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    Pablo Picasso In “Le Lapin Agile” or harlequin with a glass 1905   • The Spike Will Not Be Found In The Blood. It Travels “Incognito” (Chesnut) •
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle September 16 2021]

    V. Arnold

    The other day you said you were fascinated by the whole Covid narrative; I’ve thought about that for a few days and now agree with you on that. I just needed a bit of a perspective with some distance…
    What’s happening is just surreal and there is no end to the gusher of lies and plain incompetence by most of the players; fascinating indeed…
    Todays Debt Rattle is another expose’ of the ongoing fear mongering by the impotent governments caught with their pants down…
    Their lies are the Titanic with them as the band, still playing as their ship sinks out from under them…
    Thanks again for what you are doing…I’m much better now… 😉

    a kullervo

    The “vaccines vs. ivermectin” wars linger on.
    As the esteemed archdruid regularly points out, “the opposite of a bad idea is another bad idea.
    So soldier on, ladies and gentlemen: because of your efforts/in spite of your efforts the wheel of fortune keeps on turning – some of us spin feverishly, like the spokes; some of us remain stable, like an axle.

    The whole is aware of the part; the part misconstrues the whole.

    Dr. D

    91% Of China’s Youth Aged 12-17 Are Fully Vaccinated Against Covid (RT)”

    Yes, but theirs is the real vaccine. That is, a copy of the virus. Now I wouldn’t give a nickel that theirs doesn’t also reduce the population, that they would ethnically cleanse non-Han, Christians, and Muslims, etc. Different approach.

    US ‘Lost Focus’ In War On Terror – Oliver Stone (RT)”

    Surely Stone knows the WoT has accomplished almost all of its goals perfectly. They only thing they didn’t get was the guns, and the mindset, alarming the people too early. And at phenomenal profit. He does mention Israel, and the fake origins. Osama told us he was going to cause overreaction, bankruptcy, discrediting, and collapse (in favor of China), as I’ve quoted many times before. Since he told us his plan, and we followed it, everything we did was active, voluntary, and intentional. Essentially from the CIA, but we know Congress was specifically blackmailed, captured, and stopped.

    “Durham Reportedly Seeking Indictment Against Clinton Campaign Lawyer (JTN)”

    The Bidens own everything, there are no good guys, yet Sullivan, Cuomo, Milley, Michigan FBI agent, Clinton staff go down.

    Milley Responds, Claims Usurping Presidential Power To Give Enemy Advance Notice Just Part Of ‘Regular Communications’”

    Oh, so you’ve been coordinating with China outside of the Presidency and the elected civilian government every day! Yeah, we know. Thanks! We’ll use that at your trial, and since it’s universal, the trial of the other generals and joint chiefs.

    “EU Red Tape Prevents Russia From Boosting Gas Supplies To Europe – Lavrov (RT)”
    “Major UK Fertilizer Plants Shuttered Due To Skyrocketing Natural Gas Prices”

    Good work on RussiaRussiaRussia! Now without Russian gas, everybody dies. …Wait, I mean everybody but BoJo, Merkel, and Macron. They’ll be mask-free in palatial estates with your daughters.

    “FBI Apologizes to Molested Gymnasts after Botched ‘Investigation’”

    Oh, you FORGOT to investigate rape. Oh, well, in that case… You’re all fired, you orgy-running, wife-beating losers. So the guys who “botched” are fired, right? Because you’re actually mad? How about the 20 years of St. James Island, day-trips, legal deals? FBI DoJ were so mad they encouraged that for decades, field agents saw it and were so mad they took no action of protest against the agency.

    “Propane Prices Soar As Inventory Concerns Mount Ahead Of Winter”

    This matters a lot here. If you don’t know, propane is very much not natural gas, and a lot of rural people depend on it. But killin’ rural folks is a national sport. Open season!

    “US, UK To Share Nuclear Submarine Technology With Australia In “Historic” Military Pact Against China”

    Do we normally share military tech with fascists? Oh wait: we are also the Fascists.

