That is the irony of totalitarianism. It is slavish adherence to a warped ideology, and produces behavior that makes no sense to those outside of the ideology. With conventional ideologies, the nefarious, greedy person knows that the Covid vaccines are “bad to the bone” and pushes then on the populace anyhow, but protects himself and those he cares for. In totalitarian ideology, the same individual is a “true believer” in the ideology and also recognizes that personal wealth will come from the vax campaign. He vaxes himself and his loved ones and has a very difficult time accepting that this was harmful, because it causes strong cognitive dissonance.
    I suspect that only a few at the tippy top consciously recognized the stupidity of getting the Covid vax. Well, those and a few other medical/research types directly involved in its creation and testing.

    Desmet likens these folks to being in a trance. Some folks criticize him, as if to say that someone who is hypnotized is absolved of culpability. From what I’ve heard and read from Desmet, I don’t see him spending a lot of time determining culpability. The Covidiots do behave like someone hypnotized. AND they are still personally responsible for their behavior. The minister of my former church is going to destroy the congregation with her views. I am certain that I am not the only free-thinker who has left. I think about all of the nasty feelings being generated by one elderly man who keeps absent-mindedly removing his mask in choir practice. And the vax and booster requirements (for employees, for choir members, etc.,) are destroying the health of all there who follow them. Add to that the coming economic woes — eventually, there may not be enough wealthy parishioners, and their endowment may not contain enough value to pay the mortgage on the property and pay the minister’s salary.

    The mass formation around Covid and the vaccines is pernicious and cannot last too many years — because it is deadly and debilitating, and does not help people to effectively live their lives. There are mass formations that bring benefit to people’s lives, or that are a mixed bag — these often last generations. The Mormon church is one such. It was originally a mass formation, a cult, focused around one man — a charlatan — who enjoyed the social power he wielded inside of his church. (i.e. intimate access to women.). It contained both pro-social and some sorry, detrimental elements. Before it was 70 years old, many of the worst detrimental elements had been purged; it is left with a mixed bag that, for some folks, serves them pretty well and so they are “true believers,” adhering to it and continuing it.


    “Crush the current system in order to bring in a new system”


    Post by chooch.
    Head of the Russia’s Communist Party – “good old face of a first class apparatchik”.
    Now, you may be surprised how many posters on various blogs that I visit in the last decade would have outdone him had they been born in old Soviet Union or in any of the Eastern block countries. I know the type. Uncritical defenders of the system (that they have no say or control over) because it is “good for them”. Their core being and self esteem pegged to the fact that they are American – and nothing else to show. Stubborn belief and stance that many are abandoning now and even want Putin to be their Prez! An asshole poster on Kunstler’s blog wants to move to Bulgaria – the country that he, undoubtedly, looked down upon (backward and commie) just few years back. Who could pass on good deal there?
    Decade ago, first serious signs that wheels of the entire belief structure are coming off, led many to the internet in search for an answer. Despite of being obvious that The System is working against them they would lash in anger to any poster who was “pointing to the obvious”. Remember: “We are f**king No1!”, “The Best Country in the World!”, “Get the f**ck out
    here and make sure that the door….” Bit later on, when “obvious became obvious”, I do remember Orlov being pelted, just because HE (being Ruskie) had to say “the obvious”. I could go on….
    Strange times indeed. Now days, in the light of current events we do have weird “luxury” to look back and review the events and massive carnage that we did not bother to notice because “life was good”. Mosaic made of all those events is nearing completion into grand art piece titled: “You’re on your own”. Well… if WE let you.
    Food for thought: Carl Sagan would have been THE SAME MAN if he was born in Moscow, or anywhere else. Passion for knowledge, justice and genuine human decency transcends borders and “systems”.


    “Scholz called for an expanded, militarized European Union under German leadership.”

    With our newly designed spring-loaded weaponry and our new naval galleys.


    Redacted makes the important point that there is more footage of WW1 than of actual events in Ukraine.