    Evergrande bank goes down. No one knows who’s got the button. AND eviction, AND unemployment, AND drug and weapons recycling, AND Biden firing everyone, AND no petrodollar.

    Veracious Poet


    A 67 year old friend, who did not get jabbed, came down with The Delta last week, was hospitalized for 3 days & sent home today with O2. He’s pretty beaten up, but he’ll pull through. Hope he doesn’t get long CCP poisoning.

    Sister-in-law’s best friend’s father got virus loaded at church, brought it home to the misses & they both ended up in the hospital. He died 2 days after admission, wifey got sent home with O2 after 6 days. Both were Pfizer experimental genetic treatment volunteers. Ages 74 & 78…

    It’s apparent to me that Milley will be Slo Joe’s judas goat, will be given the option of falling on his sword (retirement) so he can go collect $$$ from the MIC and/or MSM.

    There is no Rule Of Law & treason is such an archaic concept for the child EGO that it’s probably insulting to their psychopath sensibilities – It’s all about the feelz

    RE: Oliver Stone

    I had drinks with him in one of my favorite Gotham watering holes after a local shoot (when I still was trying to drink away the nightmare) & my take was he’s just another rich arse that takes himself WAY too seriously.

    All these self-appointed fake experts called upon to quash reality, it’s getting nauseating, just like all those teleprompter regurgitators on the Animal Farm news networks preaching the hate everything/everyone gospel…


    Off-topic but worth a watch –

    Mafia style hush money with a Kamala twist. Oooh so gooey and warm


    Roll up, roll up!
    Get ‘yer horse paste.

    absolute galore

    I tried to pick a juicy quote from this Vanity Fair piece, but it was so balanced and neutral (and fairly short) that I decided to paste the whole thing. Now the unvaxxed are not just a danger to boosted grandmas, we will soon be responsible for children dying of mumps, measles, and polio. Hopefully forcing us to take the shot will put an end to our selfish and evil ways.

    The Right’s War on COVID Vaccine Mandates Is About to Get Scary
    While polls indicate a majority of Americans support vaccine mandates, conservatives are attacking such public health efforts—and potentially undermining confidence in long-running vaccine requirements.

    By Eric Lutz

    America’s vaccination campaign has made slow, steady progress since its summer lull—and is likely to accelerate as new public and private sector mandates take effect. At the same time, right-wing political and media figures, who have already held back the country’s pandemic response, are finding more moronic battles to fight in the COVID culture war. In recent weeks alone, MAGA conservatives have opted to take a horse dewormer over the safe vaccines; elected officials have likened Joe Biden to a violent dictator for instituting shot requirements a majority of Americans support; and Tucker Carlson has devoted time on his program to talk about what may or more likely may not have happened to Nicki Minaj’s cousin’s friend’s testicles after taking his jabs. As the ailing country struggles to get better, the anti-vax right seems even more determined to get worse.

    Just how much worse could they get? Is it possible their attacks on common sense and the societal good get somehow more absurd? Will the rise of requirements give rise to a search for loopholes? Could their performative, but by now reflexive, opposition to COVID vaccine mandates extend to other vaccine requirements, including those already necessary for many kids to attend school?

    So far, there hasn’t seemed to be a new popular movement against the polio or measles vaccines already mandated for many school children; Ron Johnson hasn’t been going on Fox News to promote a feline tick medication to treat tetanus or anything like that. But the sweeping manner in which prominent Republicans have denounced the new White House plan to combat the pandemic has led to concerns about opposition to other existing and future vaccine requirements. “The 20th century was a century of incredible progress against leading killers, and much of that progress was because of vaccinations,” Ashish Jha, dean of the Brown University School of Public Health, told the Washington Post on Monday. “If we turn our back on vaccines at this moment where vaccines are really having a scientific heyday…I think that would be tragic, and it would cause a lot of unnecessary suffering and death, particularly among children.”

    As the Post noted, while the right has been freaking out over Biden’s COVID-specific public health precautions for a while now, some prominent GOP figures, including House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and some of his top allies, have made statements recently that imply more general opposition to public health mandates.