    The Guadian (shill for the money-lenders and WEF) headlines are always ‘Ukraine says..’, Zelensky says…’, ‘Kiev claims…’ and none of it has any verification or authenticity.

    Yeah, NeoNazi forces have advanced into a cauldron and have ‘retaken’ 1.6% of the land area lost since the SMO commenced.

    Andrei Martyanov talks about Russia giving ‘hysterical Ukraine a slap on the face’ via destruction of the electricity grid in the eastern region


    From ‘Pre-exposure to mRNA-LNP inhibits adaptive immune responses and alters innate immune fitness in an inheritable fashion’:


    “..The mRNA-LNP vaccine platform gained much attention with the ongoing SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. Initially, this vaccine platform was thought to be non-inflammatory since the mRNA has been modified and purified to limit innate immune activation [1–3]. At the same time, the lipid nanoparticle (LNP) component was considered an inert carrier and protector of the mRNA. However, recently has been shown that the synthetic ionizable lipid component of the LNPs is highly inflammatory [4], and this is a critical component to support induction of adaptive immune responses. These LNPs mixed with proteins induce comparable responses to mRNA-LNPs [5]. The platform can support the induction of adaptive immune responses in the absence of a variety of different inflammatory cytokines, -pathways, and innate immune cells [5–7].

    The acute side effects reported with the mRNA-LNP vaccine platform are diverse and likely associated with its highly inflammatory nature and partially mediated by innate immune responses [4,8]. In addition to the induction of specific T- and B-cell activation, certain vaccines or infections can affect long-term innate immune responses by either increasing or decreasing the activation of innate immune cells [9]. Furthermore, the innate immune reprogramming induced by certain vaccines can interfere with the immune responses induced by other vaccines [9]. The possible short and long-term immunological changes of the mRNA-LNP vaccine outside the induction of antigen-specific anti-SARS-CoV-2 responses are unknown. A recent human study awaiting peer-review reported innate and adaptive immune reprogramming with this platform [10], while single-cell RNA-seq studies on human white blood cells derived from vaccinated people also revealed significant changes in innate immune cells [11]. Whether the reported changes are long-lasting and can influence immune fitness or interfere with the responses induced by other vaccines remains to be determined..”

    “thought to be non-inflammatory”
    no comment.


    From Dr Malone: A Pro Tip for the Internet


    John Day

    Bucha-II is reportedly happening in Kharkov region, killing civilians tnd filming them to blame Russians.


    Today’s financial carnage news:

    ‘The UST 10yr yield starts today at 3.42% and another +6 bps firmer from this time yesterday.

    Wall Street has opened its Tuesday trading in full fright mode, down -3.1%. The tech-heavy Nasdaq index is down -4.4%. Overnight, European markets were all about -1.3% lower. Yesterday Tokyo ended up +0.3%. Hong Kong was down -0.2% and Shanghai were closed up an insignificant +0.1%. The ASX200 ended its Tuesday session up +0.7% but the NZX50 ended down -0.4%.’


    Everyone knows NATO has it’s soldiers unofficially fighting in the Ukraine. Many of these NATO soldiers are being given “time credits” from their own militaries, while fighting in the Ukraine.

    Notice however, that none of these NATO soldiers ever seem to get killed. In a war, this is simply not possible. So how are these deaths being hidden from their families and the public? One way is via helicopters crashes while training. A single helicopter crash can hide hundreds of deaths. Expect to see many more helicopter deaths.

    Areas of the Ukraine that Russia intends to keep, can be easily distinguished, from the areas Russia doesn’t intend to keep. How? Simple. If Ukrainian 1road signs are replaced by Russian road signs. Local Ukrainian banks become Russian banks. Ukrainian money turns into Russian Rubles. Local infrastructure is being rebuilt. If none of these are happening in your neighborhood, then you are out of luck.


    “You’re only allowed to talk about the death of the queen and what the royals ae doing.”