    While there has been no immediate indication that McCarthy and his ilk have plans to include the mumps vaccine in their pitched battle against Biden, their wildly irresponsible political rhetoric around inoculations has public health officials worried that it is only a matter of time before other vaccines are swept up in the culture wars, whether intentional or not. “My worry is that there will be a spillover effect from all of this anti-vaccine aggression,” Peter Hotez,a professor of pediatrics and molecular virology and microbiology at Baylor College of Medicine, told the Post.

    Even if these weird, anti-vaccine politics stay contained to the COVID shots, there is still, of course, plenty of damage to be done. While the United States has had access to COVID vaccines that most of the world remains in desperate need of, it is beginning to lag behind other similar nations, as former Biden adviser Andy Slavitt noted Monday. New mandates could help turn that around. (Dr. Anthony Fauci in a recent podcast interview said he would be in favor of a vaccine mandate for airline travel, which White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator Jeff Zients on Monday suggested could be a possibility.) But there are concerns that anti-vaxxers are already seeking out ways to get around the requirements, including through religious exemptions. “The consequences of these forced edicts are enormous,” Mat Staver, founder of the conservative Christian Liberty Council, told the New York Times, describing a surge in interest in religious exemptions to the COVID shots.

    If there’s a bright side to all this, it’s that public opinion appears to be on the side of vaccines rather than on the unmitigated spread of the deadly virus: A spate of recent polls by CNN, Axios, and Morning Consult found a majority support mandates and Biden’s COVID plan—and while the surveys reveal deep partisan divides on vaccines, they also suggest that the percentage of Americans who are steadfast in their refusal of the shots has dwindled and that support for health precautions has grown. The rise of the Delta variant, which has overwhelmed hospitals and threatened the country’s long-awaited return to post-pandemic life, may be convincing more and Americans that their freedom to walk through life without this level of threat from the virus might outweigh the freedom of the unvaccinated to spread a deadly virus in schools, offices, and other public spaces.

    Polder Dweller

    The fact that the Chinese are vaccinating everybody tells us that C19 is definitely something to fear.

    “ Roll up, roll up!
    Get ‘yer horse paste, y’all

    There, fixed it for you.

    From the BBC article:

    Ivermectin is primarily used for parasitic infections in animals and also has some application for humans in small doses.

    And they wonder why nobody takes them seriously anymore.

    Polder Dweller

    Reiner Fuellmich: Summary of Findings of the Corona Investigative Committee$/embed/Reiner-Fuellmich-Eng/13b4011b59957a879b2bf20f5bb4c15f845a03ce?


    The American left have gone insane…


    Generalissimo Milley Vanilly Four Star Manwhore General and traitor kissing what he loves the most



    SARS CoV-2 cannot be found isolated by it self because it is re-branded Influenza A and Influenza B with toxic Spike Protein added via the lab gain of function research using the never before seen in corona viruses furin cleavage site which allows the Spike Protein to bind to the Ace2 receptors.

    There are plenty of older known corona viruses floating around and being ‘tested’ for with the completely fraudulent bogus PCR test but no ‘novel’ corona viruses at all.

    Corona Committee Ad-Hoc Where to find the isolate?

    Mister Roboto

    The American left have gone insane…

    Exactly why I will be voting straight-ticket Republican in November 2022 for the first time in my life with no qualms whatsoever about doing so.

    those darned kids

    mr. r: holy crap, me, too. i’m gonna vote for some rightwing weirdos because they are the only ones making sense about freedom. if i have no freedom ¿how can i tell them their policies are nuts?


    Hey, our product is almost as crappy as theirs – so you should approve our booster shots, too!

    Moderna has applied for approval for boosters of its vaccine from the FDA and their argument is that their vaccine is pretty much as useless as Pfizer’s. Seriously, that is the gist of their presentation.

    I read this article from Reuters, and am baffled that anyone can miss the very weirdness of Moderna’s pitch, which is to badmouth their own product in order to get booster approval. Strange marketing technique: you need more of this item because the original is so poor at doing what we said it would do that we will prove to you that you will have to buy replacement parts from us into the indefinite future as well.

    Would you buy a can opener or a car from these people? Probably not, but you’ll buy a vaccine from them and inject it into your freaking body.

    Very strange times we live in. I don’t think the president of Moderna or the reporter who wrote the article quite understand how very odd the whole thing is.

    CHICAGO, Sept 15 (Reuters) – New data from Moderna Inc’s (MRNA.O) large COVID-19 vaccine trial shows that the protection it offers wanes over time, supporting the case for booster doses, the company said in a news release on Wednesday.
    “This is only one estimate, but we do believe this means as you look toward the fall and winter, at minimum we expect the estimated impact of waning immunity would be 600,000 additional cases of COVID-19,” Moderna President Stephen Hoge said on a conference call with investors.
    Hoge did not project how many of the cases would be severe, but said some would require hospitalization. […]
    It’s not a long article. Take a minute to read it and see how hard they are selling the idea that you will need boosters from them, too – it’s not just Pfizer that made a really worthless “vaccine”.


    All US politicians are bought and paid for by the CCP.

    America’s true vulnerability is Mammon.

    The Art of War, which the Chinese revere, pointed them to the Achilles Heel of the decadent Parliament of Whores known as Congress.

    Not a shot fired but the US has a collapsing supply chain married to a Nuclear Debt Bomb, a decreasing life expectancy (78), record drug use, both Big Pharma and street drugs, the medical system so expensive and ineffective as to actually promote Harm and pervasive crumbling infrastructure.

    The US produces nothing of worth, crappy pop culture and overpriced weapons, drugs and cracker box houses.

    You can push it over with a feather.

    Sun Tzu


    COV-19. We really lack data on what happens at the end of the chain -> *everything* concerning the dead. Here an interview with the director of a small funeral home biz (England) – so he does much of the work himself, the report is from the ground. 38 mins, but well worth it.

    The upsurge in use and prescription boom of Midazolam he refers to is mentioned with some numbers in a The Exposé article. There is a better paper with more detail and clearer numbers on this issue but I can’t find it at the mo. The increase was common knowlege, see one article from the Daily Mail.

    The elderly and vulnerable were murdered in care homes and this Government convinced you Covid-19 was to blame’Looney-Blows-the-Whistle-on-Covid:9

    Mister Roboto

    @Oroboros: Yeah, the Chinese play the Long Game, while Americans play the Short Game. Pretty obvious who will ultimately come out on top.

    absolute galore

    I’m seriously about to give up reading before I lose my mind.
    Vaccinated woman’s family who died of COVID blames unvaccinated in obituary
    ‘She was vaccinated but was infected by others who chose not to be,’ her family said

    She was preceded in death by more than 4,531,799 others infected with COVID-19,” her family wrote. “She was vaccinated but was infected by others who chose not to be. The cost was her life.

    Hello? Anybody home? While it is tragic that this person died in her prime, can we step back for a minute? Fact: She was vaccinated in April. Fact: She got covid in July and died.
    So please. Explain again how it was the fault of the unvaccinated? Illinois is right at about 50-50 in terms of vaccinated vs unvaxxed, so statistically it is at least as likely she caught it from a vaccinated spreader–in fact, perhaps more likely, as some of them would be less likely to show severe symptoms. And (obviously) they are perfectly capable of passing the virus on.

    Mister Roboto

    The Vanity Fair article is merely the latest in a series of proto-totalitarian panegyrics attempting to equate “non-covaxxed” with “full-bore anti-vaxxer”. The disingenuous nature of this ploy is beneath contempt.

    Mr. House
    Mr. House

    “So please. Explain again how it was the fault of the unvaccinated? Illinois is right at about 50-50 in terms of vaccinated vs unvaxxed, so statistically it is at least as likely she caught it from a vaccinated spreader”

    As the archdruid likes to state: This is the death of the religion of progress. The vaccines represent progress and thus can not have any flaws. You getting the jab is your affirmation to the religion of progress. People generally don’t do well when their religion dies 😉

    Mister Roboto

    @absolute galore: There’s also the very obvious fact that when a vaccine really works, the vaccinated person should be able to walk into a Covid ICU, have everybody in it cough right in theei face and have absolutely nothing to worry about. What we’re finding out is that vaccinating against respiratory viruses is a much trickier thing than vaccinating against other maladies. That’s why the flu vaccine is only something like half-effective, and they have to keep changing it in order for it to be even that effective.

    those darned kids

    comment from the local paper:

    The protected need to be protected from the unprotected by forcing the unprotected to use the protection that didn’t protect the protected.

    absolute galore

    New Orleans Saints of the National Football League have a slight “breakthrough” problem.