    Something happening in/to Germany on 24th September?

    You may disagree about some of the things that Clayton and Natali say, but there’s no smoke without fire, and they’re a lot closer to the truth than most other ‘news’ outlets.


    Mass formation in action
    This is an excerpt from the choir director to the choristers:
    – We (including me!) have all kinds of feelings about rules and authority: “Stop telling me what to do” or “I don’t want to be the police” or “Am I in trouble?” etc. These feelings get in the way of us following through on our agreement to wear a mask and/or helping each other remember to wear masks. I will make an effort to ignore these feelings and be more helpful in reminding you to wear masks when you forget; please help me by doing the same.

    I will make an effort to ignore these feelings…

    Idiotic. Those feelings EXIST to inform that there is something gravely WRONG with the situation and the current response to it. This is the “subconscious mind” disagreeing with the prefrontal cortex (i.e. “following through with our agreement”) and the prefrontal cortex suppressing the messages. This is not healthy. Yes, sometimes these sorts of feelings need to be suppressed in the moment, and it isn’t wise to have a habit of succumbing to them fully. However, the “wise mind” will periodically pause and listen to such feelings, looking for the source, trying to resolve the situation that is causing them. In this case, the “feelings” are the subconscious crying out that the prefrontal cortex has been deceived, the the being’s actions are not in harmony with its core values.

    I think that this is why, historically, it is the most educated that often fall more fully prey to mass formation — they have more skill and experience in suppressing their subconscious self — they, literally, have more discipline.


    Dow Jones down.
    Inflation not letting up.
    I’m not worried.
    We have seen and live though worst and we are still here.
    I did not have anything to lose then and I still don’t.
    As long as there is a gov. pension, I don’t need to worry.


    The difference between UK energy prices and EU energy prices boils down to one simple fact. The City of London. They knew ahead of time exactly what was going to happen in the UK and acted to capitalize on it. It was like shooting fish in a barrel!

    However, Europe was a different kettle of fish. Since the consensus wasn’t so clear, it wasn’t like shooting fish in a barrel. Also the EU is more socialist, so capitalism wasn’t such a sure thing. But they still made a killing.

    Europe has employed more floating gas storage and regassification units (GSRU) to help increase winter gas storage levels above 80%. These units help import more LNG.

    The foot floor sanders. I have often wondered how wooden floors got sanded smppth in the good old days. I figured many rough saw cut flooring just got smooth by many feet over time. Modern wooden floors come already planed so require very machine sanding to make them smooth. Now you can even buy pre-stained and finished wood flooring.

    I guess floor foot sanders simply and quietly disappeared into history, just like the blacksmiths.

    Veracious Poet

    Collective Insanity:



    Amoung my friends, the ones who are the most adamant about vaccinations are the supposedly very bright and very well educated. I count 2 lawyers and 1 doctor.

    Those not insanely over educated, are more likely to be open minded.

    So your conclusion, about the level of education, is backed up by my observations too!


    What’s with the hating? Can’t people have different opinions that they substantiate with articles and evidence?

    When hatred goes kinetic- they lock us down, force inject us and demand we support their nazi/azov wars…. Contempt for their lies and abuses simply fuels love for truth, reality and freedom. Their hatred supports my love for truth, which only grows stronger. Holding my pure blood diploma high…

    “Hate And War”

    Hate and war – the only things we got today

    An’ if I close my eyes
    They will not go away
    You have to deal with it

    It is the currency


    The hate of a nation
    A million miles from home
    An’ get war from the junkies
    Who don’t like my form

    I’m gonna stay in the city
    Even when the house fall down
    I don’t dream of a holiday
    When hate an’ war come around

    Hate and war…

    I have the will to survive
    I cheat if I can’t win
    If someone locks me out
    I kick my way back in

    An’ if I get aggression
    I give it to them two time back

    Every day it’s just the same
    With hate an’ war on my back

    Carry on with your War of words.