    The 16th-year coach didn’t identify by name any of those who had tested positive. But Payton later indicated those missing from in-person preparations included an offensive line coach, a receivers coach, a running backs coach and two tight ends coaches. Payton said all are vaccinated.

    The NFL has quarantine protocols that very much favor the vaccinated. Wonder if these “breakthroughs” keep happening if the policy will change.

    absolute galore

    Mister Roboto wrote: What we’re finding out is that vaccinating against respiratory viruses is a much trickier thing than vaccinating against other maladies. That’s why the flu vaccine is only something like half-effective, and they have to keep changing it in order for it to be even that effective.

    Actually, we knew it all along–it’s part of the official description of the “vaccines.” The ones our “President,” “Joe Biden” is now forcing on us.

    The protected need to be protected from the unprotected by forcing the unprotected to use the protection that didn’t protect the protected.

    Hey AAAAAbbott!”


    Taboo –
    shun –
    steer clear of


    Thread by @Parsifaler (Walter Chesnut). Yikes.

    • The Spike Will Not Be Found In The Blood. It Travels “Incognito” (Chesnut)


    US ingenuity at work.

    We don’t care, we don’t have to.

    Apparently if you leave your America electric car near another car you can burn down the whole parking garage

    After Two Recalls, GM Finally Just Tells Bolt EV Owners: “Don’t Park Your Car Within 50 Feet Of Another Car”

    After a series of recalls that we have documented here on Zero Hedge, General Motors looks to be taking its precautions with the Chevy Bolt one step further: the automaker is asking Bolt owners to park “at least 50 feet” from other vehicles if you’re going to leave your car in a parking deck.

    GM spokesman Dan Flores, who we’re sure isn’t getting paid enough to deliver this line with a straight face, said this week: “In an effort to reduce potential damage to structures and nearby vehicles in the rare event of a potential fire, we recommend parking on the top floor or on an open-air deck and park 50 feet or more away from another vehicle. Additionally, we still request you do not leave your vehicle charging unattended, even if you are using a charging station in a parking deck.”



    And from the ‘Let Them Eat Cake’ files:

    Glen Greenwald

    The Masking of the Servant Class: Ugly COVID Images From the Met Gala Are Now Commonplace

    While AOC’s revolutionary and subversive socialist gown generated buzz, the normalization of maskless elites attended to by faceless servants is grotesque.

    Nancy Pelosi, superbitch, addresses the wealthy while ‘the help’ serve them masked.


    (follow the bouncing ball)
    • 39% of Australians Unable To Perform Daily Activities After Vaccine (TE)
    About us
    Why you should trust us…
    The No.1 reason you should trust ‘The Daily Expose’ is that all our investigations are based on official data such as the Office for National Statistics, the NHS, and the UK Government, and we link back to all our sources within every article.

    The National Centre for Immunisation and Research (NCIRS) in Australia are currently leading a collaboration with the Australia’s Government known as AusVaxSafety. The group has been conducting active vaccine surveillance of the Covid-19 vaccines in use in Australia to “ensure their ongoing safety”.

    Up to the 16th August 2021 over 1.4 million Austalians had partipated in the surveillance completing more than 2.4 million safety surveys, outlining their experience following the Covid-19 vaccination and the published results show the following –
    (follow the bouncing ball)
    Database of Adverse Event Notifications (DAEN)
    These reports come from a wide range of sources, including members of the public, general practitioners, nurses, other health professionals and the therapeutic goods industry.