    “Special Military Operation, Season 2
    Things are starting to heat up.
    Big Serge”

    Did that entity really use the term ‘Season 2’- as though what is being
    portrayed is some kind of TV show?

    I continue to wonder what’s happening in Ukraine, and other places.

    Veracious Poet

    Thought alone, when it is no longer connected with the much vaster realm of consciousness, quickly becomes barren, insane, destructive.

    Complete identification with the mind (the belief that I am my thoughts) is the cause of failure, suffering and insanity. A person in this state—convinced by the story of “me against the universe”—suffers from so much fear and panic.

    Even still today, most people never look at or question their belief in separation. Instead, exhaustive effort is made to blame other people, limitations and situations for their suffering. “If only this person would change, or if only I could find a way to accomplish this, then I could finally be happy.” This way of thinking appears to make sense when we are young (Child EGO), but as we get older something else happens.

    As you mature, you look back upon all the things that were supposed to make you happy and supposed to end your suffering. Much of it was eventually accomplished. But just as soon as it was, of course you found the next reason to suffer. At some point, you face a choice to either sink into despair or, far better, you learn to merely observe thought rather than trusting it.

    The sane, creative, productive mind has learned to humble itself to the vast realm of consciousness. The mind isn’t you; rather, merely a useful tool to channel being into doing. Of itself, the mind has no real power, knowledge or truth.

    That which is real is beyond the mind and can be best described as unconditional love. When this is known, the mind functions optimally and the suffering ends ~ Eckhart Tolle


    Above my pay grade.
    “thought to be non-inflammatory”

    Female 76, has had 3 shots. The Dr. claims that her sever pain is caused by inflammation of muscle cells. Calling it Polymyalgia rheumatica, PMR. Treating with prednisone and it works, it elliminates the pain.

    If you or someone you know is exhibiting symptoms of Polymyalgia rheumatica, seek medical attention immediately.
    The symptoms include:

    Pain in the shoulders
    Pain in the neck, upper arms, buttocks, hips
    Stiffness in the affected area
    Diminished range of motion
    Stiffness in the wrists, elbows and knees
    Loss of appetite
    The exact root cause of PMR is unknown. Genetics and environmental exposure are the factors involved.
    Genetic factors increases the susceptibility
    Environmental exposure come in cycles and develop seasonally. Environmental triggers such as viruses also play a role
    Giant cell arthritis shares similarities with PMR which is inflammation in the lining of arteries.
    The risk factors include:
    Ageing – Older people are at high risk
    Gender – Women are more prone than men
    If untreated for a prolonged period it may lead to

    Affecting ability to perform everyday activities
    Difficulty in getting out of bed, standing up from your chair
    Difficulty in bathing or combing hair
    Getting dressed being difficult
    Affects health and physical activity
    Social interactions are affected
    Sleep problems

    Development of peripheral arterial disease is a synthetic drug similar to cortisone, used to relieve rheumatic and allergic conditions and to treat leukemia.