    Why report an adverse event?
    The TGA monitors adverse events (such as side effects) related to medicines and vaccines to safeguard and enhance the health of the Australian community. Unfortunately it’s impossible to know all potential adverse events of a medicine or vaccine before it is approved for use.
    Step 1
    Reporter details

    Release date Thursday, 16 September 2021



    • 33 Districts In Uttar Pradesh Are Now Covid-free (HT)

    If you are in the USA, then, since this is not reported by USA officials, it must be, fake news, lies, propaganda, poor record keeping, and irrelevant.


    If you are in the USA, order ivermectin from India while you still can. Make sure to add vit D and zinc.


    On article in top post: Mask mandates and vaccine passports are a performance, a taking of the knee to a warped health-and-safety morality.

    Yes, much of what is currently going on is Sanitary Theatre, moves and actions that only serve to ‘reassure’ or ‘make ppl obey’ (depends on what group you belong to) which have no effect whatsoever on COV-19, its spread / severity / treatment / prevention / etc.

    One image regularly pops into my head, remember Richard Reid the shoe bomber, and long queues of ppl travelling by air who had to take off their shoes? And prove their innocence with dirty bare feet or fancy silk socks gingerly resting on airport dirty floors? Yet, ppl complied, they could even laugh about it, they sorta-understood it was theatre, and exaggerations of pro ‘safety’ actions were grumbled about or mocked…mostly with good humour…

    The underwear bomber Umar F. had no success because examining ppl’s underwear would have shut down the aviation industry! 🙂

    So, that was all about inducing fear of terrorists. (Note 9/11 was accompanied by Amerithrax.) Invisible deadly bugs are far more potent + efficient, they are actually the star of potential fear-inducers.

    From the article: We need to depoliticise the vaccine programme.

    Yes. Politics —under, or directed by, or in symbiosis with Big Corps — has taken over management of ‘health’ / ‘sickness’.

    We have passed from a state of affairs, SOA, where experts (scientists, virologists, medicos, etc.) advised the Gvmts. and Gvmt. dictats or advisories were based on such advice..

    … to a SOA in which it is the Pols, the PTB, hands behind the scenes, who are dictating to professionals on the ground (analysts, med. researchers, various scientists, docs, nurses on the ground, etc. etc.) what they can / cannot publish, transmit, state in public, stand up for, or do in their daily practice (e.g. prescribe Ivermectin.)

    On the RT article about France. The ex Health Min. of F, A. Buzyn, made the request to put Ivermectin on the list of poisonous substances in Jan 2020. It was granted in Feb. 2020 (how is not known..) – well before France announced alarm or a ‘pandemic’. This fact is not mentioned in the RT article posted up top.

    She is now a high-paid functionary of the WHO, in a made-to-order fakelorum job, stationed in Geneva.

    Former French Minister of Health Dr Agnes Buzyn joined the World Health Organization as of 4th January 2021 as the Director General’s Envoy for Multilateral Affairs.


    “If you are in the USA, order ivermectin from India while you still can. Make sure to add vit D and zinc.”

    If I was younger, if I had the time, if I had the money, If I had the connection,
    I would set up a black market, underground, supply line for Ivermectin from Mexico to the USA.

    Mr. House

    thought this was rather good:

    “People are pointing to the current crisis in China as a replay of the Lehman debacle 13 years ago, but in reality, it is a continuation of it. Starting in the 1980’s, the people actually in charge of the world began to transition the global economy away from an asset based system to a credit based system. The great debt explosion that ensued took many forms and the rise of China was one aspect. Without the massive growth in global debt, China’s growth would have been impossible.

    The thing with debt is that it has to eventually be repaid. That means there is a hard limit to the amount of debt that can be generated. A system based on the assumption that debt can expand forever will naturally end in a crisis when that that assumption runs into the reality of the debt limit. In this regard, Lehman, the mortgage crisis and now the Evergrande crisis should be seen as warning tremors. One day soon there will be no way to paper over one of these crises.

    Step back and look at what has happened over the last half century and what you see is an effort to mitigate the demographic decline of the West. The reason China was so attractive to the West is she was full of young people. China’s utility to the West is in decline because she is rapidly getting old. The massively complex system that is the Western financial modern is just a way to turn the youth of other societies into cash for the Western welfare state. Their vigor is our safety net.

    The trouble is the system drains the vitality of all those exposed to it. Japan was the first example of a formerly fecund society drained of its youth and vitality by exposure to the Western economic model. Korea soon followed. Now we see all of the same signs in China as she nears the end of her economic cycle. The only place left with lots of young people is Africa, but even the scheming of Western elites will never be enough to conquer the dark continent in this way.

    In this context, what is happening in China is a sign that the system of endless credit expansion is really the implementation of a system that converts civilizational vigor into cash for a tiny minority. The natural limit on the expansion of credit is set by the limit of young people available to be consumed. China’s future was written in her one child policy and ultimately that would set the end times for the West. Once we run out of kids to convert to credit, the plates stop spinning.”


    @ my parents said know

    Great illustration of the lymphatic system. Thanks

    “The largest collecting lymphatic vessel, the thoracic duct, connects the lymphatic system with the cardiovascular system.”

    The right side (green) does not have this direct interface with the blood stream.

    I’m simply hypothesizing, but it would seem receiving the jab in the right arm is the better option if you were concerned about adverse cardiovascular events with the safe and effective mRNA injection.

    But according to today’s first article. THE SPIKE WILL NOT BE FOUND IN THE BLOOD. IT IS TRAVELLING “INCOGNITO”. Then it really wouldn’t matter.

    I think the scientific community might be whipping up the next level of Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD) for their masters.

    If the following sentiment starts gaining traction in the MSM then maybe we will have to start injections in the second trimester.

    “The narrative that those affected are usually asymptomatic and have very mild or no disease may be false. Many of those who are asymptomatic may actually fall victim to myocarditis, a sinister, stealth-like disease, whose resulting disability may take decades to manifest.”

    This is simply messaging to create future deniability that the origin of future cases of myocarditis are not due to the injection.

    So the jury is still out on the mechanisms behind blood clotting and death, which happens with severe cases of covid and in rare instances following injection.

    “But others think the role of the spike protein warrants further examination. Michel Goldman, an immunologist at the Free University of Brussels and a former director of Europe’s Innovative Medicines Initiative, told me that unvaccinated people with severe COVID-19 have also experienced strange clotting events that mimic what happens in the heparin-related autoimmune disorder. He speculates that the spike protein could be the source of this problem—but not because it looks a bit like platelet factor 4.

    It’s possible, he says, that the spike protein interacts with platelets directly and causes them to secrete platelet factor 4. One mouse study published last year by scientists in China found that the spike protein could indeed activate platelets that had been engineered to carry a cell receptor for the coronavirus. Meanwhile, another study from December, not yet published in a journal, suggests that the spike protein can damage the cells that line our blood vessels. Goldman noted that these cells, when perturbed, are known to release molecules that bind to platelet factor 4, which might in turn become a target for rogue antibodies. All of this could potentially contribute to the symptoms seen in VITT.”


    @ Mr. House
    ” Starting in the 1980’s, the people actually in charge of the world began to transition the global economy away from an asset based system to a credit based system. “

    My memory goes farther back to when they started giving credit cards to students and giving students loans and credit lines.

    Mr. House


    Yeah my cousin got into trouble with credit cards in college. Turning 18 isn’t about voting, its about the spigot of debt being opened up to you. In todays society, if you want to do something revolutionary, get out of debt 😉

    Doc Robinson

    (Second attempt with less links)

    In Israel, the Health Ministry chief said:

    “Coronavirus infection rates higher than we’ve ever seen.”

    “We have not seen such high rates of infection in any of the previous waves, not even during the high third wave,” he emphasized.”

    He also admitted,
    “I can’t prove that the Green Pass has benefit”

    “On Sunday, several ministers were overheard prior to a cabinet meeting saying that some coronavirus-related restrictions were only aimed at incentivizing vaccination, rather than driving down morbidity.

    For example,
    “Need to go to the post office? Bring your vaccination card [Green Pass]”

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