    Putin has been found out . The five_D chess player was playing with himself. His reputation will never recover. Right now national leaders who flocked to Moscow to sit at the feet of the new leader of the world will be back-pedalling and wondering how to extricate themselves from their entanglement with a loser. The problem arose because yes men in Intel told Putin what he wanted to hear , not what he needed to hear. That happens when you have a strong stubborn leader who has staff that are afraid to tell the truth.The entire SMO strategy was premised on contrived intel that the Russian columns could drive to Kiev throwing lfowers to their supporter who were going to flock to the Russian tanks to hug and kiss their liberators. Meanwhile in Kiev more pro-Russian forces were going to seize power , align with Russia, cease all hostilities and allow Russia full access to Ukraine to exterminate the Nazis in their ranks , they would declare Ukraine neutral and swear to never join NATO or the EU and Russia would have solved everythiong without a war.
    Unfortunately fpr Russia that was all hubris and the troops that were waiting around Kiev and on the highways to the East were mauled by Ukrainian troops with hand held anti-tank weapons. After waiting for two weeks and suffering heavy losses they retreated and had to totally change their tactics. By this time they were well on the way to annexing the South East of Ukraine and had established a thousand kilometer front with a hostile Kiev still in place who being fully supported by NATO.The promised fall of Kiev totally exploded the plans for the SMO , now they were in a war of attrition without enough forces trying to defend a thousand kilometer front under the constraints of the legally binding rules of the SMO ,meaning no attacks against any non-military infrastruture , an infrastructure that was being used by the Ukranian military to fullfill it’s logistic needs right across the country.
    They were undermanned and survived by forming a wall of artillery that allowed their sparsely scattered troops to slowly inch forward but with having to constantly move their troops up and down the line to cope with the fluctuations on the field. Behind the lines there were no defensive positions , behind the lines life was returning to normal with Ukrainian Russians asking for and receiving assurances that they were safe and would be protected. Now all of the remainers in the newly captured territories must be worried sick about their future and the possibilities of a return of the Ukranians to exact revenge on those that supported Russia. How many souls in Kharkiv will right now be facing a firing squad . What a terrible failure for Russia , failing completely to keep it’s word to the locals who supported them.
    So the offensive that all the pro-Russian pundits said was impossible finally happened with hundreds of thousands of Ukranians troops and heavy equipment throwing themselves at the line from the South to the North searching for a weakness. The front line in the North was bare of all seasoned fighting troops and defensive lines. The Ukranians breached the line and stormed sixty kilometres back into their lost territory. The few Russians on hand fled and the Russian command had to declare a full retreat back to the Donbass border , a total rout in the North was then followed by a massive redployment of Ukrainian troops back to the South for a renewed offensive there , the Russians were in disarray and some body in command struck down the SMO rules of engagement and the strikes against the electrical grid was called in to prevent the Ukrainian redeployment. The rules of engagement for the SMO were legally binding for the Russian military and any commanders breaking those rules were commiting war crimes under Russian military law. So some how the rules of engagement were changed very quickly and in some panic because of the Ukranian pressure. The change of the parameters of the SMO was an act that meant accepting that the SMO was a failure. So now the old SMO is gone but what is the new rules of engagement , what new plan is going to replace the failed SMO strategy? Putin and co. must decide and decide quickly , the battlefield needs a strategic plan to function . Hence we see the debate on Russian TV between the realists and the hubrists that still beleive some how there can still be a Russian victory, but does any body know what that victory actually looks like? Is it a victory where all of Ukraine lies in a smoking ruin with tens of thousands of dead civilians and Russia raising the victory flag over a population that hates them and are ready to fight a Western backed insurgency war against Russian occupation? To negotiate is almost impossible because the West is demanding the complete withdrawal of all Russian troops and the surrender of Donbass and Crimea ,which is totally unacceptable for Russia.So Putin’s come to God moment is here , the Russian bluff has been called and now the decisions will be very tough , there is no really winning option at this point, every move from here is going to have negative results for Russia , is Putin up to the job? Will the West get it’s way and see him offstage soon? This is a real crisis for the Russian leadership and the Russian people , make they make their decisions wisely.


    phoenix: “The mass formation around Covid and the vaccines is pernicious and cannot last too many years — because it is deadly and debilitating, and does not help people to effectively live their lives.”

    From your lips, er, keyboard … to God’s ears. Please.

    Keep praying.


    For now, I see what’s operating as a ‘pincer movement’, with no good-faith online opposition to what’s being inflicted on the great majority of the citizenries, worldwide.

    we’ll see how it goes.

    Lots of trivial online brouhahas, signifying nothing.. except most
    ordinary people’s lives getting slowly,
    grindingly worse.

    “Mass Formation Psychosis”? If you say so, sure. To me it just looks like a ruling class doing as most of those would under such circumstances, but with more totalizing tools..


    Is the internet the citizens’ tool; or are its users the tools of it?

    Notice who designed and implemented it..

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